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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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live this is kron4 news. how fbi said that two men hacked the ipod devices and stole information. a dangerous discovery sets down a busy bay area freeway at rush hour. it happened near the affordable storage facility just off of interstate 680. authorities had to shut down all lanes of 680 while the bomb
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squad was on the scene. that was the sound of the pipe bomb being detonated. the squad entered a storage space where five bombs were found they were concealed inside a backpack. >> the pack back contained, the pipe bombs were in a storage unit, and one was large, the others were smaller. >> a commander said a tip involved a woman having explosive devices was found in the storage unit. she rents the space and was
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taken into custody and two other individuals were arrested in connection to this case but later released. and an amber alert is in effect right now after a 4-year- old boy was taken from his home in patterson today. the boy, who you see on the top left of your screen was taken by the man, see in the top right. police believe they are going to san jose in a silver toyota corolla. new details about a story told you earlier tonight. a vote was postponed on sex
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change operations for city employees. the proposed policy will be rewritten and placed on the agenda in february in approved $20,000 a year would be set aside to help pay for sex changes for city employees. two accused hackers are out on bail tonight but they could face years in prison for conspiring to exploit a security hole in apple's ipad. >> the safety and security of our computer networks is an issue of national security. that is why u.s. attorney paul fishman said that prosecutors not taking this lightly. they have charged the two men for stealing the email addresses of hundreds of people through a hole in the ipad
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website. his property manager said that fbi agents were here months ago. >> i showed up, first thing in the morning, it was 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. they took out computers and a couple laptops for the most participate, -- for the most they went about their business. that was back in june when the two men sent emails to news agencies saying they written a program that tricked the website to give them emails of famous people and politicians. poll -- in the emails they
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portrayed themselves as authorities. >> the bigger the how -- the bigger the humiliation to the people they claimed to have stolen email addresses and information, it was more credit that they thought they had. meanwhile it was a big day for apple on its earnings news plus there are new details on apple's jobs and how the companies stocks faired. kron4's dan herman has the details. >> some were predicting that the bottom would fall out of apple's stock. it did not happen that way. it did drop eight points about but the bottom did not drop
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out. >> apple has a strong group of executives below steve. >> and in fact when steve last took medical medical leave, -- and in fact when steve last took medical leave it was one price and when he came back the stock went up. apple is a strong company. bureau chief said that the real question is, if jobs is unable to return, what happens long- term when it comes time to creating the next big thing? >> there's only one steve jobs, what kind of inspiration could be provided by these other
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people that was overshadowed by steve. that is something that they can not predict. visiblity much better out there this evening. that is look from the golden gate bridge. you can actually see the bridge tonight. right now the only place we are seeing reduced visiblity is napa, one and a half miles of visiblity. otherwise good. we will see fog form overnight and places like napa where you saw the visiblity, they are already reduced. a few clouds and it will be sunny tomorrow, a bit breezy. 10-20 miles an hour winds tomorrow afternoon. and we have nice weather on tap for this weekend. i'll detail the seven-day forcast coming up in a bit. an uninvited guest creates a huge mess in a east bay home. a deer came crashing in, a look
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at what happened once he got inside and how he finally escaped just ahead on kron4 news.
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san francisco city leaders joined america cup's organizers at fisherman's wharf, it will be race central and today the mayor and others walked the site to see what it looks like now and to discuss the changes that are to come. the new mayor said that they have put together a committee to make sure the businesses and matters impacted by the changes will be addressed. >> first of all one of the purposes for today's event was to announce the committee and certainly the port of san francisco is one of our agencies that was part of the committee. and part of the job is to develop and announce a program that would take care of the
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race. >> race organizers say work to transform the wharf will commence soon. fog out there but it will not stick around much longer. i'll have the complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. h8
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>> the chinese leader was at the white house tonight dining with the president and the first lady. tomorrow he will get a formal state dinner, the visit comes after a touch year between the world's two biggest economies. the chinese flags flying outside the white house shows you that it's a big deal that he is here. the spotlight on one of the
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most important and fragile alliance was on stage today. we will either pull. >> -- the u.s. and china had long standing differences over many policies, the two nations also have good reasons to work together. china is america's biggest creditor holding $9 billion in treasurery notes and america is its biggest customer. china's economic output last year was one third of the u.s. even though their population is four times as big, that means it could over take the u.s. in
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the next decade or two, not necessarily bad news for the u.s. their rising middle class is raising new tastes. >> our exports to china are growing. as we mentioned the president was refused a state dinner in 2006, instead president bush invited him to a working lunch. in the headlines tonight a major earthquake rocked south wet pakistan near its border of afghanistan. the earthquake was felt across the country. earthquakes often rattle that country. a earthquake in 2005 killed 80 people. a 15-year-old boy is in
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fair condition, he and a girl was shot in a high school. a boy dropped a backpack and the gun inside went off. the 17-year-old suspect apologized. he faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. robert sgt. shriver has died. he was a vice presidential nominee in 1972. he was 95 years old and he leaves behind five children including california's former first lady. once the fog cleared out there today the, it warmed up nicely. temperatures were mainly in the low 60s but it was 69 in santa rosa today and 69 in pacific a and 67 in san jose and fog will be slow to reform overnight. we will see reduced visiblity in parts on the north bay and
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looking ahead to tomorrow morning, the central valley fog, it's completely absent from tomorrow morning's forecast. it got pushed down to the south and it will not effect the valley or delta. let's take a look at clearing times. we could have patchy fog but that will clear out by 8:00. so sunshine inland and fog clearing at 9:00 in san jose. a look at high temperatures tomorrow, it will be similar to today, temperatures 63 in santa rosa and 68 in vallejo. 62 in mount view and 64 in san jose, and don't forget it will
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be windy. fog tomorrow morning but wiped out thursday and through the weekend it will be sunny and mild. these are photographs of what happened when a deer ended up crashing into a home. this couple watched as the deeper tried to get out of the house through their glass door. they say the deer rammed into the door and knocked it off the rails making quite a mess. >> chairs were knocked out of the way and we had a lot of fun cleaning the house yesterday and getting a new window. >> he believed that the deer jumped through the window because it mistook the reflection as a way to get to another yard. >> coming up in sports. both mike singletary and tom cable land new coaching gigs on the same day.
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speaking of cable his former boss spared no expense in detailing why he fired cable. sports is next.
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is al davis began today with the official announcement of hugh jackson, the offensive coordinator last year led the raiders to their 6th scoring output in history, double their point table when they gave the hook the tom cable and waited a couple weeks and then made the obvious choice, hugh jackson the new head coach. >> what i'm excited about is the environment that is started here. we will create an environment for our players to be great. we are chasing greatness, my job is to do everything that i can to take the team where i know we want to go which is the
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super he bowl. hugh put off to the side on the stage and davis on the next coach, and tom cable and his personal issues. >> i asked tom cable three or four different times, is there anything else that we have to deal with. justjust -- just wasn't going to take it anymore. >> you had mr. davis going on spousal abuse and girlfriends flying to meet cable at the game. no matter what you feel about davis he has never, never been dull. good news for cable today, pete carroll naming him as chief assistant with the seahawks and
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singletary is back in the game, so, he is going to coach linebackers in the vikings. working again as assistants. the giants signed one year deals for 6 and a half million with cody rot and 4 and a half with jonathan sanction and the big winner, prince fielder a 15 million-dollar deal. that is the highest contract since 2000 -- isn't 2008. >> you go home and watch this, lake hewitt, working today, and
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oh, my gosh, upsetting. david, upsetting 9-7 in the fifth set and that match lasted 4 hours and 48 minutes. and roddick a winner today. new york is all over the jets. the skyline has a bit of green in it. the steelers will play the jets. the empire state building lit up to honor the playoffs. jets are a slight favorite, they took care of brady 28-21 over the weekend. >> brady, he may be the only nfl star whose wife makes more money than he does. think about it. brady is making a ton. but his wife makes 30 million a year just do say he she likes this lingerie, think of one? >> i was thinking of
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