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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> police searching for hit and run suspect that had a girl in san jose. the current condition coming up. >> darya: a judge will look inside of the execution center. >> james: windy conditions out there live shots out there for you. san mateo, lore right san jose everybody dealing with wind. let's get to the forecast. >> lousia: a lot of the camera showing us the wind. it has been shblowing around all morning. te strong discuss in oakland 20 mi. an hour, sfo 37, fremont 24, now
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above 31, richmond those gust getting up to 27 mi. an hour. a wind advisory until about 7:00 a.m., strong winds for the day. gust up to 45 mi. an hour today, seeing women's increasing as we head into the afternoon. some winds getting stronger than what we look at right now. by about 1:00 p.m., winds up towards 20 mi. an hour most locations. by 4:00 p.m. your evening commute will feel windy out there. the wind will stay around until about 8:00 p.m., winds up toward 20 mi. an hour for oakland, san rafael. current temperatures are warmer than where they were yesterday. the northerly wind is makings for some warmer temperatures. 50 san rafael, 51
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in fairfield, upper 40's low 50s in the south bay. by the afternoon highs into the '60s. we will field a significant cool them. temperatures in the '70s today upper 50s, loaf '50s. ---- low rain out of the picture until that is this weekend. them by sunday we could have a chance of wet weather continuing into monday. >> reporter: we have a potential hot spot. eastbound direction of 580. a big rig vs two vehicles blocking to lanes. eastbound direction traffic is moving fine. speeds 50 mi. an hour. slowing down and write approach and livermore this morning. if this is your commute definitely
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allow yourself extra time. the bay bridge next starting off with a bridge check. no problems here at the toll plaza looks fine just a small weight westbound towards the city. meter lights are off so great drive time of 9 minutes from the foot of the maze and fremont streets in francisco. san mateo bridge no problems. we do have that strong wind advisory in effect. rabin up with alive look at the golden gate bridge. -- wrapping up--the right looks good for novato pass highway 37. >> darya: team coverage of the windy conditions continues now with our sillery ordered yoli who was out there at the san mateo bridge. they could make that sun bigger? (laughter) >> reporter: i would be
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surprised if they didn't know before hand. even driving before the bridge to guard to feel the wind. --going to--worse on the bridge. the wind is actually hitting perpendicular to the bridge. definitely be careful " both hands on the wheel. keeping space on both sides of you. definitely put on a coat or a jacket is cold out there with the wind. > >> darya: there is a wind chill this morning. i saw some neighbors of staff had blown around so peak out at the backyard, or the front yard tha. that wind was howling overy house so maybe you've had no sleep from the wind to. >> james: south bay where
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teenager may never walk again. the drivers still on the loose. we have a map where this hit and run took place. san jose police are searching for a person involved in a hit-and-run early sunday that left an 18-year-old woman in critical condition.authorities say that erika luna was hit by a car at about 2:30 a.m. sunday and dragged about 25 feet from the intersection of tierra buena dr. along fontaine rd. to the intersection of flannigan dr. in san jose. the family of the victim is offering a $2,000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest. authorities sa. >> reporter: police are looking for driver who struck car while crossing the street and a hit and run accident. on the ground you can see the blood that was spilled when a silver or gray minivan being driven by a hispanic man came in to this direction plowed into her. maitre a right turn dragging her for more than a block. they have no leads, they are asking to call if you have any leads. the family has put together the
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money to offer $2,000 reward. >> darya: federal judges that tore the executions center at san quentin today. nearly 720 inmates are on death row, if the judge, approves of the changes to the execution chamber the state could resume executions. this is the death chamber. aside the present they are calling for an end to the death penalty. >> reporter: the bottom line is there's a simple message. permanent in conservation is cheaper and effective. >> darya: there pushing for resumption of executions. arguing the revised training process a new regulation has addressed concerns that were raised in 2006. >> james: the head of caltrans
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is the highest paid official and california this as the train system struggles with budget problems. the times reporting cal trained chief earns more than $400,000 a year nearly 60 percent more than the median salary for see all. board members defend the pay and say he is worth it, because he's good at his job. caltrans is considering shutting half of the stations to cut costs. we will take a break alive look from out jam. showing you windy conditions. --mt. tam--
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>> james: 6:10 a.m., bay bridge approach we have windy conditions in oakland its 49. it
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will be 60 by lunchtime, maybe if you degrees more for the afternoon high. >> darya: taking a look at the very latest and in the out rising in egypt. egypt embattled president has set up a committee to discuss and recommend constitutional changes to relax the eligibility rules of who can run for president. imposing term limits as well. monitoring implementation of all of the reforms. however the protesters what they want is for him to step down immediately. they are rallying around a google executive. he is one of the people who is the administrator of the fan page on facebook who has been used to organize the protest. activists called for 1 million people to fill the
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central square there today. >> james: in the united states new video fire fighters in dallas, still continuing to battle a mass of where house fire. you can see how intense the flames were over night. thick clouds of smoke rising into the air. this fire started at 5:00 p.m. our time last night, it is still raging this morning. it is about half hour west of dallas. five different fire fighters on hand right now. at this hour they are trying to get a handle the situation. >> darya: 6:12 a.m., we will be back in a few moments. team coverage of the weather this morning. golden gate bridge does not have an the fries rate but i will invite to this dusty headed over the bridge.
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>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. stock futures are up this morning after markets were pushed to a two-year high. chinese central bank raises investment rate, when you're lending rate will increase to six. 06%. total had a drop in profit by raised its full-year forecast. intel has resumed shipments of the ship with an onslaught on the condition computer makers that use those computers with the chips that triggers the flock.f the obama administration will release a 10 month investigation into the runway toyotas. it
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could address whether faulty electronics played a role in the series of safety recalls. the study was conducted by the department of transportation and nasa follows high profile reports of cars that were decelerating out of control. they recalled 8 million vehicles, for defects related to gas pedals. >> lousia: starting off with some gusty winds out there. everybody dealing with wind. we have advisories' posted for some locations. a shot of the airport you can see the camera shaking around. by this afternoon temperatures will be much cooler than yesterday. we do have a chance of rain in this forecast for the weekend. your wind advisory for the adults at until 7:00 p.m., keeping gusty winds around for a good part of the day. --for the delta--the cost
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could reach up to 45. everywhere starting off with windy weather. 26 mi. an hour winds at this hour at sfo. 15 for napa, 26 fairfield, these are sustained winds we are getting stronger best. current temperaturegusts.y temperatures upper 40's low 50s. 54 livermore and antioch, your afternoon highs much cooler than yesterday. yesterday's was '70s, today we will stay in '50s and '60s. those '60s for the east bay, upper 50s through have monday, 61 in san jose. you're 7 day around the bay dry for the remainder of the work week. we
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could warm up slightly toward the end of the work week. by the weekend we bring in a chance of rain sunday, that could lead wrote to one day. >> the house but we've been following has turned into a single alert. 580 and near port to laugh. big red vs two cars, we have to lanes closed speeds or 50 mi. an hour. this is dividual hazard for the westbound direction. speeds as low as 14 mi. an hour, the news's this is the only slow spot along 580, you will one allow yourself extra time. this is our only problem spot around the bay area. bridges look good. the bay bridge toll plaza and nice and light just a bit of weight in the cash lanes. meter lights are still cycled off. we are following the high wind advisory at the san mateo
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bridge. changeable message stein has been activated been no accidents or incidents associated with the high winds. they are asking you watch your sleeves and keep your hands on your steering wheel. and that more buildup in the southbound direction headlights towards them francisco but overall rate drive times. if you're taking public transit no problems to report. >> darya: 6:20 a.m., facebook is looking for room to grow. it is looking at new digs in menlo park. it is expected to announce today they will move, into the former home of sun microsystems can this. the mayors happy to have them. >> like people it's the same
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type of a fact. if it's good for them, it's a lot of companies that live off of the environment that face both and will create, facebook has the potential to change the industrial sector we have right now. >> darya: it outgrew its corporate headquarters almost as soon as a live band. they had to lease space nearby to accommodate the work force which is more than 2000 workers. facebook see all,facebook co- founder mark zuckerberg believes he is being stalked by a man through the social networking site. the celebrity news website tmz reported that zuckerberg had got a temporary restraining order against the 31-year-old. tmz reported that the man had sent facebook messages to the zuckerberg. according to tmz, the legal papers said that on jan. 24 the man was about to go up the front steps of zuckerberg's house when he was stopped by facebook security. he has also sent a note and flowers. a restraining order has been granted for zuckerberg, his sister and his girlfriend. the man says he is sorry will leave him alone, he just wanted
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the advice. this man visited facebook office is trying to get is a gerber to give him money for advice. he said he had a personal problem u.n. going to let but he said he needed zucker men's health it was not computer-related. he left a handwritten note and flowers. he was intercepted in the his home. a judge has ordered or restraining order. yes is a 300 yds away. a fl >> james: a flu like symptoms that was brought in last week was a fluke and not brought in. at walker creek science camp the cruise ship virus the county
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tested the schools water uninspected food storage area of found no problems. the ranch is closed this week. we will take a break at 6:22 a.m., the south bay are shot from 1 01 in san jose showing in the northbound side. taillights are building. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> darya: fearing they want give. with a full-time salary and pension. this comes in an article examined all today. proponents are floating a scaled-back measure that will roll back pay by $25,000 instead of 50,000. chancellor's reviews
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the ucla may have to increase duties if california's don't agree to attack extensions that governor brown is proposing. brown wants to increase income sales and vehicle taxes for five more years, to help close 25 4.4 budget shortfall. he has a $1 billion pay cuts to colleges. >> james: mount diablo is cutting one and a half million dollars by closing schools the board had planned on the decision as soon as today. and now they are considering other options. the proposed an option which would involve closing two schools, one would be whole
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board elementary or klemperer, he is talking about consolidating to smaller rise schools on to one smaller campus. a decision could come february 22nd. >> darya: 6:28 a.m., back with more moment.
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>> james: the opening bell rang me moments ago. february 8th, another rally yesterday which pushed the market's better than a two-year high. all in all pretty good. mixed futures this morning. the dow is down about 9.6, s&p less than a point, the aztec down almost two. >> darya: 6:30 a.m., san jose family is trying to track down the driver then read a car into it 18 year-old and a record 25
6:31 am
ft.. then took off shoes his sunday morning. she was with her boyfriend at the time and he says as silver or gray minivan or sport utility vehicle with around back. struck her as she was crossing the street and director. the family is offering $2,000 reward. the boyfriend would like to have the driver turned over to authorities. >> i hope the driver is decent enough to take responsibility for their actions. be a human being. >> darya: she lost a much muscle tissue they're not sure if she'll ever be told to walk again. >> james: out of state prison later this morning a federal judge will tour the president's new chamber. there's a lawsuit who clean the state's current method of putting inmates to
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death causes extreme pain. will tran is at san quentin with details of this morning's visit. >> will: federal judge will be at the here at 10:00 a.m., the visit will last an hour. it will have a profound impact on whether california to move ahead with executions. in 2006 the same judge ruled the system had numerous flaws including, a badly designed chamber. since then california revised its three drug injection protocol and build a new chamber of the present. by the way the four inmates they are not challenging their death sentences, just how they will die. reporting from san quentin will tran kron 4 news. >> darya: big story in the weather is the wind. you said it would pick up today. >> lousia: we have a list of some of the past today. in bound
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him you can see it shaking in the hills we are getting strong gust. in the oakland hills 54 mi. an hour this morning at s f all 37, 24 fremont, 37 napa, 3242 braun, redwood city about 34 mi. an hour gust. we are feeling the wind. we have a wind advisory for the delta. strong winds will pick up 30 mi. an hour gusts of up to 45. we could see the increasing in the afternoon. the current sustained winds right now 26 dead asset all, 16 novato, 26 in fairfield, but those northerly winds making for warmer start today. often the '50s for the most part across the board. 50 san rafael, one of the cooler spots of oakland 49, 43 san
6:34 am
rosa. by this afternoon you will notice a difference in temperatures. today we will stay in the '60s even the upper 50s. napa and the data upper 50s, who 63 oakland, 61 format and un san jose. 7 day around the bay keeping dry weather for the rest of the work week. warming up by the end of the week. by the weekend chance of rain. >> reporter: westbound direction of 580 red and yellow beginning to build that is due to an accident eastbound. it involves a big reagan to cars. an alert has been issued enough of the visual house owner to slow speeds down as you make your way toward livermore. that is not the only problem westbound 580
6:35 am
strong wind advisory for the altamont pass the delay is making your way out of tracy into livermore. by the that the only hot spot in the morning the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza the beginnings of a back up beginning to form in the cash lanes make your way toward san francisco. those meter lights are on so we should seize slowing in the next couple of minutes. as of right now could drive time of 11 minutes from the foot of the maze into san francisco. crosstown freeways looks good rate . we do have word accident on our hands not a hot spot yet. car rolled over several times westbound 80. two of lanes are blocked, traffic is only beginning to back up. >> james: let's continue with
6:36 am
the coverage of the windy conditions. the board lit up with the morning. yoli your out there with conditions like? >> reporter: all morning long it's very strong. vocationally you'll see my camera shake i will show you you another shot. you can see how the winds are within the trees around. almost 20 mi. an hour out there. if you're driving on the road to one have both hands on the steering wheel. you do feel the push on your car. not just on the bridge, but down along 1 01. >> james: also of debris on the road way i know i saw branches and things like that on the roads. that's also a hazard. yoli thank you for that we will keep an eye on that as we make
6:37 am
your way through the morning commute >> darya:. 6:36 a.m., we will be back in a couple of minutes. alive look at the san mateo bridge. we are talking about the bridge when today. have cared tode ready for that whistling wind. . with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. [ male announcer ] not all steel is created equal. not all manufacturing processes are created equal. not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal. the hard way means never taking short cuts. the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> james: the number flood evacuees have dropped as flood waters receded. off as you can see the situation is still very bad out. video out of malaysia is peninsula states. they said they're being accommodated people here. at two different relief centers. malaysia will face extreme drought and more floods because of timing change,
6:41 am
rapid development and loss of forest cover. the floods is true of the have spread more villages and towns leaving 14 people dead. injuring at least seven. it is see how deep the water is here. up to people's chest in some spots appeared to of people missing at this time. livelihoods' of hundreds of thousands of people have come to a standstill spare >> darya:iran's revolutionary guard have test-fired a supersonic ballistic surface-to- sea missile capable of hitting warships and targets within a 300km range. the missile, called persian gulf, is supersonic, immune to interception and features high precision systems.the islamic revolution guards corps is currently manufacturing 500km stealth radars and has plans to mass- produce long-range passive radars with a range of 1,100km.
6:42 am
wikileaks founder julian assange is back in court for the second day of a hearing on whether he should be sent to sweden to face sexual assault allegations. his lawyer, geoffrey robertson, told the court monday that assange would not get a fair trial because of his notoriety and because swedish rape cases are customarily held without the public present, to protect the alleged victims. the head of the secrets-spilling site has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women he met during a visit to stockholm last year. he denies wrongdoing. >> james: washington may scrap talks about the war in afghanistan. the u.s. and says that to change american has diplomatic immunity and only kill those pakistan these over self-defense as he was they tried to rob him. >> darya: 6:42 a.m., one story is breaking nationwide satellites and this live shot is
6:43 am
coming from chicago. you can see a large building on fire is a huge amount of small, her coming out of the roof, we can't see what kind of crews are on the scene but you can see water being sprayed. we will try the more affirmation about this breaking news in chicago. it's really delicious, mom.
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>> james: strong winds topping the news today. high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. the sun has been activated. fess up to 54 mi. an hour in oakland later on. >> darya: san jose family is trying to track down a driver who struck an 18 year-old girl this crop. she may be paralyzed because of the accident. she struck sunday morning. she was walking with her boyfriend at
6:47 am
the time. he says a minivan or suvs with their rounded back struck her issue was crossing the street. there are offering a $2,000 reward. federal judge is touring the execution chamber part of his review in a lawsuit challenging execution procedure appeared if he approves in changes to the execution chamber in the state could resume executions. >> darya: a third week today as president mubarak tries to come up with a concession that would end the demonstrations short of his immediate ouster. today he set up a committee to have constitutional changes which would limit limit the terms for president. >> lousia: everybody is feeling at this morning that wind really
6:48 am
starting to pick up overnight into early that our spirit we will continue with dusty whether this morning through a good portion of the day today. this afternoon temperatures will come in cooler than they were yesterday. we do have a chance of rain in the forecast by the weekend. we are starting off with wind advisories. we have one in effect for the delta until 7:00 p.m., strong winds up to 30 mi. an hour, gusts up to 45. we could see the winds in increasing by the afternoon. by the afternoon wind gusts up to 20 mi. an hour, 30 mi. an hour through fairfield, even our evening commute will be windy. the will stay windy until about 8:00 p.m. this morning we are seeing some warm temperatures this morning. 52 for san francisco, 50 san rafael, have monday. we are still in the 40's through oakland, 43 for san
6:49 am
rosa, by the afternoon significant cool down in store. 63 today in san rosa, 60 novato, temperatures staying in the low 60s right through the strait. 60 for livermore 61 san jose. 7 day around bay shows more sunshine on tap for rest. we could warm up by the end of the work week. clouds and cooler temperatures by the weekend are raindrop virtu on sunday, monday. >> reporter: this the dollar has been cancelled for eastbound 580 hot spot it was involving a big rig into other vehicles. the damage has been done and westbound direction. that red and yellow on the screen backing up on to the altamont pass, we have been following a high when the advisory. speeds as low as 12 mi. an hour out of tracy if this is your commute allow yourself extra time towards of
6:50 am
58680 interchange early hotspot tracking slowing along the upper-lower the shore freeway. we had no return vehicle flipped over a couple of times then landed on its wheels. as a result one lane is blocked. traffic mess slowing towards hilltop, the only to hot spots on our radar. allow yourself extra time. strong and wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. a couple of accidents. wait a was not done anything to slow your ride. wrapping up with the approach to the bay bridge show plaza. mennonites have been cycled on no back up just yet giving you drive time of just 11 minutes from the foot of the maze as you approach san francisco. >> james: things heating up bin hercules last month the mayor
6:51 am
and two city council members resigned after being targeted for recall. now the new mayor and city councilman face recall as well. opponents accuse them of being responsible to greet the financial crisis, two weeks some hercules residents have been sending petitions. those petitions will be delivered today. don said he was not part of the council during much of the time that the decisions were made. he says the city manager kent most of the council in the dark. for those reasons he believes the recalls and necessary. >> i will leave the city and we will be stronger when we have solved them together as a community. >> the other recall target at this point has now returned calls for comment.
6:52 am
>> darya: it has been one month since a gunman opened fire outside of a brush to restore the shooting gabrielle differed in the head. today lawmakers are proposing a bill that would ban long large capacity magazines. another bill would make schools notify about terminations, and suspensions resulting from pilots are threatening behavior. tv coverage of the involuntary manslaughter manslaughter of michael jackson's doctor if the camera is interest appeared the doctor says he's moving up jury selection because the original day was too close to the absolute statutory limit for a speedy trial. dr. conrad mar has pleaded not guilty to michael jackson's death. >> james: 6:52 a.m., live
6:53 am
pictures from chicago as we head off a break. this massive fire burning in a factory, we are getting word nobody was inside. crews at this point they are trying to make sure this does not spread to surrounding buildings. firefighters not going and it is too dangerous they will fight it from outside. more to come. ♪
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>> darya: we are seeing positive territory. it is up 10 points. we are feeling positive about the ski season as well. we take alive look at lake tahoe. we're waiting for a list to get going. it will be another sunny day. they have a good amount of snow. but the light fresh powder.
6:57 am
>> james: the super bowl has said a record for american television viewing. nielsen rating says 111 million people watched the packers defeats dealers. that tops last year's game. the finale of mash held the title of the most watched television show for 27 years. it falls behind these past two super bowls at no. 3 spot on it. the rally will be later this morning on the right hand side dc fans, grabbing shovels, trying to clear the way. clearing seats at the field where the celebration will take place. on the left-hand side, sorry on the right-hand side the team bus. obviously the whole
6:58 am
place of was much like we were when the town when wewhen we won the world series. >> we will be back with more of a couple of
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