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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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too fast moving, too dark. we could not risk our search and rescue workers to go into the water. it is not possible. we had to wait till the break. it is a flood zone. of fled break. the creek swelled and was fast-moving. more dangerous is the debris. >> reporter: allies walker knows both of the teens. he was shocked when he found out how they lost their lives. >> i would've never got into the water. it is common sense. they're nice. everybody knows gavin because he hangs out with this. matt is a personal friend from seventh and eighth grade big hero is at the helm at the start. >> we do not suspect any foul play. >> reporter: fan, i am reggie kumar for kron4 news.
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>> vicki: our photographer and reporter art treated for injuries after being attacked at a sacramento suburb today. the crew was recorded at memorial services side of the i have a press run. warner's one of the attack. the memorial services for 27 year-old man who shot after a fight early this morning. the photographer and reporter had pets, bumps, bruises. nobody was arrested. fire officials discovered a marijuana grow up. the blaze broke out in the two-story home. nobody was home at the time. firefighters say that the fire was 150-$250,000 damage. what they discovered while battling the blaze as police investigated to read to the home. >> we found several things incited this is the lead us to believe that it was a marijuana crop. one. lithium batteries. hazardous
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materials in the fire. 2. bypassed meter. this poses a problem. we cannot shut off electricity to his. three. large garbage sacks of marijuana. they do say that the marijuana crops are a fire hazard. a quiet residential cul-de-sac was shown to have no idea what was going on. >> we had no indication that this was going down. we are totally surprised. quiet neighborhood. generally, we all know what is going on. we see people come in. the most of the people. this is a complete surprise. >>darya: please are investigative looking for those who are renting a home. if you live or work in sick versus the you know that the it city has a lot pg&e vaults explosions
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ripped manhole blast through it happened again today. this them at a crosswalk at that intersection of mission and fremont street. >> when a chunk of metal goes flying into the air this is what it could look like when it crashes to the ground. one piece in one location. one in another. >> this man hole blew up. when it to the air. it broke. i >> it was surely a good and 30¢ a morning with the explosion occurred in a crosswalk at the intersection of mission street and fremont street. it said that manhole cover more than ted be in the air. >> if somebody was walking across the street it could hurt somebody. >> reporter: fortunately there was lighter traffic that a work day on sunday. >> this crosswalk would have been full of people on a weekday. we are lucky that there was no traffic especially pedestrian traffic. >> reporter: pg&e says that this place and that bold line failed causing the
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blast. they need to find out what caused the line to fill. it raises the question again. how many other manhole covers at are waiting to blow? then permit for kron4 news. >> vicki: pg&e says that it will havcontinued to take the steps to analyze i live cables. they're going to lock the under rent covers. they also develop new software to better monitor underground equipment. >>bryan: (music) finally, at friday. sunshine rainfall has been substantial. 2 and 3 in. of many locations with higher amounted to the no. 8. close to 5 in. of rain for santa rosa. past seven days are showing over 4 in. for san
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francisco. we're going to get a little bit of break but more rain is in the way later on the week. tonight, skies clear. temperatures dropping. thirties' in santa rosa. napa. below freezing in the north bay. freezing fog possible. slick roads with black this. closer to the bay, warmer with the '40's. overnight close to the '30's. currently there is another storm working its way in. the slight chance of for a light trade. most of the heavy rain with this system is planned to have made it out over the ocean. we could pick up a few raindrops in the bay area. this clears out for tonight. it is quick to set up the scene for another cold night tomorrow. (laughter) more about it. the >> the death toll is
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mounting. we'll show you the latest be required to visit the local libyan family as they search for information to bring loved ones back home.
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>>darya: lawmakers of bunk in their office during the week. more time to work? one watchdog group says they are betting that perk. jim has more. >> reporter: and along a joe walsh checks into the cheapest hotel room in washington. his office. >> this is horrible. the couch is and comfortable. >> reporter: he sleeps on the couch. it gives them more time to take care of business. >> i rolled off. i roll off to a thud. >> isabel: they are
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accusing the 30 lawmakers of milking of the fringe benefit of which members of congress must pay taxes. this is nothing new. the chase showed off his caught three years ago. >> this is at that right here. >> reporter: democrats are doing it too. they're not sure for how long they can take it. >> i have not had a good night's sleep since i've been here. >> reporter: conservative who'd turned out his own health care plan welcomes any investigation. >> it you want the federal health benefit? she wanted for his in? >> @ know, it will be determined. if this is free as a that i to pay some tax for high wall. the bill coming up we will talk to a family looking for
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information of love one still in libya. >>bryan: you will still see some rain coming. whether it is the incoming data will talk to it later. we get coming up.
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unrest continues in libya. thousands were in the street today hoping for him to sit down. shelby lynne has more. >> reporter: libyan demonstrators claim one man was shot. 25 people killed. a funeral procession led to more killings. they are more motivated than ever. them that we have suffered for 42 years. for god's sake. is
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that not enough? >> reporter: later sunday one of the suns took to the airwaves warning. it is a disaster if the protests deepens further. >> (foreign language) go back to civil war. the one in 1936. >> isabel: elsewhere secretary of state hillary clinton says that they must be more responsible for their human rights. >> that is what we want to see. we recognize that this process can be high tech. it can be hijacked by both outside and inside elements within any country. >> reporter: they wanted to have financial support for countries pushing for change. >> vicki: libyans here in the bay area are desperately trying to find out what happened to friends and family. many are horrified by what we're seeing a
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troubled but they are not. from this san francisco living room there watching frustrated. >> i hear there are snipers shooting at people. i hear people walking off their knees are getting hit that shot by guns. >> reporter: they it relied mostly on cell phones for news. that nobody knows what is going on in libya. for fear of reprisals against their family and friends still in the appeal the couple as not to sustain. >> there aren't some of people willing to baseball it barehanded. >> they have nothing in their hands. not even listed. they are getting a shot at. they're scared. they're scared to talk to people. they're calling people because they want us to help them out. some people are getting killed. >> vicki: these children
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have not been to libya but they have strong feelings. >> people are killing over there. it is not good. i do not like it. i want them out. the bill that they are inspired by it rebellions in it to the chef and fearful. >> i am worried. we go to the points like, we have seen these years. it is about time. the >> we will continue to follow the uprising as the protests continue. (music) >>bryan: we have clear skies outside. sunday evening at few clouds. the clubs are on the increase in it. this cool in many spots around the bay area. in the '30's were san ramon. 36 =
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lafayette. close places are below freezing tonight. along with the thread for freezing fog. north of dallas. here is lake tahoe. sunny skies. a beautiful day. tons of fresh powder on the slopes. past seven days it has been a very snowy in high country. 152 in. of snow for kirkwood in the last seven days. it is nearly 13 ft. of snow. about 10 ft., close to it. perhaps a few storms of bed and chile. temperature only in the highs. here is featured pass. midnight, tonight, next door. cold temperature. the clouds
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increase for today but the bulk of this situation is with the state out over the ocean. this is for all of that. is plentiful. low to mid '50's. a cold day. i temperatures are in the list
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60s. here is the seven day at around the bay. we are going to enjoy nice weather and tuesday, wednesday with high is getting into the upper 50s. mostly sunny skies. at the end of the week exchange. we will see some rain. possibly for snow in the hills. we have seen a lot of that this week. up of around one for it. kron4 news maureen kelly it spent the sunday with people enjoying the idea shall cite of snow. >> we hiked around the mountain. gorgeous. >> it is deep once you get up the mountain. >> you are going to go skiing? >> keep off the rocks. >> special what it says. (laughter) thank you very much. it is rare opportunity to go up to the it snow.
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>> it taste like ice. i want hot chocolate. (laughter) i am going to make square's out of this note. i am glad to make it a good. >> we are going to build a snowman. >> my hands are cold but it is worth it. >> we lived in san rafael. usually we go to tahoe. it this way we saved gas money. we do not have to travel far. it is a cool day. >>darya: a good day to catch a movie. martin lawrence added new movie debut but it did not make the box this. coming up next.
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the prime james had a triple double and finished with 29 points. the sacramento is reporting that the best basketball team may consider moving to anaheim next season. they say that they are looking at options. they do not think the league will help them spend more time filled the arena. at the box office. this weekend. ft animated weekend in front wheel and julia took third place. they made $4 million. the alien action flecked earned second place. and the thriller " unknown " about a
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botanist who finds another man took his identity took first. $20 million. that is to a quick recap. rain to our? >>bryan: @ couple of drops to the no. 8. wet weather tomorrow. (music) the >> drive safe.
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