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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 17, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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intensity towards 10:00 a.m., by noon time this cells indicates heavy rain. it gathers together and forms the bay and moving south. into the evening the south bay will pickup the most in terms of rainfall total. we will continue showers friday as well. satellite, radar it continues to show quite a bit of more stronger so we will continue to funnel listen to the bay throughout the day today. certainly seeing athe wet whethr being a pattern now. towards the weekend not much of a chance but we could still keep wet weather round. better chance on your saturday, then into next week as well. seven 02 a.m., let's check
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in with george. >> george: we have had an unusually light traffic this morning. the ride on interstate 80, at highway 4 westbound direction. the crews are working to finish clearing this on record. this is the ramp from highway 4, it is blocked. traffic moving out to and also of obstructing the lanes. that's why there's a back up in the westbound direction the connecting ramp is also backing traffic up, not to franklin canyon but slow at the end of highway 4 in the westbound direction that is really the slow spot in the bay area this morning. the bay bridge you can see not bad at all. the wind advisories for the san mateo
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bridge, and for their richmond san rafael bridge. there was an early morning advisory for the oakland bridge but that has cleared. bay bridge toll plaza you can see it is clearing, and 101 ride no problems here. >> mark: yoli is at 1 01 in san francisco with conditions there. >> reporter: i'm actually on 2 80, what you're looking at is mayor pose that an. the wind had upper more fears that is a lot stronger now. you will feel it on the 280. be careful out there when you cross through down into the downtown area of san francisco.
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>> mark: it is dry for now but we are seeing strong cells move through the area at times. >> darya: we sent will tran to highway 17, he drove through it. >> will: if you're driving highway 17 from santa cruz to san jose. i'm going over the summit right now, you can see how much rain is hitting my windshield. not only is it coming down hard, it is being powered by strong winds. it is coming down sideways. another problem is there is so much rainfall right now, public taken place on the roadways every now and then there is hydroplaning going on i don't-know why but some people want to pass by me. some people think they don't have to take it easy today. potential for heavy fog is you
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go through this place as well. fortunately i don't see fog at this time the you can imagine what kind of dangers that could present along with the rain, wind, puddling, throwing the fog later and driving across highway 17 could be tricky. reporting from highway 17 kron 4 news. >> darya: flying is not easy be there. big delays at s f o. a look at the james lick, sluggish on 1 01 south. in the front we brought up the numbers for sfo. 2 hour and three minute delays on arriving flights. oakland, san jose reported flights on time. you should still check with your carrier. we will be right back. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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>> james: a shot of 50 at my ears. bring your chains you will
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leave them. a lot of snow on the ground. a bunch of theit fell lt night. we are getting snow once again on the road today. they will have to do it again tomorrow as well. a winter storm warning from right now and stays in effect until 4:00 a.m. saturday. storm tracker for where the snow line is. it's where the rangers and the snow. 2,000 ft. level. once you get to about 2,000 ft. you will notice the change in the air. not too much for their past that point you have to put the chains on appear the forecast for the sierra a lot of folks up there skiing. tomorrow much of the same with snow and wind. it tapers off just a bit in this saturday moving into a snow,
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rain mex. tapering off more on sunday. temperatures below freezing during the day and evening as well. it will be a a difficult to get around the roads up there. give yourself plenty of time to get up there. we are getting word of thunderstorms out there as well. chains are a required on 80, 50, and highway 88. we are getting word of a heehail been reported out there as well. >> mark: it was 80 degrees two weekends ago. we are also
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getting pictures. here's some pictures we see from tahoe area, still piling up yesterday. hale has been the story around the bay area. here's some of that piece size hail in the pacific got arepea sized hail ha beautiful sunset 8 from yesterday evening appearance and in your pictures to >> darya: we are tracking the storm and we are paying team tag talking about the latest with the hail and the thunderstorms. >> louisa: we will show you we are getting snow fall. we are
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continuing to see showers rigorous and jose, all the way up through the east bay, nothing to heavy at this hour but check it out. snow right around clear lake, of your talk to us about that. we'll have details coming up.
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70 a.m., welcome back. this was blocked by downed tree they are now clearing jackie's a sellout i imagine. >> reporter: a couple of minutes ago they clear the eucalyptus tree. you see is chp officer.
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this was the scene a few minutes ago when crews came out to clear the jury. it sells at about 5:10 a.m., with the rain and
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>> darya: the temperatures are expected to fall here in the bay area and all hope. we will be right back. >> mark: let's continue. president barack obama is in the bay area today meeting with a group of technology business leaders. and the facebook founder. this visit will focus on job creation, and dialogue with the business community. >> darya: supreme court will decide whether prop 8 have the right to defend the same-sex
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marriage ban before a federal appeals court. the court said it will give it expedited consideration and could hear arguments in september. >> mark: we will be right back as the news continues until 11:00 a.m.. a look at san francisco of break but some pop- up downpours around the bay. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> darya: >> mark: winter storm warning in effect until saturday morning at 4:00 a.m., three pieces of video that we got about 20 minutes ago. these are the conditions at 80, this ability is low here.viu do need chains to get over all
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the passes. they made some headway there. you can see pavement. they are looking at another 2-4 ft. at the higher elevations. >> mark: the dow lost 14 nasdaq off a point and a half. the jump in number of americans the file for unemployment jumped last week. 410,000 americans filed for the first time last week. anything under 425,000 is considered moderate job creation. it was more than people expected. part of the reason we see wall street down is fear of inflation. national retail federation expecting sales to rise 4% this year. we
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are seeing the cost of goods are rising again. wholesale goods sought i rise.saw a rise. >> darya: we continue team coverage of whether it with lisa.ousaisa. >> louisa: we are seeing snow mount hamilton as well as the sierra, and clear lake. we will be back in a moment.
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>> mark: alive look at this san francisco bridge. looking out for the downpours with pale. >> darya: let's talk about where
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the storm is headed next. >> louisa: it is going towards the north bay however we are seeing as some moving into the southern peninsula this morning. it is impressive 1,300 ft. getting snow or around clear lake. down in to novato along 1 01, seeing showers continue their through the napa valley as well. says san mateo area over tsan mateo towards hayward are seeing some cells there as well. red rows san jose spotty showers and snow up and to mount hamilton. future cast 4 set for 10:00 a.m., the intensity of the rain continuing steel funnel into the north bay. then by noontime
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spotty cells in the north bay as well. the red indicating heavy downpours. we are not done with the threat of thunderstorms into the afternoon we could see more. by 1:00 p.m., he gathers together in this ribbon of rain moving south. best chance of rain in the afternoon and evening is in the south bay. everybody keeps chance of rain over for good portion of the day. satellite gives you a better idea of what's going on. tapping into all of this moisture and funneling an up. this is not a system that will go through this morning, it will last a good portion up today and tomorrow as well. all these clouds indicating cold air, ushering in as well. that speaks for the low snow levels in the sierra and clear like as well. current temperatures in the '40's, as we take into the rest of the day warms up into the 50s. highs
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topping out around 54 today, wet, windy weather into tomorrow. showers by the end of the week and into the weekend. george? >> george: keeping an eye on the san mateo bridge. our report there may be a stall out there, we set our camera we did have a wind it buys three. the changeable sign has been activated to show that. we see a vehicle just past the toll plaza. it looks like this vehicle must be jacked up in the corner. that might be a reason for the delay. if that is the reason you will be in fine speeds across the bridge once you pass here. we are also keeping an eye on the bay bridge
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in the westbound direction. we got word there may be a wire hanging down over the fast lane out near the s curve. it was about one year ago we had a wire hanging down from the lower deck. that got knocked loose by the antenna of the big rig and drop the wire into the road. we don't know if that is why things are slower here than they had been. for the better part of the morning it only reached to the middle of the parking lot. even the 880 is backing up. reports of vehicle swerving out of the fast lane. to avoid that wire. caltrans has dispatched a crew. not yet a hot spot but we will keep an eye on it to see the turns into one. san francisco has been an easy ride for the james lick freeway. and the
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inbound central no problems yet for your ride towards sfo. >> darya: continuing coverage of the weather, yoli has her camera changtrained on 280. >> reporter: it's the twister, the wind has really picked up. we are drying out pavement, that makes conditions better, but the wind is whipping up. you will definitely feel it if you're driving a high-profile truck like i do. you will deal with that on the 280 towards downtown. >> darya: no accidents right now, and traffic is light? >> reporter: it is light, no signs of accidents. your ride to downtown should not be too bad. it doesn't slow down until after
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sixth street. other than that in looks clear, moving along pretty nicely darya. >> darya: 8 you will check in with you throughout the morning. >> mark: rigid kumar shows us what bay area cities are doing to prepare. >> reporter: caltrans has started morning drivers about leaving their cars here. you can see the sign is lit up saying high tide flooding through february 19th. many people who choose to ignore the signs and the barricades have returned to the cars and found them filled with seawater. well i was here thursday there was not enough rain to create flying. many drivers that did park in areas prone to flooding do not have water. in mill valley kron 4 news. >> darya: house lawmakers
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continued to debate tightening up this year's bill. a collection of amendments to 1.2 trillion dollar bedcovers.. hons recalling 700,000 vehicles around the world. three of its compact models, they have defective spring parts. that may cause the engine to stall. 122,000 of those vehicles are in north america the rest through a jerkthroughout asia. >> mark: san francisco airport 2 hour 3 minutes delays from rival flights. we will be right back. ♪
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>> james: watching this
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situation and tahoe, keeping an eye on the forecast. that's down 2,000 ft.. maybe even lower in some spots. reports of dust thinking clear lake and that is only 1,300 ft.. sierra it's about 2,000 ft. when the rain turns into snow. alive look at tahoe this morning this is highway 50. the roadway is dangerous at best. it is almost invisible here the snowplows are trying to make the best work they can. winter storm warning in effect right now and it stays in effect until 4:00 a.m. saturday. those gusty winds will make driving that much more difficult. accumulations 1-2 ft. at lake level, 2-4 leafeet above
7:40 am
7,000 ft.. highway 50 a major chains, highway i-80 chains required there as well. give yourself extra time traffic will be slowing go headed up to the passes. >> mark: we are tracking the sierra and the bay area with pockets of heavy rain. >> louisa: starting off with a wide shot of the state. everybody getting dosed with rain and snow. we're getting still fall in the bay area. continuing to see and around mount hamilton end clear lake as well. showers continue through the north bay, the east bay, livermore valley. we are seeing a cell move in through the peninsula right now. george? >> george: san mateo bridge a
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hot spot is here. a so low accident just past the toll plaza. it is backing things up just a bit. a complete traffic check when we return.
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>> george: san mateo bridge a solo acts and an here just past the toll plaza. --solo accident--chp indicates the driver was bleeding. his car looks as though it tried to climb the rail. as it turns out that is out here near the high rise just before it. the tow trucks that normally service this bridge may be engaged. chp
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has created his own of safety by blocking off the left-hand lane. putting out this flare pattern. that is backing up traffic. it is not affecting the ride on the bridge as much as the approach to the bridge. pitch we will see how long it takes to get a tow truck out here to clear this out. bay bridge westbound, not so bad of a back up. reports of all wire being hosclose to lean one.lane one. chp says that is t the situation. >> louisa: you can see everybody is dealing with wet weather this morning light showers for the most part. heavy downpours, at
7:46 am
thunderstorms earlier this morning. showers from san rosa all the way to san rafael. also along the peninsula. along 101, continuing with wet weather, heavy stuff really starting to move into the peninsula. the rain starting to pick up at this hour pushing and through these bay down into places like redwood city and some day of picking up rain. says bay a little bit of sharia nativity her era if thof shell reactivitl continue south. all these cells kind of showing red in net indicating heavier it downpours. with that certainly expecting to
7:47 am
get intense weather. by 2:00 hour, in move south. the bulk of the wet weather staying down through the south bay. mt. view, san jose, hayward, fremont getting wet weather in to the evening hours. your satellite radar shows what's going on, tapping into the tropical moisture through the bay. not done with the wet weather yet, all these popcorn clouds indicate a lot of cold air. that is making for los snow levels as well. 7 day around the bay we should warm up into the fifties by the afternoon wet and windy weather through the weekend. ski report, snowfall totals keep adding up to all pint aalpine
7:48 am
meadows. 2 ft. of new snow, 34 in. of fresh snow over 24-hour spirit 8 lifts are open. sugar bowl based up to 24 in., new snow 30 in., 9 lifts open. north star 32 in. of new snow, 12 lifts open, based step 127 in.. >> darya: let's go to north star right now. look at all the cars moving end. this is the resort that has the fast pass bank. $20 more for your day but you fly through you don't have lines. don't forget it's a holiday weekend so i love it. >> mark: i like the backside of north star. >> darya: they do have lot of
7:49 am
rain that there. meantime people who live in tahoe have to do what's necessary which is a lot of shoveling. >> another day in paradise first time since december 29th that broke out the snowblower. >> my friend can't do it himself as one doing it for him. >> from here to where that shovel is it took me an hour. this right here, this is from the street, that's not my driveway. > >> darya: sometimes the plow butcher driveway and and you're stuck. --put your-- >> mark: getting a lot of rain in the bay area and here's the view from burlingame, flight
7:50 am
delays is what we are looking at right now. 2 hour flight delays at s f o. we will be back as a news continues.
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>> george: as we track all hot spot at the san mateo bridge, west of the toll plaza where a single car accident now as the emergency responders blocking lanes. the person was complaining of bleeding to the had the that that's why paramedics are on their awaiting a tow truck before opening the lane. >> louisa: wet weather continues to move been storm trucker for all lit up, seeing rainfall rates pick up in san francisco. a look at where one cell is moving through brotherhood way
7:54 am
along 280. that rainfall pushing to the east of daly city. we are getting heavier downpours through san bruno picking up showers. places like oakland, alameda picking up rainfall rates in the next few minutes. right now picking up rain in twin peaks and bay tel.bay viewl have the latest on a winter storm coming up. darya? >> darya: the next seven days it does not bend. even though we get through today and tomorrow that chance when kerrs, temperatures cool little
7:55 am
>> mark: crews are taking apart the buddhist that you that is in the civic center. the celebration of the 30th anniversary with our sister city shanghai. the display will take three days to take down. >> darya: this is the george clooney painting like you have never seen. instead of adam, it's george. and you think clooney may have issued this but
7:56 am
he did not. the owner of the studio hopes this will catch george clooney is i. >> mark: and george clooney may pay to have that removed. (laughter) >> mark: hot we will be back as an morning news continues in a moment.
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>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. >> louisa: here is your storm tracker 4, very active morning, starting to notice some showers really pick up over downtown san francisco. rate onto mission, also hinted they view, rainfall rates really starting to pick up. east bay, we
7:59 am
watched as cell work its way through. seeing some heavier showers along highway-85. castro valley is getting heavier downpours moving towards redwood road. and from santa rosa, novato, showers expected to continue throughout the morning. south bay, still seeing some showers in to san jose, palo alto. future cast is set for 10:00, ensuring some active weather, notice of this yellow, orange this section shows moderate-heavy downpours continue to funnel in all of them western through the north bay. noon, instability as expected, it could even see some more thunderstorms. watch these cells do san rafael, a delta, hayward, a big. says bay.
8:00 am
this band of rain is expected to present the afternoon hours, wet weather expected done it to the south bay. by the afternoon and up into the evening. we're going to head ensure your satellite picture to give you an idea of where that wet weather is coming from, tropical moisture. that is what is the control that wet weather. miss loren clearly that the 1,300 ft. all that cold air dropping down from the gulf of alaska. heavy snow, they are dropping. during temperatures in the 40's, 45¢ is there, 44 santa rosa. highs up into the 50s. we'll say wet, windy in here friday, slight chance of showers by your weekend. >> george: hotspot, you're right here and highly-92 san mateo bridge, so of the call
8:01 am
oxidant, we now have an ambulance on scene, to attract, three california highway patrol units responding. they may have transported the driver away from the scene, one of these vehicles here is the ambulance. it is blocking the left-hand lane, because of that traffic is jammed on the approach to the san mateo bridge. taking on water pressure off the rest of the span. there was a problem at the shoulder of nearby highrise. that fact things out, that's no longer a factor. the heaviest traffic is on the approach between the industrial in the westbound direction. this will be a slower approach because the left leg is still to come off. california highway patrol is going to block traffic here in order to allow it to their charts. that is so
8:02 am
that they can get in position most likely. once it's clear, we should the see things clearer. the westbound ride, where is that shot, on interstate-80, a jackie sissel, which were looking at the red of highly-4 we have a hot spot in an earlier, that has cleared up, you can see the rest of the traffic through panel. not backed up, not stopping go. it is a fairly normal right here westbound 80 commute. they bridge toll plaza, but the back up is a little later than not, the only reaches the 800 over crossing. no wonder any concerns about it think lin wire in traffic, not from for the westbound ride. -- all wires dangling into traffic. >> darya: if you're heading
8:03 am
into tahoe it is going to be a tough ride the will be happy once you get there. we sent rob thought about before the storm. >> mark: what is the difference if the ministry? >> rob: light snow, classic winter driving conditions across the sierra. team controls on nc 80 and tier and highway 50. this is the checkpoint in myers, 5 mi. west of tahoe as you concede this is where jurors,. the man from caltrans what should turn your runs. it's for will dry skin go to will address, you gonna have chains. >> darya: there was a time yesterday weather was for real address plus snow
8:04 am
tires or chains. it wasn't just for an address. >> rob: that recallr- >> gary: >> garythey call r-3. >> darya: of aids in the red is test, but the snow is great he was arrogant and all day yesterday. you can see.--he was in it all day yesterday. it looks as on thursday you can imagine credit, a day was a go into holiday weekend wet this road will look like. >> mark: m.a.c. want to think about staying home. it will be a busy week. great skiing, reporting. before it becomes known as a result here as rain to worln.
8:05 am
>> louisa: conditions discussed words in the last half-hour, in the last tenants all this sudden the rangers came pouring down. the rain is pretty slick, you're going to be what to be very careful. just because 280 is dealing with some heavy rain. mark? >> mark: we'll check in with you later. >> darya: we have major down course in less than of an andante of the morning. kron4 is continuing our coverage. >> will: if you live in san jose and you need to do something outdoors, the clock is ticking, get it done now because for the first time all morning it's not coming down very hard. but don't need to use my
8:06 am
hinted this time. what is an issue of the winds. look at the trees, back-and-forth, in this dusty conditions it is making things very cold in san jose. even though i'm not using my hood you will need clubs if you have them available. >> mark: verizon curets san jose >> mark: ♪
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♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. >> mark: indian act. >> james: traffic is moving well, they're doing a pretty god job of keeping those roads clear. we have a lot of snow coming down and pack the snow level beginning to drop even further. here is where the snow is falling, and earlier this was just about here. its net debt down further. it has
8:10 am
become below the 2005 level. that will bounce back and forth, as more cold air comes in. you will need chains. we have a winter storm warning in effect. allot of snow today, friday much of the same. possibly three-4 ft. above 7,000 ft.. the heavy stuff today, friday, this note changes more to the snow, rain next. just a chance of flurries for that day. temperatures rather cold. driving on the roadways will be dangerous. thorough and wind, you've got all that snow, wet out possible, obviously chains are required. interstate
8:11 am
80, you need to change, you need them on five is here, highly e d e once you get up hie come back the world according to gary. more and a m.
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(music) >> darya: with classmates when that story in a row. 26 when top rate to this season. >> gary: take a break. louisa is on twitter tell her to relax. >> darya: you know we go relax. >> gary: it is very upsetting. >> darya: this dilemma 29 losses. >> gary: if you had to bet the money, there's too many
8:15 am
teams ahead of them they will make the playoffs. considering, where they have been, new coach, knew honors, were not have a parade yet. (laughter) >> darya: ok. you just can't get excited about anything, you don't care about the snow, the rain, the warriors. >> gary: i'm excited i can't reach louisa on twitter. >> darya: it depends at close to you or her you are. i'm not going ask where. >> gary: pulls, it's like the destruction, is of importance, the deadline did not work. they're like $80 million apart. i was wet to spring training, basically they're saying i'm not going
8:16 am
to answer any questions its disrespecting my team mates. what does it both ways, he's the best player in baseball. if you believe in the free market system. if he wants $30 million a year, and someone else's making 27-20 million. if you believe the market has changed, the world is different, then it was maybe five years ago. city should be able to get by on 25 million. then you say there is another athlete complaining. it's just teiresiashow you see it. >> darya: it is their world, so it seems crazy to us. >> gary: i am becoming one of these guays, that if that is why you feel that is why you feel. >> darya: you can imagine
8:17 am
their problems. here's his crow, he takes a swig of alcohol in front of the deputy, says the you know who i am? you don't know anything about my problems. >> gary: he makes roughly what 20 a year? >> darya: 0 hundred and $52 million contract. >> gary: more money more problems. you don't mess of the police officer, be as tough as you want but don't play that the you know who i am? that has been played out so long. (laughter) >> gary: did you know who i am yes, your some idiot during his career way. >> darya: i looked up the other arrest for he got into a fight with the wet, drinking, lost the twins. i'm sure he has problems. he
8:18 am
has money, he has problems. >> gary: if he said to a ball player, a tv, radio, you want to get paid this year? you have to keep it on the streets and narrow. i think he would not see a lot of this. but when you have 15 2 million your looking for something to do. >> darya: i guess. >> gary: i don't feel sorry for him, a basketball player, maybe shares at an hour before the game. now, you have 20 hours the rest of the day and you're a millionaire to figure what to do. as funny as that sounds its two true. they have all the free time. >> darya: but when you have all the free time in the world like michael beck, he
8:19 am
must listen to you yesterday he called of oprah. -- michael vick. >> gary: there's no reason for him to go on that show. >> darya: he didn't give a reason, he canceled. >> gary: the joke is there are in support of non oprah as network and no one would see him. i said yesterday, by going on that show all you do is remind people that things you did. you see all of that video, it's a smart move. has there been anything this morning about why he's not doing it? >> darya: know, he's not talking about it, i love oprah but maybe sometime in the future. >> gary: good. >> darya: bernhardt says i didn't feel good about going into practice, now is in the start in the back of iraq. he got mayor ended and it's
8:20 am
not his fault. >> gary: when you go from the rear position, your chances are limited. that's another one of those deals. o poor him. >> darya: they're going to celebrate his father.. >> gary: you want a better but, when from the back row. this was like espn, you did get to dave >> darya: . i am full of it. >> gary: how you do the other seven hours? >> darya: i love sports with you. i don't like them, but i like them with you. >> gary: my thing appeals to the non smart's france. >> darya: your promotions
8:21 am
are right. >> gary: what promotions? (laughter) >> darya: we will see you. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before. at&t. >> louisa: welcome back to the kron 4 news. just getting to see some intensity peccable along interstate-80 it is really picking up. bringing some rainfall rates more than 1 in. per hour. very heavy downpours. potentially thunderstorms. san rafael, picking up some heavy rain fell, and some heavier rain along the northern portion of the peninsula. the latest coming up. >> george: san mateo bridge is cleared from the traffic lanes, the accident that was just past the toll plaza is now long gone, and traffic
8:25 am
remained slow from almost the parkway leading west towards the toll plaza. mark? >> mark: president obama is in the bay area today meeting with technology business leaders including facebook founder. weather officials say the focus of this visit will be job creation. --white house officials. the president arrives deceiving, we will carry it live, continuing coverage of the visit to the bay area @ >> darya: steve jobs' is reportedly undergoing treatment at stanford cancer center in palo alto. according to radar on line, he was photographed by the national enquirer outside the clinic. he noticed he was going on a medical leave last month. apple's c e zero tam cut will take
8:26 am
over the day-to-day operations-. -tim cook. is an to know what this is related to. i love the character numbers on wall street, the dow is upa live loot the numbers are up. >> mark: weekly numbers for unemployment were not good, we had for under 10,000 americans filed for unemployment.-410000 the increase was larger than economists had suspected. concerns about inflation wing on the market as a result the consumer price index rise. >> darya: you wanted to save
8:27 am
other big groups see the >> mark: into? i didwe will be h the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. take a look at traffic here in the golden gate bridge, this has done really great, raining, we will be right back..
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> mark: another winter storm warning, louisa has more. >> louisa: here's a look at your radar, starting to like that, we are really picking up in intensity. on to the walnut creek area. more than 1 in. per hour to concord, walnut creek, if you're in those areas he will hear, feel the rain coming down. as we take it over on 580 toward san rafael seeing some heavy rain working its way towards a richmond. and along the peninsula, the northern
8:30 am
portion, heavier rain worked its way through the golden gate bridge. downtown san francisco, right now starting to pick up a little bit in the way of the rain. continuing along the peninsula. san mateo, south to the south they continue with wet weather. this morning winds are picking up along the coast. sustained winds 21 mi. an hour for half moon bay, 17 sfo, 22 oakland, 21 san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continued to show wet, windy weather, through the end of the workweek, slate chance of shared by the weekend into next week. george? >> george: i ride we will start off with a look at the interstate-280, the left side of your screen, raining but not too badly back debt. looking at the ride on the south bay, slowdown hot
8:31 am
spots, this is interstate- 280 northbound, as you can see it is still fairly heavy leading out towards the west valley. highway-85 as the back up leading out retiree- 17. an early morning accident there really took a long time to clear. 87-north bound is backed up and slow. bay bridge toll plaza westbound ride is not too bad. as you can see the ride on 80-westbound looks good. especially from the 880 approach. the approach from the 580 toll plaza is only backed up to the 880. which is not too bad. san jose, slow on 101-northbound. darya?
8:32 am
>> darya: continue 19 coverage of the weather yoli is here in san francisco, while it has gone dark, it was dry, when i talk to last. >> reporter: yes, then it came down really hard, it is lined up in last five minutes. it is still coming down pretty good. there is no flooding yet, just wet pavement. and the wind. is pretty strong. people were going to want to have both hands on the wheel. >> darya: we just lost her single. you can see how messy it is. mark. >> mark: some people were caught off guard, and some bay area cities and what they're doing to prepare. >> reporter: caltrans has started warning drivers about leaving their cars here, you can see the sign is lit up. it says high
8:33 am
tide flooding that your 814- 19. many people who ignore the signs, barricades have returned to find their cars filled was see water. will i was here thursday, there was none of rain to create sledding. many of the drivers that did perk did not have water in their cars. >> darya: today house lawmakers continue to debate tightening up this year's spending bill including amendments to the 1.2 trillion dollar legislation covering the pentagon. the package also provides $150 million for the wars in afghanistan and i rack. honda is recalling nearly 700 vehicles reworld right. they have a defective springs part they may cause the engine to stall. 122,000
8:34 am
of those vehicles are in north america. >> mark: a quick break is the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m. here's a live look at san jose, when 01 northbound traffic is heavy.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> mark: >> james: as we track this army are keeping an eye at the mountains. we have storm tracker 4 center where we have snow falling down near auburn. reagan in a state- 80. it looks like we may get this team done a little bit before that. let's take a quick look at a live shot in tahoe this is 80. traffic is moving by moving slow. of yesterday, 1-2 ft. lake level, 2-4 above 7000 you can see the snow level is about 2000. it is windy, the
8:38 am
snow is blowing around making driving a bit dangerous as you make your way up. in fact we have a chain requirements in effect, interstate-80, highly-5highway-50. also 88. ths winter storm warning will be in effect between now and 4:00 a.m. saturday quite the storm headed up there. >> mark: thank you, highway 17, will tran and has been driving this morning. >> will: if you're driving on highway 17 from santa cruz-san jose. i'm going over the summit, you can see just how much grain is hitting my windshield not only is the rain coming
8:39 am
down hard it is being powered by some strong winds. it is coming down sideways, that is one problem. another, there's so much rainfall that there's pedalling taking place on the road way, every now and then there's hydroplaning. i don't know why, but there's some kurds who want to pass me. some can go to the slow lane. some people think they don't have to take the easy to date. there's also the potential for heavy fog as you go through. fortunately, i don't see the fog at this time, you can imagine what kind of dangers that would present. if you throw in the fog, maybe a little later driving across highway 17 could become quite trickery. >> darya: 8:41 a.m. a law- enforcement officer in charge of keeping narcotics off the street drug charges.
8:40 am
commander of the narcotics enforcement team is accused of distributing methamphetamine, steroids, marijuana. he was arrested along with a private investigator who faces the same charges. the department of justice investigators don't expect any other arrests but there may be additional charges to come against welch and butler. a former airline employee is being accused of stealing credit card information and going on shopping sprees. they say he used 350 credit card members to make at least 2800 transactions at safeway. she worked as a customer service agent at san jose international airport. >> mark: police are looking for this man, a second suspect in connection kidnapping and assault of a
8:41 am
25 road woman. police believe he is in the oakland area. it happened february 5th, the victim was chased down, beaten, she checked herself into a hospital for medical treatment of suspects. the other suspect larry, wilson jr. arrested. they believe they were involved in other similar incidents is as well. police of and they are asking for the public's help define this man, he's been missing for 12 days. february 5th, a 45 year-old robert massed took his dog for a walk. the dog returned home, dragging her leash. the circumstances surrounding his whereabouts are suspicious. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live look at that is to continue our big story tracking the storm, you can see the storm clouds in san francisco. area we'll be right back.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> george: tracking some slowdown hot spots around the bay area, stolen interstate 80, here and one that creek we're looking at about hill commute pattern solidly slow sets found from says in hell rebel done to danville. down to the alamo. westbound too far not such a great ride basically, heavy traffic, all the way out to the caldecott tunnel. breaks between lafayette, wherein the where the speeds pick up. it is interstate 80 heavier than we seen in quite some time, back done much earlier this morning weather problems at the highway for of ram. combine that with the rain is a long slow chain of cars working its way to the lower east shore freeway. bay bridge toll plaza, the backup
8:46 am
continues randy's here over crossing, rain coming down now at the bay bridge slowing the ride across the span. san francisco, heavy traffic now on the inbounds central. you can see where it meets the skyway becoming the james lick there's a pretty good back up towards hospital curve in the 280 interchange. >> louisa: good morning george, look at the shot outside a san jose you can see that camera shaking around wind in san jose airports to 20 mi. an hour. we're getting stronger gusts. storm tracker 4 is all lit up, it could be some there could be some thunderstorms out there. ray done through the cordelias split looks like rainfall rates coming down. that is a
8:47 am
thunderstorm. as we take your to san rafael heavier rain in that area. read over the bridge. up over highway 37 as he headed to vallejo we're getting some very heavy downpours. rate along tenn., we will to rainfall rate, coming down at about half an inch per hour. taking you down the peninsula starting to watch as the work its way through pacifica heading toward places like san bruno, millbrae, pretty delays at the airport so this will not help with that. as we went in and out, mount tam tin, snowfall continuing over mount hamilton to read the morning hours. the wind is really starting to pick up. along the coast sustained winds of 24 mi. an hour. 22 oakland, 16 hayward, 17
8:48 am
fairfield, concord. san jose 21. of course strong protest with that. future cast by 10:00 tapping into quite a bit of the moisture. through the north bay, by noon, we could see more in the way of the severe weather. look at these cells with all of this red highlighted indicating a very heavy downpours. by the afternoon it starts to move into a band pushing southward, by the late afternoon, early evening the best chance days into the south bay. we continue to keep a chance of rain around rate through tomorrow morning. satellite, researchers is what's going on tapping into a lot of that moisture pushing up through the bay. several days more of this wet weather. all these craft such as the cool air dipping down from the gulf of alaska. those snow levels
8:49 am
are really dropping down. we have snow around 1,300 ft.. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more wet weather tomorrow were talking 20-30 percent chance to the weekend and into next week. all lot of folks headed up to the sierra for a long weekend. right now of pine bay step of 97-165. new snow, 24-34 in.. lives open eight, also conditions at gerbil a step of a hundred 5 in.. less open about nine. over at north star, based up of 75-1 to 5 in.. 12 lives are open. darya. we have tahoe on the phone, why
8:50 am
stephen >> caller: . how are you?2 >> darya: tell me about the conditions? >> caller: 21 in. of bryn news no, it is still smelling pretty hard we're looking forward to the predicted 17 in. overnight. just cut great amount of snowfall. --we're expecting big crowds. they're doing a great job of keeping a the roads clear. >> darya: here is a shred of heavenly, it's a little bit sunny, where you are it snowing may now? >> caller: a little over a test but the snow is coming down and we will take it. we haven't prepack where you can get up here on the weekend and ski for $51 a
8:51 am
day, you get three of this. hard to be. >> darya: you guys have special deals for the kids, a grownup is because 50-$70 a day, but i notice the kids you guys did a good deal. >> caller: absolutely makes skiing affordable. monday- friday you can do $35 learn to ski and ride. two and half hour lessons. rentals, pass. you can't beat that. >> darya: i was thinking left passalong but that's a terrific deal. we have some great video showing what it is like to go when the powder. if you've never boarded in powdered it's different. >> caller: it's a different sensation that is for sure.
8:52 am
but it is a blast. it takes low getting used to put one together and it's like floating. >> darya: keep your weight on the back when you're in this note. thank you, we will see later happy skiing.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. one s san francisco slate his v one of s's largest visitors is leaving the city in pieces. that piece of art was brought as a celebration of the 30th anniversary of being the sister city with the shanghai. the dismantling will take three days. no word if they will replace the statue was something else. >> darya: this is george pliny like you have never seen him before, it's not like him but it is his head. this is an art studio and
8:56 am
cincinnati, they put this version of george clooney in the role of an atom. it's on the side of the role. so did george colony will notice. he's they're shooting scenes for his new movie. they're hoping maybe he will check this out. mice thought is its kind of embarrassing. >> mark: i would say disturbing. (laughter) >> darya: maybe he will pay him to take it down. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live look ever san francisco, heavy rain, reports of hail around the bay. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
8:57 am
honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] for a limited time,
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call to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. it's our fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network for no extra charge. so for a limited time, get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> mark: 90 am kron4 morning news, we are tracking the storm this is moving to the bay area. --9:00 a.m. over
8:59 am
the east bay, north bay, very heavy rain, hail storms, strong winds but great screskiing in the sierra. let's go to the weather center. >> darya: you have to know that and take the easy weather you're headed to work or this year leave extra time. we have some major downpour's happening in fairfield. >> louisa: steady flow of wet weather, but now, it is really starting to see that intensity picked up especially reagan through the delta. we are seeing some pretty active weather read and do fairfield. we could even have some thunderstorms roll along i 80. and to american canyon. as we take it down to the south up in all towards berkeley seeing some very heavy downpours. rate on
9:00 am
over to the bay bridge, oakland, pretty heavy rain. in looks like it's disturbing to push its way into alameda, san leandro. and along the peninsula were seeing some rainfall rates picked up. says bay, fremont, palo alto portions are picking up a sprinkler to. continuing with snowfall in mount hamilton. the winds are really starting to look around san jose airports of 20 mi. an hour gusts getting stronger. 24 mi. an hour winds and have monday, 17 in oakland. those winds have picked up in the last hour or so. in the next hour we will continue to see this parpattern of moisture to the north bay pine unit will pick up, notice of these
9:01 am
cells rate around the base of the south bay, east bay, north bay notice how there is a red shade in there that indicates heavy downpours. a band of rain continues to shift southward, by the afternoon that we bring the best chances of rain into the south bay. it looks like it's as to what they throughout the day to day. satellite, reuter schurz's what's going on tapping into a lot of the moisture also getting a lot of that cold air dropping down from the gulf of alaska today looks like we're going to bring those ties into the fifties. wet, windy weather throughout the rest of the week's slight chance of shares continues. erica? tracking a couple of slow down hot spots including one in this as one direction of 600. >> erica: disease to car
9:02 am
crash currently blocking the to right-hand lanes. you can see red, yellow just before the accident. slow, ago conditions to the valley and bill conditions to te valley. in the caldecott tunnel. early slowdown hot spot, he sure freeway, solid stretch of red speeds 17 mi. an hour. you can see the back of stretching towards highly-4 into change. once you get to the toll plaza another back up although, we are seeing some improvement on the 880 approach. windy advisory is back at the bay bridge. another camera, san francisco's low, go here westbound 80. west of the james lick we do have reports of it roadway flooding that is causing
9:03 am
slow down here at the 1 1/80 split. if you're considering public transportation no problems reported all morning long. >> mark: that is probably your best option messy at their yoli is out in the weather this morning she sent to 80 yoli? >> caller: it has been wet, nasty for the last hour. on the flip side, there hasn't been any report of flooding here on the 280 just seems like this is wet, you have to deal with the wind, but at least it's an easy ride into the city. you can see is an easy ride when you try and get six street exit, of king street, there doesn't seem to be a back up even though traffic is slowing down.
9:04 am
>> mark: ever-changing minute by minute around the bay. >> darya: team coverage continues kron4 will trent has the latest coverage from the south they >> will: . if you live in san jose and the need to do something outdoors like shopping, the clock is ticking get it done now, for the first time on morning it is not coming down very hard. i don't need to use my head at this time. what is an issue are the winds come delicate the trees, their swing back and forth. it is making things very cold in san jose, even though none using my hood, you will need gloves if you have them. san jose, low trent, kron4 news. >> darya: from san as a tahoe let's go live. >> caller: good morning folks, you will need your gloves on and in tahoe, 89-
9:05 am
50, with extra help fellow oil in the action some light snow flurries a little bit breezy. the plaza going 247 in anticipation. >> mark: d.c. any difference than yesterday? skiers and orders are waiting for the champagne pattern is it colder? >> rob: is a little colder i bumped into a bunch of reporters at mcdonald's this morning they were soaked, heading up to cera. it is cooler so the snow is a little powdery. really good lights rain now so it should be really excellent skiing. >> darya: one more question traffic was due to notice him yesterday destiny there's more traffic. >> rob: deathly more traffic did get a lot of rigs clear, this note is
9:06 am
icy, the gene controls are in ed more traffic. >> darya: thank you, >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
>> darya: >> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. the allies let karen highly e zero, we want to tell you about the chain requirements visibility is down. the snow is still falling. 80, a state line you need to talk live chains. highly-50, highlyway- 88. if you have four-wheel- drive you're ok, but remember yesterday even with four-wheel drive you needed chains or satires. for will drive will get you there reed now. >> mark: president obama is
9:10 am
coming to the bay area today. he will be meeting with leaders including facebook founder and possibly steve jobs. this visit will focus on job creation. it's part of a dialogue with the business community. coverage as the president arrives live this evening. we will also continue our coverage on air and on line. they will be at our website at >> darya: as we continue our team coverage, we want to tell you in the last few seconds a small stream advisory which means we're getting enough rain that they are worried there may be flooding, over spelling. to watch out for puddling on roadways as well. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
>> mark: delays in essence of, let's look, parallel
9:14 am
runways because of that two hour delays on arriving flights, if colin check with your carrier. oakland and san jose are on time. the your picks are coming iviewer pg in this is hail, this is the pilot but hail on the sad what can this is a picture from this simple ", still assessing losses totals will loose ball the, but beautiful shot 17 yesterday this is sunset. sharing this and said, with the hail and the rain coming down. send us your pictures we will put them on the air.
9:15 am
>> darya: it is necessary as there is or as fun and you do have to shut out periodically come up with some people in touch o in tahoe >> it is the first time since december 29th that i had to break it does not lower. >> and shilling for friends. --i am shoveling for a friend. >> this took me an hour. this is from the street. that's not my driveway. >> darya: it is snowing there, we're covering the slide. we're looking at the storm warning happening right to saturday morning. look at this, let's check out kirkwood, a live shot, really in the place of of
9:16 am
the storm. there snow boarders, skiers, they're up there. the lives open that a.m at 8:00 a.m. you put on those break goggles and enjoy the power it could not be better timing for the holiday weekend. some people have the whole week next week of. >> louisa: that the snowfall is certainly a good thing is getting feet upon feed just- in-time for the biggest ski weekend. here's a shot of the bay bridge approach, roadways, just issued a few minutes ago a flood roa advisory. this effect until 3:08 p.m. enemies, san mateo, san francisco, said
9:17 am
it theresanta clara. streams cod rise up to the date level and at their banks as well. radar, give you an idea for the wet weather is, santa rosa done to san rafael. the heavy stuff is right onto fairfield, i-80. pretty heavy down far a pores. we are getting some heavy downpours in richmond, martinez, north bay. heavy downpours also in san rafael in the peninsula. heavy downpours in the south bay as well. we actually are seeing some snowfall in mount hamilton.
9:18 am
24 mi. an hour winds half moon bay, 21 of the land, those winds are picking up wet and windy continues in tomorrow. >> erica: accident free for quite some time, still taking a look at the church is of red and yellow. speeds down to just 12 mi. an hour. very slow and go conditions. it is a slow ride. the back up that stretches through hercules. slowing coming in for the east bound direction. slow-go conditions persist. another backed up at the bay bridge. words on the 880 over
9:19 am
crossing than 10 minutes ago. metering lights are still on, watch your speeds we have a wind advisory in effect. slow traffic in the south bay northbound-101. still dealing with the back up on 87 interchange.101 is very slow. my suggestion is used northbound-280. >> mark: surprising turn on wall street, the nasdaq is up almost four. s&p almost 100. the number of americans to follow last week it jumped by 25,000. 10410,000 of the unemployment last week. however, with 410,000
9:20 am
americans filing last week that well below the 650000 in our >> darya: october. steve jobs may be undergoing treatment at the cancer center. he was photographed by the inquirer that side of the clinic. the co announced he was going on medical leave last month he did not say for how long. tim cut is taking over the day-to-day operations. it is an unknown whether not they're related to his liver transplant or his battle with cancer or if it's something else. >> mark: other stories, three men are looking to be alive following this river rescue yesterday. there were pulled to safety yesterday, you see them there as the waters rose, a 30 say the water came up pretty
9:21 am
quickly. the three men were believed to be homeless. hollywood hills, firefighters injured when a ceiling of his home collapsed. he's in critical condition. more than 80 firefighters were called as the fire burned through the spring through our mind filling in the attic with water than the ceiling gave way. authorities think this fire started near a fireplace. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. back with more of our team coverage of the weather. it looks like it started raining again here in san francisco.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> mark: we're watching bay area weather, more wet, windy weather on and off today and tomorrow. it looks like some clearing for the
9:25 am
weekend but cold air in place. highs only in the '50s for saturday, send a slight chance of showers into next week. >> darya: in the sierra, winter storm warning until saturday at 4:00 a.m. the last couple of hours it is the same story, i i-80 is completely covered in snow. highway-50 you can see them working on the roads. the traffic is able to make its way through at 88. >> rob: here and heavenly spheres are making their way to the mountain for what they call the first real power they did many weeks. this is the biggest storm
9:26 am
in six weeks. raise another 6 in. or snow. lots of skiers are taking advantage of these classic powder conditions. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. we will continue to track the storm as the rain is picking up at the james lick.
9:27 am
9:28 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. we're watching all of our cameras around the bay, this is sent us a, a bridge on the robert potter rightsan jose. >> darya: team coverage, yoli is in san francisco. what is the traffic direction? >> reporter: this is 280-
9:29 am
northbound. it's going in to san francisco downtown. people are moving slower because of the rain, it is likslick. a usually fudged rate their on the curb, it seems to be training out ok. ed >> darya: it has gotten nasty out there again. even though there's good space, it is moving a lot slower. >> mark: flooded by advisory, louisa has more. >> louisa: absolutely, we are looking at small stream flood advisory in effect for most locations. till about 3:00 p.m. just be prepared, you might hit pondering on their roadways in might be deeper than what you think it is. from vallejo down
9:30 am
into concord, fairfield, vacaville along i'd-80. we have continued to see some pretty intense weather through the east bay, north bay, heavier downpour's reduce san rafael. watching as cell work it throug eighth areah the area. also alog highway-17, your wind speeds are picking up. , san jose. as we head into the afternoon, highs into the fifties wet, windy weather continues tomorrow. tapering off, more showers. 20-and 30
9:31 am
percent chance of showers into next week. overnight, you look keep those inland spot in the freezing area. upper 20s. pretty chilly. could even wake up to some frost. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> erica: we are tracking some slowdown conditions in the northbound direction of 101. you see that long stretch of red of the coyote valley, we finally get a break of traffic speed above 50 mi. per hour but, if you continue of words toward the peninsula, all the way at the dunbarton it looks like northbound-250 is a better route. you can see the camera shaking, northbound- 101 is shaking around. we're
9:32 am
beginning to shake their back up back up.bay bridge toll plaza, raining, you can see the sprinkles, looks like you'll have to wait wet your wipers on. that back up is stretching the past the over cross. slow and go, metering lights still on. high wind advisory for the bay bridge, san mateo, richmond is san rafael. although it's been a good morning for public transportation no problems have been reported. >> darya: president obama is going to be in the bay area today, he's meeting with a group of technology business leaders including facebook founder and possibly steve jobs. this is part of the ongoing dialogue with the
9:33 am
business community. the president arrives, this evening action, this afternoon, he will meet with them with this evening. we will carry his arrival live, continuing coverage of the president's visit to the bay area radio and kron4 and on our web site a >> mark: we're keeping our eyes on storm tracker 4 for, watching the heavy rain, there you see things live from fairfield done to concord.down to concord. some hy cells in 101, san jose.
9:34 am
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9:36 am
>> darya: with of the details of the advisory affecting the rain that we're getting, basically
9:37 am
every where around the bay except for the north bay is telling you that there could be upon thing because of the heavy rainfall. streams, creeks may arise, we will keep an eye on that. the san mateo bridge is in the background not only messing looking bed shaking from the wind. >> mark: a live look here at kirkland, we have to end requirements, people are still excited to hit the slopes. here are the chain requirements 80,50 88. >> darya: new video this morning at of yemen, at 20 people were injured today in clashes between pro and anti-government protesters. look at them throwing things, the violence escalated after the anti deck ramp protestors tried to buy the place to hold their demonstration. this is
9:38 am
the seventh day of protests. he's calling for the oustthe are ouster of the president. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live look outside the golden gate, it looks a little better, socked in, raining hard, the visibility is not horrible.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> darya: tracking the storm at truckee, all the people headed to ski. if you do have a choice, you might want to time your travel. maybe leave saturday. this saturday the advisory end at 4:00 a.m. here's what
9:42 am
skiers are saying as the snow continues to fall. >> after six weeks of not much, the conditions are amazing. is coming up over my base. it has not been this good since december. this is perfect. we are from the u.k., you can't get any better than this. >> is what we have been waiting for since the holidays. when you fall if it just pushes down. >> its wonderful! that's all i have to say! >> darya: if your a fair weather skier, and only internet the sunny days, you don't know a good snow, you have to get their right now. it is great, the snow is more powdery. it's like a flutteringfloating.
9:43 am
>> mark: we have a flooded by azeri issued. >> louisa: a course this is the weekend i choose not to go to tahoe. downtown san francisco, at james lick, wet roadways. we do have in effect a small stream flood advisory until 3:00 p.m. just keep in mind those roadways might hit some hauntin could bepounding on the, it could be deeper than you think. let's take a look at storm tracker 4 air show you where the active weather is,80, the split. and along highway-37. berkeley is
9:44 am
watching as cell passed on through. along the peninsula continue in that wet weather. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. is clearing up in san jose, palo alto, fremont. this set bay is facing less wet weather at this hour. 17 mi. an hour winds at sfo, 20 oakland, 22 half moon bay. wet, windy weather persists in to tomorrow. tamara is expected to be another wet day. ski report for those of you are heading up to the sierra. new snow in the past 24 hours 24-34 in.. sugar bowl
9:45 am
= nine lifts open, north star = 32 in. news now, 12 lives snow, 12 lifts o >> erica: still a little sluggish a northbound-101, this is just past 85. you can see the long stretch of red indicating speeds down to 21 mi. per hour. very slow and go, if this is your commute give yourself extra time. or you can use northbound-280 as an alternate. reports of
9:46 am
roadway flooding on the james lick westbound-80. it has not caused any accidents, to slowing the conditions as you make your way southbound toward the peninsula. if you're headed east bound, keep the mind strong wind that rise to rate in effect. checking out the golden gate, sat downseven dow101 no major problems. >> darya: 9:47 a.m. martine coverage continues work in a talk to trent costs about the road conditions. sergeant ross good morning. >> darya: how has it been out there? what you do when you hit hail? >> caller: what is most important is reduce your speeds. that is really going
9:47 am
to determine the outcome on weather not you make it your destination safely. when there roadways are wet, you will not stop as quickly or turn the same. you need to really reduce your speeds. >> darya: most of the accidents are so low spinels, a chain reaction? >> caller: we have seen a combination. but really a lot of solo spin out. 65 mi. per hour is not always a safe speed. especially when certain areas may have inched past two of water on the roadways. increase your following distance, allow yourself more time. >> mark: de ticket drivers if they're going to fast? >> caller: absolutely, you
9:48 am
can be said it for driving too fast for the condition. condition if he feels as a speed is 40-50 and your driving 65 you can be cited. based on the conditions, take your time, check your vehicle, make sure you have proper trent, your windshield wipers are working. always have your headlights on when your windshield wipers are on. >> darya: it is the law! i know what the new law but you have to have those lights on. >> caller: have a good day. >> mark: will tran has been watching conditions. >> will: in san jose mother nature is not taking her foot off the gas pedal. it is cold, wet, windy. here's a shot i have about security
9:49 am
guard, he is all bundled up from head to toe. the gloves on, he is called. hear students waiting for their bus, i am sure that was a lot way. the rain, we can deal with, what is a surprise at least for me are the windy conditions. if you at the wind and the wind chill it is very cold. san jose, will tran, kron4 news. >> darya: other news of law enforcement officer in charge of keeping narcotics off the street has been arrested on direct charges. the commander of the narcotics enforcement team is accused of distributing marijuana, men and vitamins, steroids. welch and christopher butler was arrested, they don't expect any other arrests but they
9:50 am
do say there could be more charges. a former airline employee is being accused of stealing credit card information, 49 year-old michelle johnson used 350 credit card members to make a least 2800 transactions. they were made at s.f. way stores, she worked at san jose international airport. >> mark: oakland police are searching for jerry williams, he's a second suspect wanted for the kidnapping of a 25 year-old woman. it happened february 5th, the victim was to stem, beaten. she checked herself into a local hospital after escaping. the first suspect larry wilson jr. has target and arrested and charged with kidnapping and assault. they believe that they were involved in other similar incidents as. police in
9:51 am
vallejo are asking for the public's help to find this man he has been missing for 12 days. february 50, 45 rob roberert mamast took his dog for a walk, police say this suspects got returned from dragging the leash. >> darya: san francisco looks nasty, we will be right back..
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 9:55 a.m. the traffic is not giving up, we are lightening up at the golden gate bridge, as you can see it looks heavy. maybe a lot of people had been delayed by the rain, you know how hard it is to get at the house when it's raining. at dark shot at the golden gate bridge.
9:55 am
>> mark: fell in all this rain and heavy rain, some passengers off guard, when they return to their cars in mill valley. reggie kumar has that part of the coverage. >> reporter: caltrans has 30 started warning drivers of leaving their cars here, you can see the sign is lit up its as high tide flooding february 14th-19th. many people who ignored the signs have returned to their cars and found them filled with sea water. well i was hearing thursday, there was not enough rain to create flooding, many of the drivers that did parked in the areas did not have water in their cars. mill valley, pretty kumar, kron4 news. >> darya: 1 ed san francisco's largest city as visitors is leaving the city that to that
9:56 am
statute was brought to san francisco last spring from china as a celebration of that there be an anniversary with our sister city of shanghai. the dismantling has bthe done no word of the air- conditioned will replace the statute. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. i weather coverage will continue welcome back, athletics rise to rate. snow is coming down in tahoe several more feed on the way. james c. fletcher will have all latest as the kron4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
9:57 am
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yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> james: 10:00 a.m., a top
9:59 am
story coverage of the storm we broke it up into three pieces of video. wet roads, downed trees, and we have snow in the sierra are tahoe shot. just recently in the last hour, they issued a small stream advisory for every county. we are in the winter senweather center. >> louisa: the orange indicating heavy downpours. the intensity is building at this hour. it should continue to do so as we head towards noon. i 80, all the way down into vallejo. the intensity really has picked up. plenty of heavy
10:00 am
rainfall. in the north bay right now sell pushing through. it is starting to pick up heavier rainfall, and along the peninsula right now really starting to see a lot of the moisture funneling and through downtown san francisco. heavier rain moving through the sunset, all the way through daly city along 2 80. it looks like we will continue to see the rain pushed its way and. another cell just approaching pacifica towards san bruno, upper when game. the eas. the rain continuh the east bay down to san jose. when speeds up to 20 mi. an hour, as we head towards the afternoon we will bring those ties and to mid-50s. wet, windy weather continues into tomorrow.
10:01 am
when you have days of rainfall it does lead to flooding possibilities. be careful if you're driving, just be aware it could be a little deeper than what you expect. >> erica: still behind schedule in the traffic department. we have a slowdown hot spot here. we have been free vaccine for quite some time but speeds are down to 17 miles an hour. along the highway for interchange very sluggish conditions. the back up stretching along the richmond san rafael bridge. if you're headed to the bay bridge toll plaza you can see another back up, you will be waiting in the rain. slow and go conditions on the 880 over cross, meter lights are cycled on in addition to
10:02 am
that we have a strong wind advisory for the bay bridge. to get a look at another camera northbound 1 01, slowing the south bay. we have gusty winds out there, the good news is we are clearing the back up. although it is radio side we have had some good conditions for public transit no problems reported. >> james: 10:03 a.m., we are following the situation in the sierra. highway 89, we have lot of snow coming down. more on the way as we have been reporting. then more than a foot yesterday, another 2-4 ft. depending on how high in the hills you are. it will be rather intense here, obviously the roads will be
10:03 am
dangerous. both hands on the wheel, bring your chains. they had to do shovelling no way around that for everybody who lived near the sierra. near tahoe, they were doing what they had to do. we spoke with a few of them. >> another day of their days here first time since december 29th that broke out the snowblower. >> i'm doing this for a friend here. >> from here to where that shovel is out, took me one hour. this right here, all this. this is from the street. that's not my driveway. >> james: they expect to get anywhere from 2-4 ft. depending on how high up there live. rather intense. we will talk with chp coming up in the next segment. getting in the latest
10:04 am
on the road conditions up there. we are also getting cold precipitation at sea level here. this is pacific up right along the coast where hail fell yesterday, getting reports of pale sporadically this morning as well.hail sporadically today. this was a shot out of the backyard at that same house. the kids got the boots on and got out there just to take it all in. that is pretty crazy! remember to keep sending in your photos and the men to also
10:05 am
president barack obama will be in the bay area. he will be meeting with business leaders including facebook founder. apple ceo steve jobs is rumored to be meeting with the white house says it will focus on job creation, it is part of the president's dialogue with the business community. this is video from the last visit. when he arrives this evening we will carry it live. coverage will begin and are 5:00 a.m5:00 p.m.. we will take a quick break our roof camera here showing you those clouds and the rain coming down. we have been tense cell moving through fairfield right now, widespread light rain being reported everywhere else.
10:06 am
10:07 am
10:08 am
10:09 am
10:10 a.m., we are keeping our eye on the sierra. next week is the week. everybody is watching this snow falling. on the phone now is chp up in truckee giving us the latest on the road conditions up there. >> caller: road conditions have not changed that much since yesterday. it has continued to snow. we have up to 48 in. of snow that has fallen since yesterday evening. it just keeps coming if you are coming up, be prepared to be in the chain controlled area for long time. anyone coming up here will be in for a tree when they get here.
10:10 am
it just keeps coming, as a result of a number of on going spend notes that have occurred out here. if your coming up here look as far as head as you possibly can the visibility has improved somewhat. but if you're coming into a turn or some more you can't see we head reduce your speed. be prepared for that, always have chains that they your car. a lot of people never tried to put on their chains, when they get here their chains don't fit. food, water, warm blankets. have your cellphone with you and keep it activated. >> james: i know there are chain requirements in fact, the
10:11 am
sporadic spanos but no closures? >> caller: we have held some of the trucks. if you're driving a commercial vehicle, if you have a set of doubles to trailers, or one axle in the what we're they are holding them. we will screen them out. the reason being they cannot get over the hill lot of times in these conditions as a result they are a hazard. >> james: so you're getting snow all the way down areof burn? >> caller: we are trying to screen them out before they it to the chain area.
10:12 am
>> george >> james: good advice to bring a blanket because ofis somebody spends in front of you could be there for a while. rain is what we are dealing with here. we have whole lot of water to hands on the wheel. we have dusty conditions as well. the complete look at your commute in one moment.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> james: 10:16 a.m., on of oakland shot dead 8:30 a.m., they had minorat 8:30 a.m., youe around some of these flooded spots. we are also seeing snow in the bay area. this is out of
10:16 am
mount st. helena, 5 in. of snow on top of that car. the elevation is 3,000 ft. near calloused oca.. mt. diablo 3,80i wouldn't be surprised if we see snow up there as well. storm tracker for there is a lot going on. >> louisa: this shot for san mateo , the rain is coming down right around san mateo. in a lot of locations in fact appeared flood the advisory was issued an hour ago for all media, said clara, san mateo. heavy rainfall is going to cause a haunting, make sure it's
10:17 am
not deeper than you think it is. critics may still rise out of their banks this morning. radar showed you where the act oact of weather is right now. san rafael seeing the rainfall rates pick up. a dose of heavier rain through the bridge. walnut creek getting heavier rain, san mateo bridge and that dunbarton bridge getting more rain. rain continuing to funnel into the bay. as we head through the day to expect more of this act of weather. winds are picking up as well. oakland of flirting with 30 mi. an hour winds right now. san jose 22, 15 in through concord. everyone seeing the winds picked up. as we head
10:18 am
towards a noontime we might see the intensity increase. the rain will push to the south the best chance of rain this evening will be in the south bay. a look day 7 day around the bay, topping out to the low 50s today, cool it off even more tomorrow. keeping the wet weather round for the weekend just a slight chance. inland low temperatures will bit chilly dipping below freezing. we could wake up to morning frost over the weekend. >> erica: traffic moving pass mountain view, you can see the yellow and red on your screen headed up to the dumbarton bridge. speeds as low as 17 mi. an hour. picking up the camera bit slower the james lick meets the inbounds central. allow yourself extra time headed in
10:19 am
the eastbound direction to the lower deck of the bay bridge. that strong wind advisory is in effect for 80. san mateo bridge has been hit by it rain, we have been accident free for the last few hours giving you a good drive time of 14 minutes across the span. if you're going to bypass traffic altogether headed up to the sierra, we have chain requirements and the fact for i 80, highway 50, highway 88. >> james: 10:21 a.m., delta airlines has been honored sorry ordered to pay $2 million for disability violations. the airline treated disabled passengers poorly, that complaint led to this fine.
10:20 am
delta and amended no wrongdoing but will install elevators and allow customers to specify what kind of wheelchair help they need. watching wall street started the day negatives but we are in positive territory. this is despite the poor ratings odd jobs.on jobs. nasdaq is up t seven. back to unemployment rate, benefit numbers are in they jumped 25,000 from the week before. labor department says jobless benefits rose 410,000. one week after falling to lowest level in three years. the increase was larger than
10:21 am
economists expected. however applications were below the peak of six death hundred and 51,000. that was in 2009. steve jobs' is undergoing treatment at cancer center in palo alto, according to radar on line. he was photographed by the inquirer of sight of that clinic. he said he was going on and go leave medical apple's stock trading down 1.3%. we will take a break and let's go back outside. a live shot from our roof camera, a few drops on 11 spirit is a rainy day in san francisco. much more coming up.
10:22 am
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10:25 am
>> james: word of a flash flood advisory sorry all morning for petaluma.a warning. they are geg close and they want to issue that. flash flood warning for petaluma. keep an eye out for streams a beginning to approach their banks. not only in the streams but urban areas as well. we are getting intersection's being flooded with water at this
10:26 am
point. let me just confer with louise the haj. . we will have ms it continues for the day. we will be back with more the ita limited time, get sizzler's 6oz, fresh cut, tri-tip steak plus our endless salad and dessert bar for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday.
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aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> james: one minute before 10:30 a.m., we want to get out outside with jackie. are your socks wet yet jackie? >> reporter: this is probably as bad as it has been all week long. we have had some heavy showers in the evening but as far as the morning hours this is as consistent as we have seen. it is a steady rain here, the
10:29 am
wind is strong. it is a wicked combination of what the right now. you talked about the high stream advisory's it doesn't surprise me at all. it seems like it has been running consistently for the last few hours. the wind has been consistently strong out here. if you're headed out today grabbed a jacket and gloves. if you don't have to go out grabble movie and curl up by the fire. >> james: let's get over to the weather center where lilies that is standing by.luisa is standin >> louisa: a flash flood warning for the willowbrook creek in petaluma. it looks like the greek is at 61 ft. so it is almost fall. -full. =--creek--.o
10:30 am
everywhere else as you mentioned under the small stream advisory. in means we will see pond in on roads, underpasses as well. you might see pondering on the roadwayponding on the roads wayd may be deeper than you think. the richmond san rafael bridge getting heavier downpours. 83 i- 80 quarter and through walnut creek, 3 san mateo, we have been watching the san mateo shot. down in to redwood city as well. as we continue to see this
10:31 am
wet whether final break through the bay area. it will be an active day once again today. we will continue with the threat of thunderstorms the possibility of pale as well. strong winds as well. along the coast 20 mi. an hour closed a 30 mi. an hour winds. in oakland these are sustained winds we are getting strong gusts with that as well. 50 mi. an hour winds into sfo, fairfield 17, san jose 22 mi. an hour winds. you're 7 day around bay. keep in mind if you have are rain the day the next day you will have the rain pile up. tomorrow we have another raid the day on tap. wet and windy weather continuing to your weekend slight chance of showers through saturday, sunday. now we will check in with traffic.
10:32 am
>> erica: for the most part we are free of hot spots in the bay area. slow along one no one in both directions, a bit behind schedule at the bay bridge westbound 80. it is the those droplets indicating it is indeed running. solid backup along 80 the over cross, a bit more movement in the fast track. we have a strong wind advisory for the bay bridge as well as the san mateo bridge, that camera shaking around. strong windy advisory passage all plaza in both directions of '92. so far, so good. drive with extra caution but still tracking a good drive time of 15 minutes. golden gate bridge no problems here, we have all wet deck but traffic is moving well in
10:33 am
southbound into san francisco. crosstown freeways here where james lick me the amount central was a bit slower earlier this morning. roadway flooding doesn't look to be the case right now but easy conditions southbound towards the airport, headed in the eastbound direction keep in mind you have the strong wind advisory still in effect. >> james: here at kron 4 will tran continues team coverage. >> will: in san jose mother nature is not taking her foot off the gas pedal. here's a shot of a security guard does his body language say cold or what? then some students waiting for their boss to arrive, i'm sure that was a long way. --
10:34 am
their best to arrivus tours rid- >> james: near calloused dopa mount st. helena we had a dusting of snow there this morning. we saw cars driving through earlier in the morning that had three-4 in. of snow. not surprising the elevation 3,500 ft.. we will see this, may be testing on mount diablo as well. 10:36 a.m., back with more coverage in a moment. alive look at our roof camera this morning were the rain is coming down. more moment.
10:35 am
10:36 am
10:37 am
>> james: 10:39 a.m., the golden
10:38 am
gate bridge traffic coming on to marin county slow this morning. we have a lot of rain on the roads here. we will let you know the situation at sfo gets worse or better. currently it to our wait. in herculeses morning of car left the roadway slamming into the street bringing the whole thing down. you can see chp is out there, they have the chipper trying to get the road clear. a tree came down on the freeway with winds dangling over cars driving beneath. that situation under control this morning. we will go to we will continue team
10:39 am
>> reporter: pedestrians need to watch their step on the embarcadero, bay waters are surging up on the sea wall here, sometimes it comes up over the side. this has to do with the stormy conditions we have today, as well as high tide. this is one of the highest tides of the year today. 6.2 ft. at the golden gate bridge. >> james: 10:40 a.m., much more straight ahead.
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
>> james: 10:45 a.m., new video just into our newsroom 13th and madison. a tree came down at this point they thought it was storm related. more than 24 hours of consistent rain softened up the ground enough, that the gusty winds have brought trees down. i wouldn't be surprised if we see more of this around the bay area over the day today. keep it tuned here for ongoing coverage. it's not over yet. in fact it's getting worse in the north bay. a flash flood warning? >> louisa: a look at james lick camera. let's go to the radar and zoom and showing you the area. flash flood warning for
10:45 am
willowbrook creeks in petaluma. it is currently showing 61 ft., the next couple of hours expecting it to rise over and start flooding some of the areas downstream of willowbrook creeks. expecting toelsewhere ua flood advisory it means, you need to pay extra attention on the roads. could see ponderinsen urban locations. here's where some of the stronger storms are going and clayton to, monument boulevard, walnut creek, oakland, woke up to hail in
10:46 am
oakland and berkeley. continuing to see heavy rain there. as we take it to the richmond san rafael bridge you can see heavy downpours. down the peninsula is the lighter but steady and consistent. still getting snowfall on mount hamilton as well. continuing to watch the wet weather in the pacific. it is continuing to fundfunnel into this area. threat of flooding continues, 50 mi. an hour when said sfo 29 mi. an hour sustained winds for oakland, 17 fairfield, into fairfield as well. you're 7 day around the
10:47 am
bay. another day of wet weather tomorrow. the flooding will continue. saturday, sunday slight chance of rain that continues into next week as well. overnight temperatures below freezing over the weekend. we also have, ski report for you. we have good conditions in the sierra. a couple of feet of snow in the sierra over the past 24 hours. >> erica: if you're headed out the door there is rain bay area wide. fortunately only one hot spot to go the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. not good news if you're headed here but look at the back up still stacked up along edt, reports this back up stretches toward the foot of the maze. --along the 880--in addition to the back
10:48 am
up and rainy weather we have a strong windy advisory for the bay bridge. that camera is shaking around, strong wind advisory just past the toll plaza on 92. still looking at good drive times of 14 minutes across the span feared if you're coming out of th. chp is askinge with extra caution. sierra chain requirements this morning 80 , i wait 50, and highway 88. highway 58 and highway 88. >> james: you can follow eric got on twitter. follow very few
10:49 am
would. winter storm warning for the sierra is in place until saturday. video that was recorded at 7:00 a.m. this morning. 80 at truckee, 50 admirers in the south lake area. >> reporter: is outs like aho of the snow keeps coming down look. 10-12 in. of snow at lake level. 6,000 ft., a lot more know-hosn despite changes through much of the day many skiers are making their way here to tahoe to take advantage of the best skiing conditions since late last year.
10:50 am
this is the first real powder day they ever had here since christmas spirit more snow is on the way, snowing off and on for the week. many folks are finding places to stay throughout lake tahoe. as you drive around you see lake tahoe boulevard and a pioneer trail a lot of people shoveling out their cars. in some cases shovelling cars out twice for the day. all lot of snow coming down in south lake tahoe. >> james: other news this morning. many in the bay area law enforcement community were rocked wednesday when the commander of a multi-agency drug task force was arrested on felony drug charges. norman wielsch, the head of the central contra costa narcotics enforcement team and a 12-year veteran of the state bureau of narcotics, was arrested wednesday in benicia on multiple charges of felony drug dealing. the state attorney general's office says the arrest was the result of an investigation that began in mid-january. wielsch is facing 20 counts for selling methamphetamine, marijuana and steroids. back to whether as we
10:51 am
go alive look from kirkwood up in the sierra. folks are out there enjoying the slopes already this morning. a whole lot more on the way. >> reporter: more wicked whether headed our way keep track of the weather on our weather page. also check out live doppler radar to show you where the storms are headed now and where they are going ahead. get a look at the long term forecast for the seven day run the bay. that
10:52 am
is on
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
petaluma has a flood advisory flooding is imminent. >> james: we have live storm tracker for on our web site at kron 4 dot com. a good bit of information as you head home from work this afternoon. live coverage when the president comes.
10:57 am
10:58 am
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