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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 9, 2011 5:20am-6:00am PST

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currently only construction crews are required to pay that. last year they thought about increasing the fee to $23. faulting in a cry from an array of businesses and organizations including the film commission they have been shelved that plot. our customers are beginning to wonder if traveling on the railway is a good bang for their back. 64 percent say using the system is a good value. 24 percent strongly agree traveling on bart is a good use. that is down from the 32%. 15 percent disagreed that traveling on the system was cost- efficient. bart raise fares by 6 percent since last survey. >> darya: san francisco board of supervisors is talking trash. according to
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the chronicle and 10 year deal with trichology is under consideration is worth it 1/200 million dollars. it has opposition from management. the widow of a firefighter who was one of four people killed in 2007 and a house fire in san pablo has agreed to settle against two companies that provided a home security services the companies will play a total of four points $6 million. the lawsuit claims the security assiduous employee reported the fire to the fire protection district using a non emergency line causing a delayed response. >> james: a former sex crimes prosecutor that faces rape churches has been reinstated the was fired for
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misconduct after being charged with rape but an arbitrator has ordered the county to reinstate him with back pay and benefits. ruling that the district attorney's office had no cause to fire him. the fisherman's wharf store proprietor accused of shooting and killing two people in a competing merchandise shop pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder tuesday in san francisco. hong ri wu, 56, appeared in judge samuel feng's courtroom, wu smiled and nodded to bailiffs as they ushered him to and from the proceedings in superior court.police believe wu killed qiong han chu, 30, and feng ping ou, 30, in their jefferson street store jan. 20 because he resented the competition from their shop. both the victims' store and the hole- in-the-wall shop that wu operated in an alley off jefferson sold items such as purses, luggage, hats and scarves.wu's arraignment had been delayed for more than a week while he was kept on a psychiatric hold at san francisco general hospital. authorities believe he's a danger to himself. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a live look here from tulsa, look how slowly the train is moving,
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cars stopped winning you can see the snow falling. this is a new storm system. they're getting snow their in tulsa today. >> james: an attorney for former president jeff scalings says they deride his client request for release to pretend his funeral. request was denied without explanation. the 20 rob was found dead in his home he last week. >> darya: lindsay lohen is due in court today to face a new judge and a new charge that could return her to jail. this is video her arriving in court in july. last time was with the dri and probation. this time she is being arraigned on felony grand theft. accused of stealing and that was.
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the from an upscale to restore in the beachside community of venice. they claim she took this $2,500 necklace in january wheat after being released from rehab her attorney has denied that the actress told the necklace. >> james: meanwhile the see it i a accountability progress that says is unpredictable and inconsistent. according to a pro officers committed serious mistakes that led people wrongly imprisoned or dead received a minor or no punishment at all. the also found that the result of the decade of hazzard kelly ability is that many officers who made significant mishaps are now senior managers. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. and live like outside the james lick in san francisco everything is nice, quiet traffic is light, visibility is traffic
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san francisco is 50 degrees. thus we don't up the win to make it feel colder high of 60 this afternoon.
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>> darya: monday yellow school trustees has voted to close holbrooke and lynbrook. that decision made to close the budget shortfall, it might not be enough the board is looking at closing other school possibly silver what or westwood. they will make that decision in the next two weeks. >> james: latest development story at a oakland a woman is in the hospital. oakland police are looking for the man who raped a woman in the lake merritt area late monday night. the victim told authorities she encountered the man as she returned home at about 10:00 p.m. monday to her apartment complex at 800 jackson street near lake merritt. three other rapes have happened since september. the first two happened in late september of last year and then raped them. a third attack happened on january 18th. in that case the victim was also robbed before undergoing the sexual assault. jonathan bloom tran says to
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tell us what is new. >> reporter: the night after what was described as a brutal rape in pleading oakland police returned to the building, a police officer to and in asian languages went door-to-door interviewing neighbors. speaking in cantonese this woman told police she heard to screams from the stairwell after a man followed her neighbor inside and then attacked her. it happened around 10:00 p.m. as she came home from work. >> she did suffer injuries thankfully those are not life-threatening investigators are checking on her well-being and that is our utmost concern. >> reporter: the man who raped her was not someone she knew she described him as a six-foot tall, medium complection dark long sleeve shirt and dark cap that description is not much to go on admittedly. >> often times the victim comes the information comes in
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slowly. >> reporter: they'll be looking into whether not there's a connection, that this time the men that ever operation does not appear to be the same. oakland police have not ruled out the possibility that this rape could be connected to the assaults that have happened here on the other side of lake merritt over past months. right now, without any evidence they will treat this as an unfortunate, isolated incident. oakland, jonathan bloom, kron4 news. >> darya: of blockers camera captures a robbery. it happened sunday afternoon in the 500 block of stephens' streak police got there within five minutes, this guy takes off with this woman's wallet. they were not strangers, they say the woman met the man, hung out with him a few hours earlier in union square. before this
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confrontation return under stealing her wallet. police are still looking for the guy. >> james: now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: good morning james, starting up this morning with some cooler temperatures that is because we don't have as much in the way of the winds. still keeping the fog in the picture. we are clear, sunny, mild, temperatures could warm up slightly chance of rain in the forecasts come next week. off star tours of showing how much cooler temperatures are across-the-board 9 degree dropping temperatures at half moon bay 16 redwood city a few degrees cooler in san francisco 11 degrees cooler through novato. 10 degree drop are the past 24 hours. a few degrees above
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freezing in santa rosa, 45 oakland, 50 san francisco. through the afternoon wore on those ties and the low 60s. 64 novato, san francisco's 60, 60 richmond, low 60s bay. the south bay = 62. we could see the upper 60s today as well. los gottas, morgan hill 67. plans this weekend, high country, sierra, nice conditions even since nobody in the the weekend. freddie coming clear conditions, increasing crowd saturday, in the upper 50s. partly cloudy. snow level staying at 8,000 ft.. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. was disenchant,
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continue with the dry tend to the week. partly cloudy sunday, a chance iran on monday. better chance tuesday. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: still moving without any hot spots, delays for your wednesday morning commute. wherever you're heading great conditions. we are tracking a volume of cars westbound in to san francisco. no accidents. no weight at a gate. san mateo, west, east bound 92. still lots of space, those taillights heading in the commute direction the bright lights coming towards you east bound in to hayward. no problems getting to the bridge along highway 101. 13 minutes between 800 and 101. says ben-101 moves well.
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very quiet. craig conditions at of the novato pass highway 37. another camera, this one is provided by yoli. 101 moving to berlin game certainly not hotspot. darya? >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. not just in the bay area but worldwide of course the big story is still in cairo here is a live shot from cairo you can see in the distance dozens of protesters spilling the street once again, demanding the immediate ancestor of the president.
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>> james: and we are back, levi strauss is getting another shot at suing
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abercrombie and fitch. the value of the arch pattern on the back of that pocket. that is the back pocket of levis, its trademark has been diluted because of abercrombie and finch is using a similar pattern. you decide, there's a phobos. \ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ so both. >> darya: everyone has a pocket design. >> james: i nobodi know but levi's is going to sue them. to get them to stop putting their little similar lead design squiggle. >> darya: i think everyone knows levi's it has the double digit, it always does. the little red the need to. (laughter)
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now i know you're going to be inspecting or rear ends. doing research. will the government cleared trade out in its investigation. the transportation department said tuesday that electronic flaws were not to blame for reports of sudden, unintended acceleration. since 2009, toyota has recalled more than 12 million vehicles globally over safety problems. the government's new findings bolstered toyota's contention that the company had directly dealt with the problems through its recalls and is making safety paramount in its lineup. the company is now trying to get the public to trust them again. the company directly dealt with the problems through its recalls. the damage has been done. they would from the second largest automaker to now number three. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. you can see we have plenty of sunshine lasting from today rate to the weekend we got rid of yesterday's wind is trees temperatures or quite nice.
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but today is nice to. mid- 60's today, and that chance of rain has moved out a little farther. looks like comedian dry to the weekend the chance doesn't move into monday, tuesday. >> james: following the latest of cairo's thousands of protesters still converge there in the central square liberation square demanding the immediate ouster of the president. he's been in power for 30 years he says he'll step down in september to everyone in the oscars is no you need to get out now. will see where it goes. the greatest thing these protests have to end.
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>> james: and we're back, national weather, a lot of snow in kansas, oklahoma, texas, dallas were worth getting a dose. heavy
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showers roll their way through louisiana, this entire system attract minorities will see a lot of snow fall before the storm is then. kansas really hard is terry now, headlines from newspapers, a clark stan tennessee where you can see someone walking to this note. another round of snow is expected the headline promises warmer weather just around the corner just hold on. (laughter) >> james: blowing snow creates visibility issue. one more, hutchinson, had enough? play for or warming. pray for global warming. a number of clauses, schools canceled. in texas then pass cancellations. dallas-fort worth the airport 120 cancellations for flights. >> darya: when i look what's
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going on in connecticut i wonder why i left? look at it, it collapsed roof. when the snow builds up you have to get out there and shovel it off. indeed, this one got the better of this building in northeastern connecticut. in dave built, two people were inside. look at that. one woman said she is standing in the doorway and the building crumbled. no one was hurt. it was a former church, converted into a realty office. now the owners are going to have to beat relocating. new mexico drivers having a rough go take a look at what the storm is doing to the roads there this is the northeastern part of the state that is really been hit hard by these plus and light conditions. to state highways have been closed down in new mexico. heavy,
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blowing snow is the problem all along interstate 25 and 40. driving is a difficult they're telling people don't. snow is falling so fast they cannot keep up the plows. >> james: a closer look at what the weather is like for ups. look how clear of those shots are, you can see the tail it's really well. i am just fascinated by it. >> louisa: i love it when you preview weather shot with shots from oklahoma. it makes my job easier. not quite as much in the way as wind. that means we are seeing cooler temperatures. san jose, 43 degrees, clear conditions or it around the bay. we are free of fog,
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noontimes 58, high temperature of 62 back down into the mid '40's by 8:00. elsewhere, a few degrees above freezing in santa rosa. a little bit apache frost, 50 napa, 40 concord, 42 livermore. south bay 43, much warmer than that in mountain view. satellite, rate their shows clear conditions, warming as temperatures up just slightly compared to yesterday, of shore flow keeping that fog at the picture. drive for a good long stretch until next week. --dry for a good long stretch. upper 50s, low 60s to the delta. to the east bay low 60s, 62 san jose. places like those battles, morgan hill, upper 60s. here
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is a look at your 7 day around the bay. watch those lows, frost could be in the picture tomorrow. the after news breeze temperatures in the mid- upper 60s lott's ascension, dry weather. at this point the storm system will wait till the beginning of the work week to bring us some showers. staying dry throughout the week. temperatures expected to drop off a few more clouds into the picture. better chance of rain tuesday. erica? >> erica: no hot spots on our radar great conditions pretty much wherever you are heading. the bridges look good westbound 80, we're seeing a few more cars on the road there tracking 20 minutes ago still not producing any back up. those leading lights are off, san mateo same story. so far, so
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good. westbound traffic heading towards the peninsula moves well, a bright lights he's bent into hayward still looking at great drive times. north bay down to the golden gate bridge, those headlights moving well. speeds above 65 mi. per hour no hotspot down and assess bay earlier reoccurring accident, north bound 85 overturned vehicle that is long gone. if you're heading up 101 a crab is beginning to form within those taillights. james? >> thank you, headlines around the bay a man was killed last night in east oakland. it was reported 730 at the 5700 block of foothill. no arrests have been made. police believe the shooting monday morning
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in mission district appears to be gained relateng related. e men in the car started during upusharing gate designs. >> darya: the sheriff's department is investigating a sexual assault at a parking garage. the girl was in a covered parking garage when a man approached her, chatting with her about parking then assaulted her. here is the sketch of the suspect. she tried to show him away. he did eventually run from the area. here is the description, a hispanic man 40-50 years old medium build, dark short medium
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here. great in unshaves of child molestation have been charged against 53 rob, this tool is now facing 73 felony charges. he pleaded not guilty yesterday some of these are for sexual assault and molestation the child 15 years and younger. remaining charges that are based on child pornography. showing corn to a child, former juvenile hall counselor his next court appearance will be march 22nd. 5:54 a.m. plenty of time to get ready keep the tv on we will be right.
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>> james: welcome back to
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the kron 4 news. and live look at of cairo, dozens of people once again in the central square, they are continuing their protest demanding that the egyptian president step down immediately. he will step down, but not until the september elections. the crowd say that is not good enough. planning for another million people to protest on friday. (music)
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