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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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more people trapped underneath the rubble. >>darya: steve jobs is still out on sisick leave. >>mark: will it snow around the bay? that is the question. the reason it has >>louisa: cold temperatures dropping syllables down. this morning we are staying dry. frost in the north bay. partly cloudy with war clouds and a picture that will keep the temperatures cooler. each day it looks like temperatures are getting cooler and cooler. we have the potential for los know. we will start you off this morning with a winter storm watch. this area highlighted in blue,
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snow levels are being found. two and a half thousand feet. we could get about 1 in. of snow that he blading at 1,000 ft.. 2-4 in. above the regular level. into napa county as well. this morning, cool temperatures once again into north bay. 34 eagle said rosen. mid- into livermore valley= santa ron highs will be better than they usually are. 33 = san francisco . both fifties in the low paylivermore and '50s.'w
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levels are dropping on friday. down to 1,000 ft.. saturday as potential of syllables dropping to 500 ft. level even sea level. will it remain on the ground or will it to melt? seven day around the bay. wet weather continues tomorrow to saturday. brake on monday. and sunday. friday and saturday we also are setting records for afternoon highs. upper '40's. george? >>george: expected allied commute and ended up with hot spots. is it easier start that it was yesterday. especially for potential hotspots like the 580 and highway 4 on the west and direction. at that things are light. here at the bay bridge it is light and easy ride at the west bound. metering lights are
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typically activated at 6:20 a.m.. volumes of cars are not supporting it. if our old friend is at the meeting like this we might be delayed. no delays southbound 11 northbound.. it pd to open the bridge is light easy ride. terry? >>darya: that mount diablo school board will not close silver would westwood based on the superintendent's recommendation to pursue other money. when pressed it has been approved to closed. holbrooke has been approved to closed. they are
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thinking able to save one and half million dollars in other ways by it credit programs to count down on transportation costs. >> i'm just ecstatic get there to stay open. i do not know what i would do without the school here. >> i am the third grade teacher and i merely if that after several months of worrying and waiting and try to ferret where we're going that we have a future. >>darya: those he says he will not close the schools right now he warns that they will visit to if they do not approve tax extensions improved by jerry brown. >>mark: we're following the rescue efforts in the rubble over the overnight hours. it is 3:00 in the morning on thursday in new zealand. they have rescued one woman.
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trapped for more than 24 hours. rescue efforts continue. 75 dead. the death toll has beepresent. they want police to reduce the curfew to 6:30 p.m.. they're saying the area is too dangerous because buildings are weakened and they can topple down as the aftershocks continued. in california, more than 70 search and rescue workers from the l.a. county are leaving to christchurch to assist with the disaster. 68 firefighters, doctors and structural engineers are headed on their way there. they're loading supplies. they're bringing fiber optic cameras that can see in the rubble. as well as heat detecting devices. >>darya: the latest in libya. foreigners are trying
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to get out. americans want that. this is an amateur video from nighttime protests last night. the state department said that they have chartered of ferryboat to help americans get out. there are further crackdowns on and anybody that is trying to get to the president of office. international embassies are encouraging everyone to get out. meantime, libyan state tb is reported that the interior minister is missing. they think that he has been kidnapped just hours after he denounced the regime. his disappearance is on the heels of an announcement that we have
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heard, at long winded announcement, where it was spoken on state to beat that there was a battlnow that anyone would be punished that went against the government. >>mark: the ministry building has been set on fire. it has been set on fire by protesters, they were seeking raises. many cars have been torched. this is happening the way for a roomtahreer square where up protest court trying to renounced the president of egypt. james? >>james: should apple be forced to disclose a succession plan for a steep drops? they are voting on it today. there is caution a proposal that would force at the company to read up a
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formal proposal. jobs at announced about since back on january 17th. trading up here is up by two points. it is at $340.45 a share. following wall street the dow jones industrial average is positive, off the features and it is. big change from where was yesterday. the nasdaq is down. it had to do with nervousness over unrest in libya. with regard to find out this morning have that is the market is doing. the national association of realtors will be releasing their existing home sales for general. also hewlett- packard is down. the company ouissued an outlook for investors. we're not buy too much only down by 9.3%. opening bell will ring at six other day and appear go back with mor630
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>> welcome back. the police commission is taketaking it welcome comments. right now the mayor is approving of the research of tasters. before they had rejected the taser use and their guidelines. there is a meeting that will go through the different rights today at city hall. >>darya: the work post safety department is working on certain safety issues for different areas. there was a hospital that had some
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issues that have been unresolved with safety. the time right now 613 a improvement back with more does a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: it has been called. for people that deal with the plans they can affect the process. will tran has the latest. >>will: david, what kind of business you have? >> and nursery business. >>will: said the temperature is import into our plans. am absolutely >>will: how does the cold weather affected? >> we cover the planned out. we're dealing with it very well. >>will: if it gets much colder but will it do to your plans? >> it gets as cold as we're expecting we will expect cosmetic damage. we do it frost coverage, on plants
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that are really sensitive we bring them indoors. >>will: what if we get snow? them up we have done everything that we can do. i will only operate. pray. >>darya: worries sparking from the cold weather is a point to affect growth. it is making plans more susceptible to damage because it has been colder for logger the usual. yesterday was beautiful. but we may be seeing another storm. >>louisa: we are seeing cooler temperatures. tomorrow is what the wet weather will live in. showers will head south toward starting in the north bay. los robles, dropping to 1,000 ft. on friday. --low snow levels. there is
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potential for snow showers to hit c level. but will it stick? temperatures will be at 33. will forays into monday. by the afternoon there are no 60s. a bit of a change. a downward trend in temperatures. 55 = novado. 55 vehicles now put. temperatures will stay in the mid-50s. right now we are looking at to all lot of cloud cover that is swarming into the area. the clubs will keep the temperatures cooler. as we head into are the storm will drop down from canada. this will bring wet weather. the cold air will filter and a right to the end of the week and into the weekend that sweet as week as well. syllable
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at about 1,000 ft. with a brain.rain. here is your seven y around the bay. last day of the dry weather today. wednesday through saturday. catch a break on your latter part of the week but rain will return on tuesday. george? >>george: looking at a letter ride. no real delays. i fin80 is looking good. traffic is very light to west bound. meter and lights are going to be activated in the next 10-50 minutes depending on who is on the switch this morning. you can see the volume is light. certainly no delays. san the tail looks good. volume is lighter on the commute side which is the right side of
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your screen. the golden gate bridge right, i just checked the chp box, no incidents. in south bay won a one it looks good as well. no problems. 40 minutes drive time from capitol expressway up to that montague am expressway. no problems on the northbound 11. and the hot spots are clear this morning. mark? >>mark: construction work is going to resume in a narrow biking sidewalk. they're going to restrict the senate to 7 ft. so some bicyclist will need to walk their bikes across. this is part
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of a three-year ventured to repair and painted bike lanes. >>darya: there is when to be it a fine fourth utility district of $5,000 of force bills that were caused by carelessness. as spokesperson at east bay mud is defending their utility agency as the need to work on how to best prevent spills. the county board of supervisors has approved $128 million in projects yesterday. it is an effort on putting contracts in place as the governor works on developing local agencies. jerry brown is working on limiting them budgets for the budget crunch of the entire city. >>mark: they're looking for
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what to do with the part suspects that killed five american spirit cannot rule out the possibility that the parts will be brought back to the u.s.. they fired a grenade and a u.s. warship and that is when gunfire broke out. >>darya: it is 623 am. will be back with more does a just a mintue
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the month 14 state democrats are still in hiding. the left the state capitol on a cost-cutting build for the unions. by refusing to pass the bill they are stripping the rights into dire consequences. statewide, if lawmakers do not pass this
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bill many workers will be laid off by july. 6000 workers will be forced out in the next two years. wisconsin state senate and about the state assembly is taking up the bill. the democrats there are introducing dozens of amendments to slow down the bill. here in california up one law maker is taking the cue from wisconsin, one man is attempting to address the cause by taking away bargain rights overtiring benefits. his bill has little chance of passing and a legislator controlled by democrats. the bill was announced hours before labor unions held this candlelight vigil in sacramento to show their support for workers and wisconsin. >>darya: lindsey low hajhan is expected back in court to so she can face allegations of the theft of the necklace.
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they're hoping to avoid a trial. she has pled not guilty. her lawyer indicated that she may be willing to take a plea deal. we will see what happens. 6:27 a.m. will be back with more.
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>>mark: looking at the bell ringing on wall street. we are still dealing with the hand over for the drop yesterday. the rebound was better than expected and we have some reports coming up in a bit. there is a profit recorded four sacks and h-p has been trading lower as they trimmed their revenue projections for the year. apple is holding their shareholder meeting. investors for apple is willing to vote on the company board to disclose their succession plans. we will follow the latest with
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apple coming up after the shareholder meeting. it is easy for me to say succession. (laughter) back to the weather let's talk about is no. >>louisa: we're noticing changes. cloud cover is turning into the area. it is essentially making for cooler temperatures this afternoon. we're off to a cold start once again this morning. frost is a possibility into the north. just ahead of the storm that is pushing on through to the end of the week bringing the potential of those no near sea level. highs are saying into the '30's. said rose is a degree above freezing. a couple of degrees above. 34 degrees. chile in some spots. 45 7 = san francisco . a couple degrees cooler in
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summer file. along the coast near san into the 50s , 56 = oakland. 55 = oakland. paris. the service bring in a few showers spreading said the trip the day. it will go to north in the evening. temperatures in dropping down. there to see temperatures dropped1000 who snp down to 1,000 ft.. the potential of them getting down to 500 ft. is quite to increase on friday. there is a possibility, as we head into the end of the workweek, to see snow on the ground. but whether will set in tomorrow and cold weather too. we will see some los no and potential for breaking records of that advertised. your eyes will
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not escape the upper 40's. sunday and monday we catch up break and the chance returns for rain on tuesday. george? >>george: meter and lights are activated at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup is starting to form. yesterday we never got back through the east parking lot so it was never bad. traffic starting on the i- 580. check with the bridges. sematech bridge looks good. volume building but no delays. same is true for marin county on the southbound 11. it is an easy ride here through the county. across the bridge, no delays. jim like freeway looking at the east and central, st. a few cars coming in from octavius 3 expressway. where it joins
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up with the james lick freeway and the sky way it southbound, no problems here. mark? >>mark: thank-you george. the school board from mount diablo is agreeing not to close to schools. the superintendent is going to follow other cost-saving measures. glenn burke and holbrooke will swim in open. >>will: at the sign says say the silver with elementary school will not come down. even though the school has been saved for now. the school district has many things to save money and that is why the school has been saved. they say that the big issue will come in june, governor brown has a tax proposal in place. if this does not come out on the ballot it will need to revisit the school closure.
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even though, he won the battle, the war is far from over. when the students and parents come i will get their reactions. and will tran, kron4 news. >>mark: their warning signs near the flood channel are being posted. this is where two bodies had been found. 16 year-old and 700 boys at entered the channel in walnut creek a day earlier and attempted to navigate it in a raft. the report of fencing will be presented to supervisors next week. >>darya: is 6:35 a.m.. want to talk about new zealand. rescuers have pulled a woman live from the rubble. more than 24 hours after she was trapped. rescue work
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goes on. there was 75 people confirmed dead at this point. they're looking for another 300 people reported missing. police are announcing a nighttime curfew in parts of christchurch, new zealand. anyone found after 6:30 p.m. will be arrested because it is too dangerous to be are around the buildings have been weakened by the 6.3 magnitude quake. they're too many aftershocks that they're still getting. >>mark: this testing, crisis in libya. swedish newspaper reporting that the justice minister has proof that libya ordered an attack that killed 270,000 people. he is to step down. they're looking into the village of the report. meanwhile on the ground the anti-government
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protesters are making gains. they're taking control of a larger city in western libya. they have it taken much charge of eastern libya pretty much. heavy gunfire is reported this morning. at airports jam. americans are being evacuated by ferries. they're still caught up in the violence. more as it becomes available. >> reporter: the key for the reformation. they have shot and killed when demonstrators in yemen. the death count is at 12. they're trying to end the president's power. poverty is the main reason for these protests preconceived protested smashing car windows. tuesday night at taft winded 11 people. on to bahrain, the king is
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visiting the ally of saudi arabia. they're saying and caking calefa is responsible for the flood of the capital. they're trying to read it the dynasty b ofah rin. open it will not spread to saudi arabia. >>darya: a ton as 630 a m p billing back with more does a couple of minutes. do not go with.
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>>pam: president of, is sending his good wishes to brought emmanuel. he had a runaway victory over five rivals. the president said this statement " his victory
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was well deserved. " he had resigned in 2010 to run for chicago mayor. emmanuel will take over the office in may. ford is recalling 150,000 it half-150 trucks to fix air bags. the deploy without warning. ford says it is a relatively low risk of their pay to play in voluntarily. the safety ministration said bishop recalled 1.3 million vehicles from the 2004 to 2006 vehicles. they cite dozens of injuries. >>mark: will be back. watching temperatures around the bay area. santa rosa is looking older, still one
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>>darya: snow is a big story for us here in the bay area. we have a big look at this out. reporter snow has come into the bay area before. can you tell discussed sideburns? it was 1976. it fell on february effect. but the conditions like we expect this week. another winter storm had sprinkled snowflakes across much of the same area. . just like 19762011 will be an anema
6:46 am
year. chilly temperatures will cause snow to fall again. jonathan blum, kron4 news. >>darya: i do not know if we will see that much. that is pretty incredible. from the '70s. we might see a dusting. >>louisa: the question is out there is will it actually reach the surface? as we head into the next couple of days we will see big changes. on thursday will watch the showers spreading and from the north. still levels will start to drop early friday. temperatures will start to get cold. lowered syllables are expected late friday into saturday. this is when we have the potential for social ours. 500 ft. level. even, potentially, down to sea level. it could not before hitting the ground.
6:47 am
how 35 = fairfield. chilly start once again into north bay. down into the south bay temperatures are into low '40's the 700. cut cover keeping the temperatures down. not quite as warm as yesterday when we were up into the 60s. 53 = san francisco . we should get up to about 56 degrees in oakland and san jose. here is a look at future cast. mother is spreading westward. and will continue to become more widespread into evening hours. snow levels continue to drop into syrup. in fact, below 1,000 ft.. seven day of around the bay. today is the last friday. wet weather starts this evening. might be dry on sunday and monday but it would weather will return on
6:48 am
tuesday. george? >>george: beverages is backing up that it, me and let's have it on for 30 minutes. west bound ride is slowing from the lot. sen the tail looks good. lighter than usual, no delays on the '92. golden gate bridge southbound on a one is moved. no delays showing o up. into san ramon valley it is a smooth ride. highway 24 looks good. terry? >>darya: thank-you. federal prosecutors are trying to prove that barry bonds mistreated people closest to him. prosecutors have filed people work of interviews with several witnesses that the plan to call during a trial. alicia's that barry bonds lied under oath to a grand jury about steroids.
6:49 am
the witnesses include his former mistress. his personal doctor. his childhood friend that served as his assistant and personal shopper. all three have told investigators that he mistreated the domestic help and his personal trainer, and greg anderson, is refusing to testify. he says that to what he has to say is irrelevant to the case. yesterday the judge lifted the stay away order that was imposed on the brown two years ago against his girlfriend. if there was a protective order for him strikingly and up.g rhiana on te of the grammy awards. >>mark: take a look at these
6:50 am
clouds around the bay area. there is some smalnow for the next few days..
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>>darya: and good morning, welcome back. we are keeping our eye on wall street. you can see the dow is off by 33 points. turmoil in libya is helping to put pressure on stocks of around the world right now. investors are worried that global economic recovery may be derailed. we are seeing head down day on wall street. as far as the temperatures go we are doing better than we were yesterday. san francisco is warmer. it still chilly. mr. day was beautiful. we will see what we can do with sunshine. this big storm is expected at the end of the
6:54 am
week. >>mark: at tech stories, and motorola's suit has a price tag and a release date. the tablet is expected to be the first real competition for the high tide. gabe slate has a comparison. >>gabe: the zeroth tablet is available for pre order on best buy website. it is officially on the market this wednesday. edes $800. if you sign up with a two year three g data planned with verzion it will give the tablet internet anywhere. if you sign a contract with verzion to get $200 off of the hundred dollars making is $600 you have a $20 amount that a plan to pay for. i pricey gadget, is it worth it?
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>>darya: the decision is made it to save a couple of schools in the mount diablo school district. details coming up. >>mark: apple is shareholders want the plan that will be in place or should be emplaced should steve jobs and not able to return to his duties. >>darya: after shot still rumbling through new zealand. more survivors. we have details. >>mark: first, watching bay area weather. clouds are rolling in. waiting for the next dorm at the possibility of snow. >>louisa: slight changes in the weather. by the end of next week's significant changes. here is a look from
6:59 am
mount tam. temperatures are cooler today. as we head into the afternoon the highest will jump into it the 60s. 33 also rose the 45 = fairfield. bite the afternoon our highs will warm into the fifties. stand at 53 in san francisco. one degree warmer in richmond. east bay = mid-50s. temperatures will get cooler and cooler. thursday will have sprinkles and showers spreading south word. a lot of that school they're continuing to filter and into friday. snow levels dropping down to 1,000 ft.. as we head tds


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