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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  January 18, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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thank-you to holiday sales for the i had and the eyefold dent german is here with look at more. steve jobs is once again taking a of medical leave. >> it is amazing, the key to holiday sales. 7 million and more than expected. 60 million i funds. very good earnings. >> still out that it see jobs took medical leave. >> the number close down but not by a huge number. apple closed friday when the markets opened this morning. currency opened at 3:27 p.m.. it closed at 3:48 p.m.. it is it down despite 2%. this is despite jobs and
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that's meant that he has confidence in apple going forward. >> this stocks took a modest hit, they're still trading in the vicinity of $340 a share. the stock had not hit that level ever. it is still worth more in than $300 million. a has a higher evaluation and apple is doing fine. >> he said it it no near term. but the products, going forward it is all about the edition. steve jobs is the one that is responsible for the mission. and what the next big thing is. we will not know of the management if he is not able to come back. we will not know until that time.
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>> she made a point, steve jobs did. >> we're back at 530 i will have more than. >> a san francisco man is one of two people in custody accused of acting in to allied pilots. >> pam, daniel s. bids worth is a 26 year-old bookstore security guard. another man from fayetteville arkansas is facing it years behind bars. they engaged in essentially an on-line battle of the who could still the most e-mail addresses as possible. day two of them poor planning on selling them too stammers.
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the victims were people like robert emmanuel, a the mayor. film producer it and at diane sawyer. what is the it online, naughtythey speak to them into coughing up the mail addresses including the ones who gave up these e- mail addresses. >> he is very quiet attended. he kept to himself. i saw him a handful of times. for the most part he is ideal. there's no noise complaints, they do not party. they're quiet and respectful tenants. i surprised to learn that he was, had been arrested. >> coming up at 5:30 p.m. we
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will play what he said about the fbi it showing up at his building. >> a group representing san francisco hotels say that those who worked for higher wages are damaging the economy. >> protesters marching in front of hotels carrying signs and repeating chance. the high it has 800 employees at his union bills are underpaid. it is resulting in higher health care costs. they're saying that the union is taking at toll on business and what is a bad book business is bad for the economy and plays as well. the high it has set up an alternate entrance of hotel patrons can avoid the it protesters. they say that it is time to promote a positive image rather than one of constant labor dispute.
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>> our economy is suffering. they need to get the contract back to promoting a san francisco, now working against the city of san francisco. >> one hotel worker told me that the negative affect cost them over $6 million in revenue. i high employee and union negotiator says that the average income is to make management pay attention to their needs. >> it is not enough for them to put it on the table. >> the raiders did not have to go far to find a new head coach to lead the team. hugh jackson was formally
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announced today. >> alright pam, g jacks and it was introduced. take a look at the packed auditorium as they announced the ninth great coach. he came with all of the fire that came to ignite the offensive from the bottom of the late to attend in the late. he wants to get the staff together and get going. >> when i am most excited about is the environment that is starting to be created here. the process is creating an environment, my job is to tell this team everything they can to take this team to the super bowl. >> boy, we have some answers
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from mr. day. he broke it down to why he was dismissed and why he was able to take a $20,000 off of his last six paychecks. when we come back at 5:00 p.m. we will hear from the manager himself, al davis. what he did with his old coach ed l. he is to move forward with he jackson. >> (music) i live look out side from the bay bridge toll plaza. sunny skies here. i few clouds over the bay area. it much improved over what we saw yesterday, great visibility, including vidal said. with the improved visibility temperatures were up-to- date. take a look at the inland spots, fairfield, parker. ted degrees warmer
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than we saw yesterday. 66 to 90. 66 also in san jose. it is a nice afternoon out there today. the difference at the shot in the golden gate bridge but sunny skies and dense fog. tonight we're accord to have fought back in the forecast. into tomorrow we will have some fog, it will clear out very quickly. we have some clout coming out with breezy conditions. breezy and cool and it the fog is pretty much gone for the next several days. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. >> i checked on traffic, the guadalupe overpass with smooth sailing the headlights are set and ended is looking good. it will be back.
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what went wrong. >> checking it traffic on the only bridge, sluggish on the right side of the screen. the left side on to it san francisco is moving well. more news after the break. stay with us.
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at pastorale valley couple is cleaning up their home after deere crashed through the window. a homeowner to walk through the orchestra did it deal. >> it came through this window and it was down and went to get out this door here. if it would've made it out through this door, there's no where it could go. it ran across and hit the ottoman here. it knocked it over into the chair. as you concede the top of the land is busted. it ran across the room it this way it. it went into the pantry.
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it came and went back into the family room and that is what it started banging it this door it really hard trying to get out, knocking at the bottom off the track. if it would've had a bunch more times a it would've probably fallen on the deer. as i was standing over at this point and the deer was downed in the family room i grabbed a couple of pillows and by 31 that the deer would chase it up this way and then when i got to about the middle of the dinette i through and other palo this direction that it which made did. turn down the hallway and ran out this way. and as the front door was opened eight, went of
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the front door. and took up to the right. that was the last thing i saw. >> the deer jumped through the window. the reflection on the glass it may have looked like the yard. at crete, changing course has some residents worried that water will damage their home. the creek which traditionally flows into the ocean has changed direction. it started to flow along the beach from its home. it is already damaged irritating wall. it they want the familythe problem text. >> parks and recreation. they can send someone out in 45 minutes to straighten it, these to do it automatically every year. but somebody told them to stop doing it. now, they
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need special permission. here we are. >> permits to fix the problem will not be issued, the homeowners are worried that it will not be enough time to fix their homes. >> i live look at them out tam tam. it bouncing around a little, breezy, the fog cleared it. it especially through the delta at the temperatures are warmer bite tell degrees. 62 in concord. succeeded in stock and said francisco. 61 and now, beat our point two-seat fought tonight. mainly in the north bay, it will not be as widespread. into the afternoon, a few clouds and
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breezy conditions. winds will be gusting up to 30 mi. per hour tomorrow. and outside of our area it and looking at the fog cleared times we will not see much in the time of fog. central valley fog it always gets pushed into those areas. it is pointed dissipate this afternoon. we will see fog into the north bay clearing to gain. the time is 10:00 and to redwood city and that o'clock in san jose. as we head out the door the temperatures are born to be cooler and we or dc last fall, less clout coverage. 42 in livermore. 48 for in at that. into the afternoon we will see things warm up nicely. the 60s tomorrow. 60 and oakland city, 64 in san jose. remember, it is going to be breezy and other tomorrow. fog tomorrow
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morning will be wiped out and we will see the mild and sunny conditions into next week. >> gabrielle difference is doing well today. she had surgery term of the and fragments from her i saw it. they do not believe that the shooter's parents are a fault. he says they are likely hurting as much as anyone. sir appellant is fighting back after being skewered by critics in the aftermath of the shootings. her critics suggest that her rhetoric may have contributed to the it motivation >> in her first television appearance since the shootings but she explained on fox news why she is this controversy will not remove from her website. on it the cross hairs of the again over the democrats next including that of gabrielle
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give birds. >> it was not original graphics. they have used this map to target certain districts that people would feel that they can get into those districts and find someone whom they believe could represent the situation better than any company. >> she is faced with a response of face book last week where she used blood libel. >> journalist should not manufacture blood libel that incites a trade and violence that they purport to condemn. >> and jewish word says that it is anti-semitic. >> she explains what it means. >> it reads falsely accused of having blood on your hands. in this case is exactly what went on. >> her explanation questions her motives. >> she knew what she was
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doing. she came in with her view on politics and then place the victim and that wraps it all up. what we know is that a tyson addicts >> it was focused on the pacific for is to derail the overall message. >> the james lick is low in all directions. will be back.
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newly released video posted online is raising questions about the border fence between the united states and mexico. the release of the model has a look. >> posted on youtube is part of the documentary, the filmmakers say that because the border cost taxpayers so much that he wanted to see if the feds actually works best if it is a good deterrent so yes these two young woman, both of average height, 5 ft. 52 climbed the
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wall. they're very easily making their way up the wall. the one on the right mix at about 15 seconds and the other about 18 seconds. it highlights how easily a person is able to make it over the fence. the border will cost about $6.5 billion to repair and maintain. stay with us,
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live, this is kron4 news at 5:00 p.m.. >> beauty is ms. st. the mark. the deficit is that it. there's a new study released today and how the mta deficit could affect driver is in san francisco. >> the biggest issue added the mta made a is on-time performance. they talked to christine connally who attended the meeting.


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