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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  February 10, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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, the boys and girls club in oakland. this was reported 7:00 p.m. last night. investigators have been there on international boulevard/86 ave. looking for evidence. and speaking with witnesses. christine connolly? >> we've not received anything about arrests but the oakland police department believe the there are five suspects. it is it all boys, all under the age
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of 12. the victim the information is that he is 70 years old. he was here for about one week-he was only 7 years old. and with children, parents of an going inside it opened at 3:00 p.m. here is video showing investigators. you can see detectives going through this club and speaking with this staff members. it happens allegedly in this bathroom. on wednesday, staff members say that they did not hear any commotion last night. there was a desk and they play room steps away from this bathroom. nobody heard anything. he reported the incident was mother when i got home and then he was taken to the hospital. >> the president of the boys and girls say this. >> typically we have our kids have such a great rapport with our staff that
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her surrogate parent test that it is usually brought to their immediate attention. will have to see why this is different, why it happened and make sure that our kids are safe going forward. >> they say that their hearts go out to the family. the seven year-old boy and this is a shock to everyone. parents, people in the neighborhood. also, the boys and girls club of oakland said that there is never been any similar incident here or any else in oakland. reporting live, christine connolly third >> east bay charter school with child pornography. randolph is the assistant athletic director at oakland's military academy also works at the beacon that the school in oakland. police say that he was arrested on tuesday and with one count of felony possession of child pornography and one count of
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felony distribution of child pornography. and 0 pd say that they caught him downloading child pornography in his home. over the military academy-a charter school founded by current governor, jerry brown when he was mayor of oakland. that his suspect it is on indefinite leave pending investigation. >> san francisco police are on the lookout for a least three men who have burglarized a home near the cow palace. however, their crime was on video dan kerman. >> off camera, what happened is that a neighbor red surveillance video. you can see that this van is pulling up. this happened about 12:6:00 p.m. today you can see walking them-16 12:16 p.m. today this happens couple of times before their casing the joint. and this
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happened again as i mentioned, they are action at this location for about one hour. actually, and they get into the van. the fourth visit to the house. in the etiquette into the van and leave and come back. once they come back and then start pulling things out of the house. and now the band is getting back into the- that van it looks like a television. and lo and behold, this is gone. and police are hoping that if you recognize this van or suspects contact them. >> one man is dead after this intersection of geary boulevard 2:15 this blue what h- audi the driver was takn
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to the hospital with none- life threatening injuries. police police are investigating if this is a alcohol or drug-related. and 57 year-old leoned of pacific, has deceased. >> and with market street it is usually abandoned theater's and crime. stanley roberts found what life is like. in this edition now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> and this is a man behind the van with a shirt that reads like is a ride. instead of a council, three lines of white powder. and when i see the other side of the vans. let me show you look closely. a man who is going to open the door and brought him of his wallet.
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rob m--welcome to sixth in san francisco. and it is described as sketchy. >> it is bad. i would not live over here. >> why not? >> in this area? no. >> and this guy was shooting him in cooking his and shooting it. it was like right in front of us. >> the students of the local beauty college get a window seat. you can see practically anything. this syringe in the street. and bottles of beer. the second i've got out of my car this man was walking with a bike on his shoulder. and if i had a lady friend because there was a purse for sale. sixth street is where public works have to use disinfectant and powerhouses to clean up the feces. >> and we have to cope clean
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up the environment. people are trashing this environment with the trash and terrorists. >> this man is public urination. and as soon as this cleans up the process starts over again. there is no telling what you might see. and how to start stop traffic-to--the art of stopped traffic. for now, this area is as raw as it gets. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> today, kate thompson spoke with newly ejecthe appointed ahead-- ms. kim. >> the redevelopment would be funding the substation for the police department on the sixth. this sub-station is dedicated only four patrol. police walking the
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beat. >> and can you arrester way out of this problem with only foot patrol? to arrest the problems away? >> i'm hoping that the foot patrol presence will decrease general crime. if people are drunk? bringing them to a sobrieties center where they have health services. in " sleep it off ". and the homeless advocate team. and if there has to be a combination of services and the police. >> details about how many officers will be put on foot patrol on the sixth. and one that a sub-station will open this year. >> ominous develops in the chips. 2.5 weeks that hosni mubarak will define the demand to step down. despite widespread reports that he would do so. thousands of disappointed protesters in
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the liberation square marching to the presidential palace. u.s. officials are equally frustrated. hosni mubarak is not respected, and not what we wanted. >> ladies and gentleman. the priority now is to restore the trust between the egyptians >> trust is the one thing the that the demonstrators did not want to give to the president. >> and as many as 1 million people for reading in the heart of cairo. what believe was the president's resignation. this morning, the were assured that their prayers would be met. 10:3:00 p.m. they say that he would supersede some of his power. >> and until i am. among the announcement was stunned by
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the protesters. >> some of them broke a way to march on the state television studio and the presidential palace. is the muslim holy day. they expect numbers to grow. >> so many people, summoned a millions will be at the palace tomorrow. so many people. either death or from those of the two choices. >> this morning, the cia told congress that they absolutely expected hosni mubarak to resign >> the bay area weather for the next seven days. friday, saturday look good but the clouds will coming in on a sunday. look out! rainfall next week. traffic in walnut creek. this is the 680 split. traffic is slow in both directions. wheat will be right back.
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@ >> the labor department says
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that the unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level in nearly three years. 36,000 claims less is raising hopes that hiring could pick up this year. and according to john maynard the u.s. is broke! and it is providing job creation. >> what we could do to provide job creation is to create the right environment for employers to hire. and for them to thrive. the big part is dealing with our fiscal challenges and we are broke. we are borrowing of 415 for every dollar that we spend. this spending binge is hurting job creation by driving training funds and spreading uncertainty big and small. >> congressmen beihner, wants to cut spending by least $32 billion. president
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obama is going to release his budget proposal in one week. also with spending cuts to reduce the nation's deficit. >> a look at the golden gate bridge traffic is backing up on the left that is coming into san francisco. the right = north. we will be right back after this break.
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>> the verizon iphone one on sale today. ending the at&t exclusivity. online is expected at 7:00 a.m. on the iphone on the sale. however, just a handful of people were in line. a couple of reasons. first, existing customers ordered federal third online. that day pre- order, they sold more phone than they ever had before and one day. in their history. a record breaker.
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many people ordered on that day. and previous i-phone launch dates this was available at a lot of stores at the same time. best buy, wal-mart, apple, and verizon stores. also, people were able to order this on the last two days on line. people ordered to have this online quarter instead of waiting in lines. perhaps people of whitake-- >> and i have been an apple customers since this iphone came out. and i have been waiting for the iphone for the longest time. >> i gave up my iphone for this blackberry. and is what i have been waiting for this for a long time. >> -here since 6:50 i want
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to switch to a rise in because of a network fees. , it was important to me to get this phone today. my phone has not worked since i have at&t. it is ben perpetually, it has not worked. and i just want a phone networks. >> so far, the iphone 4 inventory is holding up. and with 11 million expected to be sold by the end of the year. and how many sold the first day? statistics full, and soon. and if it is sold out? it will >> ya who fled the new product get news on tablet devices. into a reporter, the hooyahoo. >> it is called live scan
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here is a screen shot and they are going to let their readers customize the browsing experience based on their interests, sport, finance, entertainment. you concede the concept displayed in this sleek magazine. you can see-this sleek display with based on their physical location. and a browser days version and tablet and smart phone. >> and google want to purchase twitter! steelmakers are putting an eight-$10 billion- dealmakers. the preliminary stages and twitter is $45 million in revenue last year. a look of the bay bridge traffic and no problems. traffic going
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towards the san francisco. the right side is east bound and also moving well. more news after this break.
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room prosecutors have put barry bonds indictment from 11 charges down to only five charges. this is file at an earlier court court appearance. and he is accused of lying under oath. federal investigators and a federal grand jury in 20 03 that he never, and only used steroids. his attorney has been usfighting to use evidence for perjury. and prosecutors are charging him five charges instead of 11. (music) them off with been experiencing some really nice sunny weather but that is about to change. let us take a look at the temperatures. a nice day in
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santa rosa, 67 degrees. 63 and san francisco, half moon bay and the san jose. the east bay, and antioch. and if you want to know one that rain is going to get here? if your 7 day around the bay forecast tomorrow, and saturday. we are looking it really nice weather it is going to start off practical. possibly getting into sub-freezing temperatures and it is going to be-pretty cool and then the clouds were moving in on. rainfall on monday and tuesday. >> another winter storm. snowfall, the second time in one week for these people. the tennessee valley for second time. some parts of the region got 6 in. of snowfall. a blanket in north eastern tennessee near knoxville. little rock, ark. the got about 8 in. of new snowfall very cold.
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temperatures as as 11 degrees below zero. farmers are very worried about their livestock can survive. for parts of oklahoma are buried in snowfall. one man say that he was just tired of a road crews. he grabbed his shovel and put it and the back of his pickup. and 25 in.! this is around atlanta. snowflakes. they've really is steeped the worst of this. just a light dusting they escaped the worst- temperatures around freezing with one half inch in atlanta. the northern portion of georgia got about 2 in.. >> and also these people got tired of getting snowed in and just just started running. these are co- workers. they say that the weather is not as bad as
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last week's of the were making the best of this. stay with us. we will be back. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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