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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 25, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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alive look at the golden gate bridge, it is raining, the storm could bring snow down to ground level. let's check in. at the risk of sounding silly, it doesn't have to below 32 for us to see snow? >> louisa: what we will see is a mixture. in terms of sticking to the ground you have to keep in mind the surface temperature. we won't see anything stick at ground level. right now storm tracker for is lit up, i will keep you and idea of where the heavy stuff is this morning. as you move down to the south bay look at what is calling on pur.o
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evergreen, cupertino, campbell as well. down 1 01 you can see heavy downpours as well. more than 1 in. per hour. we do have lot of wet weather continuing throughout this morning, as we take it through the day, we will continue to have a wet, dree day. temperatures not as cool as they will be over the next couple days future cast 4 shows spotty showers, we are going to see anything too heavy, the bulk of living through this morning, chance of a sprinkler to through the rest of the day. we will have an overcast kind of day, with showers hit and miss read the date. we have a winter weather advisory all this area of weight. north bay health, east bay hills as well. snow levels getting down to 1,000
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ft.. we could get our rights nomex below that, 1 in. of snow fall at 1,000 ft. for the north bay mills, even through diablo range as well. about half 1,500 ft. we could get 9 in. of snowfall, roadways is an old maysonoma. temperatures will plummet overnight tonight, temperatures will get into the mid-20s, flow 30's. freeze lot for saturday morning, it really is for the north bay valley locations, below freezing for several hours, you're 7 day around bay, keep a close eye on the temperatures over the weekend. down into the 20s, on sunday we could get down to 23 degrees, saturday we may not
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escape the 40's. we could set records here and the overnight hours, daytime highs as well. we will see that cold air filter and over the next couple of days. the rain will lead up by sunday, monday catch a break, up rain tuesday lasting through the thursday. >> erica: happy friday, it is wet side, we are following solo spinoffs in the south bay along 1 01, looking first at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza nothing to contend with here, it is wet out size of be cautious on the roadways, and no accidents or incidents to report here. sam story of this san mateo bridge no problems getting to the bridge, in all over night construction in effect drive time of 13 minutes across the span. clothing gate bridge nice and light this morning, you will have to contend with a wet deck
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out there, no problem in the southbound direction aside from standing pools of water. the latest on your traffic hot spots you can follow me on twitter. >> will: team coverage of the storm, heavy rain the north bay this morning bridge you kumar shows us what's taking place >> reporter: it is already closed because of last friday's snow storm. this is what it looked like near rock springs. 7 in. fell last weekend, they expect the same amount if not more of this weekend. snow flurries should fall friday morning. >> 630 we should see our first snow showers, it continues into sunday. it's brought down a lot of trees, a lot of debris and branches, it features trees that
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are probably going to fall down we don't want to take the risk of reopening road. the forecast says we will get four-6 in. at elevations of 1,500 ft. out of order. so up here we are at 2000. >> reporter: residents are dealing with flooded sidewalks and possible mudslides. you can see people who live near this hillside covered by a tarpon. many are being forced to drive slower. wet weather has not stopped people from buying frozen yogurt. >> sales are down but not as bad as they thought people were born to be purthought it would be. >> will: small piles of snow
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from last dorms are on thelast l piled at the side of the road. thises soda springs. looks like snow mixed with fog. snow was on the ground up to 4 ft. is expected to fall at the 7,000 ft. level. carson pass to kirkwood you can see snow piled high on both sides of the road. for those who cannot afford to pay for heating, it today san jose will open up 10 warming centers for people who want no escape the cold. from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. on saturday and sunday. many places on your screen. we will try to put that on we will follow that story as well as the snow.
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all you have to do is go to and we will tell you what you need. out of novato, investigators will return to the backyard of a novato home this morning to remove a body. this is yesterday's search, dale smith was reported missing by a neighbor who had not seen him for months. the body was discovered buried in the art underneath a brick patio. authorities believe it is smith, his body is 4 ft. underground. they will not know for sure until they remove the body and the coroner makes a positive identification. his wife evelyn is considered a person of interest. crews had to stop digging yesterday because the rain made the soil on stable. muni is not as safe as it should be. now the agency is
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firing back. jonathan blum has a look. >> reporter: here in san francisco muni said it was blindsided by a report from the public utility commission saying the agency has not been maintaining a light rail as well as it should. they said some tracks are getting worn out, cables are problematic, and the tunnels need work. many fired back and sang maintenance request are in progress already. they say they want a smooth over what they say amounts to a different of the opinion. jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> will: in libya of fierce fighting has thousands of foreigners tried to flee the country for their safety. a
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ferry is ready to leave once the weather breaks. this is video of libya lot of unrest going on. winds had hampered efforts to to evacuate. that's why so many people are still there. sir here the council meets today to talk about sanctions against the khaddafi. top human rights official says the international community could step been vigorously to end the crackdown against protesters. the latest on near earthquake in new zealand. the number of people killed in the 6.3 quake is up to 113. 223 are still missing. pictures and to kron 4 of the damage. it ripped open streets, it toppled buildings, pictures of damage roadways, a lot of efforts going on. the hope of
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finding survivors has faded. this being day five caesuras quake struck. at its head has been global response including people from japan coming up much more weather and traffic news. we are tracking the weather. raining outside right now. the roadway is glossy this morning. take it easy as you get through albany and any other places in the bay area. we will be right back.
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>> will: storm trucker for report we want to show you were the heavy rainfall is coming down. it is green, rain is coming down in the yellow also some of the heavier rainfall. pretty much if you live anywhere in the bay area and you leave your house this morning bring
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warm clothing and an umbrella. it up will be a wet start, if it gets much colder snow overnight. you may have felt that a late night earthquake near san mateo, is struck after midnight off the shore line. 3.4 quake centered 36 mi. southwest of city hall. it said the reported deaths of 3.2 mi.. nothing was damaged in tm the assembly floor, you can see democrats in orange shirts shaking fists, republicans after the bout. a debate has prompted huge protests for about two
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weeks now. the bill has to be passed in wisconsin senate, a democratic state senators have fled to to prevent a quorum. lawmakers face a deadline to approve the state budget today. president barack obama will send a message of compromise some grumbling with huge budget gaps. he urged them to avoid public confrontation that scott walker is handling in of wisconsin. coming up on morning news we are tracking the big story, the story that is taking place, rain is coming down at this time, snow could be headed away it will be below freezing sunday. golden gate bridge no problems going for marin county to san francisco pie.
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>> will: this is video of tennessee, they had a lightning storm overnight. tennessee, arkansas saw that. rain and winds up to 90 mi. an hour. knocking out power toppling trees. farther north to severe winter storms hit minnesota, wisconsin, and ohio. this is bellevue near omaha. meter allegis said white out conditions in some areas temperatures stay below freezing boston with lows in the teens. forecastemperatures. let's get r
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forecast, nebraska has 23 degrees, maybe on sunday morning we could see 23? >> louisa: we will notice some really cool the air, moving into night into tomorrow right over the weekend appeared you will need your layers, your jacket, don't leave home without it. everybody picking up sprinkles this morning, the heavier stuff in the south bay. morgan held out to gilroy, we are getting heavy stuff coming down. san jose we have had some pockets of heavier downpours as well for los gatos, into a milpitas, along the peninsula right now is light steady rain. you'll need your which killed lepers' this morning, nothing heavy, through martinez and walnut creek we are
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getting heavier down scores as well. keeping an eye on the timing the bulk expected to push down this morning. by noontime we are tapering off, then we will get a pop-up showers. that is when the cold air moves and. the question is one that temperatures dropped out will there be enough moisture for snowfall right around the sea level. we do have an advisor right now for the north bay, and the diablo range as well. from 4:00 p.m. today until 10:00 a.m. saturday. snow levels could get down to 1,000 ft., we could get 9 in. in some of the higher elevations. roadways in sonoma, napa and marin county expected to be affected. we will notice a
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dramatic drop in temperatures tomorrow. right now 50 in san francisco and oakland. it will be different the next few mornings, we may have to add more locations to this over the next few days or so i looks like temperatures mid-20s and low 30's. below freezing temperatures for several hours, we will continue to see the temperatures drop of it into sunday. 23 over night on sunday . continuing with below freezing temperatures even next week. next week temperatures warm but we get the wet weather back into play. >> erica: we are following reports of solos in announcing the south bay along 680, 880, 1 01. keep that in mind as you make your tracker around the bay area. the bridges show that it
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is wet outside but not accidents or incidents to report. a handful of cars westbound in san francisco. same story at this san mateo bridge, it is nice and light at this hour. lots of space between cars so drive with caution. out of marin county into the golden gate bridge contending with the wet deck. southbound direction looks good traffic is moving at the limit. if there is rain in the bay area and you can bet it is no way up in the sierra. your headed that way chain requirements are around 80 to the navaid thanevae line. >> will: federal officials are worried about pipes. they say it is too soon to say whether the
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five accidents that are currently investigating indicate a widespread safety problem in the pipeline industry. they say it has been a decade since they have investigated and accident, as serious as the what we saw in december and all that killed 38 people. regulators pastor proposal on new regulations for utility companies like pg&e. one major role change says they have to notify people if there's a rise in the pipeline. i said 30 were killed and at this 8. >> we the out of a reactive mode and moving forward proactively to make sure, the
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public has the assurance they will be safe. >> they took steps that needed addressing. especially related to valdosta, placement of dolls, transparency, it's a good for step. we will make sure this cultural shift is what to continue. >> will: next up includes public comments. sunnyvale man will be arraigned today in connection with the murder of his wife six years ago. he was arrested wednesday in connection with the death of his wife, it was made following an investigation that was reopened by cold case uniformed by district attorney jeff rosen, the uses dna
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evidence to solve cases. concord police are looking for this man. suspected of robbing a man for one credit union. described as possibly madrid is the or hispanic, white head wrap, dark blue jacket. 25-30 years old, 5 ft. 10 in. tall. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, following the weather situation. if you're leaving your home right now there is a lot of puddles and. a quick look at symphysis go it is dark and cold.
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>> will: a quick look at the three major bay area bridges. bay bridge toll plaza, and you can see that mr. front of the headlights. not a problems smooth sailing. take it easy as you cross there. san mateo
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bridge, lots of water on the road, fortunately lots of space between cars. make sure you give people plenty of space. braking distance increases you need that on a day like today. the golden gate bridge, easiest bridge of the mall. busier this morning than and other morning spirit also take it easy as you cross that as well. police are looking for to robbers on the run after heading of a liquor store in redwood city. authorities say they held a clerk at gunpoint along the 1400 block of main street. it took cash before taking off. anyone with information call police. a bike that was stolen has been recovered. police in san mateo say that $10,000 by custom built was stolen monday from outside of the gym but it was up for
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sale that same day. the man who bought the bike recognized its worth and contacted the police department. from there they tracked down the thief and he was arrested. north bay man is recovering from injuries he suffered while attending the prince, surf in oakland. he sustained cuts and bruises. he says the guitar was given by the musician was taken from him. listen to his story. >> he tossed the to cart and i caught it, i was dragged to the ground i don't know what happened at that point. just a lot of people were round, then i realized i was bleeding, i hit my head, my back was wrenched it when i went down. this date to >> kim: overthe stagehand came d
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he needed the guitar. the person who took the picture came over and give me a card tarpit beard and i said that is that it? i went to the stage area which was 10 ft. away from me and said where is my guitar? the guy looked at me and shrugged their shoulders. that was the end of it. i went there is a concertgoer, but not for that experience. i feel i should have the guitar. i'm not dwelling on the injuries, unconcerned about the event, the fact i should of on the guitar. >> will: controversial billboard is no longer up. it was built by life always they focused o.
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the spokesman said the billboard was about our restaurant and some of the staff were being harassed by customers who did not like it. a group of people were going to protest today. life always says the sign is part of a national campaign. milt more billboards would appear in other cities. coming upper we are following weather and traffic. we will be right back.
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>> will: 40 uraniu438 yen,4:30 e watching to see if there will be snow. >> louisa: the question is worth
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there's to be moisturwill theren what is your left to make snow? it can see the radar is lit up this morning planning of rainfall this morning just like showers down town san francisco. in the south bay heavy showers from morgan hill to gilroy. san jose m. palo alto, milpitas, feeling heavier downpours right now. dunbar the bridge really getting at dose of wet weather. east bay places like walnut creek, berkeley heavier down pours right now through the remainder of the day the bulk will move through this morning. by 10:00 a.m., as showers out there especially the heavier stuff in the south bay. we will then see hit or miss showers for the day. chance of showers around for the good portion of the day today. it will be a
4:31 am
drizzle here and there, light showers on and off through the rest of the day on friday cool air filtering and as we head into late friday night into saturday. we do have a winter weather in advisory in effect 4:00 a.m. today until 10:00 a.m..p.m. friday until 10:00 a.. saturday. snow levels could get down to 1,000 ft., above 15,000 ft. could get 9 in.. the temperatures today fifties at a local high 40's. those temperatures will plummet tomorrow. it looks like we keep temperatures mid-20s, will 30's, below freezing temperatures
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lasting several hours. 7 day around the bay shows wet weather continuing until saturday. chancing of los know as well. sunday, monday dry out but will get rain again tuesday. >> erica: we head some solo spent notes. but if you are headed to the bay bridge toll plaza nice and light right now. no problems along the upper deck, no special traffic advisories cocky and normal drive time of about nine minutes from the foot of the maze in to san francisco. san mateo bridge we go westbound and eastbound look good. traffic is building in the commute direction along with those taillights. no accidents or incidents to contend with. this same story at the golden gate bridge. it is
4:33 am
quiet as to make your way toward san francisco, we have a wet deck out there so drive with caution. south bay we have no hot spots but we are tracking solos but not so long 1 01, 680, 880. be cautious of that. it is wet out there so we are seeing solos that notes. one traffic follow me on twitter. >> will: heavy rain pounding the north bay this morning reggie kumar shows us how people are dealing with the rain. >> reporter: it has been raining most of the night in mill valley. the water accumulation on the street here. raid across the street from whole foods. park officials tell me they are expecting snow fall on butt out to them. if any are interested in seeing this snow they will have to walk up to
4:34 am
rock springs. they say it is a 20-30 minute hike. >> will: rain and marin county snow in the sierra. up to 4 ft. of snow expected to fall around the 7,000 ft. level. if you're headed up there should be good. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage, send us your snowy weather conditions. breaking news at investigators will return to novato to remove the human remains. fbi to denver dogs discovered buried body. there searching the backyard of chaos smith's home, a neighbor were imported him missing after not seeing him for several months.
4:35 am
interestingly his wife it not report him missing. for rebecca will weigh in the bottom. the wife is a of a personal interest in the case. --4 rebecca way-- >> reporter: tours surrounding the body was removed by police and fbi. --dear tirt-- >> i can't tell you how long it has been there, are reformation as it was fairly new so between one month and six month period >> reporter: and neighbor finally called the police after not seeing they'll sit september. they interviewed for
4:36 am
back of th babble babble. >> will: matt miller and again more killed after trencher raft down at canal much more on that story. it will bring you that later. moody's light rail system is not as safe as it should be-- muni--kron 4 as jonathan blum has the look at the accusation
4:37 am
and menes response. >> reporter: state regulators say the tracker that carries the train the wires that power them in the computers that tell them where to go is not being kept up to the safety standards they should be. public utility commission says muni has been late in unresponsive in dealing with safety munich's face fines. it took many by surprise. >> and we found out about this after the fact after the media reported that. it is extremely frustrating. >> reporter: many respondents than most of the problem has been taking care of. the state reports the tracks are worn out manny says. >> we are starting a major construction program to rebuild the intersection. >> reporter: problem with wires a.
4:38 am
>> they are fixed. >> reporter: in the shop for these trains are repaired the report says they never used to require blue safety lights. meany says if you go there now. >> you will see, a sea of blue. >> reporter: muni executive says they are committed to working with state regulators to smooth over a difference of opinion. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> will: we will talk about gas prices going up but first let's show you that james lick. rain coming down but it is no problems.
4:39 am
>> will: storm tracker of four shows light rainfall all over.
4:40 am
san jose, gilroy where the yellow is, that means you are getting a lot of rain. if it gets much colder, that rain could turn into snow. that is something we will talk about a few minutes. as far as rain we continue team coverage with yoli was that let you that >> reporter: you have flooding, the usual suspect on lucky drive. take it easy when you come over, whether southbound or northbound is flooding.
4:41 am
>> will: so it's not windy out there is a cold? >> it's definitely cold. because it's windy appeals even colder. because you have the chill factor. definitely be protected. >> will: she is the human thermometer. the unrest in libya and other of oil-producing countries is fueling a volatility sein gas prices. >> images are having more of an impact on the supply of oil. the easiest way to find out how it impacts is to agnews airline as an example. >> airlines you can see stock prices could down when you have
4:42 am
a significant spike in oil. and it has been up 15% since the libyan crisis. >> reporter: gm that company posted highs profit in the decade, but this that went down because of the price of gas. the stock market fluctuates for any number of reasons. >> other factors as well as well as deficit, government shutdowns. and that's all locked out as well (laughter) >> reporter: if the instability in libya continues for an long time it could drive the price of oil up more. it would cause people to spend less and drive less which would slow the economy again. >> will: another edition of people behaving badly. coming up. the golden gate bridge is
4:43 am
light but wet.
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>> will: storm tracker 4 we are following the big story. if it gets colder we could see snow, we will talk about what's going on in tahoe, it could happen here in san francisco because of it gets much colder, we might see snow for the first time in 30 years. a couple of web sites have popped up to tackle snow in san francisco. one of them is called is this knowing at s f? the site has an update is says know. it is raining though. take a look at our roof camera, san francisco still dark, if you leave the house this morning, you will get wet.
4:45 am
>> louisa: showers across the board. the heavy stuff situated in the south bay. from san jose towards milpitas getting heavy downpours along the dunbar the bridge as well. for more than held down to your this morning we actually have continued to see heavy downpours. along the peninsula we are tapering off to is very late showers at this time. as you head up the golden gate bridge in moving to marin county. we have actually been watching some heavy showers along 24 along 680 as you head down and to download. as we why did the initial year tend a.m. ouyork 10:00 a.m. hour you will see it is spotty. call thei
4:46 am
(no audio) a look mayor kurt temperatures, warm out there, went especially in san francisco. 15-60 mi. an hour winds. it is warm compared redly. they will take a dive for the next couple of days spirit temperatures in the 20's, low 30's right through the north
4:47 am
bay valley it could stay below freezing for several hours. even colder through the delta. 7 day around the bay, and your overnight temperatures on saturday, sunday. down into the 20s, sunday we could get down to 23 degrees. very cold air settle in and after the system passes through. monday we will catch a break tuesday brings rain. >> erica: no major hot spots, but we have solos the notes. here at the approach to the bay bridge they are calling it hydroplane city. standing water towards a toll plaza. be cautious westbound ride towards their francisco. san mateo bridge nice and light, traffic has calmed down easy conditions
4:48 am
as you approach foster city. no problems getting to the bridge. same-store 4 ride out of marin county, said about 1 01, you will have to contend with standing water near lucky drive. be extra unconscious but so far, so good. we the following solos the nets in thso los balance. sf you're driving in the south bay that's where the rain is hitting the heaviest. be extra cautious on 680, 880. if you are headed up to the sierra we have a chain requirements in effect on 80 to the nevada state line.
4:49 am
>> will: no surprise shoplifting takes place what is a surprise is who is doing it. stanley roberts has the spirit >> reporterthis. >> stanley: it is so bad they have to put lotion behind dark green glass. shampoos and conditioners even bars of soap are locked away because of not it will be stolen. cbs pharmacy says shoplifters have been robbing them blind. every store manager or shop owner as a horse stores of petty thefts. >> too many times. they pass by
4:50 am
here and i'm busy, they just grabbed the drinks >> stanley:. he is one of many who fall victim to shoplifters from market street. if you think you know who's doing shoplifted think again. >> it's everybody. of every age span. from 3210. >> stanley: one shop owner lost a 35 ordered dollar what appeared at the perfumed does count store. these bills are to warn the owner someone is trying to pick their way of a handful of shirts. many shops like this hires' uniformed police officers to cut down on theft. in downtown san francisco, stanley roberts.
4:51 am
>> will: if you have a comment or story e-mail us at kron 4. the debate over retirement benefits for public employees has exploded nationwide including in our backyard. california watchdog agency is calling on jerry brown, and legislature to freeze pension benefits for state workers and overhaul the existing system. from a defined and mrbenefit plp to what 401 plan. governor brown was addressing the budget deficit yesterday the governor tried to sell lawmakers on a proposal for june special election which would allow voters to decide on the five- year extension on tax increases. mixed bag on wall street yesterday it fell 37 points. s&p
4:52 am
fell 500 points, excuse me s&p 500 slipped one point. fannie mae and freddie mac had losses in the final three months of last year. each cost for more money from taxpayers. $2.6 billion in federal aid. the gap is buying back $2 billion in shares on top of but repurchased totaling $2 billion. the gap said quarterly net income rose. dunkin donuts is taking latest goodies to india. opening 500 franchises over the next 15 years. indian customers will
4:53 am
enjoy the first doughnuts from the company by early next year. coming up we are tracking the storm in the bay area and in the sierra. bringing you the latest storm in the bay area and in the sierra. bringing you the latest from the weather. mber, your credit card numbers, the email in your inbox, you're even the equity in your home. to a criminal, getting his hands on just one tiny piece of you, even just your name, can be enough to steal your credit, your money and your good name. that's why you need lifelock to help protect you. lifelock is the leader in proactive identity protection. we aggressively patrol your identity every second of every day by actively monitoring your personal information to help protect you from identity theft before it happens. credit monitoring alone is not enough to protect your identity. and only tells you after the fact, sometimes as much as 60 days later, that your identity has been stolen.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> will: the white house had a lot of fun last night. after motown come to the white house. they led as sell the operation of women in blues. they were honoring black history month. >> let's celebrate, and do dancing in the streets! >> reporter: among the guests of honor smokey robinson, stevie wonder. (music)
4:56 am
today's biggest stars, (laughter) john legend and jonas. (laughter (music) the president can dance, he called mown towns tunes the civil right error. >> we know it was born in the basement of a house, on west grand boulevard, in motor city detroit. >> artist with thank-you for the
4:57 am
steam cracker will motown. >> reporter: michael jones reporting. >> will: coming up we continue this storm coming down. tracking it, this is lucky drive, we will be right back in a few minutes. it, this is lucky drive, we will be right back in a few minutes. the email in your inbox, bers, you're even the equity in your home. to a criminal, getting his hands on just one tiny piece of you, even just your name, can be enough to steal your credit, your money and your good name. that's why you need lifelock to help protect you. lifelock is the leader in proactive identity protection. we aggressively patrol your identity every second of every day by actively monitoring your personal information to help protect you from identity theft before it happens. credit monitoring alone is not enough to protect your identity. and only tells you after the fact,
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sometimes as much as 60 days later, that your identity has been stolen. by then, the damage to your credit, your good name and your life has already been done. with lifelock, as soon as we spot a threat to your identity within our network, our advanced lifelock id alert system notifies you helping to protect your identity before you become a victim. and because no one can stop all identity theft, if the criminals do manage to steal any of what makes you you, lifelock is there to help make you whole again with our $1 million total service guarantee and a 24/7 support staff that will fight to restore your good name. all it takes is for the criminals to get a hold of just one piece of your personal information and they can wreak havoc on your life. get the protection you need right now with one call to lifelock. call now and try lifelock free for a full 60 days. if you're not completely satisfied, notify lifelock and you'll never pay a cent. order now and also get this document shredder to keep your personal documents out of the wrong hands.
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a $29 value, free! just mention life60. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> james: 5:00 a.m., top stories taken alive look at storm tracker 4 on the left, the golden gate bridge on the right spirit snow on the sierra on the lower right. we have a decent storm system rolling through this morning. >> louisa: wheeler seeing snowfall on mount hamilton, rain everywhere this morning. we will take you closer. that wide area
5:00 am
shows no fault over the peaks. also heavy rain taking it down to the done burned bridge. also palo alto, as we take it to morgan hill, we are seeing heavy downpours there as well. the looks into oakland, san francisco light showers expected to continue heavier showers through, creek. future cast 4 showing you an active looking radar. as we take it through the afternoon we will see things taper off. hit or miss showers through a good portion of your friday. into saturday we could kill a lot of that cold air moving in. we do have a winter weather advisory for the later part of your friday into saturday morning. east bay hills and the diablo hills. 1 in. of snow falling run 1,000 ft..
5:01 am
current temperatures on warm side, 42 san rosa 50 as their francisco and oakland. upper 40's and the south bay. freeze warning is enough fact for the north bay, afternoon highs thursday into the upper 40's low 50s. 49 in san francisco, 50 in richmond, low 50s upper 40's for the east bay today. cool and the afternoon. looks like we could see the potential for los know as we head into your saturday. the question is not if it's going to be cold enough, it is if there will be enough wet whether for this note to move below 500 ft.. >> george: rain for most of the commune celebre wet road ways. no hot spots currently, but a number of spin out spirit at the bay bridge there is light traffic so far, no delays. as
5:02 am
you see there is water in the toll plaza. san mateo bridge, they activated the slippery when wet sign. 4 are suggesting reduce speeds. traffic is light for the west bound ride. golden gate bridge 1 01 south no problems or delays. there is just an accident and lincoln southbound, it did block a couple of lanes but it has cleared before had a chance to back up this out othe southboun. >> james: yoli giving us this look on 101 by lucky drive. good morning yoli. >> reporterthat is sending up qt of water?
5:03 am
>> reporter: this always floods when we get have read rain, it is an issue this morning. we went slow, that's the idea of people want. go-slow through these puddles of standing water. if not you will cause a big spray and you will lose traction. you want to go slow through there. >> james: a couple of inches causes you to hydroplaned expression in the dark. >> reporter: hanging out here, even though it's not as cold as well get, the combination of wet weather, the wind, vocationally will see my camera shake, the wind is getting strong. it makes them feel lot colder. protect yourself from the rain, where something warm as well.
5:04 am
>> james: there's another car going through that the spot. we will bought a visit yoli throughout the morning. this was february 18th, the last snow in the area, bracing ourselves for another round again today. the gay doubt meant tkeith at me disclosed. 7 in. fell last weekend, they expect the same this weekend. snow flurries should start falling early this morning potentially. >> about 6:30 a.m. you will see the first snow showers, continuing through friday, saturday. into sunday. this snow storms brought down a lot of trees we have debris, branches, dangerous trees trees that will fall down, so we don't want to
5:05 am
reopen the off road the forecast as we will get 4-6 in. at elevations of 1,500 ft.. >> james: the road up there it is closed in mount diablo. from the loss storm there's still snow up there. mt. diablo is still white with snow at the peak. keep it tuned here we have continued coverage of the weather, possibility of free is watches and warnings. a lot going on, if yemeni photos of interesting whether, as sen the man feared we will work again to our coverage. now want to hear developing story of novato. they are expected to return this morning to remove a body. we have video to show you, dale
5:06 am
smith was reported missing by a neighbor who had not seen him for months. his body was found buried in the yard. authorities believe is smith, his body is about 4 ft. underground. his wife is considered a person of interest. they had to stop digging yesterday after yesterday the rain made the soil on stable. they have not confirmed it is dale smith but they hope to make that determination within the next week. much more straight ahead, alive look at james lick freeway, i wet right here, as it is much of the bay area. much more straight ahead. we will be right back.
5:07 am
5:08 am
5:09 am
>> will: alive but looked at storm tracker 4 of rain is falling across the bay area. colder weather is going to change some of the rain and
5:10 am
snow. we're looking for potential snow levels of 1,000 ft.. if it drops lower than that twin peaks could get a dusting. keep it tuned here. the battle in wisconsin has taken a step towards this morning. we have been watching the spirit are republican bill strips most public workers of collective bargaining rights appeared on this on line feed you can see democratic lawmakers pointing their fingers and shaking fists after the vote appeared debate has caused huge protests for two weeks now thousands of people marching in front of the state capital. the bill has to be passed by senate but 14 democrats there have fled to the illinois to prevent a quorum.
5:11 am
president barack obama will be sending a message of compromises he meets today with democratic governors some grappling with huge budget gaps. he wants them to avoid problems with union like the have and wisconsin. wall street keeping an eye on futures. stock futures higher. it is ahead right now before opening bell. s&p slipped to a point and the nasdaq gained 15. the latest set of new zealand. relatives of people still missing mayor, they are joining the anxious visual for any new spirit in looks like the news is clear to be more and more grim with every passing day. the death toll has climbed 113.
5:12 am
rescue teams have pulled nothing about bodies from the rubble for 40 hours now. an english language school was hardest hit buildings appeared to students there are expected to be inside when it collapsed these are some of the photos. there is a huge crack right there down the middle of the street. a pickup truck six into a trance and cold. amazing to look at. it shows you how much work really needs to be done here. taking a break at 5:13 a.m., much more straight ahead. 1 01 at marin county at lucky drive. we're keeping our eye on that as well.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> james: 0 look at tahoe, we have snow falling mayor. it will be falling over the next 24 hours. we have a decent system moving through. storm tracker 4 is all lit up with green and yellow, let's find out where it's falling. >> louisa: we are actually seeing a bit of snow fall right now. over the diablo range, read over the peaks this morning. later on today we will see a chance of snow fall especially in the lower elevations. morgan hill down to gilroy continuing to see fairly heavy downpours that time. a been to san jose as well. along the peninsula we are seeing very light conditions, showering continues down and to san rafael watching heavier downpours that this hour.
5:17 am
highway 37 down to vallejo we are picking up heavier rain as well. wine country getting heavier downpours, you can see snow fall of over the peak. all the way into clear like we are seeing snowfall. temperatures are cool, as we head into overnight, if things will change, the potential for snow getting below 1,000 ft.. as we take it through the day, by the afternoon tapering off, the seeing spotty showers through the remainder of the day. the bulk moving through this morning, as we head into the overnight hours friday, saturday that's when the cold air said sen. winter weather advisor for later today into saturday morning for the north bay, the diablo range, snow levels down to 1,000 ft., inch of snow fall at 1,000 ft.. 9 in. above 2,500
5:18 am
ft.. sonoma county marin county, expected to be affected by this. right now, warm temperatures, 50 in san francisco, over night we have a freeze warnings for early saturday morning. temperatures mid-20s, los 30's. if you're in the da's the temperatures could stay below 28 degrees for 3-5 hours. it will be very cold out there. we are keeping an eye on whether not we could see actual snow. there is potential in downtown san francisco. if we have a combination of wet weather in the cold there is a potential for snow. george? >> george: a number of minor incidents and accidents, thankfully no hot spots to slow your drive around the bay area.
5:19 am
at the bay bridge the westbound ride is light, no backup for the lake. san mateo bridge a look your ride across 92, you can see the sign has been activated warning drivers to reduce speed. golden gate bridge ride problem free southbound, no delays for marin county, or cross the bridge. in the sierra chain requirements are a fact 480, 50, 88. james? >> james: storm coverage this morning by headed outside. craig is the what there as well? >> craig: it was pounding through here in the santa cruz mountains. reigning conditions,
5:20 am
crews are going by right now. they've had people over night here in case something happens. no snow yet, but caltrans says there has been mud slides and rock slides. here on highway 17. you can see it is puddling right now, the wind is blowing it as well. it is cold and unpleasant. commuters are not having a problem getting in to san jose right now. but i would not advise coming here unless you have to at this point. no snow at this point, just rain. >> james: we know it's cold we can see your breath in the air. >> craig: caltrans says they keep pushing back on the clock when they expect snow, they expect to push the snow into a center lane so cars king: single
5:21 am
lanes on either side. that is in the future. >> james: thank you we will let you get back into the truck. yoli is over and marin county, so we will wait and see what happens as the morning progresses. i did what a mention on our web site, it is easy to keep state to send to the weather all day just click on the weather cab. you have the video player with the latest forecast, but you can type in your zip code and get a customized forecast for your area. you can track this cells moving through, and look ahead. send us pictures, if you have interesting whether or intense the photos e-mail it to us at the
5:22 am
5:23 am
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5:25 am
>> james: lookit storm tracker 4, we are keeping our eye on this it shoul. right behind thie mass of cold air is behind this and that's what will drop this bill levels. the timing is off whether we will get snow and c level. it will be cold, we have a couple of warnings and watches to watch. temperatures are going to drop so low they are posting warnings. and adults the there's a hard freeze watch. a definite possibility of freezing there. winter weather advisory for the bay area hell spirihills. the se
5:26 am
shuttle blasted off lasyesterday afternoon. they will be looking at he shields underneath, nasa says foam insulation broke off during launch, the incident should not be a safety concern. live pictures from the space station show you what they're during up there. following that that 11 day mission it will be retired and sent to a museum. city officials said the move would give them tax " flexibility to make budget cuts. they have to notify by march 1st whether they will be laid off. the following school year they call the move in spain. the
5:27 am
school board sending notices out to every single teacher in the system. federal prosecutors have outlined evidence they plan to submit during barry bonds perjury trial lex mos has pleaded not guilty that he lied during his steroid use. much more straight ahead. giving us potential for rain at sorry for snow. san mateo bridge a lot of water on the deck, following your commute coming up.
5:28 am
5:29 am
>> james: 5:30 a.m., bay bridge approach on the left, on the right lucky drive. yoli is giving us that shot. let's start
5:30 am
off with the weather center. >> louisa: i have a feeling it is not the rain people are concerned about. i thought i would focus on the snow. right off the bat. a little bit of snow is coming through. later in the day we have better chances. on some of the peaks in diablo we are getting some snowfall in the north is what appeared heavy downpours in the south bay from morgan hill tilled gilroy this morning. the peninsula is trying out of bed, very light sprinkle s this morning. as we take it to the north through wine country we are getting heavier downpours. even snow or around the hills there. in the north
5:31 am
bay we are actually getting quite a bit of snow fall over the hills and some of the higher elevations 10:00 a.m., at active radar. by noontime it tapers off. the later part of your day will be hit or miss showers, we could actually see snow levels drop as we head towards the later part of your day today. saturday morning the cold air settles in a winter weather in advisory in effect from this afternoon all the way till saturday morning. snow levels getting down 1,000 ft.. rain snow mixed below that. one it just no at 1,000 ft.. 9 in. above 2,500 ft.. terms of accumulating below that there is a possibility of snow in san francisco over night friday and saturday morning. nothing will stick at this point but the possibility is there. current
5:32 am
temperatures are warm comparatively. 505 francisco, 48 san rafael. over the next couple of mornings those temperatures will take a dive. we have a freezing morning for early saturday. mid-20s low 30's. below freezing for several hours. hard freeze watch for the delta, temperature could be below 28 degrees for 3-5 hours. certainly could affect crops out there. 7 day around the bay, cool and rainy weather continuing saturday, sunday dries out, then tuesday the rain returns. it looks like next week temperatures will be significantly warmer. george? >> george: the bay bridge westbound, no hot spots slowing your ride right now. solos but
5:33 am
now it's being reported on south bay freeways. when the advisory for the bay bridge. we are still incidents free on this band. san mateo bridge no problems there, it's still a good commute. changeable message shine here, i activated because of our rep wet road way. the golden gate bridge ride southbound, up wet deck but no problems otherwise. the bridge has been configured for the morning commute. to lanes on the northbound side. easy ride into and out of san francisco. >> james: store meant traffic by heading outside yoli is standing by around lucky drive, we have standing water how is traffic?
5:34 am
>> reporter: is seems that they are going their regular speed. people out here are used to it by you should still be cautious. you should really take it slow because you could use easily lose traction. just about five minutes ago we were getting pounded with gusts of wind, rain coming down hard. it has let up quite a bit. wind is definitely an issue around here. but that is another reason why you should take it slow. >> james: think you for that. we are getting word from san jose they are opening up can warming centers for the whether that is expected. cold temperatures are
5:35 am
expected within the next 48 hours. it will be open from 4:00 a.m. until noon. we will try and make this list available on our web site some point this morning. federal officials are worried about a rash of pipeline accidents in the recent months. it is too soon to say whether the five accidents indicate a widespread problem in the pipeline industry. it also said it has been a decade since they investigated a pipeline accident as serious as sambar nos. we will wait and see what they will do in the future. developments out of libya fierce fighting continues as thousands of foreigners tried to flee the country for safety. a ferry is ready to leave once the mayowear breaks. rossi is are keeping the boat there.high winds are keepis
5:36 am
there. un security council is meeting today. tens of thousands of people gathered in yemen for mass protests they're demanding the president of that country step down. they poured into a square near the main gates of a university amid tightened security. yemen has been swept up by protests. demonstrators demand u.s.-backed president step down. anti-government protesters willing gate jim dialogue only if talks lead to clear results appeared demonstrators want guarantees on what would be accomplished by
5:37 am
those talks appearedtalks. a lof turmoil in north africa and the middle east. it has had some turmoil on wall street. we have a look on james lick freeway in san francisco where the rain is falling.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> james: 5:41 a.m., north star, you can see the snow it is accumulating. a lot will come down. snow levels will drop down to 1,000 ft.. expect to need chains early on in the sierra foothills. our local peaks' will get a dusting of snow. keep it
5:41 am
tuned here much more on what they're in a few minutes. the debate over benefits for retirement has exploded nationwide including in our backyard and agency is calling on jerry brown and a legislature to freeze pension benefits for state workers and overhaul the existing system. the commission recommends the state move from of benefit plan to a model similar to of 401 k plan. jerry brown debate it with lawmakers yesterday over how to address california's $26 billion budget deficit. this is video of him trying to sell. it would allow voters to decide on a five-year extension on tax increases we will keep an eye on that. here is alive look aside. north bay ride a wet one as you can see. a
5:42 am
detailed lookit forecasting two minutes.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> james: 5:45 a.m., talking about the weather. we were going to check with craig, but we have heavy selling of been through right now. here are having a hard time getting ahold of him. the rest of the bay area we will talk about your >> louisa. >> louisa: light showers right now on the peninsula. snowflakes in san francisco still a possibility overnight tonight and into tomorrow. it doesn't look like anything will stick, but there may be snowflakes. showers continuing this morning cold temperatures will continue to filter in 4 today into overnight hours. it will be in extremely cold weekend ahead of us. storm tracker for its show
5:46 am
you the wet weather this morning all lit up. taking a wind to show you the snow. diablo range higher peaks right through mount hamilton as we take in the north bay, breakthrough motright thros rain now around that clearly the area, heavier cells moving through the south bay this morning. war in health through gilroy seeing heavier showers through san jose. the peninsula is actually showing some lighter showers this story through much of the morning has been steady showers to the north bay right now we have a cell sitting over san rafael. heavier downpours there. and highway 37 this morning. by 10:00 a.m., five of radar from of a new time it
5:47 am
looks like a lot of the wet weather will subside. hit or miss showers for the later part of your day. that's when the cold air will move if we do see the full they're pushing and into early morning off saturday that's when the potential wet snow. snow levels are expected to get down to 1,000 ft.. 1 in. of snow fall of 1,000 ft.. below 1005 level of the venture of rain and snow. roadways in napa, sonoma will be affected. temperatures will take to dive overnight tonight. freeze morning for tomorrow morning. temperatures could get down into the 20s. in the delta of you
5:48 am
could stay in the 20's for three hours or more of your here is you're 7 day around bay. wet weather continues saturday, drying out sunday, monday. rain on tuesday. wet week next week. it will be quite as cold. george? >> george: wended 53 for the bay bridge in the westbound and eastbound direction. --with wind--spin out accidents we don't have anything blocking lanes right now that would create hot spot in your area. bridge check the seventh dale bridge the have a changeable message signed activated for speeds. your ride 41 01, of golden gate bridge, is problem free in the southbound direction the sierra there are
5:49 am
no trucks passed applegate eastbound interstate 80. note trucks passed the state line westbound. traffic is at a standstill right now. it is possible no vehicles are getting through. it says it is open to passenger vehicles and four- wheel-drive vehicles with snow tires. it looks as though at up will be all traffic is still being held. >> james: bridge you who mark is in mill valley where the rain is coming down. >> reporter: it has been raining most of the night here in mill valley. this is the water accumulation. park officials tell me they are expecting snow falls on mount tam the road
5:50 am
going up to the mountain will be closed. if you want to see the snow they will have to walk up to rock's fairness. it is that 20-30 minute hike. renting the duma kron 4 news. >> james >> james: the home of a team that was killed has been ransacked. the family says they have more important things on their minds right now. >> in light of what's happened, it's very small potatoes. >> any message for the person that did this? >> know. >> i have a message to people who have helped us thank you very much. from our the bottom of our hearts. >> there were killed saturday when they tried to raft down the
5:51 am
walnut creek golf. >> james: 2 robbers are on their run after hitting up the liquor store in redwood city. they took cash before taking off, anyone with information call police. breezy bike that was stolen has been recovered from craig list. $10,000 bbike was stolen from outside the gym. it was put up for sale this san dale of crags list. the man who bought it recognized its worth and contacted the police. officers tracked down the fees and he was arrested. alive look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have standing water in those cash lanes. be careful as you will through. fairly deep. we will be right back.
5:52 am
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5:55 am
>>mark: we are back, it i60 at 50 5:00 a.m.. was once deal with morning ride. the showers will taper off and then the cold weather will come in. when to get a break from the recent someone. the freezing temperatures are court to rule later on through the bay area. cold enough that we have some watch as advisers to tell you about. again, it is to be cold enough. the temperatures are expected to drop so low that there is a freezing advisory. temperatures could drop into the 20s. to the delta there is a hard freeze watch it in a factory we're looking for temperatures there. the water will freeze hard in the pipes. there is a winter morning in the hills. more
5:56 am
on al weather as we continue to follow that. we have the details of the to me. say reduce say that there will system is not as safe as it should be. transit is firing back. there's a scathing report. utility information and jonathan lynn has more. >> reporter: the was blindsided by of reports from the public system sank at the transit industry is not maintaining their system as well as they should. some tracks are getting one out. cables are polite. the automatic train control system needs a lot of work. we fired back say that all lot of the maintenance of requests are in progress already. some of the accident reports that the commission alleges are just sitting at to new headquarters waiting to be put up. they want to smooth over what amounts to a difference of opinion. in san francisco, jonathan blum, kron4 news. and then
5:57 am
we will take a break. this at 50 7:00 a.m.. continue coverage of this note here is a look at your dry on the 101. more weather, more traffic, when this coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
employ good morning on this friday, february 25th. rainfall into the night there is fresh snow and current conditions in this year in just a bit. kron4 news at 6:00 a.m. starts now. >> slide from bay area, this is kron4 news morning. (music) >>mark: first we have some team coverage of the river. louise that is tracking the the weather. george is track it accidents and flooding on the roadways. first let us go to the santa cruz mountains.
6:00 am
>> reporter: is terrible. traffic is not having much tre.


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