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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 1, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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closer look portions of missouri, kansas, a lot of snow falls one-2 ft. of snow. as we take it up, portions of illinois, snowfall. certainly ms, gusty winds, 50 mi. per hour. strong winds in the delta. right now temperatures = more than yesterday. not as many in the thirties. 38 napa, 41 santa rosa, 48 san francisco. satellite,
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radar, clear day in the afternoon. warming. god, do the north bay, in fact visibility less than a quarter mile. napa, fairfield, half mile concord. after that it will be a pretty nice afternoon. 62 novato, 61 san francisco. south bay = low 60s. 60 livermore, 50 antioch. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. nice looking trend, each state temperatures warm but the weekend breaking into the '70s, we will notice an increase in as temperatures lots of sunshine around. for 6:00 p.m. erica. >> no major hot spots,
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certainly tracking the fog. overnight construction. for this getting out the door with the project, westbound 80, looks good from all three approaches. metering lights are cycled off, great conditions here at the san mateo bridge west, east, take a look at all of that space. no problems. no backed up at the toll plaza. no problems getting to the bridge. in shot for you of the golden gate socked in was fog, no accidents, incidents, watch your speeds. although there is no dense fog advisor 3 we do have one in effect for the cartoon is bridge. overnight
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construction, dunbarton, side of it retrofit it started last night at 8:00 p.m. to lanes closed in each direction of 84 allow yourself extra time. no slowing just yet. if this does turn into a hot spot you may want to take the san mateo bridge. james. >> morgan hill police are sounding the alarm about carter's. it's been happening with him, the thieves are going after crotch doors. >> of stood the smash and grab a stalled car herculerelea, police are warning residents to remove valuables, lock their cars. >> these the valuable
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items, laptops, radius, iphone, the number of residential and commercial burglaries are about what they were the year before. the of more than doubled to one those seven and counting. some cases they're stealing correct error openers possibly planning to return later in. terrorizing the victims to change the code. as this option is to reduce are occurring all over town. >> a guy left his laptop on his front seat they cut the top of the commercial and took it. >> i probably will leave my crutcher opener in my car anymore. >> police have made a few arrests, saying the weak economy may be to blame. in
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morgan hill, rob flood about, kron4 news. >> more support for a oakland police department is on its way. mayor jean quan n. anthony batts it was announced that the city plans to rehire 10 laid-off officers. increasing the number of active surgeons.surge all of this comes on the heels of cheap gas speaking out about her problems while he was in the running to be the chief opposition jose police department. >> people found out that i had applied during the process of the previous job. some of the things were mean-spirited, people were
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making speculative statements. as such, my integrity and pride credibility were called on line. i i think there were a per bridge, the vigor toward public safety. the right thing, getting away if i should it than that are not is there getting fixed. >> one of those important things is getting that this attachment patrol car systems ready. they believe they found a technical problem. it has been a violent start to the 2011 year, an alarming amount of homicides in the last four weeks christine connolly breaks down the numbers. >> the number city of oz, this generate 11 homicides,
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oakland has the same number of murders, san jose not far behind with seven. same time last year, as san francisco saw five, oakland 4, san jose 1. the out it has caught the attention of the police department's here's why, they had been going down. san francisco 502010, down sharply from 98 in 2008, oakland and 90, compared to 130, 20 in san jose, down from 32 and sa. whats caused the spiking crime? civets is good, 11 homicides include a broad day shooting of this man. there was no clear pattern to any of the slayings. spread out across san
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francisco, most not random. oakland, a little clearer, please note there has been an increase in gang violence. here you can see bullet holes from shooting leaving six wounded, police have been challenged because of downsizing. san jose is dealing with a gang problem tree at of seven have been in gang-related including the shooting of a teenager san jose police have been hit by budget constraints. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's go inside, here's a live look from our roof camera, we have clear skies, foggy at the golden gate bridge in the north bay more coming up.
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welcome back, golden gate, foggy at this morning the seeing some dense fog. more on that coming up. just know it's foggy in the north bay. world headlines, a volcano that has come back to life boulders and broke windows for miles. officials widened the danger zone to keep residents away. australia, a 30 say a cyclone threatening
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flood sievesoaked australia is huge. they've ordered communities to evacuate the storm could generate more than 6 ft. high, 3 ft. of rain. meanwhile a pakistan a court has ordered the government not to release an official arrested in the death of to pakistan is. the u.s. has argued that the american has not been named has diplomatic immunity. the report from the relations committee says american employes may not be saved in i roiraq. they are in deciding whether not they will stay in iraq beyond. the world's
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oldest person has died, of jacksonville died at a hundred 14, she prostrate peacefully at her home. she was listed as the world's oraches person based on data from the 1900 census, the title will be passed on to 114 betsey cooper rosa hundred and 14 and 5 months old. 4: 20 9:00 a.m. we'll take a
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welcome back, all eyes on the east falls, midwest as a monster storm sent to dumps snow, rain about a third of the country, airlines have cancer thousands of flights. residents have rushed to
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gather supplies. it could be bigger than many in the nation's scene in the years. with pyretic there will come we have car to care behind these folks without power allowed to suffer as a result really low temperatures. in fact they're stocking up on generators, food. he knows when that power will be back in the rates will be clear. in to the roads will be cleared. cities getting hit by massive storm that stretches from the central to the midwest texas to new england. flight cancellations, keeping tabs, well we're still looking at dallas, fort
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worth, philadelphia international. they will see some problems, will trent is at best of go with the latest. good morning well. >> good morning james. the duty manager is not giving us an update because she says it keeps changing. you notice everything looks on time, chicago, early-morning flights on-time. york, a kennedy on time. don't believe it, of all days today is the day you should call your airline, keeping in touch. it looks like it's good now, chicago could decide you cannot land anymore so they will cancel at a moment's notice. even though everything looks good i can tell you jfk, boston, chicago, those are just a few of dozens that could be
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impacted it looks pretty good, this man says he's heading to miami he says he's staying away from the midwest today is the day we could have ripple effects even if you go to hawaii, those planes that come from chicago to land at home late david not taking off from chicago is will land here. your trip could be delayed or canceled. you need to stay on top. if your coming down here is a very slow its bound to get chaotic. even though the looks like it's on time they try their best to give travelers a head set things could change on a moment's notice. the blue
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think their fights like a good they could change. >> thank you, we will stay in touch with will as he follows the lead is, you can't keep up to date on whether around the bay. kota click on the weather tab. louisa? >> snow in dallas ahead of this new rolthe super bowl. thia big storm. it is the perfect combination, we are dealing with quite a bit of that wet weather, give you an idea of where it is eastern kansas, missouri, 1- 2 ft. of snow with this. right down we're seeing plenty of snow falls. we're
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expecting this note to stick around. gusty winds. as we head into the later part of the day, winds will increase. kind of the opposite effect going on here temperatures really nice, thirties in the north bay, upper '40's in the north bay. throughout the day, the bridge starts to rebuild. nice weather today stretching on through the weekend. if you cut plant it will be nice. dense fog advisor retell the north bay. not but = quarter mile visibility. highway-29, 101,
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visibility to near zero. visibility = all of this orange of a mile or less now but, delta, fairfield inns concord. all places affected. visibility quarter mile santa rosa, napa, fairfield inns concord. downtown san francisco you will see the stars. head to the north, that's where the fog is. after noon = 65. 61 san francisco, south bay = los '60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. nice little warming trend. tomorrow similar to today, thursday, friday lots of
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sunshine warming up, the weekend low seventies. erica? >> foggy start here morning commute so foggy that we have a dense fog advisor referred occurred tina's bridge. no hot spots, no major accidents. westbound 80, nice, light, very few cars westbound. light traffic conditions continue to san mateo. west, east bound 92. great conditions in the peninsula bright lights coming towards you east bound to hayward, no accident, stalls, great drive times of just 13 minutes. golden gate socked in with fog. no dense fog advisor 3 issued by california highway patrol, watch your speeds, conscious of the cars in front of you.
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bay area bridge, overnight construction at the dumbarton bridge. but started a pam yesterday's seismic fit project. to lanes closed. ongoing project you can see all of that green indicates speeds well above 50 mi. per hour it has not caused any slowing yet. public transit, no problems reported. james? >> are developing story that if egypt the march of millions is happening today in cairo. people there have made it known for a more than a week that they want change. u.s. officials are listening and calling for an orderly transition and free elections. in the rose has more on life in the middle
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of this unrest. >> of uncertainty in the air, cameras catch this soldier overwhelmed, a crowd unafraid. the government promises peace. >> the armed forces will not use violence. >> adding fuel to the fire the government has stopped trains coming close links, blacked out cell phone and the internet. stores closed, impossible to get food, gas. >> my neighbor gave us food. >> the state department is working to get americans out of egypt. one family in new york did not think this, what happened. >> i know there will be protests. i couldn't get in
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touch with my daughter. >> 2600 americans have contacted the state department warning to leave egypt. >> to receive the latest information a lot of exchange students in the bay area using facebook, twitter trying to get instant updates. kate thompson spoke to us student to left her family in egypt two weeks ago. >> desperate for contact, 20 year-old arena has been glued to her cell phone for five days. >> myself: is my life rain now. this is my gave way.the wa. y. studying at uc-berkeley they have been sleeping in shifts trying to step on the
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latest from friends and family tackling the time difference. >> we tax, we are keeping each other's eyes. like a support system. >> able to reach her family she turned to twitter to keep everyone informed from conversations with her father to the calling cards. >> the most i've slept was three hours. even then i don't turn my phone off. in case anyone had news or updates on my family. i have been treating with lots of other people. we have all been treated and network. there are lots of facebook groups keeping people informed. >> again for continuing coverage and egypt hour by
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hour, keeping it to into we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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welcome back, a school in oakland is expected to be opened as normal after being evacuated due to threats of a possible gun man on campus. oakland police received that call that a man was on the school grounds with again. i don't believe this is the right video, police responded the school went on a lock down. students were escorted coster my classroom once they're out the swat team a checked bag school room by room. parents were called, as you can imagine some
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scared for the safety. >> it's scary getting at collar work. >> i have to see my son. >> i was really nervous. my son was telling me three or four helicopters. >> on dry rush. my heart was pounding. i am a grad them with the kids. >> students were released to their parents, proper identification was required. the parking lot is located at the corner of east 8 n. fifth avenue. >> we will take a break, fog shot of the golden gate bridge, following a national weather and the forecast around the bay on full look at all of that coming up.
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welcome back, there was a shot of dallas, this signal is going in and out because of this note. this is stretching from the rockies to new england, here's video, obviously, everyone is bracing for snow. cold air coming at of canada, were battling it out with warm air from the gulf in the middle of the nation is where it plays out snow, rain, ice, freezing rain. downed power lines, blocked roads, snowed in schools. it will be a nightmare for the week ahead. this is a look at indiana you can see the snow falling. this is a huge system expected to affect
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three-quarters of the country. here's a headline at of chicago, the northwest herald, snow, with a question mark, dangerous blizzard to strike today. salt trucks, snowplows ready to go blowing snow could reduce the visibility to zero. this is a headline we will see repeated in many cities as we braced for this. louisa. >> good morning james, here's an idea of what they're dealing with, portions of kansas, oklahoma, missouri expecting one-2 ft. of snow, and gusty winds up to 50 mi. per hour with that blizzard conditions, combination of freezing rain, sleet trading as the
4:48 am
conditions ice storms to portions of illinois, indiana, ohio. the north east a couple of storms blowing through bringing 1-2 ft. of snow you can see it coming down, our area of the opposite nice weather. right now temperatures in the 30's, 40's, not to chile. 39 santa rosa, 47 san francisco. dealing with quite a bit of fog, by the afternoon we will see pretty nice conditions, a mixture of cloud cover, tomorrow a little bit more in the way of sunshine. flood advisory in effect tell 10:00 a.m., visibility less than a quarter of a mile in some portions of the north bay impacting highway 29, 101 dropping
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nearly zero. you can see the area of orange shows us where the visibility is 1 mi. or less. by the afternoon, warming up just slightly, temperatures in to the mid-60s. 59 concord, as you head to the east bay temperatures = 62. 62 morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. check it out, as we head towards the end of the week we're going from the '60s into the '70s! very different than last weekend no raindrops, temperatures in the low 70's that should put a smile on your face! erica? >> caltrans is wrapping up
4:50 am
the construction no longer a problem dense fog advisory issued for the cartoonist bridge no other problem spots or hot spots. westbound-800 looks good. traffic is flowing freely. san mateo bridge, built up in the commute direction. no problems, and accidents, incidents golden gate southbound, dense fog is lingering. note advisory issued. watch your speeds, be mindful of the cars in front of you. searching here's, nice, clear. 87 in a change slowing freely. said they, no problemssays bay no pr?
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>> thank you, live pictures of it of egypt's thousands upon thousands of protestors have gathered. this is what's been dubbed as the march of millions. their use the helicopters flying over had tried to keep peace, the government has tried to prevent what we're seeing now they disrupted train service shut down, public transportation, shut down roots. and the access points people could take they tried their best to hammer or shut down and yet, by the thousands they shared up today is the culmination of a week's worth of protest. i can tell you, the state
4:52 am
department has evacuated 1400 americans another drop hundred could be airlifted in the next day or two. we'll keep an eye on the story, we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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i don't have a life, you are married, the children, he loves football. >> i love football i took my wife to super bowl 11. i go every year. that's what
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happens, she went into it when i got married. >> there's only 10 of you that have been to every game. we don't know how many mafia has been. (laughter) >> football fans all across the country from making predictions for super bowl- 45. this is at the dallas to the painted to watermelons, jenny the elephant shows her favorite she stomped on the packers. fidelity said it will be a cold day much more straight ahead, massive blizzard, a rain storm for the south. a live picture at
4:56 am
a dallas, to assure you where the snow is falling. the snowstorm in stretching from the midwest to new england. (music)
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good morning, a top stories, tens of thousands of people taking to the streets, + 1200 americans have left the country. >> getting ready for the blizzard of a major storm system, covering a third of the u.s. from the rockies to new england. >> although the board says on time to the managers are saying don't trust that roared. coming up i will tell you why. >> current temperatures, fog, latest coming out. >> quiet start to tuesday morning. >> watching the storm as we take them look at storm tracker 4 air you can see this note, all the way down to dallas, beginning in st. louis no. over to chicago, this is going to be the
5:00 am
story. massive storm towards new england, it is through the midwest, chicago, st. louis where blizzard conditions are expected. 10 for it drips are possible for 1 in. of ice. this could be one of the worst blizzards aren't record. in fact with this note already falling, here's a look from indiana. two-4 in. expected to fall this morning. snow totals may exceed a foot and a half. madison, where here we are dealing with what forecasters say could be 15 in. of snow today and tomorrow, that is where they're concerned about the wide out conditions blizzard warning in effect for the state. texas, says, this
5:01 am
note is coming down a tough time for drivers blizzard conditions from oklahoma to michigan making driving impossible. 10 in. expected towards texas. >> what if you're traveling? it is bound to cause delays as we watched the effect, while chan is a laugh hood being shot while close liked. what is going on will, east this is the departures board, it says on time, the only flight so far canceled in south dallas for words. according to split francisco international the duty manager they expect cancellations, delays so much that she's not in a position to even address a number. is not a matter of if interest how many. she says don't trust the board, they tell people to check
5:02 am
ahead. keep that warning is today, because things that did chicago, st. louis, jfk lot of those places probably will cancel early this morning or later. when that happens it will be are ripple affect a lot of people here, we talked to one man heading to dallas his flight is canceled, now he has to make plans on what to do, keep this in mind, even if you have a connecting flight to miami, emit how to start by chicago there are so many ripple effects that could happen coming west if you're flying to hawaii you could be delayed. los angeles, that plane coming in from chicago, missouri some of those other places they might not get off the tarmac. syrian need to call
5:03 am
ahead, try detector travelers today, frustration is going to mount. >> here's the thing, it's 5:00 a.m., a lot of the people it takes them 1-2 hours to get to the airport so, it says on time, see how to leave. yet to find out later canceled when you're there. >> the as the travel experience. we tried to give you as much heads up as we can, things change on a moment's notice. but looks fog ago from a two-one, is a decision they make men in there, you just talked to live with the consequences. which is why a lot of these people are trying to get off the ground. maybe land in chicago. then there's that much closer to their final destination. >> we will keep checking in
5:04 am
with you, thank you, . >> tens of thousands of people are flooding into the heart of cairo. filling the main square us a call for a million protesters was injured by the largest demonstration in the week year. egyptian and 30 shut down road, transportation, train service nationwide suspended. bus service between cities was halted. the u.s. state department expects to fly 1004 americans added egypt. headed to cyprus, greece, turkey. investors are watching the unrest in egypt, pushing oil prices up and a veteran of $92 and narrow. has the power struggle raise their risk of descriptions. following the
5:05 am
week of violent protests. >> talking about the weather here, with him a few more days like that no one can complain. what you say? >> if you like yesterday it will keep getting better and better. temperatures getting out into the '70s. more on that in a few minutes. starting off with a little bit of dense fog to the north bay, dense fog advisor in effect breezy today, nice warming trend this week. dense fog advisor in this highlighted area in the north bay visibility less than a quarter mile could impact highway-29, 101, 7 reductions in visibility even near zero. visibility's
5:06 am
1 mi. or less. in fact less than a quarter mile for visibility in santa rosa, napa, concord but, really nice afternoon on tap, once the fog burns of sunshine is expected, clear conditions persisting raid on to much of the work week and into the weekend warmer than yesterday. 39 santa rosa, 10 degrees warmer in san francisco, upper 40's for the south bay, after noon 65 santa rosa, 62 novato, 61 san francisco, los sixties rate and to the east bank in the sense big, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. pretty good looking forecast lots of sunshine stretching to the workweek. warming trend by thursday mid '60s, '70s cryptographic
5:07 am
product. those temperatures expected to last, warming up. pleasant weekend on tap. erica. >> to ride, the only issue on our radar is a dense fog advisor, no hot spots, accents, not even the stock. as adults. traffic is flowing freely. traffic moving well on the shore, westbound 580. metering lights are off, drive time of 8-9 minutes. san mateo, easy ride. no problems. still no problems getting to the bridge along highway 101. north bay = fog, california highway patrol logs, no advisory issued
5:08 am
yet. drive with extra caution. traffic moving close to the limit. we will be right back with more news, weather, traffic after the break.
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welcome back, and monitoring the protest in egypt. nationwide called for protests, very easy the rally where things began last week, the first protestors gathering there. this seems to be the focal poet for these protesters there you see them gathering. there's sort call for the president to step down. following the latest with wall street stock futures positive following yesterday's rally quarterly report coming from exxon mobile that kept spirits high, investors are watching the unrest in egypt.
5:12 am
investors keeping an eye on the situation in egypt on friday the dow was down 165 points. construction, manufacturing, reports coming out today. general motors is getting back on the super bowl pairing five chevy commercials. they also have to ads in pre-game, one impose game tie-ins with the ugly episode. giving away a camaro to the mvp. >> at leading government lawmaker is asking taxpayers to explain legal fees to defend fannie mae and freddie mac. they have occurred since the government took over in 2008, the congressman wants the federal housing finance agency to provide documents backing up its decision. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. we'll
5:13 am
have the latest on weather, traffic coming up.
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and we're back, keeping an eye out on the rest of the country, there is a big storm moving on through. it is a battle, cold air coming out of canada warm from the gulf, where they meet is the battleground. great to the ohio valley, texas, let's zoom in, that is breezy, that is your getting these showers. rain through texas. even the conditions right for tornado or two. really serious weather up into the super bowl. north east, a lot of snow coming down, to feet, 8 in. up to 24 in. greater on the great lakes, wind coming up the lakes,
5:17 am
dress up to 10 ft. as a result. steady wings 25-30. once this storm passes a lot of folks without power, a lot of cold air coming down. below freezing. no power, no electricity, no heat. that will be the second chapter. we're looking at airlines, flight cancellations, delays expected all week long. >> their ready see delays in philadelphia, 50 minutes, snow in dallas, delays because of thunderstorms showing up in houston. airport delays will grow. darya. >> are weather, down here in the bay area, at different future. >> is the opposite we have
5:18 am
fought on the golden gate bridge, dense fog advisory for the north bay. san francisco 47, noon 15, high temperature of 51. 50 the clock. we have a dense fog advisor 3 until 10:00. visibility less than a quarter of a mile. to and from near zero. some highway is highway 29, 101, be prepared for dense fog. visibility less than 1 mi.. in fact, less than a quarter mile for santa rosa, napa, fairfield. we will continue with it really clear conditions as we had through the afternoon. fairweather
5:19 am
clouds, lots of sunshine. gramley, upper 30's, now back, saying at 47 san francisco, by the afternoon highs into the mid '60s. a 59 san rafael, east bay low 60s, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. watch the warming trend by the end of the week we could break into the '70s. lots of sunshine, this weekend is a very different than last. lots of sunshine, temperatures are very nice. erica. >> quiet start, no accident, no hot spots, bridges look good. nice, light, traffic is moving at the limit. west, east, 92
5:20 am
lots of space. no incidents, no stalls, no back up, drive time 13-14 minutes between 880-101. southbound 101 looks good, live road sensors, no problems. drive time 23 minutes out of the novato into city limits. across town looks good, very few cars, your ride looks good along southbound 101. great start for public transportation, no major problems, slowdowns for ac, bart, muni. mark. >> police are sounding an alarm about harper lee' bu. the vehicle burglaries have
5:21 am
doubled to one s seven and counting, they are occurring all over town, no connection. >> continued to search for suspects in the face the weekend shooting of an east palo alto man 1:45 a.m., it was in the 1900 block of capitol ave. the victim 37 your ernesto was pronounced dead at the scene. no suspects identified, police are searching for a motive. it was the first homicide of 2011. >> a lawsuit filed by family members that claim the city of san francisco's century policy contributed to that shooting of a father and his sons. there were gunned down as they sat in their car. an illegal immigrant was accused of the murder. the lawsuit says the city was a late the agenda in reporting ramos to authorities despite
5:22 am
his contacts with police for drug offenses and a violent crimes. >> more support for oakland police, the department is on the way, press conference at city hall, we were there with the mayor, and police chief. it was announced that the city plans to rehire 10 laid off oakland officers. planning to increase the number of active sergeant promoting for officers.four offl of this comes on the heels of chief bass speaking out about the oakland police's equipment problems while he was in the running to be chief of the san jose police department. he talks about the timing of the negative statements. >> people find out i was applying for the job. there
5:23 am
things there were said, somewhere mean, they did not ask me what i thought. as such i think my integrity and my credibility were called on line. i think they were a corporate, i think they get hurt public safety, necessary. getting away from what we should do that or not, they are getting fixed. >> he says one of those important things is getting this event, control card system repaired. problem that was interfering with officers communicating with one another. >> buy land start this year an alarming number of homicides, january which ended yesterday, 11 homicides sentences car, 11 oakland, seven san jose. compared to last year, 5, 4,
5:24 am
1. there are wondering about this uptake, they find no clear pattern. oakland, san as they believe most is gang-related. >> we will be back with more on a couple of minutes. [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13.
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welcome back, we just lost our live pictures we were following the latest set of egypt, massive protest in cairo. live pictures when they come back, the rallies continue. the latest on the storm, new york city, tracking the weather across the nation. southwest corner of central park, more snow in the forecast, dallas is closed. just closed a moment ago due to an ice storm, following the latest with the big storm. (music)
5:28 am
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5:29 a.m. storm tracker 4, one of the update is storms is turning across the midwest heading to the east, it's a problem in texas, we just found dead the dallas-fort worth airport has been closed because of ice. tens of thousands of people are getting ready for a winter blast, driving conditions are like today, tomorrow. this will all the ice coated as well. oklahoma, the governor has issued a state of emergency for all 77 counties. >> dallas airport is closed, watching flight cancellations at sfo, wheelchair and is watching the board. will? >> less sure you dallas, they should shoot to mark
5:31 am
canceled flights. the only thing remaining is 720, more than likely the airport has canceled because a lot of people showing up, they will find out the hard way they are not taking off from sfo. you see that the gentleman with the giants jacket, he came here, looked at the board, he asked me if his would be canceled, i said yes, more than likely. he hopped in mind, he will find out for himself. i if i'm a betting man in his flight will be to get canceled. other destinations, n.y., a kennedy, right now it looks like it will be o.k. even the airport duty manager is not giving us a hard count, she will go on record, simply because it is such a fluid situation like area's
5:32 am
said just the past few minutes or so they shut down that could happen in york, boston, st. louis some major hubs. they don't mean this as a cliche, it's a warning. but of all the days you should listen to day. call ahead, check on-line, things could change just like that. as people like that gentleman, they will find out the hard way they're not going anywhere. mark. >> things will get worse before better. darya? >> the situation in egypt tens of thousands of people flooding into the heart of cairo, killing the city's main square calling for the largest demonstration. asking for the president to leave office. these people
5:33 am
want him out, a head of the demonstration egyptian authorities shut down all of the roads, public transportation trying to head off the intensity of the situation. crabs are growing. train service nationwide suspended, all the bus services have been halted still, they come into the streets. protesters have many reasons for their demonstrations. >> we're here, i have it to doctors, all of these people are here they are here for the benefit of these people. i am here to say, he must leave. the president must
5:34 am
leave i am here to say there is not a chance changes. >> it has been a struggle many in the bay area air using facebook, twitter for updates, when student has been glued to her cellphone for five days. >> my cellphone is my life. literally it is my gateway to everything twitter, news, family without myself on i it would be home. >> that is a student at berkeley who is concerned about our friends, family foreigners continuing to evacuate at last word 4500
5:35 am
stranded passengers at cairo. 18 charter flights that left just this morning taking about 1500 people to locations in year. eight charter flights, more flights expected today. >> back in the bay, watching weather, foggy louisa house leaders. >> north bay, visibility really declined, golden gate, keep that in mind. san jose, 49 degrees in in time jamming at 10 degrees 62 for an afternoon high, back down to the low 50s by 8:00, dense fog advisor in the fact all of this. a yellow in effect. quarter mile, highways 29, 101 visibility dropping nearly zero. expect a sudden reductions. all of this on choses where
5:36 am
visibility is less than 1 mi., less than a quarter mile for fairfield, concord, half motif to santa rosa. satellite, radar shows that bridge start to rebuild, keeping it around through their work week nice long stretch of track from the clear weather. temperatures continue to warm up. 48 degrees in san francisco south bay and upper 40's. by the afternoon, highest in the mid-60's, 61 in san francisco, 60 fairfield, upper 50s to concord, antioch. same in san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more sunshine headed our way really nice week, pretty much the opposite of a lost
5:37 am
weekend strike, called of the picture there conditions warming into the '60s. the character. >> we are also enjoying great conditions on the roadway is no hot spots, nice, light conditions westbound 80. certainly not a hot spot yet, more volume than we saw 10 minutes ago. overall great condition leading lights are off nine minutes from the foot of the means and to san francisco. san mateo, great shot, no problems as you make your way in the commute direction bright lights east want to hayward nice, light conditions no problems getting to the bridge along highway 101. north bay, a clearing up, last time i showed you start in with fog now you can make it as headlines note dense fog advisor 3, still tracking i
5:38 am
dense fog advisor 3 along interstate 80, california highway patrol is asking if you watch your speeds. >> we will be right back with more news, weather, traffic after the break.
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5:41 am
jerry brown the origin lawmakers to let voters decide the direction of the state as it faces a keep in the budget deficit giving the first-aid of the state speech, asking lawmakers to set aside their differences for the good california, >> under our form a government it would be unconscionable to tell the electors and have no right to decide whether it is better to extend current tax factures five years or attract another trove billion and the schools, safety, the university, system. >> he wants a measure this year and there would ask voters to extend the
5:42 am
temporary layoff of three tax increases. >> national news, regulators proposing new safety rules that would result in quicker enforcement for mines showing a pattern of violation. the proposal to eliminate warning letters is in response to a deadly explosion last spring. investigators believe that last was called by preventable buildup of methane gas. a second judge has ruled against the obama administration's health-care overhaul. calling it unconstitutional a requires people to buy health insurance is.. the administration will appeal this, altman winding up at the supreme court. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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5:46 am
there are calling it a much of millions, people have made it known for a week that they want change, after almost 30 years of the same president rolling. they're calling for an orderly transition and free elections in september. >> uncertainty is in the air in egypt, this soldier is another world out, and afraid crowd. . your armed forces will not use violence against these great people. >> adding fuel to the fire, the government house stop trains, closed banks, black hair itself on an interview that service. stores closed making it impossible to get food, gas, some are sharing with each other. >> my neighbor give us food,
5:47 am
water. >> the state department is working to get as of the v- chip, one family reunited did not think this moment what happened. >> i know there will be protest i didn't know it would be this bad. with the internet out, cellular phones and my daughter. >> of contacted the state department warning to leave egypt. >> big story coming big blizzard, slamming parts of the midwest stretching from houston over to new england to come at dallas, just closing now to to the ice. blizzard conditions starting to build on what will go down in history as one of the biggest losers we have seen in recent times. watching the latest across the midwest, james has more. >> headlines, added
5:48 am
illinoisevelyn of illinois, said checks are filling up, visibility to zero. michigan, still worse similar story. at giant snow fall preparing for the worst from airport to hardware store the region embraces for snow. one last, " snow is it those " it may meet the 2009, 2010 level. since july 1st of last year tell now they have done as much snow as they did the entire year prior. let's get the latest on the forecast. good morning. >> we will start you off with a shot of the bay bridge, we are currently seeing conditions at a high.
5:49 am
a low 50s, we'll start you off nationally, an idea of what's going on, closer in show you kansas, oklahoma, missouri, one-2 ft. of snow expected to continue into to tomorrow. gusty winds could create those a blizzard conditions, freezing rain and a combination of both, ice storms, indiana, ohio, into the northeast as well. >> dense fog advisory in effect, opposite effect temperatures are warming as we had to the week, until 10:00 a.m., visibility less than a quarter mile. if you're heading towards the golden gate be prepared to hit spots of visibility to near zero. visibility less
5:50 am
than a mile,, a quarter mile novato, fairfield, concord. half miles to see interest that and napa. satellite, radar rebuilding clear, sunshine really nice forecast on tap as a head to their work week, afternoon highs '60s, starting it off with thirties, forties, 48 degrees in san francisco, by the afternoon 65, upper 50's, low 60s raid across the bay, east bay los '60s, 62 mountain view, san jose we'll just keep warming, the midweek, continued in the low 60s, but to the mid- 60s, friday '70s, 74 looks to be the afternoon high
5:51 am
saturday and sunday. erica. >> thank you, , a road race still a good, bay bridge not a hot spot, if westbound 80 looks good, no problems on any approach. east shore freewill looks good. so, once you get to the pay gates you can see no wait, leading lights are off, nine minutes from the foot of the maze in to san francisco, good to go in '92, simmer until looks good. no problems getting to the bridge along highway 101, north bay, stockton with far, not the case, no dense fog advisor in effect, no incidents, accidents associated with the fog speeds are at the limit. said bay, the northbound, all little bit crowded. the
5:52 am
downtown area into santa clara, we just got word of bart delay is due to police action this is affecting all trains from s f zero, trains from oakland in two dublin. >> we'll check back with you for an update, changes in a very stirring today a number of trips to and from have been eliminated. the 12:45 p.m. is gone. the ads have been the 810 a m in the 8:50 a.m., the changes are part of the district's effort to reduce and $89 million shortfall over five years. in world news, the volcano that has now come back to life and tossed boulders,
5:53 am
broken windows for miles. it is headed to be the biggest explosion yet, the officials widened the days through zone to keep residents own way, it's of remote range on a southern island, a cyclone threatening fled to australia is a big life- threatening emergency. residents are preparing, filling the sandbags, the officials are scrambling to airlift hospital patients and out of the way, there is one of the hospitals there, low-lying communities that they want to evacuate a storm. generating seized more than 6 ft. high, this could come with 3 ft. of rain as well. >> the center for relations committee say they may not be safe and iraq after the withdrawal of u.s. troops
5:54 am
lingering questions about the u.s. personnel weather not they will stay has hampered plans for the embassy. hockey the a live look here from what should be a very busy airport, and dallas-fort worth, not a runway being used, airport is shed down.shut down. due to e storm. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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>> welcome back, the world's oldest person has died. she died and at the age of 114. she passed away peacefully at her home, the guinness book listed sanborn as the world or dispersed and based on data from the 1900 census. the title will be passed on to 114 bessie coe burke, she is our hundred 14, 5 months old, she
5:58 am
acquired the the search in november 4th upon the death of a french nun. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. watching the storm gripping the nation, a live look of the snow coming down in oklahoma city, the eyes coming down on the right, dallas is closed, closed 40 minutes ago due to [ son ] my parents always lived in the states, until my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly, found their local deli, a few shortcuts and a neighborhood hangout.
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