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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 10, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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police on the scene of an early morning crash in san francisco's richmond. it was a deadly crash. we will tell you how it is impacting traffic. >> darya: the fate of sports at cal could be discussed today. >> james: you can get your hands on the iphone for in a rise in store. will tell you what to expect. >> darya: what to expect in the weather? we are starting off with temperature change. temperature is cooler and you do say we finally see snow, and rain on the way. >> louisa: chance of rain next week but right now dealing with cooler temperatures. more on that coming up. >> darya: breaking news out of san francisco and early morning
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accident. killed one person and closed part of a busy intersection. will tran is live. it looks like they are taking down the scene? >> will: yes they are but they are starting to open one lane. the other side to lanes have been opened that happened around 6:45 a.m., it looks like as far as traffic is concerned. it is starting to get back to normal. albeit quite slowly. the car that was in the accident. this is his mazda. you can see how creche it was. he was northbound minding his own business according to investigators. the blue car on the other to truck their. rick witnesses say he was flying through red lights, high-speed
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of rate headed towards downtown san francisco area. he t-bond that mas des killing the driver of the mazda. pinning the driver and side of the car. it took some time just to remove his body. he died at the scene. the driver of the blue car had texas license plate. we don't all fees from the bay area. he was taken to the bay area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. because somebody died in this scene they " brought out people from their local team. the andante of both drivers are not been released. >> darya: that was the question i had was there anything that involves alcohol? or did they have any beer cans? >> will: the capt. i spoke with
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said it's too early to tell. but because somebody died and he was traveling so fast we don't know. that is usually the time nightclubs closed. they have to factor that in. witnesses say you of flying through the red lights before he teed boned the mazda. more than likely they took a blood alcohol test to see if this was an accident, or something that could of been avoided. that is something that needs to come out in the investigation >> darya: we will want to know who that person was who was driving innocently along in the other car veered wildly, with an id soon on that? >> will: i'm trying to get more information this captain said imagine you being the family getting a phone call this morning. he wants to be
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sensitive to the family at this time. once the families been notified that they will notify yes. as soon as we notify we will pass along. as far as traffic is concerned they shut down this for hours. it is moving along now. over the next 20 minutes they will open all lanes the most directions. >> darya: what kind of a factor using george? >> george: even when all lanes were shut down traffic was light enough they're really all it did was back up for about half the block. motorists the really go ahead use geary. even when it was closed tuesday tore one block around. --detour--traffic is still very light through the
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area and no backup or delayed. we may be a few minutes away from completely reopening that intersection. the abuses with lanes open they will probably put the number 38 back on its normal route. the bay bridge incline we may have a hot spot developing here for the west bound bay bridge. there was a stall at about mid cantilever here on the bridge. for while it backed up traffic all the way along the incline. it in order to clear out the section the meter lights were slowed, when we spin the camera back towards the toll plaza, we are likely to see a back up reaching to the oakland army base over cross. before the stall was reported there was hardly a back up at all. walnut creek ride southbound from pleasant hill, continuing set towards alamo, no
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back up yet though conditions here are likely to change. we are likely to see slow traffic. said bay and other cameras san jose, still very good conditions headed out of downtown san jose on 1 01 north. in to send a clear. from the capitol expressway just about an 11 minute drive 7 06 a.m., less can look at the weather. looks like a great day ahead of us. >> louisa: more sunshine on tap george. currently in san jose temperatures 40 degrees, by noontime '60s, your highs today 63. back down to mid '40's by 8:00 p.m., current temperatures outside below freezing in san rosa, napa. to spots that could have mornings frost. fairfield upper 30's, 10 degrees warmer
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than that downtown san francisco. south bay upper 30's low '40's for your beginning of your day. clear conditions expected to continue. we will see sunshine into your weekend. saturday shaping up to be nice. cloud cover along the coast, cooler temperatures as well. then the rain chances begin next week. that's when it changes. your afternoon highs today '60s. 61 san rafael, 63 for richmond. about the same through the east bay, down in to san jose 63. 7 day around the bay shows a warming trend. by saturday we could be flirting with 70 degree mark. first chance of rain kids on monday, tuesday, wednesday better chance. as a matter of fact we could cool off upper 50s by next week. >> james: 7 year-old boy was
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sexually assaulted in oakland at a boys' and girls' club. that boy was treated at children's hospital for not life- threatening injuries, his current condition is unknown. no suspects are in custody but they are looking for multiple suspects who are believed to be juvenile spirit a decision is expected today on whether cal's baseball team will be saved. reducing the number of intercollegiate teams will save them an amount estimated $4 million a year. two main criteria will be considered when deciding the fate of the teams. $25 million was raised to fund the operating 45-10 years. there must be a viable plan to build an endowment to build these programs long term. save cal sports has raised about
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$50 million to support these programs. >> darya: as we got a break sand retail branch traffic is good at cooler day today but still a nice one. ♪
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>> james: golden gate bridge we have a light commute out of marin county. cold conditions a napa. below freezing right now you will warm up to the upper 50s by lunch. los 60s this afternoon. >> darya: the number of people applying for unemployment has dropped to the lowest level in nearly three years. boosting hopes companies will step up hiring this year is the economy gets stronger. applications sank by 36,000. it is the lowest point since early july of 2008. lets take a peek at the big board. the dow is off. 53 points right now. but we are opening lower because investors are
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waiting. we have the jobs report but there were disappointing earnings. cisco systems fell 11% after of the world's largest maker forecast lower-than- expected earnings in the current quarter. pepsi at 2011 forecast as well. pepsi is off, at the dow was off. everything is offering now. we will be right back.
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>> james: 7:16 a.m., today a lot of rising customers have been waiting a long time for. iphone for on sale now across the nation. this ends he than monopoly on apple's popular film. customers may have long waits to get that device. now that the free head out the door. horizon's could sell 2000 this
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quarter, 9 million this year. gabe's late will be here in the studio breaking down the iphone. stay tuned in our 8:00 p.m. hour. >> darya: the sacramento says the review will look at pollutants from urban waste water and wetland disturbances. the delta is the critical ecosystem on the brink of collapse. >> james: storm trucker for over the east coast where we have another big system rolling through. this is the same system over oklahoma yesterday. it is a long raleigh and north carolina right now. rain now along the panhandle getting doused with a bunch of rain and snow. this system should move off in not too much more time.
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obviously making things miserable for lot of folks in north carolina and tennessee. and many schools are closed in memphis worried in see driving conditions are bad. snow-covered roads, some people tried to make the best of it by pulling out this lead, trying to at least make fun of all that misery. it's tough when you've had this many storms rolled through your area. this scene on the side of the road. our role over here, seven accident yesterday. this came after the town got more than an inch of snow. only an inch on the ground but this kind of a problem. the driver not injured when he rolled his vehicle. police say they had to help dozen drivers who fell off their roads during them morning commute. they are working feverishly to get you back on the road. >> darya: just crossing the
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wires. senior army commander tells the jumped protesters all of their demands will be met. this is all we know right now. they will issue a message surely, that's when we hope to find out more about what he meant. at this point protesters have been steadfastly demanded the immediate ouster of president. that has not happened they have not been willing to do that. the best they have said is new elections in september. we will see what this means. we are waiting for this message to be issued. and we'll bring you that as soon as it happens. 7:19 a.m., let's look at the weather in the meantime. >> louisa: it is chillier than where we saw yesterday the san mateo bridge the sun is out and full of fact into the afternoon. by this afternoon lots of sunshine, mild this afternoon. we do bring in a chance of rain,
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in to this fire casforecast. ths morning cold morning temperatures slow freezing in san rosa, napa, 32 for livermore, up through the delta at temperature opera's 30's, san rafael and oakland, 39 in mountain view. satellite radar shows you continuing with clear conditions, keeping sunshine until saturday. by sunday we will notice a bit more cloud cover especially around the coast and cooler temperatures just ahead of the system bringing us rain by monday. your afternoon highs getting up to 65 san rosa, 63 richmond, a couple degrees cooler in downtown san francisco today. los 60s for the east bay the south bay temperatures low 60s as well. we have a tahoe forecast are in
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tomorrow increasing clouds temperatures in the '50s. staying dry through the weekend, saturday lots of sunshine, warming up to 60 degrees. sunday partly cloudy conditions. 7 day around the bay shows sunny days ahead. sunny and mild. by monday bringing an rain. george? >> george: if we didn't have any backups we have one now at the bay bridge. stol that brought blocked a lane force the delaying of the meter lights. there's a back up at the adb over crossed and even the adb approaches back up for the west bound ride. now back up bin to the macarthur maze, but until this all occurred there was no back up at all. the stall is gone and the traffic care of remains. san mateo bridge ride still a good one here, the debris out near the high-rise. in never back things up. it was cleared fairly quickly. problem
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free commune, so is the right across the golden gate bridge. of 1 01 southbound begins to slow, leading south from look as kelley road. otherwise a good ride. san francisco crosstown freeways, inbound central just a bit slope where it meets up with the skyway. this morning an accident in san francisco that for a while had shut down the intersection of geary. that has been open now. james? >> james: southern california and a house fire apparently in pacific palisades near a lake. not a lot of information known other than that. firefighters are on the scene marking on the roof. trend of and light the building. they are trying to
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strip away some of the roof and siding. and getting some of the heat out of the house as it continues to build. top of the shot you can see the firemen's working across the top the roofline. looks like dense as the vegetation around as well. they want to keep this fire from spreading. maybe when the shot its wider we can see how close this is to surrounding homes. >> darya: and new york congressman's steps down right after a photo is hitting the internet. this is the photo. he took himself. he's a republican christopher lee. he stepped down because of the embarrassment and destruction. the web site locker posted this photo apparently he had sent this note
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to a woman on crags list he had been talking to. he said he was divorced. maybe the two of them were chatting. he said this photo of himself. he's married, has a son, he issued a statement saying he apologizes for recalls profound mistakes to his family staff and constituents. >> james: more live pictures of the bay bridge approach where we have a back up this morning. george sing there was an accident earlier now we have residual delays at the toll plaza. morning commute, weather, all that ahead.
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>> james: 7:27 a.m., 70 forecast, temperatures in the mid-60s to more even warmer. warming even up for saturday. and then we change. monday, tuesday wednesday shot of rain.
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now rain may be with us for a while. morning moment.
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>> james: story out of san francisco an accident in the inner richmond district leaves one person dead. will tran has been live all morning long. lets them we talked they have cleared out the scene i assume they're gone now. >> will: speed might now be a factor after this intersection was shut down for about four hours solid. then they started trickling the traffic to go through about 6:45 a.m., you can see the debris on the ground has been cleared, things are moving along video i shot around 520, it appears why was shot to the gallon. --shutdown. according to
7:31 am
witnesses they told investigators possibly the blue car was running red lights headed from the richmond district, in to san francisco downtown. at a high speed when it t-bond a gray moscow. the driver of the green mazda was pinned inside of the car dying at the scene. it was so violent the fire department had to come out, it ripped out the front windshield to remove the driver from the car. at this point they're not releasing his identity. he was the sole occupant. as far as the driver of the blue out the, he was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. at this point they don't know of drugs or alcohol played a role. because somebody died at the scene, they had to bring out alcohol investigators to look at the possibility of that. with
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him being the hospital i'm sure that is something they are looking into. possibly getting a blood sample. his name is also not been released at this time. >> james: so traffic is moving through once more. let's look at the rest of your commute. any hotspots george? >> george: no but we may have won in the making here at the bay bridge. we have had the second stall reported in the westbound or commute direction. then back up which is currently at 80 over cross, may start to get pushed back towards the macarthur maze. it appears the meter lights have been slowed yet again for this westbound ride. the stall about 45 minutes ago, just past inclined. that was the first time they were delayed, and now second stall inside of the tunnel blocks the right hand lane. the back up may reach to the macarthur maze before too much longer. south
7:33 am
bay slow traffic highway 1 01 in the northbound direction. delays noticed at guadalupe parkway. that's where the traffic slows in the northbound direction toward santa clara. slow traffic through will let craiwalnut cree coming in from pleasant hill 242 is also heavier now for the southbound 680 ride. as is westbound 24. commute for public transit problem free. they are no longer rerouting the geary.. >> louisa: still holding onto chilly temperatures by this afternoon chilly conditions. today blue skies and clear conditions continue throughout
7:34 am
the day. 47 in san francisco today. high of 61. back down to low 50s by 8:00 p.m., current temperatures and below freezing for san rosa napa, at the freezing mark at the livermore valley. south bay upper 30's low '40's, 46 through have been made. your satellite radar shows not much going on in our area. .com clear conditions. temperatures could warmups' like lisa your saturday will bring this pleasant conditions but the chance of rain moves in the beginning next work week. current conditions 63 richmond, as we head through the east bay temperatures in the low 60s, 63 for san jose, the same in fremont. if you have weekend plans headed to tahoe, you will
7:35 am
need the chains. 554 friday, saturday sunshine. could warm up to 60, partly cloudy sunday. 7 day around the bay shows changes next week that temperatures start to drop down and bringing in a chance of rain. better chance tuesday, wednesday. temperatures drop down into the 50s. darya? >> darya: the breaking news out of egypt's military and ruling party now say the president holds meet bomarc will speak to move sparked will talk with people and military officials say armed forces supreme council has been meeting all day long, will issue a message shortly that they say will meet the demands of the protesters, the google executive released after being kidnapped we did this message. " mission accomplished
7:36 am
" this is changing and crossing wires in the last 50 minutes or so. in looks like mark will announcmore bark >> richmond police investigating a shooting on an ac transit bus last may. it happened at 10:00 p.m. last night, the bus took in a marsh shots there were five people on board but none were hit by gunfire. one person was injured by shattered glass. no suspects yet. >> darya: a poll on san jose's budget problems says people are willing to it to consider taxes. the look that 900 people over the past month. the poll finds the residents still favor things like cuts in employee compensation or raising taxes. some are warming up to the idea of new tax measures. city
7:37 am
council has yet to make a move to pursue new tax measure. san jose is facing $110 million budget shortfall. >> james: san francisco residents will see the qualities and a new police chief. one of the three meetings that will be held tonight. the police commission hopes to present and lee with three candidates for the job by mid march. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. on 45th avenue >> darya:. some 40 7:00 a.m., let's take alive look at san francisco. lots of sunshine. just a bit chillier out there this morning. we will be right back.
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>> darya: all ready for pebble beach pro-am. it begins in 20 minutes. the first tee of is
7:41 am
adm, prose and celebrities fanning out through three courses this weekend. they will be tough courses. the peninsula has been with no rain for month. pebble beach in the other two courses are tougher than ever. dustin johnson has a chance to become the first player to win at three in a row. the fans excited to see the pro golfers. but really excited to see celebrities. >> you don't want to hit people long the line. >> every pot all try and play. >> my best part of the game is when i grew up the place card. >> (laughter) that's my favorite quote. people have big
7:42 am
celebrities, big reputations, and go out there and still get up. some of them are pretty good. everybody loves following bill murray. we will see what happens this year. >> james: latest in the cycling world tour of california returns this may with specific routes and stages being announced. may 18th, livermore to san jose. the race begins on the 15th of may and talk all, wrapping up a week later in southern california. we will take a break and some 40 2:00 a.m., a look from the south bay 1 01 san jose weguadalupe pk where slowing a little.
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>> darya: 7:45 a.m., 45 minutes
7:46 am
now the verizon stores are open and selling the iphone for the first time. you can get them on line only before the spirit this is a store on van ness avenue in san francisco. a few people are hanging outside. and again they have been open 45 minutes. they expect and sell 9 million phones this year. a lot of people waiting to get off of at&t either to switch, were waiting for the iphone finally coming to verizon. >> james: the maps that planners use to avoid killing non fault map you can go to it and search your address in your area. this is the site. it was actually compiled by the geological survey, covering the bay area, and the state. let's assume
7:47 am
and, clicking on the square will bring up information for you. not just critical for herbal planning by real estate as well. find out if the the area you are looking at it is near an earthquake area. >> darya: let's take a look at the weather before getting any warmer. >> louisa: take your fill of this whether it will last for too much longer. dry weather today but a cooler start today. temperatures dropping below freezing in the north bay and delta. afternoon bringing us sunshine once again mild conditions. the evening mostly clear with a light breeze. current temperatures, still chilly up in san rosa. below freezing in napa, could wake up to morning frost by livermore temperatures 38 degrees. warming up slightly in the mid 30's through fairfield, 46 in san francisco. south bay
7:48 am
temperatures upper 30's to start your day off. satellite radar shows clear conditions not a cloud in sight. that will change towards the end of the weekend. cooler temperatures and that chance for rain, it kicks and monday and tuesday. lasting for a good portion of next week's work week. 61 a san rafael, san francisco as well. will keep temperatures the low 60s through the east bay, 62 livermore, along the coast 61 and half from bay, another nice clear shot out there. 7 day around the bay, it shows temperatures warming up in the morning, and in the afternoon. sunny and mild weather through the weekend. saturday flirting with 70. pleasant conditions by your monday chance of rain, that continues next week. for those of you headed to sierra, we have our
7:49 am
report. surely all between hundred and 32 in. base depth. nine lifts open. 94 runs. the next ski resort north star 82 in., 16 looks open, 91 runs. kirk what 94 in.. george? >> george: 680 in the southbound direction out of wall mud creek, out of concord and pleasant hill we see traffic backed up nearly 2242.nearly un traffic really slows down here. it will be heavy through lafayette, 680 in the southbound direction into san ramon valley and especially all mall.our liat
7:50 am
the bay bridge toll plaza, continuing delays here. we have had several incidents on the upper deck of the bay bridge. recently is a stall inside of the island. 880 approach backed up almost all the way across the toll plaza that has improved. this is backed to west grand avenue for the west bound ride. not quite a hot spot but definitely slow. slow going for san jose, last check it has improved. so the right is mostly just slowed from the guadalupe parkway up to the san tomas parkway. no problems your marin county, the golden gate bridge has cleared and so has the san mateo bridge. marin
7:51 am
county hasn't slowed just sluggish south of look this to look this. >> james: lynch's occlusive attacking a jesuit priests in los gatos over past sexual abuse. he is charged with felony assault with intent to make great bodily injury. he could face four years in prison. >> darya: u.s. ambassador to united nations will have a town hall. she will be taking foreign policy questions from twitter people. it will be shown live on line. twitter users will submit questions at 10:00 a.m., and then when you do that use the
7:52 am
hatch take asked embrace. president barack obama wants everybody to have speedy wireless service. he is headed to the michigan town of marquette to promote this plan. he says the city is a model for how the internet can bring prosperity to roper in places. he wants 98% of the population have it within five years. >> james: san francisco has work to do before the america's cup. it has to improve a purist, it bridge channels, raise money from corporate sponsors. the city has to set up large video screens for people who want to watch the race. they have quite a to do list. ucsf has opened a stem cell research center. university says scientists will
7:53 am
work free from federal restrictions because the facility is paid for with state and private funds. the building opened yesterday, housing 25 stem cells labs. we will take a quick break but tobacco's side at the golden gate bridge worried your ride in the southbound direction is moving all right. back with more moment.
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>> darya: evening now in egypt we are awaiting for a big announcement, from the president of egypt. he says he will meet the protesters' demands. we can only assume since they have been clear, there demand is the immediate resignation of mubarak this would mean he is resigning. we will have to stay tuned. he says he will speak to the people tonight. it is nightfall there.
7:57 am
it is evening in cairo, we have cameras trained on the square where protesters are gathered. they of claiming victory through tweets. they say they have one. >> james: 17 days of constant protests. it got violent briefly last week. but things have calmed down considerably. they are calling for 1 million people on friday during the day of prayer. but that may very well turn into a day of celebration. if the egyptian president says he will step down immediately. >> darya: we don't have at a time when he will address the people but we will watch for that. since we are run from 4:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. more than any other news area so stay tuned we will be right
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> james: welcome back to
8:00 am
the kron 4 news. we will begin this hour talking to about rising, iphone 4 is available at their retail locations. jackie sissel is in san francisco, giving as a live look at one of those stores. good morning. >> reporter: good morning james. you can see the messages are out, the iphone is here. early this morning folks started to line up to get the iphone. they started to sell around 7:00 a.m. people were lined up before 5:00 a.m. to get that i found.i phone. they're not tellg us how many i felt they actually have, but they say they have plenty. did you anticipate selling out at some point today. everyone had cash in hand. i talked to some people had an iphone from at&t, they say they've been waiting for this. there were at the with the service. they're anxious to get that new i found from rising. here's a gentleman who just bought one of the
8:01 am
first i found here. obviously, it's a big deal for a lot of folks. there are all inside, making those purchases. james. >> james: thank you, gabe slate is here to talk more about the iphone far which we know about and that number is in. >> darya: what is the difference? >> james: better service? >> gabe: possibly, lot of people waited a long time for it. on hundred people have asked me should i switch? which they do, it's basically the same phone. i've played with the estimate. it is the same phone essentially elected like at&t's should people switchover is the error at&t? order arising rising? if e
8:02 am
problems of at&t has switched to present. it all depends where you're located. it is not a better phone. it is the same fund. >> darya: people say if at&t is that, they don't have a good service. i'm going to switch to rise inverizon . . ist the design of the fund makes a not good? >> gabe: no. it's the network. people sitting used you shoot a video and then send it to their friends, parents. it is the band with could not take it. it could happen to any network. >> darya: so this is good for both? >> gabe: yes. i got my hands on the phone yesterday, it
8:03 am
was fast, it worked well. the biggest thing to consider, if you travel along to to enter countries with a rise in is only 40. it's something to consider. the other big difference at&t, talking answer at the same time. that's nice of your on the phone and you try to get a map. rising, their network you cannot talk in surfrising, with their networking cannot talk answered-- verizon you cannot tk in surf at the same time. one thing i do want to mention if you have an at&t iphone, you love it, you're fine with it it just doesn't work in your home or apartment. there is that thing called the at&t micro cell, to $1 gadg to under dollat
8:04 am
$200 gadget. it works with your broadband internet it works as a little self one taller in your home. >> james: it is cheaper than 200. to break the contract. people who are rights and existing customers rather android or dried x, i say stay with it. >> james: that's probably where i in that camp i am rising castro, i kind of wanted to switch. but i wonder if my service will slow down with the slow. >> gabe: that is a good point you have to wait to see. if you have the dry-x or destroyed-2, i would say keep the weight of your contract expires. get the yet great deal of that time.
8:05 am
i liked the first android if you don't like it, turn it in, get that some. you'll like it. iphone is fun. >> darya: is that you use? >> gabe: i have the android- x. i like that film. >> darya: iolite the blackberry. >> james: i like the black very. no eye funds. (laughter) >> george: i still have their rotary phone. >> james: he is waiting for the technology to be down. facebook, google are in talks to buy twitter. that is according to the wall street journal. steelmakers are putting an estimated 8 billion-$10 billion price on the twitter company. so far there in the preliminary stages. >> darya: george, can you
8:06 am
hear me now? >> george: yes. light, hit the bay bridge toll plaza, i just got a call from the toll plaza about traffic really being congested at the base of the incline. traffic was being held on the upper deck of the bay bridge for a while. there was a police action, a pedestrian spotted walking eastbound on the upper deck of the bay bridge. then he disappeared. crews are now involved in a search. what that means is, for a while traffic was stopped. it's starting to move again. we are stalled free, it looks as though the back of the toll plaza is likely to continue to grow. we just foster shot of the upper deck. traffic was slowed on the upper deck, it is now moving once again. tracking another hot spot, the ride
8:07 am
through walnut creek to succeed zero-southbound. the back it continues to grow at of pleasant hill in concord on 680-southbound. take a look, you can see the camera shot, backed up by four south main street. in fact, it will be heavy in to danville. it will not completely break up one to pass. rain county, a look from the right and highly- 101 of hotspot. slower traffic that we have seen any others time this morning. just before highway-37, heading down towards the parkway. eight 07 a.m. a check on whether louisa? >> louisa: pretty cold this morning, lots of sunshine across the area. real cold
8:08 am
start today's sunny, mild. chance of rain this week. let's start to wrap this morning, the current conditions, temperatures are actually into the thirties. below freezing in many spots in the north bay, doubt that. clear. that is what the sunshine into the afternoon. not just for today into the weekend saturday it will be very pleasant. chance of rain next work week. heiss = '60s, high is equal '60s. 63 for san jose, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. sunny, mild through the weekend upper 60s as we head into your saturday. chance of rain on monday continuing their work week. >> james: news for you this morning a seven year-old boy
8:09 am
sexually assaulted at the boys and girls club in oakland it happened last night at the 8500 block. that boy was treated at children's hospital for non- life threatening conditions. current condition unknown. no suspects are in custody police are looking for multiple suspects they could be juveniles. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. and live like hear from our mount tam cam, insurers and how beautiful it is. rabin jacket, get ready for the sunshine later on this afternoon. we'll be back with the latest breaking news at of egypt. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news, live pictures edit egypt the heart of the protests that we've seen for 17 days, this is coming in from the cia this ca chief is quoted as saying " there's a strong likelihood that the egyptian
8:13 am
leader will strike down today. "he is meeting the demands of protesters there was the early word we got out. we will see of it happens. in the meantime each prosecutor has launched a correction agency against three former government ministers. the government has made it clear it believes the chief, brig is that broadcaster al-jeeza. cool executive to lead at 7:30 a.m. mission accomplished thank you, to all the great young egyptians. he was freed after being detained. he demanded that the president stepped down immediately. what is your actions. we'll be on the air and give it to
8:14 am
you as that happens live. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. we during gary, and the world according to gary. so the staff might be with your commute we're talking about some new cars energy drive a man van? it is not sure every it then it v is not your everyday band. this is a man they and. (laughter) [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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8:17 am
(music) >> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news, if you are going to lose a basketball game no use to the task of data that be? >> gary: that is pretty sad. these debts make a lot of money. among the best players in the world. but khamenei and narrow? >> darya: 26 in a row. i'm talking to the voice they're tying the buccaneers for the most losses ever. they said
8:18 am
that its football what are you talking about? i said in all of sports the biggest losers. >> gary: when they are about the most valuable player you want just got to say lubrani james. he was on the team last year. he goes away, you can make a case one of the worst teams industry of basketball. you're talking about good players what you think of carmel anthony? there is all there rumors is he going to go to the lakers? the knicks? >> gary: you rarely didn't see the clip, the area's 1.5 hours before the game a gigantic lead of food. he's got his head said on listening to music and a gigantic plate of food. an
8:19 am
hour-and-a-half before the game. >> is that good? >> gary: sometimes i even during their broadcasts but during the weather i may eat. but the point is that is strenuous. >> darya: when you were a player if you can remember back, would you look like that? >> gary: no. years and years ago you would eat maybe three hours before the game. >> darya: yes. you know what it does hold you down will you are jumping in. >> gary: i just think how much one or two guys can all power. for people who don't know this some people want to play in new york, maybe now less angeles. every time his team plays the hit the
8:20 am
same mizzling and $20 million a year the only questions asked is when is he leaving? listen, they have a pretty talented team but i don't know how you pay when you have to address. >> darya: is not good for the team. >> gary: there has been so much confusion, maybe i will sign. i believe it's three years, $65 million in denver. then you to worry about trading is at the end of the year. >> darya: 65 million wow!. interior in that situation you don't know you would do. if you get people around you, you make them miserable that stuff. that's tough to feel good about yourself and everyone else. >> darya: exactly. at no one
8:21 am
ever you down, but there are some weird stories in politics. one politician that they got ahold of the picture did he boasted of for women. >> gary: eyes of the west bank, he's married. >> darya: he resigns, is looking at it. >> gary: who was a girl? >> darya: the staff resigns because he sure does this one gets elected and what she's wearing. i didn't dr. this pitcher other than to put hooters this is a state of rigor in tennessee, she credits her past working for hooters with her success in life. i just got to thinking as a look at the pictures. i guess, you can do anything before office. but don't do thereafter. >> gary: i would rather let
8:22 am
it hurt. that's the thing that gets me. you go ahead and do it every want to do. you go and your house to close the door. just do it. go ahead. but the world is now, what makes you think the better i can get away with us this? what was this guy thinking? >> darya: this when she had all the passengers to give up to haunt her it turned yet she was fine. she got over it >> gary: . she's a lawmaker in the >> darya: tennessee. is there a double standard? man cannot take their surf shop? >> darya: please don't take your shirt off. we will be right back with the kron 4
8:23 am
morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. do not take your shirt or a jury. >> gary: is at a valentine's day jacket? >> darya: yes >> gary: . happy valentine's day. >> darya: we'll be right back.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> erica: debbie be as the continued to track the hot spot, the bay bridge westbound. and back up that reaches the vietnamese. resulting fro numerous styles2 then end of the mes. crews may still be searching for pedestrian that was spotted walking eastbound on the upper back. traffic is recovering again there's a big back up at the toll plaza. >> louisa: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more sunshine there is an end to the sunshine in sight raindrops in the forecast next week details coming up. >> james: quick look at this now whether other little rock, a good dose of
8:27 am
all that harder comedown for-8 in.. you can see what it's done here blanket the entire area making driving awfully difficult. a lot of schools closed this morning in and around memphis. drivers are taking it easy as they make their way across the snow and ice covered roads. some people tried to make the best of the situation by pulling at the sled. everyone else to bear down and got through. tense situation in kansas right near kansas city. a roll over iraq among seven accidents reported because of the weather. an inch was all it took, this suvs driver rolled it, who lost the vehicle. he was ok. a dozen other drivers rolled
8:28 am
over and got stuck. tough out there, not so here. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. more headlines straight ahead, here's a live look at of cairo downtown cairo the heart of the anti-government protests in looks like today they may get their demands met. more on that in a minute.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. i love and care at tayras choir. protesters are excited because they do believe that the leader will step down any time now. >> james: that was the word that came from the military in need of egypt that they are stepping in, he will meet the demands of protesters what that means is still unclear. we know the demand is that the president stepped down immediately. we will have to see what happens. each is
8:31 am
prosecutors launched a correction agency against three administers and a former ruling party is almost as if they're starting to sweep all the cobwebs out. >> darya: let's find out more professor stephen zoom is on the phone live. good morning. >> caller: good morning. >> darya: how you read this situation? >> caller: it looks like the dictator who ruled the country may be stepping down. obviously that makes a lot of people pretty excited in egypt. >> darya: it does make them excited, does this of everything? he's out suddenly everything is easy, great. >> caller: hardly, if it's passed on to the vice- president the former head of
8:32 am
the military intelligence. he's known as a tortured and chief i assume the protest will continue. one protest leader said they just need to change the name on the sign. >> darya: let's say, we don't know exactly what's going on, let's say even he steps down and there are emergency elections. i'd imagine we're still looking at a lot of instability? >> very possibly those transitions can be rough. snap elections will not do the trick. the people in power after the president resigns according to the current set up a the same people who read every election the country has
8:33 am
had. >> darya: your questioning whether an animal action your work? >> caller: there would be half to a coalition government. or other kinds of strict safeguards where they can forge an election recognized as free and fair. >> james: we've heard from analysts that this require a restructuring of the constitution and egypt >> caller: the family, you have to have people who believe top instead of the general. >> darya: to believe this is a good thing for the united states? >> caller: very much so. even though it gives them more independence in the long term people after
8:34 am
marcie when people can address their grievances and and violently they are far less likely to become accessible to extremism, a terrorism to the kind of dangerous movement we have seen in the middle east. democracy is the best for them. >> darya: as far as the balance in the middle east was easy >> caller: happening? i imagine they it would be more critical verbally of the current government and more support of the house psyllium. i don't expect it to break the peace treaties. they have more important things to focus on in the rebuilding egypt and the economy than making a war with israel that they would lose. >> darya: thank you, the breaking news digest unfolding this morning in egypt. >> james: every now and then watching the live shot of
8:35 am
the square some people wonder is this the end? as you heard from the professor lee may not a lot of protestors say all organ do is change the name on the sign. the bush president is equally undesirable. >> darya: we will keep you protested because we will be on the air when this happens. the word is he will give a speech to the nation this evening which would be now their time. >> darya: >> george: developing hotspot san francisco, oakland, the bay bridge. not only westbound but east bound. there was a report of the pedestrians spotted on the upper deck walking eastbound. he disappeared, because of that fire crews are searching from the upper and lower deck of the bay bridge. units both westbound
8:36 am
that's why things are backed up into the maze in didn. 1 01- north is completely stopped. traffic backed up to 80 interchange. that that is building. if your drive is in downtown san francisco, you want to use 280 if your leaving rather than 101. avoid the james lick freeway if you can. again aline's are blocked by emergency crews on the lower deck in the upper deck. tracking another hot spot, the ride to the creek heading says from pleasant hill into danville. especially heavy here at of walnut creek this back up is likely to be with us until shortly after 9:00 a.m.. 8:36 a.m. now, here is
8:37 am
a look at the weather. >> louisa: dublin this shot further fool you, the sources to the north bay and the doubt the there's a little bit of wind. but clear conditions. a cooler start to the day compared to yesterday. by the afternoon warming up sunny, mild conditions. chance of rain by next week. drops across the board, a temperatures are much cooler. delta, fairfield nine degrees cooler. eight degrees napa, said in livermore. current temperatures = thirties. rerun the freezing mark for santa rosa, mid-30s napa, south bay low '40's. as we take into the afternoon warming it up in his 60s. 61 san rafael, san francisco.
8:38 am
those 62 napa, the, livermore. 63 livermore and san jose. livermore 62. if this weekend you're heading up the tahoe, dry conditions expected through the weekend. increasing clouds friday. saturday, a gorgeous day, temperatures into the '60s. low 60s. lots of sunshine, partly cloudy for your sunday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows some changes come next week, monday is the first chance of rain that continues to rate through midweek. james crusher mark >> james:? >> james: presence as welcome to anyone who wants to buy in iphone. those funds are now available at verizon stores. you are going to experience lines here and there sporadically. although in san francisco line has not been too bad.
8:39 am
analysts see a look for verizon to sell 2 million- ounce. >> darya: at funds.. >> darya: the heavy chili, a greater direct it. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. impressive pictures of a pennsylvania one person killed five missing in an explosion in the eastern part of that state and level houses started fires, you can see them learning. they burned for more than seven hours. consuming eight row houses. prompt the evacuation of hundreds. these claims, this month the ec burning for seven hours. when fares were
8:43 am
called in. eight homes in gulf in flames. the initial blast fell from miles away. reports of injuries, at the nature of those injuries not disclose. the cause still unclear. >> darya: new light, on the safety of pacific gas and electric company and utilities practice of inspections. or lack. pacific gas and electric company put off the inspections jonathan bloom has the details. >> reporter: five months since flames erupted in san bruno killing eight destroying 55 homes. a new report shows pacific gas and electric company delayed critical inspections for more than two years. state auditors wrote that it appeared pacific gas and electric company was not devoting enough company
8:44 am
resources to ensuring gas lines were safe. pacific gas and electric company responded " it welcomes the probe because it helps the company find out where it is falling short ". >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live like here at san jose, traffic is moving good. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> darya: monitoring the situation in egypt waiting for the president to >> to the people he said he's going to address the people and that he will meet the demands of the protesters which leads everyone including the protesters believing he will step down. who will step been, that is the big question? that's what these protesters are waiting for an address after almost 30 years in office. the
8:48 am
protesters after 17 days saying they want his resignation and nothing short. the government has tried many things short of that. i'm just monitoring yet we have tapered here. we are monitoring all the fees coming and i don't see him making an address just yet. we will break-in as soon as it happens. >> james: we had a hot spot that the bay bridge let's find out the latest from george. this was a search for a person? it was report of the pedestrian spotted on the upper deck of the bay bridge. crews started searching, a concern was that person was no longer visible some concern that they may have jumped or fallen from the upper deck. they have stopped the search which is good news. look at
8:49 am
what has done to the commute. lanes closed for some time on the upper and lower deck. all lanes have been reopened but the damage is done. the traffic is backed up into the maze for the westbound bay bridge here you see it at the toll plaza. take a look at our maps, 24 is backed up all the way to the caldecott tunnel. it will be heavy heading down to 580. backed up to 24 e shore backed up to golden gate. in san francisco, northbound 101 is also backed up. backed out beyond the third of the way to candlestick. the north of baghdad from candlestick point into downtown san francisco 280 is love from ocean avenue in the
8:50 am
northbound direction. all of this is jammed up because lanes were closed on the upper and lower decks of the bay bridge. well crews search for a pedestrian they're unable to locate that person that called off the search. damage is done. it is likely this hotspot will be with us at least two hours if not three. nor the bond ride according to officer shore it may improve more quickly as traffic is moving pretty well. the right lane has been towed off because of ongoing caltrans work. now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: still pretty chilly up there, temperatures rate at freezing to santa rosa. oakland 40, redwood city. satellite, radar clear conditions. once again lots
8:51 am
of sunshine by the afternoon he may want to take the advantage of it because as we head towards next week big changes. seeing some rain in the picture. afternoon highs, mid-60's for santa rosa. 61 downtown san francisco. temperatures low 60s to the east bay. 63 redwood city. 64 in morgan hill. tahoe forecast if you're heading in that direction increasing clouds on friday. saturday, a gorgeous weather. 60 degrees. partly sunny. partly cloudy. down into the 50s. overall dry, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. staying dry in the weekend through the bay as well. monday first chance of rain better chance tuesday, wednesday. report
8:52 am
giving you all the conditions extrabold 64-134. nine lifts open, 94 runs. north star = 16 lives, 91 runs. kron quit current would 7. >> darya: speaking of the slopes we are joined now live with talk about the big air competition with how are you? tell me about the skiing and >> caller: boarding it has been good. cold weather but rumors have been excellent. we went skiing yesterday we're looking for to the big air evident this weekend. best views of lake tahoe. >> darya: you know i have
8:53 am
not been there i hear a smaller but fabulous. families seem to love it. >> caller: 1,300 a.. it is on the web shore there's a lot of resorts out there is pretty easy to get lost. it is fantastic. >> darya: after check them out. agar the heavenly ala. i love that. we're gonna get dumped on probably next week but in the meantime your sang when it's real cold is a better early? or do you wait till the sun is there? >> caller: but lot of people played the son is also a huge group people who love from snow because they want to cruz. the groom capability have improved so much or the last 10 years that if your the first person out there you have a
8:54 am
blast to respond. (laughter) >> darya: i love doing that. don't forget to check out the big error of bed at home-wood. we also have $48 lift tickets for that event at by. >> darya: we will be right back.. 4
8:55 am
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8:59 am
>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 9:00 a.m., following the big story coming of of egypt. protests continue for a 17th day. word from the military clout
9:00 am
each of the military announced on national television that it has stepped in to " safeguard the country " ensuring protesters that the president will meet their demands. that's the strongest indication that the longtime leader has lost power in egypt. these are live pictures from egypt protestors have crowded there's a call for massive protests on friday. they're asking for 1 million people to come out. the mood of that crowd depends on what happens today. the president will step forward and addressed the nation on television. >> reporter: the anticipation is building egyptian president will be addressing the country later tonight. according to announcements made on the egyptian run tv station. according to a top u.s. administration official in
9:01 am
egypt there is a strong likelihood that the president may announce his resignation. this comes after protestors have been filling the heart of cairo for days more than two weeks. there's a renewed energy because of the recent news. some say mission accomplished " the protestors have one " if this is the case this will end the 30 year rule of the country. it's still unclear who will take over power if he does step down tonight. he said he would ensure a smooth transition of power. this is certainly new news. the senior administration official in egypt sent a the cliff is likely if he does step down, that the power would be transferred to the country's military. the latest news coming heavy jet the president will be
9:02 am
addressing the country later tonight. if there's a strong likelihood then he may announce his resignation. >> darya: another big story that we're following the i phone-4 is now available at verizon . jackie sissel is live at 8 verizon store >> reporter: that may turn it to be the story that there isn't a big lineup here. there are people who lined up around 7:00 a.m.. to get the i phone-4. that line quickly dissipated. lots of employees but not a lot of people. i was on the internet looking around, it seems like that is the common story around the country not as many people showing up to by the i
9:03 am
phone. they did have a date to pre order the expected to average 50,000-1 million people but they expected the big day today. we talked a couple people to figure out why it was so important to get it today. >> i got here around 7:30 a.m. it was important for me to get this done today because my phone has not worked since i got at&t. it has been obtained it has power to my apartment none of the city's air travel to. the trouble of for work. i just wanted to make sure i got on the work. >> reporter: at the light the i phone? i love the iphone the service of the problem. i really did not want to try something new i really do like the iphone
9:04 am
it's really easy to use is just a matter of getting service that works. >> reporter: as you can see, more employees than customers at this point. the ropes are up. it really hasn't materialized is dead. just yet. >> james: use of the line? >> gabe: 1 its and sell a lot of stories best buy, apple, verizon stories. and the other thing is, for today's anyone can go online and ordered his own. people who wanted free shipping and not have to go outside at 7:00 a.m.. navy a lot of people order of mind. february 3rd existing iphone customers for when they could order there's. so i'm interested in the sales is
9:05 am
this thing selling. >> darya: they took the steam out of their own career. >> gabe: verizon led a statement. this is about their very third date. they said " 8:10 a.m. february. verizon wireless ceased orders and ended the most successful first-day sales in history of the company. in just our first two hours we sold more funds than any thursday it launched in our history. when you consider it initial orders were placed between three-5:00 a.m.. " in two hours they sold more funds than it ever sold ever in their history. so the kind of leads me to believe it's gonna be hot it's selling. i don't know, the good news is this someone could not make it
9:06 am
today maybe it won't sell out. i do think they will. that's good news. >> james: kovach to people who are existing customers talk to him that the difference and plans there is a difference in the data plan between at&t and verizon . >> gabe: present is only offering when data planned $30 a month unlimited. at&t offers to one is $15 t hundred t is almost impossible to use more than two to exert the debt.gigabytes of data. if you use all of the that the verizon is a good one. but
9:07 am
if you don't use that much you could save more with at&t. i know people who did the $15 a month and they never go under the 250 mb. light years and now the present takes a lot of the network allows of at&t perhaps they will be better in the bay area. >> darya: the book of the men he get is i love the i found i just would like to talk on it. horizon may solve that. >> gabe: hopefully we'll know in a few weeks. >> darya: thank you, back with more in a couple of minutes. reporting live, kron 4 news. now, here is a look at the traffic. now, here is a look at the weather.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> james: people on twitter are saying several sources
9:11 am
are reporting that the egyptian president is right to address the nation at 10 the a.m. our time. only about an hour away we'll find out exactly what he has to say. were it from military leaders that the president will address the nation and meet their demands their demand has been his immediate departure. >> darya: live we have severances christie professor. >> caller: what you make of the situation remark is a very good morning. when i say good morning and i really meant it. we have been waiting to hear what the president asked to say in terms of getting ready to step down for weeks now. this is just an monument this occasion. definite cause for celebration. people are jumping up and
9:12 am
down inside of the scasquare. >> darya: what happens then, where it is pardo? does it go to the vice president who these people don't like or what? >> caller: egyptians are hoping that the military takes over temporarily until about a president's term expires. wheat basically spoke to family and friends in cairo this morning as they were ok with the military taking over. the military has been very trusted to read this for ordeal. they've been fighting with the people. when the military commanders met today with at the president who is their commander in chief that was a big indication that the army has chosen the people. >> james: interesting, is
9:13 am
this a martial law until september? >> caller: it is unclear whether that would constitute martial law if the military were to take over however the understanding is this is going to be a transitional period during the military can promote stability in the nation until elections can take place. >> darya: in the country like the u.s. we had some transitions it's kind of like we shake hands, the next guy comes in office. in many countries that sent the case what will happen? does this mean the president has to take a helicopter to a safe haven. what did he do? >> caller: unclear which is why it's breathtaking to watch and see what's going to happen. the president has about that he will not leave egypt and tilly's dead. he
9:14 am
will leave until his dying breath. that was more accurate. it is going to be very interesting to see what happens. not just to him but to his appointed vice president. >> james: give me a sense of the nature of the discontent by the upset of them for reasons of crimes? >> caller: there are crimes they won him constituted for. over the past few days people have been calling out his corruption and his family fortune at $70 billion. when you have this massive equity between those who have and those who have not and the shrinking middle class people are upset at him for crimes against
9:15 am
egyptians. in addition the emergency law calls cause arbitrary arrest. there's a long haul on the list that the egyptian and people would expect him to stand trial for. >> darya: what you think the u.s. government is doing rain now? >> caller: right now? >> caller: i think the united states must been in st. yet there is detrimental. he has ran many concessions agreed to fire his parliament and appoint a vice president. but people still want him to step down. i think the bombing administration's town over the past 48 hours as to contributed in some sense to where we are right now. >> james: elections in september, the military may be in charge tell then the
9:16 am
deal lot of campaigning between now and then, for the big powers and play in play >> caller: i think is going to be an open, fair game. i do get the brotherhood question a lot, i think the closest model that i believe egyptians are aspiring to is the turkish democratic model where you have a coalition government and a wide variety of parties with different ideologies essentially all contributing to the government. you do have parties in turkey as well. they remain a very moderate thing. >> darya: we'll stay tuned to see what happens. be ready for us to call you again there'll lot of unknowns here revealingly do
9:17 am
know is that it appears and then he is finally willing to step down. >> james: willing or not. >> darya: it looks like a time frame of 10:30 a.m. now. these protesters have been camped out waiting for this big address which we believe it will, 10:30 a.m. our time. >> james: live pictures of the liberation square. back with more in a minute. ♪ cadillac cts sports sedan. top-tier status right now get this attractive lease offer on a cadillac cts sport sedan. ♪ cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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9:20 am
>> louisa: welcome back to the kron 4 news. lott's ascension and may now, blue skies28 lots of sunshine, a chilly start, lots of sunshine no. this afternoon is pleasant. chance of rain
9:21 am
in the picture next week. current temperatures, of the thirties. breaking into the forties. mid-40s to san rafael. temperatures jumping into the 50s. upper '40's in mountain view and san jose. clear conditions, continue to keep the same weather around for the next couple of days. saturday looks nice. weekend is dry. chance of rain monday. mid-60's santa rosa. 63 richmond. temperatures in the '60s to the east bay, livermore, along the coast. another nice, clear shot of the ocean into the afternoon today. clear conditions expected to continue. drive weekend in tahoe. saturday,
9:22 am
lots of sunshine. partly cloudy sunday. wet weather beginning monday. chance increases tuesday, wednesday different week in store next week. >> erica: big problems for the bay bridge this morning, hotspot. following reports and adm of a pedestrian on the roadway. this is in the westbound direction. california highway patrol, a fire crew shut down a couple of lanes in both directions. taking a look at this spot debt doesn't look too bad. the backup is stretching on to westbound-24. speeds down to just 12 mi. per hour. this is to drive this morning, ally yourself some extra time to 10-15 minutes. this is not our only problem northbound-101
9:23 am
traffic east bound-80 slow and go conditions the only movement we have seen is the far right-hand lane. if you're heading to lower deck, avoid 101 altogether. another hot spot, slowdown one, northbound 10 when just passed tremble and they get, about of slow traff. we will shake the back up on the 87 interchange. delayed drive times, use 280. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
9:24 am
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♪ ♪ >> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. light pictures at a cairo, the heart of the anti-government protests. word this morning
9:27 am
that the egyptian president will be addressing the nation in about one hour. according to sources, he will apparently, succumb to the demands of the protestors that he step down immediately. to be a close eye on that. >> darya: at the news, richmond is considering expanding repairs to this thing called the collapse are roadway last april. you can see the damage the city council has directed engineers to return later this month or next with more details about their plan to restore it. reports say that among the ideas maybe i'd to abandon the road and turn it into a channel for the creek. it is 40 ft. wide, 120 ft. long. this following two cars when it first formed. they blame the cause on structural failure. 15
9:28 am
minutes william lynch will be back in court the judge will announce if you ordered lynch to stand trial for the beating of a priest. he's accused of attacking the pri's in la statupriest in lostf last year. he says that priests sexually abused him and his brother when they were kids. the church set up the keys in the '90s. he faces the charges for the beating of a priest. the priest's name is gerald. if convicted he could face up to four years in prison. >> james: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
9:29 am
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our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network for no extra charge. so for a limited time, get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 90 a.m. following the latest developments edit egypt, we have word of a possible break in the protests. the president will >> to the nation soon,
9:31 am
according to twitter. 10:30 a.m. our time well into the evening there. he is going to address the concerns, possibly submit to the manse. call for his stepping down. each state prosecutor has launched an investigation against three, and administrators and zero former ruling leader. the government believes that the chief culprit is the broadcast group al-jeeza then abandoned their channels from broadcasting in the country. we get our information from multiple sources including facebook. this is one of the course, he is credited as starting as a app price. is allowing a lot of the folks to a price. i want to redo the
9:32 am
air rights. >> ken of you grade tourists wait for and at the airport in large protest. he's calling for groups to organize at the airport as well. we're watching that site, getting more updates. will have to see were happens with that. >> darya: another developing story, a seven year-old boy sexually assaulted at a boys' and girls' club in oakland. last night, 8500 block of international boulevard. the boy was treated at children's hospital. we know no suspects in custody. police are looking at multiple
9:33 am
suspects believed to be teenagers. >> james: police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body in san jose. just east of the downtown area. a female body, officers found dead at 1100 block o. our 5:30 a.m. officers say she has been stabbed them that provided the name yet. investigation under way. as soon as we learn more will come back. >> darya: a decision is expected on whether california state baseball team will be saved. reducing the number of teams from 29 to 24 will save about $4 million a year. their two main criteria to decide, the first $25 million be raised to fund expenses for 5-10 years. the second, there is
9:34 am
a viable plan to build an endowment to fund the program's long-term. " to save cal's sports crowd has raised 15 million. >> james: now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: you may want to start taking advantage of the dry weather, there is an anti-semiand insight to all this great weather. clear conditions, cooler start to the day today compared to yesterday. towards the after noon sunday, miles, a chance of rain next week. starting to warm up, in the '40's, mid '40's to san francisco, sets a warming into the upper '40's. the afternoon, highest in the '60s. 61 for san rafael, san francisco. warming up to about 64
9:35 am
degrees for low status, morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. ethe weekend should stay dry, check out monday, first chance of rain. chance increases into the middle of next workweek. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: still tracking your bay bridge right, slowdown hot spot, morse of shuttling at the toll plaza. expect delays at westbound- 24. as well as westbound- 580. if you're heading toward san francisco @ on 10-15 minutes. this is not our only bay bridge hotspot, when 01 still pretty sluggish. this back up stretching passed to eat zero. you may want to use the extension as your alternate route. avoiding
9:36 am
101. and new hot spot,-880. a vehicle fire just put out. slowing go conditions. road sensors, speeds are down to 12 mi. per hour. if you're heading to the oakland airport allow yourself some extra time. james? >> james: we're talking the iphone still. >> darya: today is the first day you can get them in the store. we haven't seen many lines, maybe because people are behind them. >> james: gabe is joining us rain now to talk about that. they had reorders beforehand, customers could switchover. a lot of people wondering is it a smart choice? >> gabe: i have been asked
9:37 am
so much in the last few weeks. should i switch? up with they do? it's hard to answer. there is some things that at&t people should know before they jump ship. >> gabe: to break your contract at&t change the price, if he but and i phone from there it costs $325 to cut the contract. if he bought before june 1st, 1 $75 -$5 a month for time served. in dresses monthly data plan is more expensive, $30 flat a month. that's all they're offering. at&t offers to cheaper plans. $15 = 2 mb, $25 = 2
9:38 am
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9:39 am
. you also opted by case. prover if you really can use itn your home or apartment is worth it. but mr. verizon works in your home or apartment that a friend over, who uses for i same. to cut their phone. >> darya: i have done this myself, and a you can see no, you something say i tried it for a week and can't stand it. two different funds i couldn't stand them. it brought them back. >> gabe: that is one great thing the government did its 30 days to return it. we're offering you this but the debt ceiling. the house to do that though. >> darya: you want a good
9:40 am
one, i recommend it. >> darya: thank you, gabe >> james: quick break will be right back. reporting live, kron 4 news. now, here is a look at the traffic. now, here is a look at the weather.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> darya: of light lit here at the protesters raising flags, they seem to be very happy. they believe, within the hour the president will step down. that is what they have been protesting, demonstrating for. in fact, the latest week coming as these protesters are to see in 45 minutes these will see if they're here.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. five missing after natural gas explosion and pennsylvania. in pennsylvania. the fires burned for more than seven hours. it prompted the evacuation of hundreds of people. you can see the flames and smoke. blowing into the air, calling to battle this fire, the initial blast of the gas was felt even miles away. there are reports of some people injured. unsure the severity. the cause, why the thing happened in the first place, under investigation. >> darya: new details and to
9:48 am
the san bruno gas line explosion. the new report is shedding light on the safety. investigators from the california public utility asians committees a pacific gas and electric company part of critical inspections. >> reporter: has been five months since flames erupted at the streets in san bruno. mel, newport shares pacific gas and electric company and delayed some pipeline expansions for more than two years. auditors wrote that pacific gas and electric company was not devoting enough resources to ensure and its gas lines were safe. pacific gas and electric company responded " it welcomes the probe, it helps the company find out where it's falling short ". >> james: let's get the latest on weather. >> louisa: some gorgeous
9:49 am
shots from our cameras this morning. it makes me want to go to the beach. clear conditions, lots of sunshine starting up colder. cool start to the day especially in the north and the delta. sunny, mild chance of rain moves in next week. it had to happen sometime. 46 san francisco, 40 san francisco. mt. view, san jose = upper forties. clear conditions by the end of the weekend we all noticed more and the way of cloud cover especially along the coast chance of rain on monday and continuing into next week. this afternoon highs into the '60s. 61 at san rafael. temperatures in the '60s to the east bay, south bay. that 62 degrees for an
9:50 am
afternoon high in through livermore. the sierra, tahoe looks good. dry conditions. friday increasing clouds, temperatures in the mid fifties. saturday lots of sunshine. sunday, partly cloudy. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing the changes from the end of the week into the weekend chance of rain on monday continues into tuesday, wednesday chances increase mid-week. let's take a look at a sugar bowl 64, 9 lifts. 94 runs. also, north star 46-82, 16 less open. nine runs. erica?
9:51 am
>> erica: bay bridge toll plaza is our big hot spot. westbound direction, as you approach ec more shuffling that is good news. this back up is stretching well past the foot of the maze. as well as westbound 580. big delays in the san francisco, attack on an extra 10-15 minutes your normal drive times. said that 800, vehicle fire that has been putting out. two lanes were part on the block. 7 bound direction perhaps toward the oakland airport expect big delays and the back up stretches on to the bay bridge. wrapping up with good news we cleared out all of the slow traffic said bound 680. you can see traffic is flowing freely
9:52 am
lots of space between cars. you may encounter some delays, if you continue south bend succeeds year toward alamo problem free conditions. public transit looks good. always a great option no problems reported. >> darya: thank you, dancing, celebrating in the freedom square in cairo. as they wait for the president to address the country. the word is he will resign. all the president has said is he will make a big announcement and that is ready to meet the demands of the protesters in the 17th of their demonstrations. we're getting word that address should come around 10:30 a.m. our time. we are monitoring this live shot we will continue our coverage.
9:53 am
another hour of the kron 4 morning news stay tuned for more .
9:54 am
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9:56 am
>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. following the lead is added egypt, just crossing the writers and others that state tv in egypt says the president is at this very minute meeting with his vice-president inside his palace. and outside their in the square ec and thousands of protesters lining the streets. lining the square of an expectation that the president will announce he's stepping down immediately which was the main request well demand. the protesters have been protesting for 17 days. >> darya: he has tried to make concessions short of his own resignation changing the cabinet, the parliament. each time the protesters said no, we want you out now. the word from the
9:57 am
president today is he's ready to meet their demands. that was their demands. >> james: multiple sources say that tendency a.m. our time that he will address the nation. we're watching for that. we'll bring it to live when it happens. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> will: top stories, today is the date they for horizon customer's iphone-4 is now on sale at verizon stores across the country. police investigating the discovery of a woman's body details and a few moments. >> janu: slowly warming up, but of the 30's, 40's, 50's on the board more for you in a moment.
10:00 am
>> will: first protesters in egypt are finally getting what they want, according to a senior u.s. official. the president is resigning, possibly talking to the nation at 10:30 a.m. 29 minutes from now. still looks like he might turn power over to the vice- president. it comes after 16 days of protests some turning violent. he is expected to make that announcement following that this moment. cnn joins us live from washington d.c. where the the details. i can tell you the president is 82 years old and does not want to quit. >> reporter: jubilation in the streets of egypt, protesters have been sitting in the square for 17 days, there is much anticipation because the egyptian president is set to address the country later tonight. announcing that he would shift power to the military.
10:01 am
according to the state-run tv station. as was his top administration officials who know about the plan. the major announcement coming from egypt is that the president is expected to announce tonight that he will be transferring power to the military. this comes after more than two weeks of protest. filling the seat of egypt, sometimes becoming violent, fatalities. also, in the recent days president workforce. then in two or on-the-job in protest. until he steps down. that was their call, insistence in terms of their protests. the president has said ones protests broke out 17 days ago he would resort to a smooth transition of power by the country's election in september. that was not good
10:02 am
enough for protesters. major news unfolding in egypt. president obama is on his way to stop in michigan, he watched these events unfold on board air force one. he says he will wait and see how the situation unfolds. >> will: thank you, we are following developments at of egypt were the president could be speaking. the president could be addressing his nation and about 28 minutes from now. when he does, we will bring it to you. another developing story, san jose police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body. that happened right here at the 1100 block of caroline ave. officers found the body around 5:30 a.m. police say she had been stabbed. at this point they're not staying with the issue is murdered or it was an accident. 10 03 a.m. let's
10:03 am
send it over to trap weather center. >> janu: it is beautiful out there, into the '40's, '50's cooler start today said the, mild are drive times coming to an end we get rain in living in the forecast. 40 santa rosa, 45 san rafael, 57 half moon bay. low 50s in los gatos. satellite, radar high-pressure ridge and off the coast. that is what's keeping the bay area dry. warmer temperatures tomorrow and saturday. saturday remise squeeze out some seven days. no '70s today. 61 san rafael, 62 napa, 63 richmond. as we had further
10:04 am
south more low 60s. chile in antioch, topping out of 56 degrees. for those of you head into tahoe, sunny as well. try driving conditions for friday. sonny conditions saturday. might even get to the '60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. cloud cover rows in. just for for some rain, then we hit for unix work week. sunshine for the rest of the week, later on monday the chance of rain better chance tuesday. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: been thank you, we're beginning to shake the back up, a deadly more movement in the fast track planes headed west added to the city. bolling earlier problems in the a clock hour and bugging a pedestrian along the bay. that is long
10:05 am
gone, still dealing with this back up stretching past the foot of the maze. tech and 10-15 minutes if this is your commute. barely slowed down hot spot. northbound 101 closer to the downtown area. no recent accidents, just go and go conditions. speeds are 17 mi. per hour at the slowest spots. shaking the back up on these seven in 13 to allow yourself an extra five minutes. south bound-680, earlier slowdown hot spots, not the case anymore. traffic is certainly living at the limit. there may be some slowdowns westbound-24 but if you continue southbound-680 delay free conditions. >> will: to you know what is not going fast? a big story there were following iphone-
10:06 am
4 is on sale for verizon customers. kron4 is jackie sissel is live, to show aristocrats. >> reporter: is here, the phone, for verizon customers. let me tell you what is not here customers. each you can see they put their robes, folks manning the door. we haven't seen any big lines that we expected. around 7:00 a.m. there were 15-20 people in line to get the much anticipated verizon iphone- 4. no where near we saw when the four-g came out. those numbers is didn't materialize here. same story around the bay in and around the country. and not that great renown. of course, they did have a lot presales. i talked to
10:07 am
some light-phone customers. they say why will it all? >> the lady said she was popular years service. what was a recurring theme. >> reporter: a lot of people said they weren't happy with their service telephones constantly drop calls. they waited, waited until horizon made the switch. they wanted to make sure their first in line. >> will: they don't have to reverse the minded republic does get there now. >> reporter: they wouldn't tell us how many fans they have. they said they had a significant amounts. they thought that they might sell it out, i can tell you it's
10:08 am
more of a trickle than anything rain now.renown. >> will: following huge new to let egypt 23 minutes from now that president, he may step down any time today. we will be right back..
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
>> will: developing story ended egypt, here's live shad liberation square. thousands of people and there, waiting for 19 minutes from now reports that the president will address the nation. there are reports that he could step down today, although egypt minister at information denies the report. this is a very fluid situation. we do not know what he's going to do. thousands of people are they're anticipating news.
10:12 am
they have been demanding in it for 17 days. i can tell you the president has survived numerous assassination attempts. he might not survive 70 days of protests shutting down the country. --17 days. here is video of liberation square that we shot earlier this morning. all lot of people starting 17 days ago where demanding that he step down. he said he would but not immediately. that did not sit well with the protesters. lots of people injured. he's come under critical fire over the course of the 29 years he has been in office. perhaps he won't survive the ever rising. we hope to hear from him in 18 minutes. as soon as we do we'll bring it to live. we are also falling
10:13 am
developing news at a oakland we'll tell you all about that in a few minutes. first, a live shot from san francisco. look how beautiful it is that there. enjoy the sunshine i can tell you rain is pro we headed our way.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> will: the people of egypt
10:17 am
are looking ferrous silvo government to take over. supposedly the president will address the nation in a few minutes from now. this is a fluid situation. the minister of information is denying that he will step down. we will have to wait and see. timeline of the last 17 days, the protests started january 17th. they've got to stay until the president was out of office. january 25th he appoints his first vice- president. surely after the outbreak. february 1st he promises not to seek reelection. says he will serve up the last month of his term. " the guy on egyptian soil " that brings us today they say he will >> to his nation tonight from his palace. that should happen in 13 minutes from now. it comes after big
10:18 am
military has stepped into safeguard the country. >> janu: it is another beautiful sunny morning and outside the bay area. take a look at this shot, lots of sunshine, blue skies. currently 53 degrees. after noon high of 63. calling it back down to 45. --cooling it. low 50s for napa, fairfield, oakland. 57 half moon bay and the los gatos. high pressure ridge still in place off the coast, the bay area, that is what's keeping is clear, dry. warming things up on friday. warmer on saturday we might present some '70s. mid-60's for santa rosa is the high
10:19 am
today. 62 napa, novato. 63 fairfield, low 60s in the east bay. 60 antioch, 64 rask dollars. for those of you heading up unto tahoe, driving conditions and friday will be clear, easy. 55 degrees on friday. 60 degrees on saturday. cloud cover moves in on sunday. we have rain expected for monday evening. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. sanchez and ran to the weekend, a chance of rain monday evening. a better chance of lasting into the work week. >> erica: thank you, bay bridge toll plaza is our own hot spot still solidly backed up from all approaches headed westbound towards san francisco. all
10:20 am
in this prproblems all morning. no problems in the east bound direction take a look at this, more shuffling here in some of the fast- track lanes. still trust stretching towards the macarthur maze. bridge check, san mateo looks good. no problems to report golden gate nice, light south added to the city. very few cars on the road. averaging speeds above 65 m.p.h.. if you're taking public transportation easy morning, no problems to report. will? >> will: good news regarding the economy the number of people applying for unemployment benefits has dropped to the lowest level in three years. this helps that companies will hire more people as the economy strengthens. it is the
10:21 am
lowest point since early july 2008. a poll on budget problems in san jose shows people are willing to pay more for more taxes. this is surveillance did 900 people over the last month. if found well residents still favor things like cuts to compensation of reducing services or raising taxes some are warming to the idea of the new tax measures. they've yet to make a move to pursue a new tax measure from san jose is facing a $110 million but to serve all. and has to be adopted by this june. san francisco residents would get to talk about the qualities they want to see new police chief. one of three meetings is being held tonight to discuss a replacement for george s. cohen. he resigned last month to become the district attorney. they hope to
10:22 am
present mayor ed lead with three candidates for the job by next month. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. at the irish carter center on 45th. the city of richmond considers expanding repairs to see cala sinkhole. engineers were directed to return later this month or next month with more details about the proposal. reports say that among the ideas is a plan to abandon the road and turn it into a channel for the creek. it is now 40 ft. wide, 120 ft. long, 30 ft. deep. its salute to cars when it first formed engineers blame it on the structure of failure. keep it here to kron4 we're following huge news at egypt. ♪
10:23 am
[ male announcer ] not all steel is created equal. not all manufacturing processes are created equal. not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal. the hard way means never taking short cuts. the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection. see what it takes at
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>> will: a live shot of egypt, and about five minutes to president could be talking to men than nation matane's stepping in to protect the country we're hearing protectors to not want that, they won the civil non-military government we will see what is going to happen. there are reports coming across the wire from egypt's information minister said the president will not be stepping down and of course of the protesters here that it could break out more violence. we'll have to wait and see. i can tell you president obama is monitoring the situation he's been urging quietly for the president to step down. he's been an ally of the u.s. since he took over.
10:27 am
let's talk about national weather as we monitor the egyptian king still. there is a lot of cloud cover, movement in the said these were snow has spread across the southeast for the second time in two weeks. this is video of the atlantic, you can see the flags kelly coming down. looks like they escaped the worst of it just a dusting on cars and trees. their rugs are clear as temperatures hover around freezing. 1/2 inches of snow has fallen. 22 in. in the northern part of georgia. this is video of little rock ark., forecasters predicted los could rob dibble to -11. farmers are worried their livestock will not be able
10:28 am
to handle the calls. coming up, where moments away from possibly hearing from the egyptian president. there are reports that he could be stepping down sometime today. other reports that he might not. we will have to wait and see. here's a live shot of liberation square thousands of protestors are in police say waiting to hear from him. we will be right back.. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here?
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10:30 am
>> will: developing story added egypt, saudi tv says rep president will >> to the need to in any moment when the policy in cairo they have announced on national television in has stepped into to safeguard the country after 17 days of protests. protests have been demanding the ouster of
10:31 am
president he has survived numerous assassination attempts. criticism from the united states. , but the 29 years that he's been president he has a base of tens of criticism from his own people. possibly reaching elections. they've tried to get him out of office. the star reports the he will step down any moment. there are reports coming from the information minister that he is not stepping down. this is a very fluid situation. as soon as he speaks to his nation, we will hear what he will or won't do we will let you know. there has been a lot of confusion in the meantime, uncertainty and speculation over the fate of the president. >> reporter: when this started these protests, there were not nearly as large, they really ground. as the days, weeks have gone on. the people love and
10:32 am
attending have evolved as they learn more. they had been reassured that they're safe coming in and out. we have to recall that there has been for a series of clashes taking place, are arrested clay said said of the square, where there's a lot of misinformation that has been publicized in houseleeks. arguing that the people that are congregating are drug dealers criminals. from israel to the u.s.. the movement has grown. many of the crowds that it come here have come just to see for their own eyes what exactly is going on here. the impression they get when you come man is remarkable. they're young men drumming, chanting, singing clearly looking lean people in a coma by on moment thing come
10:33 am
on in. they call down to the regime, search as you come in. one young man he is a resident of cairo said it was his first time coming and said i'm going to stay here. he entered the on clay that is now known as the square. as in the weeks have progressed and the protesters with the didn't beating back several days of violence and attacks from pro aubergine supporters there were using stones, sniper rifles claim number of people. the character of the scribbled. there tends, family sleeping hour. people old, young. there concerts' the golan. christian masses, enormous per services for muslims. tens of thousands of kneel on the sidewalk. now, euphoria as people seem to
10:34 am
anticipate something coming from the mouth of their nearly 30 year present in. a lot of rumors, speculation that he may step down. >> will: a live shot from two years where, you can see thousands of people are packed, waiting to hear from the president. i can tell you according to the wires a lot of them are chanting we're almost there! victory! we're almost there! there are reports that he will not step down. we're watching to see when he will step up to address them. 17 days of protests might be the end of the president. even though he survived numerous assassination attempts. criticism from the united states over the years. 2005 accused of rigging elections. been to the white house over the loss couple of months. he is an ally. i
10:35 am
leave behind the scenes as been urging him to step down. we're following this situation as it is a get any news whether he will or will not step down will bring it to you. in fact, we're going to go live to president obama. he is addressing the cloud as he was touring the plant. talking about annette, and how he would hope everyone has access. --internet. i am not sure, the first thing he will address or will be asked reporters is the situation in egypt. >> (cheering & applause) >> thank you, so much. thank you, so much. (cheering & applause) >> thank you, so much. abbacy. it is wonderful to be here. with so many of
10:36 am
you! (cheering & applause) >> how many of your green bay fans? (laughter) >> i've been seeing too many green bay fans lately. it is great to be here, agreed to be in northern michigan users of the. we have wonderful dust, i do want to mention, first of all somebody who is as good public servant but is it what it does, good heart, works tirelessly on behalf of the state, your senior senator carl levin is here. (cheering & applause) >> his partner in the senate could not be here because she's actually leading a democratic conference retreat. she's been fighting for manufacturing, broadband, a lot of things that we're talking about today. i want to acknowledge
10:37 am
that the coup deeply cares about the work we do appear. (cheering & applause) i want to think the great hospitality of the mayor, showing the around town. thank you, so much. >> (cheering & applause) the president of northern michigan university is here. (cheering & applause) >> and all of your here. (laughter) >> you guys are pretty special. (cheering & applause) before i begin, does want to say, we are following today's events in egypt very closely. we will have more to say as this plays out. but, what is absolutely
10:38 am
clear is we are witnessing history unfold. it is a moment of transformation, that is taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. they have turned out in extraordinary numbers representing all ages, all walks of life. but, it is and people love been at the forefront. a new generation, your generation! they want their voices to be heard. so going forward, we won those nine people and we want all egyptians know america will continue to do everything we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in egypt! as we watch what is taking place, we are also reminded that we live in an interconnected world. what happens across the glove has an impact on every one of us. that is why
10:39 am
have come to market today. will see because it's beautiful, and people are really nice. (laughter) (cheering & applause) >> but i had come here because in the 21st century it is not just the big cities that changes happening. it is also in towns like this. where the jobs, businesses of tomorrow will take root. we're young and talented americans can lead. it is towns like this where our economic future will be one.won! the best thing we can do to speed up growth is to make sure families, businesses have more money to spend. (cheering & applause) >> that some blood there. >> willapplause there. >> will: you can see we're
10:40 am
witnessing history unfold and that is president barack obama speaking, he said the transformation is taking place in egypt because the people of egypt are calling for change. all ages, walks of life, young people are at the forefront of the change. he wants all egyptians to know that we are doing all that we can to support an orderly transition to democracy. we're following the situation here, egypt, we'll have much more including possibly the president speaking to the egyptian people any moment from now if he does i will agree to immediately.
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
>> will: at the cairo square were thousands of protestors are lining up to enter the main square in expectations of hearing the president who reportedly is going to step down sometime today. it is the 17th day of demonstrations demanding that he leave office.
10:44 am
moments ago we heard the president say we are witnessing history unfold. the transformation is taking place because the people of egypt are calling for it. monitoring the situation much more in just a few minutes. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
10:45 am
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10:48 am
>> will: 8 is a big day for overwrites in customers for looking to get our hands on the new i've long. jenny's now is gabe, how come we haven't seen the long lines? >> gabe: all cleared i do think there would be lines but once he still thinking about it it kind of does it make sense. 7 rate their existing rising customers to go on line in order to fund.
10:49 am
verizon said they did in 18 hour period when they sold it on line, and not. they sold more calls than they ever had in their existence. it was in his success. for the last two days you could order online a new phone from apple are rising. i think a lot of us are online shoppers i think they used it to shop. it's free shipping. >> will: is in bad a bad mood because many see the long lines and that's to the desire. if you don't see it it doesn't add to it. >> gabe: design was the best buy, apple, wal-mart, verizon . people were spread out. i do think it will sell big, they might sell it today or tomorrow. i did find these pictures on line , texas and ohio. there were
10:50 am
people camped out. there has been some lines across the country. it will be interesting to see once again the real sales number i do think people at lunch are we will get some more lines. usually they will make you wait even if there's no one inside this time, which showed the lines or the lack thereof. for people who worried that i'm not quite be making it the day the good news is maybe it won't sell level. celli won't count on it because a lot of people want this phone. if your the ability or a mine i would do it. i do think it could sell out tomorrow. >> will: thank you, for joining us all about the iphone and if you're heading to the stores, you are and let it is great weather for more on that to the weather san >> janu: 2. you are right about that is beautiful. take a look at the shop for mount tam, a clear shot,
10:51 am
ocean view of the leaves are blowing. the senate, mild this afternoon entered dry patch is a better to and there's a chance and rain next week. temperatures are slowly starting to warm up. if you leftovers' korea. take a look at half moon bay irt on its way to the '60s. 52 san francisco, 55 redwood city. satellite, radar shows that high pressure and if you look to the bay area that is what keeping is clear and warmer. we might squeeze out some '70s on saturday. 61 furnace san rafael. 63 enrichment. a
10:52 am
little bit cooler in antioch. all along the coast 64 degrees for morgan hill. if you're heading up on friday, let's jump on to the record, based up, they have 12 lives open, 72 runs. squaw valley, when 924 lives oakland. 171. heavenly, 65- 90. 26 lives open. have fun, traffic. >> erica: still tracking abet get at the toll plaza, we can finally see the end of it passed the overpriced. megan lights are settled on, tracking problems from the 8:00 hour. drive times are
10:53 am
coming back down to 13 minutes from the mes to san francisco. crosstown freeways look good. no problems to report. easy rider of the upper deck. says ben direction head into the peninsula. south bay, no hot spots. a live shot rain near the freeway, cleared out the back up. 15 minutes from san francisco opera to santa clara. always a good bet to take public transit. will? >> will: still falling developing the use of egypt any moment reportedly the president will address the crowd of egyptians. here's a live shot, monitoring the situation more in a minute.
10:54 am
10:55 am
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tv like you've never seen before. at&t. 6oz, fresh cut, tri-tip steak plus our endless salad and dessert bar for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday. >> will: these l.i. pictures
10:57 am
from liberation square dozens of people in the streets and many more hoping to get in said they can hear reportedly the president he should unspoken according to reports. he should spoken 27 minutes ago obviously he did not. it could happen any moment there are reports, and down today. although, 40 minutes ago the information minister says those reports are not true. he is going to stay in office. it will upset these protesters that for 17 days have rallied against him being in office. 20 minutes ago the president spoke to a crowd of michigan saying " monitoring the situation " that we're witnessing history unfold. the transformation is taking place because the people of egypt are calling for change. he wants the people of the to to know that we are doing all we can to
10:58 am
support an orderly transition to democracy. much more on this at four campat 4:00 p.m.
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