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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. a day of disappointment in egypt. thousands upon thousands of egyptians cell brighted in the streets today. president hosni mubarak would step down. then, in a surprise move, mubarak addressed the nation saying he would not step down afterall. tonight, kron4 looks at why tomorrow could be another historic protest as well as reaction from egyptians living in the bay area. there is outrage in egypt. president hosni mubarak's defiant refusal to step down today stunned protesters and
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u.s. officials alike. democracy advocate, mohommed is predicting egypt will explode. he's calling on the military to intervene and save the country. it is just after 9:00 in the morning there now and the largest antigovernment demonstration yet is called for friday. as katherine explains, an intense and confusing scenario is unfolding and no one is quite sure what will happen next. >> ladies and gentlemen, the priority now is to restore the trust between the egyptians. >> trust is the one thing that demonstrators were not about to give to the president. as many as 1 million people were waiting in the heart of cairo for what they believed was the president's resignation. this morning military commanders had assured them their prayers would be met. mubarak went on tv 10:30 in the
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evening. he announced he would concede some of his powers. >> i will not depart from this country until i am buried in it. >> the announcement stunned the protesters. >> all we wanted to hear was he leave. >> some broke away to march on the tv studios and the presidential palace. tomorrow is the muslim holy day and the demonstrators expect their numbers to grow. >> so many people. so many millions will be at the palace tomorrow. they are having two options. either death or freedom. >> katherine, kron4 news. >> just this morning, cia director, leon told the congressional hearing he was confident mubarak was on the brink of resignation. president obama issued a statement openly questioning whether mubarak's pledge for a transition is a meaningful sign of reform. many egyptians meantime living in this country watch president mubarak's speech on
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the internet. hassan arrived just weeks before the start of the protest in january. he's been communicating with friends in cairo and they say the speech by mubarak will have little effect on the protesters. >> egyptians, young people are making history without the change we are now witnessing. let me tell you that there was no hope. they are going to be in the streets until they get what they want. they are going to be in the streets until their demand gets accepted by the government. >> stay with kron4 and for continuing coverage on the uprising in egypt. a mystery is building on the peninsula, involving a missing couple from southern california. billy and coleen were reported missing on monday from river side county. this afternoon, san mateo county deputies found the car
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parked and unoccupied on highway 1. search crews looked around the devil area to see if there were any signs, but nothing was found. the san mateo county sheriff's office would like to hear from anyone who has seen this couple. in the search for a new police chief, san francisco wants to hear from you if you live in the city. tonight, the police commission held a first of three public forums as part of the selection process. kron4's jonathan bloom reports, they are asking the public to get up and speak about the kind of person they want to lead the city's police department. >> it's your turn. i like to hear from the audience, what are you looking for? >> though the room was nowhere close to full, the long time locals were full of ideas about san francisco's next chief of police. many said they just want someone who listens. >> i want someone who is going to listen to the neighbors. the things that we're concerned about. >> the track record in san francisco, being engaged with the community. >> we need someone that is
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going to listen. >> the commission was listening. >> the community wants the chief who is going it be involved in the community and quite frankly, they want a chief from the community. >> you have 2,000 fine men and women in this department and i think that chief can come from one of them. >> it's an insult to them and a police department. >> the number one thing i think you guys should consider is once again looking back within the department. >> please get someone, promote them from inside. every time you bring outsiders in here to go for a job like in oakland, look at the fiasco that happened with their chief of police. i don't want that crap. >> commissioners say they too want a chief that will stick around even after mayor ed lee leaves office. >> it's the ultimate goal of this commission to ensure the next chief we select is so strong that the next mayor, whoever he or she is will decide that this should be their chief. >> this meeting was one of the earliest stages in an intense selection process that will last a month. the police commission got 75
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applications, but they narrowed it down to 25 candidates based on the job requirements. after two more meetings like this one, narrow those 25 down to three names they will submit by march 15. the mayor will make the final decision. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, kron4 news. it was a really nice day today with temperatures in the 60s around the bay area. close to 70 degrees in santa rosa today. 60s for san francisco. mid 60s for san jose and mountain view. low 60s in the east bay. it's cooling off for tonight. once again for this evening, looking at some temperatures getting below freezing into the north bay and possibly east bay valleys, too, under clear skies. look for readings in the upper 20s and low 30s by morning with frost in the north bay. by the afternoon tomorrow, it's looking a lot better. the forecast is calling for lots of sunshine and warm temperatures once again in the 60s. and the weekend is looking pretty good, too. i'll let you know about the
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weekend forecast later on. pam. it's a sight growing before the eyes of some bay area drivers. a tent city of sorts has popped up along an east bay freeway and some residents and business owners are concerned. a had look at the controversy, plus reaction from people living at that when kron4 news returns. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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new tonight at 11:00, a homeless camp became a real eyesore in concord. there's so much trash and debris in the area. drivers can see it while driving on highway 4. the camp is located near marsh drive. kron4 tells us caltrans and the chp have made a decision on how they're going to handle the problem. >> this area littered with piles and piles of garbage and debris is where people live in tents and the dirt. there were two people at the camp. one is charles. he says he comes here to help his friend, lori.
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>> she can't go to the local shelter because of her dogs and she can't walk very far because of her back, so i try to come in the morning and help her walk over to the local park. >> lori would only give me her first name. you can see some of the items here for a couple of weeks. she has been on the street ever since her mother died from cancer five years ago. >> my brother sold the house. >> being made fun of and called names. >> some residents at a nearby mobile home park, the homeless have been stealing things from their property. >> they do have security people that drive around in the evening and check things out, of course they can't catch them all. >> caltrans owns the land where the camp is located and spokesperson, bob hauss received a lot of complaints, so they are planning to remove the tents, clean up the area, and find permanent housing for those living here. >> two weeks and three days before we do any type of
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eviction. we notify the homeless authority that we are going to be doing this and they contact the people who are living there and let them know it's coming up. we are doing what we have to do. this is state property. it can be unhealthy and unsafe for people to be trespassing on state property when it isn't specifically designed to be some place that is leved. we want to make sure that we do this as respectful and humane a manner as possible, because we realize these are people. >> reggie, kron4 news. some cold temperatures on the way for tonight and it's already cooling off around the bay area. i'll let you know how cold it's going to be for our friday morning.
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less than six weeks before the perjury trial of former san francisco giant, barry bonds, prosecutors have reduced the number of charges against him. federal prosecutors dropped the
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charges from 11 to 4. bonds faces four counts of lying and one count of obstruction of justice. investigated the distribution of illegal performance enhancing drugs. bonds is due to go on trial in san francisco at the end of march. some east bay parents held what they call an emergency meeting tonight following a decision to close two schools in their district. tuesday night, the school board members voted to close glenbrook middle school and west wood elementary in an effort to save $1.5 million. students from the closed schools are said to be split up between three other schools in the area. tonight's meeting was held by parents from west wood who say they were never told closing their school was an option. >> and it's been a few shock to our community, not a way that this type of thing should be handled. and we are here to respond to that and also to work together
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as a community to determine a better way to handle the situation that we're in. >> the parents say one of their biggest concerns is that west wood elementary is one of the only schools which provides services for students who are deaf. now a look at other top stories covered by our kron news crews around the area today. >> police are investigating the alleged sexual assault of a seven-year-old boy by five other boys inside a bathroom here at the boys and girls club. investigators say the suspects are all under the age of 12. they say that the boy didn't report the incident to staff, but did tell his mother when he got home wednesday night. staff didn't notice anything unusual or any commotion. the boys and girls club is looking into the incident. i'm christine, kron4 news. here at the college preparatory academy, randolph has been arrested in connection with child pornography. >> the exploitation unit here
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at oakland police department is engaged in proactive investigations involving the exploitation of children, including child pornography. he was arrested and has been charged with two different counts, including possession and distribution of child pornography. >> in oakland, kron4 news. here's a live shot of the beautiful city of san francisco. it's a gorgeous night tonight. clear skies. the winds are light and that's allowing temperatures to really fall off. we're in the 30s already in many locations. 35 degrees right now in fair field. it's in the mid 30s for livermore. milder for san jose and san francisco and the upper 40s and low 50s. here is future cast and 7:00 a.m., there are the cold temperatures getting down into the 20s in the coldest places for tomorrow morning. so look for some frost in the north bay valley. here is 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. once the sun comes up, things
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warm up and we'll see those highs into the 60s by afternoon. here is the satellite shot and these clouds here, this storm going north. we're going to stay dry for tomorrow and the weekend. things are going to change. by next week, the chance for rain comes in here and in fact, it looks like it could be a wet week with a big shift in the weather happening here starting next monday. again, morning temperatures, coolest here in the north bay. 29 tonight for napa. look for low to mid 40s near the bay with clear skies and highs tomorrow getting into the 60s once again. perhaps close to 70 degrees, like santa rosa and 68 degrees. same for mountain view and fremont. low to mid 60s, concorde and antioch. nice blue skies and check out saturday. it's going to be absolutely fantastic with highs in the upper 60s. low to mid 70s, but the clouds are on the increase for sunday with a chance for rain coming up by monday and tuesday.
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pam. a big night on the hardwood in both college and pro games. highlighted by a new nba record as ray allen becomes the new three-point king. gary has that, plus warrior highlights coming up next.
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all right, hoops going wild tonight. we are all over the place with the round ball. steve gnash and the suns getting ready to tear the warriors apart on their home floor here. ball never touched the floor and jared dudley dunked off the net. nash had 18 points, 11 assists. 112-88. second win over the warriors for phoenix in four days. nationally it's a big deal. ray allen about to become the all-time three-point king. it's boston and the lakers. allen, 2,561 from three.
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he passes reggie miller. it took reggie 18 seasons. kobe bryant says no. it's only february, but you have a hunch these guys will meet down the road. lakers beat boston 92-86. boston is going to have to get past miami in the east. a shocker early this morning in salt lake city. jerry sloan after 23 seasons said that's enough. now there's all types of different reports. some saying it was a battle of willing between savings and loan and his star player. then we had rick on tonight saying sloan, who is now in his early 70s, just out of gas. corbin is going to replace him. >> 26 years is a long time to be in one organization. again, i've been blessed, but today is a new day. i get this over with.
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i know i'm going to feel much better. my time is up and it's time for me to move on. >> all right, he does leave with a winning record. long, long time rival. st. mary at santa clara. steve nash, his picture hanging from the raptors. delivering 25 points. st. mary's wins. here's the one you want to see. hello randy bennett. playing at a cyl game tonight. san diego at san francisco. just like dad. zach knows where to find the cylinder. anyway, now back -- cute little boy. avery johnson, no relation to basketball coach in the nba. he scores. recollection walters team, 7-2. biggest game in maybe 30 years coming saturday night when usf hosting st. mary's.
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they are one game back of the gayles in the conference. rich walters getting it done. cal got steam rolled tonight. stanford beat washington state. 49 straight versus pack 10 opponents. washington defeated cal. oh boy. big news though today. the cal athletic program apparently is going to keep the five sports that were designated to be eliminated. that's baseball, women's lacrosse, mens and womens gymnastics and rug by. the announcement could come tomorrow. my source, a neighbor who's son plays in the baseball team. the good news could come tomorrow. 18 holes along the peninsula. of course you can talking weather. you are talking andy garcia. you are talking curt russell who is supposed to be a good guy. my favorite, george lopez and now the boys who get paid to
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deliver. here is phil mickelson. he shoots 71 today and then vj is going to chip from the sand. sing shoots 69. steve and da points at minus 7. so here we go. of course, where is tiger woods? he doesn't like these rounds. tiger says i just love this one. he gets $3 million to play in dubai, and then $59 million to promote a golf course. for $58 million, i think i would say, bye bye to pebble beach, too. anyway, he is minus 1 and 27th place. roy mcelroy is minus 7. he is your leader in dubai. we have been having fun with this all week. but again, that's $58 million. as you said last night, you can always go down and look at the
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seat. how can tiger not play? i mean, how do you turn that down? >> that would be hard. >> have a good night, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow.
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