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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  February 21, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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saturday and did not come back. with schoolmates are in shock. >> students/parents gathered for a baseball game at lost almost you could feel the sadness. and 15 year-old matthew miller that you see here and 17 year-old gavin were well known. >> i went to elementary school with him and he was one great about me. every year. he was really unique, basically. and comfortable with being himself. >> here, the raft the rescue crews found. the high school students went into this canal at 2:00 p.m. on saturday. there were supposed to meet a friend at the other end of the canal at 4:00 p.m. but never showed up. the parents did not find out until they're fate until late saturday night. to rainfall brought
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debris, and three different locations were located with the bodies and the raft. this loss has been difficult for the teen's to take. we are a huge school. 1500 kids. they all know each other, and a good portion have gone to elementary school together and it is difficult. >> and walnut creek, christine connolly purify >>pam: the canal runs through walnut creek and it is not easy to get into. jeff bush shows you how they got in and would likely cost this route to capsize. >>reporter: where the two boys gained access and this creek is right next to the mirror would elementary. and across the street, in a different story. the sign says " creek access restricted " but it is not difficult to get to that way. it is lined with concrete businesses and eventually the canal goes
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right through the city and a popular jogging trail. signs are posted along the canal to stay out. with a chain link fences on both the side and the walls are least 20 ft. high. you can see a strong current. and it was raining on that day which was probably a stronger current. the area with a bancroft, bentley a warning is in red. that reads " dangerous, stay out, stay alive. and a waterfall is on the other side and the drop off = 10 ft. with branches and other debris. in walnut creek, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >>pam: after a very rainy weekend just an showers remaining and we are glad to hear that. jacqueline? >>jacqueline: yes. finally a break. >>pam: on this storm? >> jacqueline: it is on the storm line coastline but
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we're probably going to miss it. some sprinkles offshore and light shower activity closer to the coastline. this and s f o saw rainfall. that could your will continue through this evening. to zoom out of the radar. the rainfall, and that it towards the south and southern california is going to just be on the coast. light showers, possible closer to the coast. right now, temperatures are on the cool side with low 50s bay-area wide fjord 50 at half moon bay, redwood city, concord, and 51 degrees in napa. what can we can expect tonight? the chance of showers along the coastline. however, by tomorrow morning mostly sunny skies and those clouds will be going to the south. it will be cold. widespread 30's. in the afternoon, the temperatures will warm up a bit with more rain fall on the way this week. all those details coming up in just a bit. the least series of
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storms. it was a perfect and to get away. >>pam: as teresa as special reports, getting to that proved to be very difficult. >>reporter: was the scene on mt. diablo. with gusting snowfall over the peaks. because of the holiday, this was also be seen with bumper-to-bumper traffic. and after sitting for one hour and moving at a snail's pace. his family decided it was too much and they turned around. >> because of all of the traffic. >> we are going to go back. it is a crazy traffic. two, three hours more. it is not possible to go there. we're going to go and see the horses and have fun with the worst is right now. >>reporter: to resukron 4 news
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>>pam: popular park is closed because of a falling tree. rob fladeboe is showing the damage. >>reporter: removal crews taking apart the is too different motor homes destroyed in 80-ft moderate pine tree came crashing down on top of them on thursday. and-80 ft. monterey, one of the entrance and nobody was injured. however, three people inside this motor home when the tree can count. shortly thereafter, the 20 park visitors were evacuated when the tree-came down--and the park was shut down and remains closed. in the meantime, the park service is bringing in inspectors. going through the tree. in the camping ground to see if any others are in danger of falling. these monterey pines are shallow root said. and the ground becomes over saturated and that their
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shallow-root system with a 20 m.p.h. and that happened on thursday. the park remains closed. from new brighton beach rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. if a >>pam: the long holiday weekend is wrapping up. and they're going to head home particularly from the sierras. c h p tony is on the phone. how were the conditions? thank you for joining us. >> pam, everything is running pretty smoothly. it is heavy by our standards by every means interstate 80- west. however, i am finding that a lot of people are here. and even have on this team. perhaps i don't know if they're going to be staying this evening because they're still-skiing with conditions are predominantly dry roads. no changes in effect but if your coming up? there are no
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tire chain laws in effect. the weather could change quite rapidly. within 15 minutes, he could the tireto beat-raining. and bring all of your items in case you are delayed. we're not able to foresee accidents. however, we have had some standouts. this weekend primarily. with-spin out sick. with non-injury related or no-interest with spin out's. so snow conditions but we're going to be clearing the snow for the rest of the week. >>pam: a number of live cameras through c h p and it looks pretty clear. there is the black ice issue. >> yes. it has been cold enough, pam. the ice have not really had a full fal-thaw
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if it is snowing everywhere we know that there's no everywhere. however, when it is sporadic ice that is when it could be dangerous. and they, around a corner. >>pam: of astir morris, snow expected at the rain and think to some much-officer from the c h p. we will be right back.
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lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> 8 daly city swat team was a six hour standoff. west market street of the mission. you can see these pictures with a swat officers with their rifles. and they rained on the house with the suspects believed to be armed and barricaded inside. maureen kelly shows how the situation unfolded. if >>reporter: 5:00 a.m. daily said the police were nearby the intersection of mission
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/west market street. five shots were fired and bullet holes in the wall of this building. at this home across the street they saw this woman standing at the top of these stairs. >> she was very agitated in the sense of being angry, upset. letting the officer under no uncertain terms to get out of here. when the male subject, the gentleman grabbed her and pulled her inside and shut the door. >>reporter: it was possible they were armed and the injuries not confirmed. 5:3:00 a.m. the swap was called. here, you concede the officers were at rooftops, and street level. you can-c and negotiations continually had no luck. after losing cellphone communication at 11:00 a.m. they fired a rubber bullet. after the window and broke out the glass in order to
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throw a phone in sight. that dramatic prompted the suspects to surrender and in this six-hour stand off. you can see the suspect being handcuffed and dbeing into taken into suspect. with rifles, handguns, ammunition were found. possible weapons charges and weapons violations could be at stake. maureen kelly. >>pam: over sacramento, a competitor with the entire incident on tape. a reporter got out of the way. however, photographer was kicked to the ground. we will hear from the actual photographer and reporter from this incident after the break.
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>>pam: we want to show you this news crew of this photographer. and the reporter. this happened to the photographer5 photographer covering a
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memorial in sacramento. the reporter, rebecca lobo was down and kicked. and the photojournalist tried to break this up. he joins us on the phone. and john, this is very alarming what started this? >> we just showed up at the scene and we wante to speak to these people and with emotions raw. and people were stopping, and we were shooting tape. when they saw as they became angry. i tried to explain that we were non-core to cause any harm. they continued to be angry. there were there to cause the cause harm. and with the woman getting hysterical they rushed towards us. as the video, there's one guy that went for the camera. and therefore cannot allow
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somebody to go for the camera and that is one i have to step in to look out for the cameraman and the camera. that is funded as deleted. rebecca was dragged to the ground that is one was--escalated. flashpoint. >>pam: the video. for those who does not know to you describe the assignment? >> a young man was shot, early that morning at international-hop a fight spilled out to the parking lot and a 27 year-old was shot. there were up there, and morning and had been gathered for much of the afternoon. and-morning. of the man that had been shot. in morning. and every different relationship those people were informin in morn
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>>pam: where their arrests? or are there going to be arrests made? >> there were no arrests at the scene. there is a lot of the videotaped evidence. they have asked for rebecca and myself to file charges. we have our videotape and two other videotape from competing television south. that video evidence could allow the d.a. to move forward and file charges and arrests could be made. at this point, nobody has been arrested. if >>pam: no serious injuries? >> i will try to hold people off. when rebecca went down i knew immediately that this crowd was going to move and and start to perhaps kick. >>pam: john, we are so happy that we you are ok in thank you for joining us and help explain what is going on. >> your welcome, pam. thank you.
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(music) >>jacqueline: a live look with overcast conditions this afternoon we are seeing some breaks of sunshine bay- area. the satellite picture will show that mean the along the coast with a storm sitting offshore will be along the coast. however, sunshine in concord, livermore, and portions of the east bay. let us take a look at what we can expect tonight and into tomorrow. clouds now but overnight those clouds will mean the clear. with only 20 percent chance of showers for the coastline. temperatures are going to drop. inland and north bay valleys will be in the low 30's and even below freezing in some locations. , mostly sunny and a slightly warmer with temperatures in the upper 50s and a number of spots. tuesday night and another cold one for the bay-area. temperatures tomorrow morning. grab your jacket because it is going to be fairly called a specially places like napa. 32
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degrees and 36 degrees in concord, and 34 degrees in livermore. and along the coast, temperatures along 30's in the woods 40's for the bay shores and half moon bay. in the sunny skies in the afternoon with no rain and relatively mild. 53 in santa rosa, 54 in san francisco and upper 30's for fremont, mountain view and 58 degrees in san jose. 52 degrees in half moon bay. taking a look of the satellite and radar that storm is along the coast with cloud coverage in the light sprinkles. there is a chance to we could see that rain overnight but that will be back in the forecast later this week. dry, sunny for a couple of days however, 30, in the saturday with rain on/off. temperatures cold! with even snowfall to the bay
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area. 2 the sierras. thursday, friday, saturday, rain/on/off. sierra forecast coming up. >>pam: of weather! in orange county. wild weather in fullerton. and " i've never seen hail and 45 years of living here ". >> and sprinkling snowfall in new york with only 3 in.. that is practically nothing and compared to the over 2 ft. that is piled up over recent weeks. the midwest, but slamming sections of detroit. difficult to navigate. but they cannot even get started and some have difficulty staying on the road. this car with spinning wheels. having difficulty and the fact that michigan could see 1 ft. of snowfall from this storm. we will be back after this break.
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>>catherine: the political stalemate in wisconsin. crowds of protesters are still camped out at the state capital and medicine. the showdown with its second week. in-madison. stripping people's bargaining rights and public workers. democrats skipped town to delay voting. just a few moments ago the governor is not going to budge. and that this has to be brought under control. >> and hundreds of union workers in indiana are posting a right to work bill. this was passed on the floor, but they are saying that it is anti- working republicans are insisting that could promote more jobs. >>catherine: the sarah palin aide, is threatening to leak
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info. and she hated being governor and he claims that she broke election laws. he described her as a narcissistic liar that will stop at nothing for those who crossed her. this book is not been published yet. >> >>catherine: and a look at the discovery it could have taken off for the final voyage in november but there were problems. with the fuel tank cap did grounded for the last four months. after that shuttle could be ending up in the smithsonian. stay with us. we will be back after this break.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: oakland police are once again having difficulty with radio. there were not working over a shooting incident this weekend. this left


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