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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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south bay down to morgan hill continuing with wet weather. snowfall in mount hamilton. future cast 4, north bay expecting the bulk of the activity. moderate-heavy downpours. down in the south bay portions of the east bay, and the peninsula. all the red indicates heavy downpours. continuing threat of thunderstorms will stick around for a good portion of the day. this band pushing south by the late afternoon. best chance of rain and wet weather in the south bay for the afternoon. it
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will stay that way for a good portion of the evening. your current temperatures in the '40's still, along the coast to 46 degrees. 7 day around bay. by the afternoon low 50s, wet, windy weather. on the weekend there is a 20 percent chance of rain. the weekend the overnight temperatures really dipping down below freezing. chilly start for your day during the weekend. george? >> george: we are no longer tracking hot spots, we have winded pfizer reason for the san mateo bridge. advisories. the ge
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bridge trouble-free in both directions, completely consideredconfigured. the hercua we had it down tdallas tree. the one lane open so that traffic is not backed up as bad as it was feared public works are out there now. they need to cut up the tree and clear the ramp. it was an accident that or occurred half an hour ago. an accident in san francisco created a hot spot in 280, but no longer. this is heading towards 1 01, at the traffic now has completely cleared out and moving at the limit.
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>> mark: let's talk to yoli, how was the weather been there yoli? >> reporter: we are catching a break from the rain but not the wind. more a bottle on 280 then the 1 01. if you're headed downtown, you will feel the wind more than some of the lower bridges and >> mark:. we will check with our reporters through the bay area. >> darya: team coverage with the weather, will tran is in the east bay. check out the conditions there. >> will: a light rainfall in the east bank. those are cars going southbound on 880 through fremont the light rain not a problem at this time. look at
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this late in how hard it is blowing. there is a one-two punch of heavy rain and strong winds. that will make driving tricky. take it easy much more weather updates throughout the morning. >> darya: with more coverage of the weather and traffic than any other station, we want a show you a live camera so you know what you're in for fear of if you're starting in san jose 605, traffic is pretty slow there, 1 01 on the right hand side. people hitting the brake lights. the camera shaking a bit. we still have a when the advisory at the san mateo bridge. the james lick, slick runway is that we have there. traffic seems to be ok, you are going to want to
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leave a bitterly. one accident can file things out. --a bit early. --you can see traffic looks good here, but it is very early. a lot of people like to get out earlier so they can make it to work on time. >> mark: we will be right back as we track the storm on crocked forkron 4. we will have the latt on that roadways and snow conditions in thisthe sierra. ♪ [ male announcer ] not all steel is created equal.
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>> james: alive look as you make your way toward talal. we haveall lot of rain.towards tahs
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are at 3,200 ft.. you can see where it makes that transition between snow and rain. if your head along 50 you'll get as far as the pines before it turns into snow. it will going to affect at 7:00 a.m., staying in fact until 4:00 a.m. saturday. gust it the wind is gusting up to 45 mi. an hour. in terms of an accumulation we are talking a handful of inches above 2,000 ft.. and 3-4 ft. above 7,000 ft.. we have about windy
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advisory right now at lake level where they expect snow to fall. chain requirements in fact skyway i-80, highway 50, highway 88. we are keeping an eye on the tahoe forecast. and we see pictures as well. >> mark: this picture was taken yesterday. there is about a foot at this time. here in the bay area we have been watching the hale, the hail coding their roofs with snow. you see this street. these pictures were sent in yesterday afternoon. this is the hail.
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sunshine and hail in this vote appearephoto. if you have any ps to send ascended into >> darya: be prepared for what is outside your door this morning grab your umbrella. san jose on the left, on the right storm trucker for a big area of downpours right now. --storm tracker 4. --
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>> darya: we want to go live to have their action verbal in tahoe. how is it going? >> caller: we are looking at another 30 in. of snow in 24
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hours. we have another 6-10 coming again today. >> darya: getting up there has been difficult, but yesterday we heard someone and hold on .... >> caller: we didn't have any wind holds, we want make sure it is safe up there. we expect everything to be returned today, no big winds today. >> darya: you definitely want to tell people to where the goggles. >> caller: yellowish lenses are the way to go. >> darya: 0 the yellow. >> mark: the snow coming down right now. tell us what's coming up. >> caller: we have live music going on saturday, sunday. then
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next weekend is our big competition, it's the gm, supporting breast cancer. that's on the 26th. if you're coming up stick around for that on saturday. >> darya: thank you very much. we are looking at the road are very quiet this morning. leave extra time if you're leaving for the weekend. >> mark: we will have the bay area for castro the morning. >> darya: let's look at the rain coming down. we shot this around 5:00 a.m., a lot of areas are going to see this hit them stall, then pour. >> louisa: some of these are sitting in one place, we have
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seen hale, quite a way to wake up. storm trucker for active in the north bay. napa valley could have some of thunderstorms. vallejo to the south of napa, right near the i 80 quartecorri. through the livermore valley we are getting some sprinkles. san jose and lexington hills indicating a dusting of snow. we have seen snow all morning in mount hamilton over the peaks. by the 10:00 a.m. hour, we will see the most active weather in the north bankbay. then by about noon time, the cells are similar to yesterday. they did produce a
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thunderstorms out there. you'll get light rain and then pick up. it looks like we will keep the chance of wet weather through the afternoon. continuing to move south by the afternoon. the best chance of rain for the afternoon stays in the south bay. keeping the chance of rain for everybody through the day today. current temperature 45 for san francisco, 46 oakland, by the afternoon low 50s. keeping it chance of rain and wind around for tomorrow. only 20 percent chance for the weekend. george? >> george: we have been watching our ramp that has been affected by downed tree. highway 4 west of the franklin canyon right where it connects with 80.
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westbound direction and vehicles limited to a tree and knocking it down. for while it blocked a connecting ramp. cars can squeak by but it has created a back up. jackie sizzle is arriving on scene and will likely have a shot very quickly. in the meantime bridge check because when there is a factor with wind advisory is up for many of the bridge a spirit no windy advisory for the bay bridge and not much in the way of traffic at there. your ride to the golden gate bridge, looks good no problems for you here in either direction. we had flooding to tell you about here, on highway 101 in the southbound direction it is the slow lane that is affected. as we zoom in on the maps there is yellowish showing up on the road way
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indicating speeds have cropped approaching woodside road.increy 237. things will be slow pass the scene. they may try to pump that out. a potential hot spot in campbell, on 85 an accident rate here at this 17 interchange. in may be blocking lanes. so far appears traffic there is moving pretty well. >> mark: a lot more people applying for unemployment last week. it jump by 25,000, the labor department saying 410,000 americans applied for unemployment. the increase was higher than they expected for
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the week. but it was well below the peaks. some market set for a sluggish start this morning, we did get out of the gate early, with the rise here we are expecting. yesterday's markets were up 61 points. we could have a down day. we're also watching inflation. >> darya: retail sales should rise 4% this year the biggest increase since 2006. that would be higher than the past decades growth. but less than 5% rate which means a robust economy. >> mark: we will be right back as the news continues after this >> mark: we will be right back as the news continues after this break. ñ
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>> mark: another morning with
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the connection ramp issue. westbound 4 is blocked from bidding on 2 80. a major problem as you get onto the ramp. we have a reporter on the scene. jackie will give us an update on the progress coming up. also watching the weather. to our to our flight delays at sfo. --2 hour-- >> darya: air traffic, and road traffic will be affected when the president comes. he is
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meeting with business leaders. we will have to see if president barack obama saw facebook movie. as part of his dialogue with the community. >> mark: we will be right back after this break.
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>> mark: allin a reminder. herculeses backdrop will go live to jackie in talked to him in a moment. also watching wall street, we had a job in americans filing for unemployment last week appeared and fears of inflation. is that the person who won the dog show? >> darya: is that. probably. >> mark: handshakes all around.
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>> darya: as you can see everywhere is dark, cloudy, rainy. leave extra time we have been tracking the storm appeared it has been a mover all through the night and today. >> louisa: some viewers have been woken up to hail. it happened to a lot of folks this morning. we are seeing some clearing along the peninsula. as you head to the north bay. very active weather, especially through the napa area. reports of pale for napa this morning, and may actually get more. now about moving towards some fairfield, towards the back the bill. it looks like it is the most severe weather we are dealing with. the east bay drying out, still having some rain drops throughout the
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livermore valley. some showers for san jose, snowfall on the top of mount hamilton this morning. by 10:00 a.m., continuing to is the moisture funneling into the north bay. that's where the heavy stuff is expected to stay. by the afternoon that threat for thunderstorms stick around. notice how this red area indicates heavy downpours, don't be surprised if you see that heavy rain later today. watch this band of rain gathered together and move south. towards evening hours best threat for some rain into the south bay. wet weather into tomorrow as well. satellite, radar shows to what's going on we see moisture final and, of fog of picking up moisture from the south. rain
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now your current temperatures 41% rosa, 45 san rafael, by the afternoon topping in out into the low 50s keeping the wet and windy weather round. slight chance of showers for the weekend. temperatures dipping down below freezing. george? >> george: we have been tracking a back up and hercules. we reported a downed tree was grading the problem. the shot from jackie sizzle, jackie looks as though the crews are working at the end of the connecting rep. >> reporter: the lanes on your left hand side is highway 80. or that truck is coming right there, westbound for. this is
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the on ramp to westbound 80. it is blocked by downed trees that happened at 5:00 a.m., they don't know what caused the tree to go down but there is a grove of trees over here. that tree spilled into the on ramp, and westbound for. crews are out here trying to clear the debris. the high winds and the saturation we have experienced or last couple days will play a part in this. nobody hit this with car or anything like that. some cars that were passing through the on ramp did hit the tree, no major injuries but traffic issues. let me give you an idea of what the traffic looks like. the ramp is really
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backing up. >> george: think you for clearing that up. our originally the first reports did say the tree was downed, by a car. that is not the case. what jackies shot did not show was is backed up let me see if i can switch back to his shot here. the connecting ramp the lane is blocked. it can get towards a be-bop rate where mergers with the freeway. that's whlikely soe delays coming down from this skyway west towards highway for. the bay bridge, though look at the ride on the toll plaza. not covered by one of the winter
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advisory's this morning. we have light traffic even for this hour. a shot of san francisco on the ride on 280, the northbound direction the pavement appears to be drying out a bin here thankfully. it is subject to flooding, often times could have high standing water. >> darya: yoli is giving us this shot here, the current conditions a juror just talking this is an area that is a portrait victorious for flooding the see any? >> reporter: it has not rained for about 30 minutes, letting the pavement dry allow all. george had mentioned one thing you will deal with is the wind. you can feel it on 280 going downtown. even though conditions have improved you will still the
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with the wind. tell people taking public transportation, not only going to be careful with the rain today but you will want a lot is cold out the year. >> darya: as soon as 7 a.m. hits you get more cars on the road. yoli we will check and with her through the show. >> mark: storm trucker for use in heavy rain on 17. a bit of snow even showing up here on storm tracker radar. will tran has been driving over the summit this morning. >> will: driving rain and strong gossgusts of wind. it is dark right now makes all those things
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together, you get it tough morning commute. fortunately no accidents at this time but make sure that you drive below the speed limit, there is so much water on the road with this time driving up here i hydroplaned a few times, we don't want that happening to you. >> darya: 6:37 a.m., we will be back in just a moment. ♪
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go in the sierra you will need chain so put them on 89 at squaw valley you can see snow on the road. ice as well. it will be harry as you make your way up there. we could see cumulations anywhere from one flood at lake level all the way up to 4 ft. in the hire passes. snow levels down to 2,000 ft.. wipe out conditions a real possibility bring your chains. this is in effect until saturday morning. quite some time before we get better driving conditions. >> darya: people live in tahoe doing shovelling we caught up with some people this is what
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they had to say. >> first time i had to break out the snowblower. >> my friend said he couldn't do this himself so i do for him. >> from here to there be one hour. this right here, this is from the street. that's not my driveway. >> darya: (laughter) it's good exercise no doubt about that but it's very strenuous. they are expected to get to feed, up to 4 ft. of snow between now and saturday morning. in a couple of minutes we will talk live with people in heavenly, talking about this
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snow. dan is an expert skier. i don't go on black stuff until it goes like this. then everybody can hit it because you can't fault as much as you want. >> mark: we will be back as the news continues. [ son ] my parents always lived in the states,
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>> mark: continuing to monitor the area in the sierra. ross is draining us from sierra. >> caller: we have wind out here but we have 3 ft. of snow over 24-hour spiri power. we are gett snow here. >> darya: here's the thing, say the upper lips are closed. heavenly has some black diamond run in the front. normally i
6:46 am
can't ski that. but when you have this much snow, it's almost like a controlled all it is fun. >> caller: even when you have wind it's a great mountain. we have so many different notes and crannies you can have a great time people were skiing all day yesterday. when you have this much snow like you said, it's the only thing you can ski. >> mark: we had a ton of snow in november, december then we had a few weeks break and now we get more is a superb winter? >> caller: we would like to see more consistent, once a week. we are glad to be reminding people in this winter. we still have 2
6:47 am
months left, the storm is great for that. >> darya: holiday weekend is coming up and i've been to another resort they have a new thing. it's this fast pass. it will be very crowded. the lift pass allows you to go to a special line. to have that? >> caller: we don't but we have the most high-speed lifts. even when it's crowded it's not that credit. it's only going to be about 3-5 minutes. we have a technology called mixed its awesome sport getting up there and unlocking. >> darya: everybody is thinking of new stuff. think you rust.
6:48 am
hold on be ready you have an avalanche of people in it snow this weekend. >> louisa: i was up bin heavenly last weekend. there will be a huge difference in the snow. certainly piles upon piles of new snow up there. storm tracker for continuing to see activity from san rafael to petaluma. we are not seen anything as heavy as earlier this morning. kale and thunderstorms. people will stop to pale, but this morning we are getting some light rain here and there. portions of this san mateo bridge as well and south bay picking up rain drops. mount hamilton picking up
6:49 am
snow for the peace.peaks. san ra petaluma dealing with active weather. by the afternoon threat of thunderstorms is out there. the cells have read that indicates heavy downpours. we did see thunderstorms later on today. this afternoon it spreads to the south, best chance of rain in to the late afternoon hours and into the evening is in the south. into the afternoon today that highs will stay 50s, not warming up much more than the mid-50s. by tomorrow we will continue to get wet and windy weather around. 30 percent chance of rain over the weekend.
6:50 am
expect overnight temperatures to give down below freezing mark in some inland spots. george? >> george: hercules interstate 80 in the westbound direction they are clearing this ramp. interstate 80 west bound this is the on ramp, noticed the traffic is having to drive over into the reverse point. this is referred to as the reverse point. the fourth point is the one approaching the on ramp. they're having to bolster a out like that into no. 4 rainlane. they chipped up that tree with this chipper truck. it is
6:51 am
affecting highway for but it is also slowing the ride at highway 4. i have to say traffic appears to be lighter than usual, for west bound highway for. this could have back traffic into crop it but it has not. i a--rot crocket--barely a back up at the upper deck. >> darya: 60 2:00 a.m., we will be back in a couple of minutes a look at s f o. actually san francisco. we have to our delays at s f o one arriving flights because of the weather. san jose says they are running on time. but again if you're
6:52 am
flying for picking somebody up check with your carrier. we will be right back. >> reporter: more wicked whether keep track of the storms on the whether coverage page. check out our live doppler radar to see where the storms are hitting now and work it will head for the next few hours. the long term forecast 7 day around the bay on it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months.
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in the network, everyone can get along. on wall street the dow is down. our temperatures are down as well, which the rain and snow is colder. tomorrow will be even colder yet. it is windy out there as well. in may below the
6:56 am
umbrella of the wrong way. we can we get a little break but as a chance of showers sticks around all week long. at least the sun does he go out and warm up all little bit. the approach to the bay bridge you can see some sky but the roadways are wet. leave extra time. we will be right back.
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>> mark: 70 a.m., we are tracking the storm around the bay area heavy snow off in the sierra. it is coming down in feet 9 in. right now. team coverage begins now. >> darya: our map looks covered in green. another ranround for
6:59 am
coming in now? >> louisa: the next couple of hours we will see all that moisture funnelling to the north bay but everybody getting a chance of rain. this morning we woke up to thunderstorms keeping a threat around for a good portion of the day. napa valley bringing showers from san rosa down to novato. wet weather and also i 80. we are seeing light showers through the north bay. in the south bay wet weather in san jose, as far south as los gatos. up bin to mount hamilton area are seeing some snoof intoe getting snow.


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