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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 10, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. at 5:30 >> at 5:30 another revitalization of market street. a crime ridden section a woman was being assaulted the/raw on a sixth. kate thompson jane kim who represents this area on how to turn this area are round. >> beer bottles, syringes and people passed out. this
5:31 pm
is a snapshot that kron 4 cameras captured on sixth. supervisor, jane cam and wanted to get police presence. >> if so, this year redevelopment will be funding a sub-station for the police department on the sixth street. and this is exclusively dedicated to foot patrol. >> the highest vacancy rate in the city with 30%. and with twitter and other companies to move to mid market. enticing them with peril tax breaks. >> it is a tax break. and is it enough to bring an that is been so distressed! the sidewalks are scary! >> twitter is an example that yes, this will help bring new jobs to a mid market. we are hoping that this will encourage that,
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and grow and a san francisco that is trencha-rich. but commercial property. >> and with those companies have already expressed concern about that area? >> you know, we're talking to c companies that are committed to change for san francisco. what attracting them as if the want to make a difference in the community. >> kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> san francisco are looking for three men who have believed to a burglarized a home on tuesday at the cow palace. and what they do not know is that their crime was caught on video. dan? >> correct. near the cow palace. a neighbor had surveillance cameras and caught it all. this band was pulling up. at 12:18-this van. the word " peace in the
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joint and they go back and forth for different times. - casing the joint. they go back several times before entering. call:28. to go back to the van. 12:28. and at one point the van gogh's a way. 12:50. the van gogh'while coffeeand at this pon is almost hitting a dumpster. and bringing out a television. this madan kerman, kron 4 news. >> this could ultimately hinge on weather a priest
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who are allegedly sexually abused william lynch. krupp fo kron 4 has been ordered to stand trial >> 43 rolled william lynch leaving the hall of justice on a thursday faces charges in the alleged assault of a childhood priest. 65 year- old father jerry. lynch walked into the sacred heart jesuit center in may of last year and attacked them. he molested he, and his brother 35 years ago. the attorney says of the judge it is refusing to allow father jerry to testify. >> they have the wrong man on trial. there is a rich irony. we plan on putting a on the stand. i do not think the prosecution has the
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guts. once we get the truth out. >> father " jerry " is was never charged on the molestation and the of a settled out of court court in 1998. the attack was motivated by revenge. and he must answer for it. if >> with this previous but this is about that he is a victim. the laws of society apply to everybody, equally. >> lynch over turn to trial on the record the second is out on bail. reporting he is back in for 20 seconds. >> that woman that was tracked lynch wooed back in february 20th seconds. fed >> near fontaine road, ericka luna is in critical
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condition. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room they have some encouraging news that she moved her toes. doctors say that is a good sign towards her recovery. for (music) >> a beautiful shot of the sunset. to the pacific ocean blue skies and crystal clear blue skies. temperatures in the 60s. right now is still in the 60s with the exception of a fairfield and livermore at 58. 68 in redwood city, san jose, fremont, san francisco, sinophile = 61. san rafeal- and your weekend forecast coming up. >> get ready for your closeup, san francisco. maureen kelly shows how production crews. them what you could see is the " ugly
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side of business show business. this is in san francisco and this entire block has been taken over as a movie shoot. it is wrapped up for today. you can see this garbage used as props. it is called contagion. with matt damon and kate winslet and jude law the outbreak of the world wide virus. and homes are also taken over to be part of the back drop. with " arm " to keep the way. part of the movie drop. the neighbors to not mind and they like to be part of film history. >> and several other locations the project is expected to wrap up next
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wednesday. the left side. headlights = north. slow. a different story on the right. the san jose 1 0 1 and the guadeloupe overpass. moving well in north bound, southbound, we will be back.
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right down to the root. two: it forms a barrier, that prevents new weeds from growing for up to four months. roundup extended control - kills and prevents. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> ofthis ticket is going to be >> this was a ran from a taxi taxicab driver, he was driving in a car pool lane. >> he was issued a ticket and he refused to sign this. >> if you do not sign as you are going to go to jail. >> he finally signed it. >> and he said that he was forced into the car pooling.
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the same for this silver lexis. he went into the car pool lane. the driver was late for school. and he got caught. >> is what it is. >> and what it is in san mateo county. $476. and it is not a moving violation. >> and my first day on highway 1 0 1. >> car poll = 5:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. m- f holidays included. and if you get caught? i can make a small but important suggestion. have a valid driver's license. this driver had is suspended driver's license. since 20 03. no proof of insurance. >> off oh my gosh! i was just going to work. and he had some advice. >> off to not cheat the car
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pool lane [laughter] and i had to learn the hard way. >> from the peninsula, kron 4 news. if if you have a commenr story idea for stanley, you can email us at m we will be back after the break.
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>> there is a holding pattern at uc-berkeley. dozens of athletes are waiting. for different athletic departments from the chopping block. for different athletic departments. >> the announcement it,. there are four different departments. >> and they said that they are not ready to make the announcement. the plan was to demote one program and to cut for that money 0
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with baseball, women's lacrosse. and that recruiting budget was cut out completely. men's gymnastics, women's gymnastics, and rugby could have maintained its varsity status. however, sources are saying that all were in the clear. and three different conversations. losing optimism. it is difficult. for >> i think that the money will be there to support the programs. the entire community got behind us. everything that we need is here. and if we had a little bit more time? there's no doubt. >> if it is about the money? we can raise the money. i do not know what the other concerns are. and i do not think that across...
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financially, that-across, will not cost as much as other programs do. acro lacrosse-the program could be pushed back to this weekend and they want to do their to diligence. to count all the money that is raised. and gary radnich said that with getting $15 million? >> that is what they're all hoping for in berkeley. >> thank you, vern. >> the second major snowstorm in just one week is felipe blasted to the nation's midsection. it has really blasted school closings and people are getting tired of taking out. >> you could get an idea of how much snowfall with this oklahoma man putting it in the back of his pickup truck. filling it, multiple times and tired of waiting for road crews. in
5:49 pm
arkansas, two-feet recently he used his leaf blower. while it was fresh and powder-like and it works. this area was one of the coldest. here lafayette fell, with -18. little rock, off this snowfall was deep, light traffic. many people stayed home. the heaviest was in northeast oklahoma. 25 in. of new snowfall. tennessee for having difficulty clearing snowy roads. cars for stoc-snow in atlanta, but still got a couple of inches. >> it is cold! >> at least some people were having fun these oklahoma people were tired started
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running. >> one bit of encouraging news for traveling. the strategy of canceling the early flights and often ahead of the back weather bad weather--with less flights stock on the tarmac. >> earlier, a chicago man taking revenge on a sub--for that stole his shovel. >> this is beenfeofthis as badad wells has surveillance cameras. when his shovel went missing and was shocked. he saw this person that she was digging out her car and walked away. he used his snow blower and covered
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the woman's car. he said it felt really good. and it took her four hours. all of that with this and that shovel mysteriously returned behind his garage. (music) >> we do not have to worry about that in the bay area. it is gorgeous. temperatures in the 60s. sunshine. although it is cool in the morning hours. to scrape your north bay windshield below freezing temperatures in the same for the north tomorrow. purple = 30's. perhaps the upper 20s and colder spots. tomorrow afternoon a completely different story. the green represents temperatures in the 60s. and another beautiful day for our friday. the pacific storm pushing north-northwest. no
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wet weather from that but some been developing on the tail end something developing on monday. the chance for rainfall. in the meantime, clear skies all the way through much of the weekend. upper 20s, low 30's and below freezing. mid- upper 30's for the east bay. and 40's by the bay with temperatures near leaked into the low-mid upper 60s. near-nearly reaching 70. santa rosa, and even nicer for saturday. temperatures will be in the 70's for a lot of locations. increasing clouds. unsettled weather for monday, tuesday shower activity even through wednesday and thursday. and how about the snow,
5:53 pm ski report. (music)
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>> online dating. but people are looking for love in the next cubicle. >> americans are finding their valentines at work. career builders survey. 40 percent say that the updated co-workers. 30 percent lead to marriage. the struggling economy, with longer workdays and that is where the social/working is blurry. and with heavy over, holiday parties, and happy-hour and a working late. office romance can get complicated. one-third of women say that they did somebody higher position.
5:57 pm
and they do not necessarily think they should hide their remains. 65 percent are not keeping their romance a secret. perhaps it sounds like a bad idea? however, for many it seems like it is too short to not follow your heart. light is too short. >> ronald reagan for ever courtesy of the post office. the former president of the " forever a stamp that is 40 445. and he would've turned 100 last sunday. this went on sale. his santa barbara ranch is the setting. this is the third ronald reagan stamp. the card stamp price is 445. this would be a forever stamp. of ronald reagan.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. at 6:00 p.m. >> our big store the uprising in egypt threatening to turn from peaceful too violence. over an hour away in the danger of a confrontation between hundreds of thousands of frustrated protesters and a defiant president. hosni mubarak is refusing to quit. despite widespread it that he would give and two demonstrators and called for is rec resignation. the crowd began to chant the word " illegitimate " with the rejection of his orderly transfer of power of his term. >> news also of the obama administration. white house is saying that the hosni mubarak attitude is not what
6:01 pm
we expected or wanted. catherine heenan is showing how this situation has got even more tense. >> ladies and gentleman. the priority now is to restore the trust between the egyptians. >> trust is the one thing the demonstrators were not to going to give to the president. and as many as 1 million people are waiting in the heart of cairo. and they believe was the president's resignation. military commanders are assured that their plans would be met. he went on television and announcing that he would seek only some of his power. >> 1 not apart from this country until ibm. in it. >> this announcement was a stunning-he will not depart until he is buried in it
6:02 pm
>> is the muslim holy day. demonstrators expect their numbers to grow. >> so many people tomorrow, and so many feelings. either that or freedom. >> today's development turned out to be another embarrassment. just this morning, cia says that a congressional hearing that he was confident that he was hosni mubarak on the part of a resignation. the egyptians in this country wanwatched the speech. and this graduate student has been communicating with friends in cairo. they say that that speech will let little effect on the protesters. >> egyptians, young people are making history. without
6:03 pm
change. let me tell you that there was.. they're going to be in the streets until they get what they want. they are going to be in the streets until there is a demand and it gets accepted by the government. >> stay with kron 4 and continuing coverage of the uprising in egypt. >> police and oakland are investigating allegations that a seven year-old daughter was sexually assaulted in the restroom of the boys and girls club in east oakland. this report was at 7:00 p.m. last night. investigators were on the the sixth avenue and international boulevard in speaking with witnesses and- 86th ave. christine? what can you tell us about the victim? >> the victim is a seven
6:04 pm
year-old while light and was only at this boys and girls club he was-well light. he did not alert staff. he was well-like. he told his mother. and then taken to a children's hospital. the oakland police department say that there are five suspects, all boys under the age of 12. investigators speaking to staff members at the club. looking for evidence and trying to make sure that this is a priority for the 0 pd. this is where the bathroom with the elected assault took place. allegedly-- >> and we spoke to one the staff member and the president of the oakland poboys and girls club. >> the staff did not notice anything out of the ordinary there was no ruckus or no noise. >> i went around to make
6:05 pm
sure that there everything was running good and everything was fine. everything was fine. there were no confrontations, no fighting, no anything. >> or hearts go out to the young person and we're going to continue to get to the bottom of this with our investigation. we want our friends, family, kids and their families to understand that this is still a safe place. >> off as we're coming out like you can see that there are children. it is open. the first time there's ever been any allegations and a thorough investigation. reporting in oakland, christine connolly. >> east bay, is arrested with child pornography the oakland military institute and the county school. haazig madyun spoke to investigators about what led to the arrest. >> busted with downloading
6:06 pm
child porn. landed randolph of vulture behind bars earlier this week. he coaches girls' sports at oakland military school. the mayor of oakland, jerry brown then, founded this as a charter school. mark ryan, says that none of the students are involved. >> there is absolutely no indication at this time that there is any involvement of any current or former students from the oakland a military student body. the one parent is upset. >> the schools sent an e- mail alert in them of the situation. he also works at the county school. he is been charged with two counts. >> new developments. with the barry bonds case, federal prosecutors reduced the number of charges. dan?
6:07 pm
>> this is the indictment. from 11 to the amount of five. what is important to remember is that he still faces key charges of lying to a grand jury. and if he is still accused of lur lying of being injected other than a medical person. >> what happened? >> with specific dates. that was tied to evidence that has long been referred to as " doping calendars ". the judge has excluded those documents/calendars. without those? they could not get the convictions of that is why those charges were dropped. >> this will change the penalty? >> this will not change the penalty. >> what is next?
6:08 pm
>> march 24th to stand trial that is when this is all to happen march 21st-- >> the returning call of the attorney did not happened. >> and sunset, earlier. mostly clear skies and tomorrow is also looking good sunday, told the specially in the north bay bellies with below freezing. -cold valleys. more of your forecast coming up. it's really delicious, mom.
6:09 pm
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks.
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>> but if the market michigan, president obama spoke about the wireless technology in marquette, michigan. with wireless coverage to 98 percent of americans over the next five years. more fall out. chris
6:12 pm
lee accused by a toss up website of posting this shirtless photo on craigslist. and john boehner had already warned lee of parting with the middle lobbyists. >> the no. 2 is not one to run for reelection, john qaeda of the gop senajon kyle wa growing list of incumbents that are facing difficult reelection or just stepping down. >> a check if traffic is movi be in north bound, southbound, we will be back.
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hosni mubaragabe slate tech rept mammal long lines were expected. however, that did not happen. >> only just a handful were in hotlines. first, existing customers broke online records. the pre-order date the sold more phones and the ever had before in a one-the history. many people ordered one. and unlike previous apple launched days with long lines at this was available and a lot of stores, simultaneously. best buy, wal-mart, verizon. the crowd was spread out. also, that any but it was able to order this through for rise in, to the last couple of days. banmany people opted to
6:17 pm
have this sent. maybe we have learned our lesson? fas >> why ben and apple customer >> i have been waiting for the iphone for a long time and i am disappointed with the at&t service. i had a blackberry. now, i'm ready for this for a long time. >> i got here about 6:50. and verizon will meet my network needs. >> it is important for me to get this phone. my phone has not worked since i have gotten at&t. it does perpetually not worked. i just want to make sure that
6:18 pm
i get a phone that works. >> you are able to get this with the horizon or apple website. between 11 million-13 million sold through the verizon site also. and it is expected to totally sell out. >> before there were black turtlenecks and ipod ceo was busy trying to keep cool forest television appearance. and kimberly? >> we are used to seeing him cool, cold, collected with a black turtleneck. and with long hair, take a look. >> look at that! i am on television. this is not the real thing you did want something? >> gosh! >> and please tell me where
6:19 pm
the restaurant is i might even throw up i am not joking. >> oh my gosh! i like him flopping his hair this was posted a couple of days and with these views. reportedly it was an interview for nightline. >> and wearing a suit? >> s f o has a complete makeover for the last three years. jeff bush got a sneak progress and the new one-of- a-kind airport terminal. >> this is not done yet but terminal no. 2 is getting ready for the spring premier. it is been rebuilt with windows, everywhere! the maximized amount of natural light down on electricity. designers wanted this on a green with the public. refill water bottles restrooms have a sleek, modern look with upgraded countertops. if
6:20 pm
you've ever seen this? lounge chairs. intimate, comfortable. also community benches that coe award for a lunch-like feel. more traditional but a little extra something. if power! tables every four seats. there are power outlets everywhere. desks, sitting desks every where. and there are two different play areas for children. the terminal will have many choices for food. many restaurants will be familiar. the same in san francisco. heart. you can see the large sculpture that will be holding new security. hanging. it is all part of this 3 $80 million project in april. $3 beef 0
6:21 pm
million. american, an american airlines, the amount is $380 million. >> government delays, over 3 hour delays and none were stock as a rhetorical assault blizzard. this does not octhese flights we did we did the weighted they had to wait over three hours on the tarmac. and they were stuck. 60s and 50s through santa rosa. and after a day when rissole highs in the
6:22 pm
60s. at night-where we saw--30's in the north bay valleys, and to the east bay. in fact, forecasting to go below freezing. and even 20's in the forecast. 20s. the bay. and a warm-up with the ratings topping out near 60s. some place possibly close to 70 degrees for the readings. >> , chile, redwood city = 39. low 40's for the south bay. and it will be chilly in the redwood city area of. - 2 were below the freezing point here is some areas and the north bay 67 degrees and san jose and look for mid-'60s a nice day in san
6:23 pm
francisco and antioch. concord. your 7 day around the bay forecast saturday it is really looking nice. '70s in a lot of locations. sunshine and the increasing clouds. a pick weather change. a weather system coming with the chance for rain fall monday, tuesday. at this point we will be on settled with on-settled even snowfall on the higher elevations now settled. >> thursday commute. the bay bridge looks good. this is the toll plaza, the left = going towards san francisco. the right in his east. we will be right back purify
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6:26 pm
>> the san francisco police with a time for input. jonathan blum explains. a
6:27 pm
special meetings involving the public. >> san francisco police commission wants to hear from the general public about what tricks think make a good police chief. what- streets. three names will be character traits? and those three will be submitted. >> participation by the public the more often they hear something more the commissioners will understand what is important in san francisco. will the ideas that is reinforced by the chief. based on what the public input is. >> the upper part side is the first of three different meetings. of course that you are welcome to come to the regular meetings on wednesday. or write in, call and on what you would like to see for the next top popop
6:28 pm
>> pc, temperatures in the 50s. the next couple of days are going to be nice...
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
now at 6:30, our top stories. more news, more crews, right now our top stories. >> in oakland police are investigating the alleged sexual assault of a seven year old. the boys and girls club on international and 86th ave. the suspects are all under the age of 12. five boys. the seven year- old told his mother wednesday night. the staff said the the not notice anything unusual or any commotion. the park for early looking into this. >> the oakland prep academy assistant athletic director has been arrested with child
6:31 pm
pornography. >> the exploitation unit in oakland is in teaching and a pro-active investigations including child pornography. he was, arrested and has been charged with two counts. one with possession, one with distribution of child pornography. in oakland, haazig madyun >> in san jose, the man and assaulting a priest obesassaulting the priest who allegedly molested he and his brother 30 years ago. he is a member of the jesuit center and the attorney phil and his bid to testify during the preliminary hearings. judge cold that improper but he will be called again when lynch goes to trial february 22nd. he
6:32 pm
remains free on a $25,000 bail. >> supervisor kim believes the rig crime and drugs is to bring more businesses and more police. a sub-station on the six will be dedicated for a foot patrol on the street. also support the plan for new businesses to mid-market by offering perrot tax breaks. >> in san francisco, this burglary. they did not realize that their every move was captured on video. as they went around the and it they were getting items out of the house. this is near the cow palace and neighbors are hoping this video will help police
6:33 pm
capture the burglars. in san francisco, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room six men are facing murder charges with that shoot out. sacramento barbershop that killed people. one was a mother the was protecting her toddler. this was the scene. access suspects, and one heart all but one are in custody---the december 14th happened with two groups in a barbershop began firing at each other. >> in other stores, second terminal to in s f o, with a total renovation and it it looks great so far. the improvements can be seen already without seeking, poker outlets, and opened in april. -power outlets. open, comfortable, functional, with green sustainable many of these will be san francisco shoppe run owned.
6:34 pm
>> a hollywood film crew transformed it to look like a disaster scene with piles of garbage. with even quarantine the signs and chain link around homes. with an action adventure cold contagion, with the outbreak story theme. and this is slated to wrap up next thursday. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. (music) >> paid changes for tomorrow. pat-big changes, and even warmer on the saturday with big changes sunshine. low mid 70's! increasing cloud coverage with a chance of rain fall monday. not too heavy right now. finally, somewhat weather after a long stretch of dry conditions. things
6:35 pm
will be wet and still unsettling. the chance for showers monday and tuesday. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> that ticket is going to be how much? >> and i have >> that was a grant from a taxicab driver who was in the car pool lane on highway 1 0 1 on the peninsula. >> i saw you. >> the driver is saying that a truck was forced into the lane. >> if you do not sign this ticket you have to go to jail. >> he finally signed it. >> in the car pool lane this silver lexis jumped back and but it was of the spotted. >> the driver was late for school so we jumped in the carpool lane and got caught. it is put it is.
6:36 pm
>> and what it is in san mateo county. $476. but it is not a moving violation. , my first time on highway 1 0 1. >> it is open from 5:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. m-f, holidays included. and if you get caught? it is important. get a valid driver's license. his was suspended since 2003. with no proof of insurance. >> i was just driving, try to get to work. >> this miniature van was code and some-code. >> do not speak in the carpool lane--i did learn the hard way by car it is getting tolwed if you have a cor
6:37 pm
story idea for stanley, you can email us at m (music) >> a nice weekend with the sierra forecast with snowfall coming up. kirkwood has a base of 88 and 12 lives. 70 runs. 170 runs in squaw valley. heavenly is looking at a 65-90 in. base. we will be back. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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>> the attorney for lindsay lohan is willing to make a plea bargain. grand theft. as long as she is not that time behind bars. she pleaded not guilty that she stole a necklace from a los angeles jewelry store. $ 2500. she tried on many jewelry pieces. as she left the store was still wearing this. and she entered court
6:41 pm
with a maximum of three years. she is free on bail. for every 23rd. >> and kelsey grammar that the bourse is finally finalized. he can now marry his role friend. and the former couple shared property is worth $20 million. and a 13 year marriage. >> and kate with camilla pullboyles team hundred invitations are a point to get sent out this month. >> the longest tenured coach surprised everybody. announcing his retirement.
6:42 pm
and tiger woods has 55 million dead reasons to be and to buy. details-55 million reasons. to be and to bu >> and checking out our comprehensive weather conferenpage video forecasting d also check out our live doppler radar. and also we have bay your 7 day around the bay forecast
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6:45 pm
>> good evening a regatta, the longest nba coach. jury sloan jerry--require retired frm the utah jazz. and talking about just being out of gas.
6:46 pm
and therein volumes. >> 26 years is a long time to be in one organization. and i have been blessed. today is a new day. i know i'm going to feel much better. my time is up and it is time for me to will on. >> we will find out the forefront of this story. and we will find out if indeed they made a decision one way or the other. jerry sloan or the top player. word came down that cal sports going to beat back at full strength. as the deal goes. rugby, women's athletics, baseball, pam. i've told you that my neighbor has a son who plays on the baseball team. and i will protect my
6:47 pm
sources. and as for now, no official word. >> we try to turn it around and use motivation. if this really is our last year? we are going to put everything on the line with no regrets. and even if rugby were to be completely cut? $25 million trying to decrease in the official word tomorrow. >> and at&t golf tournament. celebrity. andy garcia, kurt russell, radar model. and my public to sh--my favorite is joe lopez-george lopez. the vice president of fedex. goes in for a hole in one.
6:48 pm
but we have his shot! and now, the big boys, phil mickelson. 71. veejay singh he shot 69. steve marino are -7 >> this tiger woods story is pretty good. pass on this spectacular north ca northern california? >> >> and with anti-america? >> i am not-and i america please to not say that. >> $55 million from a developer to promote a local golf course. and >> you would not take that?
6:49 pm
>> and if i was even mcevoy , and tiger woods, a 26 place. and $55 million. we love this country but however, >> i would go for a couple of days. >> and brian? >> it is all about the money. >> billion eres vs millionaires. they are going to call off the scheduled talks. between schmidt and the union and the owners. the usual that we are way apart. the current labor agreement ends march 3rd. when we come back we will speak to a man who was at the forefront of the small one story. the ace reporter,
6:50 pm
where will carmelo anthony? end up? answers coming up. ♪
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>> the jury's loan story. this jumped out at everybody-jur jerry sloan one had to go is that accurate? >> perhaps that is putting too much on kare wil darren williams shoulder but herry perhaps just stayed a little bit long for them as time-jerry sloan. perhaps the coaching staff was not on the type of
6:54 pm
work to get them at that point. it finally came to a head last night. rising like, as much of a fighter that jerry sloan is. surprisingly, that he says i am done. >> in the was not pushed out? indeed his time had come to be reelected? >> you know, there are at the top spot. it is a little bit like anything. he is an institution. and we need to turn the page to what is the alternative? right now, corbin is essentially saying that we are in the rebuilding process. they simply did not want it to, to that. even though it was high time. >> it this store will not go
6:55 pm
away. he was an oakland, and to think you'll end up with the new-york next? >> he will end up with the york knicks. it is either the trade deadline for when we start the new season. how much denver is going to demand. the last offer are heard was chandler, and a couple of first round picks. it is basically leaving the cover their put the new york knicks are reluctant. >> and the wife, the former mtv calling the shots? >> you always know your entertainers, gary. and it never ceases to amaze. and i would not sit dishes calling the shots but she has a
6:56 pm
heavy influence in the decision making. >> i'm a similar through jerry sloan here at kron. >> i guarantee that you are working harder. >> really quick, a record. a 3-pointer, you see him is he the greatest shooter all time? >> it is going to be hard for me to take them above steve nash. when you look at what steve nash has shot. percentage of three points, or zero, there is only one guy who has had as many high percentage in all three categories. and with the combined percentage as more top-10 than any player of the history of the game. even with larry bird, just about any other guy that you
6:57 pm
can think of. and i think that just as a guy as a parameter-three. . >> thank you, we will see you at 11.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" has the most detailed report behind today's all new headlines. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm chris jacobs. >> "the insider" is on. jennifer aniston. >> men with wedmkrings do not attract you. >> rosemk o'donnell is being quite complimentary about you. suggesting that maybe the ice is beginning to melt. stars defending scientology. >> responsible for creating a sane and happy life for me. >> what you won't read in "the new yorker" expose. in depth, the real story behind zsa zsa gabor's 94th birthday party. >> does she recognize you?


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