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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  January 11, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 430. at 430 a cold day in the bay area as the clouds roll and a storm forming in the skies. already rain is falling. just a fraction of what we could be increasing the drizzle not dampen the spirits yet he could see
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from these pictures the wedding continues near city hall. as we go live december file where we see the skies are still cloudy there's so it seems the rain is on hold at least for now to find out for sure jacqueline bennett lets us know if we can have the sunny skies anytime soon. the >> we will see the sun and skies soon rainy though. rainfall totals minimal just a few hundredths of an inch of rain. six hundreds and bedlam and 300 and redwood city and less than that in oakland in san francisco. are currently sitting right out there picking up for the most part very light. those are of the area now. we of a few light showers near san rafael and near the golden gate bridge. livermore now mainly dry does seeing a few left over sprinkles going through diablo range. getting have your range that are over livermore about a half-hour ago. the north bay
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just a few light scattered showers and fall and possibly read over the golden gate here with the next 20 minutes. the raiders' most of pressure right now. the storm did weaken as it approached the coast line as we expected. here's a water view picture of northern california getting plenty of rain even snow in tahoe. so far is expected into tomorrow morning. it's cold out there it temperatures again struggling to get out of the '40's today. 42 livermore, 40 napa, 47 san francisco, 52 half moon bay and same thing in fremont and 51 degrees. tonight into tomorrow. will see a few isolated showers this evening so remain cloudy. it also patchy fog over night as well. into tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies but a little bit warmer where temperatures crime in the '50s wednesday the format to fog overturned in the north bay. we're coyness seat
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we'll take a look at that in your extended forecast in just a bit. >> to teenager fights for her life after she was struck by a hit-and-run driver on saturday near bascom in san jose. 15 year- old shane that is now in a coal mine at valley medical center, she is severe head injuries as well as fractures to were back, pelvis and her knees. today the victim's mother is pleading for help and find the driver responsible for putting her daughter in the hospital. >> goes for your mind is to start dying inside is all i can say because you of a child that you love with all your heart and it can be taken away from me like that because of someone else's negligence. the person that needs to do this needs to box up and turn themselves in. turn yourself in. anybody out there that saw anything walking walking across camden in the
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crosswalk someone just like you're out and took off. we need everybody's help to try and find this person. >> 15 year-old it is a sophomore at loss gatos high school. her friends and family are posting fliers in the hope that somebody saw something and it will come forward. please are describing the vehicle as a late model grey or silver toyota camry for debug interested in the fatal shooting of a 16 year-old boy from richmond. sean was shot and killed yesterday outside the apartment complex on flooding ave. they mourn the death of their fellow student and friend. >> everyone is sad, crying, heartbroken. >> people who did know him
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>> his life was taken for no reason. he was a football store he was no. 42. he was a good player. everybody's crying, people crying it was kind of sad. >> police have not yet released a motive in that shooting. >> to day we are extremely gratified and i can't think of a better word to announce that early next month the i phone 4 will be part of the great for eyes and wireless portfolio of products. >> that was rise in this morning making the announcement that everyone knew was coming. at a news conference in new york the i phone is officially on the rise in that work and are tech reporter gabe slate is here with all the details. >> let's roll the first video out to lunch know which need to know about the
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fall. existing customers get first dibs on rise since i phone 4. the set aside a reserve quantity is 05 your third and existing customer can go online and order their fall it will be shipped to them february 10th. new customers and on fries and customers on february 10th can go into stores are online and get the full then i think this will sellouts of pam we have to get your tent out of the campaign. the existing customers as you all get on february 3rd. the pricing to hundred dollars for the 16 big and $300 for the 32 big same thing with at&t that with a two-year contract. we all know the price of the it plans that we don't know how looks expense of the beat. the fall is the same as at&t's i phone 4 it doesn't have anything to it's basically the same phone to some slight differences. let's roll the next video. the main difference between at&t and other new fries and
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i phone 4, the rise and i fall will act as a wife i hot spot. you can connect up a five of your other why fire to the eye phones internet connection. the at&t i phone for cannot do that. that will cost you extra to do that of rise and fall don't know the price my guess is $40. it the other big differences on at&t's network with the i phone 4 you can talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time. fries and network you can't do that. i think that's a huge thing people should know. i went outside at at&t stores and ask people what you think about this is as life changing earth shattering news are you going to switch from at&t of rising? here's what people said. >> if i was already on a contract with at&t i would go of rise and but, i have the contract not to pay the cancellation fee. >> i might switch depending on how much it is to get out
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of contract >>. conjure comes all the switching. >> i'm with at&t the service stocks but hey. two-year contract. >> it's not a big deal to me. >> what about the intent issue or never was such a complaint. apple had to give everyone a free bumper kids to solve that. the press conference in new york and i didn't say anything about it and none of the reporters of bass. i had at some of rise and p.r. i don't think they're hiding anything on it they just don't know. it does use a different kind of antenna so it's either not an issue at all or fries and and/or apple would justify everyone with the free bumper to solve that. >> to think a lot of people will switch? >> i think it will little bed prison think so sell 13 million this year that's a lot. a lot of people it took two logs of the one on day and tried. i did it will
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switch at the deauville little bit of everything i think some at&t will switch, as a new customers come as the good of just be a nice buffet of all of that. >> creek gave thank you. let's go back toward true view map this is a look at the dumbarton bridge it shows grain but we should tell you the bridge is still closed east and west on both direction shot down at despondent man on the bridge chp and emergency officials talking with him the bridge is closed until that incident as a result. will keep you posted were in touch with the chp. will be keep you posted were in touch with the chp. will be back with more news ahead. at sizzler for just $15.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday.
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in national news lawyers representing the former house majority leader say they're building an appeal to keep them out of jail. esther day i jury sentenced elway to three years in prison for money laundering and conspiracy. prosecutors describe this sentence is fair.
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>> i think the message of this case is very clear. contributions like this in texas are legal and you can't give corporate money to a candid it directly and you can't given directly. it's been the message all along. hall >> this is a second conviction he was found guilty of setting corporate donations to the texas house candidates back in 2002. the next up for delay is the paris court in texas. a white house panel has reviewed the gulf oil spill has come up several conclusions namely, the group says the oil industry, congress and white house needs to do more to prevent this type of spill in the future. the recommended increase budget of offshore drilling regulators and increasing the liability caps for drilling companies. it also wants to see 80 percent of fines and penalties going to restore the gulf of mexico. i can we want to take you back out side where we're keeping an
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eye on the dumbarton bridge is been close since 230 because of a despondent young man who was on a railing there. emergency officials are on the scene there is enormous back of building zero in the area leading up to the bridge and on the other end. as you see your honor map. were in touch with the chp will keep you up-to-date through this newscast. will be right back. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible. floods have killed at least 20 people in australia and left 100 others missing tonight. it video coming up shows the destructive force in the floods. it swept away cars and destroyed homes. thousand more homes are still in danger. the floods are nearing australia's third largest city and its home to a low lying neighborhoods that could soon be under water. >> are whether certain tame compared to that although it's been called for the
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past couple of weeks. were starting to see rain back in the forecast. scattered showers in this our most lightboat. now we're left with scattered showers and have yourself near the beach. light showers near novato against north san francisco road over the golden gate bridge. were seeing rain throughout the state, a wider view picture of the radar you can see scattered showers to the north. we of the most organized activity come in the bay area for the past couple of hours. separate showers down through los angeles. acting anywhere from 40 in. high and the higher elevations. it's also quite cold out there temperatures dropping to get of the '40's. 47 oakland, 42 of livermore, 50 not view and 52 1/2 wednesday. for one to see a few isolated showers receiving but not much so far are taught in any rainfall totals all. areas of patchy fog in north
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bay valleys. the 3:00 hour cloudy warmer tablatures back into the '50s. it was a better warm up as we head into the weekend. a check on your kron 47 day around the bay forecast. another chance of rain for the north bay but not as temperatures warming up as we get through the end we can especially to the weekend. temperatures will be in the low 60s with plenty of sunshine even bumping up to the upper 60s by tuesday. will finally enjoy sunnier and warmer weather. >> we take you go back live to the dumbarton bridge the right setting your screen as traffic heading that way but the bridge still close to east and west down. it is england closed now for more than two hours three and the left side is the truth you map it shows you the back up that's not buildings surrounding the on ramps to the bridge. this is because a young man who's been despondent is on the bridge. emergency crews on the sea monkey posted.
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california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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a judge has ordered the position of michael jackson to stand trial. this is the picture cardiologists, and more is accused of involuntary manslaughter. testimony during the preliminary hearing suggested that dr. murray gave michael jackson a powerful anesthetic and others said it is then did not care for improperly after work. murray pleaded not guilty. he faces up to four years in prison if he is convicted. a redwood city couple of our proud parents of naturally conceived quadruplets. four daughters were born prematurely in october about three months early. doctors say of naturally born hot without the aid of fertility drugs is one in a million. kron 4 they've been going to was at the children's hospital as the parents prepare for the healthy babies to go home. >> need autry, emily in is
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about. cement the with a redwood city. at the four pretty girls were born at stanford's children's hospital on october 26th and are now near the original due date three months later. these officials and for the parents to talk to their initial reaction when they found out to be having four kids instead of one. >> am shocked, scared, overwhelmed i don't know that anybody can really be prepared for quadruplets' it's just kind of out there. especially been the fact that it was natural conceived as opposed ivy. two girls are identical making the bridge even more rare. it is still too early to tell if natalie and isabelle are identical as well. 2 sets of twins would be a one in 8 million event. if all four were identical it would be one and 11 million shot dr. james who
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deliver the baby talk about what was like in the operating room of the babies were born. once the babies were out we were ecstatic they looked really good as they came out of the uterus. the couple said after taking them home the first three to six months will be a big challenge is to figure out how did they take care of the four girls especially after the incumbent hospital every day from among to see the babies. >> hospital has a good system of benefits they have is that a lot more hands. >> back live to live picture on the right side of your screen the dumbarton bridge is just now beginning to reopen the westbound is open but traffic is backed up, the east bound direction is still closed and there's major backup in the area. the left side of your nuptials are true of you not which shows the red areas of the back up in the area caused by the bridge shut down. it will have complete details after the break at the top of the hour on our news at 5:00.
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>> a live look from san fog cloudy skies out there right now were seeing a few isolated showers move through. when that come with the rain yet all the details on your forecast coming up the news at 5:00 is next.
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live this is kron 4 news at 5:00 with a developing story. our developing story of 5:00 the dumbarton bridge you could see the right side of your screen there, the bridge was shot down in both directions east and west down at 230 p m in the height of rush hour. we're just hearing the westbound direction it is beginning to open. could see on the live picture traffic beginning to come across the bridge now. the true view map on the left side of your screen shows you though, the red areas are the back out of major congestion in the area areas are the back out of major congestion in the area caused by the bridge shut


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