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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 25, 2011 6:00am-6:59am PST

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they are expecting rain. caltrans is worried about mudslides, rock slides. a little bit of that. on the highway 9 they are expecting normal issues. there is a strategy with it will burn in extra crews. they're glad to shovel snow off to decide where comes later on. for now, you need to deal with this. when your coming over the hill into san jose be careful. in a slippery when wet. and then at thank-you. it is understandable. >>louisa: we are tracking this cell. let us give you an idea of the wind gust. strong winds from san francisco. it to looks like strong gusts are situated here. dressed up to 40 mi.
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an hour. 20 mi. an hour in at the. 30 mi. an hour winds before it clarksburg and the bottom right of around 30 mi. an hour wind. here is a look at your storm tracker 4. i will take you into the area that craig is. heavier sales and making their way through--cells. the rain is a io the higher peaks. snow into wine country. we will wait to get out and show you clearly that there is no fault as well. have your brain is situated at the 101 into clear lake. a bit spotty into places like san jose. sunset moving into downtown will pick up where
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the reagans. look into the north.. this morning your way ad it speeds, get up to 30 mi. an hour. 18 in oakland. 60s in fairfield. along with the wind and the raid we have cold air satellite and. winter weather advisory for east bay hills off of the diablo range. syllables' getting to 1,000 ft.. could get to 9 in. above 2,500 ft. level. here is your courage temperatures. one side this morning. temperatures into the 40/'50's. we have of free is a warning in effect for tomorrow morning for the north bay valley locations. temperatures dipping into mid-20s in many spots. freezing for several hours. we could see it cold temperatures are right on
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through the dull thud. vallejo, fairfield, temperatures below 28 degrees for three hours or even more. here is your seven day around the bay. showing whether that is what continuing into next week. we will not catch a break from the cold temperatures. it could be down to 23 degrees in some of the unless lots.inland spots. georg >>george: i want to show you this. this is an image from caltrans i-80. all traffic was held eastbound. chp is reporting that they have opened i-80. it is in effect for trucks only. it sure looks as though all vehicles are being held here in the west bound direction. aid is the home for trucks
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at state line. so far, this morning we have avoided hot spots. there have been a number of incidents, accidents, spinets, that sort of thing. nothing is blocking your lane or slowly your ride in the bay area. for your commute you are looking at the delay freight traffic situation. this beats have beethe speed toe sign for " reduced speeds " you can see the shower hitting the drive coming in from marin county. we are problem 34101 james? james >> >>james: standing water and
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commute will slow down. it looks like the rain is coming down good. >> isabel: it is coming down it did. i cannot tell you how bad the wind is. the wind is of really big factor in this straight away it right here. it is strong. you really want to take it slow because of the combination that it is dark and wet and windy and you have standing water it, it is not a good combination for speeding. take it slow james. >>james: thank you. we will cover this through the day. please send us your pictures. snapped a photograph and e-mail it to us at the time now is six is a clamor to take a quick break. will
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be right back. and lik
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>> reporter: we are back. still following the latest with the snow. the storm. not only here but in the sierra. on the phone is john b. bartlett was sugar bowl. good morning jenny. >> reporter: guest is dumping. we have 14-18 in. of snow. conditions are credible. to everything will
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be open today. it is when the but you're gonna give it everything open. >>james: the wind is not a problem? >> reporter: in node. they arthey are not too dusty. testy.
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>> isabel: thank you. we will talk about this all morning. bring your chains as you go to tahoe. other headlines. an issue with the state budget battle. we have been following it with thousands of protesters. they are taking a major step forward. they have passed the republican bill. the reaction from the democratic lawmakers is: (cheering & applause) >> this set it.said itwell, yous all lot. they are overjoyed.
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lawmakers face a deadline to date. more protests expected. meanwhile, up president barack obama is compromising as many grapple with budget problems. scott walker in wisconsin is engaged we will see how it plays out. (music)
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and then that we are back. irain coming down. this is video shot at 5:00 a.m.. flattest is the latest on the fourth half if the morning. >>louisa: good morning. i
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want to talk about winds. we are talking about the strong winds. the winds are at 28 mi. an hour. they are further north. that the sfo we are getting 40 mi. per hour. we are getting dust worth up to 30 mi. an hour other places. heavy downpours in wine country. snow in lake county. as we take into the sf bay into gilroy we are getting heavy downpours as well. we're looking at rain pushing on true. picking up the downpour's is south san francisco. light showers are starting to pick up. we have
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a band of rain. the 37 torts like hell and we do have winter weather advisories to talk about. the diablo range and later into today there's a better chance of seeing sales dropped down to 1,000 ft.. we could pick up about an inch of snow fell at the 1,000 ft. level. 9 in. above 2,500 ft.. temperatures are warm but we do have wind mixed up into it. 50 degrees in san francisco. 50 degrees in that file.san our file. temperatures dipping down into mid freezing. as we head into the weekend that talk of forecasts is busy as well. plenty of snow fall,
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syllables down at around 1,000 ft.. same for saturday. george? >>george: another bridge that has of an advisory. last reports we have richmond bridge and now the cardenas bridge gets added. as we start with the bridge check we do not have any hot spots to report. traffic here is still pretty light. this, being of friday the meter in lights will be delayed a little bit longer. maybe. san mateo bridge. the wind advisory. look at the camera is shaking. that could change. the change of
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message signed is warning motorists to " reduced speeds " as you can see with the camera shaking it is likely that a wind advisory may get issue. golden gate bridge ride again, at writing here. there are at service conditions and no problems reported for the 101. all traffic on i-80 is held at applegate. certainly, no trucks being held there. chain requirements in effect for all vehicles. we check the camera and applegate and the does not like any cars are getting through. >> reporter: a thank-you george. let's go to mount
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tam. the park managers are bracing for snow. let's see what they can expect. >> reporter: it is possible that snow can fall here. it is at an elevation of 1,000 ft. which is predicted to get 1 in. of snow. they are expected to get a good covering here at the campground which has an elevation of 1,500 ft.. that means it could get anywhere from two and 4 in.. it is up at the summit here in east peak which is expected to see them as snow. elevation is more than 2,500 ft. at the top which means that there could be 4-6 in. to play in. get here could be tapped. the rangers plan to shut that rode down. here, you can see what it looks like that. they get more than one half inch of snow they will shut the roads down to vehicle traffic. the
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park will still be open for hiking, biking and skiing. the parking lots will remain open will be it awful lot once there snow on the ground. maureen kelly for kron4 news. >> reporter: violence is on the rise. agents are demanding more of a police presence like bulletproof glass. their threats and hostility against agents have gone at the last months. in one incident aboard writer kicked in and man's boot to because is clipper card did not work. another flashed his gun. they're taking these problems seriously. we're also fall in libya. unrest continues. residents in the capital, despite the threat to, are still running the
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streets. 100 americans are in a ship at the airport waiting to depart but they cannot because this see conditions are too rough. they're hoping that they will get on their way today. this is a point to be a quick break. a live look at the image here, distorted because of the what appeared will be back with more. (music)
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>> reporter: we are back. the time now is 6:26 a.m.. of look at applegate. will get the traffic, not moving at all. that is the situation. bring your chains and bring patients. you will need it. there will be snow.
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here is a look at the mt. tam camp.. we are expecting 1 in. to 6 in. of snow. we are keeping an eye on it. it is not just here, while weather across the country. this is a memphis, tennessee. rain, wind. it blew through tennessee and arkansas. flash floods. hale. damaging homes. it was intense. tournedos sirens blaring. to this so, severe weather in louisiana. some damage here in a mobile home. it was crushed by a large trade that came down and all of the powerful wind gust. this is not the first time. this at home owner is a hurricane katrina survivor and that
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she has to rebuild her life once more. this 627. we will take a break. the windsor out there. you can see it blowing it sideways. more coverage in one moment and pla
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1 >>james: welcome back we're looking and cut open a gulf war in the stock if let us talk about the weather. it
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>> reporter: the rain is a constant thing. traffic is going ok but i can see it some hydroplaning and risky things like driving it to quickly. we are dealing with rock slides, nothing serious. just blips here on highway 17. also seeing some issues with highway 9. caltrans says that and less than 24 hours we're expecting snow. we're not sure exactly when. they're going to close to one lane just to commit to putting snow there and allowing cars to go through on either side. the rent, the wind, it is dangerous. people are still in one piece so far. back to you. >>james: we laughed to see how it develops. the diskette to the leas hodge. she is standing by with the weather.
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>>louisa: once the cold front moves through we are expecting colder to really filter in. the shot from downtown preconceived the flag flap and run. the camera is the shaking. the camera is huge least 30 and does not shake. here is a look at your wind gust. 40 mi. an hour. now but is that it 20 mi. per hour. larkspur at 32. nevada at 30. you can see this line here, from san a file to fairfield. have they done pour it through the north bay. you can see snow and like county. at the horse and the picture. it is of little dark but they will keep on the sending pictures. from morgan hill into hill roagilroy will get hey
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downpours. they are moving in through the east bay. east beach is picking up rain as well. we have a winter advisory for the no. 8-east bay hills and the diablo range. 1 in. of snow fall at 1,000 ft. level. expected to accumulate their. as the snow falls we could see it up to 9 in.. we are warm compared to what we expect. we have the freeze one in effect for the north dallas. temperatures getting into the 20s. take a look at your seven day around the bay. sunday, 21 degrees. when you have a
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combination of moisture and colder there is a chance of snowflakes. it does not look like a collection light but do not be surprised if you see as snow flake or two. george? >> we are fixing of the audio issue. well we are waiting for that to let us take a look at to the i-80. there is some rain on the road. we're looking at it starting to build up. your approach is not that said that is the bay bridge. here is the san mateo shot. traffic on the 92 is moving well. volume building slightly and and you can see the wind. >>george: with the advisory for this bridge shortly.
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currently in place for bay bridge and park tina's bridge. spray is being kicked up as well. i look at the ride of the golden gate bridge 101. a lot of spray. produced a great idea. we have not been tracking any hot spot so far this morning. let us take look at san francisco traffic, led enough that there are no backups. james? >>james: let us continue team coverage. we're looking at that southbound-101. traffic is moving fast despite the water. >> reporter: yes it is moving fast. you can see the headlights. what is nice, in
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the last 20 minutes the wind has calmed down quite a bit pureed edberbit. the wind was cd harder conditions to drive them. it is still wet and still cold. there is like so watch it. be careful. >>james: thank-you. we will continue coverage here, live storm track group for centered over oakland regency immoderate self working its way through. will tran is headed here. >>will: it has stopped renee and oakland before now. look what the rain did overnight. i'm at fourth and oak and this place is basically like ebony poa many unkinini pond. ts up to my knees. drivers are
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steering clear of this and going around it. it may not be rating but keep in mind, it is cold! that is what i have a heavy on. if you do not believe me take a look at the trees. the wind is whipping them are around. i am will tran, kron4 news. >>james: thank you. we will continue to watch this story throughout the day. send us your pictures at (music) we will be right back.
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>>james: we are back. it is 6:40 a.m.. here's a look of the san mateo bridge where the rain is coming down. wind is blowing as well.
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high wind advisories for most bridges not this one yet. more on weather, traffic in the moment. let us talk about some news. fight for employers nationwide is exploded. especially here in our backyard. we're talking about freezing pensioned workers benefits. they're wanting to move them from a defined plan to 41 k plan. meanwhile, budget cuts are taking another hit. the suspension of a helicopter program. this will take place in july. during the shutdown. this city will be will to use the chp and sure county helicopters. also, all of the teateen that have been killed in a raft accidents a week ago has
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been ransacked. can you believe that? but they do not have aboard things on my right now. >> what happened is really sad. >> reporter: and the message for the person who did this? >> know, a message for the people of all this. thank- you so much. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. >> reporter: matt miller and gab and paul were killed when they were trying to wrap it thraft the canal. snow e summit. the cold air is riding the back of this rain. more coverage in a minute.
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>>james: at our top story this morning. the weather. you can see it storm trucker for is centered over the
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bay. very intense. this cell is moving towards vallejo. more in just a moment. but focus on other stories, of violence on part station agents. they are demanding more of the police presence. threats and hostilities towards other agents have gone up. bart police chief is looking into the problem and taking it seriously. they are chartering and aircraft to evacuating americans from strife and libya. the ferry hit with 150,000 americans are making their way to an airfield where they will be processed on a first-come, first- served basis. blanchette and rage. they're continuing to to clash. a bill has
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been pushed through that will strip bargaining rights from those public workers. the measure goes to the summit. (music) >>louisa: 646. we have had our viewers said in a picture of snow and lake county. clearly, pirate's cove. you can see the dusting of snow. seven more pictures and we will air them. cigna began weather. we are expecting a snow levels to drop in through the north bay. east bay as well. you can see right now that we have this fairly severe band of rain heading toward san francisco of left to send the filto san rafael. ye heavy downpours coming down
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all of the way down into vallejo into american canyon as well. we are starting to watch rainfall pick up right through sunset district. also watching the cells push their way through some detail at this hour. we have been continuing to see active whether it stretching from morgan hill all the way into the right this morning. we have had winter advisory into warnings. it's kicking and run around 4:00 this afternoon so cold air is continuing to filter in. coal is pushing through. temperatures are in the warm side. strong gust making temperatures feel a little bit colder. they are expected to plummet come this weekend. temperatures are dipping down into the 20s. here is your seven day around the bay. 23 degrees
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on sunday. there is certainly the potential to maybe, at sea as snow flake or two. nothing will stick but there is a potential for a little bit of snow. george? >>george: thank-you please. we are checking and the bridge are receiving wind warnings. there are gusting conditions right now on the san mateo bridge but no wind advisory as it gets to be issued. here, you can see that the meeting lives have been activated with the back up for me in the middle lanes.forming in the middle lan. there is the changeable message. sign lit for "
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reduced speeds ". this is an issue for the san mateo bridge ride as well. the southbound-101, no problems here. a good commute from marin county. no hot spots. the potential exists here on high-to 80.i-to 80. 280. james? >>james: thank-you george. it is 6:50 a.m.. reggie kumar is taking and i'm on the eye on the weath
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>> reporter: but officials say that they are expecting snow fall on melted tan.mount tf you want to see it this note you will need to walk out, at 20-30 minute hike as they're shutting down the roads at the% of snow. >>james: thank you. barry bonds, there are documents that contain nothing new about his case. it has to live for more than three years. they are providing a glimpse of the prosecutor's legal strategy. bonds has pleaded not guilty to charges that he lied about steroid use. also, in las vegas we have another casino robbery to tell you about. a man with the gun walked into the reario ho hotel-casino. he grabbed a lot of rio chips.
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this comes after two months before went to and a half million dollar chips have been stolen in vegas. the space shuttle discovery had a successful launch. it is headed to the international space station. it is one to bea study today to see if there was any he damage during takeoff. date do notice that there have been parts that broke off during the launch but it is not a safety concern at this point. after it the shuttle lands it will spend its rest of it stays in a museum. we will be back in just a moment. we're expecting some freezing temperatures for the next few mornings and here is a list of where you can go to warm up if you
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need to. will get this on our web site later this morning. (music)
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and that we are back. is 6:55 a.m. here taking of look at short toch of forecast. snow is down to 1,000 ft.. a look at your temperatures into tahoe. 27 degrees. 192 tomorrow. -10. rigid at the lake beds at least the will have some from fresh powder. traffic is moving so and as you can see it is hard to work at their roots. bring your chains. bay area at macy's snow. every bay area people
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will be covered in snow. temperatures are on the cold side. arctic air coming in behind the rain and they will drop are temperatures. in land lows. 27 degrees on saturday night. 23 on sunday. really, actually. making news this morning. i do not know if you know but cbs and warner are ending production on to the have men. because of charlie sheen. they are basing their decision on the " fatality of his statements and conduct. the show will resume production next week after hiatus to give it shane time to get into rehab and get it. but he blasted the producers including
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alcoholic anonymous this update said the aboard to wrap it up and will set up the slack season. we go to break we have rain continuing to fall and back with more coverage on the storm. the expected snow and winds coming up. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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