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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 2, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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live this is kron 4 news at 11:00. hoagland's first murder year of 2011 came 10 minutes into the new year. if a teenage boy was shot and killed in the 3100 block of hyde street. it happened just after midnight no arrests have been made please do not have a suspect. off hours before oakland sides last murder of 2010 it also involved a teenager who was popular at his school. kron 4 da lin has more. >> family friends and teachers remembered 17 year- old christopher jones saturday night at that of this house. they formed a circle and said a prayer for the team. from his high school principal to his
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classmates, everyone couldn't stop raising have grid of a student and person he was. >> he brightened up every wednesday, he would give you a hug at no matter how many times he saw you in the hallway. he is going to give you a hog. >> that's why they're baffled someone would take his life, police say someone shot him on year's eve when he was putting his baby knees and his car. you could see some bullet holes. his older sister was also shot, she was struck in the foot. >> chris wasn't in the street, he went to church several times a week, three hours of music classes' and a 3.0 student. it's not like he did say chris made bad decisions, off that's not this type of kid. >> he was senior at east oakland high-school of the arts. he was on track to attend a four year university. >> someone is innocent and potential as chris and loved
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by everyone who never heard anyone ever, if this is really sad when young people like chris killed in this way >> the victim's mother was too sad to talk but think the school for the support. oakland police have not released a motive in this case, so far no arrests have been made. in oakland, dollars in kron 4 news. >> at least 45 residents have been forced out of their home because of an early morning fire on montgomery street smoke them out. dish it happened at about 1:30 a.m. firefighters had the fire out a little while later. this did run till noon to make sure didn't flare back up, no injuries reported. dish many of the displaced residents will stay at this temporary shelter provided by the red cross. -away early new year's day. dave tells us what they know at this time. >> is a few minutes before 4:00 a.m. saturday when a witness approaches each be
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officer if saying there was a woman's body lying on the freeway here in this area north of the attali road exit. witnesses say three cars made it the body as of late there, the driver of the third vehicle stay but the body into the chp arrive. an ambulance is called a person was unresponsive at the scene. the chp is unsure of the woman may have been crossing the freeway on foot or fallen from the overpass. the structure was are not theirs traces of drugs or alcohol in our body. in san jose, dave kron 4 news. >> more what whether falling across the bay area on this first day of january. the storm tracker for a showing it in here it is the showers coming down between san francisco and vallejo also stretching on to napa. here's a shower around mount tam. this is moving to the northeast towards ever filed. toward can feel the rain picking up in the next 20 minutes. some showers producing some locally heavy
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rain between american canyon and napa sonoma. vallejo seeing steady moderate to perhaps heavy rain at times. this whole batch moving toward fairfield at about 20 minutes. the temperatures today have an awfully cool, highs this afternoon only in the '40's and a lot of places across the bay area. if the a fairfield, the high today of 41 degrees that's as warm as it got. as a matter of fact at 3:30 p.m. typically the warmest time of the day, fairfield just 39 degrees. -committed in the low 50s and the warmest places and it's going to be cool once again for tomorrow. the satellites you showing there's another band of rain that's offshore and going to move in for tonight. it's going to remain what tonight and into the day tomorrow. if all of us know how long the wet weather will stick around later on and >> spend the efforts of law enforcement the roads were deadly this holiday.
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statewide 12 deaths compared to seven-year period of one- third were in the bay area. four people were killed in accidents. there now traffic deaths in the bay area during the new year's holiday last year. in san francisco clean up time, although be hit mess may take a little while, most of the cleanup is done as thousands gathered for the new year's celebration. almost back to normal today just the occasional party favor or bottles left over from the massive crowd. if a bay area woman searching for her dog tonight after it was snatched from her friend's car. it the dog's name is mong koo, taken years he's outside the south lawn mall in hayward. reggie talk to the owner about traffic fast. >> kim is heartbroken and can't sleep after she said her four year-old a pound yorkie terrier named mont who is stolen from her friends car. she said she and her friend left mong koo inside the car for about an hour while they went shopping in macy's. when they came back to the car the passenger side window
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was smashed and and little mong koo was gone. the >> i left her and the car with the window down a little bit and she was hanging out there, i notice the window was bashed and and i looked inside the car she was gone. everything was else was still there she was gone. >> she filed a police report but she has this message for the person who stole our dog. >> she sleeps with me every night and she's my entire life. please, i'm willing to give my entire savings and i can give you a high of $5,000 right now. i don't care who it is, if she can just be returned to me i will give you that money. i you could get another dog. please give her back to me. >> if anyone has information about her whereabouts can ask that you e-mail her at camp lost dog at the. ahocom in a word reggie
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kumar kron 4 news. >> kron 4 news at eleven and deadly tornadoes wreck havoc in the midwest, of bombing attack caught on tape. we'll see a plane caught on fire and we meet the man behind several 20 tens most divisive political ads. those stories coming up on kron 4 news at eleven.
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cleanup underway and parts of the south and midwest. a deadly storms flat in homes and killed seven and arkansas and missouri. if the national weather service confirmed several tornadoes did come out of the system. it shall be shows as the destruction. >> i better start to 2011 for residents of sunset hills missouri, a small town was hit hard by the new year's eve line of violent weather reported from arkansas and mississippi >> the storms were especially tragic for duane price of missouri, his elderly mother is in the
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hospital but a friend in the house with her when the winds hit was killed. >> there were both sitting in the living room when it hit. my nephew and friend were outside and said they saw the house is exploding. it >> everything started rumbling underneath me. police injured by the storm also has a revenue story to tell. i got picked up at least three times and a walk before i came to a slamming called up against a small tree up behind the house. >> this is what's left of his home. officials are assessing the total damage from the storms, missouri's governor declared a state of emergency different funding to the victims. >> coming up tomorrow news russian plane burst into flames and in egypt to an explosion caught on camera. those stories next on kron 4 news. >> the rain is falling across the bay area starting to pick up and be with us
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tomorrow. all the sunday forecast in a few minutes. u=b(b]@@
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an explosion caught on video at least 21 people are dead after a bombing attack in egypt. it happened in alexandria at a christian church during year's mass. the shows the moments after the blast. the whole 30 say it's a suicide bombing they believe it may be the work of stock tied up. it's a deadly attack against egypt's christian minority in 10 years. and much of three people were killed and more than 40 injured the play was getting ready for take off on one engine caught on fire. the flames spread to the cabin investigators are sure how it started. >> a shot of san francisco
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on the saturday evening the first day of 2010. this view from treasure island and a photographer frank had a visit from some of the residence of a treasure island. of raccoon this evening but no one was hurt. here storm tracker 4 right now looking at a couple showers out there. we'll showers to the north of the golden gate bridge and are having in some spots. here to the napa valley, heavier rain pushing to the north, northeast this batch of rain that's currently falling into vallejo and moving to fairfield in the next 20 to 30 minutes. it also still falling in this here tonight. when a couple snow showers here but nothing to have yet its forecast to get happier that smell. over night tonight into tomorrow morning going through the afternoon tomorrow and into monday morning look for about a foot of additional
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snow at the higher elevations. all winter weather advisory in effect from 4:00 a.m. monday. snow levels for the 3,000 ft. in the heavy is no coming up through tomorrow morning that's when travel will be the worst. future cash showing the right here at midnight. it's beginning to pay off an intense debate tonight because there's another wave of rain pushing through for the morning hour. by 6:00 a.m. it begins to get lighter, notice we will see bright colors. the shares begin to break up into the late morning hours for tomorrow. the relatively dry with a few spotty showers, that will be the theme through the rest of the day in 24 and 6:00 p.m. hidden the showers with mainly dry conditions fairly cloudy and cool for the day. i don't think will see sunshine tomorrow. the upper 30s to start the day for the north bay valleys that napa and fairfield i chile calendula and high as for the afternoon struggling to
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get out of the '50s. in fact, it will not get out of the forties rather in a lot of places. 46 fairfield, 490 file in san francisco with low 50s into the south bay. off and on showers through the course of the day. things begin to change the, next week looking a lot better. here's monday perhaps a leftover showers in the morning otherwise partly sunny skies. will find it to see the sunshine for 2011. the next week the forecast model keeping all the wet weather to the north or to the south of the bay area. we're going to see sunshine for the afternoons, with morning fog and a sweatshirt with afternoon highs mild into the mid to upper 50s but some chilly mornings. >> you might remember campaign ads in films from this year's election. many republican candidates came from one producer fred davis is known for coming up with pretty off-the-wall ideas.
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jessica visited davis at his hollywood home to talk about his productions. >> i'm not a witch, i'm nothing if heard. i knew. >> senate candidate casino donald house said she regrets the at. fred davis made it. >> my goal was to give people the same impression of christine o'donnell that i had the first set and i met her. she didn't some crazy, she consulted which shouldn't sell like any of those things. at what the rest of the world hear that as well. >> critics that's not smoke in the background. >> it to projector very simple project you're projecting live on a black background. >> his dad's help elect all the republicans and a few more this year to. >> rock, is the worst president in history. >> complete the day in fence. >> it's time for a nerd.
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>> this is his office he said ideas often come to him in bed. >> often in the middle of the night i sleep with the cat to not very exciting. >> rick snyder when his primary for michigan governor and it came from the first impression. >> i said hi rick nice to meet you. he said high nice to meet you. your heart sinks. it's not the voice you want to. then i started talking to a woman is a really great guy. instead of trying to make him sound differently he is what he is. >> fiscal conservative name only alone wolf in sheep's clothing. >> dave this turns a moderate republican into a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> i didn't think five people with sick, millions have seen it and for the rest of my life all be introduced as the demon cheap guy.
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>> is there in essence to a good political ladder what was it need to have? >> and stand out and talk about it. the thing at 70 talk about it is it being different. >> fred davis, definitely not your typical spin doctor. jessica cnn los angeles. >> coming up, the big game changes for 2010? we'll run down what's hot in tech toys.
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this year rizal revolutionary gadgets come out on the market we also sought changes on how we use them. tech reporter gabe slate shows is that tech winners of 2010. the >> thanks to the i pad 2010 was the year of the tablet. apple sold over four part 2 million i pad in the first quarter of its existence. samsung galaxy tablet was also a big headache came
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late this year running on google standard operating system. many analysts believe the smaller 7 in. tablet could not compete with the ads large 9.7 in. screen but it did apparently there's a market for smaller tablets that are easy to travel in. despite the success of tablets they did not tell the reader as some predicted. the amazon was lowered the price of the base model kendall, the kindle three a y five only version to just $139 no tax and for shipping. that worked more candles sold this year than ever before and this all the time this holiday season. he readers are still hot. smart phones exploded in popularity this year i phone for did well as we all know. so did rise in stride phone and spread to evoke. what drove the success of the smart phone? applications, if they really took off this year. apple's app store and goes android market got millions of downloads from smart phone
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users. the average margin of march has 25 apps installed on the fall. the video game and was a hit this year was police stations new hitting the market. it was the saudis version of the we only better. it's a little more accurate and with the use of cameras to combine yourself in the game. microsoft connect motion control system delighted gamers this year. it's been a huge success. it's the text box version of the week. did you don't need a comptroller your body is a controller. it picks up your body movement and translates them into the game. if the map book air from hubble came out this year to impress apple fans in most techies. its whole new kind of notebooks. if the first laptop with the solid state hard drive which is an incredible design, that this laptop there is. its limbs down to one-tenth of an inch, hundred 2.5 lbs., turns on and off in a matter of seconds, does not get hot, the battery lasts twice as long as others, and apple
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offers a base version for a thousand dollars making it pretty affordable for high- end laptop. lastly we had to give a shout out to face book for the first time the website surpass google for internet traffic in 2010. there ceo mark was * person of the air, the second youngest ever at 26 years old. it facebook has over 500 million users. it's safe to say it everyone you know is on it. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> brian and i know you're going to tell me there's no fog out and a lot of people who were experiencing a lot of fog maybe it's just between their ears. >> we didn't pick up on the sensors we have. >> but it was a great party we had. >> maybe next year i'll check it out. were looking at what they're tonight, there's the raid are showing some showers especially into the north bay. some are heavy into the napa valley, the yellow color showing
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how shall is coming down heavier. tomorrow wednesday but look at next week, a lot better. >> that will wrap up for us, have a good night everybody a happy new year.
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