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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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fears and frustrations growing as the search for a boy enters the weekend. tonight kron 4 has team coverage of the amber alert in connection with juliani cardenas and the man who took him jose esteban rodriguez. plus new details from a president casino where authorities pulled out several cars without any sign of the vehicle used in the kidnapy. kron 4's reggie kumar joins us live. another day pulling cars from the president casino, still no
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sign of juliani cardenas. >> reporter: it's a good thing they have not found jose esteban rodriguez's car yet because it gives them hope juliani cardenas is still alive. >> reporter: investigators have recovered four cars from the canal. a red mustang pulled friday morning. none of them matched the car jose esteban rodriguez was driving when he kidnapped juliani cardenas from his grandmother's home on tuesday. authorities say their strongest lead is from a farm worker who saw a similar car driving to the canal. that's why investigators haven't given up their search. >> the fact we don't have a electronic trace, confirmed sightings, all this leads us to
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believe right now is the most credible lead. >> reporter: on saturday morning investigators say they are going back to where they pulled the first car on wednesday. they plan to send a camera under the water. to see if the car he was driving may be in there. >> we will send the equipment back in that area, the dive team was unable to get that equipment through the tunnel because our window was used up trying to secure a cable. the plan is to send that sonar into the tunnels after they shut the water flow down, which gives us 30 minutes to search all the way down, 50 to 100 feet down and see if there is any items or objects in the tubes. >> reporter: for the first time
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juliani cardenas family closed the garage door for privacy. investigators will be back at the canal at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. as for the amber alert signs they are still trying to decide whether to keep them on or turn them off. as for tire tracks found, they are being analyzed by the fbi and the results haven't been released yet. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> yuriy kokhanyy mother does not believe her son and his kidnapper are in the canal. she thinks he is hiding out. as kron 4's rob fladeboe reports, she is waiting for her son to come home. >> he was living with me. >> reporter: riding a roller coaster of emotion she showed photos of her son in happier times before jose esteban rodriguez began hearing voices. >> he told me that they were
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telling him to stay away from me and do bad things. but he just wasn't listening to them. i said you need to go see a doctor. you have schizophrenia. i thought he looked cute. >> reporter: he shows me his bedroom. and his many trophies, stuffed animals and toys. >> i had a dream last night that he came home. sometimes i picture him outside in the backyard and like me running out there and grabbing him and -- >> reporter: a candle burns in the window. her grandma serves coffee in the kitchen as they wait for news and outside for another ride. >> all you people that work at the gas stations, call if you
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see him. call 911. i need my son back. >> barry: rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> kron 4 learned the suspect jose esteban rodriguez has an extensive criminal record. we have also discovered he is being investigated for a recent domestic violence case. as kron 4's terisa estacio reports, it's unclear why he is a free man. >> reporter: in 2008 following a trip to the aquarium he and his date stopped in at a restaurant and got into a fight. witnesses saw the argument and told police about it, he was charged with domestic violence but never showed up in court and a warrant was issued. again that was in 2008. since then he had a number of run ins with the law but allowed to be free. in 2009 he was arrested twice
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for dui and resisting arrest. still not turned over to authorities. then in 2010 in august he was investigated for another domestic violence case. and still not caught and turned in for the warrant. we have called the attorney's office multiple times asking them why. when he was in custody for the outstanding warrant. but officials haven't returned our calls. off the record i have been told it is unclear why this happened and they are looking in to it. the district attorney has since retired. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage the search for juliani cardenas and go to anytime for updates. we are still seeing clear skies and temperatures are falling off in some places.
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44 in scanta rosa. 44 in fairfield. 52 heyward. 53 mountain view. visibility is reduced out there. we are seeing clear skies. it's more of a haze. we saw it this morning. likely again in conquered and livermore. it will be a chilly morning with temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. afternoon, mostly sunny skies. high clouds as the storm passes us to the north and picks up the winds in the afternoon. we will talk about it and look at the weekend temperatures in a bit. annulmentry school shocker. two young students, second graders accused of sexual misconduct inside the class room how the allegations came to light and what the school is doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. just ahead on kron 4 news. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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it is a shocking story.
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second graders having oral sex in class and stripping off their clothes. both incidents happened last week in the same second grade classroom at markham elementry in oakland. officials did not know what was going on till a student came forward. >> reporter: investigators are trying to piece together how second graders took off clothe and had oral sex while their teacher was in the class room. >> the information leads us to believe there was a lapse of superviz that allowed these acts to occur. the teacher has been put on leave and has been with the district for some time. investigators removed a hard drive of a computer from the school on friday. >> the children will need support. the staff worked hard here to provide as much a sense of normalcy as you can expect.
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>> administration was in the dark about what happened till this week when her granddaughter spoke up. >> she saw what was going on and saw through the window, the children -- she knows right from wrong. she knows that if she sees something that is not appropriate or something somebody is doing that's wrong, she knows she is supposed to tell. and i spoke to the principal, they said they were proud of her and going to -- she is consider adhereo and she would be presented an award. >> reporter: kate thompson, kron 4 news. another gorgeous day today, will that last through the weekend? detail said coming up in a few minutes.
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new details tonight, investigators are getting some solid clues as to why a pg&e gas pipeline explode intone last september. it killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. tonight they released a report saying they found dozens of defects. kron 4's da lin has more on that report. >> reporter: based on this report released friday, experts say they have a good idea why this pipeline burst. in the report a group of engineers examined this pipe taken from san san bruno's blast site and found defect in wells that held the pipe together. it's a picture taken from the report. this is a cruces cut view of
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the people. the bottom part wasn't welded. the welding is supposed to penetrate through the entire thickness of the middle. not half the thickness. the experts say because the wilding didn't penetrate through the medal it led to gaps like this one and cracks like this and they made the pipe very weak. experts say this kind of poor quality welding wasn't up to code back then and now. it was found in many parts of this pipe. what made malters worse, pg&e admits to having increased pressure in the pipe a number of times as demand grew. they are not saying the defect said in the welds caused the explosion. this report is a way to tell the public some of the laws and facts they found. it will release the result oz on a later date.
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do other pipelines underneath the bay area have the same defects? >> we don't know because the record keeping by pg&e is so inferior, poor, they have admitted there is 400 miles of their system where they do not know what they have under the ground. if you don't know, you can't properly inspect. >> reporter: the president released a statement on their website saying he implemented all the recommendations to increase safety. >> all pipelines that are of a similar size to the line in san bruno are continuing to operate at pressures that have been reduced by 20%. >> reporter: law d, kron 4 news. hu jintao raps up his visit
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today. while here he announced new trade deals with the u.s. and promises to ease restrictions on u.s. investments in china. hours of tough questions for tony blair as he spoke looking into britain's role in the war. this is his second grilling. he was called back to clear up discreptancies. oo new audio recording from osama bin laden. this is his second tape which blasts french policy and links their presence in afghanistan to the kidnapping of -- we had clear skies and warm
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temperatures today as we head into the weekend a couple of small changes. high clouds into the bay area as a storm passes us to the north and kicks up the winds. other than that temperatures on the mild side, 60s tomorrow and then cooling down a couple degrees for sunday. here is a look at our picture, very dominant dry air off shore, as you can see the shape to the north is hooking back over the california and oregon border, this dips down to the south and brings us high clouds tomorrow and breezy conditions. also we will see a return of our winds, the winds off the ocean, that kicks up the surf. just dangerous conditions thin water and you want to avoid it. tomorrow morning, no fog spected, clear skys and cold
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temperatures. 40 in napa, conquered. 48 in san francisco. could see reduced visibilities in the north bay and developmenta because of the haze that forms in the morning. afternoon, temperatures nice. 70 in santa rosa. 74 in san francisco, 67 in vallejo. and low 70s for the south bay. a look at your seven day around the bay forecast, mild for the weekend, breezy in the hills and valleys. next week, a return of the morning fog but the afternoons are nice through the weekend. monta ellis delivers another clutch performance for the red hot warriors but a late game injury made the celebration short lived, gary has details and all the sports, he is coming up next. [ son ] my parents always lived in the states,
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good evening, everybody. another great warriors finish with a dramatic injury. first off, good by to tom, after 24 years, this is his last game. he is going to work at san diego state. evans, 25 points, 5 assists. steph curry had 34 points. sacramento led the warriors by 9 with three minutes left to play. looked like a sacramento win on the road. cousins had 21 points. here we go. ellis, boom. boom. 28 points. 9 assists. sacramento up a point. warriors down two now and ellis one more time. there it is. milk the clock. inside one second to go. just like wednesday night, tied it 104. overtime, ellis doing his business again. and you get -- better believe it, i think they like the camera, they knew they were on
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it. here we go. down goes ellis with 20 seconds left. they carry him off. the first report looked like a knee. couldn't put weight on it. last word, a sprained ankle. status for tomorrow unknown, sprained ankle, much different than the initial report. the warriors won four straight. carmelocarmelo anthony doesn't want to stay in denver and joe lakem, he says we think we have better asteats go after someone like him. they are got naught going to get him butting people know he is ready. barry bonds trial, march 21. former team meats and other
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retired players and one current player will have to testimony at the barry bonds trial. jason giambi may have to take the stand and say he got steroids. barry bonds pleaded not guilty. and the rays made news, manny ramirez will play again, will be the dh for tampa bay and johnny damon will play there. they were teammates in boston. now members of tampa bay, the rays try to keep up with the rankies. -- with the yanks. jim will come back along with tom, ray and mike. so four members of singleterry's staff will work for the new coach jim jim
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harbaugh. jackie, did you go long tonight? >> i probably did. >> it was worth it. most sports guys throw their stuff. if i can help jackie blossom, let me be an old man and sit at the end.
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