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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 4, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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thousands of people are packing in at cairo square call it a day of departure for the egyptian president. >> it has happened again. another fire in the castro district. the fourth fire in two days. i'll tell you what the fire department believes. there is a fire but in the neighborhood. >> we just found out this morning that indeed, the congress women's has been to, she will be headed into space. we have the details. --her husband will be headed into space. >> we have a complete check of traffic and weather is straight ahead. >> topping our headlines. hundreds of thousands gather
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in egypt square. were peaceful today. the military is setting up checkpoints. journalists have been detained in the last 24 hours and some of their equipment has been confiscated. top egyptian officials are talking about the immediate resignation of president of egypt. no idea publicly that is. food and water has been brought to and it ever want is for tuesday. they say today is the day. protest's organizers want to declare a victory in the week and half of pro-democracy >> following information on egypt's crisis, affecting their economy. the protest is costing them hundreds of millions of dollars a day. an investment bank has a protest and the bank's
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biggest stock exchange has been closed for over a week. them of the timeout is 7 of 1:00 a.m.. we're followed another big story of the castro district where there has been another early morning low fire. four fires at least in the last two days. will tran is live at the scene. you can see that the door it is changed. what is going on? >> not just for fires in two days. it melted the screen door they doused the fire on to it that it fire. it is very suspicious that they have working for it the other firefighters. they're
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focusing on the front porch area. they do not know how the fire started but of course, it happened on the porch. they scooped up all of the evidence that they could possibly find it so maybe they will find it if it was some kind of chemical. or, if it was simply a newspaper set on fire. they also focused on some porches next door. we will have to wait and see if this fire is related to other fires that took place yesterday. >> cellphone video it is today at 16th and market. this is the second of three fires. this one cost so much damage that 17 people living at the victorian homes, they're forced to be displaced and our stay in separate cited by the red cross. the investigators did not take long that they deemed the fires were more
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than likely is headed by an arsonist. they are not saying that this fire was started by an arsonist but, the fact that they brought in the same arsine investigator to work on all four fires, the way she does not have to share notes. as was patrolling the area. san francisco police department is controlled in the area. if you see a fire give them a call immediately. also, give their fire investigator a call. >> and other fire to tell you about. hundreds of people had to evacuate at complex on orchard street. >> (no audio) more than 200 homes where affected with
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this fire. fire crews came in finished the job by 3:00 p.m.. >> smoke got into the building and we had to evacuate the entire facility which is 215 people. there were supervisors on scene to evacuate everyone. there was a roster. we checked ever on as they came out. them that they had stood out in the cold for more than one hour. there were allowed back in later. the cause of the fire is said to be determined. but might fortunately nobody it was injured. them at 7:05 a.m.. a look at the weather and we are just waiting for the ascent to rise. --4 the assigned to rise. the no we're starting off with patchy it fought--fog.
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temperatures are warming to the weekend appeared we start you off showing q. how warm temperatures are expected to get in inland. we can't warm up to 70 degrees keeping 70's into next week. by that date stay in to mid-60s. by sunday warming up to 70 degrees. up to about 68 degrees by sunday. started up this morning with chilly temperatures into the 30's- 40 spring 70 degrees in santa rosa. 67 degrees = not but. 64 = downtown san francisco. 65 = san jose. as you head up to talk of a expect lots of sunshine, it will be of lot of shine. one into the upper 50s. upper
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50s expected there. sunniest day is expected this weekend. we will be right back.
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member is quite out of the dollar, a drop in net employment rate from 9.4% to 9%. is it is below list number in the last two years. there's late 36,000 jobs, they're expecting hundreds of moret thousands of jobs we created it. the reason it fell is because half a million people without jobs a pound works sold the percentage is lower with mixed reports.
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>> timeout is 710 and will be back with more despicable of its ballistic it live look at the approach to the bay bridge. sort of easy but it nice out there. >> a little bit of fault. -- fog >> we will be right back.
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>> they're demanding the egyptian president step down. they're packing car central square right now. tens of thousands are gathering there. at least 10 people have been killed and more than 1000 injured. the crowd gathered today, more peaceful, with family and children. the military is performing id search, they aren't condemning attacks on reporters. 24 and journalists have been detained. 21 assault it.
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among those detained are correspondents for the new york times and the washington post. them at the time is 7:14 a.m.. new this morning, the husband of giffords is joining the space launch. market kelly is 0.2 continue as the commander in bill launched in april. you can see him here on the left. giffords was shot and the head of month ago after an attempted assassination. kelly has been by her side. just get to our other big story. rough weather in the northeast. mass of snow is still being cleaned up and is not done coming down. look at this nopal. it is trying to clear the roads making way for their big weekend. i mean, it is the super bowl and the steelers
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and the packer fans are already having trouble getting around. let alone getting to the game. hundreds of cancellations of flights coming to dallas. can you imagine? spending all of the money to go to the super bowl and that you cannot get there? a lot of people are waking up to this problem. massachusetts, i school. look. icicle on the roof. the weight of this note collapsed it. we have aerial footage to show you, it first, you can see how deep it still is. --the snow is. they have been able to shovel out on the roads. they are running out of places to put it. this no has salt in it, motor oil and they are afraid to jump
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in the water because it could contaminate the water. >> from snow to warm weather. ours can on that boat left. the reason why each is followed the latest. >> near death lana's in a warm-up for today because after noon is corn to have the sunshine. there is still attached of bob in some places but it should be very clear today. oakland is up seven degrees in aid to has been before. it is above average. when to start off with your temperatures, into the '40's and '30's. in the afternoon we are looking at 37 degrees and livermore. 64 = san francisco.
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temperatures to the east bay and south bay of at about mid '60s. sierra has lots of sunshine clearing by the afternoon without the fog right now. he will not be changed if you had up there. all lot of sunshine and mild weather by the weekend. here is your seven day around the bay. we're point to one minute before more as we head into saturday and sunday. warm spots could reach 76 degrees. certainly good barbecue weather this weekend if you have plans for the super bowl. monday and tuesday, 70's and '60's are around. based weather continues into next week. erica? >> no hot spots to concern yourself with, traffic is moving well. if you are headed towards the west bound direction it is looking good. the meter and whites are yet to be activated. the wait. they drive times of 11 minutes,
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checking out the san mateo bridge with the ride to and from west bound there are no problems supported either direction. looking at 13 minutes and to and across the span. the entire ride end of the north bay is moving well. walnut creek moving well. as your up approach the alamo is a very clear as well. keeping clear towards the market the race. with >> high school in fremont is holding a rally for peace in egypt. one of the organizers is joining us now. a senior at the high school when c fisher. then i cannot hear. >> ramsey cannot hear me.
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we're trying to hook up his microphone. ramsey, was marked you hear me? >> good morning. >> the morning why did you put together this rally? >> i have family in egypt. my committed the act in each of needs to show that we care about what is happening. >> you gathered the students. is anybody else aware of this situation? >> most of the people know what a score on my friends did not know about the recent violence. this is the main reason we're doing the demonstration. we want peace there and peace in every situation and the middle east. >>, peabody it together? >> we have run this team or 20. 15 or 20. there are you going to do this until school starts? but i guess
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until t830. >> the students are gathering here to support the rallies in egypt. >> is 7:21 a.m. and the mayor of oakland team kwan said that the problem was fixed but that it rated did break down again for police. wednesday's problem lasted for 20 minutes. it happened during a covert investigation with narcotics. the officers were able to communicate with each other directly but the system did not work with dispatch. yesterday officers were searching for three burglary suspects in the radius at the up again. did to results to hand signals because they were not able to communicate with each other or with dispatch. police have complained about the problems of the radius of the last months. >> anthony batts is one to make is and that's what
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today whether he will remain chief of police. his only done for 15 months. he came from long beach and he applied to become san as a chief but did not get the position. he was buried with a fully staffed police force. there appeared 80 playoffs and you kwan is saying she will rehire 10 who were laid off. >> 7 2:02 a.m. and will be back more in just a few minutes. a look at side, this is the center of her book is sent francisco. what a difference. will be following a story of the horrible weather across the country and in superable country. it is 47 degrees here today. we're looking at a high as 64 and then everybody gets into lower mid-70s and saturday and sunday. will be read back.
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>> well come back. a live
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look at the golden gate. this conditions here. it looks like a warmer day today, 5-10 victory warm-up with temperatures in to the north bay and enough food to the 70's during the weekend. a computer glitch caused a gas station it to put the gas on at 39¢ a gallon. many customers rushed there to catch and on the low price. the average price is $3.36 a gallon. there was a big traffic jam. the it share of and chp were called out for traffic control. it is unclear how long the rush lasted and how much gas had been sold under that price. >> no traffic right now at the golden gate bridge but that was not the same last night. at big brick spilled tons of sand on to the golden gate. >> said divers were stuck in traffic for more than one hour tried to get onto the bay bridge after a truck
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spilled send troops to of delays. some drivers were frustrated and others got stuck at intersections which caused backups on streets and other parts of the city. in san francisco, reggie kumar for kron4 news. >> we will be back in two minutes. a live look at san francisco with blue skies.
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>> come back. developing story in egypt. things are much calmer today. much more peaceful in egypt. this is video that you can see where the tens of thousands of people have demonstrated for the ouster of the age of president. it is more peaceful. there are more families there. over the past weekend after as the violence appeared of these 10 people have been killed and more than 1000 injured. today we're seeing soldiers
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checking id's. performing body searches. this is a sign that the military is out there sanctioning the protest and helping to keep things calm. aloin for peaceful demonstrations. now, the international community is condemning the attacks on journalists. there and 24 journalists that were detained. 21 have been insulted. five cases where it was taken away from a journalist. among those detained is the new york times and washington post journalist. they're causing for the egyptian president to transfer power immediately. he has been egypt's president since 1981. taking a look at some of the pictures that are coming in crossing the ap wires. they show some new pictures. the crowds here, more peacefully demonstrating and then here they are using water to disperse the crowds. mostly, secret? this is where talked about earlier.
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the military is functioning normally. they're making sure nobody as weapons. you can see them searching, more people have come out to demonstrate. major role here as people come out with their signs and flags asking for, there he is. the picture of the president. mark? >> we are watching a developing story here. another morning, another fire in the castro. this is now the fourth and at about the same time will tran has details. >> for fires in two days. same time perry for in the morning. as one of the eureka barbershop. fortunately, this business has people living here it sold the tenants are heard about the fire that ran out
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and post it with water before it could spread. it did not cause any damage and no fatalities. as far as the rest of the building. the fire was suspicious. happen on the front porch. 18 and call it what it for 4:00 p.m.. this is why they are sending their investigators immediately. the investigators are working the same fires as yesterday. yesterday's fire it was fired number two of three fires yesterday. this one is at 16th and market. unfortunately the fire got a lot bigger than this one and its spread to a couple of buildings. 17 people were displaced which is why red cross is putting them up in shelters at this time. because of the fire in this fire another mile away from yesterday's hire, that is why they believe is very suspicious. it did not take them long to consider this
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possibly could be arson. have the same investigator working. they scooped up debris and that person is going to work exclusively and not have to share any permission with any other investigators said that will be quicker. hopefully, we will find out what is light on at this point. they're not saying it is a fire but but they're also not saying of the fires are related. bhakti mark. >> the key for the update. >> it is 7:33 a.m. and we're seeing the sunshine. this set eyes looks beautiful. >> it does point to be a gorgeous day. you can tell from the shot in downtown san francisco the little bit of small, it looks like probably from the buildings with their. but the
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afternoon everyone is in for nice warmup, nicer than yesterday. temperatures are one with an average of the woman continues into the weekend. we have a little bit of a heat wave on our hands. but initially the next couple of days. 76 to graze on sunday. around the bay we could, to 70 degrees by sunday it as well. certainly, good super bowl weather. for the coast we will stay at the 60s warming up into the mid upper 60s in the weekend. up to a chilly start in santa rosa is a couple of degrees freezing. we're at 35 degrees in to fairfield. down in this half. with 34 degrees. 66 in nevada. east bay,
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temperatures in to mid-60s. 65. best of the week is looking nice as well, a string of sunny days with us. no rain. pepper trees are above average persisting into next week. erica? them that we have the potential hot spots. read up the bayshore freeway with the no. 101 in moffett of injury. it is not causing too much in the way of slowing or back up and the speeds are still at the limit. emergency crews on the scene. southbound 101. we are causing some slowing speeds averaging 30 mi. an hour. no other slow spots our house but still in the bay area. traffic moves well. they see its way past
7:36 am
golden gate fields into berkeley. once you had to the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems here. that meeting lights are suckled offs in the wake at the pay date. looking good at all a purchase. terry? >> 736 and police are pursuing a bank robber who led authorities on a chase from livermore to oakland and got away. take a look. a great picture. the surveillance, i'm the real and livermore. it was held up at 230 in the afternoon. look at some point in the gun during the holdup. he took off and was seen headed on the 580 towards oakland. there was a police chase and the technical icicle was locked down whether or looking for him. he got away. there shall he not only this little but the description which as white or light skinned man.
7:37 am
hispanic, 6 ft. tall and about 180 lbs.. will be right back as kron4 news continues. traffic is heavy and living and dead weight spiegel.
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then at taking a peek get wall street. the dow is trading above 12,000. it is down just a bit. we have seen in between gains and losses this morning, so far since the opening bell about one hour and a minutes ago. there have been some mixed employment news. the unemployment rate fell last month. we also found out that new jobs remain scarce. they also say that the unemployment deal is a lot of people have stopped looking for work. the dow is down by five points now. still trading above 5000. congressional republicans say they want to cut federal spending by using $45 billion from president barack obama from ththe stimulus plan. much of the
7:41 am
money has not been spoken for. the leaders say they will be lucky to identify it $5 billion in stimulus related spending cuts as part of the plan to save tax payers trillions of dollars over the years. >> safely is being sued over tainted eggs. they are being sued because they are claimed to not have explained to a family that aids may have had seminole up in proper information. safeway it says " we do our best to let you know about all of our recalls " >> heading into super bowl weekend and a lot of people trying to get into dallas. we found it to 636 flights have been canceled. this looks shows you why. look at all of this no they are dealing with. another blast of winter overnight for them. at a few inches of
7:42 am
snow piling up. we of icy streets and sidewalks in dallas. just two days before the super bowl. we will bury back.
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navajo welcome back. 7:45 a.m.. a quick look at some of the stories that we're following. the egyptian president is demanded it to be ousted. tens of thousands that have suffered the street battles with reporters. there are more families with children out there today. reporters are being detained. 24 have been detained so far. 21 have been insulted. >> power is up and carried to other people have been evacuated after a fire before 2:00 a.m. this morning. it started in the larger room when little orchard street sprinkler system partly extinguished
7:46 am
the flames of the fire fighters were able to put it out. mayor jean kwan said the problem was fixed but the oakland police raided system broke down twice between wednesday night and thursday morning. wednesday's problems lasted for 20 minutes and have been trimmed and covert operation while they were testing narcotics agents. officers were searching for three burglary suspects on the radio acted up. they could not communicate. with each other or with dispatch. they had to use hand signals. the need to work out that problem. it is 7:46 a.m. at with regard to look at the weather. is it going to be of gorgeous weekend. you need to feel bad because we are going into the super bowl weekend of we will be barbequing in our shorts and it is hard to get to the game today. >> @ yes, absolutely. here is a look at your superable forecast. an idea of what you can expect. arlington, texas where the game is
7:47 am
held. 45 degrees partly cloudy. pittsburgh, mostly cloudy and temperatures to a few degrees above freezing. green bay, 26 degrees. and flurries. to compare all of that to our area. 64 degrees in san francisco. 74 degrees in san rosa. we could seek a warming up to 74 degrees. certainly an nice warmup on top floors. here is a look at your current temperatures. 34 degrees in output. a relate chiles are today. 47 for san francisco and temperatures into the low 50s. kaiser when to look into the '70s for santa rosa. certainly a big difference. 64 degrees in san francisco. topping out at 62 degrees per 65 and sent to say. morgan hill as well. as you had up to this year and is calling to be an easy ride. no changes
7:48 am
needed. clearing into the afternoon with temperatures topping off at 50. mid-50s and by the end of the weekend it will be upper 50s with mild weather expected at the top. here is were seven day around the bay. a string of sunny days into next week as well. it looks like he will get above- average temperatures in next week. timeout is 748. time to check in with aircraft for traffic. >> we're attracting that hot spot. when no one near moffett. we have of crash blocking two lanes. chp and emergency crews are on the scene. they will be for an extended amount of time. you can see where the red is on your screen. speeds are down to 4 2 mi. per hour. if this is your commute allow yourself just a little bit of extra time. the creek looks good. no problems approaching the san ramon valley. the problems
7:49 am
towards elmont or dental. the west bound is completely in the clear. cross have freeways in san francisco look good. right where the james lick meets the and the and central. we're at it slid it free and problem free. if he were headed towards the eastbound section there is a problem for a stretch. >> we are following the latest pictures coming out of australia as they're picking up the pieces from cycling or her can't yet see. they're sending in troops with the cleanup efforts. as you see, the acres of sugar cane crops that have been destroyed. banana crops as well. we're learning now about major damage that is in the area. the homes are destroyed. boats are picked up and lifted it. look at these boats, they have been gathered for the hurricane which is a category five. power has been lost in two cities. the power is slowly backward rather it about one death. two people are still missing. >> just cruising the internet taking a look at
7:50 am
some of the pages from pages of other parts of the country and i've got to focus here on the ice and this know that they are dealing with in texas. not going into super bowl weekend of we're talking about major problems with air flights getting into dallas. this is the front of the austin newspaper. their problems with rolling blackouts. they're talking about preparing to the morning commute. this is of beaumont to paper. winter hazards. a damper on fun. here is a city of ice from corpus christi. you concede that texas is not prepared for this. here is this noted. they have closed schools and offices because of the icy roadway is. they just wanted to let them know. texas live at the fort worth airport. but the conditions pretty can see why we have seen so many delays. they are talking
7:51 am
about 637 flights that have been canceled try to get in and out of dallas. all of this no and is in you have to figure out to. ok, it is friday. people that are lucky and rich enough to go to the super bowl on friday might be traveling today and it will be really difficult with all of the delays that the storm is causing. you have to get there by sunday's game so we will see what happens at game time. >> too densely populated area it in the bay area. due to complexity of san francisco to san jose and the anaheim sections of the hundred mile line. one issue to be examined is whether it trains run at reduced speed. it the real ones are completed in 2020. >> the monterey county has increased the reward for the
7:52 am
arrest and conviction of damian all the not it. the award is now $5,000. damien is accused of having disfigured several puppies vault full slate representing himself as a veterinarian. they're looking to charge him with several charges in relation to cruelty to animals and operating without a license. >> we will be right back as the kron4 news continues into 11:00 a.m..
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and at 70 5:00 a.m. until doubled in the bridge is plenty of traffic. i guess people are going to work. marin county to san francisco traffic with the ok. in to santa rosa up to the north is 34 degrees. their point to get to 74 high this afternoon. >> traffic backed up at 101. look at this location on google earth. there's a new
7:56 am
construction projects getting under way to relieve some of the congestion here at the interchange. they're going to reconfigure its and replaced the tele road over crossing. their plan to add an additional lane, the southbound 101. and of zululand to the expressway. beat egg expected completion date is the summer of 2012. >> you might be thinking about football but there is a giant fan fast for baseball coming up. will be one of the biggest ever and tickets can't sell to our morning. we told you about the presells yesterday. you can't do have a visa to get him on that. it ends tonight. everybody is able to get the tickets. the advance will have autograph kids and at kids play area. there should be a deadline
7:57 am
for that. >> more than the super bowl. >> you're thinking about the super bowl? >> and the you at the world series. there will be local employees at home and security. the tse will be there with more than 100,000 fans. robbia airport tight screening to inside the stadium. they have spent more than two years planning for this. it will be about $10 million in cost. >> and his 20 7:00 a.m.. will be right back. gorgeous guys. how th
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good morning a.m., developing story is that castro district another fire. several fires between yesterday when we were there is life. today is wondering if they are connected. well will tran is life. >> investigators are not saying if all four fires are related. the latest one happen here. it's a barbershop. it started at 415 in a.m., it could've gone really bad if it had not been a neighbor who smelled something in the air. there is a screen door that burned. according to the owner, he said it is made of strange material. it smells strong. because of that small it
8:01 am
alerted the neighbor who was up at the time. she is coming down to speak to us right now. i guess you're credited for saving this complex. when you can tell us what you heard and smell that cause you to jump into action? >> i smelled really strong smell of plastic burning. i got a roommate. i said you smell something? he agreed to he smelled something. he came down the stairs open the door, he said there something burning. get a pot of water. the only thing i had was a cattle. i came down with the cattlteakettle. id almost burned up by then. i didn't hear anyone. i have the
8:02 am
dog up there that whenever somebody comes to the door she parks. she was not working.bark >> think do you say to a lot of destruction to this placethink >> if it weren't for mary here, she saved our lives and our house. >> what's going through your mind for fires in two days? >> i think god it did not burn the house down. i think they're related. >> i know you're really upset, you have a 10 year-old son. >> that's right now have a son and there that is with us.
8:03 am
>> why would somebody target you do know why? whether it's connected or not. >> i can't think of any reason. i haven't done any by here cuts. i can't think why they would do that to me. >> you are obviously confused. they're not saying it's arson, is there anything on your porch that could of started a fire. >> absolutely not. it had to be ignited by matches or lighter or something. >> thank you very much he's the owner of eureka barbershop. they are not adding extra police officers according to the fire department. they're still using the same amount of police officers. they are saying if you see any thing suspicious call the fire investigator. they wanna get here as quickly as possible to see if it was
8:04 am
accidental, or intentional. they're not saying that they are related but obviously suspicious. >> we are following out of egypt right now as we follow the protests under way right now. the latest from this morning as tens of thousands of protesters back into the square in cairo. back in freedom square. tens of thousands of people here. this time bringing families with them. now the obama administration are in talks about the possible immediate resignation of president mubarak. they have food and water with them. they say today is the day they will stay until mark leaves. they want to declare victory after a week and half of the demonstrations appeared we will follow the latest. it seems to be peaceful.
8:05 am
egypt credit rating could be downgraded as it is costing $300 million per day. investment banking downgrading economic growth down to 3.7%. >> 8:05 a.m., a look at the weather, all of our live shot showing plenty of sunshine. >> today it will be warmer than it was yesterday. that sun shine make an appearance. we are starting off with patchy fog. by the afternoon much warmer. temperatures above average. that will continue to the weekend. nice forecast for this weekend. nice shot of arafat as well. let's go ahead and take a look at our current temperatures. we're starting off chile. temperatures in the 30's. a few degrees above freezing this morning as we head into the
8:06 am
afternoon we warm up 70 degrees in inland spots by saturday, sunday expect temperatures climbing to the '70s. certainly perfect barbecue whether if you have plans outside. along the coast into the '60s spirit starting up this morning at a degree above freezing in san rosa, 36 livermore, 47 in san francisco south bay temperatures and to the low '40's. by the afternoon bringing highs up to 70 in san rosa, 67 napa, vallejo, fairfield as well. 60s in the east bay and in the south bay as well. 7 day around the bay this is a good looking forecast. not a raindrop in sight in this forecast clear conditions, lots of sunshine.
8:07 am
staying in to the '70s next week as well. to staying above average into next work week. >> happy friday. not too many hot spots but we do have this one hot spot and said the alert for northbound 1 01. to cause injury crash. they say the accident will be there for a while. that red is backing up on to highway 237. the back up solid towards greater american parkway. other than this no problems westbound 80 looking good as you make your way past golden gate fields. approaching and rebuilt. we have been accident and incident free throw the morning. the bay bridge toll plaza this is practically empty. traffic moving well. the meter lights were never cycled on.
8:08 am
preconditions for public transit today no problems reported. >> 8:07 a.m., back with more couple of minutes. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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80 11:00 a.m., we are down still not below 12,000 but down 24 points as we look at wall street. they are reacting to the unemployment rate dropping to 9% below slowing two years. but the economy generated only 36,000 new jobs. the fewest in four months. severe winter weather reducing jobs. construction fell by 32,000 the most since may. manufacturing added jobs the most since 1980. >> a peaceful scene in cairo.
8:12 am
the protesters are gathering again demanding president barack president mubarak step down. 10 people have been killed and thousand injured. it is, today. they have been performing body searches. they are condemning reports on journalists. there have been five cases in the equipment being taken among those detained are correspondence from the times and the post. >> a 12:00 a.m., back with more of a few moments. we are headed for super bowl weekend. texas is seeing horrible weather that have canceled flights. we will have more with gary. you can see the roads in taxes clogged with
8:13 am
snow and ice. vehicles spun out and not moving. that stranded car moved off the roadway. we will be right back.
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8:15 am
8:16 am
>> lead to be here. >> be a tough challenge were ready. >> they're good football team. >> everywhere you walk everybody will ask questions. >> i've been saying you never know if he'll ever get back. >> we will do what we have been doing. >> seriously gary. i'm listening to the commentators and the players, i am excited. >> good. as you get closer to
8:17 am
the game it's always going to be fun. i don't think there has been one story this week that has jumped out. a outside of pittsburgh quarterback going to a piano bar at 1:00 a.m.. outside of that not one story. >> i'm amazed i care at all. i don't care who wins. and at the point where i think it is exciting. i have no idea who will win. that's all anyone is talking about. i guess they always do this. they look at every statistic and decide going and on paper. who will win. >> as the veteran i will be more excited when the game starts. when you do this for a living you pretty much know 99 percent of the guys now, they are smarter now. unfortunately for the media they know not to say
8:18 am
anything. if you have anything exciting to say put it on your twitter. >> biggest lorry is the weather. we have our live shot. if you're lucky enough, rich enough. you will fly trying to get to texas today. 630 flights cancelled this morning. . it is ridiculous. i don't care that the game is inside but to get to that bauble. you do have to do something. >> firsthand account last night they called me. for the radio station there is a fan fast tomorrow. two young guys went down there to have somebody at the super bowl. and they can get back. i don't care what anybody
8:19 am
says. the game is great but when you're driving 5 mi. an hour it's not fun. >> president barack obama as you know is not going but he will have a super bowl party. some of the stars, two big ones j. low, marc anthony. and i'm thinking why are they invited. mark anthony owes taxes and you know how the cops will send you a thing saying you want something, or come to free game and they arrest you when you get there. but i don't think they'll do that. >> but can jobj low taken out of her purse. she used to date guys. had you know he owes 3
8:20 am
million? >> he has a tax lien on him. if i'm bored with the super bowl. >> if your man never loses 3 million you have to pay for it. >> two things i can watch. the puppy bull, this is huge. they meant this to be the. it's on a counter to the super bowl. millions of people watch this they put puppies out there. they put them up for adoption. millions of people watch this. >> can i tell you something i'm not an animal rights man but i don't like animals in their renown for people's amusement. >> they are not fighting. >> this is all supposed to be
8:21 am
positive. but you are putting animals in iran saying amuse us. a rankining and and say and use >> then will you watch the other counter programming. listening look at these women in lingerie played football. >> i will say in an nice way if i won a look at an attractive woman i will get a big deal. >> i don't wanna see her at a super bowl. >> i don't want to see women tackling each other in a football. isn't that terrible? >> understand what you say. >> this is can be a big nothing but i don't like women boxing.
8:22 am
some sports, tennis, track, and a multitude of sports but football is in one of them. >> i hope when i'm jogging next time and i spit you don't see me, and i light up a cigar that would be bad. >> the object is not to hit somebody. >> don't forget the andand fast. >> i'm just saying i feel like you're saying some things are not ladylike. if i should delude the out guys do it. >> i'm a fan of women spitting. when you spent that's exciting >> 8:22 a.m., we will be right
8:23 am
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8:26 am
>> 8:25 a.m., temperatures are warming up to seven degrees in san rosa and more temperatures to come this weekend. >> all lanes l open for 1 01 hot spot right near moffett. a better look at this hot spot and another bay area traffic straight ahead. >> the latest here, snow, weather, traffic. we have been watching this gentleman trying to drive his corvette in a snowstorm. 6 in. of snow on the ground. he has been spending his wheels for quite some time. finally tried to get help. everybody gathering for the super bowl. they are under a winter storm warning. sinh inches of snow. i see conditions in houston. even snow in new
8:27 am
orleans. >> i want to see if he gets back in and tries again. >> you have a car made of fiberglass, one rear wheel drive, and no snow tires. this guy is having a tough time. it looks like he's going to try again. he's been trying for quite some time now. now he's gonna go backwards. >> backwards works. >> really used to it. it has been quite a year in dallas. >> the guys next to him that are moving. a little bit. >> real we're drive is going rough. he's not going anywhere. >> we will do is keep watching this poor guy here. it will be 54 the game time. they will probably have the roof closed.
8:28 am
they're getting ready for the 2014 super bowl. it will be in new jersey everybody complaining about that. >> he is moving. so there you go. 8:20 a.m., he spun out again. we will be back in a couple of minutes. we will keep an eye on our weather and are traffic. we will be right back.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> 8:30 a.m., are big story eject. they are demanding the president resigning get out of office immediately. they are out there by the tens of thousands protest thing is much more peaceful. there's many more families and kids. we hope we don't see the violence that we have seen. 10 people had been killed, more than 1000 injured. today it does seem more
8:31 am
peaceful. soldiers are checking id's and performing body searches, i have pictures coming in. you can see the military is standing guard to make sure nothing happens and nobody gets hurt. you can see them searching people for weapons to try and keep the crowd clear of things that can hurt people. everybody is able to get out there with their signs, flags, expressed the fact they are frustrated with the government. that is a good shot of the roadway. to show you the massive number of people. there is concern after the attacks on journalists 24 jurist journalists have been detained, five crews had the equipment taken away. new york times washington post, and other
8:32 am
institutions affected by this. the senate passed a resolution calling for the president to transfer power he has been the president since 1981. >> let's get you caught up with weather and traffic. >> lots of sunshine you can already see blue skies over the golden gate bridge this morning. we aren't for early afternoon. temperatures warming up. we will continue through the weekend as well. we will start you off give you an idea of how warm temperatures are expected to get through the weekend. into the '70s, staying that way as we head into next week as well. inland spots with a warming up to 76 degrees by sunday, the bay we could bring 70 degree reading into the picture by the end of the weekend. the coast will be in the '60s but a warming trend in store. 34 in san rosa, also
8:33 am
fairfield, 43 antioch, hanging on to the 30's through the livermore valley, 47 in san francisco. by this afternoon temperatures come into about 70 in san rosa, this is certainly a nice warmup. 65 oakland, south bay mid-60's as well. up in the sierra it will be nice weather. you will not need a change at all. lots of sunshine expected. sunny day in store for your saturday, 55 for your afternoon hike, warming up even more than that on sunday. warming it up by the weekend. craig whether it yet plans out door to bar-b-que for super bowl. 76 andin some warmer spots. >> the accident gone from the
8:34 am
traffic lanes on 1 01. right down in mountain view. but this long stretch of red. speeds as low as 9 mi. an hour. backed up along 237 as well. picking up alive camera closer to the downtown area. stopping go this morning. if this is your commute direction allow yourself extra time. used to 80 is an alternate route. other than this hot spot no problems of concern around the bay area. san mateo bridge no problem in either direction. nice and light throughout the morning. free of accidents and incidents. traffic moves well westbound towards foster city, not much in no way of a back up. a drive time of 14 minutes between 880, and 1 01. >> san francisco another
8:35 am
morning, another fire in the castro. three yesterday and one this morning. will tran is live with the latest. >> r l 4:00 a.m., the latest fire happened on 18th street. you can see the damage because to. fortunately there is a plastic screen door here. because of the smell of burning plastic this owner, he was asleep and did not smell or hear the fire. fortunately his neighbor next door was up at the time around 4:00 a.m., she smelled something strange in the air. they went to investigate and that's when she saw the fire going at the time. at that time it looked like it was diminishing. she jumped into action. mary sylvia and this is heartache. >> my dad is a retired fire
8:36 am
chief when i smell smoke i get paranoid. it was a really strong smell of something burning. we really wanted to investigate that. i didn't know about the other fires at the time. that didn't occur to me at all. >> what's going through your mind? >> that is scary because i just read the article saying they had started at the front doors. it is scary to think that somebody would just randomly target houses around here. these houses are old. they could go up so fast. >> you can see the debris here. investigators came out scooped up all this stuff, they are going to investigate. they are not saying if they are all related or the cause of the fire. maybe they will find something in the debris.
8:37 am
newspaper, chemical, we are not sure. they are saying to police to circle the area and keep your eyes open for suspicious activity. if you see anything call the investigators and the fire department to take care of the matter to see if there is an arsonist working this neighborhood. >> we will check back later. >> 8:37 a.m., we will be back with more on this friday morning. what's happening in texas, we were watching the corvette make its way over the snowy roads. traffic is horrible. air traffic ground to a halt. this on the friday before super bowl when everybody is trying to get around town. and those who want to travel to the super bowl are having a
8:38 am
tough time.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> 8:40 a.m., anthony batts could make his decision today to see if he will continue his top cop. he is coming to the bay area from long beach. he recently applied for san jose police chief. oakland mayor said she would rehire 10 of the 80 officers that oakland laid off last year. >> fisher nor fisherman's wharf man will be arraigned on murder today. they say he murdered two workers sunday night next door. they believe he was upset because they were selling the same person. he is being held under psychiatric evaluation right now. two counts of murder and fire are used.
8:42 am
>> let's take a life peak. it's easy to get going when it's sunny and mild out. traffic is moving well and fall sunshine around the bay. we will be right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ [ female announcer ] with cable's bundle choices, there's not much to see. with at&t u-verse tv, you can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. hey. yeah. on my way home. [ female announcer ] you can even choose wireless voice service. he can't do that with cable. choose the right bundle for you. call now to get u-verse tv and internet plus choose home phone or wireless voice service starting at $99 a month. switch today to get dvr included with most plans and a 30-day money back guarantee. bundle the services that fit your life. with u-verse tv, record and play back your shows in any room from a single dvr.
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call now to get three services starting at $99 a month. switch today to get dvr included with most plans and a 30-day money back guarantee. ♪ for the bundle that fits your life, at&t. ♪ >> 8:45 a.m., protesters demanding president in egypt to step down. they are gathering by the tens of thousands. the military seem to be protecting and maintaining the peace. making sure the families and children many who have taken to the streets today are ok. they're checking id's and performing body searches. defense minister visited this or this morning as well. >> san jose high school holding
8:46 am
a rally calling for peace in egypt. >> in fremont high school students sending out minister messages they wanna see peace in egypt. >> the students wanted to get supporters to honk their horns appear they decided to do something after seeing the violence overseas. >> we wanted to get the mission across that students are involved. and that we are aware of what's going on. we are pro voted promoted to stop the violence. >> one person has family in egypt. >> i've been to the streets, i've walked them. r community should send a message saying we care about what's happening. >> in fremont kron 4 news. >> bay area weather and the weather in dallas with the snow
8:47 am
coming down this morning and just how great our weather is compared to the rest of the country. >> we thought we would line in up to show you what to expect. in arlington tx around 5:30 p.m. 45 degrees, pittsburgh a couple of degrees above freezing, green bay the folks in their wording on 13. 26 degrees, you could even get snow. quite a difference from our neck of the woods. lots of sunshine 64 degrees in san francisco at game time. in san rosa they could get up to 74. certainly a big difference. we are starting off chilly in the north bay, 43 mountain view and the same through san jose. this afternoon temperatures warming up more than yesterday and above average. typically were in the low 60s we are up to 70 in san rosa. mid-60's three the east
8:48 am
bay and in the south bay as well. an abundance of sunshine for the weekend and into the work week next week as well. holding on to '60s and '70s next week. >> it is a rough ride in the south bay north at 1 01 is our wholso low hot spot. northbound1 we had an accident long gone from the traffic lanes but the back up remains. red and yellow is on your screen 12 mi. an hour at this low spots. the back up stretching you can see slow traffic northbound direction. as a result we are dealing with back up on 87 interchange. my suggestion leave extra early or used to 80 as an alternate route. our only problem spot in the bay area. quite a contrast
8:49 am
here the meter lights of never been cycled on. not a single way that the pay gates. traffic moving while giving you a truck time of 10 minutes from the foot of the mason to fremont street san francisco. >> so what we did was time lapsed the scorthis struggle. tn the core of that. everybody else is able to drive. not well but look. and then he made it, then made it, then lost it again. he gets out and he may have asked for help, he's mad and get some. we saw this part live where he did make it. he's happy he is going to crawl. you're not going to believe this. he gets stopped at a stoplight after all of this. that is what they're dealing with.
8:50 am
>> snow tires are really good. a computer let's put-on sale for 395 a gallon at the roseland station. many drivers rushed there to the gas. normally it's $3.36 a gallon so there was a big traffic jam. the sheriff and the chp had to come in for traffic control. it's on long unknown how much gas was sold at that price. >> how much money did they lose. why didn't they just stop?. they really don't make much on gallons. they make very little profits they must of lost a lot of money. >> take a look at the dow is still trading well above 12,000. but we have been gone into negative territory slipping six points. mixed nuts about
8:51 am
unemployment, is seen to be better but it turns out there were thinking people stop looking for jobs. a lot of new jobs were not created, so it has been a mixed signal. republicans say they want a cut federal spending by using $45 billion from the economic stimulus program. the problem is 7 billion of the 814 billion in that law, has not been accounted for spoken for. big knowledge they would be lucky to identify 5 billion in stimulus related spending cuts as part of the plan to save to and half a trillion dollars over 10 years. >> we will be back as the news continues. alive look over san francisco. temperatures start to warm up. aéñ
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> >> the agency behind the high
8:55 am
speed rail is trying to delay our report. the delay is necessary due to the complexity of the san francisco to san jose segment of the counter mild train line. one issue is whether the train will have operated at a reduced speed making its way toward the peninsula. >> monterey county as palo alto have increased the arrest and conviction of damian maldonado. it is that $5,000 bid he is accused of having disfigured several puppies will falsely representing himself as licensed veterinarian. he could be charged with in violation of drug enforcement laws, precious than practicing veterinarian medicine without a license. and
8:56 am
cruelty to animals. >> pre sales 4 iphone 4 is now sold out. they're given the okay yesterday to buy that phone online now. now they will have to wait until thursday of next week. verizon expects to send cell, 11 million iphone by the end of the air. they are expected to be people switching over in hopes of a better experience. but before you jump ship you need to know before you switch. >> be aware the cost to leave at&t to break their contract. they change the price last summer. if you bought iphone after june 1, 2010, it ostrander $25 to break the contract -$10 a month for time served. if you bought before june 2010 a cost $175 -$5 a month for time served. horizon's
8:57 am
phone service is a little more expensive $30 a month for unlimited, at&t charges $15 a month for 200 mb, 25 months for 2 gb. if he is a lot of diet day that unlimited is not a bad deal. verizon iphone will not let you talk and surf the web at the same time. at&t's well. at&t iphone is more global. it works around 200 countries. verizon 40. so if you travel you might not want verizon iphone. as for speed and reception it's too early to tell. i believe this be will be about the same in bigger cities like new york and san francisco for rise and fall should get a better reception in has a stronger network in a big city it regions. >> 8:57 a.m., we will be back in
8:58 am
a couple of minutes. all look at people enjoying the snow. its parents and kids. week's show new miserable drivers now everybody playing in the snow for change. we will be right
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> 9:00 a.m., packing the square in cairo again today. calling for a day of departure. >> for fires in two days in san francisco castro neighborhood. we will hear from the fire victim. >> big travel problems in the south. alive look in the dallas- fort worth airport. there
9:01 am
rush to get to the super bowl is under way. >> here is a look at your good looking afternoon highs today getting up to 70 in san rosa, temperatures expected to climb even more by the weekend. we have hot spot on our hands north now 1 01 down in the south bay. the rest of the back up straight ahead. >> the latest in egypt. we are watching the protests day 11, they are peaceful today as you see people marching in the streets. demanding president mubarak's step down. crisis now costing egypt $300 million as we take look life, at what's coming in from egypt this morning. the latest with the protests getting under way. there are more peaceful today. the police and military have been checking that
9:02 am
people for weapons as they entered the square. the military making sure it's peaceful. after day of oviolence. we will follow latest. word that this is getting expensive three under million dollars a day. the gdp expected to shrink because of the crisis. >> 9:02 a.m., a developing story out of castro district where this morning there was another fire. add that to yesterday's live coverage of three fires that four fires in two days. will tran is live with details. >> for fires, today's all around the same time. the latest fire happened at the eureka barber shop. you can see the damage. it only happened on the outside it was plastic screen door. because
9:03 am
the burning plastic smile. it alerted his neighbor who was up at the time she was up at the time, she and a roommate was saying what is that smell? possibly a fire. they investigated saw the fire going. she grabbed a pot of water flooded out. at this point fire department is saying the fires are suspicious, not saying they are related. covering the fires over the past few days they are very close. within a quarter of a mile to each other. we did speak to the man who works at the barbershop. he works here and looks here, he has a 10 year-old son up stairs. here's his reaction. >> i'm pretty hot. >> you have a 10 year-old son. you have any reason anybody would target you if in fact it
9:04 am
is arson? >> there is nobody who would target me. everybody loves their berber. >> you can see the same investigator then investigated the same the fires yesterday was purposely taken here today. she is aware of the case. she scooped up a lot of debris she will examine that. we are not sure how was started. they're not saying it's arson. according to the gentleman you heard from there's nothing that was combustible that could have caused this fire. in his mind he believes that is arson. he is not the only one. we are in a business district. a lot of people coming up to us very concerned. i can tell you police officers are patrolling the area. not extra police officers but the ones here are being told
9:05 am
specifically by the fire department keep your eyes open. >> following the latest on major weather storm in the u.s. right now with alive look here from dallas for worth airport 600 flights are canceled. dallas' love field was closed a major hub for southwest. now reopened. the wintry weather will come to an end. we are seeing hundreds of thousands of travelers trying to get in for the super bowls delayed right now. ice conditions down to houston and towards new alliances well. today's before the super bowl. green bag and pittsburgh may have been a better location. they are used to the whether the other dealing with in dallas right now. temperatures will warm-up for super bowl is an
9:06 am
arlington. 45 degrees are not bad sunday. green bay also in the '20s, cooling off there. the bay area we have warm weather. >> we are looking at outstanding weather. when you compare what were having its the best super bowl see in town. >> to have plans to barbeque et till you probably should. perfect for sunday. conditions outside high clouds but for the most part dealing with warm temperatures and to the afternoon. we will continue to warm up as we head into the weekend. temperatures in to the '70s by saturday, sunday. we have a heat wave on tap. inland spots gradually warming up by sunday. 76 degrees, keeping '70s next week as well. the bay could get into 70 sunday as well, the coast will be in the '60s. still chilly this morning
9:07 am
up in san rosa just a few degrees above freezing. same with fairfield, hanging on into the 30's through the livermore valley east, in the south bay '40's. here's what you can expect this afternoon mostly '60s, we might squeeze out 70 in san rosa, 66 novato, 64 in through the livermore valley. along the coast nice conditions. if you're heading up to talk, lots of sunshine expected, clearing through the afternoon temperatures gradually warm. topping out into the upper 50s. you're 7 day around the bay, a string of sunny days ahead of us. an abundance of sunshine to look forward to. '70s day rounded to next week topping out los '70s return next work week.
9:08 am
>> we are making lots of progress north fell 1 01 hot spot. alive look 101 past 237 traffic is moving freely. earlier accident was blocking to lanes certainly not the case. take a look at the back up you can see the red on your screen indicating residual delay. if this is your route this morning to allow yourself extra time. we are slowing things down in the westbound direction of the aubrey e. shore freeway all but traffic is picking up as you make your way toward golden gate fields. we have been free of accidents and incidents. it picks up towards berkeley and emeryville. now i know a day of, we will be are bwe will be e
9:09 am
kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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9:12 am
>> new this morning oakland police chief anthony bass made his decision he will stay on. as a top cop in oakland. he is ready to roll up his sleeves and get back to work. he has been in the position for 15 months. he recently applied to become san jose's that made people wonder what was would have an even after he didn't get the position that we know, he is calling to remain as a police chief in oakland. oakland's mayor has said she will rehire 10 of the officers the city laid off last year. >> early morning fire forces hundreds of people to evacuate a complex on middle orchard street. >> 200 homeless were wrested from their beds after an early morning fire in the locker room.
9:13 am
this say is start your ride to a.m., the sprinkler system partially extinguished the flames, they finished at 3. >> the small got into word residence lead so evacuate it. it is about 215 people. there were supervisors on scene to help, to make sure everybody got out they got a roster. checking people as they came out. >> they had to stand out citing the cool for an hour into the fire was under control. the cause of the fires under investigation. fortunately nobody was injured. >> 9:13 a.m., but with one minute.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> top story, protests in cairo, demanding president steps down. there were thousands of people in the main square. air also gathering across the
9:17 am
nation and the other cities. protests leaving 10 people dead and thousands more injured. the crowd today including family and children. soldiers have been checking id's and performing body searches. the international community condemning the attacks on reporters. 24 journalists have been detained, five cases in the equipment being taken. those been detained are from the new york and the post. >> the dow was down 15 points wavering up and down this morning ever since the opening bell. trading above 12,000, and 12,046 right now. this on the news of unemployment a strong shore last month to 9%. that is a lows level in two years. the economy at the same time generated only 36,000 net new jobs which is the fewest in four months. severe winter weather of reducing the number of jobs
9:18 am
created, snowstorms last month cut into construction employment which fell by 32,000. one bright spot was manufacturing 49,000 jobs the most since 1998. >> ford recall lange f one to beat pickup trucks to fix the door handle. 209-2010 from january of 08, the spring on the door handle could break in that could cause a door to fail. if the truck rolls over on its side it could open. there and in no crashes tied to the problem. the recall begins february 14th. >> you have to check the calendar to see wet month we are in it does not feel like february. today is where we start that warm up. gaining 10 degrees over yesterday. our live shot here. john >> temperatures above seasonal average today. as we head
9:19 am
towards server boil this is what it looks like. 45 degrees in pittsburgh. below freezing in green bay with possibly snow as well. now contrast that with our area showing lots of sun. '60s and san francisco, 74 around game time in san rosa. here's looking your current temperatures. julie start once again in the north bay, 34 san rosa, fairfield, 47 in downtown san francisco. south bay low 40's. toward the afternoon the highs around 70 in san rosa today. 60s for nevada, ran across the board temperatures will be in more than they were yesterday. shal654 morgan hill,d
9:20 am
san jose. clear conditions in the sierra. lots of sunshine through the weekend by the end of the weekend temperatures upper 50s, mild what weather expected. 7 day around the bay shows temperatures should warm up into the '70s by the weekend. keating '70s around the next week. >> 1 01 in san jose a slowdown hot spot, there was an earlier curring accident. take a look at the back up traffic at a crawl heading up towards aunt clara, speeds averaging two teen miles an hour the the news is we're starting to loosen up on the interchange. allow yourself extra time, or used to 80 as an alternate route. another camera conditions a walnut creek look good problem free throughout the morning. and the 680 as you
9:21 am
approached the san ramon valley. conditions look good through dental. as you make your way towards the top caldecott tunnel and macarthur maze. the bay bridge toll plaza has been empty all morning long. no problems getting to the bridge along the shore freeway, was down 580 in the northbound direction of the nimitz freeway no way that pay gates. you can take the san mateo bridge problem free conditions there as well. public transit looks great no problems to report. >> we will be back as the morning news continues right after the break. conditions in the south and other alive look from dallas over 600 flights cancelled today. winter storm warning was 6 in. of snow on the ground.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> staying mile through the next seven days, and no rain in
9:25 am
sight. >> new this morning the husband of get real difference will be joining the space shuttle launch. he continues. it will be april 19th. his wife was shot and had a month ago during an attempted assassination he has been by her side as she recovers. >> the man accused of raping and kidnapping j.c. to guard for 18 years is confident to stand trial. he said he's not mentally competent. but superior court judge made the decision based on a bunch of different psychiatric reports. he is due back at the end of the month. he and his wife both charged in her deduction, from a south lake bus stop in 1991. police are looking
9:26 am
for a bank robber who led police on a chase and got away. this robbery happened at railroad avenue and livermore is to afternoon. this is the photos from the bank. it shows you the robber show in him his gun. to the front and side. this was yesterday afternoon at 2:30 p.m., he got away, 580 towards oakland. oakland technical high school was closed down well please were pursuing him. he did get away. in addition to these photos they have a description. 6 ft. tall approximately 100 rid 80 lbs.. >> test results for the of food and water samples. 50 students became ill at this ranch west of petaluma. is consistent with the fast moving virus that occurs
9:27 am
when people are clustered in one place together. >> at 9:26 a.m., we will be back in a couple of minutes texas is looking at more snow, and ice streets as well. now it is a rain look. look at how slow the traffic is going. a lot of schools are cancelled, of course you have to get around if you're there for the super bowl. it is hard to get there now. there has been 600 flights canceled the dallas alone. it could be difficult superable to attend.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> they are talking about the immediate resignation of the president in egypt. the protest have not stopped. demonstrations are in there and they are trying to get the president to step down with their massive numbers. they want to declare victory after weekend at half of demonstrations. some have been violent. today it is quiet, and peaceful. intelligence agency drawn criticism for not warning people. >> students in fremont they held a rally this morning calling for peace. >> in fremont san jose high school had a demonstration of what see peace and egypt. >> (cheering & applause) they
9:31 am
wanted to get supporters to halt their towns. the students said they wanted to do something after same violence overseas. >> we wanted to get the message across the students can be aware. were promoting to stop the violence. >> he had family in egypt in my to do something about it. >> i've been to the streets and walk them tons of times. i feel like our community should send a message saying all we care about what's happening. >> 9:31 a.m., the latest out of the castro in san francisco, there was an early morning fire today, it happen here. it makes for fires in two days. yoli is live at the scene of this one. >> i'm on 18th street, it is the
9:32 am
fourth fire within the same neighborhood, the castro in san francisco. it started at 4:00 a.m. this morning, this front porch caught on fire. this green was involved in flames when the neighborhood smell that and she actually put out the fire. she explains what exactly do alerted her. >> my dad is a retired fire chief. when i smell smoke i get paranoid. it was a strong smell something burning. we really wanted to investigate and make sure everything was ok. i didn't know about the other fires at the time. none of that occurred to me. >> for fires today's all in this in every crowd? >> it is very i just read the article saying a few films
9:33 am
started at the doors. it is scary to think somebody would randomly target houses. these houses are old they could go up so fast. >> this fire is deemed suspicious as far as other fires yesterday those are an arsonist. they still are not ready to say these are connected. the same investigator that cover the fires from yesterday the same one was in charge of this fire, this location as well. she was out here earlier this morning to collect evidence. you can see some of the screen on the door. she collected that and took it to her lab it is under castigation. >investigation. >> let's have a look at the whether for the weekend.
9:34 am
>> a great weekend on tap for you. patchy fog this morning in the north bay, by the afternoon temperatures expected to warm up even more than they did yesterday. that trend continues read it through the weekend. calling it a heat wave. through the next few days you can see the warming trend getting up to 73 by saturday 76 on your sunday. the bay could warm up to 70 on sunday. keeping coastal temperatures in the '60s. current temperatures upper 30's at the current hour for san rosa, 50 in san francisco, 48 in oakland. 50 degrees for hayward, in the south bay upper 40's. in the afternoon we might screes out a 70 degree reading is that rosa, we will keep temperatures mid-60s to through the east bay and the south bay. lots of
9:35 am
sunshine in store for the weekend and next week as well. not raindrop in sight. we will stay dry for a good long stretch here. by next week '70s around and upper 60s. here is look. time is 9:35 a.m., here is traffic. >> much improvement in the south bay along northbound 1 01. earlier accident long gone from the traffic lanes. you can see traffic is sluggish towards travel de la cruz. northbound to 80 is also great alternate route. another camera for you in san francisco. problems three were the james lick museum south-central. very few cars on the road and then merge. if you're headed towards the lower deck of the bridge a nice easy ride. picking up the san mateo bridge ride. 92, a great looking
9:36 am
commute for the morning no accidents or incidents out there. the back of the toll plaza. nice easy drive time of 14 minutes across the span. >> a quick break is the news continues until 11:00 a.m., a look at houston deice is starting to melt. it was below freezing this morning in the starting to melt. it was below freezing this morning in the houston area. ♪ cadillac cts sports sedan. top-tier status right now get this attractive lease offer on a cadillac cts sport sedan. ♪ cadillac. the new standard of the world.
9:37 am
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9:39 am
>> watching wall street the first day down day of the week your nasdaq has been up three points. news about unemployment was mixed. it dropped down to 9%. that was the word today. even though the january unemployment numbers shows the economy added 34,000 jobs another survey showed 500,000 americans going back to work. mixed news there and on wall street. republicans say they
9:40 am
want a cut federal spending by using $45 billion from economic stimulus program. there is only 7 billion left. as most of the money has been spoken for. the republican leaders acknowledged it would likely to identify 5 billion in spending cuts as part of the plan to save taxpayers 2.5 trillion over the next 10 years. >> san francisco woman is suing suit safe way. she filed of lawsuits claiming she did not do all it could to tell her about eggs even by her family last year that may have been contaminated with salmonella. she says it failed to notify its club card caring members. safeway says it does its best. a computer glitch at a center rosa gas station puts gas on sale for 395 a gallon. it happened last
9:41 am
night at their rosalyn station. many drivers rushed to the location to cash in on the low price. the word spread like wildfire. because the averages $3.36, when you find out is 395, a traffic jam started. it is spilling over to interject sections. chp had to be called out for traffic control. it is unclear how long it continued or how much gas wet for that low price. >> we will be back as the news continues after the break. alive look at mt. tam. breezy at 2,500 ft. pretty looking day.
9:42 am
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[ maltaste so good they don't need sauce. crispy on the outside with chili pepper and spices that explode with every bite. try 20 kfc hot wings today for just 10 bucks. that's only 50 cents a wing! kfc. tastes so good. >> 9:44 a.m., the top stories at this hour. some of the news we
9:45 am
have followed. protesters in egypt demanding the ouster of the president. they want him to resign immediately. the military is checking people, frisking them. making sure no weapons are brought in. and also keeping the peace rather than attacking. the crowd includes families, and children today. we are seeing peaceful demonstrations today. >> we are following the southern snow storm alive look from houston. better conditions here with temperatures below freezing earlier this morning. 6 in. of snow here in dallas. 630 flights have been canceled in and out of dallas alley area.
9:46 am
>> anthony batts is staying this morning we found that out for sure. he will continue to be the chief of police in oakland. he is ready to roll up his sleeve and a collector or. he came from long beach but there's questions after he it applied to san jose whether he would stay. he didn't get that job. >> 9:46 a.m., a good-looking weekend. your super bowl sunday looking good in arlington tx spirit 45 partly cloudy. pittsburgh a few degrees above freezing. big difference from our area san francisco lots of sunshine. in the '60s and could warm up into the '70s for sunday in san rosa ran around superbowl time. a good day to get the grill out. current temperatures upper 30's this morning in san rosa, 57
9:47 am
francisco few degrees cooler in oakland, warming up into the 50s and hayward, upper 40's in the south bay. by the afternoon squeezing out sunday degree reduces set aside, 66 novato, 67 in vallejo and fairfield. east bay temperatures in the '60s, along the coast 62 happen bay. if you're headed to topple nice weather there. no snow expected for the weekend. clearing and lots of sunshine by saturday, sunday mild weather with temperatures into the 50s. 7 day around bay, and more sunshine ahead of us. an abundance of sun through the weekend and into next week. temperatures well above average into monday we will keep '70s around. also we have all look at your as you report. if you're headed to alpine base
9:48 am
depth is 80 in., 13 less, 100 runs. heavenly based at 65, 27 let's, 94 runs. " kirkwood 94 in., 12 lesslifts. >> westbound 80 approach to the bay bridge toll plaza nice and light. it has been the case all morning. craig conditions from the shore freeway. westbound 580 and northbound direction of the nimitz freeway. san mateo bridge looks good traffic has been a problem free. no accidents or incidents out there. speeds at the limit on the back up at the top plaza. the golden gate bridge for you in this at bound direction you can see very few cars headed toward san
9:49 am
francisco. i checked the centers for you while about 65 mi. an hour for your ride out of novato. public transit has been good no problems for bar, or maybe this morning. >> we are days away from the super bowl have you placed your bet? we brought legal expert to talk about whether you will get in trouble for betting on the super bowl. >> if people get arrested i'm here to help them. the super bowl is the most highly bet on yvette in the world. no doubt..o problems an infraction nobody of overcharging. >> california decriminalized
9:50 am
office. every >> every office had a pool no harm done super bowl there's no problem but gambling is a crime. it leads to other things underground gambling is illegal in california. 5-$10,000 a game if you're hiring a bookie. a lot of people that big money on super bowl. if you're high roller that is illegal. that's a problem. if you use a bookie that's a problem. if you're on the internet doing this on foreign soil and you don't get paid that is your problem. >> what if i want to put in $20 an you're using the net. you don't know where this is based. >> it's an enforceable obligation. if you gamble, in you went on an offshore gambling
9:51 am
account you cannot insure that. it's supposed to be fine. everybody likes green bay i like pittsburgh but i don't gamble. >> 2 1/2-three points. >> let me say this summer radio show on the weekends it precedes me a one-hour show dedicated to gambling. they charge a fee to call up and get their picks. gambling is a huge industry and a lot of people cannot watch or enjoy sports without a wager. a lot of young people get involved in gambling lose a lot of money, it's fun to do that on the super bowl but it is can be a problem. >> an office pool is breaking law but it's in infraction? that is right. $10-$20 no problem anything about that watch out.
9:52 am
>> i don't have anybody with that big a bullet. >all wallet. >> we will be right back.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>> talking about the super bowl, the forecast 6 in. of snow on the ground right now but warming it up to the mid-40s for super bowl sunday. compared to green bay, and the bay area at mid- 60s. >> is so cold, icy, snowy is on the front pages of the papers. i had a look at a few of them. this is austin texas. that is a frozen fountain that you see there. from beaumont winters hazards talking about the icy
9:56 am
roads. people trying to get around. corpus christi choses the accent's from the frozen over road. they figure it this schools and offices were born to close today but they knew before they've woken up. look at what we covered live. we have a frustrated driver in a corvette tried to make his way through this note. we watch this poor guy and i was fascinated he didn't give up. he had to stop because of our red light (laughter). dallas usually gets a few storms. thousands of giants fans will pact at&t park. tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. yesterday presale
9:57 am
tickets went on sale if you add a visa card. that changes to more with the and fast feed during autograph booths and children's play area. >> it will be huge and the weather will be perfect. 73 degrees for your high tomorrow. 76 sunday, where you might want a barbecue in the back. have a great weekend and stay tuned we have one more hour of the morning news.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> welcome back for 10:00 a.m. our the morning news. the world- famous golden gate bridge. look at how beautiful it is. it is
10:00 am
barbeque weather. the beginning of a heat wave we will have or the next several days. >> you're right about that lots of sunshine in san francisco high clouds out there. we did start out with patchy fog in the north bay temperatures this afternoon will be warmer than yesterday. we will see not warm up into the weekend. the inland spots plenty of sunshine getting into the '70s. 76 degrees for the bay, warming and then heading 70 sunday. the coast will be in the '60s but plenty of sunshine dollar on the bay area. mostly in the '40's, 50's. fifties' long coast as well as los gatos take a look at santa rosa, cool spot on the map but that is where you will one be this afternoon heading the '70s later. 65 been richmond, upper
10:01 am
60s through fairfield, napa valley, 60s across the board further south. have monday 62 will be your cool spot today. up bin talal of the will be sun shine up there as well. it will clear is we head into the afternoon and saturday, sunday upper 50s on sunday. it will be mild temperatures in the sierra. 7 day around the bay shows a string of sunday's lasting into the next work week. sunday getting into '70s perfect barbeque whether for super bowl sunday. sunshine and warm weather through our forecast. >> happy friday overall it's been a great commuter on the bay area. one hot spot on our radar not the case right now westbound 80 the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza in the clear. back up free throughout the morning, traffic is moving well, meter lights are never cycled on
10:02 am
a drive time of 10 minutes from the foot of the maze into fremont streets and francisco. san mateo bridge it's been accident free throw the morning, less volume in the westbound direction towards foster city. no back up but the toll plaza and no problems getting to the bridge along 1 01 in either direction of the nimitz freeway. bridge check with southbound 1 01, traffic approaching san francisco moving at top speeds. 65 mi. an hour, checking some answers for you know problems for your ride pass highway 37 and down wall downgrade. >> we are following a developing story out of san francisco's castro district. there has been another fire that makes for fires in two days. yoli is live at the scene with details of this morning's fire. >> this rate now they are trying
10:03 am
to clean up. this is a family that lives here and runs their business here. there tried to clean up what is left is the screen door that initially caught on fire at 4:00 a.m., luckily that was the extent of the damage thinks to the neighbor who detected the fire. she basically, smell the fumes of the screen door in flames. when she woke up her roommate they came down and sought in golf. they reacted and put a pot of water on the fire and put it out right away. to spare any further damage. luckily nobody was hurt. they do have the same investigator on this as well as that was taken care of the fire just a morning. this is what is alerting the whole community this is the fourth one in two days within blocks of one
10:04 am
another. the other friars were on 16th, 17th, this one is the 18th. they are not ready to say there is a firebug on loose. they definitely said yesterday's fire showed a sign of arson. they are definitely seen this fire is very suspicious >> to see any customers going and are they open for business? >> right now they are trying to clean up, it won a make sure it is clean for their customers to come in. they wanna get the word out they will be open for business. they're just trying to clean up. >> yoli reporting from castro district. four fires today's all around 4:00 a.m. in the morning. early morning fire forces hundred to leave a house.
10:05 am
>> 200 homeless were rousted from their bed after an early morning fire in the laundry room. they say the fire starter at 2:00 a.m., the sprinkler system extinguished the flames. >> smoke got through the building where the residents sleep. we had to evacuate the facility, 215 people, supervisors were on scene to evacuate people to make sure everybody got out jammer roster. we checked people as they came out. >> than to stand out in the cold until the fire was under control there were later allowed back in the building. the causes it to be determined. >> fortunately nobody was injured. >> in egypt anti-government protesters are calling it fear well friday and day of departure as they gather where protests are taking and noses noticeably
10:06 am
calmer tone today. absent from the square are the groups. the president said he was to step down immediately the fear is doing so would plunge the nation into chaos beard >> it was peaceful this morning after two days of violent clashes between and i am pro- government demonstrators. >> supporters art gathered at a mosque in the day of loyalty will thousands of opposition protesters are shoulder to shoulder into rivers where. they hope this will be part barracks last day as president. >> we will ask them to go home, which will not push them to all appeared i hope they recognize we're not doing well for the country. >> egyptian troops toting
10:07 am
automatic weapons are on the street tried to keep peace. on good morning america and joint chiefs chairman said the u.s. military is closely watching. >> we are in a state of awareness, we have not increased our readiness levels. we're focused on this. >> for the past 24 hours journalists have become targets some beaten, equipment has been destroyed or confiscated they say half they have their formation suggesting the government is involved. >> this is the violation of guaranteed freedom of the press, it is acceptable under any circumstances. >> in an interview president mubarak rejected the notion the government instigated any violence. in washington but cool collins. >> amateur video from a clinic
10:08 am
in cairo. many went to the clinic to get treated after being injured in the protest. eight people have been killed, 830 injured. including 200 wounded within one hour yesterday morning. coming up on the morning news the latest on the employment numbers we will check out wall street. still following the story of egypt as well. a live shot from mt. tam. it is very beautiful, the beginning of what's going to be what i call the heat wave. we will be right back.
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
>> unemployment drop shot last week but they only jamar and generated the fewest jobs in four months. severe winter weather likely reduce the jobs created. harsh snow storms cut into construction employment. that is the most since may. one
10:12 am
bright spot manufacturing added 49,000 jobs the most since 1998. the dow jones's upper 0.3%. toiles thousand and climbing. in looks to be good. --12,000 and climbing--. jeffrey has asking permission to leave prison to attend his son's funeral his request was being made. he was found dead earlier this week in his college film roodorm room. s father is charged with inciting trader charges appeare. coming e
10:13 am
latest on oakland situation is anthony batts staying or going? golden gate bridge, the iconic bridge. it is beautiful today because no clouds are in the sky and the sun is warm things up. we will be right back.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> protesters demanding the ouster of egypt's president. they withstood two days of street battles with supporters. the crowd includes families with children, soldiers have been checking id and doing body searches. defense minister visited this or this morning. bat says he is " ready to roll up his sleeves and get back to
10:17 am
work. " he has only been the position for 15 months. he recently applied for san jose police. he did not get that position. jean quan said she would rehire 10 of the 80 officers that were laid off last year. she also said the problem with police radio systems was fixed. but it broke down twice between wednesday night and thursday morning. it occurred during a covert operation as police were assisting narcotics police. they were unable to contact dispatchers. yesterday morning they're looking for three suspects when the radios were problem again. they used hand signals when they could not communicate with each other or dispatch. police complain about the problems with the radio's
10:18 am
last month. 10:17 a.m., to live shots san francisco skyline, very few clouds in the sky on the right side its mount tam. breezy but i can promise you the breeze will warm up. it is probably war right now. for more on the weather situation and barbecuing. >> we will wajumping into the super bowl forecast 45 degrees, pittsburgh to degrees above freezing, green bay 26 degrees, not very idea for burger joint. but you know where it will be ideal here in the bay area. san francisco 64, san rosa 74. temperatures outside starting to warwarm up. 58 los gatos, alreay
10:19 am
on our way to 60s and los gatos, san rosa will be the warmest but this afternoon topping out at 70, 65 through richmond, upper 60s through napa valley as well as leonel into fairfield appeared '60s towards the east bay and peninsula, 65 for more help. that sun shine in tahoe, starting out with cloudy this morning but it will clear up this afternoon 50s through the weekend. 59 on sunday so definitely mild temperatures in the sierra this weekend. 7 day around the bay shows sunny days in store for us. warm-up this weekend, staying warm into next work week. >> we are enjoying friday light no major concerns or hot spots around the bay area. the
10:20 am
approach to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound 80 empty towards san francisco, metering lights were never activated so not much in the way back up. 10 minutes from the foot of the mason to fremont street san francisco. san mateo bridge good to go there. you can see traffic on the right-hand side of the screen headed in the committee direction towards foster city. headed this eastbound into hayward getting to the bridge on i highway 1 01 looking good. golden gate bridge looks good traffic headed into san francisco, the only hot spot we had was north down 1 01 in the south bay between san jose and mountain view. under 5 mi. an hour is some slow spots but not the case right now. traffic moving freely is to make your way toward santa clara. public transit looking good, no major problems for ac transit unique or bar. >> police are looking for a bank
10:21 am
robbery suspect who led police on a chase. it started at bank of america on railroad avenue and livermore. these are pictures of the suspect. when he left he was headed on 580 towards oakland. oakland technical high school was locked down because of this incident. white or light skinned male hispanic. 6 ft. tall and approximately 180 lbs.. test results from food and water samples at the walker creek ranch. 50 students became fell wednesday night. the symptoms and timing are consistent with an arrow virus. that often occurs in the winter when people are clustered in one small area. coming up on the morning news much more weather, traffic, speaking of traffic james lick
10:22 am
no problem in that area. california should be proud.
10:23 am
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10:25 am
kfc. tastes so good. >> 73 tomorrow, 76 by sunday, and no rain and no snow, we have the best weather if you are headed to dallas. you might want kids along purpose. snow storm earlier is an slowing things down. shutting down commercial flights. airlines counting on the weather forecast that calls for snow to end. all look at their rough
10:26 am
commute in dallas traffic backed up for miles. several cars were abandoned. there have been rolling blackouts, the nfl says that will not be a problem for the super bowl. that is good because we don't want any blackout during the game. if you're headed to dallas you might want to push back your flights. people are in shock, they didn't think it snowed in dallas. north texas hit. sports leaders are pinning this slippery situations. >> icy straits have turn the media called on north texas. even curt warner called it unprepared for a winter storm. it's like the city's dead you
10:27 am
don't expect it, superable week. >> at an event cameras around the country cowboys owner kept smiling. refusing to the knowledge of the backlash. >> if you're putting on something like this there will be challenges. there are things you're prepared for and things you're not prepared for. >> i'm happy about how we got streets ready to go. >> the most direct response he called the assessment a super balsuper bowl pilot of sour gra. >> the weather would not hurt another super bowl. if he approves another cold climate site he might get more criticism from national media.
10:28 am
>> i hate to run again but we have the best weather in the country. if you're in milwaukee your loving the fact that packers are headed to the super bowl to play the steelers. this is milwaukee they're getting ready for a pep rally. that town has 100,000 people total. everybody can be fitted into the cowboys' stadium. this is dallas the super bowl, it is white, people having a hard time driving around. 630 flights so far have been canceled in and out of dallas. if you're following the situation, will also follow our situation when we come back.
10:29 am
10:30 am
live from the new station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> welcome back to kron 4
10:31 am
morning news. and 30 a.m., topping news following news out of egypt. the escalating violence. today it seems,, today is a big day for lot of people over there. we will tell you more about that. a lot of people are leaving. people gathered today making it clear they want the president to leave office immediately. mohammad all benares one of the leaders of the protest movement said there should be a a transitional government headed by two or three figures including a military. mission san jose high school called for peace in egypt. he says he wants to step down but if he does too quickly might cause chaos. in fremont
10:32 am
students sending out the message they want a sepias and injured. --to see peace in egypt. --they decided to do something after the violence overseas. >> we wanted to let people know students in high school know what to wear in the world. we are promoting to stop the violence. >> he has family in egypt and decided to do something. >> of what those streets tens of times. i felt like our community should send a message saying we care about what's happening open your eyes. >> arson investigators on the scene of a fire at a barbershop. it happened around 4:00 a.m., 18th in collingwood street in
10:33 am
the city's castro district. damage from the door that's where the fire started, the fourth side in today's we spoke with a woman who helped put out this fire. >> my dad is a retired fire chief when i smell smoke i get paranoid it was a strong smell of something burning. we really wanted to investigate and make sure everything was ok. i did not know at the time about the fires appeared none of that occurred. >> what's gone through your mind. >> i read the article saying they pretty much had started, at the front door. it is scary to think, somebody would target houses around here. these houses could just go up so fast. >> they believe an arsonist set three fires in the castro
10:34 am
district yesterday. nobody was seriously for the fires which were within two blocks of each other. more than one dozen residents of an apartment building were displaced, there is cell phone video from the fire that happened yesterday. that's why they think it's suspicious for fires in two days. power has been restored following a to alarm fire, the fire was reported at about 2:00 a.m., it was blonder room at of the emergency housing complex. because the building sprinkle and system partially extinguished the flames of fire was put of quickly. 10:34 a.m., let's talk about this warm weather that we are experiencing. >> san jose lots of sunshine in
10:35 am
the south bay breezy conditions you can see the camera shaking around out there. we did start out with morning fog in the north bay but temperatures warmer than yesterday's temperatures. we have a big warm of the store for us on the weekend. inland areas in the '70s pretty much all week and even into next work week. sunday 76 degrees, the bay will get up to '70s and it will hit the 70 mark sunday. we are still venison in the sunshine as well. temperatures warming up. 54 san rafael, 54 through oakland and happened bay. in the 60s and los gatos sitting it's 61 degrees. right now by looking at this you can't tell santa rosa will be the norm warmer spot this afternoon topping out into the '70s today. upper 60s through fairfield, of we have 60s across
10:36 am
the board down the east bay anna peninsula. for those in you had it to top posts sunshine of there's well. fifties in highs for the afternoon. we will see 50s through the weekend, 59 sunday, a bit of a warm-up sunday. 7 day around bay. we have sunny days in store for us. super bowl sunday perfect sunny weather. perfect for accu- weather. sunshine through the next work week. a check gone traffic with arafat. >> no major problems on the roadways. traffic moves will not matter where you go out today. the bay bridge toll plaza the westbound direction no problems approaching the toll plaza. now awaiting the toll lanes though meter and let's never cycled on. westbound 580 and the northbound direction of the nimitz freeway.
10:37 am
san mateo bridge westbound, eastbound 92 lots of space between cars. we have been free of accidents and incidents all day long. heading into san francisco i just reject those live road sensors speeds averaging 65 mi. an hour down to the wall low-grade. began another camera 680 lives well in both directions. traffic is moving at the limit no problems towards the san ramon valley. the entire ride looks good from the 242 split through what lick creek. great conditions continued through san ramon valley into all mall and damn ball. >> has been of congresswoman deborah of difference will join the next day shuttle launch. mark kelly will continue set for april 19th. this is him back in space in 2008. his wife was
10:38 am
shot and had a month ago during an attempted assassination. he has been by her side as she recovers. he made the decision he will go to space april 19th. coming up on the morning news much more weather, traffic, news. gray weather around the bay area. you can see the airport here. thousands of cancellations all over the country this week as far as flights. so far 630 cancellations. we will follow the story and have
10:39 am
a a a aéñ
10:40 am
10:41 am
the big board this morning. over the past 30 minutes we are headed in the right direction. dow jones over 12,000 points. hopefully it will continue unemployment numbers came out they dipped 9%. that's not great if you're unemployed. but it is moving in the right direction.
10:42 am
much more on this on kron 4 dog, as far as wall street your-- kron 4 doc. fortune ranked it america's best pork places in 2007. google has since come in fourth place which is not bad. a computer glitch at a gas station put its gas on sale for 395. the incident happens at the station. many drivers rushed to cash in on the low price. the usual price is $3.36. it caused a traffic jam that spilled onto intersections.
10:43 am
the sheriff and chp were called to do. it is unclear how long the rush continued or how much gas was sold at the low price. the pay is making headlines. up by a of rival pipe guys decided to redecorate extreme pizza westbound the block were arrested for painting graffiti on the restaurant. timothy attacketrucker are charged withy mentalism appeared we will be back in a few moments. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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10:47 am
checking ideas and performing body searches a sign that military sanctioning the protest. we attracting national weather and snowstorms earlier today curtails arrivals at the international airport and shuts down commercial air flights. alive look at dallas-fort worth. 630 cancellations and that could add up as the book takes off this afternoon. a developing story. oakland police chief anthony batts made his decision he will continue to be the peace police chief. he is ready to roll up his sleeves and get back to work. he's been in the position for 15 months after coming from long beach. >> 10:47 a.m., and jump into your super bowl forecast
10:48 am
arlington tx and it will top out at 45 degrees spirit hits burned to degrees warmer than frefreez. the bay area is going to have ideal barbeque weather. plenty of sunshine 64 degrees in san rosa, even 74 in san rosa appeare. 56 redwood city alreado the '60s and los gatos. cooler in san rosa at 43. not in the state school for too long san rosa is getting up to the '70s today. 653 san rafael and richmond, 67 through the napa valley, fairfield. 60s across the board down the east bay in the peninsula and along the coast. 7 day around the bay
10:49 am
shows us we will see a string of sunny days, staying in to the forecast this weekend. we will see seventies and sixties stick around into your next work week. for those of you spending super bowl weekend up in tahoe let's take a look at your ski report appeared sure ruble bay step of 134 in.. nine lifts open with 94 runs. heavenly one of the base that 65-90 in.. 94 runs and will finish it off with squaw valley 115 in.. 170 runs. have fun out there. let's get a check on traffic with arafat.erica. >> westbound 80 nice and light, this has been the case through the morning no problem in to san
10:50 am
francisco, sam with this san mateo bridge, lots of space between cars and in the westbound direction towards foster city. accident and incident free all morning. no problems on the other side. clothing gate bridge moves well and this san francisco. no problems through marin county. speeds move well out of novato past 37. across town freeways in san francisco slope. i checked the traffic clogs no problems. a minor delay if you make your way towards a split. >> millions of people watching the super bowl no surprise ads caused millions of dollars. from the fare bridge to the rockies and we have a look at who's spending to catch your eye. >> the big game needs big ads and big money.
10:51 am
>> no other vehicle that can bring you 100 + million american consumers. >> that audience does not come cheap. companies have put down $1.6 billion for super bowl spots over the decade. anheuser- busch, disney, gm, coca-cola leading the way. all will be in the mix on sunday with estimates putting 32nd add at $3 million. advertisers back for seventh year returns that that investment are worth it. >> different measures to see if we have returned on our investment, every year the super bowl comes through. >> for stammer ricky advertisers made up 20 percent of the super bowl ad roster last year. >> people trying to make a name for themselves, take the business to the next level
10:52 am
recognize superbowl is an enormous onetime marketing promotional opportunity to put themselves on the map. >> for advertisers big and small social networking enhances the. the facebook campaigns for interests in their ads. in washington karen. >> football teams are not the only people on their eye. police homeland's security officials, they are getting into the action to make sure the more than 100,000 attendees are safe, cameras covered nearly every inch of cowboys stadium, norwest will be patrolling in the air. there will be airport tight screening to get into the
10:53 am
stadium. they have spent more than two years planning the protection. they say the cost will be about $10 million the league is head picking up half that amount. coming up one last look at weather, and what's going on in egypt. speaking of whether let's go to a heavenly ski resort. you can see how beautiful it is right now. barely any snow on the ground unfortunately.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
protesters demanding the president of the chips as thing. packed in by the tens of thousands. two days of street battles. you can see violence on the streets. the crowd today includes families with children. soldiers have been checking id's and performing body searches. egypt's defense minister visited the square this
10:57 am
morning. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage on the latest coming out of egypt. closer to the bay area, thousands of giant fans flocking to at&t park tomorrow a celebration of the fan fast. tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, yesterday giant presale tickets went on sale but only for a visa card holders. that changes tomorrow, it will feature autograph booths and a children's play area. the viewing of the trophy which has been on parade all over northern california ever since the germans brought home. a great day for fan fast or whenever plants are this weekend. seven days. super bowl sunday 76, we are at the beginning of what he waved. cools down midweek, more
10:58 am
importantly no rain. that will do for us this morning our next newscast is 4:00 p.m.. a a
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