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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 2, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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it is something that comes up over and over again. es especially at high street. this video is march and this is from december. pot holes formate in the highway at the most inconvenient times where a simple explanation for why this keeps happening. >> we're looking at a branch that is old. it is showing its age. the concede the cars passing by. all of that just makes the problem worse. caltrans says they are working as fast as possible to fix it for good.
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they're working on these sections of the overpass and eventually it will be widened. traffic will be it ahoy moved over and it is size of the retrofit project. it does take time to do all of that works out of the problem of big pot holes could come up again. that should happen sometime in the summer of 2013. just push for kron4 news. >> i live look out side from our mount tam can as the sun starts to go down. crystal clear skies and the winds are not nearly as bad. as what we saw it there last night. temperatures are more mild than what we will see tonight. they're already cool it and a number of locations. 59 in oakland and san jose. in concord in aid to up. here is what you're going to be saying tonight into tomorrow. conner wins. it will allow temperatures
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to drop off. we are looking at chilly conditions. widespread conditions. we will rebound nicely into the afternoon. plenty of the '60s and '70s. i will tell you when coming up in just a few minutes. >> study whether made for some have bp both. danielle was in san jose to see how people were joining the sunshine. >> residences got plenty of sunshine. they were owed to it as much as they could. some people may like it was a summer day. this group of guys took their bikes out to work on their tracks. but everyone for performing stunts summer of for an easy go bike ride. these two guys were enjoying the sunshine but they were not quite ready to take off their jackets. many folks still had their jackets on. you could wear a jacket or not
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and still be comfortable. unless it was the heavy jacket like this does and then you end up caring. >> checking wednesday traffic at the golden gate bridge. it is said medium speeds and medium have appeared we will be back with more news.
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>> al leiter a ticket sold and san francisco was purchased let 1 california street in the financial district. matched five of the six numbers in the limits that it never. it is the only ones to hit five of the six numbers. do not forget that kron4 news is your lotteries' station. >> it 20 in. fingernails. cross-country skiing in a snowstorm. our internet reporter is here with today's edition of taking it all look at this. >> let us start with the very long fingernails. this,
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the finger nails are so long. her fingernails are 24 in. long. she has been growing out her nails for 22 years. she is hoping that it hurt medicare will copper to meet oprah. in the meantime she it does pay money to maintain her fingertips. take a look of this has the best will shut. --shot. >> he finds a way to score from the foul line. the buzzer put some at two points to score. take a look at this. this no-fault
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relate heavy but this does not stop a cross-country skiing through the mass. the person does not have a problem to glide through the snowdrifts. skiing may be the best way to get around. >> a look at the extended forecast. locally it is sending. our guest coming up.
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>> our developing is added egypt. you're looking at live pictures darkness and for setting as a pro- government . they're calling
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for an end to the violence. the netted states is trying to decide what to do it $1.5 billion in aid that was set aside to help egypt. jordan is now to talk about the age of the uprising is u.s. middle east expert diaz said. thank you for joining us. what he really believes where the uprising at this time. was it what happened to be sure? >> what finally brought us to eject is the worst may economic situation. the murder by eight thugs in
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popularity democracy issues. indonesia was a spark that said " hey, we can do this. " >> would you anticipate will happen now that the protests have turned violence. >> this it an attack on protesters traded as managers bank. --it is a dangerous thing. endangers uprising. they're refusing to fire into the crowds. the protestors and large are getting around that by instigating violence. that we have been hearing that
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there is a distinction between the police in egypt in the military and egypt. the military will be a deciding factor on what the sex is that correct? >> they're the head of the air force. it is essentially a military move to wear business suits. they rank to fight soldiers and had demands to suppress the demonstrators and license that is where a lot of armed forces are from the poor working class. i'm like the police they are relatively well paid and other benefits. the other soldiers are on the side of the protesters. do believe that fair elections will be held in egypt? no, people will not settle for anything less. despite the facts today the momentum is on this side of democracy
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struggles. we are indeed it on 2011 and upper middle east conflict 1989 a triumph of democracy. kinky for your changes into out egypt uprise. " we're not to continue on why we get to the minute details i kron4 news. com. >> we are born to see a return to the war in july forecast or suffer much of january and rebuilding on the eastern pacific into the north. it is good to be sunny and warm. first we have to get through to a chilly night. temperatures dropping into the forties. a dark blue on the screen. dark blue it popped up as well. light pink here in fairfield indicating of mergers into the 20s. a quick point into the
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afternoon. temperatures into the 50s. it will warm more into the 3:00 hour. 68 in santa rosa. in richmond to 61 in concord. 64 in have made bay. if you're hoping for snow it is not what happened. the disenchant. the dry powder will stick with us for quite some time. then it up into the low 50s. sunlight conditions in the east side of winter. i temperatures are topping 75 degrees into next week. obviously, well above average. we will see chilly mornings and as we head into the weekend warming up just a tad. of course, we do have some warm afternoon
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speaking up for the morning. that prediction for an early spring. blade is the nation want that, why the ground todd emerged did not see his shadow, it signals the spring is on its way. >> a check up on this note. no snow expected. 8 in. at the base. 100 runs open. on to have them like with lifts open and sugar bowl with let's open. just log onto snowballed. com.
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san franciscans apparently i did a nest in the country. they apparently it spend more money of people looking good and anyone anywhere else in the country. boston came in second and york
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there'd. ours in the gym and tanning. san francisco's spent $111 a month of personal care. 50 percent are not overweight and 20 percent belong to a gym. but now, here is stanley roberts he found people behaving badly.. >> i'll take anything that is not nailed down. and what he calls himself sharp and has horror stories of bike parts being stolen. somebody tried to them that somebody tried to steal my helmet and my vehicle. >> people have at their seats stolen, their friend will still in. one guy had his whole we'll still in. >> besides the fact that bike parts are being stolen, the irony is they're being
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stolen in front of police stations. >> evans every day. >> there is a new home made by exceeds. >> he hopes this will delay the pipe before long enough for someone to catch him in the act. and i had pieces stolen in friend-of-the- court us. i think that is something wrong, >> augite agree, you are not alone. there's something wrong about anything being stolen. in san francisco stanley roberts. >> if you have a comment thwart a it story please e- mail us.
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them that now, at 6:00 p.m.. the >> now in jail accused of molestation. there may be more it comes. >> that each of the uprising is turning violent. they aren't setting fires. >> this is crazy man, crazy. them i was planned by a protester. we went down earlier and got attacked. >> been robbed and used as weapons. they are desperately trying to contain of the chaos. wicked weather across several states. >> we have the new record snowfall. that life, this is kron4 news news at 6:00 p.m.. them at 6:00 p.m..
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this man is up facing allegations of a after lasting five girls. he is an after school counselor. concede the indication. he is following this story. rob? >> this happened at a cbc center. it stands and is located reportable across the street and on course of the past six mousers appeared let us take a look at the suspect. we have been learning that he was hired about six months ago. he is actually a part-time substitute. he worked in the afternoons. mount the mornings. he had contact with 90 children. he worked with the kids on arts and crafts and sports and help them with their homework. he
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is charged with 14 counts of lewd acts on a child. the reaction from child picking up their kids range from surprise to rage. >> five girls? unbelievable. i do not know why latest shutdown. i think it should be. i would boycott at i am instead of oman. i have that option and a lot of people don't. that is incredible. it is terrible. my heart goes into each one of those girls. >> they should have, they should be checked out. they are dealing with kids. obviously there is a lot that needs to be done. >> i am surprised. they should not let them get through this system. i guess they checked the but not
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good enough. >> carol anderson presidents of cbc say they go through out rigorous background checks. he passed and parents now the district are being urged to talk with their children. investigators believe there could be more its victims. >> egypt uprising, and night of fires after a day of violence in cairo. here is the latest of the uprising of egypt. pot stills like to be aired during the day of street battles. they attacked the protesters who had been demanding that president resignation. at least two people have been killed. they have made no
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effort to leave. the journalist has been hurt as well. at the site. they believe that today's violence is instigated by president to justify a crackdown. kron4 news christine connolly reports that the counter protest took up his our forum today. >> some witnesses described the fight as medieval. they use their blips on people left and right. one of the riders is pulled to the ground and kicked and beaten. >> at the heart of cairo turned into an urban battlefield they embarked demonstrators in liberation square. the clashes began to out side the pinks don't this side of the museum.
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fences are torn down. cobblestoned ripped from the pavement and whipped as weapons. anderson cooper was among the the violence. them that they started going for the cameras and did not want to add pictures taken. we were not taking pictures. as using a flip camera which they did not notice. punches and kicks. it was pandemonium. no control. the number of the injured maneuvered their tanks and trucks to separate their two groups. that did not stop the violence. cocktail's have been dropped on to the protesters from the rooftops. the military use their cannons to control the flames. at the way has the president condemned the violence and the spokesperson warned them of the dangers of continuing to resist the will of the people. >> the time of transition
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has come. the time is now. >> using google earth are internet reporter shows us where the protesters are taking place. >> i want to give you some perspective. here at the top we're focusing on some of the protest. but is go for a closer look at their google,. the bridges have played a key role in drawing in protesters to the main square. this road right here and was very key today. it led protesters into liberation square. it brought their flags and posters. liberation square, one of the main places had been very peaceful up until today when you saw protesters sworn into the square. summered into horses. the weapons of choice where rocks and sticks. just to the north, some of the greatest antiquities were threatened and brent petrol bombs landed in the gardens. small
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groups of bidders damage artifacts on friday. they have not sustained too much damage yet. >> american tourists have been fleeing the country to escape. one oakland woman describes what she it saw before should on a flight home. >> it was amazing. it was like watching a movie or something. it was real. we said tear gas, water cannons. we saw people throwing rocks. some people throwing rocks back that the demonstrators. people in front of our hotels. we could not see a lot people but we could hear the noise from the square. the huge amount of noise from the people. soon be heard an explosion. a couple of them. we looked out the window and we could see that the carrier was engulfed in flames. we noticed the headquarters on fire. it was less than two blocks from our hotel. a member of
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burned out vehicles. lots and lots of tanks. headquarters with people on the roof where they were shooting. i'm really glad to be home. >> our coverage of the egypt the president continues online. get to the minute details the kron4 news. with good weather across several states. a massive storm has dumped piles and piles of snow. the roads, the airport's mahan, they are ugly and from chicago to new york to boston. i majored lizard and jumping up to 20 in. of snow. major problems. some airlines are canceling all of their flights. details on when those planes are expected to get back off the ground are still ahead.
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principal is dead. the school janitor whose picture you see here is now in custody. he is suspected of shooting. a suspect it be held in the general failed to report. mr. hu fatally shot to employees at this door beside his. allegations of fire arm used and murders is postponed now. this just did. called killer charles manson has been caught with a smuggled self plant for a second time. parts found
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that phone on generous fixed. manson previously was caught with the phone back in march of 2009. yet been calling a text and people in california. no word on who'd he has been calling or how he got the phone. manson is serving a life sentence for killings including the infamous murder of actress sharon tate and six others in los angeles back in 1969. >> look at our extended forecast. if you like today your car to love this weekend. into this 70's. middle of the board. we'll talk about the warming trend in just a bit.
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>> with get weather in the midwest and northeast. the way of this note causing this building in massachusetts, look at that, to collapse from this note. the blizzard is being called woolworth storm in decades. chicago received 20 in. of snow. deep snow and is
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forced airlines to cancel dozens of flights all across the country. >> port chicago is still impacted. in fact, airlines have canceled all chicago flights to to our morning. we will just have to see when they recover. >> crews are clearing sesno and runways in new york boston and new jersey. our internet reporter has a look at snow, pictures and videos posted online. >> the weather is wreaking havoc on residents. these lumps, our cars. that is look at other pictures. first off, this is this seen the error seeing. this woman is trying to get her car. as you concede this snow drifts are passed any drug.
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as street is at a solid wall of ice. cup at truck has been there for several hours. this is buried, you can't see it that the streets. pam? >> a wicked brother and other it it parts of the country are affecting paid travel. lebed said the with the flight cancellations. >> that is right hand, a round of cancellations. right now it is quiet. by most of the day. people have word of the cancellations early on. lining up on the floor we will roll out videos. we found cancellations to chicago and new york. some flights to and from boston. as a
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result people have to rebut --it is the worst i've ever seen in boston. it was no way and a see sleep. can you unimagined? >> everybody was happy looking out at the sunny day. of course, the real question is what will things be like tomorrow. will it so again in chicago? can it clear all of this note? i lot of things are still outstanding. the sfo is moving towards texas itself houston could be a problem if your flight to or from.
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the attention, call ahead. that is the latest here at sfo. >> sunny and mild today. we are going to see a warming trend into the weekend. temperatures are cool it rapidly. gusty winds that are keeping temperatures into the 50s. right now is 70, 54 = livermore. temperatures are born to continue to drop off rather quickly to the evening. that is because of, are ones. very cold temperatures. it winds expected it to keep us at all night. into tomorrow afternoon we will recover nicely. sunny and warm. at the satellite. storm's
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center it right to the north. clear skies,, wins. freezing and at that. 3468 in santa rosa. temperatures bumping up. well above average for this time of year.
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>> actress lindsay a land could be charged with grand
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theft. hur--a necklace has been lifted from my jewelry store. the red it swimsuit that actress farrah fawcett has warrant in an iconic poster it will become the museum piece greeted is being given to the smithsonian. the swimsuit poster it sold an estimated 12 million copies. his car with the scripps did charlie's angels. she it fighting cancer and 2009. charlie sheen. >> t and c was the first to get their hands on the audio. between the audio and
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the dispatcher they posted online, take a listen. >> 911 this is an emergency. >> of the burly hills. >> mr. >> said is caught that call from charlie sheen, he is said not to call 911. them at the idea goes on for several more minutes as the doctor and dispatcher tried to figure out what his address is. white lushy allspice? but starr had severe abdominal pains, he had a hernia front laughing too hard. they say heat partied too hard for several hours. he is reportedly in rehab. stay with us, but kron4 news is at 630 is coming up.
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>> now, at 6:30 p.m.. tonight's big stories in one big block of days. workers, more stories, write our top story. but what here in said is a panoply of the day care center is in jail with the alleged molestations of five girls under age 10. 25 year- old keith with his of san jose is charged with 14 counts of lewd acts of a child. he was a substitute a year at the child development center. he was under contract for the school district. police are no contacting parents in the district because they believe that there are more victims out there. in san is say. >> egypt uprise state and sections of cairo are on fire tonight. that is after opposing protest groups. at least three people have been killed. more than 600 others have been injured. the protests escalated after a
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pro government group rode into anti-government on camelback. they're considering what to do with more than a billion dollars in egyptian aid. >> continuing our coverage i spoke with an oakland woman who is vacationing in a janet king said she was sitting right next liberation square. she saw them clashing and was evacuated. she saw their political >> as storm called the worst in decades. stranding drivers and closing down schools. chicago received more than 20 in. of snow. amtrak suspended service from philadelphia it do to place. kate time sent for kron4 news.
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>> @ here at the sfo bad weather in the midwest is have been an impact in boston and new york. just to name the view. it is not filled with stranded people. people got the word early and did not show up. at the sfo dead crewmen. and that here at berkeley it said the new owner of the world class restored in a foreclosure for the owner should is under financial reconstruction, the bankruptcy will not have any impact on the daily operations of their employees or their guest. and berkeley for kron4 news. >> and another big story, it has been happening for years. picks bit big pot holes. the polls are dangers. several projects
6:32 pm
are in the works. work is underway to expand the roadway. essentially traffic will be routed to a new concrete will be poured and make the bridge good as it appeared that work will not be complete until summer of 2013. and oakland with just push. >> it looks like the summer day, people riding bikes and walking their dogs in the park. still track but there for some. wearing what was doable but temperatures into the 60s. folks enjoy the weather will be a common seeing and the next few days. groups of kids playing on the phones up or shut off for the season and it will be of few more months before they get a check up on. >> not only is that the nice weather going to last through the week but also to the weekend. with the warming trend of glance
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first, recovering nicely in the afternoon with widespread it 60s. it is when to be a lot colder if so grab and jacket. freezing in fairfield. freezing in san rosa. 34 in concord and livermore. upper 30s down the peninsula into this debate. the 60s into upper 60s on friday. into this 70's by this weekend where we will stay as we head into next week. >> and report on salaries showed that top executives are being paid more than 280 dozen dollars in 2009. of course, you pay for it.
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>> that is right, all of this is on line for folks like you would like to see. it was posted by the state controller office. the scandal where they had officials accused of people came taxpayers by $0.5 billion to pay exorbitant salaries. now they are gathering and processing compensation for employees and putting them on line. this week they released the payroll report for waste district. the top 20 positions as well had the most compensation. bright had more in place on the top 20 list. according to data that guard commander for the police divisions was sixth on the list making $350,000 in 2009. that was more than the general manager position. it was seventh on
6:35 pm
the list. the police sergeant ranked 19th on the list making over to london $86,000 followed by another police commander. this position wasn't supported service position. he bottom to the list with the reported we check to a hundred and $80,000. >> did our have any comment about having four people on that list? >> yes, they did. the first one was someone that had retired. when he retired he did receive extra benefits. he also planted doubt that free of those people were obviously police officers and that the other city districts did not have police officers in some of them so it is comparing apples to oranges. they also said that the police officers get their wage as they put their life on the line and they want to stay competitive.
6:36 pm
>> either adair pecos on the line? >> yes. the transit district and the san remained a fire protection assistant. >> ok, you can find all of this information on the state comptroller website. will find a link on our web site which is kron4 news. >> kron4 news has obtained these records that details stay issued cars given to stay in place. some of the departments include the lottery commission and resources, a chp, horseracing board and many others. in total there are about 17,000 freight cars given to stay in place. the total is going to change. the governor has issued a notice sent to cut the flee to buy half. the savings, at $16.5 million. they're going to cut it by mid february.
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>> and check up on snow. no news now to talk about. deer valley has 84 in.. squabbling has won 15 at the base. 23 and lifts open. north star in toples53 in.--just log on to snowball .com .
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time now for tech talk with aids late. >> google had it tablet and to boost the specially designed for computers. they are hoping that they are appointed hitler people over to google to version of the phone. this is the home
6:41 pm
screen. you have done most use applications here. there is also cool youtube feature that you can use to flip through to play through by tapping it. it seems a very easy to use, very clean, very simple. it has powerful 3-d graphics. i played with the sports illustrated application and it worked well. it featured live streaming a newscast. honeycombed was described to work with the books. they're coming out soon so expect a dozen or more. the first one to come out will beat this year and spoke with the next. it is the one used that was fast and easy, good
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taste. it has several things die pad does not. fronted backside carries. this public, at busy and it will give it a run for its money. and that view, kate sleet. that the packers and the steelers are force in doors. then i can relate to our web site to find out people are the big bite checking out stanley roberts page. watch all of his the reports including red light runners in san francisco at drivers in marin failing to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. we have information on how you can e-mail stanley at our website.
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all right to both the packers and the steelers worked it out. the club. 2 end 1/2 point underdogs. that packers were indoors practicing adult cult high school. the high school practice was for aaron rogers then the since high school i was blessed to work with others fifth week of the fundamentals and we talked about the mental aspect. i really think that time is important. >> i have done more interviews on aaron rogers in the last weeks that i've done in the whole year. karen is going to be a pro quarterback. he is not only
6:47 pm
the physical skills but, the mentality. the understanding that he has. he is called, collected. he is playing at a level that is in very high. it is awesome to see. he is a great guy, he does deserve it. >> the coach deserved a very strong recruiting day. this is national letter of intent. the recruits with 11 high school americans ranked as high as 14, referring client tells me that the start of this group is billy ball at. big prize. 63, 350 lbs., grand i school in sacramento. among the players there was a tight end from massachusetts. richard rodgers and richard sr. was i to laterals. the famous play was back in 1982. cal had a bad year so it is nice to see in the the 14th best recruiting class
6:48 pm
in america according to one poster. the 16 top recorded nation according to max press, 19 totals did athletes but the fourth best linebacker in the country appeared out a strong dissent. it is something i talk about all of the time. when you are 17 years of age and they are nationally televised in where you're going to college, and do not get me wrong. there's an exception like the braun gm said it's still an outstanding, the thing i remember is better than doubled it. the good guys will play professionally but in high school they will have the games and television. the adults are just waiting for 17 note to make a decision. jackie, you have been down that road
6:49 pm
with many guys in high school. the bulk of it. you think that is too much? >> yes i think it is too much. i think it is up on the college students. >> they had for years, two years that mature little bit. my light is always, say do not make it in college, say do not even the pros. and you're 55 and highly is when you're 17, that is, i know, i guess. good luck to them. here we are removed worry about the long concrete yet our own problems. it is too much. you agree then? then i yes id. >> ok thank-you. espn will certainly when they get when did this can still, when we finished in tonight. the football has done it again. speaking of too much. above the crew 14 and out. recognized by max perhaps.
6:50 pm
the no. 1 team in the nation. in the california- based company they raised 15 highet school programs. it might contradict what i'm saying but if you know what i previously said, if you know him, nobody is getting a fat head in this program. it is a great, great deal. what i love the bill had a sore is here is a guy who found his, as the old saying goes, his bliss. he stayed there for it 30 years. maybe a college assistant and try to drum up and make some big money. he loves where he is. he loves the kids. he is the no. 1 and again. tomorrow, the warriors, will find if he is also. the tough part is he is in the western conference. yet some real it standing guards. and, the last couple of games particularly sunday night and was on national television with the people who might have to say, the coaches for instance. they stayed up and he was not very good. he has a lot
6:51 pm
people are night. >> to me i've done enough. who knows. it is not up to me. it is said to me i would put myself in the all stars. but, hey. it is out of my hands. >> the last time the warriors had an all-star was 1997. the hope is somebody says, " kate, he is really good, put him in there. " and i don't have that in hockey? am i know and baseball to. it is only 12 players would be really hard in its 30 teams and you cannot work it. see, i agree with you. i think that'd is easier, like in baseball. i am a kansas city fans. maybe i will turn on that came to see the lead guy taking a better pitch. but, again should be changed at world to?l (laughter) he should be
6:52 pm
in there. well we will do is put all of the rance would you agree with me on youtube (laughter) and send it across the country. it will go viral. we can do it. the sharks came back very strong. they fell behind 3- 0. they returned from the all-star break to phoenix and erupted for five unanswered goals in just little over 20 minutes. they began as seven game road trip. tonight in anaheim. they wanted to leave all with a smile. that is exactly what they did. >> we cannot walk into the locker room after a poor effort and say hey, we will get in tomorrow. that is not how it works. >> of flashing light is going on. me to listen mafias. this is a huge stretch of game. if we come back is not a good one. >> when we return this sucker punch time. the
6:53 pm
giants have a new set of eyes. back in a moment.
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>> all right, the world champion giants have added a respected name. he is related to the chicago cubs and he will be a consultant to bryant cb and. they are friends in the new york yankees days. the stadium is in florida at that again please watch all of the games as he throws in his 2¢. here is a sucker punch from jackie. the pittsburgh penguins. forward jonathan's all landed squarely on the back and crews. he dropped like that big of potatoes. let us watch it again. oh my gosh. the nhl announced today that after reviewing the tape he will not be suspended. pittsburgh won the game. four-three. well, those guys can fight. baseball hopes that date will hold them but these guys, they are tough. and at
6:57 pm
jordan stole is tough. (laughter) i am tired. they're looking for you. >> good night. i will see it at 11.
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the insider has the most complete coverage of tonight's star news. i'm chris jacobs. >> and i'm christina mclarty. >> "the insider" is on. >> i just a got a call from the residence of charlie sheen. >> what really happened inside the star's mansion. and anderson cooper attacked in egypt. >> they, at first, started going for the cameras. the crowd kept throwing more punches, kicks. it was pandemonium. >> reporters bloodied and fearing for their lives tonight. >> how dangerous are things getting for you? plus, is angelina jolie headed to egypt to shoot the new "cleopatra"? the new people magazine on halle's battle for her baby.


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