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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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going towards the east bay. in the north bay spotty showers, a cell is working to the south along highway 1 01. the sierra is blanketed in snow. there is a winter storm warning in effect snow levels getting down to 4,000 ft.. they could get 2 ft. of snow. gusty winds up there as well. future cast 4, continuing to keep chance of rain through the day, 9:00 a.m. another cell is moving and bringing heavy downpours in. by about noontime and into the afternoon we will continue with spotty showers,
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pop-up showers in the evening hours and early morning hours for tomorrow. 7 day around the bay, wet whether for the rest of the work week, saturday, sunday less of a chance of rain. the overnight temperatures expected to drop down as well. >> george: we have been attracting high wind advisories, lame shutdownslean shutdowns asn no one end to 80 this connecting ramp onto the bid to 80 extension280 extension. you sees truck with men trying to repair this sign. yoli what have you
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been able to learn? >> reporter: they took them one of those signs that were really damage. it was dangling from one end. almost perpendicular to the highway. they're working on the second sign that was next to it. a lot of people take this part of 280 to get to san francisco of you're one of those people state your left. continue on 1 01. once you go past that split you are getting diverted to aid the south. so sta101 if you're the south. >> george: so if you drive this ramp and you want to take this exit, you will continue here, or cut around towards daly city.
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they have put the closure and too far to the north and don't have the closure of fact down here where it should be. if you tried to head towards the 280 extension you will be turned around and head back toward daly city. this closure likely to be in effect until 8:00 a.m.. your ride to the bay bridge out when the advisory for this and bay area bridges. still light traffic here, and golden gate bridge an easy ride for southbound 1 01. mark? >> mark: jackie has been watching the wind advisory. >> reporter: a couple of developments here. there was an accident about 45 minutes ago, i pan over here in you can see the truck that was involved. it was in the eastbound, bottom deck.
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it was not much more than a fender bender but it did the light traffic. hi windy advisory is in effect at the richmond san rafael bridge. the wind has been docile, in the past 15 minutes. you combine that with the wet road ways, a lot of puddles and on the road, makes for top driving conditions. expansion in its band.. any bridges be whereh winds. >> mark: is seems like where the wind is being funneled through is more dangerous. >> reporter: it can be really tough driving when the wind picks up down there. >> mark: jackie show me the
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flag is looks like we are getting a wind shift. >> reporter: today i am looking to north right now, i can the light hitting me in the face. >> mark: we see the storm has come through your area and we see the wind shifting. that storm is moving to the south and the east. we are getting the wind shift to the north, but now gust the winds picking up more from the north direction right now. >> darya: pg&e has been dealing with power outages over night, here is a latest look at the customers with no power right now. danville, alamo, a total of 438 customers with no power.
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at rendell has 22have mondayhown advisory for the sierra as we look at the weather there. you can see too much because the air is full of snow. it is so thick you can't cut it. all lot of snow falling right now. we have more days of snow before maybe you had to tahoe for the long weekend. >> mark: traffic is being held on eastbound 80, a truck is stuck. keep an update on the sierra as this snow keeps coming down. if weather doesn't cause
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delays we have another problem. 10757 planes, temporarily grounded while the carrier has maintenance checks that were not completed your they found some of these maintenance records are not up to date. they had to ground these planes for 60-90 minutes. a large number of planes are canceled and delayed. as they continue inspections of the 757 fleet expect the possibility of delays for united. we will be right back as athe news continues. traffic is light for now but we will watch traffic impacts.
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waiting for the opening bell on wall street. the largest jump in 20 years. bad news as far as wholesale prices if you excludeexclude food and energy a lowest price.rice. wat its low >> darya: government brown has a hiring freeze spirifreeze. the e the applies to seasonal and
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part-time positions. california had 243,000 employees as of january 23rd. storm tracker fo4 you can see it is wet and windy out there as well. san francisco has a bit of a break as we see green and that shows us rain in the east bay. as we head south green and that shows us rain in the east bay. as we head south to sellthey are getting hit two. an unmanned car driven by a search engine company. we've seen that movie. it ends with robots harvesting our bodies for energy. [ engine revs ] this is the all new 2011 dodge charger. leader of the human resistance.
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this is the all new 2011 dodge charger.
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>> darya: 6:16 a.m., this is 80 at applegate they have had an accident. traffic was getting through. >> mark: little while they were getting through but they are now
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holding traffic by gold run. this has been in place for an hour now. >> darya: it will affect truckers but not a lot of people. you may be headed to topple this weekend though. but lookin--tal tal > >> louisa: down in the south bay from los gatos down in to morgan hill still dealing with wet weather. you can see a band of rain stretching from half moon bay, san mateo, pushing east bay as well. from novato, to vallejo you can see heavier
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downpours at this hour right through the fairfield area. in the sierra, it is blanketed with snow fall. winter storm warning in effect until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. for here in the bay we will have an active day. some curious of drying and the occasional heavy downpours. through the east bay in the livermore valley. into the afternoon pop-up showers throughout the afternoon. you can see it continues through the evening hours. into tomorrow morning as well. it will be it what they today. 7 day around the bay, wet whether for tomorrow and friday, saturday and sunday backing off on the chances of rain. still a slight chance through the weekend.
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george? >> george: we are tracking emergency road work it is not a hot spots yet. but it is sure to become one. they plan to be out there until 8:00 a.m., this is the connector ramp from no. 1 1 01. yoli says it is try how they have this set up. from this exit you can end up on 280 south towards daly city. the problem is they have only put the lane closure in effect up here. if you exit 1 01 trying to get onto to 80, you will be able to. you will then be forced to daly city. right now traffic is
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light through the interchange, trust me when i tell you this will jim things up on 1 01,-- jams things up. people will try and come down here turn around and go back it will be a mess. they did get the damaged signs down. they have decided that they need to put a new sign up before opening up the ramp. the bay bridge westbound is not bad at all. meter lights may be about to be turned on. so far they are not active. there are wind advisories for almost all bay area purchase.bridges. san o bridge looks good so does the san mateo bridge. there is a windy advisory here but light traffic in the southbound direction. getting to the golden
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gate bridge could be a problem, there is flooding on the connecting ramp coming from park presidio drive on to doyle drive. north of the macarthur tunnel. >> mark: we continue to cover weather and traffic will tran is on the roadways in the south bay. >> will: on northbound 1 01, you are looking at the same thing i'm looking at. visibility not that great is the rain continues to come down. every now and then it is heavy. the water from the sky not the only thing you have to worry about. because there's so much water on the ground you have to deal with the water being picked up by the cars in front of you. make sure you have plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. right now i am going 62 mi. an hour,
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much more whether coverage throughout the morning as i continued to drive around the bay area. reporting from 1 01 pass and a cleric, will tran kron 4 news. >> darya: team coverage of weather and traffic continues this morning. we will be back with more a couple of minutes. ♪
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>> james: we're back tracking rain and snow. look at this snow under the streetlight. because it's blowing it is making it hard to keep roads clear. if you're headed up to the sierra to give yourself extra time. obviously bring chains you will need them. you can see all this way, that is where this snow is
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falling. this is expected around 4,000 ft.. we have a lot of cold air with this as well. 4,000 ft. is this allowable rate now. gusting up to 50 mi. an hour. were looking to feed or more above that line. the whiteout conditions because we have the winds. keep to hands on the wheel. it will be nasty as you head up there and back it will be in effect until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. even if you're headed there tomorrow expect conditions to be not that great. we will be back with more in a minute with the weather. for right now darya? >> darya: hundreds of cairo airport employees protesting inside the are rival terminals. they say health care and on the
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safe working conditions feared for all of this flavor problems after the egyptian president's has left there. this is a picture of logan moments before she was attacked in egypt. it happened february 3rd. logan and her team are surrounded by a mob of 200 people, she was separated by her crew beaten and sexually assaulted. >> mark: a quick break as of morning news continues.
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>> mark: catching the opening bell are rebound today, a slew of reports coming out housing starts with the big jump in january. inflation could be creeping into the economy.
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wholesale prices on the rise, the biggest jump in two years. we will follow the numbers throughout the morning. futures were up. >> darya: we are seeing a wet start to the morning if you're just waking up this morning we're in the middle of this storm that started yesterday afternoon. you can see much on the right but traffic seems to be moving ok. there is paddling on the roadways and there are areas that are see heavy rain. >> louisa: you may need your windshield wipers likelight rain continues now. redwood city picking up rainfall totals, also san ramon right through dublin
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interchange. as we take it over to mount hamilton we have been watching snowfall in the higher peaks appeared you can see the heavier stand stretching along san mateo bridge. tilling with a few showers in the north bay. novato light rain right now, richmond san rafael bridge picking up brand reps as well. highway 37 as well. i 80 corridor picking up rain, fairfield and back of well as well. as we head toward0 a.m., we could see another cell comes through bringing and heavier rain in downtown. over in oakland it is picking up heavier rain as well. throughout
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the morning we will see pop-up showers continuing through the afternoon. you can see scattered showers throughout the evening hours as well. wet weather through to tomorrow morning. an overcast day with showers throughout the day. current temperatures right now 48 san francisco, cooler than that in napa appeared 50 in mountain view and half boom bay.half mool keep temperatures in the '50s in the east bay, mid-50s through oakland in redwood city. 7 day around the bay, more wet weather, wet and windy continues through the work week. saturday, sunday keeping a slight chance of showers through the weekend in to next week. cold temperatures and land over the weekend dipping down below
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freezing. george? >> george: a developing hot spot to weakespot to 80 connection rt is expected to reopen in the next hour and a half. they replace design that was damaged in the early morning accident. there remove the hazard which was a broken signed an here is the tricky part. the closure takes place up here. after you exit 101, committed to to 80. you will be then forced to take southbound if you take that exit. the first problem is caltrans has placed the calls to far to the north. yoli sadness was ouwas out there and saw that. if you take the exit you
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will get turned around, that really will jam up the traffic this morning. still light but this will be a problem later. a bridge check for you. bay bridge toll plaza, meter lights have been on for 10 minutes starting to see a back up. windy advisories for all the bay area bridges this morning. san mateo bridge it is raining now. we had a stall here earlier but it did not back up traffic. golden gate bridge ride under and wind advisory but no delays to traffic. still looks pretty good through marin county. mark? >> mark: pg&e having power outages around the bay area, the latest as of the last hour the numbers here danville, all area
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438 people without power, half moon bay for under 43 people without power, oakland hills 99 people without power. a look here at the sierra, blue canyon usually this snow level. but with video there is no levels or even lower. coming up in the next half-hour we hear from robert who is up in the tahoe. >> darya: winter weather in advisories in effect, 2 ft. of snow. continuing our live look from tahoe. city council has
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rejected a measure who would of welcome to free fifth flood on wall bay detainees into the city. the resolution would pass congress to allow prisoners who up and cleared to resettle in the united states or invited them to stay in berkeley. but that did not pass. no word on the vote on whether to fund a change operations for city employees. >> mark: oakland pushing for an second game in junction in the courtroom today. it would bar gang members from came out with one another and side of the zone. lawyers will call witnesses who will speak on the harm this would cause. the fbi
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and postal service investigating suspicious letter that may have set and a clerk in the v.a. hospital in palo alto, results are expected today on tests on the envelop. he became nauseous and vomiting, he went to hospital. nobody else was injured but they were evacuated for the rest of the day. the hospital is operating normally. >> darya:san francisco mortuary director cheated at least seven families by preselling funerals to the living, then spending the money and leaving nothing for his customers' burials when they died.derek washington of oakland, who ran the funerals by washington mortuary on lasalle avenue in the bayview neighborhood until it closed in january 2009, swindled his customers out of at least $30,000.prosecutors filed felony grand-theft charges tuesday against washington, 38. >> mark: we will be back as a
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new continues after the break. --news--we will keep an eye on weather and traffic as we track the storm pushing through the bay. ñ
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>> james: alive look here 80 at truckee, another storm system moving through here. snow and wind up there a winter storm warning in effect until tomorrow morning. this system will continue to cause snow to fall. 4,000 ft., windy, sustained winds up to 30 mi. an hour. in terms of the accumulation up to 2 ft. depending on your elevation. another 6 in. over night tonight. it will taper off towards the weekend. all of that
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snow blowing with the wind. whiteout conditions for you, making it hard to keep roads clear. chain requirements interstate 80, it was closed for a half-hour but they have reopened it. i weighe50 highwayn requirements, and 88. guys? >> darya: general motors recalling 50,000 cattlcadillac. this recall affects more than 44,000 c t s vehicles in the united states. the remaining vehicles were sold in china and
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around the globe. owners should contact cadillac for more information. >> mark: alive look from san francisco, we are following the problem on the connecting ramp. that will cause problems for the morning commute. we will check with yoli to find out more about morning commute. we will check with yoli to find out more about the work being done. shouldn't be hard work or cost more money. now there's simple nutrition, only at safeway. green tags throughout the store call out what matters most to you. ♪ there are 22 different nutritional benefits highlighted. ♪ and with our low prices, now safeway makes bringing home the right choices easier than ever. that's simple nutrition. ♪ that's ingredients for life.
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>> darya: as we continue team coverage on the storm and the commute. it looks like it is great, wet but traffic is moving ok. upper right the approach to the toll plaza. after you get over the golden gate bridge. in looks like they are waking up early in marin county. down below you can see live shot from tahoe, 89 at squaw valley, a getting fresh
6:46 am
snow. louises eyes are getting bankig. (laughter) >> louisa: you can see this rain through danville here, showers continuing around 580. seeing a cell past 680 to the east. in the mount diablo area we are also seen heavier showers. raindrops threw back the bill, very late right now. the heavy stuff in the south bay the isolated cells will be working their way through. through
6:47 am
portions of the peninsula, then by about noontime spotty showers, that's how will be through the end of the day. certainly break in the rain today, then picking up as the cells pop-up through the evening hours. keeping wet weather round even and to tomorrow. current temperatures in the '40's, '50's. by the afternoon it will be cool topping out in the '50s. 54 oakland, hayward, mt. view, east bay we could be in the peamid-50s. showers through the weekend. george? >> george: 101 at 280, we are surprised it has not become a hot spot we expected to be. traffic is light enough in the
6:48 am
area, it has not backed up your connecting ramp close to two northbound 280. there was a sign damaged in an injury accident, the sign was dangling over the traffic lanes. they want to put a new sign back up before the reopen the road light. i'm surprised they would do that, most people know what to expect on this interchange. nevertheless that's what they're doing. this will if they keep the lane closures out there will become a big problem. there are wind advisories for all the bay bridge as this morning. light traffic as you can see here. no freeway hot spots right now, we have other problems along with the wind advisories, flooding and i will show you that in a moment. this ride on 92 looks
6:49 am
good, so does the golden gate bridge ride. getting to the golden gate bridge a problem in san francisco, there is flooding at the north end of the macarthur tunnel. it is where it connects with the wheel drive northbound. --doyle drive-- thankfully it has not been slowing down the traffic. mark? >> mark:barry bonds' jury will probably hear part of a secret recording of a trainer who claims he provided steroids to the former san francisco giants star. in a ruling yesterday, u.s. district judge susan illston said she was inclined to allow prosecutors to use an edited version of the recording of trainer greg anderson in their effort to convict baseball's home run champion of perjury. prosecutors say it was secretly made by bonds' then-business manager, steve hoskins, as part of an effort to persuade bonds to stop using banned drugs. on the recording, anderson describes injecting bonds with steroids, saying he took care to move the injection site so the injections wouldn't cause "gnarly" infections. when
6:50 am
armstrong is announcing his retirement again. the 39 year- old cyclist made it clear this time he really is retiring. his retirement and a comeback effort that failed to get him in a to a title. >> darya: i was wondering what you're born to do when you retire at age 39? nfl is sweetening its offer to the hundreds of fans, ticketholders, they did not abandon seat on game daynot get a seat on game they have tax receipts whichever is higher than they have calculated that out. the third offer some of those fans sorry
6:51 am
this is the third offer. the other on was $2,500, the head all of these different offers. they are trying to appease them, because they have taken legal action >> mark: even the sports casters were calling it poorly run. >> darya: well than they had snow at the last minute. >> mark: we will be right back as the news continues. alive look out side of the space station, we have them taking their second space walk. they will be out for six hours doing a lot of tasks. we will take live dips in and out throughout the morning.
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we have the weekend coming up. > >> mark: how much snow have you got so far? >> caller: alpine meadows has 19 in. of new snow in the past 25 hours beautiful out this morning. >> mark: we have ski week coming up next week at you prepare? >> caller: this kind of snow is the best way to prepare. it will be unbelievable. actually it will be unbelievable skiing today. i've been up for three and half hours i've been too excited. it will snow throughout the day, just getting better and better. >> darya: rachel you could say
6:56 am
that because you're the there. we have to drive there. so the conditions are not good to get there for now. >> caller: think about this, think about how much work they put into making sure the highways are plowed. you can always call caltrans to check on road conditions. by all means they have been out all night clearing roads. we are appreciative of that. >> darya: absolutely. >> mark: we have learned that they have traffic going through on highway 80 now after that truck. we will be right back.
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so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. >> darya: top stories we're
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following at 7:00 a.m., wind and rain this morning. an early morning accident shutting down the busy intersection earlier this morning. >> mark: windy advisories still posted on bridges, the latest on the forecast in the second. >> darya: we spoke live to the people in the sierra this morning, a winter weather advisory a couple of feet or more expected. >> mark: let's start off with the weather, golden gate bridge on the left-hand side and we have always that checking out the forecast. >> louisa: here's this look at storm tracker for all lit up this morning. to some light showers, not dealing with a few showers through the richmond san rafael bridge, through the east bay and


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