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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 6, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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and that it is efficient the packers are champions. the steelers came rolling back. they pulled in three points with a few minutes left in the game. they backed up short. , the first title for the packers. the man who took over it is a former cal students. he is celebrating the great game that and him the mvp trophy. >> cal students could not
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take their eyes off of the television. there are ridding for the green bay packers. >> @ is always the steelers fans. i have to vote for in rogers. >> karen rogers all the way. them that because he went there you have to keep cheering. them that he went there and surprisingly he is not a packers fan. then i have love for him but overall i like the steelers. >> especially it with the red it. baited good. >> heat wave. then that i'm
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reggie kumar for kron4 news. >> a little bit different for steelers fans. this is the party getting started at shanghai kelly's. every sunday they are packed with steelers fans. the plans are on their way home after drinking. the law enforcement is embracing at busy night. san francisco is not doing checkpoints but they have more on duty it officers on the lookout for suspected drivers. that super bowl sunday is one of the biggest beer consumption days of the. it is one to be a busy night for chp officers. >> we usually it i rest a lot of drivers on nights like this. >> date noted for fatal crashes last year. it want
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to ensure it does not happen again this year. they have had all of their on duty officers out looking for impaired drivers. chp officer says that one of the tip boss is driving behavior. >> dramatic speech. slow down, slot. swerving. >> in the short time ,
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besides taking bad cap aaa is offering free rides whether they are members or not. in oakland i'm dalian for kron4 news. >> not everybody is into the super bowl. some people have to spend the day out side. these people flew kites and cooked barbecue. you can expect the same beautiful smile. them but not quite as one is what we had today. senator was the oakland going up to 81. the warmest of this ever been in february. a 11 record temperatures around the bay area. 77 in san francisco.
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76 days in the rest of the bay area. 70's and 80's just about everywhere. the adb in hebron. these temperatures are 15-25 degrees. we are and that these in san francisco. the jackass. tomorrow afternoon beautiful day. temperatures and high 60s. los 70's. upper 60s for oakland. record temperatures had people flocking to the beaches. dave had a drive down to see
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how people were enjoying the weather. >> at san francisco's ocean beach look more like venice beach in southern california in july. complete with bikini clad beach volleyball players. there were some eight cars in the parking lot that people were partying as they were looking for space. the draft a few miles south this pure is often locked up but in february. due to high winds and dangerous place. >> not on this sunday. the san bruno women usually does not come here during the winter months. >> usually cannot seek to give ready. it is like the middle of summer. >> and livermore beach they were it out in full force survey. >> is like a regular summer day. >> as this man was enjoying the beach to his to give his family. >> i want to say hello to my family in boston that stresses that is thinking of it 3 ft. of snow. i want to say yes, this is our summer. it is wet i summer is like
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in the wintertime. half moon bay was 76 degrees. no clause in the sky. this oakland woman rushed out to receive it entrusted behalf. there used it in cold and gray. >> cold, rainy, fog. all deep. i mean, no pop today. them that the fishermen was getting a new coat of paint. if it was like it was a couple of weeks ago of the face of today. >> in half moon bay for kron4 news. >> still ahead is signs of compromise in egypt. to progress are in court but accused of spying. kids in the north they go for a rolling record. google it also has competition for the hi pat. we'll take a look at the new honeycombed tablet.
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>> there is more in normalcy returning to the streets of egypt. there's talks with
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members of the opposition. the really rich and was willing to hear ideas on the best way to move it forward. to a point. here is my jury. >> and the cross-section of christians in cairo held a mass on sunday it. the 13th day of the campaign with longtime president terry muslims, but each of largest religious group said they would form a ring around the christians to prevent any possible harassment. there are signs of normalcy. some banks have opened. the bank has placed restrictions on withdrawals. the lions ran out the door. >> it is time to of result said it issues the president met with opposition groups to discuss grievances. one issue that is not on the table often barks immediate resignation. >> i am leaving now. who
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will take over? that one of the test opposition leaders to a number to stay in the meeting and says he does not by the arguments. he thinks it will be a worse crisis. the mother very clear that they have to retire. fan of president obama met with him and says that egyptians must decide their own future but they are closely monitoring the situation. i met jerry reporting from atlanta. >> unfortunately like us are not so uncommon. coming up alicia they were the latest crime spree is happening in a very unlikely spot. the amount gorgeous night tonight. we have temperatures in the '50s and '60s. i'll tell you what the weather will be like coming up creeper
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and that is the first day in court for to carry a grudge and it's expected of spying in and around. >> we are now investigating
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>> and year-and-a-half after it repeated denials that they are spies the hiker is on sunday it faced a revolutionary courts. the swiss ambassador represents u.s. interests and was denied entry. the two hikers are being held in the have been in prison. their only lead one is it from their mother last year. the fiancee said shore was released last fall on humanitarian grounds. >> we committed no crime. we are not spies. we have no way intended any harm to the government or the people. >> she has been lobbying for their freedom. she appeared in the documentary it online by reporters. >> i do not know in their blood to get out. they're beautiful people. innocent people that do not deserve to be there. they should never have been there in the first place. >> her friend center where it back and off of the trail by a soldier and without realizing it stepped on an
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unmarked border. >> when he started speaking but he pointed to iran and then he pointed to the trouble we have been on and he said " iraq " according to the soldier we did not enter until he gestured forced to go. >> of the hikers family refused to appear on camera. after filing half a million and bail she has no plans to return. cnn for york. >> here is a live shot of the bay bridge tonight. sunday evening has been an incredible weekend. it is beyond description how nice it has been. 70's and 80's that this is the and, at least for the really warm temperatures. things will begin to cool off. '50s and '60s and right now. but that is a very warm consider it is 9:00 at night.
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>> pittsburgh is at 54 degrees. nevada is a cooler spot to be cooler it tonight that it was last night mainly because of winds. the winds are, and i'm much of the bay area. your pointer love the ratings to come down a bit cooler for tonight. look for low 40's in the plus locations for it this morning. here satellite be very clear skies across the bay area. there's a weather system that is pushing into the pacific northwest with rain. it is when to slide into the love for tomorrow. it is one to help to cool temperatures in the bay. we are warned to see temperatures generally in the upper 60s more 70's. it is still about 10 degrees below average. tomorrow will be sunshine, not as warm. as the system passes by to our ease the winds are really went to pick up to say. perhaps 30-40 mi. per wins. clear temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s for it will stay dry and sunny. we might to see of little bit of rain. coming up on
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sunday. >> here is a feature cast. we are one minute left to the 60s. it 70's in yellow. still a fair man of 70's. and other beautiful day. temperatures in the morning, look for the 04 days. of little cooler. cooler it in that east bay. highs for the afternoon with sunshine and relatively it like to plants. in the '60s and '70s falling back to the 60s in san francisco and oakland. the 70's and san jose. the 70's as well in concord with that high of 72. here's the seven day around the bay. a nice week coming up. all the way through friday. mostly sunny skies and with high fifties and the 60s. bayside is chopping down
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into the low 20s. the chance for some rain coming up for next weekend. vicki? >> after 20 hours of road there are very tired people in marin. the fund-raiser to a place in the shopping center in grand prairie. these foreswear is attempting to set the record. they're running machines were manned around the clock. >> it is great to the team bonding. there is a lot of kids coming down to step up and to more than their acidy already. they are great for kids this year. >> yes, kids. they're raising money for new equipment. kellogg is when to passing the buck on the rising cost of food for you and your full of corn flakes. >> that will a frosted flakes is pointed i still live more and later this year. kellogg is the latest company with high prices. they're expected to raise their prices by about 3%.
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kellogg is not alone. many food companies are seeing higher prices paid this year is starbucks boosted their prices and mcdonald's, crafted they have noticed that their prices will be going up. things are not likely to change any time soon. chevron and other raw materials are expected to rise. food prices have increased for the seventh month in a row. prices are expected to rise. i am stephanie in new york. msn for assistance are apparently the meanest people in america. according to the website the daily beast san franciscan spend more money on looking good than anyone it anywhere else in the country. near came in third. the survey looked at things such as times said that this fall. ours of the gym. dieting, antenna and
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grooming. residents spent $111 a month on personal care. 50 percent are not overweight and 20 percent belong to jim. >> life is starting to return to normal in egypt. coming up we will show a wide age may be awhile before the middle eastern economy fully recovers. more daring where bicycles are no longer safe. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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chanting together get there individuals voices heard on the web. we posed the voice mail on the twitter page. he is speaking in arabic. he is saying he must go and protests enforcement dark head of it. the project is that he played at 1 more of a jet. they are striving to hang pictures to the names of the people have died in the struggle. they're telling you how. this 18 year-old man, according to the man, died of a fractured skull. this man shot.
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>> it makes you think, this is a person. >> he is an artist, and everyday guy. his life has been taken. it is a political event of the end of the date is a very human denies situation. that car and maybe returning to normal. city markets are selling produce. roads are packed with drivers. roads are open once again. some of the facts of the uprising to linger several weeks. frederick has more on the that impair immense cost to the >> and 7 barrack protesters
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can see the effects of the uprising nationwide. this is it that has included the outside of each of capital. the owner, says, work has come to a virtual standstill since the protests have begun. >> we could not get the materials. we have to organize everyone back to work. maybe 4.5 trillion dollars. >> he says that if things do not improve he will have to lay off workers. the economy remains in a state of paralysis. >> the economy is was a lot of money every day and business people fear of the long-term consequence of greatness. investors lose
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their confidence and other destinations. >> many business sectors are affected. some only now coming back to life. shopowners began to open their doors on cairo's streets on sunday bank service customers at for the first time since the beginning of the to prevent that masses private trials are limited to $10,000 or 50,000 egyptian pounds. despite long lines most appear calm. >> there are a lot of people that art bestride money because banks have been closed in last few days. this man says many people are withdrawing money. he's saying that bill the fallout is seriously hurting his business interest he understands the anti-government protesters. >> i have sympathy for them. there is corruption. it is a time of change. my personal view is that they're trying
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to clean up and put the country together. >> it does not seem like beat protesters. many egyptians are fighting for it social change. many workers are fighting and pray it to keep their jobs. am i here is a live the view of the ferry building in san francisco. a beautiful night for a walk in the embarcadero. temperatures are in the mid '60s. all lot of sixties around the bay area. things are cooling off for today than what we had last night. , a half moon bay is down into the upper '40's. the coolest place is could get into the upper 30's for later today and into tomorrow. idea of the pacific ocean at sunset and the san francisco coast, a fantastic weekend. clear skies. temperatures are relatively mild in the '50s.
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those places. cooler by tomorrow with it for days around the bay. perhaps a couple of places getting into the upper 30's for the coolest inland valleys. sonny for tomorrow. temperatures are 5-10 degrees cooler. cooler still with highs in the upper 50s. strong winds peking and 30-40 mi. per hour. the dry weather continues for much of this week. in fact, most of the week will have dry weather. highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. possibly some rain coming in for the weekend. and i will talk about it later on. vicki? the trophy is heading back to green bed. steelers have captured the fourth title since 1996 season. they have been setting off celebrations ever were. the city of chico is in a football frenzy. that is the home town. the
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ndp and rogers. chris it explains. >> of chico, a small town of super pride. >> it has been quite the experience for the past three years we have been watching him. we know him. the whole nation does not seem to know who he is. these past few weeks are crazy. >> this is the hometown of the quarterback. he says chico feels a lot like green bay. >> they say that green bay reminds him a lot of chico. the feel and the size of the town. we are definitely, you know, taking that role. >> it does not take long to bump into someone that knows him. >> i go to the same church as him. they are going to show the game at church on the big screen. >> even the basketball team was thinking of football.
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who is heir and rogers stay at is oman water. pride is on full display. >> it is ridiculous. there's so much packer it crazy. there are a bunch of people that are fired up. they're running around. i love people would not normally talk to each other but everyone is talking about do you know him? them that he was named the mvp. he has completed a lot of passes at the 300-400 year. this was his third full season. >> president reagan on what would have been his 100th birthday. coming up. and it google has some competition for the at that. we will get a look at the honeycombed public.
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and that thousands of state workers drive around in three cars which cost taxpayers millions of dollars. trees yet is going
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to show us who has them and how i knew state mandate is demanding a return. >> these documents have been obtained and state page after page of state agencies to replace trevor and freight cars. for example, the department of corrections the of 6000 state issued cars. california highway patrol has 5000. the lottery commission has turn is 61. the resorts board has 137. in total there 71 different departments seven around about 17,003 cars. it is not just business as usual. in fact, all agencies have 'til in mid february to explain why they need a car. the
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governor's order is looking to cut about 50 percent of the entire state issued fleet. the savings projected $16.5 million. three c at 4 kron4 news. >> coming up is at a birthday celebration for president reagan who would have been 100 years old. begin a look at the 40 role president. them of what a day. what a weekend. temperatures into the '70s and the '80s. warmus place was santa rose said 83 degrees. i will let you know how long they will last coming up.
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former first lady nancy reagan has celebrated the 100th anniversary of her late husband's birth. she sang happy birthday with actors and musicians. she greeted the crowd of about 1500 invited dignitaries
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presidential library. new exhibits and artifacts have been added to the presidential library and a complete overhaul. >> our to our guide is executive hugh. he showed us the isopods before grand. the of an audit to refer each exhibit. every it video you shoot is e-mail to you. >> by the time you get home. he's a champion swimmer and high school. there are your books. >> he tore down the wall. >> video and sound are a constant feature. his speeches are played through it. >> this is the president to debate with carter where he ask are you better off now
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than you were four years ago? >> a lot of exhibits are interactive. you compete in a movie with him. your lines come up on this screen. you say to and read the lines and then it is displayed on the other side of the wall when you are done. >> there is also approved label with tunnels and a game table. also an inauguration day exhibit. to his diaries have been digitized to flip through. there's also an exhibit dealing with the assassination attempt after 70 days in office. >> this stooge was a brand new. he or once. it was on the morning of the assassination attempt. you can see it as the bullet hole which is surrounded by some of his blood. the suit was truly a shared off of him all electrically on the operating table to get at him on the table. you can clearly see the bullet
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lodged in his long. >> you can see an exact replica of the oval office. also, airforce one. the one that president reagan flew and during his term. >> you can see his working quarters. you get to see where the secret service would sit. you get to touch and feel the a plan. it is a great experience. them that the seven deals with the low point of his presidency. also, the letter that he rode with the audio of time reading and announcing to the world he had alzheimer's. deborah my fellow americans. i am recently told that i'm one of the millions of americans that will be afflicted with alzheimer's disease. >> of large area is dedicated to his death in 2004. >> this exhibit literally puts you into the motorcade with the funeral procession from west to east. it takes
9:49 pm
you back here to the library where he was laid to rest. >> ted for california. >> live in san francisco. tonight on this sunday evening it is a beautiful shot of the city looking across the bay. normally, when you step out side it 9:00 at night you get a glass of chile it said. not the case at all. we are in the mid-60s. at least, in downtown. ocean beach is cooler. boston valley and san jose is currently at 62 degrees. now on the satellite phew you will see that we have clear skies. the clear skies and the comments will help to cool things off at more than we have seen in the past it. look for the temperatures to drop into the 40's. winds are light to this evening after a weekend of howling
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winds. the winds are not to grant up. not coming out of the north. temperatures will fall their late tonight into tomorrow. this satellite few is clear. there is some rainfall in. this is a weather system that will drop into the that it. as the results it will help to cool the temperatures down 5-10 degrees. it will be nice and sunny. not quite as warm as we of scene. look for highs in the upper 60s and more 70's. cooler is still into upper 50s live 60s with a pretty strong winds. 30-40 mi. per hour. dry weather hang it on into the end of the week. here is feature cast. temperatures at 3:00 p.m.. it shows the 70's. still a warm day by february standards. highs are once again low-mid-70s.
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for a little bit cooler into san francisco and oakland. cooler by 4-12 degrees. now, the average high is upper 60s so it is still warmer than it typically is a for february. morning temperatures and in san rosa we may hit the upper 30s briefly. 34 in livermore. upper 40's and low 50s near the bay. still of mild night. a warm day for tomorrow. how is it upper 60's and 70's. sandro's is the warmest. here is the seven day around the bay. while the daytime temperatures into the low mid-60's throughout the week. certainly not the '70s and '80s we have had. morning temperatures are getting colder and possibly upper 20s inland by thursday. vicki? >> the box office is generally a bit sluggish. this year it was worse than most. they were down 25%
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from last year. no strings attached came in at $8.4 million. coming in second place was james cameron movie it sank them. it is about to flutters. it earned $9.2 million. at the top was a thriller starring to up-and-coming actor says. the roommates. it was apparently had the highest end date: $15.4 million. with interest is to the i phone the eye patch. google gets ready to take up again and be judged the competition.
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they're mad time now for tech talk with kids late. >> look at i pad. google had the press conference to show what they are offering for that have led to the market. they offered a marketing system design for
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tablet computers. the and trade operating system is a huge success for google. if there's people away from the i phone. they're hoping that the tablets running on honeycombed will do the same. there them from that tied to the kugels version of the tablets. this is the home screen. you have the most used apps here. e-mail in box read and center next year counter for the day. as a colt youtube feature a conflict to the most popular videos of the day and play one by tapping it. honeycomb seems easy to use. clean, simple, at the alternative to the high tide. video games look great. i've played with sports illustrated application and it worked well. cnn streams newscasts. i did a quick demo with the tabloid. they're coming out soon and
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expected dozen or more by the fall. the first public to come out will be the motorola is it spelled with the next. it is the one that google used. but when i got my hands on it i was impressed. it was fast and easy to use. it had several things that have does not like hdl might help put it. this tablet, the is and will give beat i've had a run for its money. the zoom is expected in two weeks of price said. >> another phenomenal day in the bay area. a repeat performance tomorrow? >> it too will be the most yet. >> no temptation. >> it will be nice. the temperatures are still unusual for february. said rose at eagle 74 degrees. will stay nice towards that week. dry weather through the weekend with a chance for rain on sunday. >> think you're ever betty.
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we will see you out at 11.
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