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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 2, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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california, in the wake of the system we're gone to see a nicer day tomorrow. could reduce risibility. by the afternoon, mostly sunny conditions and than the forecast models not showing any rate all the way for
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next weekend. i will let you more more coming up ahead. >> in the new shop owners and chinatowns a surveillance cameras that they install this past year have deterred crime, they want to use the same system at the recreation center. kron4 boxes to the leaders who are trying to fight petty crime in the area. >> pearl jam with the asian the advisory committee on crime since as the center does not have a surveillance system, the suspects in these cases have not been arrested. gen is hoping to change that in the new future with the chinatown community. we have over 2000 people coming in every date for the center. many of them are small children and seniors. we would like to
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have security camera and system at least six inside, or six outside are not more. we are implementing a camera system throughout the entire chinatown. with many merchants installing cameras. at least one camera will be facing off to the street. this has proved to be very effective, because of serious crimes committed in this area with the video camera, this is help prevent this. >> she believes our cameras are in great deterrent, and they forced people to think twice before breaking the law. she has installed several cameras inside and outside the store last year and since then, she has seen a huge drop in debt. she tells me she was the best friend with a knife was tons of rubber saw a camera system. the robber then left. >> do you feel safer with this? >> yes. >> the lincoln recreation
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center is hoping to get the money to have the cameras operational by the end of january. in oakland reggie kumar kron4 news. >> jerry brown will be sworn in monday as the new governor of california. it is a return top officer for about he served as governor in the late '70s and early '80s. we will be in sacramento for the complete coverage tomorrow. a spokesperson says lieutenant governor is expected to out run of big projects and not be sworn in tomorrow. >> tonight kwan supporters celebrated to curb big day tomorrow. dahlin was there to and. >> the celebration was that the space and science center to baker's supporters before monday's inauguration. several under people attended the advent. clock
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reminded her supporters the difficult challenges that they have ahead. >> we cannot have a great city was of great schools, and to lower the motor rate. to give people hope. >> she will focus on the next four years focusing on crime, education and job creation. >> she fills that crime cannot be reduced to less to improve schools and help and people find jobs. and here is what quan said when she thought she would succeed where others before that bill. >> i think the difference is that i plan to involve the people in this city. >> what will launch the program on monday she has cleared about 2000 volunteers, the volunteers will serve as mentors drought for risk children. so in about a week they plan to go outdoors in east oakland to talk to people
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and get involved in their communities. she's this change began with the people who live in those communities. >> responders to the september 11th on the world trade center will not have medical aid paper. today the have medical paid. many of those men and women suffer from respiratory diseases, the public has tried to block the measure, but then the democrats in to relieve some of the cost. >> the 49ers will be this year. san francisco blew out the cardinals and what is their only game. alex smith threw two touchdowns, in what could have been his last game with the 49 years.
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oakland beat the chiefs 31 to 10 in kansas city. dizzy campbell three touchdown pass and michael bush ran on hundred and 33 are. still ahead on kron4 news, a massive quake since chile, an officer shooting is caught on tape biologists are baffled after thousands of birds fall out of the sky. freewheels or spotted in the bay area at where western mix of noise at the box office. the story straight ahead on kron4 news. u=b(b]@@
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the holiday season was a good one for most retailers, even a nasty winter storm could not slow down the shoppers. >> each year the gallup poll tracks how much we spend week by week, in 2008
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the deepening economic crisis caused shoppers to close our wallets right before christmas. the next year the spending was down and stay down. this year after a post thanksgiving that shoppers bounceback and the trend was looking up. >> then came the blizzard of 2010, as the mercury dropped shoppers pass up post christmas still spending was down 24% nationwide. 5 percent in the midwest, 46 and we east and the west and south the drop was much smaller. >> shopper traffic company that monitors the shopping malls, estimated that snowstorm reduce christmas spending by a billion dollars. though early estimates the retailers abroad and those back over the last couple of days. a massive earthquake kids chile, and in one southern state that bad omen for the new year, thousands of birds fell out of the sky.
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>> and the rain is moving out of the bay area into southern california, and we have really nice weather coming up or let next couple of days. have i will have a forecast coming up. it's really delicious, mom.
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a massive quake has hit chile, it was registered at 7.1. chilean navy official stated that there should be no threat of of tsunami. >> was a pretty gray and gloomy day today. but the clouds right at sunset began to pour, made for a beautiful scene here at rodeo beach and down. just a gorgeous day. tonight live in san francisco, you see some clouds at the top of your screen, lookouts beginning to spread across the bay. fog is in the forecast for tonight. could be limiting visibility is
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tomorrow morning for the morning commute. san francisco checking in at 48 degrees, temperatures in the '40's across the bordeboard. looking to see a few snow showers left here this evening, but those are winding down. in view of southpaws shows no snow right now on roads beginning to clear up as well. but conditions for the next couple of days are looking pretty good for the sierra was dry conditions and mostly sunny skies. bill on that chilly side with afternoon highs only in the low to mid '30's. so chilly, but released no snow for a couple of days. as a matter of fact we looks like we will be separate for the next five or six days. here is future cast at midnight tonight, there are the low clouds in great. some low clouds and fog snow the overnight hours tonight. the
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morning commute may have some disability issues. but then through the day it is looking very nice. the clouds began to clear, to run the new hours mostly sunny into the afternoon. it will start to warm up by little bit. it will be in the low to mid 50's, with a gradual warming trend for much of this week. temperatures in the morning on the chilly side, in the mid '30's for santa rosa, fairfield, livermore upper 30's. ha areas of fog otherwise partly cloudy skies than mostly sunny for the afternoon and there really is topping out in the low to mid '50's as high as 55 per month you, and said jose. look at the 7 day at around the bay we have not seen as% quite some time. dry weather for the we get all way into next weekend. the temperatures will start to warm up by the end of next weekend look for
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hyoscine to the '60s. but is a change. as far as the weather goes, morning fog over the next few days but mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. >> that spry, of ohio men accused of shooting a share step in the has been shot. this video shows the deputy been hit by bullets. who died. the sheriff's department said many shots were fired during those hot on it could be is unclear if the suspect shot himself or was hit by one of the shares bowl. in arkansas out thousands of black births fell from the sky on new year's day. arkansas game officials are trying to investigate the cause. they're not sure what to make of this phenomenon. >> i thought it was out of an alfred hitchcock movie, it was not a joke.
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>> i thought the mayor was messing with me when he called me, he got me up but 4:00 a.m. and said that he had parents calling out of the sky. >> this morning residents got an unwelcome surprise, thousands of dead birds covered the ground. >> jews what a way to start the new year, last year we start with less this year with birds. >> every yard in the area looks like this one dozens of birds, litter in the ground. the scary part is that no one knows how they got here. >> most of the animals are rednecks bought birds, and they're not just on lawns, we bomb on roads, it was difficult to drive without crushing them. we even saw some on rooftops. >> started it 7:00 picking up birds off the street njord's. it's just a mess. >> arkansas game and fish has collected some of the
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animals it will perform tests on mondays to try and determine the cause. officials believe it's weather-related. >> another three, i tell every year. >> he found around 40 dead birds on his lawn today. i will not let his kids play here until he'd buy and sell more. >> i will let them go outside right now, until i find out what's going on. i'm not want to take any chances. >> that city council has approved funding to clean up the area, most of the dead birds should be removed by sunday night. >> we did find some birds that beat the odds. i found this one, moving r. brown. >> should week this girl called this bird lives a, but looking around america might of been a more appropriate name. >> is not just burns, but
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hundreds of thousands of fish were found dead in the arkansas river. game officials are hoping that it's a disease that affects only this particular species. in 2011 the bay area saw a few big events. all coming up next on kron4 news.
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lot happened in 2010 from earthquakes and elections to world series champions. we take a look at the year in review. >> whats up. >> singing vegetables. >> (music)
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(music) this san francisco i can tell you the right over there there are people smoking weed. >> (music) (music) (music)
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>> is in fact not a political rally. >> lady gobble up..... if they want to see what is sitting in my bikini they are welcome to. >> is the movie that this but does not want to to see.
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>> since the first time since 1954 the giants are the world champions. >> the year that was, it is rare that a great will sourcing and the bay area, but this week several of them have been spotted, we will head to the north bay to try and track them down. also we will find out why the republicans are against the president putting an ambassador back to syria. all coming up on here on kron4 news.
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the new year has brought an unusual visitor to the account. kron4 is more in kelly spoke to some people who have seen the will of clothes. >> here you concede that will put the on a show for
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kayakers, that shot this video that you are looking at and they put it up on you two. the massive new memo has been seen on and off for three weeks. it is believed to be a young male that has broken off from a pot of california gray whales that are migrating from california to mexico. he is using these waters as a rest stop. >> jaunt granites year brunswick hijacking term business and had his own encounter with the giants last week. >> he did not seem to be shy of people, just laying on top of the water was so while he was blowup route in the air and looked at me. it was a nice experience. >> well getting on the water sprawly the best way to see the well, this special man said he sought 30 yds from the spear. >> you don't see too often, >> is expected to will continue on his voice out
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eventually. but no one knows exactly when that will be. and no one here is that our courier to see them off. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> 10 loss to the tower in san francisco after what has been a cold and what we can, the weather is to do a 180 as we go into tomorrow. lots of sunshine coming our way. looking at the golden gate bridge, there's still a couple of bottles of beer on the sidewalk but the spanish strike tonight. some fog beginning develop and into tomorrow morning the fog should be fairly dense in some places especially the north bay. partly sunny skies to start the day but mostly sunny for the afternoon and looking pretty nice dry weather is here on tuesday. it is quite to be yellow pole in the morning, a lot of 30 showing in the north and east bay. with low '40's bay side throughout
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the day, we have the sunshine for tomorrow and that will help us warm-up a couple of degrees. at least more than what we have seen this weekend. the spot '50s the but 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. we have morning fog sunshine in the afternoon, this should stick around for the entire week dry weather is forecasted to remain in place alway around till next weekend. we could see a warming trend by thursday or friday. perhaps back into the '60s that we have not seen that for some time i will have the 7 day coming up. >> said the cisco will host the america's cup, the announcement was made on a friday. we celebrated the big news. >> here at the golden gate yawp of one of the organizations sponsoring america's cup, there is no big press conference or fireworks. just this small unofficial celebration of some what lot of sellers who said they are thrilled to be sharing the passion of their
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sport with the people of san francisco. >> san francisco the america's cup, sharing the victory a few sailors poured themselves a glass of wine as they envision the world's largest race still embraces. they will be doing racing right out here in this bay coming together a closing speeds of 50 mi. an hour are greater. >> the technology and speed will be most exciting in this congress. >> on the way to and new year's party, the racing in san francisco will be made for fan friendly. you can look right at the shore. >> that was the case at the last america's cup, it was held miles offshore, it said francisco this will happen right to log the golden gate bridge and fisherman's wharf. >> of it was all we down to
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the wire to get this done we're excited about the outcome. members of the yacht club say the news came at a perfect time. >> this is the best new years for a while. >> preparations will start almost immediately with preparations leading up to the race in 2013. >> the costs of benefits to the city have been the subject of intense debate for the city's two provides. in fact sampras's goes bid was jeopardized. kron4 is kathryn human souls of the possible financial impact that hosting the race could be in san francisco. >> here's how a couple organizers plan to change
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the set francisco waterfront. a giant still shapes center replacing an unsightly parking lot. other dilapidated spears spruced up by race organizers. the city's been captured since the plan would cost the city too much, plan b was to move the venue closer to the golden gate, a cheaper for the city a better view for the spectators. estimated costs under a 2016 million dollars. 15 million and other city prospered please and planning departments. on the plus side the city estimates that it will collect 19 million increase hotel payroll and parking taxes. and the race events will generate more than $1 billion in business. >> many of you may know that they're racist with the world's top sailers, there is more to it than just that. we look into what makes this race special.
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>> this is the ac 72, ac 4 america's cup. 72 for its speed. according to protocols for the 34:00 this will be the only designed allowed in the final competition. a fast as in the world. it's actually able to sell, faster than the wind. an assailant wins is light as 3 mi. an hour. competitors will be limited to 11 crew members. one of the will be designated as a tv camera operator. other world changes are designed. there will be three years of warm-up competitions, three next year seven in 2012 and three more in 2013. those races will take place around the world, with the venues to be announced in
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january. the courses will be shorter and restrictions will be on bready will be relaxed. what they has not changed, the winner takes all. while watching the first cut rates in 1851, britain's queen victoria, reportedly asked who was second, the reply was there was no second best. >> despite coming in second place to post a cop, bart island is likely to get out consolation prize. some of the warm-up prices are likely to be held there. >> the u.s. has not had an ambassador to syria since 2005, this is is looking at being changed. we will hear from opposition why this could be dangerous. it is a new year with new possibilities. hopefully some of the same mistakes are repeat repeated, we will take a look at of the big blunders that happened in 2010. all coming up and
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kron4 news.
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for the first time in years the u.s. will send an ambassador to syria, this is one of several by obama during his hawaiian vacation. jill daugherty talks to both sides about this new decision. >> the obama administrations in syria president who u.s. accuses of providing support to terrorist organizations, is holding the key to war or peace. in the mideast, >> we know he is hearing from on ron and a loss, it is crucial that we also hear directly from us. so that the potential consequences of his actions are clear. that is why we are sending an ambassador back to syria. >> the u.s. has not had an ambassador since 2005 and syria was assassinated in a car bombing linked to
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hezbollah. >> we have tried to press syria, >> of republicans blocked the dock nominee, but using his recess appointment powers, mr. obama is standing for to damascus for a year. the incoming republican chairman of the foreign affairs committee is furious. >> series has done nothing to on merit disengagement policy, these buds and dictators think that they can continue their reckless ways. at the united states will not mind at all. >> the question is whether this is a fight worth having so early in the year. with republican control house. at a time when the president wants to pick and choose since by its very carefully. many >> mideast experts argue sending an ambassador are not will not make much difference. >> if there's any serious shopping to do what any of the issues. the talking is
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going to be done by the secretary of state and not and the president most likely not with the foreign minister are any ambassador that this. >> they think that obama is india's policy is wrong and is a central part of his policy. it was a big issue during the election campaign two years ago and could be back with the punches. cnn washington. >> it has been a long time since a western has taught the box office. this weekend true grit, we will find out how his jury when kron4 continues. >> the rain out bush did to southern california leaving behind some nice weather for us. i will have the forecast coming up.
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new language. >> less like a >> a resolution is to complete school, i have lost my job of 18 years and i am starting over. i am starting a career in the medical field. so my goal is successfully complete school. >> just to try to lose some weight. >> i hope to be living a healthier lifestyle. >> my resolution is to go to the gym more often and keep fit. >> one is to stop swearing, and the other one is to finish school. >> no whining, focus on the positive and walk on my hands. >> just a few bay area people sharing their new year's resolution. if you're thinking of making some here's out to stick with them. >> what is it about starting a new year that makes us want to get in shape, you better in get
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organizer with a bad habit? >> could do your gives a fresh start no failure, and go from here. >> psychologists say your chances succeeding will go up if you follow some simple advice. >> when the suspect, take for example the goal of losing weight, the goal is to general, some light pen pals, second be realistic. >> crop in some just putting a timeframe for succeeding and set up the steps. >> 7 girl for two weeks, stops the value are going, >> he says if you make of all testing have been pretty good way of making up your resolution. >> . our air rodeo beach this afternoon, some party servers out there catching the waves, with air temperatures only in the 40's. water temperatures
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just about 50 degrees, not to the golden gate bridge live, a stunning view on sunday night. we have some clout these guys up there, often clouds are expected to clear as we go through the morning. daly city checking and up 46 degrees, lafayette of 45 degrees. getting into the mid to upper '30's for the inland valleys paris on trochophore showing dry conditions for a change or the bay area to the south. the last of the showers showing up on this and selfless said jose. rainfall amounts from this weekend, over an inch for san francisco clothes for an inch to nap fog, and can still picking up almost 2 in. of rain. it may be some time before we see more wet weather in the bay area, the year is lost for hours via
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satellite. there is a system pushing into southern california for tonight. and snow over the higher elevations right now a great buy his clothes, i find considerable loss angeles. tonight partial clearing but patchy fog beginning to develop in the morning. visibility could be dropping in some areas. mostly sunny and by the afternoon. tomorrow looks better, in fact the entire week looks a lot nicer coming up this first full week of 2011. future cast low clouds over nine hours and tomorrow morning at the fog could be getting ticked especially north of the golden gate bridge. watch what happens to the clubs here to pretty much disappeared, we will be looking at mostly sunny conditions in the afternoon. would temperatures giving in to a low to mid 50's just a few temperatures warmer. we
9:51 pm
will know a warming trend for much of this week. upper '30's for antioch livermore just low '40's, so there is a chilly start by the action in the sunshine have been out look for low to mid '50's as warmest 55 san jose, up 52% francisco. take a look at this, last time we had seven fridays and was way back in the middle of november. that looks like what is happening this week tuesday wednesday all the way through friday and saturday. or mostly sunny but the morning fog. there is that a warming trend highs for the afternoon going into the '60s possible blow to mid-60s by next weekend. >> that expression of loss office drawn stayed in the top three, with $18 million. every make made it to no. 2, a true grit, and stuck
9:52 pm
mainly to the book version. it polled and $24 million this weekend week in our role though fokkers, the head to the meet the parents, made more than $26 million this weekend alone. >> we have a loss look at 2010, in coming up our tech reporter gives us the tech losers in 2010.
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less than we showed you the top tax stories of 2010, could the x box by pat not kron4 tech reporters and give us a look get some of the tech losers of 2010. >> the biggest tax bill this year had to be antenna gate, by phone with a dilemma. they released the phone with a major flaw, then denied it then admitted it. if someone's love can
9:56 pm
cover the lower corner of the device, and to lose strength. it was still a huge success apple cent fat- free rubber cases 2-4 users and not fix the problem. another i phoned film where is the white-on for, some people are still waiting for. it is still not on the market was supposed to be released two weeks after the clock on and would never came out. it is expected in the spring and no official word from apple. unlike the i phone for antenna gates, microsoft's smart phone could not be fixed. nobody bought it, it completely filled it was the first and probably last attempted phone that they created in the microsoft labs, it was pulled after a couple months. it was an odd clam shape looked all night just could not catch on. and same thing with schools attend
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that is smart phone their necks is one that the bill flock. it was a hit with engineers and geeky circles, but did not catch on with the general public. it was released and told in 2010. another global failure, bull was an attempt at social networking to sue people from twitter and phrase book. very few people use it hurt how tnot many people know t pain, it is confusing and has many limitations. so far pain has flopped. games like kron4 news. >> so the white fang is that like a white car. >> lots of nice weather coming up though. but tamara afternoon looking mostly sunny and dry weather through the entire week. so looking fantastic.
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>> looking forward to it that is it for now. we will be back more.
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