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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 5, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PST

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how many -- oh. >> deborah: and it tickled too. that's "inside edition" for today. we love that joke, jay, keep them coming. i'm deborah norville. thanks
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. kron 4's vicki shows us the scene in the streets today. >> reporter: a day of protest and prayer. the crowd in cairo's liberation square growing to the hundreds of thousands on the muslim holy day. the army is not preventing more people from joining the protest. the mixed crowd of men, women and children is promising to stay till their demand is met. >> leave now. >> reporter: the protest turned
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into an ongoing festival. some people have been there for a week. >> everybody bring as little bit and therefore everybody has enough to survive. >> reporter: the progovernment protesters have been prevented from entering the square. at one point gunfire echoed from the streets. in washington, president obama kept up the pressure on president hosni mubarak. >> the only thing that will work is moving a transition process that begins right now. >> reporter: kron 4 news. kron 4's jonathan bloom talks to an expert about what the clashes mean for the 8
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government. >> reporter: he is not surprised, mob violence is a tool often used by crumbling dictator ships to scare the people. >> thursday, when the pro- president mubarak mob attacked, provoked -- this is -- significance in terms of the dynamics of the change on the ground and sends a signal that the army is slowly but surely gravitating towards the prodemocracy protesters. all the indications had pointed to the fact that the prodemocracy movement is going
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at the end -- prevailed. i have a hunch and that is based on my experience that this regime is crumbling from within and slowly but gradually we are going to see this government is crumbling to the point it reaches a point where the government has to be replaced. >> reporter: it's tough to predict what is going to happen, but he stresses everyone will benefit if hosni mubarak steps down. >> stay with kron 4 news for the latest on the egypt uprising. we will have the newest details this weekend on kron 4 news. a gorgeous day around the bay area. we saw the sunshine, nice temperatures up into the 60s about everywhere. the warmest plays into the 70s.
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71 for santa rosa. these readings are going up for tomorrow, even warmer than what we saw today. here is the view from oakland at sunset. a beautiful shot. clear skies for tonight. perhaps patchy fog developing by morning for the north bay valleys. otherwise, sunny, warmer temperatures and gusty winds kicking up for tomorrow afternoon. i will let you know more later on. residents on edge tonight in san francisco's castro district after two nights of spit ioning fires that damaged and destroyed homes. a look at where the fires are happening
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to wikileaks. manning is being held in a brig. his attorney filed a complaint against the conditions there. mark kelly, husband of gabrielle giffords will resume training for the final flight of the space shuttle endeavor. he stopped training last month. the suspect, will be tried in federal court. spawned wild storms and flooding in melbourne. u.s. food cost will rise because of the damage to sugar
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it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure.
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castro district in two days. this map of the four fires shows how close they are to one another. three involve buildings and all appear to have been started on the outside. investigators are trying to determine if they are connected. the latest happened here. at 4:00 a.m. people live inside this building. they were asleep at the time. a neighbor smelled smoke, she quickly put out the flames am as kron 4's christine connelly tells us, people are on edge. >> i got concerned so i got fire insurance for the random chance of something happening. >> he lives blocks away from the two buildings they may have been intentional set on fire. that was enough to scare him. then he came in to his barber and found out he was the latest
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victim. investigators labeled the fire suspicious. that has him and others worried. >> everywhere i have gone people are talking about it. what is going on. >> right now investigators can't say if they are connected but they are telling people to be cautious. >> trying to see if there is anything happening that i can prevent, any suspicious characters. >> reporter: no one has been hurt so far but 13 people were displaced on thursday. christine connelly, kron 4 news. >> many people hoped the opening of a library in east oakland would help turn that neighborhood around. but a few days after opening the library was struck by gunfire. kron 4's da lin reports.
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>> reporter: this was more than just a new library. many people saw it as a turning point for this troubled neighborhood. just four days after cutting the ribbon it too saw its share of violence. >> i noticed someone appeared to be shooting a gun. i realized it was hearing gun shots and i shouted get down and we got down, others got down and we waited for it to stop. >> reporter: two men shot at each other outside. eight shots. one bullet struck the library. >> a little girl was drying and she was scared. >> reporter: 20 people were inside, no one was hurt. shooting happened around 1:15
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thursday afternoon. >> they f they shot a little lower, it could have been a very, very bad afternoon for us. >> reporter: because a lot of kids use this branch throughout the day. >> reporter: it share as campus with two elementary schools. police put the schools on lock down. >> how do i feel if my kids are going there with the class? >> reporter: many say they are angry people would open fire near this new institution. it proves there is still a lot more work to do. >> doesn't mean we shouldn't invest in the community. if anything, it's the reason why we are here. >> reporter: da lin, kron 4 news. we have nice weather coming up for this weekend. temperatures warming up.
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it was nice today, 60s and 70s. tomorrow mid-70s in the warmest spots. santa rosa 74 degrees and warmer in some places for sunday. possibly as warm as 77 degrees for santa rosa. 70s for oakland and even san francisco. beautiful weather. with temperatures well above average. our earthquake tracker picking up a small crake, around the geysers, no reports of damage. winds tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. most of the winds are on the light side. even though it's sunny and warm and nice, the thing we have to watch out for, the winds, it will be breezy out there, especially towards fairfield. a wind advisory tomorrow for
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salono county. winds 10-20 miles per hour with some gusts approaching 30 miles per hour. temperatures for tomorrow morning, coolest in the north bay, patches of fog, upper 30s. santa rosa 39. livermore low to mid-40s near the bay. the afternoon highes. really nice. low to mid-70s just about everything where around the bay area. cooler around the ocean. 74 santa rosa. conquered 73 degrees. even warmer for sunday. looking good. sunshine, low 70ss. mid-70s warmest places. then the temperatures come down for the beginning of next week starting monday. low to mid-60s and this is typically a wet time of the year but no rain in sight. all the way through next weekend. pam? it goes from bad to worst
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for jerry jones, as falling ice injures six workers just before the super bowl. gary has details and you won't
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check out because the country runs better when we stay connected. all right. good evening, everybody. jason world championship fever starting to ignite again. the story today, pablo sandoval, boy you better get in shape talked to barry bonds and working out with barry trying to shed 30 pounds. he showed up at a media gathering today. it's a big deal. two years ago he hit .330. wasn't very good last year and everybody counting on him to be in shape this season.
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tomorrow 40,000 people on hand at at&t. they are already warming up today for fan fast. i have been doing this show for years. charged a dollar, but it's free. matt cain talking about world series rings. >> i think that brings some reality to it, getting those guys ready to make the ring for you. it's more realistic once we get the ring and celebrate it with the fans. >> at the expense of keeping it real, 40,000 people, if you want to just come out and have fun, fine, if you are expecting to get autographs, the lines could be as long as three hours. would you wait for anybody three hours? >> no. but there might be others who would feel okay with that.
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>> i am on the scene. i am just telling you -- >> i -- i am sure they appreciate you announcing it. >> the following monday people call in, i waited. yeah, yeah, yeah. would you wait? >> i would. they won the world series, i guess that would be worth it. go ahead. i will see you tomorrow. >> money in baseball, lincecum -- i got to go. anyway, guerrero, $8 million. when you hear everybody is having trouble. here is a team, not very good. no chance for the likes of the yankees and red soxes. $8million. super bowl week, ice and snow fell off cowboy stadium,
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injuring six people, one seriously injure. concussion, shoulder injury. all stadium entrances were closed after the ice and snow began to fall. dallas hit with another 5 inches of snow today. the only bright spot for the cowboys and jerry jones, the deal is, 40 degrees on sunday. and the roof of the dome will be close. steelers, posy official out of the super bowl with an ankle injury. and the green bay packers made sure everybody got in town today. they had injured players. they want all their players to be in this thing. mccarthy posed. packers are 2.5 favorites. ochocinco. >> ochocinco.
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i am sorry, couldn't get your name. >> seriously, i don't want the politically correct answer, do you know how far away we are from getting a deal? >> the commitment on behalf of the ownership is to get an agreement and we will. that will only happen when there are negotiations between your union and the owners. and that has to take place now. >> let's leave on gilbert arenas. he was served subpoena papers today. he is in the middle of a contract, 160 million, but the wife of his three kids and another child
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