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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 18, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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a new attorney general. >> reporter: president barack obama is motorcade reached woodside yesterday under the cover of darkness and the watchful eye of the secret service. he was among a dozen high tech executives for a private dinner to discuss innovation and private sector job growth. president barack obama wants to spend billions on high-speed internet clean energy and other programs. he says he served under bush's council meetings like this one and necessary to keep our country moving in the right direction. >> calle >> i think he should mingle with the people and those are good people. to keep the cutting
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edge and progress in technology. >> reporter: when he leaves on friday he will travel to or dent in woodside. --oregon-- >> james: we had this chance to speak with the tech analysts on why the president wanted to meet a zipper. >> caller: he represents the next generation of technology companies coming up. brent blends a demographic that has been very supportive of him. when he went through as election campaign. the audience has its massive mobilize civil. he could
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be one of his keys to be reelected. >> james: the president's visit is also political as having support from tektite its who will help him get reelected. i'm sure that is a part. live pictures out of cairo, egyptian and have gathered by the thousands for prayers, also a victory march to mark the fall of will embark one week ago today. they are calling today victory and a continuation. they will keep it alive. they clapped, played music, we heard instruments as they waited for purrs to begin. it is i'm settled inplayers to began. tenf thousands of yemenis continue
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their demonstrations. this for the eighth day, riots flared in yemen second largest city where protesters set fire to a government building. police shot to death at least one demonstrator appeare. let's gete latest on our weather, it was a wet day yesterday, what over night. this morning the beef a brief break. >> louisa: the golden gate bridge dry as you head no. you will hit plenty of fog out there. as we head into the afternoon chance for showers is going to continue. so let's go ahead and take a look at your radar giving a look at what's going on out there. storm tracker report shows showers from livermore down to the south bay as well. san jose and
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southwards towards more been held.morgan hill. we are seeing snowfall south of los gatos and hamilton mountain. we are dealing with fog in the north bay as well this morning. in san rosa through the napa area, we are actually looking at quarter of a mile of visibility and the san rosa. future cast 4 continues to show rain staying put in the same location. as we head through the morning hours 11:00 a.m., a greater chance of rain through the east bay. we are talking about light showers a big difference from the past couple of days. by 4:00 p.m., your evening commute will be a wet one. maybe an isolated heavier downpour but for the most part light steady rain. by
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6:00 p.m., a few raindrops but it tapers off over the weekend. starting off this morning with cold temperatures just a few degrees above freezing. for now but 35, 44 oakland, but certainly is chillier start for the day today. 7 day around the bay, tomorrow a chance of rain in the picture, staying dry sunday at this point. slight chance of showers next week. instability is still there but we're not looking at any big storm in the days ahead. overnight temperatures will dip down to freezing over the next couple of nights. >> erica: at the friday, no accidents or hot spots right now, we do have a strong wind advisory for the bay bridge this morning. 80 in both directions it just pass the toll plaza not
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affecting traffic at all. no problems getting to the bridge. the chp is asking you drive with caution and keep both hands on the steering wheel. we had a strong wind advisory for the san mateo bridge but that has gone. like conditions herlike conditin gate bridge may be little foggy but we are good in terms of accidents and incidents. public transportation also off to a great start. james? >> james: let's continue team coverage of the wet, windy, cold weather. >> reporter: the sign says subject to flooding. the sign itself was practically since march. water surged out of the bay of flooded the sidewalk along embarcadero thursday. one
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of many places high waters threaten cause problems. i served in pacific that called renewed concern about erosion along the bluffs. to the north and petaluma the creek was 61 ft. and rising. the muddy waters turned rapidly as they swept debris downstream. in martinez the critical rows to less than 4 ft. below the bridge. businesses got there sand bags ready. residents in low-lying neighborhood took precautions as well. it was in a creek that cause the problems in oakland, it was a tree roo. this crowd fl over top on the minivan the man was not been at the time appeared city workers came to
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cut the tree up and haul it away. a couple of cars and it before caltrans got there to haul it off to the side of the road. back in san francisco of the rain kept up for the afternoon. nothing an umbrella could not handle unless you factor in the wind. the evening commute was low and peppered with rain. the real treat was an increase malcolms, instead of rain they got snow. it wasn't enough to build a snowman but it was enough to throw up someone. >> james: there rain, the wind, means no for the sierra. this is interstate 80 near king bill. this snow is falling gently to the ground. interstate 80 is open this morning. chains are required to bring them with you.
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still the snow erodes cannot stop folks from hitting the slopes with the fresh powder. >> reporter: they say getting there is half the fun. a ski trip following a big snowfall like the one we have now may be the exception. what's your ride it's all downhill. this is tahoe along highway 50. if it is the closest large resort to sacramento. they have allowed of new snow here. they have had 38 in. of snow since tuesday. 21 in. in the past 24 hours. it is still coming down as you can see. it was light yesterday but cooler today. visibility is not that great, but still just great
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conditions here. there of a chain rate strictions on highway 52 will vehicles need chains, for will trucks with snow tires are generally good to go. >> james: we will be following the whether rolling and, alive look at of mt. tam, showing you san francisco in the distance. rain is falling in the south bay right now. a full look coming up in just a bit.
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>> james: 4:12 a.m., a san mateo bridge highway 92 traffic is moving well. 42 degrees in san mateo. getting up to 52 for your highs today. rain is falling south of this bridge. more on that in a minute. stock futures are flat this morning as investors take a breather. no
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reports aren't tap for today. it rose 30 points yesterday, nasdaq added six. oil prices fell to $86 a barrel. a judge has ok orders closing 200 stores. it's part of an attempt to fix the businesses model quillets under bankruptcy protection. in other news around the bay the new section of the bay bridge is ahead of schedule and wreak open sorry i should say open in both elections in 2013. the next big change will be that traffic pattern on the east side. the out lanes will shift to the
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south, that will take away from the construction crews. caltrans will change the lane pattern in may and it will stay that way until the new bridges ready for traffic. caltrans says the pattern shift will make the drive smoother. >> the way you come off the bridge now, when you come out to take back this way. it's the way it's been for 75 years. in order to move traffic out of the way we are going keep everybody to the south. so instead of making that turned back in you will ease to the south to continue on. >> james: both lanes will be open to the public sometime around september of 2013. we will take a quick break and be back with more moment.
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>> james: 4:16 a.m., a look at
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cairo this morning protesters are in the middle of this were celebrating by the thousands. commemorating the one week of the hosting of mubarak. they will call for reforms that the military has promised to bring them. we will follow those developments, have more on this story as it continues to develop your let's bring it back to the bay area. we are dealing with weather and that is the headline. july gold and the bridge this morning but that wasn't the case last night. -- dry golden gate bridge. --there was a lot of flooding around the bay area, 14th avenue in oakland you can see puddles there. forcing cars to slow down and go round. pools of water gathered
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in front lawns of some residents. today hopefully not as heavy. but let's find out. >> louisa: if you're on the peninsula you think this storm is over it is dry. in the south bay bit of a different picture we are looking at plenty of rainfall. just to the south of san mateo heading towards palo alto, also in to morgan hill as well. getting more snowfall than yesterday at this time and through mount hamilton as well. heavier rain along highway 82, some of the heavier spots of rain this morning. also looking at fog. where it is dry now it is creating fog with the moisture. been keep that in mind
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if you're headed to the golden gate bridge probably hit dense area of fog. as we take it through the days similar water pattern with the showers from livermore down to fremont, and the south bay. towards 11:00 a.m. and a few showers moving back into the bay. intermittent showers through the afternoon in most locations. some areas could have heavier debt pours through the day. for the most part much lighter than what we have dealt with. by the evening a better chance of drying out. 7 day around the bay, tomorrow we have a slight chance of rain, it looks like we have a better chance of trying out sunday. slight chance of showers through next week. >> erica: all voile it's a good start for your commute. no accidents oa good start for youy
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commute, nice and light conditions here, also at the golden gate bridge stuck at 1 01. we did talk about one the fog out there so be careful. taking it over to the traffic maps, alerting you to overnight construction at the dumbarton bridge. to lanes in each direction shutdowns in effect until 5:00 a.m., speeds and the green indicating well above 50 mi. per hour. if you're headed to the sierra likable things to be aware of. you'll need your chains on interstate 80. highway 50 is being held between twin bridges and myers. highway 88 is shut down from silver lake up to cook world. --cook would-
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>> reporter: here again seize some of the big waves crashing at times even crushing over this rock right here. we're seeing a lot of big waves because of the winter storm. also because of the high tide. it is one of the highest tides all year. you can see these folks on this side standing against this reeling. at times they are getting splashed by the waves. because of the high tide, the storm, and the wind we are seeing 15-20 ft. waves along the coast. >> james: not just in the bay area we see big waves but some of the highest tides this is waving and. >> reporter: this is the highest
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ever seen it. there is no doubt it's the highest i seen all year. --highest tide--round two of the berries winter storm is headed our way and that's what side is called king tied. it could be a recipe for disaster cure. >> it has caused destruction. >> reporter: some residents are not buying it. >> they're just trying to make everybody paranoid. get this global warming stuff. it's got nothing to do with things hot or cold. >> reporter >> james: the high tide is bring tourists to the shore to watch
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mother nature put on a show. another new costs related to the gas line explosion in september are expected to be twice as much as first thought. the company says indirect costs will rise between 200-$3 million. that is up from the 150 million. 55 homes were destroyed. we will take a break for 20 2:00 a.m., quick look aside the situation in san jose. storm tracker 4 was picking up rain. --f
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>> james: wheel of back for 20 4:00 a.m., our roof camera shooting the moon. it is off of the embarcadero. currently 40 degrees currently 44 degrees, r.iy will be 51are high today will b. thousands of protesters will be at the state capitol building again tothis morning. lawmakers sided with the protesters by leaving the state.
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michael jones reports. >> reporter: it's a message wisconsins wants lawmakers to hear loud and clear. thousands have crowded the capital in madison, they are protesting reform bill backed by scott walker. it would force teachers to pay more for benefits, limit their collective bargaining rights. >> i'm passionate about what i'd do, i feel attack, i feel they are not listening. >> reporter: it was supposed to go to a vote thursday but in a defiant move 16 people were no- shows' stalling this session. many left the state and went to illinois. >> the workers don't deserve to be treated like mud. the governor failed to negotiate, or talk to them. >> reporter: governor walker
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says it is critical to solve wisconsin's credit budget crisis. >> and calling on the senate to show up and do the job they're being paid to do. >> reporter: it will reconvene today. >> james: we will keep an eye on that. let's head off to a break right now. we have the chips in egyptians by the thousands gathering for prayer. back with more moment.
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>> james: as we approach for 30 a.m., our roof camera, and on the right we have wet conditions in the south bay. dry air in san francisco. we will talk about the weather in just a bit.
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untether headlines this morning. top story is president barack obama is in the bay area waking up this morning. he landed at sfo at 5:40 p.m., he had dinner with 12 executives at home in woodside. bridget kumar tells us why the president is in town. >> reporter: president barack obama had dinner with high-tech executive at john doors. the home is located behind me on this street. the main topic of discussion is job creation in the private sector. he wil >> james: we will follow the movements, i believe he's expected to take off at 8:30 a.m., we will let you know when
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that happens. let's get over to the weather the rain is falling for half the bay right now. >> louisa: rain down in the south bay, although no rain in san francisco at this hour. it is taking a breather, however we are not done with showers yet. we are seeing fog the north bay as well so you may get pockets of fog towards the golden gate bridge. chance of showers later on and it the day. plentf rainfall in the south down in san jose, morgan hill as well. snowfall in lexington hills, also mount hamilton, plenty of rain fall as well. 7:00 a.m. a similar pattern rain staying
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into the santa clara valley. towards 11:00 a.m. spiracles along the peninsula and the east bay. not done with that chance of rain. --sprinkles--for the most part this will be tame in comparison to the storms over the last few days. a few sprinkles through evening commute, 7 a.m. our, in lake tae prepared by 11:00 p.m. all the moisture moving over to your area. 7 day around the bay shows chance of showers saturday, sunday looks like we will dry it out. >> erica: fortunately we have no solos the notes, no hot spots that we have seen over last few days. we have a strong
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wind advisory in effect for your ride to and from the bay bridge. this is traffic headed toward san francisco, moving well from all approaches right now. chp says what you're speeds out there. that is not the case at the san mateo bridge like conditions here no strong when it was rape. traffic moves well giving you a drive tim13 strongc maps 84 about directions the dunbar bridge, to write lanes are closed in each direction spirit but traffic is still moving and the green. picking up another camera in the south bay, no hot spots for you, it is raining out there but not producing anything in the way of
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solo spill notesso los been ous >> reporter: it is cold out here, not as breezy. i hear winds will pick up so i might make you feel colder. i can only measure it by how many layers of clothing i have on in its is a thre. it is 83 later date. i wanted to yo3 labor day.
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>> james: we will keep you updated on the weather. we have snow up in the sierra, and around the bay area. this is napa, you can see all of this snow that fell yesterday morning. this snow here is not close to what they are getting in the sierra. in your thinking of heading to talk of we will show you the driving conditions. >> reporter: it is classic winter driving conditions about 4,000 ft. across much of thithis selahthe sierra. this is west of south lake tahoe. drivers will find a checkpoint the speed
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limit is 25 mi. an hour and the road is icy, the pulp is running 247, people have to change up well all will tire is a good to go. more snow on the way between now and next tuesday along highway 50. >> james: also making headlines and half the state mayor to a great at this state of the city address last night. highlighting the budget cuts and rising budget pension costs. he said closing the budget will need cut spiris. reed said he would not drastically cut the police force or stop paying pensions appeared
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in antioch father facing murder charges. he confessed to hitting his son, to make him stop crying. the child was taken off life support after being treated for mac multiple fractured bones, and bleeding on his brain. prussic tutors will seek murder charges. an accomplice in kidnappings is now behind bars. exclusive video of jerry taken into custody after turning himself in it on thursday. police say williams and another suspect it up a 25 year-old woman figure effects appeared first.. he felt pressure and
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surrendered to all pd. he is being charged with felonies kidnapping. new details the sexual acts at elementary school. that case is closed and no criminal charges will be filed. children reported to students. they say no doubt was involved in the incident so there will not pursue any charges. the egyptians by the thousands gathered today and a planned victory in march. they'rdame of the march today is to keep the beat spirit alivethp
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spirits up. they are worried the military will implement promised reforms. a chaotic scene in yemen, stone-throwing clashes in the street of the capital and elsewhere. witnesses say one person was killed dozens injured in thursday's protest. >> reporter: hundreds of anti- government demonstrators gathered thursday morning at that gates. they were turned white repeatedly by pro- government beefeaters appearedey were chanting slogans like with their souls, our blood we will sacrifice for yemen appeared when they tried to gather and another rallying 0.9 minutes later they were met by gangs and
4:37 am
hurled rocks at them. it was violent according to a government official 20 demonstrators were injured, police did not intervene. we saw i chaotic scene, red cross vehicle with medical personnel ready to would minister first- aid to the injured. we saw fire separating both camps. they weren't limited to sauna, one person was killed and 12 injured when security forces fired into demonstrators to try and disperse them. thousands of people gathered men, women, children gathered for a peaceful sit-in. >> james: we have video of the scene where security forces are cracking down on protesters. three people have been killed, 200 others have been injured. >> reporter: protesters said
4:38 am
they modeled themselves after the demonstrators in egypt appeared for a third straight day they gathered wednesday for a peaceful protest. demanding housing, jobs and reform. things turned violent. police want and charge the encampment where protesters were gathered appeare. among those caught in e melee was a reporter. >> i just got beat bad lead. i met the marketplace. people are cowering in buildings. >> reporter: following the crackdown psittacine scrub third outside the hospital. they
4:39 am
defended their actions saying they use a minimum of force, police suffered casualties. the country's largest opposition cap said they are withdrawn from the body. >> james: we aren't going to keep an eye on that throughout the morning. i shot of your westbound 80, no rainfall in here but not the same in san jose.
4:40 am
>> james: currently 34 degrees in san rosa, low 50s this afternoon. drivers need to get ready for lane changes gettincog up. we will explain why this
4:41 am
will open up the bridge to people early. >> reporter: in a this is what it will look like the east bound lanes will shift over. then work crews will add on to the structure next to the westbound lane to get the new alignment ready for the next phase. they will cut out this portion of the side. after that a clear shot for workers to make the new approach complete. elements will be added to make it look clean. both eastbound and westbound traffic will open on the new section of the bay bridge at the same time. drivers should get the first chance to drive on the section of the bridge in september of 2013. >> james: exciting stuff. let's
4:42 am
go back out sighting gave you look as we head off a break. you can see that rainfall in the south bay. we are seeing snow east of san jose. but rain pretty much across the south bay.
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>> james: a couple of live pictures on the lets san jose where rain is falling, and on the right 80 at a convention where snow was falling. let's find out how long it will last. >> louisa: you might wake up the north bay are along the peninsula and think the storm is over. that is not the case. this is where the wet weather is right now, down in to san jose and livermore. plenty of snow fall continuing in lexington hills, mount hamilton, right
4:44 am
through santa clara county. continuing with wet weather. it will stay similar for the next few hours. staying put over this area. them by 11:00 a.m., we will notice a few sprinkles spreading up along the peninsula and the east bay. a very light rain, consistent through the afternoon moderate downpours but certainly nothing compared to what we've had been dealing with. by 11:00 a.m. better chance of drying out--11:00 p.m.--35 san rosa, 30's in fairfield and concord, 44 san francisco. by the afternoon highs in the '50s. temperatures staying upper 40's low 50s.
4:45 am
along the coast '40's, and about 51 in san jose. if you're headed to tahoe we could have amassed. snow will continue all day today. you have cooled air as well. snow levels getting down to 2,000 ft.. snow likely saturday, and a chance of snow sunday. good news for folks already up there, but if you are planning to drive up it could be a long one. 7 day around bay showers and to tomorrow. we crude dryout sunday chance of showers next week. >> erica: if you're headed out the door just now no accidents to report. great conditions getting to the bridge no problems westbound 580 or the nimitz freeway. those metering
4:46 am
lights are off. easy conditions here and the san mateo bridge this morning. you can see taillights in the commute direction towards foster city. equally good outside north bay. you can see traffic speeds moving 65 mi. an hour. crosstown freeways in san francisco traffic is moving well. if you are headed to the sierra we have a couple of things to bring to light. 80 you'll need chains from gold run to the state line. highway 50 traffic is being held between twin bridges and my ears. highway 88 closed from silver lake to kirkwood. >> james: if you want a state up to date on the traffic, air that is the place to go. fall apart at twitter. -- erica - a--we hae
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>> james: were looking for snow levels 2,000 ft. today. as you make your way up there, bring chains. a look at what we have in your forecast for the sierra. chains are required on interstate 80. highway 50 traffic was being held, at this point we are getting word that might be changing. highway 88 closed from silver lake to kirkwood. more minutes stay with
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>> darya: 84 waking up with the morning news buried it could be a long weekend with the president's day. or maybe you have a ski week. there is no coming down. we are looking for more rain as you can see. >> louisa: right now all lot of places dry. however livermore still dealing with showers. in the south bay same story. there are some folks getting a light showers through campbell, los gatos, snowfall continues in the mount diablo range. future cast 4 shows with that's where we are going to keep our chances if we get rain it will be in the south bay. towards the later part of your morning a better chance of rain shifting back into the
5:15 am
peninsula. again we are talking about a slight chance, very light rain into the afternoon. for the most part we are talking about scattered showers, intermittently. towards evening hours catching a break, still looking at showers or livermore valley. temperatures right now on the cool side. a few degrees above freezing in napa, 35 san rosa, 36 fairfield. mid-40s in the south bay as well. as we head into the afternoon those ties will go up to the '50s. 52 san rosa, those ties will stay in the upper 40's low fifties for the afternoon. it will be a cool afternoon. 52 in mountain view. still dealing with fog this morning the left over rain creating some fog in the north
5:16 am
bay. 1 01 this morning female one give yourself extra time.yof extra time. we have a chance of staying dry sunday, continuing with the slight chance of showers next week. >> george: quiet start here friday, monday is a holiday for many. there are no hot spots currently, no advisories either. no delays to the san mateo bridge eye there, it is a good no problems. whr is not the problem for the bay area commute, there are problems this morning in the north bay.
5:17 am
highway 29, it is closed, we you wanna see albany. highway 29 north of calloused joke that it has shut down as it was yesterday because of icing conditions there. >> mark >> darya: team coverage continues of the weather. yoli is in san francisco off the embarcadero. it was windy, cold yesterday what the conditions like now? >> reporter: definitely not windy, it is .comcalled. i have three layers on, i will also put
5:18 am
on a " because it is cold out here. no wind is calm and light. i will show you a demonstration on how little when there is out here. if you're waiting for the bus you will be cold put on a sweater and a coat. >> darya: think you yoli. >> mark: the other side of the bay bridge the work being done. another lane shift coming. this is what will happen at the oakland bay bridge. the new bay bridge is ahead of schedule. the next change will be a shift in traffic pattern. traffic going eastbound on the lower deck when you touched down in oakland. those lanes will ship to the south. they have to make room for the new bridge to line up
5:19 am
with the toll plaza. with that happening caltrans will make this pattern shift in may. it will stay that way until the new bridges ready for traffic. >> the way you come off the bridge right now, when you come out from underneath the bridge. you can't back. --to thiin ordeo move traffic away were in the east to the south. it will east to the south and continue. >> mark: lows lanes will be open to the public in september. -- both lanes-- >> darya: city attorney is cracking down on six stores selling crack pipes. they have been selling glass pipes despite police warnings to halt the sales. the city has sued the
5:20 am
stores. the stores implicated our mission gets and thatyes' th each implication. narcotics agent is going to be arraigned on suspicion of selling drugs appeared that will happen today he headed that task force. he was arrested wednesday. five felony counts related to the distribution of marijuana and steroids appeared stat. the ag's investigation is ongoing. >> mark: a quick break as the
5:21 am
news continues until 11:00 a.m.. alive look as an francisco a break in the action appeared a cold morning around the bay. 44 in san francisco high today low 50s. all lot of inland spots are down to freezing this morning.
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>> mar >> james: 80 at came bell, this snow is still falling. --at kings billstorm trucker for shoe rain we get in the bay transfers to snow in the higher elevations. we are same chain requirements are round cooled run.around gold run. here is a k
5:25 am
out of your weekend forecast for the sierra. snow level drops 2,000 ft. this afternoon. similar for tomorrow. day-by- day of the snow leighton's just a bit. by sunday eye chance of a flurry are to about 3,000 ft.. and then monday presidents' day, the same as sunday. continuing fall in the forecast here and the sierra. mark? >> mark: a hearing is set whether not to release a shooting suspect. as well as unseal record of a police search around his home. they oppose a
5:26 am
request to hand over the photo air release the records. journalists want to know what items were taken in the search. federal judges in arizona recused himself from the hearing today. president barack obama will be naming a federal court house in arizona after the judge today. as far is lost there, he will not be at today's hearing. >> darya: we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. all looked at s f o. air force one waiting for president barack obama. we will be right back.
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>> darya: 5:30 a.m., a live shot on the approach to the bay bridge which is dry right now. on the right hand side will much of the bay area is dry, we
5:29 am
have rain in the south. if we keep going east we can see this snow developing there. tahoe getting hammered again. a lot of people will want to head out for what is a long weekend. some people have the week for a ski week. we want this bill but we need a break to get there. >> louisa: drive along the peninsula and the north bay. in the south still sprinkles and snowfall right through the mount diablo range in santa clara. as we wideman doubt watch all the moisture sitting off the coast. we widen out you can see the moisture moving in. we can bring moisture back into the peninsula. by 7:00 a.m., abest
5:30 am
chance in the south bay. by the 2:00 p.m. hour same story. as we head towards your evening commute moderate downpours. what we are talking about today is scattered showers throughout the day. the best chance of staying dry into the north bay. by 6:00 p.m. a few more sprinkles again. wet weather continues through the evening hours. current temperatures we are cold in san rosa 35 degrees, not but 33.we we could see fog through the morning as well 52 for san rosa, as we take in the south bay temperatures kind of staying in the upper 40's low 50s. here is a look at your visibility. if
5:31 am
you're headed towards the golden gate bridge you could hit fog. visibility less than a quarter of a mile. you're 7 day around the bay, in the afternoon highs in to the '50s. slight chance of rain for tomorrow. better chance of staying dry sunday. slight chance of showers through the week. george? >> george: a quiet hot spot free morning. no wind advisories for the bridges. no delays to the bay bridge much lighter than usual. it is a friday and monday is a holiday. it is likely we could see like to meet today. the san mateo bridge, problem free and lighter than usual. the golden gate bridge ride is also pretty like
5:32 am
this morning. even though traffic is lighter than on any other bridge at this hour. san francisco ride as we look at this city. light traffic inbounds central, at no delayed. >> mark: rain and wind in this area. and snow in tahoe. we have closures on 50 earlier, you have to bring a chain saw up there. not enough snow to stop people who are looking to hit fresh powder. we will show you what they're finding. >> reporter: they say getting there is half the fun. a ski trip following a big snowfall like the one we have now may be the exception to the rule. one of your ride it's all downhill.
5:33 am
sierra at tahoe, highway 50 near 7000. we are 12 mi. west of south lake tahoe. they have a lot of new snow here. 38 in. of snow since tuesday, 21 in. in 24 hours. it is still coming down. that is that champagne powder. it was wet yesterday but cool today. visibility not that great. still just great conditions. keep in mind there are a chain requirements on highway 50. four-wheel drive is equipped with snow tires are generally good to go. >> darya: president barack obama will be waking up this morning in the bay area. i don't think he gets up at 5:30 a.m.. this is
5:34 am
a look at air force one waiting for him to rise. he is set to leave at 845 this morning. the president landed there yesterday, here he is stepping off at 5:40 p.m. he had dinner with executives. the main topic of discussion innovation and job creation in the private sector. president barack obama it is expected to namcausally me has catalyst of the president's camp l will find new ways to promote economic growth. >> mark: craggy is where the
5:35 am
president stayed. democrati. >> craig: he will be handed to oregon meeting up with intel folks up there. they had everything block often ready to go when he leaves to go to sfo. they're keeping him as close to the airport as possible. we are waiting for that happened. >> mark: we will check back with you throughout the morning. we will be back as the news continues.
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>> james: 5:40 a.m., 50 and myers, we had all their a few hours ago. traffic was backed up and now it has cleared. that
5:39 am
holding is now gone. winter storm warning intel for tomorrow. this note is all over the sierra. 3,000 ft. right now but it will get down to a thousand feet later. chain requirements are required. you will need a chain saw and 80, highway 50, and then highway 88 you will need chains. right now is closed between silver lake and kirkwood. give yourself extra time. once you get up there it will be great. snow levels to thousand feet today, 1 ft. of snow today. tomorrow 4 in. on the ground, by sunday chance of snow here and there.
5:40 am
snow levels risin300 rising 3,00 ft.. monday will be a carbon copy of sunday. 5:41 a.m., we will be back.
5:41 am
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5:43 am
>> louisa: welcome back to kron 4 morning news. storm tracker for a bit of a different story today. trying out the north bay but if you move to livermore in the south bay plenty of rainfall, and snow through the diablo range. also lexington hills appeare. as we why did itt weather still sitting offshore. we expect some of this depression to the bay later this morning. by 7:00 a.m.,
5:44 am
continuing to see the bulk of wet weather in the south bay. towards 11:00 a.m., the rain edges its way north along the peninsula. your evening commute may start to feel a few sprinkles. scattered showers but the occasional moderate downpour. backing up towards evening hours. my see a few lingering raindrops' 3 livermore but for the most part the bulk of the wet stuff through the beginning of your day. a chilly start for the day today 33 napa, sitting in the 30's and san rafael, concord, fairfield said payment 40's. your afternoon highs today will be cool. sometimes jurors not out of the 40's. not escaping the 40's along the coast, 51 in
5:45 am
san jose. dealing with fog this morning as well. this orange around 1 01 headed towards petaluma hitting some dense pockets of fog. novato one- quarter of a mile of visitation. . >> george: we are learning about some are delays i will tell you about those a moment. your ride west bound to the bay bridge. you can see traffic is still very light here heading from the macarthur maze towards the upper deck. no delays toward san francisco. your ride to the san mateo bridge equally good. very light in the counter float direction. golden gate bridge ride southbound problem free
5:46 am
even light for the golden gate bridge ride. we mentioned bart delays, it is a residual delay. late track maintenance work at the 24th station, it trains headed towards that station are delayed. trains, headed down toward cholla and sfo are likely to be behind schedule. trains east bay from 24th street are subject to delays. they say this is a residual delays that should clear themselves in 15 minutes. >> darya: continuing coverage of the cold wet windy weather. jonathan blum has a look at what has fallen so far. >> reporter: the sign says
5:47 am
subject to flooding. the sign was submerged. water surge dead of the bay and flooded the sidewalk along san francisco's embarcadero one of many places high water threatened to cause problems. on the peninsula high served caused concerns about erosion along the city's fragile blossom. in petaluma the creek was 61 ft. and rising prompting a flash flood warning. the mud waters turned rapidly as it swept debris downstream. in martinez the creek rose to less than 4 ft. below the bridge. residents in seousome areas got the sandbags ready as well. but it was in a creek in oakland it was a tree. soaked with white rain the cedar tree fell in the library on toppled
5:48 am
this minivan. he was not been met at the time. city workers came to cut up the tree and haul it away. further east another tree tied up traffic when it fell across the westbound highway 4. a couple of cars headed before they got there to haul it off to the side of the road. back in san francisco the rain kept up for the afternoon. nothing in umbrella could not handle in lets you factor in the wind. the evening commute was slow and peppered with rain. the real tree was out in that mountains, instead of rain they got snow. there wasn't enough to build a snowman but there was more than enough if you wanted to throw it. >> mark: san jose where mayor chuck reed made the city address. call in the budget public enemy number one. closing
5:49 am
the budget all would take more than a 10 percent cut in wages and benefits. reed is urging city workers to consider making those concessions permit. retirement costs need to be brought under control but he pledged there will be no drastic cuts to the police force. >> mark: stock futures are flat as investors take a breather. no reports are due today, it rose 30 points yesterday. oil prices fell down to $86 a barrel. a judge has approved borders plan to close 200 stores including 12 bookstores in the bay area as an attempt to fix its business in bankruptcy protection. it allows approval.
5:50 am
>> mark: officials from the big apple extending stanford university an invitation. it want them to create an engineering campus within the city. if stanford university except the new campus would be larger and more permanent than their rigs and the existing centers. >> darya: antioch father behind bars right now facing murder charges. police say he brutally beat his two month old baby, leaving the child brain-dead. he confessed to hitting his son, to make the boys stop crying. that's what he told police. the child was taken off life support
5:51 am
and declared brain dead. prosecutors say they will seek murder charges once the boy is officially declared dead. we have new details in the investigation in sexual acts at a school. no criminal charges are going to be filed, the investigation is closed. children reported to students engaged in sexual conduct in their second grade classroom last month. oakland police say no doll was involved in the incident. so the case is closed. >> mark: we will be back as the news continues until 11:00 a.m.. dry conditions here for now. in san rosa cold morning 54 degrees, a few spots near freezing spots so there is a possibility of black ice. the
5:52 am
high today low 50s this afternoon with scattered showers.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
>> mark: following latest this morning this is egypt. thousands gathering for prayers today and a planned march to mark the fault of mubarak one week ago today. they're calling it a day of area and continuation of your thousands of flags and vendors selling items. marking the revolution we will have the latest on egypt coming up. >> darya: we are tracking the storm, another powerful punch live from storm tracker 4. we do have rain in san jose in the south. the rest of the bay area is dry, that is not going to be a case. don expected to be gone just yet. 7 day around the bay,
5:56 am
check it out it is cold appearance this weekend will be cold. 52 for the high. little pokes of sunshine here and there. same thing for the weekend it is partly cloudy and cold. but the slight chance of showers. unsettled week next week. >> mark: more on whether into minutes as the news continues. alive look at here force one at sfo the president leaves into ours.
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