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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  February 4, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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what a beautiful friday around the bay take a look at the video shot from emeryville and boy we live in a beautiful area. let's get straight to grind to see how long the beautiful weather will loss. >> will be around for the entire weekend may be into next week. temperatures are in the '60s currently. as warm a 60 degrees in santa rosa, san jose checking in at 65, 70 in los gatos if an mid-60's a fairfield, antioch and concord. we could see a lot of '70's
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around the bay area for saturday. clear skies 8:00 p.m. beautiful friday night temperatures in the '50s at 8:00 p.m.. more morning look for clear conditions with perhaps a little bit of patchy fog into the north bay. temperatures cooling off in the upper 30's. sunshine and warm temperatures into the 60s and low '70's. the only problem tomorrow, gusty winds for the afternoon and they could get up to 20 to 30 mi. per hour. when advisory is in effect for fairfield and into solano county. future cast at 6:00 a.m. we have temperatures running off in the '40's most places with 30's and the cooler spots. by the afternoon a lot of green showing 60s and some yellow to. that's where the '70s will be for the south bay, north bay and east bay as well. a latino but we can forecast coming up. >> developing news out of
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the sacramento area that's where a helicopter has crashed. with us live, deputy jason of the sacramento sheriff's department. what happened here? >> about to 23 this afternoon we got a call and our deputies responded to a call by helicopter that had crashed in the field in north sacramento county. it its own by construction company that does work on power towers in the field. were not exactly sure at this point that the cause of the crash. apparently, there were hovering about 100 and feet to doing work on the tower and had complications and went down. there were two people on board if pilot and a female employee of the company that was to and work. dick neither one suffered terribly serious injuries fortunately they
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were both conscious and talking at the scene and were transported for medical treatment. the helicopter was totaled as a result. the accident will be investigated by the faa and ntsb. >> can you describe the area of the crash is a residential or populated? >> its rural area there are some residents but a lot of open field area along with roads that are sparsely populated with residents. it was actually a resident in the area that generated the call to us. >> no other problems because of the crash other than that specific area is power affected to anyone? >> were not sure this point whether or not power lines were active supporting areas. fortunately because of the location in the field, it didn't disrupt any traffic, no private residences were affected, no
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businesses were impacted. >> thank you deputy for your time, again helicopter went down in the area of rio linda two people were injured and taken to the hospital for assessment. if more problems for the oakland police radio system, during a response to our recent burglary opd officers lost communication with each other. they had to resort to using hand signals at the scene of the incident. this comes after an announcement earlier this week that the police radio system had been repaired. it's time for his officers to switch to a buddy system. >> we've taken up on the buddy system. if any system is not working properly at one to make sure officers can back each other up and we in fact have gone to 2 person unit is. until were confident that any system issues, are corrected and we don't have a blank spots.
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>> in addition to zero p d officers doubling up until the real technical problems are solved, mayor jean-quan said opd will soon switch to a new $20 million state of the art communication which is funded by federal grants secured by the city. oakland police chief anthony batts made a big announcement today, he is staying on the job. this is chief at walking in west oakland with mayor jean-quan as they went out to meet community members. he is that for the chief job in san jose, she didn't get that job and during the whole process he did express some french statiofrustration. at a news conference today chief explain why he's choosing to stay on. >> from my earlier conversations we have challenges as the city. i'm going to be transparent and open about that. i think the
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key is making sure i have the conversation in the year of my bosses that they are open and hear what i'm saying and more importantly they hear what the officers are saying. >> in announcing he would stay on as chief, he singled out the children at mary miles day care as one of the many reasons he's decided to stay. if the children came to his attention when they sent a photograph to his office of the children holding cards asking him to stay. >> i have been a fan of cheese that since he came to oakland. i was disappointed when he may be leaving. i was thinking what they do so we know is there's a large number of people in oakland who were looking to him for leadership. the idea it just came to make him a sign kerrey and i wanted him to know that there were people out here that he doesn't even know that he is touched lives and give us vote because we want to improve oakland.
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>> mary miles had never met the chief thought was impressed which with what she feels is his commitment was neighborhood meetings he held. a final decision will be made over which schools in the east bay will be closed in order to save $1.5 million the year. it the mount diablo school district is currently weighing two options that would close three schools. these are both on the list for possible closure and then there is run elementary and hobart elementary. today there is a clan broke what march 2nd miles from the district headquarters to voice their anger over the possible closure. >> i had to inclined broken to and holbrook and i don't think it's right. if they don't put them together that it's up to me to do the transfer will i have to work for a living. i can't do that. >> my daughter liked being
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here with her friends it's really hard. >> it's a lose lose situation we don't want any school to close but this one as far as a lot of the parents here is a major transportation problem. we don't want anyone to have to leave their school but to go 4.5 mi. to go to school one way is too far. >> the final decision will be made on tuesday morning. san francisco fire investigators are looking into another suspicious fire in the castro district. this is the fourth in two days. on top of the four fires and how close their to one another. each one happen early in the morning, three fires involved buildings at all appear to have been have started from outside. arson investigators are trying to determine if these fires are connected. the latest fire happen at this barbershop
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on the 18th and collingwood street at about 4:00 a.m.. people inside the building were asleep at the time. and neighbor happened to small smoke and saw all plastic screen in the front door way was burning. she quickly put out the flames before the fire spread. >> when there was a lot of smoke and a couple spots a flame that are still left the screen had pretty much melted onto the porch. i doused what was still on fire. >> here you can see cell phone video of one of the apartment buildings are caught fire yesterday, investigators believe that fire was started around the building's front door. 13 people have been displaced because of that blaze. this is a live picture from cairo egypt, it's nightfall there but still thousands of people are in liberation square as cause for the president of egypt to resign. it still ringing allowed in the streets of
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cairo. what more on this developing situation right after the break. @
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the latest on the eve of the uprising. protesters calling it a day of departure. their demand for the president to step down still on that. they traded make sure helmets to protect themselves from rock- throwing governor supporters. this huge crowd in liberation square includes scores of questions. today those christiansen link hands to protect the muslims at their friday prayers. there are reports of negotiations continuing with the president to encourage him to hand over power to is vice-president and allow the military base government to organize free elections. kron 4 takes us through the day. >> i day of protest in prayer crowd in liberation square growing in the
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hundreds of thousands of holy day. the army is not stopping people from joining the protest. the mixed crowd of men, women and children is promising to stay and other demand is met. >> leave now please leave this country. >> it's turned into an ongoing festival. >> (cheering) >> some people have been there week sustained by with food water and medicine. the pro-government protesters have been kept by entering his square by barricade of ambulances. at one point gunfire echoed through the streets, no reports of widespread violence. in washington president barack obama kept up the pressure off on the president. >> the only thing that will
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work is moving a quarterly transition process that begins right now. >> i get me show you the live picture from liberation square in cairo where all of these demonstrations have been centered is just after 2:00 a.m. in the morning there is relatively quiet even under the darkness there are hundreds of thousands of people still in that area the area that has been the scene of these peaceful protest. compared to two days ago when there was violence and still the anti president protesters are holding fast. stay with kron 4 and for continuing coverage on the uprising and egypt. we'll be right back after the break.
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the arlington fire department says 64 take a hospital today, to its most
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serious injuries were listed in stable condition none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. a concession 10 was also damage because the weather you could see how the weather is causing problems for drivers this is out in front of cowboys stadium. the cruise up and making sure the cars are able to move about as safe speed but it's pretty precarious right now. according to the nfl the snow was being cleared away in preparation for sunday's super bowl. now casey reports, sports leaders are trying to span the slippery situation. >> even the nfl mr. nice guy, said he's prepared to handle though swinger superbowl during the winter storm. >> it's like the city is dead which you don't expect come super bowl week. >> at an event in arlington , nfl commissioner robert and cowboys owner kept
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smiling and refuse to acknowledge the bitter backlash or the lack of salt and ice covered road. >> some things you can be prepared for. >> i'm ready for how we've got our streets and everything ready to go. >> the most direct response to critical lot of towners he called third chilly north texas the superbowl case of sour grapes. >> everybody is going to be able to get in and out easily i don't pay attention to that. >> if it proves yet another cold climate site he might get a lot more questions and criticism from national media. >> superbowl in san francisco then it's beautiful readings and at 60s, as we look out toward ocean beach. if menlo park
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at 70 degrees, '60s around much of the rest of the bay area. a walnut creek in the '60s and it's nice and tall 02. latest sec from they call airport that's 54 degrees and well above average and mainly clear skies. strong winds going to be a problem in tahoe tomorrow, strong winds an issue in the bay area. although, clear skies for most of the day tomorrow we'll see lots of sunshine for the weekend and tahoe and the high temperatures staying into the low 50s. here's future cast for looking at wind speeds in starting out to more morning at 6:00 a.m.. if the when starting to get pretty breezy around fairfield between the 23 mi. an hour mark. through the day the winds will be mainly on the light side at least close to the bay in the morning. and in the afternoon, here goes the clock in to 11 and 12:00. by the afternoon
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winds gusting 20 to 30 mi. an hour around much of the bay with the strongest winds toward fairfield. these winds could be over 40 mi. an hour at times. look temperatures tomorrow, colistin the north bay, upper 30's, livermore 39. the low to mid '40's by the bay and in the afternoon as stellar day. did it's going to be sunny, breezy but it's going to be really nice with temperatures in the low to mid-70s for the north bay, east bay, south bay, san jose high of 74, off 67 san francisco. the nice weather were possessed for monday as well. and and next week no big changes. still maltster the week with nlots of sunshine. >> traffic friday in san francisco it's a mess. it is back on the southbound 101
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the bottom of your screen. it's friday and these folks are headed all for the weekend. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments (announcer) roundup extended control is
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>> an astronaut mark kelly will command the space shuttle endeavor. the husband of the congresswoman gabrielle has been that is why sides and she was shot the head of a political event in tucson on january 8th. this afternoon tally stunned that support from family and friends with the key to his decision. >> i started to think about sts 134 my mission, my crew the fact that i've been training for for nearly a year-and-a-half. considering a bunch of other factors including how would gabrielle would want to do, what her parents and her family would like ultimately made the decision not to i would like to return and commands fest yes 134.
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>> it's scheduled to launch in mid april. meanwhile, shooting suspect it cheered the offer will be tried first in federal court before any other prosecution begins on the state charges against him. it today state and federal prosecutors met there were in agreement. he's accused of shooting gabrielle gifford sent it to another. >> a look at traffic on the golden gate bridge on this beautiful friday traffic moving well both north and southbound. will the right back.
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>> live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news of 4:30 p.m.. the help is on the way for what is arguably the worst traffic bottleneck in san jose. the the highway 1 01 interchange is the gateway to san jose east side. getting there is often a nightmare.


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