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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  February 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and the drug enforcement would have a deep cuts. programs to help heating bills for poor people. also education and the budget has more clean energy projects. with high-speed train travel. and they say that that will be nothing to help with the national debt. >> 46 trillion dollars over the next 10 years? this is not in our budget. >>catherine: present is admitting that the deficit will be in a short run but the president will also admit that it will slowly decrease over 10 years. what additional cuts with california voters are affixenot extending the fees the catcher ron proposed. as dan kerman? >> and as a dan kerman per is reporting on this. as
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jerry brown? >> they do not want those attacks extensions in the independent legislative offices denied a statement. and what also were going to cut? when you know no more. with increasing class size beyond 20 students in grades k-3. also students have to be 5 years old before enrolling in the kindergarten. the elevation of homes cool and shortening of the school year-the elimination of home school programs. also, tuition could be increased at college level. enrollment reduction, and increase in fees at community colleges. >>catherine: the options? >>reporter: correct, and these are " what if " scenarios. and the analysts offices say that now at least people have an idea
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how they're going to be impacted. at 6:00 p.m. house state workers will be impacted and residential property owners. house state workers will be impacted- >>catherine: and we will get a better idea. how state workers could be impacted. and at 5:30 of the governor is going to breeease prisoners overcrowding and also not agree to that plan (music)) >> jacqueline: it is been wet, windy, as the showers continue. scattered but it is action more uniform. this is at 4,000 ft. and the showers are lower. not detected yet but we have seen plenty of rainfall. totals, with electric quarters in santa rosa, pat tillman is = - one half inch. and pet llama-- one half-inch, if petaluma if
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fifth-we've seen bursts of heavy rain out there today. off with heavy north bay rain early and stall for the first one half of the day. and spreading south. equal time it out on future test and how long on your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. futurecast. >>catherine: van ness avenue and maureen kelly was in marin county she says the what rowhat role wet roads. >> loci, with these wet roads. >>reporter: and now you can see that this car was completely submerged. the driver was it the italian sports car. it was driving your north bound on how we 1 0 1. 10:30 a the driver
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lost control and this morning and slid into the water. and the driver was able to get out. hospitalized with only minor injuries. the c h p says that he was going too fast for the wet and slippery conditions. in marin county, marin county, maureen kelly. robert. and re >>catherine: 5 right aide and a subway shop. haazig madyun the surveillance video of a serial robber. this right aide in fremont. investigators say that a few days later the same where up a subway sandwich shop on this street. and a suspect matching his description is wanted for five different robberies of drugstores and subway shops. one case is
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alleged to pistol whipped employee. his technique seems to be the same. african-american male, mid- 20s, 5 ft. inches tall, a skinny building and wearing a red hooded sweat shirt and a black baseball cap. fremont/hayward police say that they have a surveillance video and are courtincoordinating their effor, and with up to $5,000 reward leading to an arrest. in this right aide case. haazig madyun >>catherine: 5:15, to pay at the pump gas prices! how high? 5:20 the angriest cities. and the bay area? some people could see red.
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it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. >>catherine: california news a drive-by shooting with a 3 dead teen-ager's in sacramento county. rancho cordoba sidewalk they heard gunfire and the suspects were at a condominium. the nine year old at eight amber alert. has been found. safe! and he is in good condition found with his father and lasko he was visiting saturday night and took the child and the mother went inside. los angeles county health officials are identifying an illness that impactive 170 people. at the playboy mansion. some
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type of respiratory infection is suspected. beaver, chills, and the playboy mansion has been cooperating with-the sentiment of fever and chills. >> jacqueline: rainfall timed out coming up. [ male announcer ] hands free driving. cars that park themselves. an unmanned car driven by a search engine company. we've seen that movie. it ends with robots harvesting our bodies for energy. [ engine revs ] this is the all new 2011 dodge charger. leader of the human resistance.
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>>catherine: gasoline prices have been going up and kate thompson? >>reporter: gas prices are only going up! according to experts. you can see that california and new york of the highest prices. and in the bay area, that color red. nowhere in the bay area where people are less than $3.40. on average all indicators are pointing at $$3. >> at $3.55 at one san
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francisco station. $3.67 just down the street. experts say all it is only going to get more expensive. and predictions will hit and even up of over $4 by memorial day. >> reaching at $4 mark? we're not that far off. certainly, one knows winter blend goes away. that is when we will see those increases will going to bob up bump. >> with the recent egyptian uprising and is also investors. >> investors are driving up gas prices. and there were also anticipating a huge turnaround in the economy at the beginning of this year. they were purchasing more oil. >> reporting and san
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francisco, kate thompson. >>catherine: rising gas prices that is not the only thing to different cities to different cities there were two different cities. >> >> kimberlee: west oakland neighborhood. on our google earth. you'll notice that it is near 880. easy for a thief to hop right on the highway. this is between seventh street and 14th street. and mandalay st with 138 cars stolen for each 1000 residents. and the chances one in seven. to the south bay. this came in eighth place. a school near a freeway the nimitz freeway. this is flanked by anchor road, and a half
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mccarthy boulevard. hear, 95 vehicles are stolen for every 1000 residents. and they're one and 11 chance if you live in this neighborhood. the number one? dallas, texas. one in four chance. kimberly sakamoto. >>catherine: about the angriest city? detroit michigan is number one!, baltimore md., st. petersburg, florida. and newark, new jersey. san francisco was no. 65. and the one is burlington vermont. with the number of aggravated assaults. with high blood pressure, and the amount of time spent in traffic during rush hour and the number of anger management specialists. (music)
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>> jacqueline: live look to a san jose. mostly cloudy skies we racing breaks here, there but we are seeing mostly cloudy sky were seeing breaks in the clouds. and with more rain fall tomorrow. heavy rain at that. and the tail end at the north coast. through oregon and pushing through northern california and the bay iraq early tomorrow morning. let us take a look on futurecast bay early i 10:00 a.m., through some petaluma, it is going to perhaps stalled with moderate/heavy rain. continuing through 6:00 hour, it will porsche south. that band of heavy rainfall and the south of the golden gate pushing south-and also
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light-moderate = east bay. and once it goes past the golden gate groove early push for fast. 3:00 a.m., just some lingering shower activity. also, it will be cold behind this which could be gusting snowfall on wednesday continuing shower reconditions. between now and tuesday, it will be 2 in. in the north bay. and less into the cell bay. and once this is in the-south bay. how the snowfall? there is going to be a lot of debt and heavy through del and wednesday a lot of it between nw and wednesday, with 3 ft.-5 ft. above 7,000 ft. accumulations. and a look at your kron 47 day are rounded the bay. the heavy rainfall is going to be gusting + 3, cool, and those morning and
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hours. with lingering shell or activity on shower >>this just in to the kron 4 news room. bonds attorneys keep some testimony from his former kroll friend, dr. and other heat treated his associates. disrespectful. and like to estimates about his relationship with playboy magazine model and the second wife. this is with this upcoming purge retrial on march 21st. >>catherine: national news, a new attorney this defendant has killed four people in york city.
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stepping for people to death and killing a pedestrian with his core. killing the amount of four people and killing a production with this vehicle. the rhode island home was engulfed with flames after and explosions. they heard two different explosions. there were this university hospital in san antonio, texas. one is in critical. one is in stable condition and this happened in a corner of the garage under construction. nobody was parking there. >> in pennsylvania, this building collapsed in pittsburgh. and it left with this brick wall falling on
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the street. there will stabilize this structure and begin the cleanup. >> in georgia, and emergency land anding however, this was able to do it safely. to maneuver around vehicles and nobody was injured. >> looking at this golden gate bridge rainy, and the traffic is moving well in both directions. let us look at the san mateo bridge. headlights = east from the foster city. again, both directions are moving well in both directions. stay with us. with us. ñ
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>>catherine: climaxe market thursday. the mixed day, and with smablue-chip was down, wal-mart was downed. and borders is the final stages of filing for bankruptcy.
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they could do this as early as tomorrow. if this could happen? hundreds of stores could close with hundreds of employes of out of jobs. >> and if you are starting to save? samantha hayes has expert for your retirement timeline. >> between your first job and left a job. kipling they're adviser says that saving for your carmack should be part of your strategy. >> i've never taken anybody that i wish i did not save enough. >> what is enough? the gold is the victim% of your pre- tax income. with-15 percent of your pre-tax income--20 somethings should save now. with time on their side. >> if they put $10,000 a way? right now? and did not touch it. with 8% which is a
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reasonable amount. they would have over $200,000 at 65. >> in your 30's, mortgage, children? try to save a little bit more and contribute part of your salary to your 4 01 (k) and to see if your retirement are on track. to diversify bonds, and your 50s can even be a good time to catch up. and that 60s, an additional $5,000 contribution to your 4 01 (k) and also health benefits. >> will live access to employer provided health insurance plan before i become eligible for medicaid at 65? usually this is the standard now it is at a benefit that some employers are dropping. >> and washington's dulles samantha hayes. >> outside, cloudy skies.
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and reporting in washington, samantha hayes--, and of the heavy rain will be and tomorrow. your entire forecast coming up.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. at 5:30 >>catherine: valentine's day is always popular to get married and a san francisco city hall today it was also protesting. kron 4 ' of jeff bush against proposition 8 would spans same-sex marriage. >>reporter: the county clerk's office at 168 was the police. several couples approached but were denied. >> currently, same-sex marriages are not legal so i will not be able to issue a marriage license today. >>reporter: each knew that this was going to happen but applied fo


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