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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 6, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> it morning, 4:00 a.m. will end kron 4 morning check topping this morning's the donation
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subcommittee met last residence for suggestions on how to spend it, jeanne o'neill had this to say. >> if there is needs the should be given on any basis. there should be nobody got another renowned singing don't know what to do. i need anything comes out of the s and they start to get to the people they need the money that will be a good thing. >> the city council make a final decision on how that money will be distributed. a 10 year-old girl is recovering after a school bus hit her will crossing the street it happened in milpitas the gross making her way across the street that's when the school was making a left-hand turn knocked her to the ground. shooting appeared to be seriously hurt shoes taken to hospital as a precaution norris had been made. petaluma police are looking for this or repeat drunk driver they see is
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responsible for hit-and-run on monday. he crashed into the woman's car in the intersection of east boston and st. at 7:00 tuesday morning. investigators say he ran away on foot from the scene currently on probation for d y two prior convictions from 2007 to designate drivers license amended police offering a big reward for details of his shot six people including a man watching tv in his own home. >> the liberals ever were, 10-20 large trucks. mailboxes, windows, the sense pock mark, dented from the gunfire police 82 gunman walked into a crowd of people hanging here on the corner of 89th avenue around 9:30 p.m. open fire. the motive? feeding the in
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this. >> it was so loud. >> a 49 year-old man watching tv was struck in the back by a bullet that tore through tom. last night's shooting took place in a hot spot, an area that has been identified for a gang violence. >> especially where the groups have been. were they concord great enders' officers there. we shall winners of service in certain areas they don't take place. >> an innocent bystander was one of the victims kron4 spoke to the victims neighbors who describes what happens. >> he was on his way to his son's room, the bullet got a man is back. >> he's talking about his neighbor hayeses, an oakland
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man head by a stray bill well on his own. >> she finds that the liberals and her neighbors from, mr. rich is a family man that is our is helpful to those in need. >> he's a good guy, with none tenures, he's really nice. he always looks so for everyone. the sources as. i do now, i hope these are it. >> at is our right, speaking christie his condition has improved, expected german hausfrau is for a few days. >> let's talk more but the forecast, another cold morning around the bay louisa keep an eye on it. >> these temperatures and no stranger to us we're down to the third is once again this
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morning. faugh below freezing to the livermore valley, napa as well. coming in right around 30 degrees santa rosa, concord a degree above freezing, holding on to the 30's and san rafael, oakland, south bay. pretty chilly start to the day once again also dealing with more talk as well, dense fog advisor rate in effect for the delta. patchy debt soared to concord, antioch, fairfield and the north bay as you head to 1012 san rafael torres petaluma. visibility less than a quarter mile through novato. fairfield half mile and concord. another morning is plenty of fog, another afternoon with lots of sunshine once again. you can see all the cloud cover, wet weather well to the north that is for will stay for today. and for a good portion of the weekend into the weekend. high spring
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listen to the fifties once again, reaching the upper 50s for santa rosa, low 50s to the delta, 58 san jose, fremont, hayward as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. another similar pattern for top sunshine in store, again waking up to some morning fog. more clouds roll in by the weekend, next chance of rain tuesday on wednesday. check and your commute, erica. >> good morning, a couple of things going on, first of your heading to the bay bridge westbound 80, was to make your way up the incline of double lanes are shut down the incline and treasure island into the 5:00. nothing in the way of slowing. he sure freeway, westbound 580, northbound direction of the nimitz freeway dense fog advisor at the benicia bridge. let
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target riser is not only restricted to the bridge, it's also for 680. say mateo, everything looks pretty good. no problems getting to the bridge all lanes are open, now back above the toll plaza 12-13 minutes from end to end. golden gate, at of the north bay, runs 01 looks good, traffic is very quiet. no problems to orange county 23 minutes ride out of novato response time is 37 down to the toll plaza. james. >> there was a celebration in this city by the bay last night after san francisco leaders made it official that there will post the america's cup in 2013 reggie kumar tells of the sailboat race organizers are on the fast track to redevelop part of the waterfront just for this event. >> it took center stage in
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city hall wednesday as city leaders, race organizers unveiled their plans to hold their world's biggest boat sailing race in the city by the bay. officials say hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested in to sit francisco waterfront to spruce up and redevelops ever appears near the golden gate bridge. city leaders tell us it will pour more than $1 billion into the local economy. >> i raise that is oftentimes are to see, is soaring to be impossible to miss. people that have no idea even today they think it's a big deal, other enthusiastic, they're excited about the transformation that is where to take place on are pure, still i don't think they know what's about to happen. there is a follow was something they may not ever experienced. >> or call founder was part
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of the team that won last year's america's cup. he says raise organizers were apprehensive to bring the bowers to san francisco, the venue has to be built very quickly by 2013. >> if we could not build it we were going to go to newport. a lot of those fears are not contributing to the economy they could be more beautiful, we want to do about them in such a way that is both environmentally friendly makes an economic contribution to the city. >> the last time it was posted in the u.s. presence in diego in 1995. >> we will take a break, a live look to the san mateo bridge, just a drive for 92 we are traffic moving pretty good in the commute direction those taillights from hayward foster city back with more public to a moment.
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welcome back, dr. klein said he says he's sticking by his research, here's more. >> parents panicked after 1998 study artisan to vaccines. in response many stopped vaccinating their children. now the research conducted by andrew wakefield fraud by leading roche medical journal. it also claims he was paid nearly $700,000 by lawyers looking to file suit against vaccine makers. >> all the way through we see him chiselling the data falsifying medical histories of children and essentially concocting a pitcher that he was contracted to find by lawyers hoping to sue vaccine may fractures.
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>> last year the journal bridge league published the study retract it, wakefield his attending a conference in jamaica defended his research cnn wednesday. >> it's an attempt to crush any investigation into a valid safety. >> despite being stripped of his medical license in britain he says he will continue his work. >> i'm not in the doorway, the children are real, the people of this meeting notice to ignore real, they're growing in number. >> measles cases in britain and the u.s. run up after vaccination rates dropped. >> a commission charged with studying the oil spill is spreading the blame, the national commission on the b p d porter horizon spell release a charter of a new report due out next week part of the findings show the blow was caused by a combination of the
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halliburton introversion. the surging killed 11 men, herd 17 others, more than two and 2 million gal. of crude rose bills for months. the report states a slew of problems including flawed procedures, for securing a while and inattention to sing those of a blow. >> stock futures are slightly higher this morning in fact the dow was up 36 forints at this hour. that trend a warmer to mars jobs report. labor department reports on weekly jobless aid claims yesterday in the report discussed december's a good month to find a job. your morning cup of joe could get a makeover, john lewis has all the details. >> encouraging news on the job from push stocks higher on wednesday the dow gained 31 points to close at 11,021 to the nasdaq, s&p also finished higher. december
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was a good month for the market, private employers added nearly 300,000 jobs lost month according to payroll processor adp firmer than expected. they typically set the tone for the monthly jobs report due out friday. them said it will reflect a similar gains when it comes to consumer satisfaction for is giving toyota a run for its money. they're virtually tied with toyota for first place in the latest rankings from consumer reports. toyota score dropped dramatically from 2009 after its image was tarnished by a number of recalls. those famous white and green caps are getting a makeover starbucks celebrating its 40th year in business with the new logo, a stoppage of the traditional siren which is trees the cup since 1971 on the company's web sites seo says starrs is undergoing an evolution and customers can expect to see changes
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starting this spring. >> and we will take a break, back with more headlines in a moment. i have a love for skating. it all started when i was little and my dad took me to our local rink.. that love of skating took me to the olympics. i also have a love for reading. i remember my mom reading to me at night. those stories helped me reach for the stars as i drifted off to sleep. that's why i've joined with reading is fundamental, america's largest children's literacy group. together we inspire children to become life-long readers, so they can go for the gold.
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go to rif dot org, and inspire a child to read today. as karen the campus of stanford women are urged to walk in pairs after the attempted assaults of a student. kron4 is rob flood bothas what happened. >> it comes after a woman was accosted here in new the intersection of campus drive monday evening 6:30 p.m. she tells police she heard a man calling first thing they grow, the next thing she knows she's got from behind, someone puts a hand rows. >> the victim reports to heard the suspects coming, turned to look to them but it's in russia is about to be assaulted so she continued under walk. he came up alongside or rupture with one hand, attempted to place his hand or arm of with another. at the point, the victim attempted to bite him, we aren't sure the
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severity of the bite. speaking of this laser advising women to walk in pairs, a well-traveled roads, mike felder surroundings carias cell phone. after her escape the victim ran to one of these cell phone towers called for help. police are reminding students and others of their more hundred of these located all over campus. >> give this police are working on a sketch of the suspect who for now is described as a white male, 40, there could tortured, moustache or a duty, from here slim build. check on the weather, cold temperatures once more, frogs sticking around good morning louisa. >> it is one of those resources everything's the same, temperatures are cold, a little bit of fog as well, a light breeze for mount tam kim, a clear conditions however as you
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head to the north, east fairly dense fog rain now, ended the afternoon you'll continue with light winds, try this afternoon. current temperatures, cold spots once again napa down to about 30 degrees, 31 into santa rosa, 33 concord, 35 livermore. if so space temperatures in the upper 30s in for redwood city, oakland 36 degrees this line. dense fog advisor in effect for today to about 10:00, we have all of this flawed spilling over from the central valley into the delta, visibility's less than a quarter mile, when these temperatures are the cold there's a possibility of freezing fog, black ice. be prepared for sudden reductions as you head road on the roadways. pockets of dense fog into 101 from san rafael to petaluma. visibility is less than a quarter mile to novato, fairfield, concord.
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elsewhere not looking too bad. there conditions of raleigh see the stars of said this morning, afternoon highs up to the '50s, 58 for sinters a comforter for the rather, 57 richmond, keep those temperatures similar to yesterday about 58 for los daughters, as it, fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow fairly similar more sunshine, clouds roll in as a head through the week into the weekend for late friday conditions expected temperatures will stay in the upper 50s, low sixties range red and your next week, chance of rain next week on tuesday, wednesday. there. >> injuring a pretty quiet commuter on the bay area, no major hot spots, to contend with the main counter weight of one of the palance at the bay bridge rollout plaza. that should dissipates shortly. tracking overnight construction still on the
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fact between the incline and treasure island shutting down the feelings as you make your way toward san francisco nothing in the way of slowing. tracking a dense fog advisor 3, benicia bridge. so the california highway patrol is asking the be extra cautious on the roadways, some of their bridge, about 800 overnight construction still in effect. that is going to shut down to lanes until 5:00, you can still see were moving in the green speed still averaging while about 50 mi. per hour, once again on the span pretty clear conditions still seeing what space between cars special american inside that traffic heading into the peninsula george foster city, still not seeing any back at the top plaza golden gate looks good, southbound 101 no problems on the span, traffic is moving acrylamide, across town for you is in san for this drop look good, practically a
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ghost town, no problems on the james lick or embarrass central. public transportation after a great start, no drums reported yet for countering, ac, muni. >> thank you, said the discoveries are reviewing the third officer and rod shooting in the last month, is it is the roles police shooting a man in a wheelchair and they said that a police officer. the attack was caught on tape, police chief is asking the public not to rush to judgment. >> the video is a one- dimensional view we do not know the and officers are, perceiving. the officers are reacting to an event that is occurring very quickly. >> to get the full story kron4 as the chief to walker's to the tape. >> in this south of video you can see police officers shooting a man in a wheelchair she did she points out that the video was captured by a bystander
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does not start the beginning of the incident. >> if you're looking at the video wheel arch your back around the corner the incidence as the riverside. >> police were called the scene of a report that demand is slashing fares officers proper spread the suspects that the dollar, then the chiefs as a man stabbed an officer in the arm with a knife. it starts or all of that has are the record. speaking here of a person is taking a revered saying he's got a knife, he's got a knife. the officers tell them to put the knife down there's an officer that has a been buried shot. she shoots the been beg, that proves ineffective. >> police say the man believed mavens to organize an officer you see him throwing something here pop focus on a police officer you see highlighted, he
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jumps back, a shot fired. >> the chief has requested teasers several times over last year, kron4 dinh tran and finds out why the city refuses to use the device. the thought was back in february of last year making a case for tweezers and in early march the police commission shot down the idea by about 4-3. >> and your estimate of the political empowerment i assume responsibility for that. >> it's a great difference to the commissioners that the tasters were not a necessary option. >> there was one of three in the minority voting in favor of the teasers, he says the commission now has three new members, the outcome could be different
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when this commission looks of the issue again next month. >> we do to a different maker, there's been some incidents of taken place with the review this may lead to them changing their opinion, as for the police chief he remains optimistic. >> we're hoping to have a federal response. >> even if they give approval next month the chief says it won't be until early next year before teasers are deployed. several sister, a determined, kron4 news. >> we will take a break, national headlines to head. >>
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in the amtrak, national headlines shock waves rippled through an omaha nebraska community after an assistant high school teacher was shot and killed by a student. he shot this school principals well. police say robert ballard jr. shot the two administrators before taking his own life, he was a sign of it, ought police detective schools closed today. arizona, an armed man in the standoff in phoenix is now in custody this issue ration on voted yesterday afternoon when undercover police troubleshooting with their rubber suspect, police evacuated the mall. the suspect and then held up in a nearby restaurant until he surrendered about two hours later. no one reported injured. mysterious bird
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killed in the southwest guy livermore puzzling with the desert river hundreds of more birds in eastern texas. >> the quotas and scattered all of highway bridge in east texas. it is becoming a virtual bermuda triangle of birds thousands of from the sky, on new year's day, hundreds more died in the next day in louisiana. some of those birds or examine data in atlanta. >> these birds are the dramatic death, no gun show rooms. it means they most likely flow into a stationary object. >> the sciences for said they were likely startled by new year's fireworks, even before the new skills that there is drew widespread skepticism. >> better believe that. >> on don't believe that
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all. automat, new reports of mass fish kills 100,000 dead, dying drum is washed up in arkansas, tens of dozens of other fish died in maryland. that was pam more reporting, it will take weeks to finish the test on the carcasses the official line is there's nothing to worry road officials say they're not that uncommon following that story. here's a look at this since there bridge card take a break with a look at your commute across highway 92 looks good. we'll be right back.
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i want to tell you about -- a time in american history -- it never repeats itself. it was a heart-wrenching time. my family was ravaged. thousands and thousands died. and then one day -- and then one day there was hope. before vaccines, there were few ways to help protect against deadly illnesses. without vaccines, they can re-emerge. get your kids vaccinated and keep them on schedule. i never want my grandchildren to see what i saw. and we're back, 4:30 a.m. live look on the left, the view of san francisco from mt. tam where it's a bit breezy, fog as well, cold temperatures a winter spirit their day and a factor today, why not coming out.
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first off, west oakland police are searching for the person involved in a deadly shooting and 67 center street in have been just for kennecott, new details on the victim in all, of which shooting comes less than 24 hours after six people were shot and eastern oakland police are offering and to $30,000 in reward money for information leading to an arrest, here's a video very conceivable bullet holes left in the fence. in the mailbox of a nearby house to the feuding gangs were involved in that shootout it happened and 89th avenue, one of the victims was an innocent bystander he was watching tv in his own home when the bullet came to the window and struck him. >> the inside your home, you want to think is the safest place sitting there watching tv, the bullet goes and your back is a very upsetting
4:31 am
impresses police officers. police say this in an uptick in shootings recently and have officers working overtime in areas of our hotspots hoping to deter further shootings last incident was one of those hot spots. a man arrested for sex abuse and a chance jonathan bloom has more. >> for more than 10 years police say he's been helping to run a licensed family day care of his home, now he's behind bars without the possibility of bail after he was accused of molesting one of the girls who cares for. the family claimed it happened just three days before christmas. police arrested the man right here on a quiet neighborhood street. here's a picture him, this is your husband and father and neighbors say has lived there for about two years, they say his wife is the main one in charge of the day care, often see kids
4:32 am
playing in the are. it's a small day care for 5 q so time. police say he was booked into the jail on suspicion he committed lewd acts he will face charges of child sexual abuse. they're on one of two family day care is. some families 7 entry and then bows before choosing one of the other, they paint him as a quiet older couple with grandchildren sarah not entertaining the children they care for tend to keep to themselves. >> three adult sons, was for two of them today. one told us this is been a very difficult time for their family added their attorney has told them not to say more than that. they as they believe the accusations are false, they told us they're not prepared to say anything, and is not for now. >> let's get a check and the
4:33 am
forecast is a. >> and let saddam sitting behind a broad camera i am telling you this is often of fraud. looking really really like your other shot from walnut creek, in fact temperatures recalled as well dealing with cold temperatures of about 30 degrees for napa, noon 53. spot june and 38:00, elsewhere, below freezing and your santa rosa, above freezing concord by about a degree, 435 degrees in livermore, we do evidence fog advisor 3 in effect, all this darkness and the rally is spilling over. visibility is down to a quarter mile or less. full temperatures make for freezing far, possibility of black ice on sat and reductions in visibility reuter driving. starting see the fog thickened up to the north bay, low visibility. now
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starting to see some develop into centers as well, right now the prime spots bavaro, less than a quarter mile, same for concord. continue to see that fog, in fact visibility will diminish as the heading to the next couple of hours, high temperatures in the '50s. 58 centers, about up to the span says bay. along the coast 56 for half moon bay, save a livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. sunday by the afternoon temperatures in the '50s theme for tomorrow, temperatures and low 60s barriers saturday, more clouds and the pitcher as well. tuesday, wednesday their reaction have possibility of just a slight chance of raindrops. >> thank you, not too much to complain about through thursday morning ride, the republic things to be error
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of your having was spending zero traffic lights could, to a quick reminder we do have a couple lanes should damage in the incline and treasure island in effect 05 o'clock. it is not producing too much in the way of any delays still looking a eight-nine minutes from the fight of the macarthur maze starts fremont san francisco. tracking the dense fog advisory your ride along the benicia bridge. the divisor is in effect for south and i found 680, heading to the same as their bridge, overnight construction as were several terminal logs are a current 800. a crippling or shutdown of a farmer clock, once you're on the span no problems to content with traffic is nice, light no backup at the toll plaza. 12-13 minutes from end to end pretty much the same story at the golden gate,
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said bound 101. no problems to contend with on the road sensors the entire red is in the clear. finishing up with a quick look of the sets bay, his cameras pointed rainier tremble the data cruz. traffic is moving at the limit. james. >> in news this morning san francisco please determine says it has made a dent in the crime rate overall crime is down 8% from 2009 coming down toward% from 2008 falling crime dropped 4% homicides have increased their were 50 murders in 2010 compared to 45 in 2009. even without ron says brown has one of the lowest per- capita all rates editor in the u.s.. they say and why the police believe changes they have made are making a difference. >> chief jess and says there
4:37 am
three contributors to the fact the crime is on the downswing of 3 do's sharing information, this music is called 32 weeks were police captains will go over contents in their area. how accountable to trap for their performance. mrs. hectares will be briefed several times a day for the cost darya and pearl city uniform officers have the latest information about where crimes are occurring lastly, feedback from the community and the form of advisory boards to report directly to district officers is helping fuel the police with information they need to combat criminal activity fighting chance murder was the need to do because of budget problems there are 200 fewer cops on the force are there were two years ago with another 70 officers eligible to retire, no money to replace them.
4:38 am
>> in san francisco crime lab was three accredited by national review board test dna evidence and evidence for gun related crimes. the receiver does it to the kids involved in the personnel and procedures now meet the high standards allow came under scrutiny last year when our work for a minute to taking drug evidence for personal use no plans to resume and your product testing. city officials in san bruno are trying to decide how best to distribute money donated to victims of last september's council and its merchant nearly four dozen dollars poured in, and the boss telling a people destroying 44 homes the donations subcommittee met yesterday, this is really one just residents for their doctors were one resident had to say. >> if there is means it should be an innate basis there should be nobody going without. i think of anything
4:39 am
comes up in this business are reaching into the people it would be a good thing. city council make the final decision on how the money will be distributed. there shields is looking for another round of rate hikes that would mean an increase averaging over 30 percent over five months band for nearly two dozen policyholders daily times reports of another rate cut is set to take effect march 1st pending approval. to go with similar increases in october and this month. news has stunned many policyholders to were guaranteed the same rate for your various san francisco- based insurance claims and but for 30 rate we'll take a break, live of its interest as president barack obama james lecturing you those headlights on 7101 traffic is moving well. 45 degrees in the city getting an 56 afternoon.
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4:41 am
and we're back, new leadership under a new agenda after republicans take the majority and capital samantha hayes reports. >> a major shift in power when staying have their representatives as the incoming class of freshmen lawmakers took their place and the new speaker of the house this morning. from your file bonds to the house chambers in the nation's capital were his family looked on all eyes ron john dillinger as he visits became the new speaker of has a job once held by into to lose it. >> and now this gavel and the sacred trust the goods within. god bless you speaker of the house. >> his first words he quickly laid out his
4:42 am
governing philosophy >> the american people have hobbled us everything here is on loan from them. but includes this gavel which i wrote except cheerfully, gravely. >> as the new speaker of the house he welcomed 94 members the largest freshman class with no previous experience in elected office in 63 years, among them mike kelly a businessman. >> 62 years old are not looking for career on looking to make a difference. >> the want to reduce the size of government the new gop majority wants to halt the monstrous new to us. requiring every bill to specify which section allows it, new spending. of the first major vote will come next wednesday when the new republican majority wishes
4:43 am
to repeal of bombings health-care law. on capitol hill samantha hayes. >> the if you are looking at a united plane that had to be diverted because of this bill capa coffee. it was diverted to toronto after the pilot spilled coffee on to some traditional assortment which then triggered. united may be making possible what one of the can drink coffee on the jobs and more than just the made/some landing back in 2009 the century to its current destination as a museum piece in north carolina. the damaged plane has everything from dance, where the birds have it, the
4:44 am
future is richardson on board. disaster was avoided when the captain determined that putting the plane in their red roses on the way to save all people on board and after he did. everything turned out fine. shot from mount tam, santa rosa 31 degrees, 15 uzziah work is sucking in. we will be rabat.
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woman: so here are the keys. congratulations! it's officially yours. i'm sure you'll have many happy years here. except for you. because you'll be gone three years from now. struck down by the same disease that got your father. so you won't be around for them. and sadly, it could have been detected early with a simple test. but you didn't have it. ok! who wants to check out the back yard? announcer: for a list of tests every man should have, go to michael jackson's two oldest children are said to see in their father died that's the one security guard testified yesterday he took the stand to determine whether not comradery should face murder charges. >> three more witnesses testified on the second day, marius charge of involuntary manslaughter in
4:46 am
the death of michael jackson to judge her for another person who is an assistant to michael jackson he says he was summoned to the bedroom to assist dr. murray when he got there are more was a tabloid cpr with one hand then he scooped up bottles of medication, poured them into a bag that he charge for the doctor. he then told him to put the bank in another beging to take their ivy beg out and put it in yet another bank presumably cleaning up the scene, then murray told him to call 911. the first paramedic on the scene also testified he said in his opinion michael jackson was dead when he arrived, he had an justify the there. according to the when is he was cool to the touch, the monster and his eyes was dry, his hands and feet were blue many had been dead for least 20 minutes. for the two and e k g five lines. testimony will continue on thursday.
4:47 am
>> elizabeth edwards is now public with her while she left her entire estate to her children makes no mention of a husband john of rights. it is dated just six days before she died of breast cancer on december 7th. of schedule to forecast, still looking at temperatures in some spots below freezing once more louisa is tracking of that. >> to things are now going on very cool temperatures, very dense fog in some pockets rented adopted, north bay. san francisco attorney 45 degrees, this is-are one of the warm response morning by noon 53, high temperature 56 touchdowns before is worthy of a clock tower, temperatures to the north bay. below freezing in santa rosa napa 33, 35 of
4:48 am
livermore, temperatures and to the source of great comedy spirit. certainly a very cool start to the day, dense fog advisor in effect for the data you can see all the fog spilling over into doubt the places like concord, there could also see some freezing spots it is cold temperatures possibility of some black ice. visibility shows the fog thickening up visibility's down and cinephile, santa rosa, less than a quarter mile from novato concord, fairfield, 5 mi. visibility to napa. not too bad there. an afternoon highs of 50 degrees. earth to the delta, a little bit cooler there because the fog will be slower to move raw process big upper 50s, 58
4:49 am
from zero starters, san jose, fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows more sunshine in store for today. the afternoon's fairly sizing, lower 50s even to the weekend looks like your next dance moves in next week to return tuesday, wednesday. there. >> if you just setting out the door we don't know too much to complain about and traffic department and a couple of things to be concerned road but overall a nice, light commute. westbound 80 the approach still light. traveling at the limit, wrapping up overnight construction between the incline and treasure island to a couple lanes are still blocked off will be into about 5:00, not producing too much in the way of selling this year heading to the benicia bridge fog advisor in the facts of the california highway patrol is asking the your extra cautious. it's at the toll plaza in both directions and in solano. be
4:50 am
aware. 00, looks good, if cocom is getting to the bridge overnight instructions and picked up traffic is very light in both directions especially as you make your way to the peninsula. golden gate, looks good, no problems there says band 101 building edelman no promise during townie make your way at novato. one problem, all westbound 580 the connector ramp to the study zero reports of road with flooding siege be caltrans is on scene trent come a little water come reports of flooding 8 in. of water across all lanes be extra cautious or avoid the areas he can. james. >> thank you, , now to a medical controversy that has affected millions of people around the world. andrew wheat field the man had a 1998 study linking vaccine stopped his some vigorously defends his research as the british medical journal occurs summer fraud. sahara
4:51 am
ipad he was paid nearly 700 balls and dollars for fraud we should note the been j articles our investigative journalism visa the results of study. the state was retracted and only after causing worldwide panic. >> it was the steady that scared millions of parents, dr. andrew will close to cities and basically vaccines cause of the some what he says were linked to tokyo in the were perfectly normal the data rate seeing and then days later they developed autism. today is another article of this one is in the british medical journal this one says that he falsified data in order to get his results, rain gear investigator journal says he spent the better
4:52 am
part of seven years looking at dr. wakefield's data he says he made it up. >> all the way through we see him chiselling the data, falsifying medical information of children concocting a picture there was contracted to find lawyers helping to find neiva archers to greater scale. there is working to rate europe, he says he didn't make up the data. his is a generous was paid a company and said his men to say bad things. what parents do this, the bottom line is the nearly every pediatrician or a study of get your children vaccinated yes cover their risk, not autism but others, that these arrests are tiny, far ridges. the in vintages will save millions of children's lives. the
4:53 am
station now worry about autism, the study was never proven, it was a hoax. >> we will take a break, live to stand jose a camera there. temperature rise pretty surely, at 37 degrees in san jose warming up to 58 degrees this afternoon a lot more sunshine and later on. both ere is no free lunch!
4:54 am
are you prepared?
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do you have a plan? who can you trust? [female narrator] you can trust the nfcc, the nation's largest non-profit network of credit counseling and financial education organizations. our certified professionals will help you learn basic financial skills, and give you the tools to meet financial challenges with confidence. come learn with us at it's your money! get smart about it! and we're back, the world such as consumer electronic show will unveil a ton of new tech days this week, conference tech reporter shows us some of the gadgets and technology coming out. >> first, a couple of big announcements we are seeing as at&t is jumping on the 40 network bandwagon building in now and offer for chieftain of the customers this summer there behind rising newsprint torture
4:56 am
already offering for g which to end it speeds up to 10 times foster the treaty. the amazon has announced their building and apps server android it will be laid google but amazon's version they met after oxford cheaper to clear people from google. comcast has announced their to let their customers stream live tv on their ipad or android. watcher on demand content on the catch, it will only work in center home to your wifi, it is unclear if will cost extra. cool stuff coming out these new ski goggles made by liquid image of a built-in camera it takes pictures, records video if you want to document your trip down slopes. to under $50, hit stores later this month. check if this new hybrid tablet it is a tablet very similar to the ipad this one can click into a laptop
4:57 am
shells and become regular laptop. the ipad as gary bauer for documents, along e-mail's you want a physical keyboard. goalie pat will sell for $1,300 released later this year, this little cleaner robot is turning heads the mint is a reporter flow cleaning appliance designed exclusively for hard surface for cleaning. the automatically does and what maps hard surface words track of words been aware needs to go and tubbs got around. it is now on sale for two and $50. >> here is a quick look good the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. to disenchant, cold temperatures. some parts done at the upper 20s, a lot of frost and fog of their spare their day in effect, we have that current san francisco current conditions a little warmer than the
4:58 am
north bay 45 degrees, back with more in a minute. >> 5:00 a.m. on the kron 4
4:59 am
5:00 am
morning news, a top stories that is our in west out leaves one man dead. details coming up. >> piccinni facing more lawsuits are the deadly pipeline explosion. today, winters. the air day, a cold one on tap louisa has the latest. >> played morning, a good side from the golden gate bridge it is a clear shot, cold up there, in fact temperatures and not only below freezing the we're actually in the '20s this morning in some spots very chilly start the day, we do less and dense fog, a dense fog advisor for the delta,
5:01 am
bart spilling into these big, a light wind, try this afternoon temperatures expected to stay into the 50s. let's go ahead and take a look to your current temperatures, 31 degrees for santa rosa, a juggernaut that party down to 29 degrees very chilly up to napa. with that, potentially forcing a bitter freezing fog. even black ice on their road race, 363 antioch, 35 livermore, says the temperatures into the upper 30s keeping them around reid gunter redwood city, hayward. very chilly to the east bay, 36 degrees san francisco is more are at 44. that's not saying much, visibility problems of visibility and to novato, concord less than a quarter mile visibility there and your fairfield this morning, overall it's really contains the north bay read
5:02 am
on to these big, dull said. satellite, researchers the bridge in place of the clouds, wet weather moving well to the north and the other day with temperatures fairly similar, clear skies, lots of sunshine plenty of blue sky at least for today, tomorrow same story a few more clouds mixing in as a head toward the end the week. 58 for santa rosa, warming up in the afternoon keeping it cool to the delta, 51 for fairfield, 56 for livermore, south bay 58 degrees for san jose, fremont here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shares in another chilly morning for tomorrow by the looks like we will bring a few more clouds and the mixed which will have temperatures warm up slightly. we will keep those afternoon temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s next chance of rain next week tuesday, wednesday. george. >> looking at a dense fog advisor this time only for the benicia bridge. we will
5:03 am
continue with our projects looking first at the bay bridge, now back up, no delay, no waiting, and a promise san mateo good, later than usual traffic still. even though you seen something of a bay bridge back up in the last couple of days as a thinker sodium much lighter than usual traffic a lot of folks that back-to-school, some now back to work. golden gate, no problems, for the seventh round ride it looks pretty good. back to traffic tractor there's a problem here in emeryville on the connecting ramp leading to the short freeway that can affect the morning commute because traffic backs up through the maze for folks trying to get on the east bound 80 that is one of the snags that slows traffic coming from 580, highway 24 it could be as much as another hour before caltrans gets to the scene in order
5:04 am
to talk about some water there. it appears as though there's are flooded or blocked drain and that's why there's as much of 8 in. of water. it stretches air over there is a fair distance. otherwise problem free this morning. mark. >> developing story out of west oakland where police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead it happened just before 10:00, here on 16th and center streets. officers found him slumped over the wheel of his car no word of any suspects, looking for new reformation, freed u.s. is a comes in. six you were shot in oakland after two gunmen opened fire on a group hanging out on the street police are offering up to $30,000 reward for information leading to an arrest one of the victims was an innocent bystander a 49 year-old man watching tv in his house when the bullet came to the window police say to feuding gangs were
5:05 am
involved in the shooter that happens police were concentrating on this and other areas identified as hot spots for gang activity. oakland's new mayor has made turning the neighborhoods around our party. >> knew this morning one man is dead after he was struck by a cow train in palo alto this happens at 120 this morning about how fire from the avenue there is no vehicle crossing application is unknown why he was on the tracks. none of the passengers were injured picked up by another train. this is the first caltrans frontality of the year, in 201011 people were hit and killed, 200919 people stricken killed. >> for pacific gas and electric company is facing more lawsuits over the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno 72 lawsuits filed against the utility saves their daily journal says the
5:06 am
lawsuits accuse them of negligence, a nuisance and other claims, the most freezing, as they are still awaiting a decision by the council of california to have of lawsuits heard by one judge. officials in san bernardo and determine how best to distribute the money to relate to the victims of the boss. nearly four dozen dollars portion falling across killing eight people destroying 35 homes, the city council subcommittee met asking residents to make recommendations those were forwarded and recorded by city staff. jim neal had this to save peace >> if there's needs they should be given their and the basis >> there should be in nobody's going their way now. this dave got the money they earn or to do with i think of anything comes out of this history generic to the people the need the money that would be good.
5:07 am
>> silberner council make a final decision on how the money will be distributed. two women convicted of trying to pass themselves off as victims to secure relief during december and a five run expression renegade, 42 year-old lisa is just an end service rents, they apply for new identification cards using addresses from the labor heard. they lived about 5 mi. from the vast five other people facing charges for posing hazards arms. >> we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes, here's zero record side of san francisco, chilly morning like it has been a vice you warming up in the afternoon with the sunshine rain now 45 degrees looking for a high of 56.
5:08 am
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5:10 am
a comeback, and this morning shot just five days after a raid-blue shield as artie
5:11 am
planning on hitting its policyholders with another increase i started january 1st, will transport the if the insurance company has its way the new entries is two months away. >> 200 policyholders are looking at a 30 percent rate hike in just five months the new one set to begin march 1st. with health insurance plan in the rising cost of health coverage for the increase. if you're hoping the state steps then chances are very slim. the insurance commissioner says he doesn't have as much power going after health insurance as he does car insurance. will tran, kron4 news. >> waiting for the opening bell on wall street stock futures ended higher this morning, after a positive yesterday the labor agreement reporting and weekly jobless claims analysts are looking for an increase of 12,000. over
5:12 am
400,000 americans filing for unemployment there's a new report suggesting december was a good month to find a job as a private payrolls form says they added nearly 300,000 jobs last month. >> for the first time in its history buick is going to get a compact car gm is unveiling the buick at the detroit auto show, a small car based on the chevy cruz gm says it's designed to compete against the audi and the volvo. the car is expected to attract younger buyers helping buick as it tries to shed its image of offering cars for seniors. fewer sales rose 52% with a series of a revamped models. >> one of the two winners of the mega millions jock but is expected to discuss his winnings the day it was purchased at a supermarket sold to a retired men just
5:13 am
125 of these officials are still waiting for another ticket are to come forward. don't forget, you can watch the winning lottery numbers drawn every tuesday ready to run him on kron4 make a million dryness at 8:00. >> we will be back with more in just a minute, a live look outside, oakland hills, spare the airdate. lighter brown that coming up.
5:14 am
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5:18 am
concord since trees below normal, as of 04 degrees, napa's seven, livermore 6, san jose 7, oakland 8. in the 30's, 20's and napa, 29, 31 standards, of your concord just a degree above freezing. 35 for livermore south bay temperatures into the upper thirties as well. also looking at some thought was visibility less than a quarter mile. fog thickened and reduce interest, not as well. a lot of the socks from the central valley spilling over the delta. dense fog advisor in effect a ton o'clock. satellite, radar all the offense moving up, over our area we will
5:19 am
still clear as we head into the afternoon temperatures will are succumbing to the 50s. fairfield low 50s in looks like because the five will take a little longer to burn off temperatures will be a little cooler today. upper 50s to these bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. wore sunshine in store for tomorrow, if your clouds given to the mix by the weekend temperatures should stay in the upper 50's, low 60s as we head into next week, the next chance of rain just a slight chance by tuesday and wednesday. let's get a checked and your commute. >> thank you, , fog advisor in for the benicia bridge and not for the cortines, you will see why it's and the 680 carter. when you see this shot from jackie sissel is interstate 680. you can see that both directions are
5:20 am
affected by the fog is unusual we're fighting this for ourselves. solano, under fog this morning. continuing problems on the macarthur maze, was some flooding reported here so far this is not a hot spot but if they don't get those cleared out, which are the root the connecting ramps from westbound 80 turning on to the shore freeway heading up towards berkeley the reason that that's a concern is because of all the traffic heading towards the bay bridge from 580, 900. one of the reason being sent down is because you've got all across traffic trying to get all of these for freeway is back sublittoral affect the traffic through the bay bridge and the macarthur maze. looking at san francisco traffic not there,
5:21 am
here, pretty good ride to the city no delays on the run centro. the mark. >> thank you, , blintzes good gestures are suing san mateo county in an effort to try and recover $20 million. it alleges steps libau friend of their managers were negligent a man isn't jim wondered charges of sex abuse. he is a hat with user must yellow grow. at the family's home, he is family occurred it happened three days before christmas he was booked into santa clara county jail on suspicion. a 10 year-old girl was hit a school bus, she was hitting the school across the street that's when they say it was
5:22 am
miguel lectern not the girl to the ground tuesday to the hospital did not appear to be seriously hurt. no arrests were made. police are looking for this repeat drunk driver they say he is responsible for hit and run that here is there's the injured woman on monday. this is to cross into the woman's car, on these washington street and maria drive. 7:00 tuesday morning, investigators say he ran from the scene cranford addition pretty your ride. his driver's license is currently suspended. >> family for a friend's or murmuring his life, 42 year- old scot who died monday of cancer. the cancer as a result of continued exposure to smirk and fumes he began
5:23 am
his career as a firefighter for the naval air station in 1997 he adjourned the fired review was promoted to apparatus operator, and fire captain in 2007. he leaves behind a wife and in the . memorial service is scheduled for general 14th held on the uss hornet. >> will be back with more and a couple of minutes, the peak at the golden gate bridge as we talk about the current conditions rainout and no. it's 30 degrees, or is it called. they're looking at a high of 56 later this afternoon.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
welcome back here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we're looking at the continuation of the span and read it the fog in the morning, and giving way to afternoon sunshine today 59 degrees, once we get to the chilly morning and it garnered freezing in some
5:27 am
areas, friday pretty much a repeat for tomorrow into the weekend will see more crowds with detectors called up a couple of degrees we don't have a chance of rain toll tuesday in to run state. >> , but the rask the community is having sharp razor free throw after a price for those shot and killed by astuteness break here is the scene the student also shot the school's principal who is in serious table condition. robert butler jr. shot the administrators of miller high school before taking his own life. honda began chairman a mile away. authorities say he was the son of a police detective. the school is closed today. in arizona and armed men in the standoff in phoenix is now in custody the situation and so did yesterday afternoon when undercover police or involved in the shooting with every suspect police quickly graduated the mall after the shooting the
5:28 am
suspects get held up in a nearby restaurant until he surrendered two hours later no one was hurt. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues a live look here for mount tam, when the of their 2,500 ft. seeing some progress on the bay, a cold morning bay area wide another dry day. >>
5:29 am
5:30 am
of the mud, taking a live look year at san francisco. from the roof on van ness ave is chilly out there. clear and not shot on the right-hand side a little bit of a is not too much fraud, things are running well there it is colder and the way we do have a spare their day. >> temperatures are very cold once again not just below freezing the done it to the '20s in some spots 29 degrees, turn the internet, and then we should warm it up to the 50s 56 degrees for
5:31 am
nafta and i backed into the thirties by the the clock tower. clear shot of downtown fog this morning, temperatures 7 to the north bay santa rosa below freezing at 31 degrees, 33 concord, 35 livermore, 30's pretty much across the board downtown coming in at 34 warm of the warner spoke this morning temperatures in the third is the east bay, south bay. overnight temperatures actually bottomed out well below will ship typically see around this time of year. san francisco, down about four degrees cooler than normal for concord 6, 7 for santa rosa, four santa rosa, livermore 6, napa seven degrees cooler than we should typically see visibility, promises visibility this morning less than a quarter mile and in a broader, fog spilling into the central valley ran into the delta and some of these bay valley locations as well
5:32 am
very dense fog in places like concord where visibility is less than a quarter mile also in to fairfield, satellite, reader shows the cloud cover streaming out, or over our area rain some showers in to seattle, staying dry for today. free a cloud cover and fact in the afternoon lots of sunshine were in store for us temperatures should warm it up into the 50's so once we can burn off some of this rock star to see a little sunshine and the upper 50s for santa rosa fairfield low 50s it will take a little longer for that spot to blowoff. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. similar forecast for tomorrow will bring in a few records. a week into the weekend next chance of rain brings in tuesday, wednesday a few raindrops. george. >> the fog is impinging on the commute here across the
5:33 am
room benicia bridge is foggy enough that they have a dense fog advisor reissued the sun both bridges both northbound and southbound interstate 680 and then the fog of course continuing as a share to down towards walnut creek, our camera there is picking that up. our right to the bay bridge, now back up, no delays still to run for that or about one hour away from seeing seeing lights on at the bridge san matell, looks pretty good, as you can see here, the volume is building in the westbound direction but there are no crimes reported for your trip across this land we still have problems with flooding in the maze in emeryville, this is all lanes from westbound 80 t span interstate 280 deserted their back up there as far as they get this cleared within the next hour i don't think it will impact the main commute terribly but is there still left there and
5:34 am
another 30 minutes continue to the morning this could be a big snake through the maze. mark. >> thank you, , continuing air-traffic cover to the fog in the concord area was stricken with jackie sissel on 680. >> ec the traffic's traveling southbound, you can see that the dense fog that is traveling to all of the east bay out here at their travel down 24 through lafayette visibility was less than a quarter mile up there, it's gone a little better if your unsexy tariff but still, as you drive to the east bank you have to be aware of the dense fog >> is now training records mark >> known at all. roadways are finding it is so-called but the father is the story and whether this morning. >> thank you, thick 57 to the inland valleys especially this morning. >> developing story one man is dead shooting happened just before 10:00 last night on 16th and center streets.
5:35 am
this is video from the scene, that's a man slumped or there will of his car no word of any suspect will be more details as a fighter. >> pacific gas and electric company is facing more lawsuits over september's deadly pipeline explosion filed against them last month. the daily journal says the lawsuit accused pg&e negligence, nuisance and other claims. the most recent, as they're weighing a decision by the judicial council to have all the lawsuits through by the same judge. >> blue shield of california is seeking another round of rate hike for nearly 2000 policyholders it could be a cumulative the decrees of average or 30 percent over five months band as another rate hike is said to take effect march 1st pending approval to go with similar increases in october and this month the news has stunned many policyholders for guaranteed the same rate
5:36 am
for a year and are seeking notice of all three increases at one time. they blame the new rates on raising health care costs. >> here in the newsroom falling some news dissident retailers reporting surprisingly weak december revenue. a blizzard in the northeast heard some sales center christmas analysts expect spending in november and december to show the largest annual increase since 2006 the number people applying for unemployment benefits increased for the first time in five weeks. those to other it's just coming across our and last five minutes we will see how it affects the markets. >> we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues after the break coming up a look from palo alto another person had been killed by a culture in we'll have details coming
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
welding story yet palo alto
5:40 am
an interesting killed by catching the rally this morning kron4 is live in palo alto. >> on and over here at the california avenue station about 1/3 mile north of where we are rainout caltrans says there was indeed someone on the tracks, struck by a train to assure you video this is the scene the area where crews pulled a body about 1:30 a.m. the actual passengers about 30 of them were picked up and taken to the station the continued on their way the train service has been slow to resume this morning, they expect great about this hour trains to go back to normal this is the first fatality this year here on the tracks. 11 in 2010, there been problems with this especially in this area for some reason are around palo alto in mountain view, once again won weakened to the year is continuing to be a problem they're not saying this person was a transient referring to him as a
5:41 am
trespasser the investigations continue as to what happened. the body has really been removed from service is back to normal if you're running through here this service is pretty much back to normal. liven palo alto >> of 11 people killed by caltrans track 19 the year before, this is now the 31st fatality in the last two years. >> the commission charged with studying the gulf oil spill is spreading the bay lame, national commission on bp offshore drilling released a chapter of a new report throughout next week, part of the findings show the blowout was caused by a combination of missteps by bp, halliburton in translation. these pushing killed 11 men hurt 17 others, more than 200 many gallons of crude oil laughs to build for more than three months the biggest lure
5:42 am
problems including securing the well, and attention to signals of an impending blowout. >> the preliminary hearing for the doctor charged with killing michael jackson during question yesterday a paramedic testified said he saw when he arrived michael jackson, it did add that, he said dr. murray never mentioned giving him anything. the security guard testified that jackson's two oldest children watch from the doorway as the doctor tried to revive their father before the doctor asked the they be taken away. jackson died back in june from a powerful anesthetic usually used for people undergoing surgery. worries preliminary tally is expected to last three weeks. >> we'll be back as we continue our look at the news, weather, traffic and especially the weather being surgically. this is a look from our mountain camp. you
5:43 am
can see the camera shaking, in livermore is 35 degrees a high of 56 this afternoon. >> offs golf
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
world's biggest boat sailing race, hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying vested in the san francisco waterfront here's a mockups come to spruce up and read developed appears that any of the golden gate bridge, the city leaders say there is so poor morgan a billion dollars. >> their race that is oftentimes hard to see, this is going to be impossible to miss. here in san francisco. people that had no idea about is they think it's a big deal, they're enthusiastic. they still i
5:47 am
think do not know what about happen. they're going to fall in love with something the man i've ever experienced or knew existed. >> the america's cup is usually viewed by the oceans is the first time you will be able to order from the shore, rows of the u.s. san diego back in 1995. >> we're taking a live look here at the golden gate bridge, things look good, traffic is nice, light play is a cold, to get santa rosa. we lose this clock run the big, we get to warm things up a bit it will be 58 degrees, repeated yesterday. >> temperatures are very call this morning dealing with some more far as well. very similar picture to what we cite history, the day before that is up. the bitter breeze remind him, keep those freezes light as we head into the afternoon
5:48 am
and medical start, below freezing temperature. dinner is becoming a state, a light wind, dry conditions for this afternoon, current temperatures look like this, napa down to about 29 degrees this morning we're below freezing into santa rosa, freezing mark into the livermore. temperatures a few degrees above freezing and places like concord, san rafael, redwood city and on you. very cool star to the day, we also have some fog to and then read this morning visibility down below less than a quarter mile into places like novato, delta and fairfield. satellite, radar shows all the clouds and the rain turned north. santa clara, by the afternoon this is like fairfield to give it
5:49 am
more to warm up because of the fog bingles larger bird are santa rosa, 50 degrees seemed as to the east bay done to the south bay, temperatures average about 58. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and other similar story by tomorrow, it keeps the threat of morning fog around also some very cool temperatures the afternoon pretty pleasant similar to yesterday. by the weekend a few craftsmen into the mix, the met's artistic hour wednesday there would bring in a chance of rain. george. >> a chance of fog, fog advisor 3 not only general but a caltrans and california highway patrol fog advisor 3 for the benicia bridge. the carotene is bridge they say is not as bad, for the northbound and southbound spans and succeed here is affected by the fog, says the succeed your corner to walnut creek from concord, a pleasant hill this is a treatable ride, you can see it's pretty funny here also. you can see
5:50 am
the fog by the passing of lights. your ride to the bay bridge, westbound, i just spoke to caltrans and the gmc they say flooding is no longer a problem on the connecting ramp in the macarthur maze from westbound five easier to east bound. light traffic your .org plaza, golden gate bridge right 101 no problems to lane county or leading down to this land./ >> means city police crime and how did decoys' sting operation to crack down on stores selling tobacco to minors during the week of december 20th had minor decries visited 20 stores to purchase tobacco to businesses are cited for selling tobacco to minors, the violation is a misdemeanor and it's punishable by fine of two under dollars for the first offense, five under dollars for the second rent,
5:51 am
thousand dollars for a third offense. the decoy program was part of a grant by the alameda health department and tobacco control problem to measure meat retailer compliance state laws. >> a medical controversy that has affected millions of people the man behind a 1998 study linking traffic vaccines to autism is defending his research. >> it was the steady that scared millions of parents, in 1998 he published a study saying basically that vaccines are causing autism. its link to to of children there are perfectly normal, got the vaccine and then, days later did about autism. well today, there's another article of this one is in the medical journal saying that dr. wakefield falsified data in order to get his results. not that he made a
5:52 am
mistake that the action falsified data. the investigator journal says that he's the better part of seven years looking at dr. price data and he says he made it up. >> all the way through the paper we see dr. rizzo chiselling the data falsifying medical histories of children, essentially concocting the picture which is of much of it he was contracted defined by lawyers having to sue if boxing minute or trees and create a vaccine scared. cnn spoke to him, dr. rachel says he did not make up the data, he says this journalist was paid by the pharmaceutical company as a hit man to say bad things about him. what's a parent to do about this? the bottom line is nearly every pediatrician will tell you get your child vaccinated, yes there are risks, not autism but other arrests. but these are tiny and far away by the vintages. they
5:53 am
save millions of children's lives and certainly they say you should not worry brought optimism the study was never true to begin with, and factor was a hoax. >> by 50 2:00 a.m. we'll be back with more of a couple of minutes, here is a live look here from concord if this is 680 i tree and the tillites you see there are some of bound, look at the fog, it is really foggy we're socked in in some parts around the bay some valleys as we have been the last couple of days to get a red center and later we'll be right back. >>
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
by 50 5:00 a.m. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and around the bay forecasts, we and looking for the same thing that we've seen the last few days will continue this, he spots on the today we give spirit here day but then the afternoon will give way to the full sunshine san these guys are asking today, tomorrow 59 degrees, we even
5:57 am
bought up a degree to over the weekend more clouds move in a chance of rain does not come with this class and police tuesday until wednesday. at&t is announcing that they will sell the iphone 3 g s for $49. price is only a few buy it with a two-year service contracts and due to plant. >> elizabeth edwards her will is now public, she left her entire estate to her children of her husband's former presidential candidate john edwards the will is stated just six days before elizabeth edwards died of breast cancer on december 7th. every team to 28 road daughter kathryn who's an attorney the executor of her well. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues, here's a look at the james lick, cold, foggy morning at their around the
5:58 am
bay. later some weather, traffic in two minutes or morning news continues until 11:00 a.m.
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