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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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you are looking at their kidover to the sfo. he is
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trying to find a way to have zero of the economic situation. the economy is struggling and silicon valley is struggling as well. if you are looking to drive through old bay sharshort you might want to wait awhile. we are not sure which way the president is 0.2 head. this whole area is blocked off. back to you. them that it is not the huge inconvenience. let us take look like that airforce wind as we're keeping our camera trained at the sfo. our cameras will stay there and you will tell you what the president sleeves and when the all clear is given. mark? >> marty: the power outages.
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people in the north bay it are scattered here and there with no power. it is 73 and that north bay right now. most customers will get their power back this afternoon. up to 3 ft. of snow has already hit the sierra during the president holiday weekend. we'll look at more of the forecast coming up. coming up in the bay area of the lease at pot test more. quite a day yesterday. are we going to see more? alabama absolutely not. we are born to see more. the north bay is one of the places that could stay dry. the peninsula is dry. we are watching a few showers in san jose. we are
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continuing with wet weather. check all of this snow falls for the mount diablo. also, some still fall into lexington hills as well. as to why didn't it out moisture is still sitting and continuing to final so now that showers are in the south bay. we're going to keep this pattern of showers sent to the south. we are expecting to watch them back up to date east bay and into the delta as well. we could see it scattered showers later today. certainly nothing like we have seen it. by the 4:00 hour your commute might get a moderate downpour. for the most part light showers. we will keep the chance of wet weather of round. a lot of that wet weather is pushing off to
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the east. here is a look at your current temperatures. 33 and up but. by the afternoon it will stay cool out there. novado and san francisco looking cold. - date chillier. because of all of the raid yesterday, actually, it is causing fog into the midnight hour. we are dealing with the fog. here is your seventh date at around the bay. we could actually have a better chance of staying dry on sunday. george? >>george: some folks may be playing hooky. we are not seen a lot of traffic. it will hot spots. is much
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lighter than usual in that direction of the bay bridge. san mateo bridge, at what they're not related problems are not there. dry pavement. looked at the open space. in is the holiday. we may be looking at a light ride today. the bridge ride is good as well. no problems heading into marin county or through marin county on of 101 southbound. bart is recovering from some earlier problems one was headed toward small bright the other toward richmond. it is 607 a m we'll be right back.
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and we are back. adas 89 in squaw valley. a look at the
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conditions in this year. a skiing weekend coming up. we are keeping our audit kind of forecast. we will keep you out here where you can see the rain in the bay ternate into snow. as we zoom in you will see that you need to be careful as you drive up. this is right around the donner pass. you have spotty this note showers is still affecting you. you will need a chance on a 82 state line. you leave them on the 50 from plaster fell to myers. this stretch of 88 is closed. it is for the stretch from the silver lake to kirkwood. we will let you know when it is back up and running. as for your forecast the snow level is down 2,000 ft.. maybe half
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of fed will fall overnight. tomorrow is less snow. less than that on sunday. in fact, sunday will be a flurry. monday aid will look to is like sunday. temperatures are near the freezing mark getting into the overnight hours. i agreed we can to get out there. a great ski week ahead. guys? >>darya: thank-you. look at this video. thousands of egyptians are gathered for a planned march route tourist square. it is to mark the week ago that the president barrack stepped down. flag protesters clapped. they played pinochle instrument.
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-- a musical instruments. >>james: we will be right back. we continue until 11:00 a.m.. here is a look at the roof can. dark skies. full moon. 34 in san francisco. we are down to freezing. a chilly day with pop-up showers. not expected to be as bad as yesterday.
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>>darya: 662 a m is the time right now. taking a look at the store tracker 4. who is getting grain don? who is getting it snowed on. the mix of snow off to the east.
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we are looking at another big down and tall. will tran is continuing our it team coverage. well >>will: i'm off the capitol expressway. this is a snapshot of things off of this set date. look at this. it looks like the wind wants to join in on the party. if this continues to pick up it will turn from what it to various saudi. it says it will not take long. i am will tran for kron4 news. >>james: we are covering of weather situation. >> reporter: it is dry and tear.-- out here. the wind has
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picked up. it put on and other coat. waiting for public transportation you want to bundle up to date. >>james: as out windchill moment. livy's the haj is watching the weather. >>louisa: drawn out into the north bay. showers are pushing their way out from the south. we are seeking in this morning. showers continue from san jose into morgan hill. can see some snow showers all through out the mount diablo range. in through this era cloudy. we are starting to watch a few raindrops into fremont. very
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light. a lot of moisture. is continuing to funnel into this at bay. with regard to continue with the moisture. into your next hour is the best chance for rain but we are going to continue to watch this pattern of raindrops pushing its way up to northport's. up to the east bay through the napa valley as well. we are keeping a chance of scattered showers throughout the day. we will not see anything severe as the last couple of days. no thunderstorms but a moderate down pour into evening commute. as we head into the evening your current temperatures are chilly for now but will be about 35 or 37 in fairfield. a little bit of fog into the north bay. afternoon highs
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of 52 degrees in san jose. nevada at 50. temperatures into the low 50s or marker and fort morgan appe >>george: it is a quiet day. no hot spots. the best of the week. at highway 4 is better than usual. no hot spots. it knows low slh the bridges look good. west bound ride light.
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southbound/northbound traffic looks good. interstate 80. oh that is not the right camera shot. it should be. there we go that is the right camera shot. moving great. no delays on any of the approaches to the west bound bay bridge. area? >>darya: thank-you. the new bridge will be opened in 2013. that is like tomorrow when time flies. (laughter) the next big change will be a change in the traffic pattern. ship to this othe lefto the south they will change the traffic. caltrans says
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the pattern shift will make that commute smoother. them out when you come out you come back this way. this is the way it has been for 75 years. in order to traffic out of the way we appointees everybody out of this stuff. the south. >>darya: it should be done again, for 2013. >>james: the mayor is delivering a state of the city address. he's is closing of the short fall it will take more than the 10 percent cut. he is urging workers to make concessions
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to make the cuts permanent. he says retirement costs need to be brought under control. he said there will be no drastic cuts in community centers. >>james: adam west constant, at the capitol in madison. they have tried to create an anti-union measures that is intended to ease a budget crisis. it would end a half century of chartering. -- artery in.they'rthe art of barga faxed teachers, the governoof
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>>darya: let us take a look at the james lick. it is dry. for the time being. we will be right back. (music)
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>>james: will come back. a live look at the bridge. we start to see at bat and it could get light today. especially on the president weekend. chilly morning. at least it is not trading. 51 for as high. we could see some showers. >>darya: there is a hearing set to determine whether to release any new mug shot of arizona alleged shooter jared loughner air. to unseal the records. there are prosecutors that oppose the request. journalists
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want to know what the items were taken in that search after the j 28 shooting that killed six people gabrielle giffords. the judge was killed in the attack. lot more will not attend the hearing. we will be right back as kron4 news continues. dry conditions here and everything is moving smoothly.
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>>james: will come back the stock fell is opening all street. finance ministers are in paris today and will bring you the numbers later on today. >>darya: this is triple live shots of a sample of what you face out side are
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getting it out today. there is a cap on the clouds and a slice of blue sky. hopefully we will see the sun come up. at the top you can see the james lick. lower right to cemetery bridge. we do not have rain. how long will the sun be out? >>louisa: it will be, that it was in the past couple of days. showers are edging their way north court. this morning we started off with showers into it said was a 101. diablo range looks good. as we take a close look you can notice a few showers and some sprinkles picking up to san mateo into redwood city. also along the coast into half moon bay it we are picking up some showers of the current hour.
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fremont as well. we're talking about light rain. offshore all lot of moisture is funneling into our area. we are not done with it yet. backing up into the peninsula. here is your future cast. best chance of rain into the set. as a pattern of pushing up. far north as the dull thud.dealtthee will call it scattered showers into the evening. it is a cold start to the day. 35 degrees = san jose. 32 equals mac up.southnapa. weathes
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better it on the weekend. china on sunday. maybe saturday as well. monday, tuesday, a slight chance of showers torch? g >> >>george: no major delays. we hung no wind advisers for the bay area it holidays. west bound. it no metering lights. very light traffic. ride to the san mateo bridge = good. volume heavy air.. but o problems with the approach. golden gate bridge = easy. we did just get word of an accident in san was a on the 101 northbound. it was reported right here on trouble delacroix's. it is why we are seeing the
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traffic here. north of the guadalupe parkway that traffic is flowing. southbound accident reported here at the expressway. we are keeping an eye and both of those to see if they should develop into hot spots are major problems. mark? mark >> thank-you. correct? >> craig: two hours before the president is supposed to take off. he has been here for two hours meeting with silicone gel late. they are heading to silicone force. can see the police here. it is a checkpoint. both sides of the westin hotel is where the president is day said the whole area is blocked off. if you are going to the
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sfo airforce one is sitting over there and tried to get short is a distance as possible. he is continuing to processed but reach out to other businesses in the area. it is happening over the next couple of hours but in the meantime please stay away from bay shore road because you will not be will to get through. >>darya: 6:34 a.m.. i want to be the latest on the snow. plenty of snow. take a look here at the 50 ski run. you can see, well you cannot see. it is covered with snow. that is to look at highway 50. (music) >> reporter: chain controls often gone along interstate 80. this is at checkpoint a myers. about 5 mi. west of
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todd. he's done drivers are born to find that there are similar checkpoints here in this year. the plows are running 247. the checkpoints are to make sure your on and your changes tires. at 6,000 ft. we're looking at more snow. robb for kron4 news. >>darya: that is go to kirkwood as we're waking up. what is it like there, michael? >> reporter: we got 2 ft. over night! is incredible. perfects no first years, drivey!
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>>darya: is it too much of a good thing? >> reporter: no, no, no! there's no such thing. great skiing, caltrans is doing is great job keeping the roads open. it is pointed be an excellent weekend. about what point well taken. since there was good. alatas that we cannot get there. is it falling right now? >> reporter: it is. it is still falling about an inch an hour. heavy snowfall right here. >>darya: what do have on tap? >> reporter: we have a lot of stock or bond. torchlight parade. fireworks. we are
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expecting a big weekend. we are born to kick it off. i'm so excited. >>darya: it is 637 a m. we will be right back.
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but we are back. for all lot of snow is on the that ground. if you have not been up to tahoe's since last week and look how much new snow us come down in the last seven days. kirkwood. 75 at the base to 90 in.. 90 in.? that is a lot of snow! 55 to 74 in. in squaw valley. ! tahoe is registering a 24-38 in. of new snow in the last couple of days. incredible! we have
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a lot of snow coming down so please bring your changes. you will need them. when you get up to honor past you need to put your chains on. there is a good stretch of snow and southpaw as well. we're talking interstate 80. gold want to highway 50. highway 88 a shutdown. kirkwood as well. once you get up to the it hills you our core democratic weekend of skiing. mark >> it certainly will chance. with two more ways of describing your facebook status. including the gay community. you can put in a
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civil union or in a domestic partnership. i national gay rights group has applauded the inclusion for social media. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. taking a look at wall street and the dow, the dow is up eight points. we will be right back. (music)
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>>darya: good morning and take you for waking up with the kron4 news. we're going into a long weekend. nothing so, at the bay bridge yuli is continuing coverage in san francisco. it is a big difference from what we saw yesterday. >> reporter: yes. it is a nice day. conceit the sun and it is very cold out here daria, the wind has picked up. the wind is really
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giving as a cold heart of fact. ed chill factor so your feeling of the call much worse than you would if there was no wind. at this point my gloves are going on. (laughter) my knuckles are cold. you definitely want to bundle up. >>darya: dry and cold. with the clouds you will get a clear blue sky here as the wake up on this friday morning. that is a change. (music) >> marty: we have some storms that in the last couple of days have caused some damage. business and residents have set up sandbags and crews are working very hard at clearing the trains. >>darya: if you live in san jose, while, they started
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that day off wet. that is take a look at our team coverage. >> reporter: said bay, set on when the wind. good news is there is no puddling taking place. no hydroplaning. in the last couple of days all of a sudden the rain came come down quickly. so far so good. also, i can tell you i love from fremont this morning at the raid did not come down until i got to the toby road exit. i am will tran for kron4 news. >>darya: the conditions in san jose have changed. >>louisa: we are seeing a light showers. edging their way up the peninsula. you can see that san jose is picking up the showers of long been one a one in to work in hell. snowfall in to did diablo range. as we take
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it up to the north showers are working their way up to the peninsula. east bay this morning. plenty of rainfall is sitting off the coast in continuing to final raid on and. we are expecting showers approached the morning. into the next our aid will be into it the it set bay. as we head to the 2:00 hour into the afternoon there will be as slight chance of scattered showers. maybe on moderate down port here and there. mainly we will keep its debt. keeping leftover rain drops into livermore valley. this morning was chilly. 35
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= santa rosa. 33 = snap upnapa. red blood cell = 39. --red it would citwood city. 52 = moun view. fog into north bay. expect and pockets.dense pocket. weekend is trying it. sunday will be your best chance of dryness and showers will start again beginning of the week. george? >>george: we thought we might have up hot spot where there's an accident at the expressway. the traffic is
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already moving again. is a little sluggish but only it north of the guadalupe parkway. sometimes you can leave the accident sitting on the shoulder and it can create a deeper is blocked. the bay bridge west bound, not there, there. the unless it's not activated for west bound. san the tail light and easy. it is possible we are looking at a lighter than possible commute as it is president day on monday. the golden gate bridge as good volume and no delays. mark? mark >> and jack antioch father
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up for charges after abusing it his children and is being charged for murder. the boy it is the right now declared brain dead. his father beat him and the stem and chemicals. they're waiting until the boy is declared before continuing with the charges. there is no adult involved with the incidents that happened at markham school. >>darya: norman will-who headed and drug task force was arrested on felony accounts for distributing
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crystal meth. he was conspiring with another man to sell narcotics. the hearing will be today. the san bruno gas explosion is a bad as placed first stop. between 200 and $300 million is going into the aftereffects of the explosion. hundreds were affected. >>james: santa rosa is seeing a cold morning. it is 34 degrees. wind chill is making it fell below freezing. black bass. please
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watch out for it. a cool day and will only make up to the low 50s with the possibility of a few pop up showers. we're not expecting rain to be as strong as yesterday. we saw hill yesterday.
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>>james: welcome back. we are watching this year. they're covering of the roadway and i cannot keep up with them as we have three-5 ft. of snow. there is a winter storm warning that is in effect for it that weekend. >>darya: check out this new video from asset. astronomers say that tiny eruptions from the sun called " solar flares " we have had for a couple of days now. you could see that happen on monday. the scientists say that there's a largest flares like this since 2006. the energy from the solar flares is credit or borealis or " no. lights
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" in some parts of the world. today marks a year since please note has been discovered. does that mean a busy years old now? this is the rendition of it. in 2006, august, a scientist decided that pleaded did not make the cut. it is no longer in our solar system as a planet. it is called a dwarf planet now. >>james: rain down into this at bay. a cold morning for a lot of the inland valleys. and like (music)
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>>james: is 7:00 a.m.. the top stories we're following right now, the present backlog, it is going to beat addressing the state in a moment.
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>>darya: of thousands have gathered in egypt to celebrate the over show of the egyptian president that happened when we could go. >>james: this note continues to fall and we have the latest. >>darya: we are waiting for president grackle, to depart from the bay area. here he is when he arrived. he had dinner with 12 high-tech executives at the home of john f. doors in westside. door is a capitalist. they talk about job creation in the private sector. craig is live with the president stayed overnight and is waking up this morning. hello craig. >> reporter: he is waking up. this is the westin hotel. to give you a sense of where they will be taking the road, old bayshore road has been closed off. he is going from that hotel over here to the sfo. you concede padding over to that. this is


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