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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 11, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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we're learning. >> we are learning information about the shooting suspect in tucson arizona of the killed six and injured 14. >> whale watching the south east were a storm there making driving am flying almost impossible for some folks. one is coming up. >> is today the day? could the iphone beyond arises now work? details coming up. >> looking at a shot right now from mount tam. we will see light showers throughout the day to day. could get breezy as we head into the afternoon and into the evening lingering showers are expected. right now across the state dealing with showers and our area. along 101, upper petaluma, portions of san rafael, starting to see raindrops' pushing through the golden gate bridge in the northern portion of the
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peninsula. also through i 82 vacaville, fairfield, the north bay socked in with very light sprinkle. into the 40's 40% rosa, 44 san francisco, 43 oakland. blow '40's for this update. chance of rain throughout the morning hours as we head toward the afternoon it looks like the best chance of showers, being around 7:00 a.m., through the north bay as well and the peninsula. spot light showers into the early-morning hours for tomorrow. in the afternoon highs bringing us in the '40's, it will be cool in the north bay, with napa valley, the delta up, san francisco state in the '50s in the east bay and the suspect. few sprinkles tomorrow morning and then another chance on thursday. it may be contained to the north bay on thursday at the wet weather. friday, saturday mild
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and sunny. >> we will start off with the right to the bay bridge, the westbound commute, still very light. the meter lights were activated at 6:20 a.m., it's under it hard to understand why. as you see now there is no volume at the bay bridge. that is indicative of how the bay driving is. the only slow driving is through highway 4. 580 still looks good. from the bay bridge to the san mateo bridge, 92, volume builds here but no problems as you work your way across the bridge. it is an easy ride. golden gate bridge for the look at 101 southbound, here you see no delays as we check the last of the bridges. there ride in from marin still is with one from a this valley route all the way down to wallop ohrid. you'll find no problems or delays. we have had not no
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public transit problems either. >> of belmont of fire at a power a clamp complex will tran with the latest. >> firefighters are still here even though it's been four hours since the fire started. they will wait till the sun comes up so they can go through the apartment complex to make sure that all of a hot spot are out. six people injured, four from spoken oblation, to with broken bones. from jumping from the bedroom balcony to the ground. that's one that's how intense the flames were. joining me now is the chief of the fire department. >> the intensity was unbelievable, as a look in the building the units that the fire was and is 100% involved, flames coming out of the backside. loud bang up to the third floor. one thing that we noticed the third floor the overhang on the back at speckle
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underneath. had that been opened wide, that would of burn it down. >> the fact that people had to jump out of the nets down to the ground or risk dying, how did the flames get that big. >> we don't know at this time why the intensity was there, the crew said got here had people hanging from each porches, prison immediately rescued seven people. as you stated we transferred several bit with during injuries. the type of involvement is going to dictate what some of these people had to do. >> leslie it started in and and unit, the unit has been destroyed. >> it has been destroyed the joining unit has significant damage, and the above has some damage as well. >> that you very much i can tell
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you he said this place has been evacuated, because of the fire and smoke. they all have to find other places to stay in the meantime. red cross is here helping out, we will have chilling sound from people who live on the third floor and it will tell you what they saw. >> we'll check back with you. >> the latest in a story in arizona the shooting rampage that over the weekend killed six people injured 14 others. including a congresswoman. the latest on air-conditioned. she is still in critical condition, she is responding to verbal commands, the experts say she has been able to raise two fingers on her left hand, also give a thumbs up, cat scan shows no further swelling and a break for now. meantime the first call formal community gathering is being held tonight, at a tucson
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church. tomorrow the president and first lady will attend a memorial service for the victims. the alleged gunmen he faces another court hearing. he was in court yesterday to face the charges. 22 year-old jared loughner remains in custody until a hearing january 24th. he faces charges of murder and attempted murder, and attempting to kill a member of congress. a friend said he called him before the shooting. according to an interview this friend says lot near left a voicemail. at 2:00 a.m. on saturday that said heyman its tillage, you and me had the good times peace out later. they say he attended a different day event in 2007, and he was upset with her for not answering his questions. >> lee will be sworn in today as
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the inter mayor. he will be the city's first chinese-american mayor. he has served in city government since 1989, his official put no be a two-waat 20 p.m.. >> we also have exploding pension and health-care costs that we will have to figure out. in a collaborative would torino's and. >> fall in the latest at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> flies and is expected to announce at 8:00 a.m., it will start selling apples cycled. a version of the iphone has been long expected. and long awaited. the wall street journal is reporting the company is set to make the announcement that it will sell the iphone sometime late this month. analysts expect it will sell 5-13 million
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iphone is this year. >> we will be back as the news continues until 11:00 a.m., alive look over san francisco. skies of lightning up as we see a lot of clouds and rain showers in the north bay.
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records show that the food and drug administration helped arizona get overseas or furs sources of a hard to find execution drug. this is to buy despite them saying it would not regulate the import of this drug. a shortage of this drug has interrupted execution. the federal agency last week released a batch of the drug, that the drug state but for can lead to. key findings will be found today following the bp oil disaster. this is video of one that arose at the explosion in april 11th people were killed and triggered a mass of spill. a
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portion of the report is out it blames the blowout on systemic problems, this is reform is needed to route to avoid a repeat. >> and 9:15 a.m., a detective said dr. murray told police he did this in our powerful anesthetic six nights a week, for two months before his death. loss angeles police detective testified the doctor told him he avoided giving propofol to jackson over night but finally did that at 10:40 a.m., on the day he died. this hearing will determine whether he will face trial or involuntary manslaughter. encouraging news about michael douglas's fog health. he says he has been throat cancer. he's been red of the cancer for several weeks.
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the 66 dropped lost 36 lbs. from radiation treatments. he says he's regained all of those pounds. >> 7:13 a.m., we will be back with more to couple minutes. a lot look aside at the approach to the bay bridge. things are dry here, a back up past the age 80, the big story in the whether chile again in the rain. that is all change for today, we do have some rights to the north of the golden gate bridge. we will be right back. [ wheezing breaths ]
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[ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. 7:16 a.m., it could be days now before ic, dangerous conditions improve. storm tracker for shows are long carolinas and virginia. video out of atlanta. below that is out of arkansas. jackson
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international airport no. 34 under flights have been closed since sunday appeared in a trend being the most impacted. all the ice has sent cars off the roads, power lines coming down. are run on treasury stores as people try to stock up to ride out the storm. from texas to carolinas its mark working in its way into virginia, making a beeline for new york. this will be the third store in three weeks. national weather service calling for warning for new york. this is the first of all want to punch. the system moving its way to chicago right now dumping anywhere from 1 in., half a foot of snow in some portions of ohio river valley. it is headed to the northeast, the system causing to our delays at o'hara
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airport as well. >> it is 7:17 a.m., a look at a we set and get information as we move through towards the weekend. >> (inaudible) >> we can see the clouds but we can't hear you to much. the clouds are finally here but they mean business. >> picking up some sprinkles in the north bay. over test conditions for downtown san francisco. we're picking up the proposal on the golden gate bridge in portions of downtown as well. light rain into tomorrow morning early morning hours. trying it out to the end of the week. a look right now what the radar showing us where we are seeing showers. salk did through the north bay, you can see showers and and golden gate bridge. shores along 101 from san rosa, along highway 37. also in to richmond san rafael
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bridge. the golden gate bridge, also the bay bridge picking up some of the wet weather this morning. to some light showers out there that is a pattern we expect throughout much of the day. temperatures of the '40's, 45 in san francisco, low '40's in the north bay, and 40 in livermore, as we take you through the day today better chance of chars picking up until late morning hours, as we head through the day we will continue with on, off shores through a good portion of the day. pop-up showers along the peninsula and the east bay, this continues into the early-morning hours tomorrow. here 7 day around the bay, green has into the 50s today, staying in the 40's and some of the north bay locations. unstable conditions wednesday, thursday, then by the end of the week, into the weekend partly sunny and mild. los 60s and pleasant conditions. >> still looking a pleasant
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conditions for the ride around the bay area. a backup beginning at the bay bridge, it is really not bad. it's really only slows from the hand of these parking lot. there's a lot of space between the cars, not a lot of volume at the bay bridge. meter lights are on but don't need to be for this westbound ride. this in looks like a meter lights back up. we do however have slow traffic in san francisco. it is but a while since we've seen see the seen things like the march. there are no problems southbound leading test at all, or northbound into the city. there's not traffic out there this morning, the merger is starting to slow things just a bit. the south bay for 1 01 northbound, volume continues to build north of the guadalupe parkway. in has not yet begun to buy back up between 237 north
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out. >> the golden gate bridge and toll takers could be in a thing of the past as they are discussed in going of electronic. today more news faster jackie says alive with details that the toll plaza. >> at the toll plaza you can see the bridge because of the boss. it's about saving money. they say they have $90 million deficit over five years and this would save them 20 million in the in eight years. they will eliminate 32 toll takers, replacing fast-track transponders, also video camera surveillance. so if you don't have a transponder to go through, it would take a picture of your plate and send you a bill. they say this plan could be implemented as soon as 2012,
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is still listen it's infantile stage. it has to go to a subcommittee thursday. then it could go to the board as soon as january, 28. we have seen all kinds of cost saving maneuvers over the past few years. this is an example of that. this could be a scene of the past seeing people handing over money to humans. >> with one-third only paying cash it may be a good idea. we will wait and see what happens. >> redwood city residents are paying 18% more for their trash pickup. council voted unanimously yesterday to make the hike in trash collection fees. it was proposed by waste management. officials say labor agreement last year and the $11 million debt to allied waste were the factors behind the
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hikes. 7:22 a.m., a live look actually will look at more live cameras in just a couple of seconds.
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secretary of state hillary clinton reaching yemen, to shore up prices. under tight security she landed in the capital to press leaders to crack down on extremists them. she is a first secretary of state to visit in 20 years. >> joe biden isn't and afghanistan to address security ahead of the troop withdrawal in july. this is a video of the vice-president. he is meeting with the president of afghanistan. he told reporters u.s. troops would stay in afghanistan beyond 2014, if they wanted them to. wikileaks
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founder. wikileaks chief julian assange was back in court in london, tuesday for the latest stage in his battle against extradition to sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over sexual assault allegations. the 39-year-old australian has been living on the country since being released on bail on december 16, nine days after he was arrested by british police on a swedish warrant. assange has denounced the allegations made by two swedish women as politically motivated, linking them to the release by wikileaks of thousands of confidential us diplomatic documents. the federal government is investigating it. >> an agreement allowing companies to export nonnuclear text portion to technology to russia. the agreement cleared the u.s. congress last month allows the united states and russia to exchange new killer technology ideas. the earliest
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known winery has been uncovered in a cave in the mountains of armenia. a vat to press the grapes, fermentation jars and even a cup and drinking bowl dating to about 6,000 years ago were discovered in the cave complex by an international team of researchers. while older evidence of wine drinking has been found, this is the earliest example of complete wine production. >> a live look outside that said francisco. quiet out there is a chilly morning. we are looking at changes in the weather right now rain in the north bay. we'll at changes in the weather right now rain in the north bay. we'll be right back. but your savings accounts are stuck in the stone age! earn more commodore with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! [ laughs ] instead of earning zilch, your savings will be earning three times the national average. three times more? roger that! go online and sign up at what's in your wallet?! where to sputnik? [ chuckles ]
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live with the details. once we see the video we can understand
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how they felt the need to jump. >> so intense it was job or get killed, and it is still locked and talk i will show you a here and you can see it destroyed a lot of the fire. or rather the fire destroyed a lot of the building. the brokaw lot of the glass to make sure hot spots were out. the back of the unit being blocked off by the fire department. you can see the damage caused by the fire that started around 3:00 a.m., it took half an hour put up but by the time it was put out basically the whole parliament now, is not functioning. they will not allow anybody inside because of the safety, the smoke damage to a total of 28 units. video that we got of the fire that started in, surely after started. it is see how intense
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the flames were. six people were taken gospel, for the smoke inhalation, to because they jumped out of the balcony. jump was so high up they broke bones, possibly legs or ankles. there of the hospital. we talked to a couple who lived at this place. they thought it was nothing they heard the fire alarm go off before it they didn't panic. this time they said it was a lot different. >> >> wheel hub that sound coming up at 8:00 a.m., as we zoom through the windows you can see the damage. there were so fortunate that there were no fatalities. they kicked down doors to make sure everybody was out of the units at the time. they said they personally rescued about seven people from
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this place. it does not have sprinklers, because it was not required, they do have fire alarms and that saved a lot of lives. >> to bay area weather right now the latest on the forecast. tracking the north bay showers. >> picking up a few raindrops, the threat of light showers through much of the day today. in fact we could get a chance of showers and the picture for tomorrow morning as well. we will dry it out towards the end of the week. by the end of week pleasant forecast for you. satellite late-show storm moving in and bring a lot of wet weather into lhasa angeles, and in our area we are picking up sprinkles. contain to the north bay. even a portion of the delta and we're picking up
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showers in places like concord, closer along 101 towards highway 37 picking up sprinkles, richmond san rafael portion of it picking up light showers to the east bay, portions of the bridge as well this morning. 44 for hayward, 43 mountain view, 40 in concord, by the afternoon bringing temperatures up into the 40's for the north bay. fairly cooler through the napa and adults as well. will keep temperatures in the '50s rid along the coast. up until oakland, hayward, temperatures in the '50s. by the next few days on stable weather round in fact schuller's by tomorrow, mainly to the north bay that friday at, saturday looking to be nice out there, saturday an
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abundance of sunshine temperatures low 60s. >> will looking at the fourth week in a row of lighter than usual traffic. the week before christmas, the week between christmas and new year's, the weeks following, all much lighter than usual this might be a little heavier a week but still not as heavy as usual. this back up is not as bad as it looks. it only begins at the end of the east parking lot. 880 approach is hardly backed up at all for the west bound ride. cars are moving quickly through what back up there is for the westbound direction. san mateo bridge ride is still light enough there is hardly any slow traffic through hayward on the nimitz fear it. from a street maybe-to 38 leaning toward '92 still much lighter than usual. your lead to the golden gate bridge slowing term marin county now from hamilton field down
7:36 am
towards the center. pass like in the speeds will pack up and there will be a problem for a ride down to the wall below grade. san jose traffic was good for 1 01. slowing on 85 leading up to 17 because of an accident. that is the only slow stretch you'll find on the west valley freeway. >> of arizona jared loughner accused of murdering six people and to attempting to assassinate gabrielle gifford. he made an appearance today. gifford is recovering after being shot at close range. paul is outside possible with the latest. >> juror to leave lockyer heard the charges against him two counts of murder, it to attempted murder, to an attempted to tell member of congress. he is accused of
7:37 am
shooting 20 people made his first appearance monday. head shaven and wearing a jumpsuit. he did not make is that statement or enter a plea. he did enter the judge's questions of a clear voice. a former classmate said he made people uncomfortable >> he was often that was something that was the parent isn't as i met him. >> several victims remained hospitalized including congresswoman gifford. she remains in critical condition but doctors are optimistic. among six people was nine year- old christina green. harris said she is they are making plans to bury their little girl. >> within feel we would pick out caskets at nine years old. >> news of the tragedy reaction to space says gifford brother- in-law and after not reacted. >> i see a beautiful planet that
7:38 am
seems peaceful. unfortunately is not. we are better than this. we must do better. >> first lady michelle obama michele m. president barack obama will be here tomorrow to be in the campus of university of arizona. >> stay with kron 4 as the latest details emerge. all lot more on the suspect out our web site at >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. a lot look outside right now from mount tam camp. you can see as we look to from the north bay, all of those clubs. farther north that is where is actually raining. we will be right back.
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watching the storm on the sport.
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three-5 in. of snow. it is headed up to new york city. to the video from north carolina. driving conditions are extremely dangerous. there's a thing to stay home. fly like freezing drizzle on top of the snow right now. temperatures will be below freezing for two more days. cincinnati tough going there. snow coming down they picked up 1 ft. of snow in newark's city tomorrow. >> you can do this is clearly illegal. but this this story boarding. this girl is holding it will not being from my car. did you see her avoid that sign that is not the best idea. you will see to video i say if you have a dog pull you. have the dog pull you and i don't think
7:43 am
as much trouble could happen. or the dog could pull this letter read the sled with the dog. that guy is heavy. he will weigh you down. >> all this snow paralyzed in that city in new york city about to get hit with this storm. the third large snow storm in three weeks. i could watch that the dog all day. james lick in san francisco 1 01 southbound.
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they caught up on the weather forecast with a was a hostage. >> expect light showers on and off through the day. not a big storm by any means. a lot of dry patches through the day as well. the golden gate bridge overcast conditions. you can see dark sky this morning. 45 degrees for san
7:47 am
francisco. by noon time up to 49. i high of 51 today in san francisco back down and the upper 40's by the o'clock hour. this morning most of the moisture content to the north bay, napa valley, delta as well. san rosa headed down 101 toward the golden gate bridge. picking up rain drops. also along the richmond san rafael bridge. there is more expected throughout the day. right now temperatures are sitting in the 40's for the most part. hanging out in the '40's for several hours. 45 san francisco, coolers and rosa. still in the '30's for fairfield, antioch as well. your afternoon highs bring in in to the '40's. cool through the afternoon for san rosa, napa, fairfield, some places picking up the moist the most moisture. 53 for oakland, this ain't your redwood city, 54 it
7:48 am
would. 7 day around the bay shows more wet weather for the next couple of days certainly a few raindrops in the early morning hours more. for the most part tried to board. another round of moves and thursday. that will stay in the north bay. police sunday for friday, saturday, sunday. >> some areas we see a return to normal traffic flow. the first slow traffic in the southbound direction heading from walnut creek's out into the san ramon valley. instead of free here it looks like a typical commute pattern and the southbound direction as we pick up the maps we see for the first time in several weeks it is typically slow going in the southbound direction from pleasant hill, down to what muckrake. this is the slower traffic you saw on our camera shot. down toward the board your route in the ride into alamo. westbound 24 towards
7:49 am
lafayette's some slowing passing pleasant hill road. slowing to through orinda. all in all got a bad right there. still a great commute to the bay bridge. san francisco in crosstown freeway traffic looks good. sluggish at the end of central but not backed up for the ride leading to 1 01 south. the south bay for san jose traffic, starting to slow down from north of the guadalupe parkway up towards montagu expressway. lighter than usual right here is especially so for 280. through downtown san jose. we didn't mention northbound 85 is congested rte. 17. that is still the case because of an earlier accident. >> we have also been talking about the plan that would eliminate all the toll takers at the golden gate bridge. they would go to an electronic system. we'll talk more about that to the district
7:50 am
spokesperson. >> good morning darya. >> mostly the fast track lanes, a toll takers do have each morning? >> 3-4 of them are fast track so those seven lanes or toll takers. >> but it wouldn't happen overnight? >> two year implementation. 34 positions would be eliminated if we decided to go forward. >> he was a lot of money. >> it is a lot of money but there are trade-offs. there have a decision ahead of them. jobs would be lost and money saved. as we tried to reposition people in the organization. >> would there be anybody out there? sometimes people need a person its taurus, maybe they drive over and they don't want to do? >> that's the dilemma. it would
7:51 am
be a ghost town we would keep the plaza but it would be nobody out there. >> so what would happen. this is an iconic bridge if they didn't know or they did have fast track and there are just going through. what would happen? >> it would be fast track people about 33 percent pay cash. they would have license plate reading and it would get a bill. there's a lot of ways to pay the toll. it's old world and education if we go this direction. >> it wouldn't cost you more? 33 percent of the build you have to do the bills. >> is more cost-effective, we save money if we go electronic toll lanes. it saves us money. >> so where are we now? what do we do next? >> we go to finance committee and tell them what we tell folks and yesterday about our study.
7:52 am
then if they want to go for it to two years before we would implement, during that two years if we go forward we would work with the collectors to try and identify other jobs. >> thank you mary we appreciate it >> it is windy and cold out there as well. >> its always windy and cold out there we will be back after the break.
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tech news as apple's ipad is keen competition. gate slate has details. >> though the world's largest show just wrapped up in las vegas. this year was all about tablet's. 15 new tablet computers were unveiled. there were two that were released back out and got the most attention, got the most fanfare. zoom
7:56 am
spelled with an ax, the play book are the two playbooks that were shown off that are favored to rubble the ipad. it will be the first honeycomb operation. honeycomb is like an android. it is optimized for the bigger screens and tablets. it has 10.1 in. screen. for to kaplan works with rises network. it has a front facing camera and a rear facing camera that can take pictures and record aged the quality video. it has an age emi output so you come play video content on your resume or watch it on your tv. no price for the assume it will be out in april. the blackberry playbook anyone who likes blackberry but once the talk live with blackberry like features. it runs on tablet os. it will be this similar to
7:57 am
a blackberry great for corporate e-mail, document creating, work- related stuff. everything would transfer over to the topless. it is smaller 7 in. screen. the latest public on the market at 0.9 lbs.. it has a front facing camera and a rear facing a camera that can record ht video. the $399, it up to 599 depending and storage space. the latest rumor it it may be released in april. we'll know by april if these public to take on the ipad. >> 7:57 a.m. and we will be back. a live look for mount tam camp. a little breezy and definitely mount tam. we will be right back.
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7:59 am
top stories that are falling, a fire ripped
8:00 am
through an apartment complex six people injured live report coming up. >> or learning disturbing information about the alleged gunman in that shooting spree that killed six people for injuring 14 including a congressman. >> today be the day the rising users are waiting for? is the i found coming today? we'll explain. >> for the first train in eight days you can see it from our roof, you can see it in the north bay. >> to the man that app use your windshield wipers but it's very late rain a will continue into the afternoon and in fact, a breezy as well as by the evening we will continue to see lingering showers for the most part sporadic on and off wet weather kind of day today. storm tracker 4 assures the wet weather contained to the north bay, now back from adult that 101 petaluma, novato, 37 is picking up some raindrops
8:01 am
right now looks like some more light raindrops a perching the peninsula we could pick up a few light showers in downtown san francisco, temperatures during the 40's we haven't seen much movement in the temperatures this morning. 40 in santa rosa, temperatures sticking into the upper 30's. not only as a place to see the most but also cooler temperatures sarah come in a broader coming temperatures in the upper '40's tv in the '50s the east bank, peninsula, coastline. 54 for san jose, fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more wet weather although it looks like the bulk of it today, light showers tomorrow morning, maybe a few leftovers' thursday, the best chance of rain to the north bay friday, saturday partly sunny mild weather will continue reagan's your weekend, lots of sunshine tablatures rebound to the
8:02 am
low 60s. george. >> one of the first areas were noted something like a return to normal traffic volume here in walnut creek 680, and that i am calling this a hot spot only because it is really slow. not only leading down to a corner road bullet the ride on pleasant hill 680 so bound, predicted some heavy chocolate in enough red on the rights of bonds. incidence rate, this is what we call an slowdown hot spot. that is really the heaviest rocket. the levees still a way for up to really find so much slowing. the bridge, not much of our backup it really only begins in the end of the east parking lot, play a wide angle view. not too tough a ride it will be a pretty quick trip. your read on the
8:03 am
lower deck may be some think of the problem tracking some reports that there may been some say and spilled all the way across the bridge leading out to interstate 80 crews are checking maureen now deadly hazard for motorcyclists they may have to send a check at their to sweep that up if they do that could mean northbound backups into the city again. darya. >> the latest developments of arizona after the shooting rampage over the weekend that killed six people and injured 14 others including a congresswoman. gabrielle gifford is still in critical condition, she is responding to a verbal commands, doctors say she's raised two fingers on her left hand and a&m's up. recent cat scans showed no further selling in the brains for now. the first formal gathering for mourners in the shooting is being held tonight at a
8:04 am
church, tomorrow the president will travel to tucson to attend a memorial service for the victims. the q shooter is right here, he was in court yesterday 22 your a jared loughner r he will be in custody in tell the preliminary hearing on january 24th. faces charges of murder, attempted murder and attempted to kill a member of congress. a friend of low jared loughner is saying that he called him the morning of the shooting. in an interview this grant, brice says at 2:00 a.m. on saturday he left a voicemail but said heyman, it's jury even he had some good times piece out later. he says he attended the event back in 2007 he was upset she did not answer one of his questions. >> city administrator ed lee will be sworn in today several pretend months until
8:05 am
the next election in november. the city's first chinese-american mayor. he served in government and 1989 the official appointment this afternoon. >> almost $400 million and will have to be balanced in the next couple of months. we also have exploding pension and health-care costs that you have to figure out collaborative way to bring those in. >> and also to developing story at belmont, this overnight fire at an apartment complex has injured six people, for, but smoke inhalation, to got broken bones when they jumped from the balcony of the building to escape the flames. up to 15 people have been displaced. it broken and the 2500 block, around 3:00 this morning. kron4 spoke to the fire chief and he talks about the intensity. the intensity was
8:06 am
unbelievable as a look at this building to building and then it was a hundred percent fully involve the entire unit flames coming out of the backside lapping up to the third floor, the third floor where it had significant damage but the overhang on the edge deckhead stucco, but that'd been open and would it would burn that debt off and gone right into the unit. >> evacuations the center has been opened by the american red cross at the belmont seeing it community center. >> good is finally be the day? there's been rumors for years everyone is expecting the rise in will finally make an announcement that they will start selling the i phone. our version has been long expected but the wall street journal is reporting that they're set to announce that they will start selling the i found some time late this month. analysts expect them to cell 5-13 million iphone sillier we will talk with gabe slate
8:07 am
coming up. it was 6:00 a.m., coming up on the kron 4 morning news a closer look at some key findings in the deadly oil spill from mexico. with a presidential panel found in their investigation. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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8:11 am
more to reduce the chances of another large-scale disaster if that's a preliminary conclusion because this explosion killed 11 people dumping more than two trillion gallons or up and to the golf. the recommended increasing budgets and training for the agency that regulates up increasing liability for damages when a patrol of shore, 80 percent of fines and penalties to restoration. just crossing dryers the speculation the for eisenhower of the iphone price of says it will start selling handbags we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. o
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:40 a.m. hi gary. >> we're just about to get
8:15 am
gary to talk about this game that was so exciting, we sovran put up and win, it was a game full of they get, great place. as usual they had live more time to study it was a close one it came down to the wire. showing you some of the highlights that we see from the game last night, she took the uniform it was fun to see. we see can get a touchdown, whee auction had michael james taking a stressful pass a cool place. i will keep talking to we get to what was amazing, everyone loves all of these plays, wait to see this where he wasn't even there's no were so, he looks up, this will be shown over and over, he looks at, realizes he can keep going, and does he
8:16 am
keeps going on for a 37 yd gain it was a very exciting game. and now, we're looking forward to what happens this weekend with the patriots plane, the personal war between the patriots and the jets' coaches. saying that this has gotten personal now, goals really of a showdown between the two coaches, each both those teams has one win the game was at home this time as the patriots at home playing this one we will have to see where it happens but then came this weekend. if you're looking at the off season with the giants, started the fear of god was present to lose a little way, we have seen that amfac that someone saw him at christmas, said heeler 20 lbs. lighter, low the pandemic is trying to become a slimmer pan the they will need his bat. they're hoping he can achieve that as season
8:17 am
arizona, and there we can all feel freer driving is a struggle. lastly, there's this thing where he was in taiwan during a bidding, auction things off for charity. you're not a believer, to increase the bid, and he said any betty of the bids 4000 you can come on stage and i was sure you a naked picture of my wife on my cell phone. i think it was a last-ditch to get some more money the guy went on stage, so i guess he pulls out his seven in the chat shows and his tennis champ wife, i don't think he called an actor but he showed a picture to the winning bidder, everyone move i'm sure he got a talking to when he got home. we were not able to get gary of course we will start to him tomorrow will latest
8:18 am
auction in sports and anything else that strikes carries world will adopt a foreign in a couple of minutes.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
in the air back, here is a live look from our mount tam camera geneva's high-level clouds coming to cuba is warmer them in various name morning in some spots 10, a tall, 13 degrees warmer, them the word 24 hours ago, to bring is a chance a rain more than a chance for the north bay they are seeing rain now light rain bay area wide instead bring in nine small afternoon garrison drank for the weekend just in time for summer holidays, storm tracker 4 for you can see rain is really stretching across the coastline from ukiah down to the bay area. north bay, you see where that rain is falling. petaluma the san francisco, for hundreds of
8:22 am
an inch. widespread across the north bay, not seeing so much along the peninsula, the mob's san francisco event is in a tail light rain here and there sets bay drive, we do obviously have some showers offshore and downs of by morgan hill. as this moves across the region this of bacon expect to see is in regard to for the afternoon. evening hours released seek a more organized way of pushed on through the eerie white, he's been a whole lot most of the activity in the ad, realistic, fairfield, to the north. that's words falling rain now as i said it expected to last through the afternoon and into the evening. we can see a difference compared to where we were before. these as the locations where we saw 20 degree temperatures, 44
8:23 am
hayward, our highs this afternoon are expected to be app into the low-mid-50s: the north bay 49 in santa rosa, vallejo. 49 in concord, 54 in fairfield, fremont, a year. again, still cool in livermore 51 crews will close christine and antioch. if clouds what we look like a soda noon, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. for the rain last throughout the day, we will head into an brief period of mild weather, chance of showers for the north bay we can looks great, afternoon highs creeping up and the low 60s by the weekend. >> we have a good look for most of the bay area toll
8:24 am
the corridor from prison has 24 continuing said up to the alamo. as far says dan bell, a close astern valley road. it looks as though is beginning to improve, take a look at traffic tracker if you can see that it's rather slowing begins remaining heaviest downpours lit corner road were speedster to pick up still was too far is not too bad. your ride the bay bridge toll plaza where there westbound commute is still a pretty good one, the delays have been hovering around the end of the east parking lot and no promise along the upper deck. the lower deck writers are facing a problem for the bay bridge. it was this bill of sand on the lower deck between san francisco and the islands, on the decline heading around the corner we mention that the california highway patrol is
8:25 am
considering to have them come out with some sweeper tracks if an offense that could mean a back up into san francisco on 2101 northbound because of the lane closure we will keep watch on it for you. mark. >> thank you, ed judges granted a request for medical but the u.s. and other women who slashed acid on thrown phase if to determine whether renault she could face criminal charges because she expected false donations after climbing shoes a victim of an attack she claims that a woman to was the honored days later in amending the were self-inflicted. >> the doctor charged with michael jackson's death will be back in court a detective yesterday testified that dr. konrad murray told police that he had been given the posture risen steadily for two months or risk death,
8:26 am
she testified that he avoided giving the drug jim on a nightly basis until the evening but on the day that he died he says he geared to attend 40 a.m.. the hearing will determine if dr. murray will face trial for involuntary manslaughter. >> encouraging news about michael douglas the doctor says he has beaten through cancer had to know what six months ride he lost 32 lbs. from radiation treatment saying he's regained 12 lbs.. he will continue to get checked out by doctors on a monthly basis. >> will be back with more and the latest in a fire at of the apartment complex and belmont workable had to jump to save their own lives. watching weather as well here in the bay area and around the nation this is a live look from georgia where icy roads have trucks stopped in their tracks.
8:27 am
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lament the kron 4 morning news live look better san francisco the rates are coming to the clouds over the city to do some scattered showers showing all since the developing news of beaumont where a player broke out the early this morning at an apartment complex people had to jump at the building to save their lives, will chan is live. >> to the morning darya, the flames are so intense city was jammed or get killed. we're allowed to go the box of the building you can see this is where the fire started and the people that jumped out on the second unit where the latter is considered hanging in dropping the glove no time to think they just jumped at the the building came down, to the people suffered
8:30 am
broken limbs, there's a hospital for other people aren't hospital for smoke inhalation, you can see just how hot is fire was they believe is started on the second unit on the second- floor look great duron now, the fire department that have lights inside as they try to find out exactly how this fire started. here is video their we started right after it started. freshmen placed as of smoke alarms, some of them get out i have to tell you this building even though is just one section the other units 28 altogether they had been evacuated for their safety just because of smoke damage, water damage is unsafe for them to be here at this time. that's where the red cross is assisting also i can tell you a lot of people whether there were woken up in the end of the night because this happened around 3:06 a.m. we did not
8:31 am
to a couple on the third floor there are about the fire here's what they said. >> we just kept hearing more commotion, and immediate smokeout are faces, the smoke inhalation is still evolving is all about. >> you to anything get any better than if you head with the right, then the left, it was so dense that i kind of stopped because i could not read, at which it for someone to come. >> use it to follow the flashlight? >> we almost got so we kept going to the end of the door. the police officers or firefighters standing near the fire site waving for us to come downstairs. >> live show you the live plant you can see the first four as the carport none of the cars are damaged, the second-floor that's where the fire started, and not
8:32 am
injured, the fire department had to personally rescued seven people from this building we will leave you with this shot this is taught the flames were a look at the window still, it buckled upward from the flames going into the sky fortunately no fatalities. >> ellis' these people got out their lives. >> rain moving into the bay area james has more. >> absolutely, get are the way, temperatures are warmer than there were in the north bay also seeing rain in the north will as well. arlene is imagery shows from you can read them to san francisco we're seeing the heavier this fall in the north bay, is a man nearby heaviest were still not talking about a lot navy a quarter of an inch demos. those occasions seeing hundreds of an inch rain now 2-7 in. falling. 101 is doing that on an option r
8:33 am
activity from petaluma and down and to san francisco. south bay, san jose is getting a break but charge of crows, some done and santa cruz down to morgan hill we're not talking about a lot of rain but it is drizzling here and there, making their roads wet as you make your way around. could pose a danger as you drop those plans on the wheel. rain falling down, light amounts, most of their rain is to the north. fairfield on up. that's the way the situation is rain now. where is it going? that's a good question and a clock, future cast set to that we will see where it takes us. predominantly in the north moving up to the north, hit or miss ravage our activity hard to predict if your neighborhood is going to get a sprinkle or to wield his college spotty showers at best. 7:00 when
8:34 am
it gets more organized the rain activity affects the north, south and east bay. that's the way it is all night long in tub finally cleared to mark, temperatures this afternoon in the upper 40's across the north bay, 51 san francisco, 49 napa and centers a. cool in the far east a, 51 and livermore, the in oakland camera or the city. let's take a look here here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., beyond the rain today we are seeing a slight break up on wednesday and thursday a chance air shower and the north bay fretted to the weekend is looking great as you head and decided to come sunday low 60s trapped in hours. george. >> good morning, still a pretty good record for most of the bay area had the slowest traffic the corridor leading to concord, plaza, walnut creek then into the san ramon valley will still have the azeri improving the seventh round succeeds your ride is backing up less and
8:35 am
rather than more once we hit 9:00, lose the diamond in restriction southbound of absent any incidents we are likely to see a quick end to this baguette. they bridge toll plaza hovering pretty steadily richer and the end of these parking lot perhaps a bit closer to the 80 over crossing but it is definitely getting better. your ride to the set a 101 as we check the commute still pretty well for the northbound ride is how we're doing especially pasta parkway heading up towards the expressway lighter than usual traffic here this morning. mark. >> the latest developments of arizona where a lot words to government efforts.
8:36 am
lira to the university rain now. >> too early lot more heard the charges against and two counts of murder, attempted murder, one count of attempting to kill a member of congress. jared loughner is accused of shooting 20 people live outside a grocery store in his first court appearance monday head shaving, her brown jumpsuit he did not make a statement aren't directly he did answer the judge's questions and a clear voice. kron4, an in-store to say he made people in class uncomfortable. >> to the valley of, that is something that was apparent as soon as i met him. >> several of his alleged victims remained hospitalized sitting gabrielle deferreds in critical condition, doctors or optimistic. among the people killed was nine years christine taylor grain her parents say they're making plans to bury their little girl. >> on the llano we would be picking up boss gets on nine
8:37 am
years old. but in the area or to do that today. >> use of the tragedy reach all the way around of space as herbal ron lott and ocelot roll-offs' reacted. >> i looked out i see a beautiful planet it seems inviting and peaceful unfortunately it is not. we're better and less. we must do better. >> president barack obama and first lady michelle will arrive here for a special memorial service to. >> clearly kron4 eyes new details emerge from the story, we also have delayed is of the suspect on our website at we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
new details of the chronicle as reporting that pacific
8:41 am
gas and electric company has suspended its practice of boosting pressure on its natural gas lines and may yet play role in a september san bruno explosion they say they will suspend the practice and said the investigation by the ntsb is complete. wildlife officials to try to figure what caused the death of more than a hundred words front clustered together of 101 they found the officers near the roadway on saturday the officers who found them describe them as small brown and black brothers they said they were not attacked and had not been shot. this report comes as other deaths have been reported in arkansas, louisiana. >> residents of redwood city are paying 18 percent more for trash pickup. the city council voted unanimously yesterday to hike trash and recyclables collection fees. the rate hike was proposed by the south bayside waste management authority. officials say labor agreements reached last year and a nearly $11 million debt to allied waste, were factors behind the proposed hikes. we will
8:42 am
be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
did morning, welcome back 8:45 a.m. golden gate bridge officials are considering eliminating the toll takers of to get going to a fully electronic system we turn to a solar reporter jackie sissel who is live, to deal with the bridge, looking at the toll takers what would this mean and how quickly? >> to it would mean the scene would be nothing across the toll takers would be eliminated from the bridge. the plan is this, it's all about money. they are proposing that they get rid of all the toll takers and go electronic that means if your fast track nothing would change. if you didn't have video camera would take a picture or license
8:46 am
plate and then it would send you the bill. the golden gate bridge authority has been wrestling with a huge budget deficit, the million dollars and over the next five years, they say if they do this when they could save as much as $20 million on the next in years. brokenhearted at the, as soon as it can be implemented december of 2012 as a timetable. there is allotted hurls the pact across that have to go to the said committee, the whole board, ultimately opted body would take a while for them to get all the instruments in place, get plan in place, december 2012 is about as early as we did see it. >> another during number crunching and sharing how much it would say if i wonder how much time will save for commuters having all lanes there we see rate their a fast track. >> they say probably want to a lot of change for the
8:47 am
weekdays, the weekend is where they will see the change here at the toll plaza bases and many more people come in to this age during the weekend without fast-track, that slows down the process backing up traffic with this new system people is great too. >> thank you, . let's take a look at the weather to the north is or is he the rain. that's our is looking at clause no. of the golden gate, those high costs, also have some rain. rtc need in the north and the good of the peninsula. let's take a look at your headlines break down the day over the next 24 hours, will continue to the doctor noon and well into the overnight hours. rain is falling prominently in the north bay. from the bottom to the golden gate bridge, the darker green is
8:48 am
typically heavier which a look at the measurements only for hundreds of an inch falling rain now in all to the course of this storm system may be a quarter inch tops in the mountains. it's really love their but it's still hitting raise weather left the air to be concerned. a dry spell in san jose we do have rain approaching this as bay san jose fans in the next hour to a sprinkle in the north bay in the east bay, not a lot of activity we're starting to see some sharp activity live and to walnut creek, a concord, where it around the edge looks like 680, highway 4 getting fairly wet. the turtles will not that impressive but this is falling rain now. temperature more than anything of the net was 24 hours ago '40's in the north bay upper 20s yesterday. low-mid 400 in the immediate big livermore, in the act
8:49 am
opera authorities. this afternoon, warming up quite a bit around the bay. north bay cool side upper '40's. more in the mid-50s the time to get down to mountain view. but before in fremont, san jose. we are seeing frost weaker so livermore, the adult the cool side. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shipping out to be a a a changeable winds, rains they come the clear for wednesday chance of rain for thursday mainly from the north bay pratique, said it, it partly senate profit on the rebound to, are one slowed down hotspot has been 600 southbound. the commute from pleasant hill house cleared out, so sun- dried even before 9:00 we're seeing this baxter to shrink leading towards their intent as they will lift elaine
8:50 am
restriction and what should mean a quick end to this back up the right to san francisco did venture up earlier this morning that was in the south bend direction here with james lick freeway meat that is gone now they're no longer any delays because of the volume has decreased. golden gate 101 there no problems across the span because of reduced lanes leading to highway one and parked presidio drive southbound there are backups on doyle drive in towards the city so even if your heading towards marina boulevard you're likely to be delayed as much as eminently move through the traffic says bound. mark. >> police are questioning three men in the was found dead on fleming avenue from
8:51 am
330, which police say they ran up too grisly of sharks server shot and dread. prancing in debt at the scene, suspects vehicle description spotted the car to hours after the shooting. it has been a very violent steps in the new year oakland a fatal shooting of a 15 year-old on saturday if was the latest in a string of shootings and up live on the past two weeks many of these involving teenagers to the teenagers killed last weekend in unrelated shootings christopher jones shot as he held his sister for five months of water into the car wow! 700 block of christmas tree. six hours later darnell bar was fatally shot in the 3100 block. last tuesday night six people were injured by shooting including one bystander watching tv in their living room. the two other men on cullen's and donnell johnson both france italy shot in separate shootings in west oakland on tuesday, wednesday a spot on
8:52 am
this in response suffering from gunshot wounds, on market street. sunday night oakland police and the man suffering from a gunshot went on may ave. >> the realignment is arrested on brandy lynn stevens was arrested for trout in the german she left a job that all motion to restore and a friend's house off the gross misting when the mother returned from the long term barefoot and in her pajamas and three blocks away and 30 degree temperatures. >> the suspects has been arrested in the fatal stabbing of a 20 your man at a center or the elementary school 19 year-old raul a big debt was arrested for the gang-related murder of one carlo a man was arrested on. suspicion of fatally stabbing a 20-year-old gang member saturday at a santa rosa elementary school. raul vega, 19, was arrested for the gang-related murder of juan carlos angel-esparza. an autopsy revealed that angel-esparza died of multiple stab wounds. police found him lying in the front exterior hallway corridor area at the kawana springs school. angel-esparza died
8:53 am
of his injuries at a local hospital. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. here is the view from georgia people stuck on the freeway especially churches here as the three-
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
the mac, is turning to gratin of those lands paralyzed again today heavy snow around raleigh up to washington d.c. the snowstorm is headed to the northeast and the kid get a foot of snow, boston a foot and a half of snow this'll be the third big snowstorm in new york this year. >> checked at the icy road in n.c., they driving conditions are so dangerous especially for today now that everything is frozen, then at this light drizzle, they're expecting more of it and that is the worst to drive in temperatures not
8:57 am
expected to get much above freezing. one way and severe driving to and during it is to snowboard in it, you shouldn't people behind a car. we don't want to try this but, was the girl doing something called street or boarding, you probably see her little dog is running along side, it might be more fun to take the dog for walker of the dark call you on a sled or trinidad and is said that there was something you could do to. species and that you. >> the dollar is having a great time. >> he is with the gems of the end. >> i think dogs miles sometimes >> i agree about is the only one. >> and ducks to. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. (laughter)
8:58 am
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9:00 am
apartment complex. >> in just a moment we'll have live update on the conditions of the victims and the arizona shooting rampage including congressman gifford. >> its official the iphone is coming to arise in details ahead. >> the rain is coming it here in the north bay is not a big storm looking down from mt. tam it's a little windy here everybody else is dry but we do see some light cloud good morning. >> 9:00 a.m., light sprinkles, just enough to get your windshield wiper going certainly nothing heavy really does contain to the media bay showers rain and to the delta, portions of concord and san francisco even moving into the south bay as well. george. >> in the traffic department keeping in mind commute no hot spots as you can see in this live look at san jose 101 northbound much lighter than usual for this morning as you head northwest of san
9:01 am
jose sports and unclear. darya. >> thank you, tours developing story the arizona shooting rampage that killed six leading 14 injured rain now there's a press conference going on as to the condition of the victims. let's listen in. >> for stock, we have six patients to remaining in hospital one in critical condition, three in serious condition, to in fair condition one of the patient is undergoing surgery now the other one hazard had their surgery today additional searches are planned for the rest of the week everything is currently going well with all of those patients progressing as expected so far, no issues or problems at this time. i know the your want a good update on one patient and critical condition congresswoman with that i will introduce the doctor. >> i'm going to ideal on the congressman's status i'm happy to say she's road
9:02 am
from, statices the same as yours to make still falling simple commands we have been able to back off on some of the sedation, in fact she is generating her own breast she is reading of her own the only reason we keeping in is to protect your way so she doesn't have complications. >> at this point i would like to take you thru f i could i would like to step- by-step process that i did when we first talked about her operation. but unfortunately i can't because this is a phase words so much of her this is where we constantly say it is week to week, month to month i know everyone wants new results every day but as long as we don't backslide and she holds her own that is good we're hopeful. we have to play this according to her timeline not ours. we have to avoid the frustration that family will feel, we the doctors will feel and of course all of
9:03 am
you will feel. she's gonna take a recovery at your own pace i am very encouraged by the fact she has done so well this kind of injury to think you said it a couple times a penetrating injury to this all really to the arrival live alone recovery is abysmal. she has no right to look as good and she does. this is very serious the fact we ought to be extremely patient. >> as you know the congresswoman's has been is an active duty navy personnel as an astronaut, the resources of the entire military has been made available to us earlier on what we did do was to could manage and that scenario and ask to people to come here, give me a little confrontation, advise as to what we to do in addition to what we're doing these are world famous people, dr.
9:04 am
james oakland retired colonel of the united states army he served with distinguished honor during the war and i iraq probably the most experience with penetrated trauma in the united states, currently he is chief of surgery in fairfax. then, dr. jeff lank kernel nine active duty as ball, a without doubt the most well-known narrow intensive is in the military and the country both are professors of the resources of all sizes which is a military medical school he was on his way to afghanistan when he got the mission aborted and was able to come here and give us an in-depth view and a consultation on the congresswoman. they've looked at all the intimation available to us they will make a quick, a brief, and
9:05 am
we will not to question answers. >> it has been are privileged to consult on the case at the repressive for physicians. everything we are seeing has reflected the highest quality of care his team is aggressive, resuscitation and the decisive surge: innovation center live. her i see you care is equally of standing providing the arts from environment for bringing in in. we have been inspired by this strength of her husband mark, her staff. during the rest americans' total amateurs in regards to the gifford and her family. i would like to take a moment to reiterate a very important point that he's trying to share with you that is that this is a very serious injury make no mistake she was shot, the
9:06 am
bullet did endorse all it did travers after her brain and then exited at the back leaving behind some fragments of some bound she is critically ill. the good news is that she is in fact driving under the very excellent care that's happening here at the university of arizona. it is going to be a process now where recovery is dictated upon her own recovery that is going to be a process that will take some time day-by-day i believe with all the support she is getting near the hospital from the medical and nursing standpoint and the support from the community at large, we are very hopeful on to reiterate she is a very critically ill very serious injury. >> thank you, trauma is a devastating problem health- care issue that we have in
9:07 am
this country it's the number one cause of years of life last it out does cancer and anything else you can think of because it affects the young as was the old there are many people that are injured in this unfortunate circumstance every day. however, i know that we have one particular person there were always very interested in, their many sides to this story they're human beings involved from every aspect, with that we have several additional people that will make available to the staff, and the up roberts and co. wilson who was discharged yesterday, bill hall a man her husband is currently undergoing surgery if you'd like to talk to them they will be available here. i will coordinate that with carpio officer. so, we will go ahead and excuse the physician that if your end start with the family. would
9:08 am
you like to come up? what we can do is you can set forth the stage and we will answer some questions. >> i guess thank you, for being here we've been rather hesitant to discuss this, i think are for statement as a family we >> with the four sons as well as our sisters. i think our first demand would be to complement the hero, the ally and our father we're just blessed that he's walking with the lord now what a way to go. he lived that kind of life. i also think it is time we would love to say every is the hero of in all of us at times of tragedy differences don't matter whether you divorced, single, in between as a school counselor i know families have to come together no matter what,
9:09 am
this is the time that we all join hands for the good of all, the hero and every single one of us we have seen each person's positive qualities rise to the top as we have all been able to endure this and make the next arrangements, we will go step-by-step for whatever happens next. >> we are very appreciative to everyone who has stepped forward during the tragedy and as it went forward there are so many people to think. there were people on the scene, they sat with our parents, pretty them. help them, help them as was everyone else. there are volunteers, organized as well as on organized volunteers that stepped in just immediately hospital staff, fbi everyone has been
9:10 am
extremely helpful we appreciate that our mother is doing quite well actually, she has a lot of strength. encourage, she will go forward she has a long road ahead of her but her condition is good. she is resting we appreciate everyone. thank you, . >> with been listening in to some of the victims' families, the doctors as they talk about the survivors and how the patients are doing with 14 people injured, their six still left in hospital including the congresswoman who they wanted to remind us suffered a bullet or wrong to the head she is in critical condition they are using the best medical care possible president barack obama is traveling to mount to arizona to attend a memorial service for the victims. we'll be back with one a couple of minutes.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
welcome lot, and a team i wish that was the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., 80 degrees by the weekend we would get everyone coming out shortly. chance of showers on and off debate today let's look of this one in a dream of it. we'll be right back. >> california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job.
9:15 am
but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
9:16 am
9:17 am
are developing straight at belmont six people sent hospital trent has been live. will. >> the fired upon and had been here for six hours still investigating the cause you can see them here making sure that there are no hot spots of started up again seeing here i can still see some smoke coming from the two units i can tell you this fire started at 3 06 in the morning at the second floor and unit the unit is gutted, here is video their ways of the up to the fire fortunately there were fire alarms the people inside graduated
9:18 am
safely you talk about the six people injured four of them received injuries because of smoke inhalation. the two others because the flames were so hot and the temperature was just too much the a good marketer of calling instead they had to jump from the second-floor down to the driveway that cause them to break the bones. there across the road. we did talk to a couple of people who live here their unit is on the third floor just above the flames here's what they had to say about being woken up. >> my wife and i. we were just leaving one of vernier's he told me he set the alarm off. we heard some yelling and screaming we went to the window we saw neighbors waving. smoke was a dance on the right were one unit away from the
9:19 am
right when we left our neighbor said don't go that way she didn't leave she does when it to her boss in may because it was so thick she did not want to follow us we knew not to go to the right we went to the left it was so dense said that i just kind of stopped we could increase. >> she said she took a couple of steps that she hit the ground because the smoke was just too intense. her husband felt the brunt the funds their fight department they went down safely back live we can show you the damage from the unit up. you can see is completely gutted as well consider hanging and dropping the two people they didn't have time to think they jumped from their back bedroom down to the ground that's why they broke some lands, cars are not damaged but they're not being allowed to be taken away from the scene. this is so
9:20 am
part of the investigation 28 units altogether the at this apartment complex. they have all been evaluated are all being put up by the red cross at this time cause is still not known. >> their lucky to be live things in the update will. >> time rate now is 920 this morning waking up to over krause, raindrops out there certainly enough to use your way show drapers, you can see the cloud cover from mountain and you can see a chance of light showers rate down to a good portion of your day today still continuing to see some showers as well storm tracker 4 shows us where the wet weather is meant into portions of the east bay we're just talking about really light rain a few light showers to canola, east bay. continue to see scattered showers down to places like morgan hill and gilroy. widespread forays
9:21 am
read across the board and do santa rosa, indeed the livermore, low '40's, 45 in san as a year afternoon highs thing in the forties as you head into the afternoon, 49, 47 to novato, the temperature should stay in the '50s the east bay, south bay probably sticking in the 40's in places like antioch. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. looks like today we will see the chance of rain around but used by insurers and morning and cassandra and the afternoon. transferrin it's the north bay front, but senate conditions mild weather will continue to the weekend. temperatures at rebound didn't low 60s. george. >> on alone hot spot was the ride in the 680 corridor, a concord, goes a little, on the creek. as you can see in
9:22 am
has linton and el as forecasted and 9:00 they lift the elaine restriction now the back up is gone as well as the southbound ride toward 680. no longer any delays or problems there. from here to the bay bridge, the westbound drug is still an easy one very much like the commute, slightly bigger back up in the 9:00 hour the south bay ride on 101 did gil little heavy, look at this once again later than usual traffic for the northbound with no delays on 1 01. . . >> mark. >> o.k. let's go to break. if the time is now
9:23 am
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9:25 am
and we're back, still falling the weather and the set these weren't to be a matter of days before they get over all these a see dangerous conditions this is
9:26 am
that of the land-sharing in the end result of a traffic accident when likely caused by all of that ice and snow, a hundred people were trapped in a bus stop in downtown atlanta because the buses can run, hartsfield international airport 3400 flights canceled or delayed because of this. it will be a while the airlines, the two airlines hardest hit and land set is the busiest airport in the u.s. as. 0 did jfk and your hair, a tough time rain now all but snow, eyes, airlines down. kirsch restores, the shells are being ransacked as people's stock up. storm system working its way from texas to the carolinas los take storm tracker 4 and talk where it's headed next and is headed toward maryland. dallas
9:27 am
international probably going to see some delays and also seeing the new york in the crossfire of the storm this is not the only storm system headed our way for those poor folks dealing with what could be their third storm in two weeks the national weather service issued a warning for new york, another one sitting near the great lakes where we can see more snow coming out way in fact it's coming to the valley leading about 1 to maybe a half inch or five of snow up there in will be a little while before everyone can make back to normal a lot of snow on the grant pretty big system, verlaine towards the new york area. >> thank you, other stories that we're falling rain now a judge has granted a request for a mental evaluation of a washington woman whose brash acid taste in a bazaar hopes its design
9:28 am
to determine whether not she could face criminal charges for exempting donations after claiming to be a victim of an attack she claimed that an unknown woman to ask about her face she later but there are self-inflicted. locked in charge of michael jackson's death his boxing career to date by dr. conrad korea parliament seeing or charcoal canister of the six most a week for two months before his death. testified that the doctor told him he avoided giving provo all to him and tell about 1040 the morning out. the hearing will determine if you will face trial for involuntary manslaughter. >> encouraging news about michael douglas, he's been from cancer it was a wild as he lost 32 lbs. from radiation, and has regained from those towns he will continue to get checked out on a monthly basis. the
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
at the met, the time is 920 looks like the days shaping up pretty dead, rain here in city harbor to the north that is a result of sprinkles what's going on now? san ineloquent there's rain the working up a few sprinkles. >> very a very light, continue with the chance of they rain throughout the day to day we could even see some sprinkles and to tomorrow morning trent up as we had% the week. rate their all live of especially as we head into portions of the north bay comedies bay, richmond san of zero bridges taking a profuse sprinkles owning zero, don to walnut creek, dingell, south bay. morgan hill coming gilmore call little bit of what was there continued the chance of some light weather. currently in the 40's, 44 degrees for 7 cisco not
9:32 am
much punctuation in the temperatures 45 for oakland, and the end of the city's a visit fairfield, antioch. mid 47 this up bay. by the afternoon keeping the 40's and the north bay cool there also to the napa, fairfield, 51 fairfield, tonnages in the east and assets low-bid 50s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. slate chance of laughter raindrops and then another chance of rain on thursday looks like it will be the best chance to the north bank friday, saturday is and they drive up partly sunny, whether current temperatures rebounded to close '60s, a nice shot of sunshine george. >> no commute in san francisco crosstown exceptionally light no delays in bound central freeway southbound james lick, they looked great, and northbound no backup for the delay from the 280
9:33 am
interchange. if san mateo, pretty good as well. as we talked to the commute here are the finished with no backup or delay, approaching 92 in either direction this counter flow has been pretty like this morning. you're right to and from the creek which was all hot spot, earlier this morning that is because and a more typical traffic flow is not a problem now as you can see it is light traffic for 680 to and from walnut creek. mark. >> thank you, congressman-a real difference is still in intensive care mergers and in saying there is no change in her condition, they say it is very encouraging this is doing this well so far. >> her status as the same as
9:34 am
it was yesterday, we have been able to back off on some of the sedation, and fascias generating her own graphs, breathing on her own, the only reason we keep that breathing tube and is to protect her. >> a master remember the victims of the shooting rampage will be receiving in tucson to mal president barack obama is expected to attend a memorial service in arizona, the latest information on the shooting will have the latest on the suspects our web site as well up 9:34 a.m. developing news at belmont a fire broke out early this morning people had to jump edit the second story to save their lives. kron4 is will tran is live. will. >> darya, dozens of people are displaced because their apartment just caught on fire around the 3:00 a.m. 87
9:35 am
in the back of a car and complex it is an end unit, we were there a little bit earlier but they told us there in the process over overhauling it during a lot of things out they didn't want us to get hurt. the claims are just so hot that it cost to people just a couple of doors down to jump from the second-floor down to the cement below if they did not have time to think. instead of hanging from the windows cell and then letting go they just jumped at the window causing them to break their ankles. four other people at a hospital for a smoke inhalation. here's a video that we shot of the back of the unit just to show you the damage, they know where the fire started, they still don't know how. the unit where the fire started completely gutted, we can tell you that 28 units of this apartment complex all evacuated, they're forced to stay somewhere else, some are
9:36 am
staying with family, friends, others a being put out by the red cross, they're determined to they will be here for quite some time. there's still some hot spots to deal with, as of the smoke coming up a little bit earlier when they're going to determine just to make sure the fire didn't spread along the walls are in through the walls. in the meantime they will not let anyone live there, it's too early to tell if this place needs to be locked down because of structural damage. fortunately, the people who were displaced still have their cars because the fire started on the second floor, the first floor, those recurs some of the majority of them the slaves or reached upward but down roots of their cars are safe. >> new details as officials rise in will start selling a version of the i phone for an early february, giving a i phone buyers a choice of carriers sales are set to begin february 10th. i i
9:37 am
phone-4 not a 4 g of virginia this is a 3 g. a two-$300 depending on the size to get as far as the memory. two-year contract pending on the model they would give current pricing customers first dibs on ordering the phone. this is the same from the get at&t but is offering internet covering for up to five people. it is not on the 4 d is still on the 3 g, it will be able to become a personal y 5 fructify different devices. horizon is expecting to sell up to 13 million dairy have 93 million subscribers. >> back
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
the building started overhauling and belmont and an apartment complex overnight fire at an early this morning, six people and injured after these flames came pouring, it started on
9:46 am
the first floor pouring from the second story people had to jump from the second story somehow broken bones after they jumped up the balcony 50 people had been displaced by the fire which was in the 2500 block around 3:00 this morning kron4 spoke to the belmont chief lin spoke about the intensity. >> the intensity was unbelievable, the unit of fire was involved in was a hundred percent fully involved with flames coming era the backside, up to the third floor, the one thing that we know it did save the third floor is the overhang on the deck had stucco, if that had been open would it would have just burned rid of. >> evacuation center it is glazed for has been opened up by the red cross at the belmont senior and community center. let's get too caught up on the weather, live look here for montand golden gate
9:47 am
on the right, louisa has more. >> good morning, overcast talking about a few isolated raindrops certainly not a big storm by any means, which might get a few raindrops today, looks like we will continue was some showers in the early tomorrow morning, trying out as we head towards the end of the weekend into the weekend pretty pleasanton fact, radar, not much, it looks like for the most part showers are contained driven to san rafael, kind of a little cell working its way through the northern portion of the peninsula, a few showers rain and to walnut creek, livermore. a few to the south bay as well. temperatures in the 40's, 34 for san francisco, 40 straight across the board. 40 degrees for my own view, 45 san jose. afternoon highs day in the upper 40's civil north bay, 51 through
9:48 am
san francisco today stay in the 53 and these big, big, the chance of showers continues in to tomorrow. early morning hours by sunrise the showers should clear on l, dry conditions the rest of the day thursday and a shot, this time contained to the north bay and partly sunny, mild. lots of sunshine by your sunday, monday your temperatures are climbing up and solos '60s pretty pleasant forecast. george. >> as we take once again a look at the walnut creek, our only real hot spot where we had something of a normal commute comic and justin into and edit the creek coming through, the alamo clearing out just before 9:00. after they lifted elaine restriction they really cleared out rate at nine headings up towards the corner road. coming up, we'll give you a look at your ride up highway 10 1/5
9:49 am
to san jose and has also been lighter than usual for the northbound ride. still an easy commute it did get a little slow in never really backed up. bay bridge, no backup, you may see a second wave at 10:00, not likely to create any problems incidents free on the upper deck folsom and early mornings call in a 5:00 hour. a disabled flytier vehicle for it even block the lane but never managed to back up the traffic because it was so light. mark. >> thank you, , police across in three men in connection with the connection of the goal shooting of the teens. he was found dead brown 330 last night afternoon, police say someone ran out to him fired several shots, paramedics arrived he was pronounced dead at the scene please have the suspects be a good decision spotted the car to hours after the shooting brought them in for questioning. >> a lot of shootings to start up the year two other
9:50 am
teenagers were killed last week in an unrelated shooting christopher jones was shot as he was helping his sister or five month old daughter and the car. then about six hours later 18 year-old darnell fatally shot in the 3100 block. last tuesday's six people were injured by shooting including a bystander watching tv in his house, two other men allan collins and donald johnson 46 for both found fatally shot in separate shootings in west oakland. 29 your additional was found suffering from gunshot wounds in front of campbell market on market street. on sunday night, police found a shooting victim. >> new details of the chronicle is reporting the pacific gas and electric company has suspended the
9:51 am
practice of boosting pressure. the practice of massing up pressure may have played their role in the san bruno explosion they will suspend the practice until the investigation by the ntsb is complete. >> 9:51 a.m. new details on records that show the fda helped arizona and california get a quick overseas source of hard to find the execution dry despite the agency declaring it would not regulate or block the imports. a shortage of the drug is distracted executions around the country. the federal agency last week released a batch of the dark the the state bought from england. they will not comment on the role in helping other state. a presidential panel investigating the gulf oil spills as the tunnel industry congress, and obama administration need to do more to reduce the chances of another large-scale disaster if that's the conclusion of key findings
9:52 am
released this is a video of the explosion that killed 11 people. tumbling more than to do million gallons of oil into the golf their recommended increasing budgets, training for the agency there regulates offshore drilling, increasing the liability cap for damages. and dedicating 80 percent of fines and penalties to restoration of the gulf. >> we will be right back in a couple of minutes, here's a peek at storm tracker 44, its shares to where the iranians, it was isolated, it has moved off the east, making its way and san francisco. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
9:53 am
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9:56 am
convenience store the problem? he stopped in a bus down in most cities in the bay stopping about some can cost you a lot of money. if you look around san francisco is not hurt different people risking a tender and 25 but it to do just that like the driver of his red ford happens to be in the red zone when a parking enforcement officer passes by but instead leaving people's fortunes did so the parking officers among morning. well he's doing that and other car pulls up in the best known to drop off passengers. this man at 20 4:00 a.m. mission pulls into the boston with his foster got to get money from an atm. apparently, flashers and the international sign from a lot to park illegally. this rule applies for a drop of some pickups and this means taxi cab drivers as well. the lessons are there so bus tours can get in and out without blocking
9:57 am
traffic to keep things moving soon as stopping although i wonder if pulling a dozen to a dozen at a 90 degree angle is the correct use of the present? o m before i go if you drive a city vehicle, you still cannot reckon a dozen unless an emergency and having a chat with a buddy is not quite considered an emergency. san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> another hour the kron4 news continues in just a couple of minutes >> james fletcher is coming up next a developing story this note, and george at as the city is paralyzed thousands of flights are canceled.
9:58 am
9:59 am
9:59 a.m. top stories this hour is official by horizon will start selling the iphone. we will get reaction from happy
10:00 am
customers. powerful storm halting travelers in the south. but first we want bring you the latest on a developing story out of belmont. a fire broke out at an apartment complex. will tran monitoring the situation there. >> the fire started seven hours ago, the fire department is still here. their on the second, third floor units. they are clearing out the debris that is not part of the investigation. that's why it is kicking up hot spots. smoke is has come out. at 10:30 a.m. they will allow residents to go back into the building grab some belongings, then leave. after that this is off limits to the public. the inspectors and the city will decide what to do with the place. those people will have to find a place with family,
10:01 am
friends, or put up with the red cross. this is video of when the fire started at 3:06 a.m., it took 30 minutes to knock down the flames. by the time it was over its image 28 units. six people in hospital, for with smoke titillation. to because of flame was so intense, they stayed in the unit just a couple of doors down from the unit that caught on fire. there was no time to think, they jump from the back bedroom down to the ground. the men below 13 ft.. that cost them to break ankles. there at the hospital at this time. no fatalities. the fire department says that's because there fire alarms, a lot of people were aware what was going on and managed to get out. because they had to personally rescue some people. they did talk to a couple who lived here.
10:02 am
this is what they said. >> all we heard more commotion, immediately small kidder faces when we open the door. the smoke inhalation is still bothering us. >> to the point where you couldn't breathe. >> if you and help you probably would've passed out. >> we went to the left it was so dim that it's because i couldn't breathe a with different officer to come. >> you follow the flashlight? >> we almost got but we kept going to the of the end there happen to be a police officer or firefighter with a fat flashlight waving at us to come down. >> it's because of the flashlight they could die themselves to the fire department. at the time they let them down. the couple we just heard from. they stayed on the third floor and that's how intense the smoke was for them.
10:03 am
you can see all of that debris being thrown out from the units, from the second, third floor. it will be quite some time for the fire department to be here. as far as the cause, the unit the completely gutted it is destroyed. it will probably have to be rebuilt. how the fire started they don't know. >> thank you very much will tran. >> 10 03 a.m., overcast conditions, golden gate bridge, the good news is the cover did not let the temperatures drop as low as it did yesterday. it is warmer than yesterday morning. we have what light rain for today. but for the holiday weekend will dry out. star trucker for all the green indicates all the light,
10:04 am
scattered cells. the north bay getting rain through novato, into richmond, into sonoma, making its way into oakland right now. a lot of those showers are pushing and the central valley. all the blue indicating the snow. keep that in mind if you're headed to the sierra. conditions aside still pretty chilly. 42 san rosa, 46 in san francisco, '40's across the board. in the north bay not making it out of the 40's today 49 san rosa, 49 napa, the label. as we head for their south more fifties low 50s to hugging the bay. not making it out of the '40's and manioc today, low 50s through the south bay today. 7 day around bay shows us rain today, in my last into tomorrow morning and then on thursday we
10:05 am
have a chance of showers mostly for the north bay, holiday weekend will dry neocon, partly sunny and mild, sunday, monday looks funny and things will warm up. time right now is 10 05 a.m. check gone traffic with erica. >> wrapping up an easy day on bay area freeways. westbound 80 those meter in lights have just been cycled off. curley for all right is to make your way to san francisco, traffic moving freely from all three approaches. crosstown freeways look good no problems to contend with, you may have some slowing at the 1 01-80 split. what to make your way southbound towards ups building problem free conditions here. there ride toward san francisco airport clocking in at 15 minutes. south bay we have been clear of hot spots throughout the morning. both directions rain there trouble occurs. the lack of freon 87
10:06 am
interchange at drive time of 14 minutes from this camera shot downtown san jose. >> 10 05 a.m., the rise in will start selling iphone for in that early february giving iphone users and buyers a choice of carriers for the first time. sales set to begin february 10th pre order starting february 3rd. this is the shot of the web site. everybody is excited on for eisen and the price will be 200, or $300 depending on the contract. it's about the same as the eye fall through at at&t. this is some of the viewer, it's, cynthia says d.a. i've been waiting for this for long time. the only reason i don't have an iphone is because i hate at&t networks. i'm going to pre your mind february 3rd rate at midnight. another one from
10:07 am
chanel same pretty much i will stick to at&t, ahead for rise in and had dropped calls and i bills. i'll have issues with at&t is san francisco. so when people switch 82 server should get better. send us a tweet, or visit our facebook and page. we will be back with more in one minute. at 10:30 a.m., we will talk to gabes late about what's happening with eyefolds, also about the electronics show. a live look from mt. tam, a high clouds, light rain. falling in the north bay as of the peninsula, scattered showers and through the day. back with more moment.
10:08 am
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:10 a.m., lee will be sworn as
10:11 am
than as the inter mayor, he will serve for about 10 months and then. actually use a first chinese mayor. he has served since 1989, the board of supervisors gave it to talk about it. take a listen. >> the budget deficit of $400 million, we will have to balance in the next couple of months, we have exploding pension and health-care costs we have to figure out. a collaborative way of ridding added. >> the apply mill will be at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, keep it to an here. checking the big board with the dow is up about 51, nasdaq up 11 so far so good. a positive day on wall street. job openings, dipped in november. it is the latest evidence employes remained cautious about adding workers.
10:12 am
labor department says employe is advertised to 3.2 million jobs that month which is a drop of 80,000 from october. openings have risen by 39 percent since the recession ended. we're slowly pulled our way back. at 10:12 a.m., as we had to break a shot of traffic we are moving in across the span. a check under commit and your forecast coming up. [ wheezing breaths ]
10:13 am
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10:16 am
damage as a result of the gunshot wound he suffered. >> it had him since december that's when he was discovered? >> december 8th, rescuers came out, what they saw was horrible sight. this beautiful adult male see land redeye was destroyed to do gunshot wounds. >> how lot how often does this happen? i don't remember sea lions being shot. is this rare? >> one is too many. in 2010 last year, he was our ninth patient that came in with gunshot wounds. the year before that in 2009, we had 18. it is one too many. as yours know it is illegal to harass a marine animal there is a protection
10:17 am
act. for us is terrific to see these intentional acts against these animals. this crime has been reported to the federal authorities. it will be up to them to determine whether they can investigate. >> give me a come persson. what was his camp addition when he came under your care and housing now? >> december 8th his right eye was destroyed basically the gunshot wound. he was very lethargic, week, rescuers got him here and a few days he started to eat food, the vet examined him, also learned he is blind in his destroyed eye, but also as left as well. right now party is to provide the best medical care for him, it includes periodic x-rays and exams to try and get ahead of any medical issues that occur.
10:18 am
>> what is the next step? you're looking at zoos or aquariums that my bill to take a man? we're working in conjunction with the fisheries service to find a placement homes for silent night. if there is sue or aquarium. our goal right now is to take care of foam for as long as we possibly can until a hamas identified. >> so you could have him in your care for quite a bit longer? >> aunt party right now is to provide the best medical care for him. get him to that stage where proper zoo or home is identified. >> i know the investigation is ongoing. if anybody thinks they may have witnessed this event, the shooting. did they contact
10:19 am
you or fishing game? >> the national marine fisheries service, they can certainly give us a call, for any indications as well weekend pass the information on to the authorities. again you kings certainly come out and see silent night, and show your support for him. >> thank you for joining us today best of luck to you and silent night as well. >> time right now is 10:19 a.m., overcast conditions, cloudy conditions. those high clouds actually locked in the heat last night so we didn't have as low temperatures today. along with the plows we see sprinkles. nothing to major light rain throughout the day, but then we might have lingering showers tomorrow morning, it is going to dry out heading out to
10:20 am
the holiday weekend. storm tracker for all the light green indicating where we see the light sprinkle spirit through sonoma and highway 37 and to the north bay we see light sprinkle says well into the south bay through banal, martinez, nothing to major just a bit of speckles here and there. all rain moving into the central valley, the blue indicating snow showers over i 80 and highway 50. keep that in mind if your aunt in that direction. temperatures outside 42 san rosa, a warmer pass at bombay, low 40's in line spots as well as the south bay. we will stay in the '40's for the north bay today 49 san rosa, low 50s recess francisco and richmond, further south we will see more fifties. low 50s around the bay. take a look to your 7 day around the bay shows us that rain
10:21 am
scattered showers lasting tomorrow morning and the chance of rain in the north bay thursday. as we head into the holiday weekend it will dry and warm. afternoon highs low 60s. 10:21 a.m., >> bay area bridges rather morning and if you're taking westbound 80, not too much of the back up, those meter lights are off right now and no problems getting to the bridge from the shore for a way. westbound 580, or the northbound direction of the nimitz freeway. no problems here you can see lots of space between cars in the westbound direction as to make your way towards foster city. note back up at the toll plaza, a nice easy to of minutes across the span. the golden gate bridge ride looks good, southbound traffic moving freely is to make your way towards a toll plaza, he may encounter slow traffic in the southbound direction of oil drive. 10:21
10:22 am
a.m. we will be right back after the break.
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10:25 am
then 20 4:00 a.m., another day in court for juliana, wikileaks chief julian assange assault allegations. the 39-year-old australian has been living on the country since being released on bail on december 16, nine days after he was arrested by british police on a swedish warrant. assange has denounced the allegations made by two swedish women as politically motivated, linking them to the release by wikileaks of thousands of confidential us diplomatic documents. >> he looked calm and cool he was loved and joking in security line. he looked more serious when he was lookit talking to his legal team. it was technicalities and formalities lasting 10 minutes. the judge talking to the prosecution and and defense making sure both teams feel they got access to the information they needed before the hearing bay which is the seventh, i mean the eighth of february they agreed they
10:26 am
had. gillian defense team asked for change him bail so he could stay overnight in london. the night before the hearing because there's a possibility he may not be able to arrive at court on time having to get up at 3:00 a.m. because traffic but the prosecution and the judge agreed to those terms he will be over night in london much closer to the court on the nights of those hearings. when he came out he spoke very much as we heard in the past saying wikileaks will continue, >> wikileaks continues unabated. we are stepping upper are publishing, for matters related to cable gate. and other materials. those will be
10:27 am
occurring to through our newspaper partners around the world. big and small newspapers. and human rights organizations. >> his defense team announcing outside the court they would release all of the skeleton defense, of julienne that will be made available to the public. inside the courtroom the judge and persecution said they could be released. but is that the courts the discretion of them being released on the seventh of february the first day of the hearing. after that brief hearing it does appear the defense team had change position and they are releasing that as of now. cnn outside crown court in london. >> we will continue to fall the latest on that we will take a
10:28 am
break right now 10:27 a.m., we will be right back.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:29 a.m., out of tucson where gabrielle difference remains in hospital intensive care this morning. dinner surgeon scissors no change today, but very encouraged about how well she has been doing so far. he went on to mention its up to her to decide how long her recovery will be. >> so much up to a car, this is where we constantly say this week, ought to week, month, to month. every was your results every day, as long as she holds her own that is good but that keeps us hopeful. we have to play this against her time line not ours. we have to avoid frustration that her family will feel, the doctors will feel, and of course all of you will feel. she will take her recovery in her own pace. i am very encouraged that she has done so
10:31 am
well. >> i must remember the victims will be held this evening in tucson, tomorrow president barack obama will attend the memorial service in arizona. stay with kron 4 as we uncover the details. the latest on our web site at we continue to follow a developing story at belmont and early morning fire has caused the entire building all 20 in is to be displaced. at this moment they are allowed to go back into the building at claremont drive. to grab some of their belongings after that they have to find another place to stay. >> the fire department says this apartment complex is on safe for anybody to be here. 20 and it's altogether, they have to stay with the place that has been put up with the red cross or the family and friends. six people in hospitals, for from smoke inhalation, to because a jump
10:32 am
from the units because of fire was so intense, they there had to jump or die. they fell or jumped 13 ft. below is suffering a broken ankles. fire started on net and unit, they know where the fire started, at this time they don't know how the fire started. reporting from belmont kron 4 news. >> 1032 a.m., rain or a fall in the around the bay at this is not that bad. >> not too bad just scattered sprinkles. san jose overcast conditions, thick blanket of cloud cover, it is still not that warm out. light sprinkle throughout the day today, may have a chance of lasting into tomorrow morning, it will dry out as we headed your holiday weekend. storm tracker for, all the light green indicating all the light sprinkle right now. napa getting sprinkles, passing
10:33 am
i 80. this pocket of yellow indicating some moderate downpours just west of rio this debt. for the rest of us light sprinkle some to sausalito, over 1 01. we will see that pattern into the central valley, all the light blue indicating snow showers in the sierra. if you're headed up their they do have snowfall keep that in mind. temperatures outside are mostly in the 40's. 42 in san rosa, 46 san francisco, have monday 54. 43 los gatos right now. not in a warm-up to much, north bay upper 40's today 49 san rosa, 47 san rafael, 515 francisco, for there so we will see more low 50s, low 50s around the bay not making it
10:34 am
out of the '40's and antioch, finally you're 7 day around the bay showing us that rain today might last and to tomorrow morning, take a look at thursday showers the north bay. as we head into the holiday weekends it will dry out, and warm up. the highs getting into low 60s. 10:34 a.m., a check on traffic. >> your tuesday morning commute is officially over we have cleared out the hope hot spots and slow spots. conditions look great in the south bay no problems north down 101 as you make your way toward santa clara. now back up on 87 interchange. traffic is at the limit. to 80 looks good and so this 880 in both directions. crosstown freeways san francisco last time we saw back up is the 6:0to 6 a.m. our conditions improve towards the ups
10:35 am
building, if you are headed to these bound direction to lure back of the bay bridge it is a problem free commute and has been through the morning. the san mateo bridge various other conditions here, no back up at the top plaza, drive time 13 minutes across the span. >> 10:35 a.m., it's official arise and will start selling a version of the iphone 4. in early february giving iphone buyers a choice of carriers for the first time. sales will begin to a very tense pre order starting on the third. joining us now is game slate. so we've been waiting and there's been rumors. >> all lot of people waited for years. lemme rattle off some facts. february 3rd, they are letting existing arising customers have first dibs at their batch of the first phone.
10:36 am
if you are an existing customer you need to order one on line february 3rd. february 10th is the general public not rising customers will be allowed to order one line on line. >> this will happen finally. what does this mean for at&t users then don't go over. will we see a loosening of congestion. is that the upside? >> that is the biggest question as to what's gonna happen. with the congestion, at&t had a fine network, the iphone they couldn't handle it. they started downloading videos, it's too much for anything to handle so everybody thinks now the same thing will happen of horizon. they think that vrieses screechy
10:37 am
network. if there's a nice balance between at&t, and for eisen, att customers wanna jump they have to consider what they want a pay for the termination. it's more expensive than you think. an important thing you want make what's up with this phone. it is the exact same itunes phone 4. but it's essentially the same features and foam. >> we will wait and see. hopefully will share all-out and give your body a better service. >> another big question what then do with the antenna problem? they will offer free bumpers and it will be interesting to see how will handle that. everybody knows her son had to contend that issue.
10:38 am
some prices for you to hundred dollars for 16 gag, and $300 for 32 gag. >> thank you for that and we will look to see what comes out with all of this. look for gabe's report. we have to take a quick break at 10:38 a.m., back with more moment.
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
then it does of the bp oil's bowlers still waiting for the help. they're looking for answers as well. can that had kept town hall meeting. to listen to concerns, it controls the purse strings of the settlement fund and knowledge there has been mistakes in processing claims. >> in less than five months this facility as you know has paid
10:42 am
out $3 billion. in louisiana alone, $1 billion has gone out the door. i know some people are one to say the wrong people got money. we don't understand why this guy got this, and we did get this, when you have 450 claims in the gulf, he may have some error, inconsistencies. >> the gulf coast facility paid 2.9 billion to settle hundred 16,000 claims, that is one-third of the claims. we will let you know if they do any better and money out. we will be right back.
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10:47 am
and 40 6:00 a.m., fresh the practice of maximum pressure may have played their role in the explosion last. the utility said it will suspend the practice until the investigation by the national transportation is completed. 16 year-old and bridge from police say somebody ran up and fired several shots appeared the mx alive that's when the protest adenosine. and of the vehicle description and spotted the fiscal two hours after. wildlife officials california wildlife officials are trying to figure out what 100 birds found clustered together just off highway 101. california highway patrol near the roadway on saturday, and called in the california department of fish and game to investigate. the officers who found the birds described then as small with brown and black feathers, and said they were
10:48 am
intact, and had not been shot. the reports come as other, larger bird deaths have been reported in arkansas, louisiana and other states. anothe at&t iw offering a $10,000 reward to catch the vandals who have cut phone and internet lines in walnut creek for a second time. it happened friday night on putnam boulevard near the pleasant hill border, disrupting service for customers for most of the weekend. at&t says vandals did the same thing in november at 15 different locations in walnut creek, orinda and lafayette. paying 18 percent more for trash pickup. the city council voted unanimously yesterday to hike trash and recyclables
10:49 am
collection fees. the rate hike was proposed by the south bayside waste management authority. officials say labor agreements reached last year and a nearly $11 million debt to allied waste, were factors behind the proposed hikes. as a, a cut of some fun again breezy conditions out there is a copy of what are today carry out it is just a of john grisham or supporting cut it will dry out in time and holiday weekend it fast and what feedgrain us out its way a the area if it off when she this and i'll eat it is race i'll have making its way from coast to and will continue to seize a pan and and and to cut that the road light blue it is those wires on the night 82 and it is direction keep the mind and to ask if it to outside sat it, ... 6-14
10:50 am
degrees water to 477 cisco, warm along the coast at 54, many '40's through the south bay right now. it's nothing but water to much only in the 40's for the north bay, 49 san rafael and tom novato, 52 richmond, mid-50s heading the media bay. low fifties for the south bay today. 7 day around bay shows us rain today, lingering leftover showers tomorrow morning and then on thursday chance of rain mostly for the north bay. holiday weekend you will dry out and warm up. the highs climb back into the '60s. 10:50 a.m. let's get a check gone traffic with eric up. >> no slow spots all hotspots
10:51 am
westbound 80 looks good, it has been good all morning. the approach to the bay bridge composite traffic moving well giving you a good drive time of 9 minutes from the foot of the maze of as to make your way into fremont streets have francisco. san mateo bridge has been a great ride all morning no problems across the span. the back up at the toll plaza, pretty much the same story at the golden gate bridge. immane can order some slowing as to make your way towards a tossup. we do have reports of slow traffic in the south and direction of the oil drive. it won't tax on your drive time. two-minute delays at the most. the >> just crossing the wires house speaker john dana has invited president barack obama to deliver the state of the union speech. the address will be the second state the union speech. a
10:52 am
new jersey meat co. is recalling 200,000 lbs. of ground beef. the products from one great big logo were disclosed so discolored and smelled off. one great booker spokesperson said it was to draw it distributed to presence in california and oregon. none to retailers. but with more in a moment. [ male announcer ] enjoy an amazing usda choice steak
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and succulent lobster dinner at sizzler for just $15.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday.
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(no audio) it's an analyst tons today but this of the snowstorm. democrats such an oddity down so. the one that happens some southerners act like they'll a flaky. >> it's as if data seeing a double rainbow. pamela wheeler
10:56 am
getting snow in texas see all, playing meter all just. >> i will introduce no. >> so to meet this snow. >> there's no one ever but is boots when they go. >> some it was the first snowfall ever. a little mean humans man and beast and like it was strange stuff. even though it's seemed hesitant to come out. have been among, on the out. >> marvelous should never come out. this bmw gust duck and it's been wilson ignited the a
10:57 am
reporter to and whether a lot of shots warned the governor did come out. while most cars commission again donec in south carolina. the novelty of snow is bed this guy to lead debt load to the white stuff. >> toward (music) em la and us lead towed by a lot more in cuts for the alabama appears that's kids stuff compared to how crazy new yorkers play in the snow. >> we will obviously follow that storm system in addition to all that fun. we'll keep an eye on the airport as well. we'll see you tomorrow.
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