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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> darya: >> james: police on the scene of a collision it end up being a deadly crash. we'll tell you what happened. >> darya: sports at cowen and whether they have sports could be decided today. >> james: today's a big day on verizon customers tried to get their hands on an iphone. will tell you what to expect. >> louisa: temperatures cooler through the napa valley, and the delta. dropping as much as 17 degrees. we have seen them dip below freezing details coming up. >> darya: coming up with the breaking news in san francisco. early morning crash has killed
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one person. will tran is live, it has shut down a big area. what is at the intersection well? >> will: this is the intersection of the jury. it involves a blue out the and the gray moss step. mazda. they saw e headed downtown. he was running red lights when he collided into the gray mazda which was northbound towards the golden gate bridge. that person in moscow was pinned in the car died at scene. --must o mazda-'s
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already ticket was. when i showed up here it was silent. >> darya: the extent of damages unbelievable. >> will: they don't have an estimate on how fast he was going. they have investigators taking measurements, photos, there are skid marks in the intersection. according to the police department. that does not mean the blue car saw the mazda in the intersection and then slammed on his brakes. he could aslant on his brakes after colliding and the force of the collision could have kept them going to the center island. as far as both directions are shut down at this time. it could take another hour, hour-and-a-half before they clear the scene. you may have to think about alternative groups. >> darya: george's standing by
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right now. jury is a huge floral fair. a lot of people choose that. >> george: despite the fact that carry so much traffic with the closure of that intersection for a while. the best bet would be rather than choosing an alternate, the lightly back its course of action is just before geary you can move one block to get around it. none of the adjacent streets are designed to carry the traffic. thankfully at present there is not much of a delay. not much traffic yet. a lot more people will likely be affected by the 38. on freeways
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this morning we are not tracking and hot spots from the california highway patrol. the bay bridge toll plaza, the bridge check you can see how like the traffic is. yesterday despite malfunction meter light we had a good commute. san mateo bridge has been problem free. look at it now shows volume is build up we still have no delays the trip to the golden gate bridge, is moved, no problems even through central san rafael. this does bay 1 01, northbound a good ride out of down now check with weather. >> louisa: cooler start for the morning today. temperatures dipped below freezing in some
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spots. by the afternoon mild conditions lots of sunshine. mostly clear through the evening and may be a bit of a breeze. current temperatures we are below freezing for the napa valley. 32 break at freezing present rosa, stamford livermore.same for livermore. 4n francisco this morning, down in the south bay holding on to the 30's as well. clear conditions right around the bay. continuing with this kind of weather, lots of sunshine through the weekend, saturday shaping up to be nice but bringing in rain chances beginning of next week. your afternoon highs, 634 richmond, los '60s through the east bay, 63 in san jose. 7 day
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around the bay shows sunshine ahead of us but changes on monday. >> james: we will begin with more news out of richmond. a developing story were police and must begin shooting on an ec transit bus last may. it happened before 10:00 p.m., five people were on board the bus at the time of the shooting. one person was injured because of shattered glass and nobody was shot. also this morning a decision on whether cal's baseball team and other programs will be saved. reducing the number of teams from 29 down to 24. it has been on the agenda. to mind criteria to decide whether they can be saved. one $25 million must be raised to
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support the program for five years. a viable plan to build and endowments for these teams. save the cal sports has raised 15 million already. >> darya: a judge will announce whether william lynch has to state trial. he is accused of beating a jesuit priest last year of priest he says abused him and his little brother when they were kids. he is charged with one count of felony assault. if he is convicted he could face four years in prison. the church did settled his lawsuit back in the '90s. in egypt with the uprising in the protests in their 17th day. the government made it clear chief culprits is the broad caster all jews era. they have now banned
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the before minister warns of who it protests purses. >> james: many verizon customers have been waiting for today the iphone will go on sale today. this ends at&t's monopoly on apple's most popular phone. customers may face long lines and waits. anytime a new thing with apple's in this instance verizon, they're always lines out in the stores. they could sell 2 million iphone this quarter. coming up and are 8:00
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hour we will have gabes late here in studio with us. >> darya: 6:08 a.m., we will be back with more of a couple minutes. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone
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>> james: 612 a.m., new this morning good news about the economy. the number of people applying for unemployment has dropped to the los long three years.lowest levels in three ye meanwhile stocks were headed for an early loss this morning. futures down all over the board. yesterday the rally was closed almost up seven. the nasdaq was also negative almost a point. we
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will see of these new labor report to do anything for markets. >> darya: i married congressman has resigned in the midst of a scandal on crags list. he posted a photo he was trained pick up a girl on crags list. mosbacher got a hold of it and posted the picture now he has resigned. he can't allow destruction to continue, so he has now resigned. he issued a statement saying he made profound mistakes to lose family, staff, constituents. he had said on the web said he was divorced. but he is married and has a son. 6:13 a.m., back with more a couple of minutes. rocket scientists!
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what's in your wallet?! where to sputnik? [ chuckles ]
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>> darya: storm trucker for you can see the blend of snow and rain. this snow is a blue stuff, the rain is green. yellow was heavy downpours. you can see how this is moving off. it was in memphis all the way down to a plaza. it has moved to the east. down by tampa they are getting a lot of rain at this hour. look at this video in kentucky, hopkinsville kentucky, along the tennessee border. the snow has been making spodriving difficul they're not supposed to stop getting snow until tonight. it will keep following right through the evening. temperatures will stay in the teens. ponca city oklahoma, have
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you ever been there? they have to shovel the roofs. this is something and are not used to. also you have to truck it off. all the guys putting it in the back of the pickup. i guess he's going to dampen the neighbor's yard. (laughter) >> james: tahoe is going to get a bunch of snow. today will be nice though. >> louisa: we should bottle the whether for today and send it to ponca oklahoma, we do have a chance of snow through the week. a shot of the san mateo bridge right now. currently, cool air. they're cooler were this morning right across the board. dipping below freezing in some spots. lots of sunshine, sunny and mild
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this afternoon. chance of rain next week. we'll show you how much cooler the temperatures are. especially through napa and fairfield. fairfield 17, we are below the freezing mark in through the napa valley. at 33 for fairfield, also and livermore. upper 30's in the south bay, as we head into the afternoon clear conditions bring sunshine and warm september. we will keep thtemperatures. aftern highs getting into the mid-60s for san rosa, a couple of degrees warmer than that in richmond. in the east bay low 60s, 63 mountain view, san jose. also if you're headed to the
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sierra this weekend, call forecast for you. increasing clouds friday, starting off clear. by saturday 60 in some of the warm spots. partly cloudy sunday so we will stay dry all weekend, but next week changes. monday first chance of rain, a better chance tuesday, wednesday. george? >> george: hot spot free ride right now to. westbound 580, northbound 880 all look good. the bay bridge to the san mateo bridge, the volume continues to build, the traffic is still pretty smooth. it is moving well in no back up jet at the toll plaza. 92 and 80 through 80 both look good. golden gate bridge smooth one, it just checked
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sensors and it is still smooth from 37 down to central san rafael. this is the intersection of kiri boulevard if you look at the it is the inbound traffic on a jury boulevard, it is getting heavier it is still pretty light. your best bet around it is just to take one block the two are either down to and the or comments street.comment stres on the scene and mollifies us when the intersection opens. >> james: gas prices alive shot here of a gas station, we're talking about it because guesses on the rise. you seen the prices steadily rising. gas expected to hit $5 a gallon. jackie sizzled
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given us the latest on the unfortunate trend. >> reporter: gas prices are on the rise. it is apparent threw out the area. we have seen them creeping up and now shooting up. let's look at the numbers across the nation. nationally it's at $3.11, that's a laugh we don't get that here in california. in california's $3 of 415, it is the third highest in united states. san francisco $3.48, san jose $3.42, on lombard street it's a chevron. $3, 495. less than a mile from where i'm
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standing there is a valero gas station. $3.79, pushing $3.80. experts say we are not even in the high of driving it comes in the summer months. we could see prices for dollars plus. >> james: did you see anybody filling up at the station? >> reporter: no i didn't. there's a station across the street that has gas for $3.49. i was on a gas web site and the gauges highs and lows. that particular gas station was the highest in san francisco. >> james: we are not even at the height of driving see some with the prices higher. >> darya: he's smiling because he has a prius. 6:23 a.m., a
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poll on the budget problem shows residents are considering new taxes. for hire by the city servite 900 people over the phone and they found well residents still favorite things like cuts an employe compensation or raising taxes, some are warming to the idea of new tax measures. city council has yet to make a move to pursue new tax measure at this point. san jose is facing $110 million shortfall in the next budget which has to be adopted in june. 6:24 a.m., back with more a couple of minutes.
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>> james: we are back 6:27 a.m., great today, tomorrow even into saturday, sunday. more detailed look to your forecast coming up.
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>> darya: we are going to keep are eye disappointing earnings news against, and encouraging report on jobs. 3008300 people applying for employment. the lowest low wall and three years. >> james: we have developing news out of san francisco. early morning crash has left one person dead. will tran from the scene of the accident with the latest on the investigation. >> will: this accident happened four hours ago. the two cars are still here although the tow trucks have arrived at the scene. as far as the two cars
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this scene could be cleared in 15 minutes. as far is >> callergeary street could be d down. they believe that the blue car was headed into san francisco downtown in that direction he was running red lights, traveling high speeds. he collided with that silver, sorry the gray mazda. the driver of the gray mazda was headed toward the golden gate bridge area. the driver of the great car was pinned inside of the car. he died at the scene. that driver of the blue car was taken to hospital with non life- threatening injuries. >> james: obviously we will continue this story out of the city. let's go to george
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following this further from the traffic department. >> george: around the incident thankfully has not been too bad. one of the biggest is too many passengers there ride 38, it has been rerouted, so far the inbound traffic has been light, there is not even up one block back up approaching the scene of the incident. still closed for the investigation there. let's say you a bridge check first the bay bridge, westbound we see the first that of a back up. meter lights have been activated, it is slowing down from about the beginning of the east parking lot, for the west bound ride. still very good for the bay bridge. san mateo bridge ride looks good. no problems for you there. the golden gate bridge ride 1 01 southbound, in very light traffic coming in for marin county with no problems
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approaching this ban all but over the wall downgrade. even the ride from the locust valley road past frege's parkway is a smooth one. public transit is problem for this morning. but for the rerouting of 38, muni, cal train, ace train all on time. time for check on whether. >> louisa: clear shot at the golden gate bridge clear conditions persisting through the afternoon. we have a cooler start for today temperatures below freezing in some spots. we bring in as a chance of rain next week. the weekend maybe dry and pleasant. here's a look at how much cooler temperatures are. napa valley looking at 16 degree drop in temperature. 16 and now bob, a danger field.
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right now below freezing in napa, san rosa. 38 in fairfield, temperatures in the south bay upper 30's, low 40's. much warmer than that in san francisco at 47 degrees. this afternoon highs temperatures should stay in to the low 60s through the napa valley, the delta, and the coast. 63 for san jose, even to mountainview as well. if you're headed in to that country it will stay dry in tahoe, 55 friday, saturday lots of sunshine topping out around 60. chance of the snowflakes out of the picture until next week. james? >> james: 1 dead, five missing
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after a national line gas line explosion in pennsylvania. this is video from our newsroom. this fire leveled houses, spot fires that burned seven hours and consumed our row of houses. prompting the evacuation of hundreds of people. the flames and smoke billowing in the air was seen for miles. officials say eight homes in all were engulfed in flames. that blast fell for miles away. there are reports of injuries. the cause of the fire on clear. >> darya: the investigation and to the san bruno gas line explosion a new report is shedding light on the safety of pipelines, and the utilities in section practice. or lack of it iinspections. pg&e put
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off critical inspections. >> reporter: it has been five months since flames erupted from the streets in san bruno killing eight people and destroying 55 homes. a new report shows pg&e delayed critical pipeline inspections for more than two years according to the public utility commission. auditors road it appeared pg&e was not devoting company resources to ensuring its gas lines were safe. in a statement piccinni responded it welcomes the probed. jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> darya: verizon is saying you can hear me now when you use the iphone with them. they go on sale today, at 7:00 a.m.. 25 minutes from now the first time you can go to the story get one. they had presales, internet sales up until now. this and at&t's monopoly on the iphone. it puts an end to some of the
6:37 am
complaints people will look eye phones were not crazy about at&t's service. they said it was a great phone but by to talk on. and i wonder what you doing on the phone? a lot of people use the phone for a baby computer almost. it means people are already lined up around some of those stores to get their hands on one of those loans today. >> james: 6:37 a.m., and out of michigan the president has just landed, although we are looking at marine one. he will talk about the need to access to speedy wireless services. he wants to make a model for the internet bringing prosperity to places. we'll be back with more of a moment.
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>> james: an interesting story the same maps that planter's use to build on earthquake faults is available to you. it's unclear street address in. it's the state department of conservation that put it together. it's compiled by the geological survey. it covers this day but you can zoom in. we will zoom in on the bay area. it's broken-down on two different geographical areas. this information critical in urban planning and real-estate disclosures as well. if you wanna get a closer look you can we put a link to this at kron 4 dot
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>> the deer better get out of the way they will be hitting sooner hundred and 80 pros and celebrities. fanning out across the three courses this weekend. the most challenging one is playing tougher this year because it has been without rain for the past month. it leaves pebble beach, in pretty tough conditions. the two-time defending champion who hopes to make it three times. he helped to win three successive years. the fans are there to see the golf, but also the celebrities. >> if you're going to miss that miss the right because you don't hit people. >> 1 m ripping up the score card that's the best part of my game.
6:43 am
after shooting 96 on the front nine. >> darya: i like that part (laughter) unlike the first, and when you golf and of it, it will hit a tree, or a deer. but these people. the people behind the ropes. i'm surprised more people don't get hurt. i could take those guys out in one chip. >> james: 6 4:03 a.m., the east bay alive look at of walnut creek. 680 is building but still moving. more moment.
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or >> darya: top stories investigators on the scene right now as are we with our live crew out there in san francisco. a fatal crash. the cars here, around 2:15 a.m., the intersection still shut down right now. it is wrote off. the
6:47 am
blue car was speeding and went through red lights, plowing into the gray mazda killing the driver of the mazda. the driver of the blue car survived the crash. one lane has reopened but this will affect traffic. we will keep you posted. >> james: a decision whether cal's baseball team and for their teams will be saved today. they will review whether the baseball team, women's gymnastics will be reinstated. a new category at cal. >> darya: cairos bus drivers have joined the egyptian state employees, who are on strike now in their second day of the strike. the labor unrest is really helping to pump more energy, into this momentum as well. into a wave of anti-
6:48 am
government protest. you can see the night time protest. they are warning military action, 17 days straight a protest. >> louisa: welcome back to kron 4 morning news. the james lick clear conditions right now. we are cooling off period temperatures cooler this morning and every yesterday. by the afternoon lots of sunshine and mild. the evening mostly clear conditions and a light breeze. this is a much cooler it was compared to 24 to go. temperatures up into the north bay through the delta are actually read around the freezing mark. dropping below freezing in san rosa napa. upper 30's for fairfield, certainly some spots this morning could wake up to patchy frost appeared not the case for san francisco's downtown san francisco 47,
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temperatures into the upper 30's low 40's. by the afternoon into the '60s. 61 in through san rafael, san francisco a few degrees warmer than that. east bay temperatures until low 60s. 624 livermore. we have a look at the weekend forecast parent headed into the sierra tahoe could get increasing clouds for friday. lots of sunshine for saturday. it could warm to 60 degrees. cloudy conditions for sunday but dry all weekend. if you're headed up there you probably will not major change. chains. george? >> george: we don't have any hot spots on bay area freeways this morning. highway 4 looks good, 580 is sluggish but nothing worse than usual. westbound ride
6:50 am
leading down to the toll plaza is still not much of a back up. only to the middle of the east parking lot. it has not grown much in 20 minutes. as well as your ride to the san mateo bridge where conditions are good westbound. we start to see more light on the roadway. even the counterphobic compute continues to move well back towards hayward. through marin county the road sensors reveal good ride. no problems on the golden gate, said on traffic moves smoothly despite the building volume headed towards the toll plaza. san francisco the aunt's now we have been tracking and city streets. this is geary boulevard. they have reopened the westbound lanes at arguello . there was an accident
6:51 am
involving two vehicles last vehicle is about to be towed. thankfully the traffic has been lighting up so far this morning that it has not created much in the way of a back up. the back of this is the extent of it it does not reach one city block. best bet is to detour around the incident rather than using an alternate route. >> darya: another phase of construction for central subway project began in nearest doctor and.near stockton businesses ine area are not so thrilled. >> reporter: drivers are being reared detoured for the next 10 months as crews relocate underground utilities. this is part of the $1.6 billion central setransit. this will not be
6:52 am
completed until 2018, rigid and more kron 4 news. >> james: tourists on a will 6 duration got are rare experience. they grab their home video cameras and shot this footage. the dorsal fins bridge in the water. an impressive shot 14 orcas came within 30 ft. of their boat. to the delight of the whale watchers. it's unusual to see killer whales south. improve stock of gray whales migrating to the north. the area were talking about. there's an francisco we will push and and give you a closer look at the location. 14 or grass spotted halfway between the golden gate bridge, and the islands marine sanctuary. an impressive sights
6:53 am
not witnessed too often this far south. it is nice to build share with you this morning. darya? >> darya: 6:52 a.m., we will be back in a couple of minutes. all clear here but traffic is building but it is still moving. it we will be right back. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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>> james: keeping an eye on stocks this morning. at check on the big board. the dow down 71 points. not a big surprise futures have been down all morning. s&p also down eight and a half, nasdaq off 24. spirit we had net good route jobs report out but that may take * to change minds. keeping an eye on tosco where it is beautiful. --
6:57 am
tahoe--we could get snow next week there. >> darya: is there a connection between diet soda and stroke? they don't know what the mechanism may be. but the study finds daily pilot soter drinkers had a 48% higher chance of stroke or heart attack than those who did not drink soda. ucsf have open it stem cell research center baird said this will be allowed to work free from federal restrictions, it is paid for solely with private and state money. the read generation madison building officially opened yesterday housing 25 hot stem cell labs. >> james: back with more in a moment.
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