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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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burring people under debris. it hit on a busy week day afternoon, children at school, people at work, rescuers are trying to reach people trapped beneath the rubble and it is a very scary situation. >> to actually see the top of the cathedral come down, see it topple, see the dust and hear people running out, is just no words to be quite honest. it was awful. it was -- no words. i am still shaking. >> a state of emergency has been declared in that region. plans underway to close schools in the east bay, tonight how local businesses are banning together to save schools in concord, and in oakland some jobs are being saved as the police department
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rehires some officers. it will retire 10 out of the 80 officers layed off last summer. kron 4's jonathan bloom has more on the move that is putting more police officers back on the streets. >> reporter: top brass admitted it could be more crime. >> crime is going to be impacted by 80 fewer well trained police officers. >> reporter: by november the chief said it was clear the layoffs contradicted to a spike in the murder rate. >> i thought we were on target. >> reporter: when the mayor took office, she wanted to fix that. >> i would like to return every officer back, if they would pay nin% we could do that. >> i have had dinner with the
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leadership. >> reporter: and they arrived at this compromise. out of the 80 officers, 10 will return to duty. the department can afford that. a few of those 10 officers found other jobs but are leaving them to return. the officers now reported for duty. they will have to go through two weeks of retraining before all 10 are assigned to the patrol division. department officials say it feel good to have some of the officers back. they will take all the help they can get. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. schools are facing major budget problems. the mount debob low school district announced the closure of two schools. the community has been charged with raising the money to try and restore music and keep
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sports going. this weekend they got help from the city of cond cord's auto dealers. >> reporter: she was in the morning for a new truck but wasn't in the market till she found out they were donating a percentage of their sales to support sports and music programs at mount diablo school directs. >> i think it's amazing. and to support the kids. >> reporter: the idea of having dealers donate was the city's idea but car dealers jumped at the chance. >> there is no room for it in the budget so this is an opportunity for us to give back. >> reporter: right now it cut fourth and fifth grade music and no longer support athletic at high schools. so it's up to the community to
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restore the programs. >> $300,000 we are behind from last year. >> pat is the head of the united athletic foundation. when she heard they were willing to chip in her foundation started spreading the word about this weekend's president's day sale. >> we are hoping a lot of cars got sold this weekend. >> reporter: it's unclear what percentager of the auto sales will go to the foundations trying to save music and sport but both are hopeful whatever it is will get them closer to their goals. dan kerman, kron 4 news. two bay area families are mourning tonight after two teens were killed in a tragic rafting trip. it happened near walnut creek. matthew miller and gavin powell were found in the water yesterday. they went out on saturday and neither came back.
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>> it's just such a tragedy that we are all in shock. >> today autopsies found the cause of death was affixia due to drowning. jacqueline is here, the storms are gone but the cold temperatures are hanging on. it's chilly tonight. >> yeah and it will get colder overnight. >> and then storms? >> it's not going stop and it gets colder with temperatures around freezing for most of the bay area. today the temperatures into tomorrow morning are freezing to the north bay, the valleys. 39 in santa rosa. 38 fairfield. 39 red wood city. the storm riding the coast line is pushing to the south leaving us with clear skies. that allows the temperatures to drop off. very cold morning.
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temperatures in the 30s. into the afternoon, sunny skies, temperatures warm. 3:00 warmer than what we saw today. we will talk about that musthe rain coming up in a bit. new state park in santa cruz county is closed after three trees toppled over. crews are removing motor homes that were smashed. the park will remain closed till a safety inspection is completed. snow on mountain tops. this was the scene on north gate road. one of the entrances to the state park. growing conflict in libya as moammar gadhafi makes an appearance denying rumors he fled the country. the conflict could bring more
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pain at the pump as gas prices continue to sore.
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. in world news, libyan leader moammar gadhafi appeared on state television denying rumor he fled the country. hillary clinton condemned condemned the bloodshed there and tonight even with threats of more violets, his rain is beginning to shred. the protesters press on. >> reporter: fires in the streets of tripoli. 60 people are reported dead. >> we are on the rooftop of the -- right now and we see fires, five fires all around tripoli. five or six fires. >> reporter: moammarmoammar gadhafi's son wendt on television to warn of a blad bath if the protests continue. crowds ransacked the
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headquarters of the state tv and stet fire to buildings. today air force jets were ordered to fire on them. two refused. libya's justice minister quit to protest the violent crack down. moammar gadhafi's embassador accused him of declaring war on his people. 600-miles to the east, celebrations now in the hands of anti-moammar gadhafi protesters. 600 people may have been killed there. signs tonight that the end might be near the end of moammar gadhafi's rule. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. dry weather the next couple of days, rain will be back
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later this week. even low snow levels again. i will tell you all about it coming up in just a few minutes. ñ
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authorities are investigating graffiti messaging threatening president obama and jerry brown. the messages stated that both men must die. from medwood city to oakland, we have crews all over the bay to bring you the news that affects your world. >> reporter: in daily city, gunfire led to a police stand off with a pair of suspects who barricaded themselves in this home. six hours into the stand off, s.w.a.t. broke a window in the home to throw a phone inside.
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that's when the suspects surrendered. police say they found weapons and ammunition. >> reporter: police had problems with their radios not working this weekend. officers responding to a shooting experienced heavy static and transmission problems. the city said the radio failure was due to bad weather ask the age of the antenna. in january the mayor said problems with the radio system had been identified and fixed. >> reporter: bad news that fuel pump. gas prices are going up, 25 cents in the last two weeks. into the summer months they will continue to go up. if you look that pumps here, $3.50 a gallon. san jose $3.60 a gallon. there is no end in sight.
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jet fuel prices are expected to go up as well. >> reporter: in san francisco, some of the city's hotels are facing hard times. mark hopkins hotel and huntington court and stanford court is defaulting on a loan of $89-million. fairmont hotel are threatening e allowed to turn part of the property into condominiums. and across the bay, the claremont resort and spa is bankrupt. five star hotels which command well above $300 a night, some are advertising rates below $250. vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. mavericks will likely wipe out this year. the surf contest is coming to a close. this is video from previous years. the window closes on february 28. turning to the national
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weather. a major storm in wisconsin, minnesota, and washington. a foot of snow fell, closing roads and highways. hundreds of flights have been canceled. these pictures show hundreds of travelers packed into the airport trying to reschedule flights canceled because of the storm. let's look at what we will be seeing. future cast, lol the purple indicating temperatures in the 30s. nearly the entire south bay as well the peninsula and parts of the east bay shores. the pink here, temperatures in the 20s. upper 20s. i think it will be close. 31 degrees in santa rosa tomorrow morning. freezing in napa. 33 in fairfield. 34 livermore. 30s down the bay shores. 37 along the coast.
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43 in san francisco. in to the afternoon, temperatures warm nicely. it will feel very nice. 54 in san francisco. 57 in vallejo. upper 50s in the south bay. upper 50s along the peninsula. 56 fremont. rain will be back later this week. thursday afternoon rain back in the bay area. bay area wide by friday morning. continues into friday. this will be a cold storm. so temperatures will drop off but we will also see snow at the low levels. snow flurries as this pushing through. dry the next couple of dize. rain on thursday into friday and cold air will lower our snow levels. also temperatures cold.
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similar to last week where we had temperatures in the low 40s. felt like it was in the 30s. >> giants closer brian wilson back at practice today and carmelo anthony headed to the big apple. next with details on nba's blockbuster trade.
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2003. that was michael jordan's last year. up 40% from last year. kobe bryant was the mvp and blake griffin stole the show with the slam dunk contest. the all star -- the slam dunk contest ratings up as well. cactus league baseball days away. the a's are taking on the cubs on sunday in scottsdale. giants in full swing. vern will be tracking them. matt cain and the boys look sharp. pat burrell missed practice due to a root canal. brian wilson was back. >> felt good. little bit of the whip action. good range of motion. everything is fine.
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>> today i faced bochy. >> pretty intimidating. >> any pitch can take him deep. >> i caught him off guard, so. >> the a's working out 20 minutes away in phoenix. matsui, one of the big acquisition for the a's. check out his new teammates. a life size inflatable godzilla doll. the master mind was braydon. matsui thought it was a funny little prank. >> certainly surprised, but to be welcomed in that manner, i was very happy. nice jester. >> it's been like this for 20 years now in my career. it's important to make sure you make time for the media. >> unsaid trevor bayne turned 20. on sunday he celebrated by
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winning the daytona 500. he held off three other drivers to win in his second start. nascar's biggest race. he pockets $1.5 million. he was so surprised he won he missed the turn off for victory lane. trevor bayne will be at gear deli square tomorrow. boxing, he took on him for the title and he flored him with this powerful left hook. let's take a look. it's actually fairly difficult to watch it's so deaf stating. he is out of san lorrensa. bay area boxer. he is now ranked as one of the top pound for pound boxers. president's day race.
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trying out for the nationals. the mascot race. george washington, thomas jeffson and lincoln. >> i reached the pointe in my life where i figured this was the next best thing. >> and that's sports. >> i love those. good night everybody.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. the royal wedding guest list. >> who's in. >> william invited three ex-girlfriends to his wedding. that's a brave man indeed. >> and who got snubbed? >> why wasn't fergie invited? plus, the official dress code. the kanye west connection and the couple caught out on a stroll. the story behind this new video. in tonight's celebrity gps. rihanna, just seconds before her all-star performance. justin bieber. >> i had a great time doing it.


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