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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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you can see the past couple of hours, not anything too heavy. this is going to continue to head to the northeast overnight. we will be left with cold conditions in the wake of this storm. already temperatures are in the 30s and all day it felt lying temperatures were in the 30s. we had the low 40s with the wind factored in. 39 in half-moon bay. 38 in antioch and 32 in san jose. here's way we will be seeing tomorrow morning. dry, but cold. so if you have early morning plans, you want to bundle up. i would keep the umbrella handy all day. computer models not picking up much in the way of rain. >> the colder temperatures meant snow for higher elevations over the bay area today. this was the scene on the summit this afternoon. look at these pictures, snow and ice coated buildings. sledding was the reward for those few brave folks who hiked
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up from june fer juniper gate. reggie takes us to the top of the mountain where it was a similar wintery scene. >> as i made may way up to the mountain state park, i noticed snow flurries at 1600 to 1700 feet. a much lower elevation than usual according to park officials. the most of the flurries melted away as soon as they hit the ground. once i got to 1900 feet at rock springs, a strong wind kicked up. the temperature felt like it dropped below freezing and snow blanketed the highway and the hillside. driving also became dangerous. park ranger tom fraisher started patrolling the grounds friday evening before the park closed keeping an eye out for driver who may be stuck in the snow. the last time it node like this a couple years ago, a handful of cars got stuck and couldn't leave the park. >> i had to close the road up because we got such
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accumulation that it makes vehicle hard. >> pretty good amount, like i said, lasted two or three years. so especially for this area right here. generally it's not this frosted over and white. we may be half an inch to an inch probably. it would be more. most people don't expect to be driving the snow. they don't have four-wheel drive vehicles. >> if people plan to drive up and enjoy all the snow, they should call ahead of time because the road could be closed. in marin county, kron4 news. if it's ?oag, you know that means more snow for the sierra. this was the scene heading into lake tahoe today. you can see the roads snowy. chain requirements in effect. christine connolly gives us a look at what the roads will look like this weekend. >> in blue canyon, you can see all of the snow that has been
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coming down. it has been dumping in this area throughout day into the night and that is cause for roads very sloshy and chain requirements. extremely slow driving if you are going to go to tahoe. let's show you, this is i-80 west. you can see traffic moving quickly. but it is a different story on i-80 east where cars are just sitting at a standstill. chains are required if you are going in this area. the chp says they had to deal with a lot of spinouts because people are just not going slow enough in the area or not putting their chains on when they are supposed to. you need to make sure you have a full tank of gas, because the trip is taking sometimes triple or quadruple the amount of time it would usually take. kron4 news. weather was not the culprit in a major bart delay this evening. qron4's jonathan bloom has more on how a piece of metal created
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a big mess. >> one of the train operators reported it. >> that set off a halt. >> they said they aren't going anywhere. >> the small twisted piece of met tam was found just after 5:30. >> it may have come off one of the trains, but there's a freeway that goes over our train tracks over here. a piece of metal could have fallen off. sometimes it happens and the train could have remembered pushed it. >> bart had to shut down the track in both directions to remove it and that left thousands of riders waiting patient and confused. >> they can't just keep leaving you standing there wondering what is happening and the communication needs to be more frequent. >> station agents to turn riders away. those who were already on the
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platform didn't have many options either. >> there's nothing you can do really. >> the crowd continued to grow in san francisco while bart engineers ran inspection trains up and down the track to ensure it was safe. around 7:00, the all-clear was sounded and bart began running again. riders packed themselves on to crowded trains with barely any room to move as police let more people down the stairs. one mystery remained. >> we just have to figure out where it came from. >> there were delays on every line in the bart system against the richmond, freeman line. kron4 news. driving is get r more expensive in the bay area. gasoline prices are on the rise. they are going higher and higher. a look at why prices are going up and where drivers are paying the most just ahead on kron4
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there are new details tonight about a san francisco murder. sspd announced they made an arrest in the arrest of baker. baker was found stabbed brutally to death. police say this is the man they believe murdered baker. he is baker's roommate. >> it appeared the homicide had occurred a numb of days prior to the discovery of mr. baker's body. >> he was the current roommate and had been a roommate since october of the previous year. >> currently being held in the marin county jail on unrelated charges. police say they served an arrest warrant and he will be extray dieted to san francisco. rain here in the bay area and it's flying at this hour. i'll let you know how much we'll seeover night. not only in the sierra but coming up in a bit.
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now a look at other top stories covered by our kron news crews around the bay area today. >> the narcotics cops and former cop accused of distributing methamphetamine, marijuana, and steroids had their first day in court. neither one entered a plea. but he denied his apartment in the crime. bail has been sit at $400,000. both are expected to be back in court on march 2. in martinez, kron4 news. >> major budget problems for the city. it is facing a $110 million budget deficit. the biggest problem is the growing cost of city employees pensions. especially the police department and the fire
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department is calling on public safety to contribute more to their pension and for all pleas to take a 10% pay cut. >> in the bay area, grass prices are back on the rise. for the 8th strait day, gas prices have risen. the turmoil in the middle east is part of the reason the price has gone up. the oil has driven up prices. triple-a listed gas at $3.59 a gal lob lone for friday. and up 10 cents from a week ago. kron4 news. >> very wet conditions all amongs long. some took cover by hiding under umbrellas. yet others ran as possible as possible to escape the big
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drops. some people say they are very much looking for to sunny conditions after a long week of rain. kron4 nows. >> here in santa cruise county, the count comp has been closed thanks to an 80-year-old pine tree. its roots saturated by the rain. there were people that the tree landed on. the 20 or so people in the campground have been evacuated and the campground itself has been jut down. kron4 news. well if you think it's been raining a lot this week, you are right. let's take a look at rain fall totals. 6 1/2 inches of rain in the santa cruise mountains and we have seen snow in the area. snow today as well as mount
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diablo. nearly 3 inches in oakland. 2 1/4 in concorde and nearly 2 inches of rain in san jose. take a look at the misses, seeing plenty of snow. it's heavy as times as an inch a tower this report. we have sen plenty of snow over the past 24 to 48 hours. we'll take a look at snow totals. 4 feet has fallen. 39 in bear valley. just over 3-foot in can i recollectwood. if you are planning on heading up this weekend, tomorrow morning will be good after 9:00. there's a winter storm warning into that effect. after that, a few snow flurries. have all the headaches with the snow coming down so hard. it's going to stay dry for most of the week with a couple
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chances of snow on sunday and monday. here's what you are seeing, rain still falling across the bay area, but it's not coming down as much as you thought. range is going to continue to push up to the northeast. it's been coming south, which is unissue, but it's part of the storm that pushed over yesterday. we are seeing showers over san francisco, they will be pushing out overnight. let's take a look into tomorrow. by 1:00, moely dry along the coast. and then 5:00 in the morning, we going to see clearer conditions into the afternoon, a couple chances of isolated showers. along the santa krause mountains. tomorrow afternoon, see at 5:00, high and dry through san francisco. i would bring the umbrellas does pop up. a look at already sech-day, isolated showers tomorrow, but mainly dry and we're going stay
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dry into sunday. definitely bundle up into next week. better chance of rain in the forecast on monday. we'll keep you posted as it becomes closer. >> tonight's headline, security forces opened gunfire on antigovernment protesters, wounding 50. president obama called the restrain. meantime, unrest continues in many nations. a doctor says 65 people were killed today as they marched. a stalemate continues in wisconsin. some 40,000 proit is tores turned out for a deal at the state house. avoid voting on an antiunion bill by the governor. teachers, business guards, and others protested. a southern california couple is mudge four u.s. citizens on a yacht hijacked in the indian ocean by pirates.
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jean and scotta damage have been sailing the world since november of 2004 on a ministry to distribute bibles. coming up, a 56 game hit trek and a lot more is on the line for one check baseball player. tonight, gary explains next. some highlights gay lore. >> some of the eye popping plays in all the sports next.
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all right, a major college baseball record being pursued tonight. florida internationals garrett rinnels. he is going against miami, but it did not work. ending up two games shy. in 56 is the all-time major league record. but here's the kicker. this guy almost didn't play
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tonight. he is facing a rape charge stemming from an incident in december and they decided to let him go tonight. they didn't get a heat and they are taking him in. back and finished his day, he missed two in a row. retiring after 17 major league seasons, we like to show you edmonds defensive. hi was a good hitter. 393 home runs. this guy could really play center field. kept trying to come back the last few years and pretty much ran out of teams to give them a shot at 40. let's take a look at the rookie soft mother game. representing the warriors at 13 points and 8 assists and blake griffin is going to be the star this weekend in the staple center.
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cousins from the court instructs the -- here's the best play of the night. blair at 28 points. cousins had 33 and they didn't even play griffin the second half because they wanted to get ready for the dunk contest and the real all-star game on sunday. dunk after dunk after dunk, 22 assists as the rookies won that game. here's the one, though, that people are going to remember. little beaver, just doing it and doing it to death. this guy is terrific. a canadian set up grains and then between the legs and hits a three pointer. four assists, two rebounds, and of course he gets the mvp. anybody else, medical examiner it. but the east beat the west 54-
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49. san jose state beat weaver state, oliver score only 9 points. it's a trade rumor that won't go away. carmelo anthony who is in los angeles for the all star game met with the knicks owner last night and a report came out that the nets of new jersey and denver have agreed on the players to be traded, but carmelo has to agree to sign a three year deal. as of right now, he's a denver nugget. among the 12 hall of fame finists, mullen one of the great shooters in nba history. also won two olympic gold medal. the final 12, the only coach to lead the warriors to an nba title. and tara, one of six women to win 800 games. so she also scrowled a chance. they will announce the new
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members of the hall of fame on april 4, but you have a number of bay area folks. the sharks are outstanding. show this guy fighting and cut the tape out. what is so funny about that? you know this guy, ian white. he is an enforcer, right? >> he has a killer mustache. >> he is a new shark and he'll be known as an enforcer. >> with the mustache. >> three mustaches out of there. >> good night, everybody. have a good weekend.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched ñi entertainment news magazine in the world. >> i was scared. i started crying. right away. [ indiscernible ] >> the reporter whose live, on air stumble went viral. what really went wrong on grammy night. [ indiscernible ] >> how long did it take you to get your speech back?
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>> serene branson comes to "e.t.." >> are you afraid it could happen again? >> and revealed why a "glee" star could be connected. and breaking news. has dame elizabeth taylor been put on a respirator? what we know right now. anna nicole, the musical? why larry birkhead is angry. >> it's been very difficult. denise on her ex, charlie sheen's hard partying. and what she tells their kids. >> this is his lifestyle. he makes no bones about it. and rihanna in reverse. her sexy new video. and justin bieber causes a fan frenzy in france. preoscar plastic surgery miracles. >> you can pick up a little bit of this or pick up a little bit of this. >> lasers. fillers. how the stars look ten years younger. the before and after. and a secret moon landing gone bad?


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