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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  February 21, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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did not find out. they did not find out about their children's deadly and venture until late saturday night. they found their raft and of the bodies and all three to relocations. >> and the body was lost a child never is the same. >>reporter: in walnut creek, christine connolly. jonathan blum >>pam: joins us exactly where that was and where the bodies were found. jonathan? >>reporter: a lot of rot away. and it is not meant for swimming or rafting. a lot--their bodies were found 8 mi. away. this is where they went into the creek. they met here, according to law enforcement behind this school in a parking lot. they put this raft into the waterway and
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it actually runs underneath the roads. it is actively under meet the roads. and then it leaves walnut creek towards concord it empties out into a bonafide creek. 4 mi. long is where this route was recovered. it is sobering sight. it was right near this waterfall. with a 10 ft. drop. and apparently, the boys did not stay in the raft at that point. after this point, it got hung up in the water to the voice floated another 4.75 mi.. the boys--floated. gavin was found here. and the other body was found of matthew miller all the way up here near how we no. 4. jonathan blum. >>pam: this is not the first tragedy in the walnut creek canal. last april, a family in a car crashed inside the
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canal. this is dramatic video, 75 year-old janet logan. she was swept out and heusing a helicopter and your husband and her son that that was visiting from san diego were found dead. (music) >>jacqueline: this storm along the coast could bring showers along the coast this evening. the stormtracker 4 radar, the tail end is moving down to the south. the rainfall off the short is producing some light showers. san francisco, the airports, and light sprinkles earlier today. temperatures quite cool. this afternoon pushing through 50 degrees in redwood city. 51 degrees in napa. 50 in livermore, and here is what we're going to be seen as we see the overnight hours. sun/clouds
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mixture right now. and as that storm progresses to the south the skies will clear out and temperatures are going to drop. tomorrow morning widespread 30's and even bay shores will be in the low 40's. tomorrow afternoon, a nice recovery and a slightly sunny with warm conditions. to tonight will be cold but try however, thursday will have a return of precipitation. tuesday will be-trie drive tuesday will be dry. >>pam: and one problem about traffic getting to get to the peaks is difficult. f >>reporter: take a look of this north gate road on monday. it was to see this snow on mt. diablo. some decided to find snow and elsewhere other families persevere. >> it is nice up there, the snow, the cold.
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>>reporter: how long did it take you? >> not that long we came in from the other side where there is not as much traffic. for >>reporter: this family packed it up on the windshield. >> it is the first time for thithese kids-- >>reporter: we're trying to bring this home. was this worth it? >> kind of. it has been a while. >>reporter: how long did it take you to get to the line? >> 40 minutes. it was long. >>reporter: and walnut creek, teresa estacio. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room the earthquake that hit christ church a short time ago. there were injuries, damage. the mayor says that he was thrown across the room in the city council building. people in that building were injured.
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he pursley saw that and hearing about the serious injuries and others. as. keith pursley saw people injured in the building. frightened people, sirens blaring. september, last year was hit by that area. the mayor personally saw people injured. >>pam: face boss of children overturned 5:30 luxury hotels hurting. san francisco's top lodging destinations are low on business and what they're trying to do to find customers. 5:55 people behaving badly 1 parking is in one san francisco neighborhood that even parking enforcement can barely write tickets. that is all coming up on kron 4 news.
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>>pam: california headlines, one person is dead with a church bus full of children.
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crashed near twin peaks. investigators say that the korean church members after a weekend retreat fell 50 ft. over the side. after crashing into a car. several injuries. authorities are looking at threatening gettinthe u.s. secret service has been notified threatening the safety of u.s. president obama. >>pam: the friends of the hijacked a couple that they like to have their love of adventure and a sailing by spreading bibles are ron the world. they said the couple knew the dangers of too close to somalia and the possibility of pirates. spreading bibles are run of the world.
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>>jacqueline: this storm is going to be cold! all i all the details coming up. >>pam: the details of the holiday not too bad the castling is a little bit backed up. walnut creek is also nice. the cash-lanes of the bridge is backed up a little bit. we will be back with more news, ahead.
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(music) >>jacqueline: a live look from our cameras. the storms along the coast. light sprinkles. the cloud coverage bay area wide. with breaks along the san mateo coast and also the bayshore. and inland valleys. not seeing any rainfall just a few light sprinkles because he picked up by the radar. the wider view of what is going on with the tail end of the storm is driving down
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the coast. good towards southern california. still the chance of showers overnight and into tomorrow. as this storm pushes through the skies will clear quite rapidly. cooler temperatures tomorrow. 30's tomorrow, 32 degrees in napa cahow below freez and the bay shore, and 43 degrees and san francisco. into the afternoon temperatures are going to warm up if you decrease. and will see those cloud coverage less. nicer tomorrow. 58 in san francisco, 54 in san francisco, vallejo, fairfield, mid upper 50s with the bayshore. also 50s in the south bay. 52 degrees along the coast. our next chance of recouping later this week with thursday afternoon, friday morning. next chance of-rainfall-- gets colder for this week. temperatures will be
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dropping and even as see level. will keep you posted as the storm gets closer. a light dusting in the hills expected from friday into saturday. if your kron 4 7 day around the bay the afternoon and not be too bad with temperatures warmer than what we've seen in the last week. thursday, friday, saturday, the temperatures are dropping to the 40's! 40's on saturday in the chance of snow levels to the bay area. we will keep you posted as that gets closer. >>catherine: difficult weather in national news michigan, wisconsin, ohio, this is detroit. they're getting 1 ft. of snow. icy streets are making difficulty roads. and madison, wisconsin is slush, snow with more bad weather expected. >>catherine: also in wisconsin, the showdown over the budget continues
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tonight. it does not appear that the budget resolution is in the near future. it is shut on the legislature and even classrooms. >>catherine: fights over human-rights it is watched by state governments across the country. among the, the state capital was packed with hundreds of people about reached that would strip public employes of bargaining rights. many of the protesters to not leave they are sleeping here, and living in the corridors. thousands of teachers met yesterday to talk about their options. they are refusing to go back to the classroom. presidents' day is not the state holiday and wisconsin but they did not return. nor did the 14 democrats who skipped town trying to delay the votes. compromises suggested that
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it temporarily takes away parking rights and then giving them back into years. the governor and immediately dismissed that idea that most republicans are firmly behind his plan. >>catherine: and also the wisconsin gov. made it clear that he is not going to budge on this. getting the budget under control was a campaign promise and he intends to keep. >>pam: and also a new tell all book on sarah palin? parts of this manuscript of and leaked. >>catherine: yes. sarah palin cannot be too happy. even the book is published the unflattering detail for out there. frank bailey worked for see sarah palin that is him on the left. this is a photograph and anybody can read a book like might be troubling. the lead is to draw upon thousands of personal e-mail from his time. the book is a tenet of the called blind
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justice " a memoir of our culture was years. this is what he says for a start, that she heat it being alaskas governor. in one e- mail " i hate the stamp of ". also, a narcissistic liar who is incompetent and manipulative, self promoter who stop at nothing to cross who quit cross our-not published yet. >>pam: and with the exception of on the motive? >>catherine: and he has been reconsidering his actions on palance behalf. including trooper statgate. and bailey is also feeling guilt because of what we're told this is the christian faith. in other news, it is going to be good for the shuttle.
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after getting repaired in the garage for several months it will launch this week. as the astronauts are back at the space center and try again on the thursday. there were going to make their final voyage in november but the cracks in the fuel tank with the big problems. at this point, the thursday afternoon launch. two more flights with the endeavor, and atlantis of the end of june. >>pam: winter, but of course, the eyes full swing at spring training in arizona. -the baseball teams are in spring training. san francisco is going to defend its world series title. and in phoenix, the a's have their first full squad workout. with much press because of the japanese media coverage. and he is also accustomed to it. >> it has been like this for almost 20 years. the rock my
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career it is important to make contact throughout my career--and a repetition of this is nearly every day. there is really nothing or not much of a chore. >>pam: more of spring training with of vern glenn coming up in sports at 6:00 p.m. and your monday holiday traffic at the golden gate is level north, south. through the san mateo bridge the headlights are east bound. relatively heavy it is nearly a week day volume. and we will be back.
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>>pam: a man goes too extreme for a beer. in tree birds and a dramatic puppy rescue and the 2011 all- star. kimberly? and " take a look at this code today's edition. if >> kimberlee: a video going to extremes for a drink.
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this suv going into a massachusetts liquor store. he was drunk. you can see him getting out of a car. and he is trying to reach through the broken windows. and what appears to be. he drives away. but he takes a separate display and he is arrested. and this mega angry game using slingshots with birds. this is a working catapult. with icebergs as ammunition. the crater, mike cooper says this cake was created and only two minutes to destroy this. also, this rescue of this jack russell terrier. the owner cannot in a jam and the dog wandered off into an irrigation. they spent 19 hours underground.
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he was recovered successfully in the just he's a good bath. and the all-star 2011 down dunk blake purchased achieved victory--and with two, three, and oklahoma city's thunder power with grabbing the stuffed animal. while don, pretty cool! (music) >>jacqueline: and well done -- >>jacqueline: and with the radar showing the storm sitting off the coast. however, it is going to go to the south and we could get clipped. there rainfall indebted towards southern california. it is not going to be too much in bad debt- that rainfall with showers. imbedded. as that shower pushes down it is going to be widespread 30's. the
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north bay is the special going to be cold. how cold it is going to be in a nice afternoon coming up. >>pam: to the san francisco skyline it is slowly starting to redevelop. and the james lick, the traffic is light in all directions. we will be back.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: the struggling economy is impacting the famed luxury hotels in san francisco making it difficult for and to meet. and teresa estaci50 libya caucu >>reporter: the huntington is up for sale, and also and $89 million loan. across the bay, the claremont resort is
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bankrupt. perhaps the most famous the san francisco's fairmont is also struggling by going with the/condo development. the new numbers are and in 2010 shows san francisco occupancy is up. 75 percent-a 79 percent the average rates are also grown up. $160-dollars and 189. good news for consumers that four-star luxuries' is well over $300. right now, at $ 250, $237 the clairemont is $169. and the some of the others if you'd like to get a real bargain? nobody expects san francisco with 28 however, 2011 has a strong start and prices are predicted to


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