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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 5, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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gavin newsom is heading to sacramento to be the lieutenant governor and san francisco city supervisors tried to decide who his replacement should be. we look at the names and what is ahead for the city supervisors. dan kerman joins us live outside san francisco city hall with the top story. any decision? >> reporter: no decision. they met for five hours and we don't have an interim mayor. the first thing that happened at 5:00 to in afternoon, the board's attorneys said they couldn't select a mayor because gavin newsom is still the mayor. but the board decided to select
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someone. the majority on the board thought they had the six votes needed to select mike hennessey but they only got five votes. they were hoping that one of the supervisors would come over to their side. but duffity called for a half hour recess and he contacted gavin newsom. when he came back not only did ed lee have his vote but he had a total of six votes and those who are not part of the majority. at that point they called for another recess. bev said this is why he decided to support ed lee. >> one of the things i thought about is whoever comes in to do this job has to balance a lot of things besides the budget. they have a progressive majority on the board and doing a good job of working with the city departments and making the city work over the next year. and i believe that ed can do
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that. and i think he is somebody that had a life career in civil rights that by any measure would qualify him. >> reporter: when they came back from the recess it was suggested they would vote and that ed lee would be the new interim mayor. but that vote never took place. they had various conversations one was chris daily who was angry that the choice of mike hennessey was not selected. >> we had an opportunity and we made the biggest fumble in san francisco political history, the blame probably goes to many places but certainly it rests squarely on the shoulders of president david chu and i'm willing to point others out as well. i will have to run an establishment but i will remain active and involved after this
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meeting. i will haunt you. i will politically haunt you. for the biggest fumble in the history of san francisco politics. it's on like donkey kong. >> david chu supported ed lee as well as several others on the board. the final vote did not take place because the progressive majority asked to delay the vote because they have not had conversations with ed lee to find out what kind of mayor he wanted to be. lee indicated he was not interested in the job only recently to change his mind. so they voted to delay the vote again. now they will vote on friday at 3:00 p.m. but that will not be the final vote either. whatever they vote on friday
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they will have to do it again when the new board is its down after the mayor leaves office and only then will the vote be able to be certified. that is the latest from san francisco city hall. dan kerman, kron 4 news. the raiders are looking for their sixth head coach in eight years. tom cable was told tonight the team will not extend his contract. cable led the raiders to their best record since 2002. they were undefeated within their division. the move comes the same day that the raiders granted the 49ers to interview the head coordinator for the head coaching job. new details tonight about an officer-involved shooting in san francisco. police shot a man in a wheelchair. they say it happened after he attacked an officer with a knife.
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kron 4's jonathan bloom has video of the shooting and reaction from san francisco's police chief. >> under cover. he is like one, two, three, four undercovers with guns out. >> reporter: this video created such a stir that the san francisco police chief called a press conference to explain the actions. >> i would prefer not to have done this today. but i know this video will be out there and i want to give you the total context. >> reporter: the video shows a confrontation between the police and a man in a wheelchair. police say he is waving the same knife he used to stab an officer moments earlier after police responded to a report he was slashing the tires on a city vehicle. the man in the wheelchair appears to toss the knife away but then he is shot with a bean bag and then a bullet. he was rushed to the hospital where he is expected to recover. >> this is the officer that has been stabbed already. he was stabbed prior to the
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shooting. >> reporter: the chief walked reporters through the video to explain how a man sitting in a wheelchair was shot after throwing away his weapon. >> it takes between a second and a second and a half from the time that he or she perceives a threat is no longer there before they stop shooting. during that time, we know that an officer very easily can fire one or two rounds. >> reporter: the chief says officers were reacting to this, the sudden motion of tossing the knife to the side. the bullet was fired a second and a half later. this man was more of a threat than he seems. >> he had ambulatory. when we tried to control him earlier it got us an officer stabbed in the shoulder seriously stabbed. and the knife that was used is a good-sized knife. >> reporter: if officers had tasers it might have prevented the shooting. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news.
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a very cold night on tap again tonight. the temperatures in the 30s in a number of locations. 37 in napa and santa rosa. 39 in concord. and 39 in livermore. a lot of places in the 40s as well. temperatures slide into the 30s bay-area wide tonight. and dense fog from the central valley moving into the inland valleys and the delta. cold tomorrow morning with the fog. patchy fog in the bay shores even. in the afternoon quick warming and clearing and into the 3:00 hour, mostly sunny with temperatures comfortable in the 50s. look the fog and the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. more mystery from the south as more birds fall dead from the sky. first it was arkansas and now it is louisiana and kentucky. we'll look at what kind of birds died this time and what investigators think might be
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causing these deaths when kron 4 continues. [ bell rings ]
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a san jose volunteer youth minister is in custody only suspicion of child molestation. police believe he molested two boys back in 2009. authorities are not disclosing the name of the church. they are concerned that there could be more victims. i think the main reason why we are bringing up the fact he was a youth minister at a church in the area of saratoga and prospect is because we don't know what other churches he was affiliated with. we are saying it to see if anyone recognizes him and wants to bring it forward. >> he was arrested in las vegas and is being held there pending extradition. authorities identified a man shot and killed by hayward police last week. investigators say he pulled a knife on an officer thursday morning. that is when the officer says he was forced to fire.
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he died at the scene. the officer was not injured. that incident is being investigated. we are not only seeing cold tomorrow but also fog. how long will it last? i'll have the answer coming up. ♪ stinky
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in news around the bay, the marin county board of supervisors does not like pg&e's smart meters. they approved a moratorium on their installation. the concerns are the health effects of the electromag kneltic radiation and the overcharging by smart meters. new details in the ban on same sex major in california. a federal appeals court wants the state's high court to decide whether prop 8's
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sponsors can peel appeal. if not the matter would be dismissed and that would leave in place a ruling that prop 8 is unconstitutional. a couple big stories tomorrow morning. first fog and then the cold. the dense fog advisory through the central valley and through the delta for tomorrow morning. we will be seeing the fog push into the inland valleys as well and reduce the visibilities to a quarter mile at times. visibilities are reduced in concord. it will be cold with freezing fog in parts of the inland valleys and the delta. it seems that the roads will be icy on bridges and overpasses. be careful as you cross those. looking at the futurecast tomorrow morning, the fog in the central valley with east and northeast winds. it will carry the fog into the central valleys and delta and
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in north bay tomorrow morning. even though it is only in the central valley. it will push back and clear at noon. that is when we see clearing times in the inland locations. about 11:00 in concord things start to clear out. 12:00 in livermore. and 9:00 and 8:00 for san jose and santa rosa. it will mainly be haze. as for the temperatures, boy it is sure going to be cold. bundle up. 32 the in concord. 30 in livermore and the foggy conditions, freezing fog where the see the temperatures below 32. temperatures mainly in the upper 30s out there tomorrow morning. tomorrow strategicker 4 radar showing clear skies over the bay area with thin wispy clouds and high clouds inching towards the bay area. we see those tomorrow afternoon. but the temperatures will be average for this time of year,
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56 in santa rosa. 53 in concord. staying on the cool side in livermore because of the fog. warmer in the south bay with temperatures in the upper 50s. a look around the bay, not much change as we round out the workweek. cold mornings and mild and sunny afternoons. increasing cloud cover in the afternoon. but it looks like the rain stays well out of the bay area. in the headlines tonight, the navy reassigned the captain of the u.s.s. enterprise he he made lewd videos for the crew. he appears in the clips using gay slurs and staging suggestive scenes. authorities are trying to determine whether he was reprimanded at the time the videos were first shone. president obama signed a bill to overhaul the food safety system. the fda will have the ability to order recalls. that measure creates a food tracking system making it
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easier to pinpoint the source of an outbreak a former security chief testified that michael jackson's doctor might not have known how to do cpr. dr. conrad murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in jackson's death. today was the first day of his preliminary hearing. another dead bird mystery in louisiana. 500 birds fell from the skies. this was the disturbing scene. hundreds of birds scattered on the road. just a few were alive but very weak. this happened just a few days after thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky in arkansas. >> i'm going to go take a look at the birds and try to determine if there is any common factor if we see environmentally in the location where the birds are if there is an obvious contaminant or obvious cause of dead death and look in the birds and see if
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there are gross lesions. >> dead birds also turned up in louisiana. they will be sent to labs in wisconsin and georgia for more testing. and a woman in western kentucky says she discovered dozens of them near her home and didn't think a lot about it until she heard the story in arkansas. the national wildlife health center is investigating it. some theories are winter weather or fireworks on new year's eve. the raiders' coach is shown the door. gary has details coming up. will this man take over the silver and black for the departed tom cable? glare are has the news in all the sports next.
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good evening, it appears al davis has chosen his top assistant over tom cable.
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cable's option not picked up by aldavis today. despite leading the team to an 8-8 record and 6-0 in the division, tom cable joins john gruden as the only coach to last more than 32 months since the team returned to oakland in '95. hue jackson was the offensive coordinator and will most likely replace cable. greatly improved the offense this year. but more to the point it is common knowledge he has a fondness s does aldavis, for hue jackson. he is expected to be named the new coach. tom cable is out. trent balke is the 49ers's new general manager. one of the deals where they have to interview a number of people before they say here's a man. and he has been with the 49ers 7 of the 14 seasons and his major job is going to be along
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with the ownership group, finding that next head coach and their fingers crossed. every indication is they are going after jim harbaugh with full fury. harbaugh and stanford home from the orange bowl this afternoon. 5:25 to be exact. when you are a big time team like this... roll it please. >> they put down on the sheet, they arrived at 5:25. if they lose they came home and that's it. and there is harbaugh with his baby daughter. reportedly he is not interested in a michigan job. andrew luck. >> the ride home was quiet. a lot of tired guys. still surreal. i don't think everybody has fully grasped what happened. >> reporter: that fella decides to go pro as you figure he would he will be the number one
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draft choice in the nfl. 12-1 for stanford andta top five finish for the first time in 80 years. number of ohio state, number 8, arkansas. here we go. and the way this works, ohio state 0-9 versus the s.e.c. in bowl games. and arkansas having to stop pryor. he is one of those young men who will be us ises spended the first five games of next year for improperly selling memorabilia. ohio state recovers and they led 7-0. pryor 43-yards to posey. pryor, mvp. 222 yards passing, a couple of touchdowns, 1145 yards rushing. biggest play of the game, a rush from arkansas but nope, that's it. ryan malice their great quarterback is picked off, jim tressel has got to be gatorade
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time. show you how much stanford respects harbaugh. the only coach i can remember this post season who didn't get the gatorade. the buckeyes 31-26. they are a winner tonight athletes are well-guarded when one speaks out, we roll it. >> we have guys that want to do it occasionally. not all the time though, that's hard work. and when you work hard and you win you feel it after a game. and i guarantee there are guys that don't feel that tired after that game. it's frustrating. >> and a little p. off and three out of five the sharks have lost. world series mvp edgar renteria is not going to retire. of course, he stirred a lot of people up when he was offered $1 million and said it was a slap in the face that it was such a low offer. he is talking to the giants but the giants said it is too hot
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around here when you laugh at $1 million in this economy. who wants to go home if you don't have to. >> we have to go home now.
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