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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  January 3, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live, from the bay area's news station live, from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news of 4:00 p.m. >> our big story at 4:00 p.m., and a state of california as jerry brown takes office, again. 28 years after he left that job, kate thompson was at the ceremony joining us, live. k? >> right now, the state railroad museum. and the series of events will go on, and with people showed up right now this is a private party. 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. and we show you video earlier about 11:00 a.m. this morning. jerry brown was sworn and the forest third term. previously, he was governor 28 years ago
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for his third term. this time. he spoke about the tough times that are ahead in tough choices he is going to have to make. promising, no more smoke and mirrors with the state budget problems which is estimated at $28 billion. and the theme today with a toned down,. it dawned with hot dogs, chips. served to anybody who would like to stop by. and there was quite a line this all goes into the seymour and--less formal tone. and spending money that the state does not have. >> the budget that i will present will be painful but honest. this spending items will be maxed with available tax revenue. the choices will have to be made. and different decisions will
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be taken. at this stage in my life i have not come here to embrace the lay, or denial. >> we are going to hear a lot about the physical decisions next week. physicaphysical and there is gog to be a lot of budget cuts. reporting live ikate thompson. >> also historic in the city of oakland! >> madame mayor you may respond by saying, i do. >> do solemnly swear to support the constitution of the nine states, the constitution of the california and the charter of to truly performed the best job of mayor of oakland! >> i do! >> jean quan was talking about the community
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involvement, and cleaning up the community. >> i am honored to serve as your first asian woman mayor for a major american city. my story is is one of oakland. it together, we agreed to create a separate story of a great city. we are born to create a separate story. >> thank you. much. >> and she came out on top. with the new rank -- crime rate is one of the nation's most dangerous with a 40% budget deficit. >> and pamela harris took the oath of office this afternoon. the second california attorney-general the first african-american woman. and in this inauguration she talked about going after organized crime, mortgage fraud. >> let it be clear to anybody who want to madness this state with violence.
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the gang that plague our streets, the criminals who traffic women and children. to those who prey on the week and the vulnerable justice will be swift and certain in this it to california to those who prey on the week. >> to reduce truancy and keep crime people out of jail crime-prevention. >> -and for pg&e, and the ntsb, kron 4 is dan kerman is live in san mateo and is the new orders. it can? >> that is correct, outside the campus room and jackie speakers just held a conference of these recommendations. jackie- spear when- pg&e investigated with the ntsb, the pg&e indicated that this
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was a singular pipe. it turned out that this pipe has filled with scenes. no the ntsb wants to make sure that pg&e and other utilities are going to make sure what is in the ground. in other words, they cannot set a maximum operating pressure at this point that is still the main cause. however, it is yet to be determined for the san bruno explosion. however, for specifics lohere, they're being told to confront an insta intens records search. and secondly, to determine the maximum operating pressure based on the weakest section of pipeline. if they're not able to do that? a full test of that pipeline will be required. here is what jackie had to say about these recommendations. >> something very
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fundamentally wrong. pipelines should not be land mines. ithere is a crisis in terms of the credibility of pg&e, and the california public utilities commission and the pipeline that in the hazardous materials administration. in my view. >> jackie also indicated that she is going to reintroduce the pipeline safety bill. to be on top of pg&e, and the public utilities a commission and also there or to require to get a lot more involved in oversight to make sure that piccinni actually follow these recommendations. and pg&e? to make sure the dutch pg&e policies, and they're reviewing these ntsb recommendations. how and what these records say that are actually going to happen to an act what is
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recommended of them. dan kerman, kron 4 news. the mostly sunny skies, although with a few lingering clouds to the hills. temperatures are pretty chilly. and also breezy. temperatures mainly in the 50s, 49 degrees in fairfield. 49 degrees in oakland, 49 degrees in fairfield, and the warmest is santa rosa, 50 degrees. to factor in the the wind? 58--it feels the chilly, with only 15 livermore m.p.h. and with the wind speed. and 12 mph along the napa. and when those winds die down, it is going to be chilly, called with temperatures quickly falling into the 40's, bay-area wide. calm --and temperatures are going to be freezing in parts of the north bay specifically. tomorrow morning, and fog expected inland and other
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indications. and as the day progresses to more, mostly sunny and a bit warmer. this warming trend will continue and for the weekend? your answer coming up. >> thank you, jacqueline. the main highway between southern and central california is finally back open. after 24 hours of the enclosed. snow/is me driving conditions it dangerous to the grapevine. of the interstate-5. this is video from you tube with snow-ice driving conditions. right before noon and there were being escorted with 500 cars. and there are going to check in and give you more updates on that. san bernadino county, interstate-15 were closed. it has been open, and drivers are reminded to be very careful. red cross shelter has been set up with the san bernadine nfear ground. and snowfall in las
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vegas! the visibility is pretty difficult, you can barely make up the palm trees. two-inches 7 accumulations, with 10 in. of the higher elevations. roads and schools were closed. >> this is 680 and walnut creek. and the cars heading our way or northbound and both directions look falling. stay with us. both directions look good. ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪
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now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. product recalls to home buying tips, government car auctions to finding a new job, whether you have information to get or ideas to give, go to the official source, them off in business news, facebook is off to a great start. and making them important friends. >> goldman sachs, and a russian firms invested $500 million. these social networking firm could be worth $50 billion. making it more than time warner, the bay, yahoo. the more power, more money, more applications, and more away top employes with a publicly
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traded companies. along with the last without being a publicly traded company? that could be putting pressure on the ito go private, however, it could also enable them to stay private. or to go public. carla, facebook as of flying under the radar as a public company and does not have to report earnings. once it hits 500 investors even if that is private company it will have to. it will have to report financial information. >> the nasdaq was up 39 points. some good news for jobs, dollars in the general. it is creating 6000 new jobs the discount retailer is opening 600 new stores. in addition to the 35 states for dollar general already incorporates. connecticut, nevada, new
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hampshire. an investigation to the internal documents of bank of america. after wikileaks founder, julian assange found that this information with a team of 20 top people are rushing to try to figure out what information could become public. also for meshinmissing computers and possible security breach of-- >> and a look of our ritter, with fog tomorrow. and the good news is that the informafternoon to be nice. all about your forecast, coming up after the break.
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>> mostly sunny this afternoon a look of the golden gate. and with lingering cloud cover over the hills. overnight we are going to be seeing. chilly conditions. with wind, calm condition is and 30's bay- area wide. , sunny, mild and the cold night into tuesday.
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taking a look outside the stormtracker 4 radar. with cloudy conditions saddling and over the bay area of. dry air is going to be dominated with sunny skies. chilly nights, mild afternoons. and the overnight low temperatures, many 30 degrees. even 29 degrees in santa rosa. party won in napa, 31 in fairfield. and 40 degrees and santa rosa. and san jose. >> with a chilly start, sunny skies. low-mid '50s for the most part and the north bay. to the delta, vallejo, 53 degrees in san francisco. and warmer in the south, with upper 50s, 58 degrees in los gatos. and to take a look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay mild conditions. for most of this week. as we head towards the
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weekend, increasing cloud coverage. if the storms will stay out of the forecast but we will keep you posted as the weekend comes closer. >> >> of the stanford football. were in the national spotlight. and the game against virginia tech and miami. and rob fladeboe reports that they had a lot of person boa in palo >> in palo alto. >> congratulations to stanford, that is the sign on the el camino real. and on campus students were confident that the 11th season would soon be 12-0. >> i think we're going to go all the way it is been a wonderful year. to be fourth in the nation, and with virginia tech is a great honor. >> back-to-school after the holiday. but attendance could of been down a bit for
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class's. many of those students that are not in the cardinals' gregg favela will be watching the game on national television. >> and everybody is excited to watch the game and support them, tonight. >> wish to definitely when did this game tonight. >> our boys are born to pull it out. they are going to be doing great tonight and they're tougher going to pull it out. >> a victory on the orange bowl with the 1940's record since they have been on record. and they are designed to resign but that is going to las year for the coach if quarterback. och looking for an nfl prospect is. >> and stanford is going to play one of the biggest in the big history, with their game against virginia tech.
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>> in miami, highly anticipated with two of the hottest teams in the country. >> and some are going to worry that they're going to lose momentum and the time of full-service the team well. >> i think our team will behalf strong, fresh. and did executed well. and now, just rested and there is power in being was did and fresh, strong and being ready to go. >> therefore to be making history with tonight's the first top five finish and at 70 years. >> cannot be more excited about this game it is the only one being played in the world. january 3rd, it is really something. it has a lot of our guys excited and motivated and we are ready to go. >> i think that everybody is ready to go before the 5:30 kickoff. >> as we take a look to
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traffic, with the 80. overall, not bad, stay with us. traffic is moving well.
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the >> in national news, they're trying to figure of thousands of birds follicle the sky in arkansas. scattered everywhere, falling from the sky, 4000 near little rock. just before midnight on new year's eve. experts say that it is possible to stormy weather. researchers in three different states are going to be examining the birds for clues. not just birds and arkansas, hundreds of thousands of dead fish and the arkansas river. only a certain type. and with only one type being effected, one to 5 mi. from the dead birds. one half of americans are giving them pau president obama 8 positive f reada positive
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reading, and that a-is the- highest reading he has added nearly eight months. and he had a 50 percent approval rating and the gallup poll between may 29th-june 1st. top-seeded democrats regard to block any efforts to repeal the health-care overhaul. and that would eliminate a lot of popular benefits like closing the gap in benefits, medicare coverage. and with senate majority leader jerry reed and the overhaul is too important to be treated as collateral damage in the bipartisan mission. >> a blood test for cancer is getting big boost. johnson and johnson. has partnered with massachusetts to eventually bring this new to the market. they claimed the sensitivity can spot one single cancer cell among billions. and they could press, colon,
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prostate, a lung cancer, could be a good indicator of pre-cancerous conditions. @
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live, from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news of 4:30. >> a 15 year-old was gunned down on new year's day and said the sake.and police are still looking for this killer. >> and this is where the spot with the 15 year-old oscar gonzales was shot dead by a lone gunman outside of his home. and downtown san jose just after 1:00 a.m. and new year's day. >> the guy came and that he was standing right there in the gas something. and then he started to shoot after he-axe


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