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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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live, this is kron4 news at 11:00 p.m.. s kron4 news at (music) >> vicki: it is official that the packers are champions. the pittsburgh steelers came rolling back. they pulled three. saying with a few minutes left of the game. that comeback came up short as the packers held on for a 31-21 win. it is the first win since breath and let them to the plan in 1997. -- brent. they won the game which gave them the mvp trophy. >> reporter: the palestinians could not take their eyes off of the television on sunday. most
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wear it will to play football before he was drafted in 2005. >> i correct in pennsylvania. now i am and california. -- is it will up in pennsylvania. and that he went to cal. once in there, always in there. at them that he is best suited to and he is surprisingly it not the packers fan. >> i love him but overall i like the steelers. you know, defense. >> reporter: when he led his team to of way of his team did nothing less. >> it especially with him, and rogers did his thing. class
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(cheering & applause) >> vicki: the mood is different for fans in shanghai kelly's. every sunday the bart is packed with steelers fans. a lot of fans were there after a full day of drinking. they're ready for a busy night. in san francisco they started with increased enforcement. the chp is not doing checkpoints but they do more of the officers. kron4 news thailand will along with one of them. >> reporter: super bowl sunday is one of the biggest beer consumption days of the year. this is why the conclusion of the game is the beginning of a busy night for the chp officers. >> we do we can for the drivers. >> reporter: the highway patrol had four fatal crashes. they're trying to
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make sure does that happen again this year. all of the police agencies had them on duty/off-duty badges on. my cops and says that one of the tipoffs is the driving behavior. >> of moderate speeds. sling and speeding up. high risk. swerving. road rage. people have road rage when their team loses. reporter in the short time i rode along with and we came across to accidents. -- >> reporter: we came across to laxatives. many sports fans were worried bit drunk drivers. >> i worry about getting homesick. >> reporter: those who i talked to said they had either add driver or taking a cab. besides taking a cab or public transit aaa for
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offering free rides. they towed cars for a free up to 10 mi.. in san francisco i'm dalian for kron4 news. >> vicki: believe it or not not everybody is into the super bowl. some people like to spend the day at said. the boats out side suit kites and cooked in the barbecue pit they enjoyed the weather. rival this of we mix with the same for tomorrow. brian >> it will be a nice day for tomorrow. not as nice as yesterday. >> vicki: brian >> 5 >> lafayette 80 degrees and '70s for much of the bay area. five
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>> with not a cloudless sky these oakland it women rushed out to get to see food than they found that it was going to be hot out. they are used to it being cold and gray. >> cold, rainy and foggy. >> reporter: it was so warm that the old fishermen was
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getting ended coat of paint. of there is no way i could be of here. we're happy to be of here. >> reporter: i am day for kron4 news. >> vicki: there are still signs of compromise for each of coming up. there are two californians in court. we will take a look at the new google phone as well.
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>> vicki: is the first day in court for it graduates it expected of spying in and around. reporter a year-and- a-half after -- reporter reporte-- was denied entry. theo hikers are being held in the prison. only allowed one visit from their mother of last year. sarah short was
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released last year. >> week created no crime. we had no way intended any harm to them with the people >> reporter: there have been lobbying for freedom. >> i do not know in their going to get it. they are innocent people. they should never been there in the first place >> reporter: they were backing off of the hiking trail by it as children and without realizing had stepped across an and marked for into i ran. >> when he started speaking to us he said " i wrong. " he pointed to the ground and he said " of iraq. " according to he did it not to enter until he told us. >> the hacker it decided not to appear on camera.
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>> in egypt opposing sides of the future, coming up we will discuss what compromises they are working on. >>bryan: clear skies and temperatures in the '50s and '60s. i will lead to know that one day forecast is looking like coming up.
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the them add to the other collaborative to lead the egyptians collaborate. speak to treat. posts phone voice mails like this one for you can hear it and man speaking in arabic. he says " you must go down and protest. he messed for severity of it. " it is to put it this
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memorial page called " egypt remembers " they are attaching members to the names who have died. this 18 year-old man, he died of a fractured skull. this man, was shot in front of a police station them at the it details are not known. he died fighting for friesen >> vicki: they are compiling as much as they can. them that he was an artist and musician.
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>> of little bit cooler tonight. checking of the winds, they had subsided. gusty northlands. breezy all weekend. helping to make the temperatures warm. temperatures will drop to night and we will see the ratings tomorrow. into this seven days. that view of the coast with the night skies. sonny tomorrow. cooler than what we have seen. the coolest place we have seen is the upper thirties tonight for the inland valleys. after and it is sunshine, warm just not as warm as we thought we would see. mid-70s is the one is location. here is the satellite phew. it will
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bring the temperature is down pyriform cooler temperatures are on the way. was 60s with gusty winds. 30-40 mi. per hour. dry weather pattern that we have been saying for quite awhile is where to stick around through the end of the week, maybe by the weekend, sunday, a little bit of rain. we will keep an eye out for that. morning temperatures are the low '40's. perhaps close to the '30s. mid-40s inland with east bay valley at the 40's and 50's to a debate tonight. still mild, not as warm as last night. the same is true for the afternoon. warm but not as warm as today. warm spot in san arisen. 74 degree is. 73 for
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san jose. back into the 60s and antioch and high of 73. cooler still for tuesday. upper 50s and blustery winds. wednesday we will see some sunshine. same for sunday and friday. and here is the chance for a little bit of rain coming up funds of it. we will make sure to keep you posted on the system as it gets closer. them up front can you imagine 24 hours of growing? there are hired people in marin. the 23 annual on their shopping center. high school rowers were in attempting to said to records by demanding the is rowing machines the round the clock. that is great team bonding for us. there are a lot of kids coming down to step up and to more than they were asked to do already. i see that now.
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they are great for put kids. >> students are raising money for kids fifth of the honeycomb is to be i've had. google goods way to take on apple once again. we will judge the competition.
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>> vicki: the box office is usually sluggish. this was worse than most. it was down 25% from last year. the strings attached. second place was avatar directed james cameron sank them. it was about six floors that flooded it in the storm. sank them aren't $9.2 million. and the one that top to the box office was to meet their kelly and elway and easter. it pulled an
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$15.4 million. this time now for tech talk with kids light. >>gabe: look out google. let's see what they are offering for honey, and operating systems specially designed for a top-flight computers. a huge success for google. the very people away from the i phone. they're hoping that tablas running on honeycombed will do the same. i've had it to the bill's version of the tablet. this is the home screen of have a phone. the most use of us. honey, is
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designed for tablets with the ford face st. camera. did them all seem to work as well. they are coming out soon. they expect them the moral is to dispel with and " x " i thought my hands on it. i was impressed. it was easy to use. lift freight. it had several things that the ad had did not. that said cameras. this tablets will give the i've had a run for its money. it is expected on the market. in mountain view gave slaves for kron4 news. >> vicki: it feels like the tv tomorrow. i'm not recommending it >>bryan: 45 hopes so. it is
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