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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  February 9, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. >> at 4:00 the man suspected of attacking a priest has found strong support. the man accuses the priest of molesting him. authorities say the suspect william lynch, attacked the priest in his retirement home. lynch has been charged with assault. robb was in los gatos today where lynch was arraigned. >> shown here departing a preliminary hearing 43 year- old william lynch is facing charges in connection with what prosecutors say is a revenge beating of the priest for what he said molested he and his brother 35 years ago. supporters of lynch carrying signs saying
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free willy. say the wrong courses owrong person is on tril here. >> it's heartbreaking to watch my friend go through this. really it should be the other way around. >> lynch was accused of the may 2010 beating of gerald a long time priest at the sacred heart jesuits center in los gatos. lynch agreed to the settlement with the church in 1998. father jerry hough was never prosecuted and the statute of limitation has long since expired. for route to melos god knows, i would be upset that the jesuits there was a dumping ground for molesters. >> testified that when she beat the father in from shot witnesses. prosecutors are showing that he was bent on
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revenge. crucial to the case is whether father takes the stand and what sounds lynch supporters say is a case of vigilante justice. >> job anything to say it all? >> to more. >> a shooting in broad daylight in the cash for neighborhood it happened about 1:15 p.m. on a street. officers had gunshots and when they arrived outside the supermarket, they fell one man shot in the back line on the sidewalk. police were directed inside the store where they found the suspect and the gun. the police are telling us the suspect worked at the store and knew the victim. they believe the conflict may have started over the victims dog. the suspect is now under arrest and the victim is being treated at san francisco general hospital. oakland police are searching for a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman yesterday and jackson streets. this evening oakland police are saying
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they're making progress. kron 4 spoke with the officer who is a key role in solving the case. >> on wednesday opd called an officer alan. his opd is asian liaison. he speaks fluent cantonese. opd special victims unit has also been assigned to the case. investigators cementite let about specific leads however officer had this to say about getting the suspect in custody. >> our special victim in it worked harder in this case, were very confident we have a plan of action, were confident we can solve this case. >> described as an african- american male 6 ft. tall with a median complexion. in oakland kron 4 news. >> a live look outside, this
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afternoon sunny skies and still breezy. winds not nearly as bad as yesterday. for that reason temperatures feel warmer even though there about the same as what was the 24 hours ago. 65 ft. was santa rosa, 59 he was santa rosa, 61 = concord. the wind speeds right now fairfield 60 mi. an hour winds this time. 24 hours ago the wind speeds or the 30's. as you can see much, conditions this afternoon. the call or winds will lead to cooler night, last night the wind was still persisted they didn't want to die down. this evening temperatures will fall quickly after the sun set because we will not see the strong winds. tomorrow morning frost in the north bay and cold temperatures bay area wide. into the afternoon, mild afternoon we have changes as we head into the weekend. all the details on the cold morning in changes ahead coming up in a
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few minutes. >> parents in the mount diablo school district are learning to schools were shut down in august and two more are on the chopping block. the last night the school board voted to close glenbrook middle school at the end of this year. the board is considering closing a third school. abortuses superintendent to study the advantages of clothing either west would were silver would in concord. he concedes students today outside west would elementary holding signs saying save our schools. the announcement they could be on the chopping block is a surprise. the school was never on the potential closure list. if it is shut down the plan is to send all of those students as a group to another school. silver would elementary as the other option, if that choice was elected silver would students would likely be split up into three different schools. parents, teachers and students are rallying to keep their
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school open. >> it's very sad, we never thought the west would would be on the chopping block like it is. were a very distinguished cool in the district. it affects me most for the kids. >> silverware and the kids to go with three different schools, the school will remain vacant. as a homeowner i lived down the street and i'm a parent of kids at the school. that would be devastating for me, my property values sank, my children's friends would go through different schools. >> no decision however is expected at that meeting. a good sign in washington d.c. for those who want to see the nation's politicians working together. the president met with republican lawmakers today. the promise to work together more in the future. subjects include international trade and spending caps. back on
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the house for other republicans introduced a plan that would end more than 60 u.s. programs and make cuts to hundreds of others. the plan would eliminate funding for family assistance and for public broadcasting. it would include cuts to education, food safety, high speed rail and local law enforcement. the bill is expected to be voted on next week. >> gov. jerry brown has proposed shutting down local redevelopment agencies to help save the state nearly $2 billion. as kate thompson reports without that money, and new projects in the bay area will come to a halt to plans to revitalize neighborhoods would be devastated. >> there is from the east bay from big cities to small towns without state redevelopment money projects just won't happen. from transit villages to affordable housing. cities will be able to build the projects anymore. the state
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is putting forward that these projects would happen without to economic aid. it's absolutely your road yes. >> this city wants to put in housing units, retail and a new hotel. all that is in jeopardy if the state redevelopment money goes away. the city is pointing what to one of the success stories the uptown district, where they turn the area around. coming up at 5:00 p.m. all have a tour of that area. reporting in oakland, kron 4 news. >> live look at stockton street in san francisco, the area between market street insider is down to one lane. crews have begun work on the central subway system there. we will be right back. @
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stocks closed mixed the dow rose seven points. it had one down day in the last 11.
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yes and he lost four points, the nasdaq 8 points. what is happening with stocks? >> >> we do see egypt is having some effect right? >> not much, there's in corporate earnings and productivity are bigger than oil concerns at this time. back and always change it at the moment. today we have mixed markets. i woke up at 4:00 a.m. and asia was down, europe was down so it wasn't surprised that we came in next. were starting to run out of steam and faith, then went to capitol hill today had a talk with the senate. >> that was not terribly encouraging job market wise. >> know.nope. even though we saw a dip it was kind of an
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anomaly. we didn't have any created jobs, it's a statistic's anomaly. i'm ready for a down market for a couple of days, it never seems to come. tactically were strong but i can't figure of any reason to catalyst is higher. >> i guess we knew this bucket then said unemployment could be high for several more years. that seems chilling to be. >> you will pay attention to productivity in a restaurant he as far as economic data and comes, i would never reported it because it's incredibly boring. productivity is high were getting more work out of the individual worker. the one productivity goes down in the workweek goes up that's when employment will start creeping higher. >> disney having an all-time high. what's happening that
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it's doing that well. ? >> abc and espn are recovering, the raised rates for disneyland and disney world and occupancy is going higher. they're doing everything fine that's another reason why don't doubt that a high today. disney had a height and carried it hired today. when the it's it's the fans, by a company like disney they have an all-time high. you know mickey mouse and cinderella they're not going away. >> i know you're coming back, stay with us we'll be back after this break. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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>> justin, a cruise ship docked in san francisco for repairs has been fixed. it's ready to go again. you're looking at the carnival's blinder did famously ran into huge problems in november. this is where fire
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broke out in the engine room and knocked out power and communication. the ship was left stranded at sea south of san diego. everybody on board stuck it out for three days. the coast guard had to fly in food, water. january 23rd the ship arrived in san francisco and now has two new generators and is ready to head to its next crews in mexico. >> from the great plains dropped late show winter weary residents are digging out from another winter storm. it is unpleasant to hit the region has brought to a flat half of this note. as capt. explains mr. read by the shovelful. >> arctic weather in amarillo the snow coming so fast you can read the warnings of low visibility. >> stay home don't leave your house. >> only a few hardy souls venture out in oklahoma were the wind chill drop the temperature to -30. if people are digging out from last week's storm. in
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arkansas woman pointed her camera outdoors, >> the biggest know i've ever seen in the 20 years i've been living here. >> some drivers in kansas city learned about the dangers the hard way. even getting around on foot was hazardous. the national weather service has issued a snow and ice warnings for a big slice of the south and southwest. in virginia the driver of this pickup probably thought he made the right decision to pull over on an icy road. he was wrong. katharine hennen kron 4 news. >> at different weather picture here locally. live over downtown san francisco plenty of sunshine this afternoon. the winds are colmar and that will be cold. temperatures in the north bay are in the '40's. purple indicating temperatures in the 30's and recouping into the screen.
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30's widespread in the bay area. 7:00 p.m. the north bay in the 30's, the pink indicating temperatures in the '20s. our inland valleys and parts of the south bay, the peninsula and the coast line in the low '40's. temperatures warming back in the 50's and low 60s by 3:00 p.m.. 30 = not the, 35 = concord, 33 in livermore 45 = san francisco. the afternoon temperatures similar to today may be a degree or two of warming in some spots. 65 = santa rosa, 61 = san francisco, 61 = vallejo, low 60s for the bay shores, 64 = san jose. your kron 47 day around the bay, temperatures mild.
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sunday things start to cool down and we will get more clouds and the forecast. rain is on the way next week, looks like by monday a series of storms set to push through. right on tuesday, wednesday and into thursday. >> gabrielle gifford is talking for the first time since being shot in the forehead. this is the file video of her with john painter, she began talking over the last few days. asking for toes when morning. her husband said she has her appetite back, eating three times a day, mark kelly is even hoping his wife can be at his a shuttle launch into months. freshman senator jim webb of virginia said he will retire when his term is up next year. the former navy secretary said he wants to get back to the private sector. that leaves democrats looking for strong candidate who can keep the gop from regaining the see
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loss by republican senator george allen. a flight instructor came across a sad sight while flying over a white. he took a photo of a humpback whale, seems sick and injured. the he said it appears the wells back as been broken. read experts are out there trying to find it. to say it may have been hit by boat they're going to try and help it but it has not been spotted again. >> in the bay area tour is on a well watching excursion got are rare experience today. they witnessed a large pot of killer whales outside the golden gate this morning. as many as 14 or does came within 30 ft. of their boat, with more than 30 minutes. killer whales usually don't venture this farce of the naturalist attribute their presence to improving wales migrating north. traffic on this wednesday, the bay bridge
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toll plaza no problems headed westbound into san francisco. we will be back.
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actress lindsay lohan pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft. she is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace while she's been on probation. the judge talk directly to the actors about the serious nature of the case. >> the felony is a different situation and you're not entitled. you need to follow the laws just like everybody else. look around this room, everyone else in this room has to follow the law. the court, the d.a., the attorney, the sheriff's deputy. you're no different than anyone else. please, don't push your luck. >> if she is convicted she could face up to three years in state prison. do you need
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to confess your sins? there's a knack for that. kimberlee sakamoto has a look at the no application officially approved by catholic bishops. >> it's called can fashion a roman catholic al. approved by the catholic church in the u.s. and in the uk. it walks you through the ritual of confession, stores your sense and a password protected account. and less of the 10 commandments asked if you follow all them or few lighter committed adultery. if you're confessions are outside the box it has a place to personalize your confession. something interesting is that it ask you to register your name, whether you're married and where you live. while regular confession is supposed to be anonymous apparently this virtual confession isn't. the developer said he greeted it with the help of local priest in response to pope
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added six called for the church to embrace new media. >> a live look aside from our camera at mount mount tam, what a wonderful day from the bay area. we'll be back more news ahead.
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