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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 25, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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home the right choices easier than ever. that's simple nutrition. ♪ that's ingredients for life. safeway. >>james: we are back. most of us are dealing with of wet start. there rain is coming down consistently. we are going to provide me with team coverage, les is standing by. let us get up to craig. the it whether it had eased a bit now how does it? >> reporter: not so good. it very strong. my camera is pulling sideways. caltrans is worried that people are
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going to try and drive and the wind will pick up. they don't want them to deal with falling trees. >> the wins, as i mentioned before, the road is saturated with water and the ground will freeze. >> reporter: sorry, not a problem. sorry i do need to hold the camera steady. both areas here are keeping a close eye on the above freezing rain. the winds are incredibly strong so drive carefully. back to you. >>james: the weather is
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brutal, they are getting pounded good. >>louisa: at yes, here at the radar you can see where the rain is coming down. an ominous up shop.shot. the sfo hs gusts up to 40 mi. per hour. winds up to about 42 mi. per hour. julie was up there earlier and said it was incredibly gusty. thhere is your radar. this is right on through where credit is. craig is. ah band of heavy rain stretching from san francisco to the delta. right to delay a a downtown san francisco. you can see daylight city is getting a
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good amount of downpours. along the bay, a heavier downpours. rainfall is picking up all lot i-80. concord, walnut creek, south bay we continue to see what whether it stretching into in morgan hill. winter whether advisory in effect. snow levels will be down at 1,000 ft. later this afternoon. winter advisory into 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. 9 in. of accumulating about 2,500 ft.. plenty of snow up in the hills, at cool temperatures. temperatures are expected to plummet
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overnight tonight. we have of freeze warning in effect with temperatures dipping down into the 20s overnight. pick a look at your seven day at around the bay. temperatures will be dropping in to 27 degrees, 23 degrees on sunday. we will be setting records. george? >>george: the weather is a factor in the morning and we have seen all lot incidences' and accidents as reported. we were tracking this hot spot in our last report ended is now affecting the northbound. the fast lane is block with of the local on its side. usually it is trouble-free. slower than usual this morning. up problems in san francisco of the northbound-101 has sliding that is affecting the to right hand lens.lanes. not at al
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unusual for it stretches of the james lick to develop high standing water it. when the advisory in effect. visibility is a real problem as the cells to keep moving through. the rich man in san rafael and tydeus bridge are seeing and issued when an advisory. enough land to shake up this bridge here. san mateo bridge. an easier ride through marin county, the problems yet t. james? >>james: thank-you george. at lucky drive where rain is coming down. yuli, you are right. our instruments are
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there alfive are verifying the h winds. >> reporter: yes, i told you, i felt it. it has calmed down since then. maybe about one hour ago. there is some land but not as bad as before. i have that camera out where i do because we are heading southbound where there is a big paddle. he might want to take it slow because you cannot tell until you are in it. i want to catch somebody going back where it they have of very good/one day exit. this kind of stuff to deal with, did you see that! quite a splash. since
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it has calmed down in the rain is not coming down as it hard. still very quiet and still very slick. >>james: is that as streetlight lowering the somehow? >> reporter: (laughter) know that is my camera going up. >>james: all i was wondering. continuing coverage coming up. here is of live look from our helicopter. this is over a word. we are keeping an eye on the ground from the air. we will have more coverage in one moment.
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>>james: we're keeping you updated on the rain and the snow. we're going to first go into developing news. in libya it fierce fighting is continuing as americans try and sleep. the last check the theory has officially departed. -- the very.ferry. turkish military planes are involved in the evacuation and they are having a tough time flying through the region. they are having a meeting today regarding possible sanctions against the leader. the international community mate step and vigorously to and
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the crackdown against anti- government protesters. 7- eleven a.m. back with more of a minute. we have a live look, this time of the golden gate bridge, southbound-101. (music)
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>>james: we have changed requirements in effect for mount diablo. back in the day we are following in the rain. >>louisa: in fact, we can see this note levels dropped later today. cold air moves
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in later after the cold front. seeing some showers later today. snowflakes possible over night. still potential for seeing snow flakes, right around the sea level. cold temperatures are expected to kick in and the weekend is going to deliver plenty of cold temperatures. this band here is with heavy rain stretching from san that tale of into the delta this morning. in fact, we will take you closer to where we are getting right into, kurt (music) as well. steady, light trade as a continuing threat the morning. you can see the
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cordele yet picking up some heavier rain. all along highway 4 as you make your way towards and yet this morning we are getting at big dose of wet weather. we are continuing to seek some of coursdown pores. we have a wr advisory in effect. east bay hills, getting 1 in. of snow fall at the 1,000 ft. level. anything below that? yes, we could see some snow. here is your freeze warning. temperatures into of fact for the delta. in fact, take a look at your sundays. 23. cold spots. brain is going to set aside for saturday.
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bring about rain back into the picture for tuesday next week. the temperatures will rebound back into the 60s or we should be around this time of year. george? >>george: tracking hot spots. first the accident on interstati-80. the fast lane is locked in what is usually at trouble-free stretch of roadway. you're going to beat eggs. sing it slower traffic that normal. but that high-edie at mayor of paris andthe southbound and jams look are delayed. the senate and-ones are one slows before it meets up with the in the central freeway. jeff pierce up in sky for is
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looking at the bay bridge back up. not too bad as you can see the meeting let's have been activated. traffic is backed up to the east lane parking lot. i little tricky on the upper deck. a blended advisory in place. up next, the no. 5-101 is lighter than usual. wind is still a factor. you can see the camera shaking. wind advisories for richmond, bay bridge, cardenas bridge as well. james? >>james: on to our developing story of nevada. workers are expected to return to it that backyard of a home to deal with that body. there was a man who has not been seen for months and they have now found his
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body buried under the newly installed patio. a is this man, smith. his wife is a woman of interest. they had to it stopped again yesterday as the weather was affecting the did. also, media is not as safe as it should be. their real system is falling apart. jonathan lynn has the story. >> isabel: here at san francisco muni says they were blindsided by the public utility commissions as they have not to maintain their rail system as well as they should have. some tracks are getting worn out. some cables are problematic. unique fired back saying allied of the maintenance requests are in progress already. some of the accident reports are sitting at miti headquarters waiting
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to be picked up. they want to smooth over what amounts to a difference of opinion. >>james: wisconsin is that before.stepping forward. take a listen to this video. >> (cheering & applause) (inaudible) this assembly is adjourned. >>james: a lot of anger there. 14 democrats and the chamber and have fled to illinois to prevented the four and from voting on the issue. lawmakers face a deadline to date and more protests are expected today.
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meanwhile, president barack obama will be sending a message of compromise as he meets today with democratic leaders. their point was to go through budget issues. they're trying to avoid issues with the union workers. here is some video of at cape canaveral florida. showing you the launch of it space shuttle discovery. everything went smoothly. it is headed to the international space station. this morning six astronauts will spend the day surveying the shuttle for any large gambllaunch damage were some pieces that broke off the fuel tank at the time of takeoff. at this point they do not think it is a safety issue. following the 11 day mission of the discovery it will be retired and about its is an amusing parody will take a big it is 7:22 a.m.. following the markets as well. markets are reacting negatively. this morning there positive. let's hope
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this trend holds.
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>>james: we are back at 726. here is a look at lake tahoe forecast. a lot of accumulation for high at elevations. it will be cold to, overnight lows. saturday is 10 degrees in the negative. incredible. cold and snowy. there is also wild weather across the country. this is the it video of tennessee. they had a major storm. we had strike after strike after strike for a solid half an hour.
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power outages. tornado sirens blaring. this lady had a tree fall into a mobile home. this is the second time that she has had to rebuild her life. she is the katrina's survivor. there is a vigil for news of loved ones who may be trapped still in new zealand. the official death toll has climbed to 113 and officials say the record teams have pulled nothing but body is from the rubble. they have been doing it for about 48 hours straight now. in english language school was in one of those buildings. students from
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japan, china, the philippines and other nations were believed to be inside when the building came down. take a look at some of the post to, coming from christchurch. you can see how bad the damage was. a pickup truck went into a sinkhole. bad damage. in the strugglinfrastructures needd help. will be right back.
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>>mark: we are back. tracking the storm. a lot of rain coming down the bill lot of wind as well. did not longer than from all lot of cold air will be pouring into the bay. senate cruz mountains. good morning.
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>> reporter: conditions are lousy. it is windy, reni. it is raining sideways print people are continuing to travel over the hill into a santa cruz from san jose. the key here is not so much the rain, according to caltrans is the wind. there is a risk of trees falling down. the wind is not letting up. a decision by being kept and on it. >> my biggest problem is that when we get the winds, it is one like i mentioned before the ground is saturated with water and the wind will topple the trees over. >> those trees are blank verse on the right now. it looks like guilt for a spirited is not strong. there will be still. some have tomorrow. they will be having crews if you're ready to pull snow into a specific plan. designed to clear out
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over the hill. it is is when they have to worry about. the winds here as well into the belly. lousy. back to you. >>james: a lot of rain. les, rain is coming down hard. the good it band of it. not just on the bad but to sacramento as well. >>louisa: lousy. that is what it looks like. you can see hello, it is indicating moderate to heavy downfalls. and he said they as well. widening a debt. the bandit that james was mentioning, here a is. redwood citys picking up stronger downpours. same for help. and our. heavier rainfalls. butt
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up into places like concord, walnut creek. steady showers throughout the morning. >> isabel: of heavier rain pushing on throughplenty of snou are heading up to talk of you will need it chainsto like l need lake tahoe you wd chains. your saturday is going to be it cold. we are drying out on sunday. does
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not look like it is going to stick. no. they bellay it locations. going to get into the twenties as we head into the next couple of nights. big difference right now. temperatures are into the '40's and '50's. we have that one factor in. wind chill to deal with this morning. here is a look at for seven day at around the bay. try a break here. rain it sets in on monday and tuesday, the difference being that the temperatures are born to warm up by next weekend. tossing it up to
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george. >>george: attracting hot spots. it an accident and iran on the southbound-101 and 6 center.. on the set the o. things are likely to back up. hot spot in sonoma county. arnold drive is shutdown. a school bus involved in an accident without power pole. nobody aboard the bus was injured. some say it it might not have even been and vaulted the accident. nevertheless on all but dried is shut down. is going to snow no. 8 traffic in a separate county. in san francisco is flooding in both directions of the 280 and the 101. flooding for the james lick.
7:36 am
northbound and southbound for interstate 280. it has an impact on the ride. as you can see it is backing of on the 280. take a look at the camera. you can see that the right here is really, really slow down. flooding on paul avenue where the right lane has been taken away. jamming up this in bound ride. 28 maybe a better alternate route for the peninsula but again you will need to have to contend with the water. jeff pierce is in sky for with your ride through the i-80 period was done right is well ahead of any back up. james? >>james: thank-you george. focusing on the east bay we have storm trucker for over the air for a little bit. we saw heavy rains. standing
7:37 am
water on the roads. will tran it is there. join us the biggest bill this morning. >>will: it has stopped writing in oakland for now. look at what the rain did overnight. i am at fourth and out. it is so deep, let me show you. i shot a tight shot of my leg's pretty can see that the water is almost all of the way up to my knees. a lot of drivers are simply steering clear of the water and going around. even though, i told you it is not reading it is very cold. this is why i have my heavy on. as to cover my ears. if you do not believe me tickle look at the trees. the winds are blowing them down. reporting from " flake " oakland i a will tran. >>james: please send us pictures of we
7:38 am
will incorporate it into our ongoing coverage of the bay area storm. back with more in one woman.moment off
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to beverly quickly here before we go back to a break we're talking about lawmakers out in wisconsin. the democrats need to come back to make of out of the deadline which is tonight. as aboard apollo will begin a speech later on. it is very wearing out side. will be back i
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>>james: we are back at 7:45 a.m.. top stories. violence against our agents. the agencies are demanding more of the police presence and they want more. bulletproof glass. threats and hostilities have gone up in the past six-seven months. bart police say they are looking into the problem and taking it seriously. state department is charter an aircraft have to evaluate americans from the ongoing strikes in libya. 150 citizens on board have finally departed. americans have been told that they are making it towards the
7:46 am
airfield with it will be processed with first-come first-served basis. if we have marked it libya friday too it for days. they're continuing to clash. despite three days of delay tax bite democratic spirit the majority in wisconsin, at least in the assembly is pushing through the bill that strips the collective bargaining rights. measure is going to state senate where democrats again, it are refusing to show up. (music) >>louisa: it is 7:46 a.m.. a live look out side of downtown san francisco. it is overcast and we are continuing with heavy downpours. in fact, we have an urbaurgent flood advisory. we are experiencing a half an inch of rain perella coming down. periods of heavy rain. be prepared. a lot of the
7:47 am
underpasses will show rising waters. storm trucker for is showing you at band of heavy rains. stretching all the way from palo alto to cupertino where they are seeing heavy downpours at this hour. as you head toward the east bay to hayward and union city and pleasanton you are getting a good dose of wet weather. a continuous in this band into the central valley. here is of wider look for you. plenty of snow fall along the 80 and 50. if you're headed to like i hope it will be selling throughout much of the day. --like how hot it will be selling throughout most of the day. 10 degrees below zero. here is your winter weather advisory. in affect for the
7:48 am
bay area as well. temperatures are expected to drop and a lot of the cold air filtering in will show snow levels dropping up to 1,000 ft.. we could be looking at 9 in. of snow. freezing of that in north bay locations to temperatures dipping down into twenties and low 30's. big difference from what we're seeing right now. 51 degrees in san francisco and as we take it to the afternoon the temperatures could drop off some. as we head into the remainder of the next couple of days we are expecting the temperatures to drop off. it will be chilly as we head into the afternoon for tomorrow. temperatures into the 20s. ski report. alpine medalows is
7:49 am
up to 4 ft.. snow continuing to come down. 140-treaded of 5 in. and how wide. sugar bowl is showing 14-18 in. of new snow. george? >>george: tracking hot spots. starting in san francisco with flooding on the set m-101 on paul ave. look at the traffic. is stopped now. this back the breaches down to the octavius street expressway. it is backed up to ninth street. it is the right lane that is closed at paul at the new. the flooding has been reported towards the chavis. jamming up the ride
7:50 am
here, also affecting the commute in the northbound direction. flooding on the 28101 in both directions. it is really jamming up the ride. another hot spot, bring county, south-one a one. fast lane is black.ocked. marin county on the northbound-1 01, a power pole down across the roadway. the tories are trying to be established. -- detours are being established. i look at the toll plaza. i was done back up is not too bad. --west bound back up not too bad. after you drive across the
7:51 am
cardenas bridge into interstate 880 for the 580 largest it will be slow going into golden gate fields. james? >>james: thank you so much george. it is 751 am. a power edge just then. according to utility is 100 customers are without power in berkeley. they are trying to figure out the cause but it is possible that this is weather related. no word on when the weather will be restored. rain is coming down into north a. reggie kumar is keeping an eye on and mill valley. >> reporter: it has been writing most of the night. take a look at the water accumulation on the street. this is right across the street from whole foods. park officials tell me that they are expecting snow fall on them to tampa. the road leading up to the mountain
7:52 am
will be closed. if many are interested in seeing this now they will need to walk up to rock springs. they say is about at 20-30 minute hike. in mill valley i am reggie kumar for kron4 news. >>james: budget cuts are taking another hit. they announced a suspension of their helicopter program. beginning next month of their phasing it out during the shutdown. . it will be able to use the chp and separate alicante coverage for disturbing is. a whole of the team who died in an acting accident was ransacked. matt miller is a family was away with the burglary occurred. at this point they have more important things to worry about. >> and like what has happened is really small potatoes. them at any message for the person who did this?
7:53 am
>> i have the message of thank-you for all of those have helped us. the police in the community. we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. >> reporter: nafta and gave them were killed when they try to raft down the hill. we will take a break.
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>>james: we are back. tracking the storm this morning. here is a live look. the heaviest of the rain is moving to the east. we see it in the delta. getting it right now. further assessment of the 1/5 pleasanton and the valley is seeking heavy rain. sensate down to us get us. seeing heavy rain at this point. livening up in the north appeared we are keeping an eye on this because it is apt one and
7:57 am
had to act deal. cold wind. wind coming behind a spirited could cause some snow. down below. 1,000 ft. maybe the more we will let you know. down to other headlines three federal prosecutors have outlined that they are born to send it to barry bonds of perjury trial next month. no real details of his case through the history down for more than three years. it does provide some insight into what prosecutors are thinking have been legal strategy. at quick break, we are getting word of the hot spot. george is keeping an eye on that. george? >>george: fled is affecting the two right lanes of the setback-101 and that interchange. backed up traffic along the city. through gems like and the central freeway. we will have a complete check of your hot spots when we return.
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>> james: 80 a.m., the weather, we are alive with left conditions in the sierra. most of us dealing with the wet start for this friday. the rain is coming down consistently throughout the night and into the morning craggy is in the mountains keeping an eye on that. >> craig: snow later on, wind right now. traffic is not having any trouble right now coming up and over from santa cruz to san jose. this is some of the traffic almost hydroplaning on the highway. you can see the trees are blowing. folks at caltrans has cruise out here. >> my biggest problem is, when we get the winds. that's when
8:01 am
the ground is such a weighted tsaturated with water. we had some rock slides and, so i have some boulders coming down. i'm concerned with the wind some trees might come down. >> craig: highway 9 and highway 17 as well. they are dealing with rain, wind, snow. they plan on clearing one lane out so that they can put snow in one lane. that is for tomorrow though. you can see traffic going through with no trouble right now. >> james: let's look at storm tracker for at where the heavy rain is. >> louisa: of sluggish advisory has been issued. --sluggish
8:02 am
advisflood--half an inch per hor heavy periods of rain. flood advisories have been for these counties san francisco, all said clara and san mateo. that band of heavy rain is stretching from san jose and morgan hill, livermore valley as well. stretching up bin to the dublin interchange, through pleasanton. along the peninsula we are seeing things taper off. seeing some sprinkles here in
8:03 am
the north bay and delta. the winds are strong, gusty winds all morning. sustained winds, keep in mind we are getting stronger gas.usts. 224 sfo, 31 r oakland, concord 60 mi. an hour winds.16 miles an hour winds. kn mind we could get snow at 1000 loyal. 9 in. above 2,500 ft.. once a cold front moves through we have cold air moving through we have a freeze warning in effect for the north bay valley locations. could get colder through the delta temperatures in the '20s. the temperatures are getting down to 27 overnight
8:04 am
saturday, 23 for sunday's some of the colder location. certainly the potential for snow fall below the 1,000 ft. level. the looks like the temperatures will be cold enough we don't authors and of webster of there. we will bring bacnorth there iso wonder out there.wet weather ou >> stanley: th >> george: the two right lanes are shut down here at paul avenue just south of the 280 to change, it has backed up the about central, southbound traffic backed up there. flooding reported for 1 01 and northbound 280. look at what it
8:05 am
has done here back up for that ride. south 101 is a hot spot the fast lane is blocked. traffic backed up now closer to look this valley road. a new hot spot 680 south out of pleasant hill in the downhildanville. thy bridge and that toll plaza, the back up here is still not bad at around 880. slow traffic on the upper deck with a wind advisory in effect. not only for the bay bridge but the 30's this bridge on 80 as well. speaking of 80, it has been shut down between state line and applegate. it was close to all vehicles it is open now to passenger vehicles with
8:06 am
snow tires on for willards, passenger cars have to have a chain saw. trucks are still restricted. chains are required on highway 50 and highway 88. >> james: here is video of mount diablo where the roads at the top are closed down because of snow and ice. more snow will be added over the next 24 hours. keep sending us your pictures by the way whenever you have to send it in. not only wild weather here but parts of northern indiana, got hit by snow. this is conditions in indianapolis where and for less is expected before then
8:07 am
spirit forecasters say the snow should end this afternoon. this is nebraska got near omaha. why do conditions in some areas with temperatures freezing overnight. the lows were the team spirit your forecast thai 23 degreesh's what you'll see today rain through the good part of the bay and cool their headed our way. we will are you trapped
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8:11 am
north bay getting a bit of a breather. cold air may mix things up to give us know. out of libya, fierce fighting has foreigners tried to flee the country. ferries have been finally able to leave port. that is some good news. u.s. security council meets today to consider sanctions. uns top human rights official says the community could " step been vigorously " to in the protests. thousands of people gathered in yemen. they poured into a square near the university amid tight security presence. yemen has been swept
8:12 am
up in protest that were inspired by the successful uprising in egypt. they demand u.s.-backed president step down. they will engage in dialogue only if talks turn into cleasomething that wil clear this up. protesters had so far not answered that col. we will keep an eye on that. we will be back ia 12:00 a.m., we are following the rain, the wind, possible snow as well. that and more in a minute.
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>> james: allowed gary. >> gray: they got out of town when the weather got bad. >> james: we will kick off with we had seen maristst. mary's. ta loss. >> gray: the first time since 1989. 22 years to win the championship. 11 seconds left, and you will see they got a win in overtime. >> james: they're still going on.
8:17 am
>> gray: everybody goes to the conference. what's bad about it is there is no we gwiggle room. let's say there's a mary's and another team fighting for that last spot. they will get a break. it's not over. but they could of put a lock on that tournament if it would of one last night. >> james: nfl not too happy right now. al davis resigned three players. short-term contracts totaled 69 and a half million dollars. nfl are saying they are poor right now because they're in the middle of
8:18 am
negotiation. >> gray: for all his critics, 318th time i want to say this when i'm 82, i want somebody to hate me. that means i'm still in the game. >> james: still making the difference >> gray: with that said the labor agreement is going on. he is one of the few lawyers who is pro player. >> james: but is not making any friends. but i guess at this time he doesn't need friends. >> gray: when you're 82 you think you're going to say i hope darya likes me? maybe next week. >> james: (laughter) >> gray: the players visit with each other, he visits with them. his pro playerthey say of all ts
8:19 am
probably number one. >> james: how many owners are that deeply involved? hats off to him. >> gray: they haven't been any good since 2002 since he gets no help your but i think he would rather go down with the ship, being in charge. they get help. >> james: stubborn man but what you going to do? he will listen to anyone. >> gray: 82 years old, what is he going to say i read that article about myself who cares. if you hang in there with kron i concede career advancement for you.can see career advancement r
8:20 am
you. >> james: have you heard the latest with charlie sheen? >> gray: he has three women at one time. one is the wife or ex- wife. but now he's living with three women. >> james: he's not going back to work anymore. cbs said you werae done. he went back on the radio yesterday and this is what he said. he lashed bet against the " creator and said. he has violent hatred he called him a stupid man and challenged him to a fight on the air. hours after that they said they were pulling the plug production has been cancelled. this is their highest rated comedy show. he
8:21 am
stood up and said it won fire me cancel my show a bet you well. and they stood up and said yes i will. >> gray: he is sick. when i went to bed last night, i was watching each channel, three women living with him now including the soon-to-be ex- wife of learn. >> james: how many people work at that show and how many people are out of a job now. if no major-league 3, the ceo of the productions also worked with the lindsay lohan, he says that work with people with substance issues. he says i'm not gonna go through that again. if charlie
8:22 am
doesn't straighten up i can't put him in the movie. >> gray: a big is the feedback they are getting, even the research, show that people now are not laughing. if there was one incident, had died cheats on his wife people say that's life. but when a guy is just continuing bad behavior like that. i think they thought it's more negative than positive to stay in business. >> james: it was more cost- effective to cancel production. think you very much vary.gary. 2 a.m., we will be right back.
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>> louisa: welcome back, plenty
8:26 am
of active weather. down in the south bay we see the rain come down, we will talk about how long this will last, and if we could see smoke coming up.snow >> george: the flooding has improved debt paulette and you a complete check coming up. >> james: the debate over retirement has spilled over. the agency is calling on jerry brown to freeze pension benefits for state workers and no are all the system appeared they are asking them to move to a model that more closely parallels are 41 k system. in a public give-and- take jerry brown debated with lawmakers over how to address $20 billion deficit. he sat
8:27 am
there and had a conversation with them. it went back and forth. thehe tried to sell them on the june extension on the tax increases. republicans say they don't like it. the state budget battle in wisconsin took a step forward this morning wisconsin assembly has now pushed for a republican bill that would basically strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights. listen to the rate actionthe re > >> >> george >> james: the bill has to go to
8:28 am
the senate. but the democrats have left so the voting can proceed. the have a deadline of today to approve a state budget. we will follow that story for you. president barack obama obese sending a message of compromise with governors from around the country. some of them grappling with budget issues. we will take a break at 820, much more straight ahead. finally a break in the clouds. blue and sunshine to. a full eight forecast coming up. (announcer) roundup extended control is
8:29 am
no ordinary weed killer. because it does two jobs... at the same time. one: it kills the weeds you have - right down to the root. two: it forms a barrier, that prevents new weeds from growing for up to four months. roundup extended control - kills and prevents.
8:30 am
>> james: the big story this morning rain coming down heavy at times. we have the threat of snow as well. craig will see all
8:31 am
three elements before the day's finish. >> craig: i'm not sure about snow that's coming later. the wind is coming strong. but the rain has died down. treacherous driving conditions the cars are more cautious right now. we will show you pictures of that. some cars are kind of hydroplaning a bit. the wind is an issue here. the trees are blowing dramatically, almost killed for spirit caltrans tells m. >> when we get the win some, the ground is saturated with water, the wind will topple the trees. i had rockslide that just came from. so i have a few boulders
8:32 am
coming down, i'm concerned some trees might come down. >> craig: russ told me no trees have come down yet, they can count themselves lucky the wind is blowing for quite awhile. now turning their attention to this note tonight into tomorrow. they have plows and everything ready to go. back to you. >> james: turning our attention back to the weather. >> louisa: the flood advisory has been canceled, it was an of fact for many counties this morning. you can see the rain drops at the golden gate bridge but we are drying up a bit. bringing showers in the south and east bay. snow flakes still a possibility in san francisco.
8:33 am
we could see enough wet weather and cold weather to make this happen. showers continue this morning. and cool temperatures and over night. if you head down to scotts valley we are getting heavy downpours there. the heavier stuff situated in the south bay and east. from san jose into morgan hill, we are getting heavy downpours. morgan hill, still continuing with moderate to heavy rain. towards tracy we are getting heavier downpours. the peninsula is tapering aout. this is what we will get through the rest of the morning hours. on and off showers through the morning. your current winds actually fairly strong throughout the
8:34 am
morning. strong gusts. 31 oakland, 22 sfo, winter weather advisory for the diablo range it kicks in around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon lasting until 10:00 a.m. saturday. we could get 1 in. of snow fall at 1,000 ft.. we also have a freeze morning in the north bay, north bay valley expecting temperatures overnight down into the 20s. temperatures below freezing for several hours. through the delta we could see temperatures below 28 degree mark for about three- five hours. 7 day around the bay, continuing with wet weather tomorrow, that's when the cold will sit in as well. that combination is going, we could have los nlos snow levels. then
8:35 am
temperatures rebound next week. george? >> george: the rain has eased one of our hot spots and the right through the city. it is backed up to octavius street. at one time it was backed up onto interstate 80 almost the upper deck of the bay bridge. it started flood day in paul avenue that has been cleared out. there is still flooding at fermi street, that has backed up traffic as well -- army street --storm tracker 4 there is a lot of
8:36 am
>> george: we have chp on the linewe have chp on the phone. wn they've notice they've lost traction what is the best way to get through that situation? >> caller: don't panic. don't slam on the break. it will cause you to lose control. if you find it yourself in that situation, for example it's getting to the right, turn your steering wheel in the same direction. don't panic, don't slam on the break. you will get through it fine. avoid hydroplaning vicby reducing your speed.
8:37 am
>> george: thank-you. talking about the flooding in san francisco and even though it has improved in the southbound direction. take a look at the north bound ride. still backed up on 2 80, it is slow traffic along the causeway northbound direction spirit 280 and highway 101 is an francisco has flooding. we will see that flood a biease a bit as the rain has . 680 still slow into walnut creek and from it in to danville. and arnold drive still shut down. an accident not the power pull down the completely blocks the road. from here to the bay bridge. westbound ride, the back up using now, slow from right at the end of the east parking lot
8:38 am
for westbound upper deck to me. >> james: as we watch the standing water we see it elsewhere as well in oakland. will tran says there is an intersection that got so much rain it's almost a traffic hot spot. >> will: there are puddles, then there are puddles. this one is like a mini pawned it continues to grow as their rain pounds a spirius. it is cold, miserable, cars or avoiding this place. the right lane has shut down because this pond is growing by the minute. will tran kron 4 news. >> james: that is from oakland, we are getting great you are
8:39 am
pictures as well. dealers went to talk call and 77.viewers se'e the kids out enjoying the snow. here's another shot, near clear lake, they have lot of snow on the ground. that cold air is headed our way. we are looking for snow at 1,000 ft. level this evening. keep sending those pictures and at we will incorporate it into the weekend coverage. we will be right back.
8:40 am
8:41 am
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8:43 am
>> james: following the developing story out of novato, they are expected to return to the backyard of all home to remove a body. this is video of yesterday's search. dale smith was reported missing because he hadn't been seen for months. his body was found underneath a brick patio. they believe it is the body of smith. it is buried under 4 ft. of ground. his wife is considered a person of interest. they had to stop digging yesterday because of the weather. 8:43 a.m., alive look as we go we are beginning to see breaks in the cloud cover. we are not out of it we have cool their headed our way. that will give us a chance of
8:44 am
flurries at the 1,000 ft.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> louisa: welcome back, why did on this shot for you. we have showers throughout the morning. starting to taper off a bit. strong winds. here are some of the stronger winds. the sfo got 40 mi. an hour gusts, 32 napa, mill valley 42, 34 novato. here's a look they radar, you can see it dry out in the north bay. still some isolated rain drops along the peninsula. the bulk of the wet weather down in the south bay right now along highway 17. same with morgan
8:48 am
hill, they have got drenched this morning. continuing with that flood advisory. in the north the flood advisory has expired. through morgan hill we have heavy downpours though. along the peninsula showers along 280 towards san mateo. as we wipe it out continuing to get plenty of snow fall along 80 and 50. if you're headed to tahoe, plenty of snow falls today. los levels down to 1,000 ft.. saturday over night temperature about 10 degrees below zero. -- low snow leavles-s--diablo ad
8:49 am
north and east bay we have a warning 4:00 p.m. friday until 10:00 a.m. saturday. we also have reason morning from 1:00 a.m. saturday until 8:00 a.m. saturday. we could be below 20 degree30 degrees for a few hours snow levels saturday keep in mind cold air could create snowflakes below 1,000 ft.. here's a look at your snow report.
8:50 am
alpine base death thunder and 25 in., new snow 13 in..there is ca whole lot of patter. george? >> george: flooding has created problems in san francisco freeways. 101, 2 80 both jam up. the ride out of this city looks better at 280, the north bound ride will slightly improved is the worst on 2 80. the ride on
8:51 am
80 in the westbound direction the lorry shore freeway, it's especially through albany picks up slightly for berkeley, and walnut creek will improving in the southbound direction. headed into the creek is still backed up on 680 southbound to highway 24. the one bright spot in the commute there was a windy advisory in the early morning for the bay bridge, right now only minor backup. james? >> james: relative of people missing three days after an earthquake rattled some new zealand they joined today to look for any news of their loved ones. you can see the damage and destruction. a total of 113
8:52 am
people have been confirmed killed. that is expected to rise. rescue teams have pulled nothing of bodies from rubble for 48 hours now. english- language school was the hardest hit building it has to china, japan, and the philippines. they were believed inside when the building came down. some photos of christ church., concrete, crumpled, a sinkhole that a truck felon. just an amazing sight tofell in. just amazing so see. but break back with more the moment. gray skies over san francisco but not so much rain falling anymore. we're watching
8:53 am
out for snow.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> james: no surprise shoplifting takes place in the bay area. what is surprising is who's doing. >> stanley: $20,000 is what wall greens loses every month due to shoplifters. they have one left every hour. shampoos and conditioners even bars of soap are locked away. if not they will be stolen. cvs pharmacy says shoplifters have been robbing them blind. every shop
8:57 am
owner has horse stories of petty thefts. >> try to get my stuff too many times. my drinks, if i'm busy they just grabbed it. >> stanley: this is t he grabbed thrun this hot dog stand. if you think you know who is doing the shoplifting think again. >> all ages, from the 30's and all the way down to 10. >> stanley: one shop owner lost a $3,500 watch. at the internationawholesale perfume sy have else. >> mostly they still a bunch not one piece. >> stanley: this store has hired
8:58 am
uniformed security guards. >> gabe
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> james: 9:00 a.m., at the top stories this storm. storm tracker 4 on the left, mt. tam on the lower right. cool air will pour in giving us the possibility of snow. we have team coverage. we have been monitoring heavy wind and rain. >> craig: it was awful earlier, rain moving sideways. caltrans says things not as bad as they work in terms of dealing with problems. some pictures of the
9:01 am
wind and the rain earlier. according to caltrans no serious mud slides or rock slides. something they were seriously worried about. >> when we get the winds, that is when the ground is saturated with water, the wind will topple the streets. i had rockslide that just came from. so i have some boulders coming down, i'm concerned some trees might come down as well. >> craig: that was 4 highway 17 and for highway 9. it could've been worse, i would of been surprised if trees did fall down. cars are now moving easily and things are calmer than they were. caltrans has to rebuild snow now. the next
9:02 am
problem as at approaches to night into tomorrow. they have crews' for that as well. >> james: let's get to storm tracker 4. we have had wind, and rain. has the bulk pass this? >> louisa: to the south we still getting heavy rain. drying out in the north bay, but as you can see how we 17 still getting showers out there. but as you get down to scotts valley heavy downpours at this time. also morgan hill continuing to watch heavy showers in the south of san jose. as we take it up, towards livermore area, a few showers their tapering out. what looks like the bulk of wet weather is moving into the sierra. along the peninsula if
9:03 am
you sprinkle 3 san mateo, it in through palo alto. we are going to deal with spotty showers through the rest of the day. the bulk of the moisture is in the central valley continuing to see this snow come down. if you're headed to the sierra today carry 4 will drive. be prepared for road closures up there. there will be plenty of stovall today and saturday. by saturday temperatures dropping down 10 degrees below zero. he will bundle up more than normal. here in the bay we have our own winter weather advisories for the north bay and the east bay hills. we're watching a lot of cool their final and through the later part of your day today and over night. snow levels could get down to 1,000 ft. level. 1
9:04 am
in. of snow there. 9 in. above 2,500 ft.. as we head into a saturday morning, cool temperatures certainly gone unnoticed. north bay locations we have our friends mornina fref you're in fairfield, of vallejo, below 28 degrees lasting for longer than three hours. 7 day around the bay, a break sunday, monday rain continues tuesday, wednesday. it will be wet but it will be as cold. george? >> george: the flooding in san francisco still tying up traffic for 280 and 1 01. when
9:05 am
no one is no longer backed up all the way to brisbane, it is slow for both 1 01 and 280. flood in no longer jamming the traffic into downtown san francisco. still hot spots through oakland, 880 is very heavy certainly up pass high street almost interstate 980, the bay bridge there is a winded by azeri for the bay bridge but thankfully we are past the peak of the commute. --wind advisory--the sierra they are still holding trucks on 80. trucks have been held since the early morning hours. highway 50
9:06 am
chains are required, and for highway 88 as well. james? >> james: will tran is in oakland showing us an area that got so much water it doesn't look like a road. >> will: puddles and then there are puddles. i'm at fourth and zero where it is a mini pond. it continues to grow as the wind pounds us. the rain is being powered by strong winds. look all this rain drops in front of the headlights. it is cold, miserable, cars are avoiding this place as they had towards jack london square. the right lane has been shut down because this is continuing to get bigger by the minute. reporting from
9:07 am
oakland will tran, kron 4 news. >> james: 9:06 a.m., some of your pictures. thank you for sending them. this is near clear lake. they have snow coming down, some more of the same area. this is what we expect around the bay area this week. this is out of tahoe thithis morning. thisthis is lorry she works here she sent us this picture. unfortunately she called in sick today. this may come back to you. we will be back in a moment.
9:08 am
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9:11 am
>> james: 9:10 a.m., the bulk of the heavy rain now has pushed off to our east. this up lingering showers. in the east bay and this at bay as well. north bay is beginning to dry out. this is just part one of a two-part system. the cold air is up next. the uprising in libya the first attempt in days told a mass protest in the capital, this is some of the latest pictures coming in this morning. witnesses say they are being met with gunfire from militia loyal to khaddafi. 4 deaths as they opened fire from the streets and rooftops. sniper fire. the un
9:12 am
top officials say the community could step in vigorously to when the crackdown against demonstrators. tens of thousands of people gathered in yemen for massive protests demanding the president there step down. they poured into this where at the main gates for the demonstration. that is amid tight security. yemen has been swept up and protested protesind by egypt. they want the president there to step down. they will engage in dialogue with the government only if it leads to clear talks and achieve their goals. the rulers have offered to talk to groups to defuse the situation but protesters have been slow to take up that offer. checking the markets this morning all week
9:13 am
they had been battered. oil prices have stabilized, the dow was up 46 points. boeing will supply refuerefueling planes. cy conditions at mt. tam. possibly snow this evening more on that to come.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> james: 4:00 p.m., following storm tracker for all morning long. that yellow was stretching across all morning long. it looks like it finally pushed off. >> louisa: it has been a busy morning, we head hale, wind, and rain. -- we had hail--the
9:17 am
south bay continues to get the wet weather. along 101, in morgan hill we see heavy downpours still continuing at this hour. livermore valley spotty showers same with the peninsula. as we wideman doubt the ball has pushebald has pusho the sierra. --bulk--we will see plenty of snowfall this weekend snow levels below 1,000 ft. for saturday check out the overnight temperature. if you're headed to talk halt the temperatures will be dropping down 10 degrees below zero. winter weather is advisory for the north, it east bay hills and
9:18 am
also the diablo range. that kicks in and around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon lasting until about 10:00 p.m. on saturday snow levels could get down around 1,000 ft.. we could get it into a snow right around 1,000 ft. level, 9 in. above 2,500 ft.. we also above freezing warning into effect. cold temperatures will peaky the next couple daybe key for the n temperatures into the 20's, low 30's. temperatures could be below freezing for several hours. in the delta because see below 28 degrees lasting three-five hours. sunday, monday we dryout of bringing wet weather back into the picture next week. but temperatures will be warmer. george? >> george: flooding in san
9:19 am
francisco is going away. it did have this backed up here but this out bound ride has much improved. we are getting back to what is normal conditions. there ride slow from third street north into san francisco. india hotspot downtown oakland heavier still out of san leandro from davis. it is not up until 24 that things pick up. the bay bridge toll plaza west bound ride continues to look good. meter lights were not turned on until the 6:00 hour thi6:00
9:20 am
it is still a good bay bridge ride. >> james: we have power outages you see the list on your screen. 400 customers in san francisco, 2800 along the peninsula, 260 in the north bay, 430 in the south bay. no word on estimated time of restoration. developing story out of novato, investigators will return to the backyard of a home this morning. they will be removing the body. 74 year-old dale smith was reported missing by a neighbor who had not seen him for months. a body was discovered in the backyard of mr. smith's house under brick patio they believe it is mr. smith. but it is under 4 ft. of ground. his wife is considered a person of interest. they had to stop digging after the rain yesterday left the soil
9:21 am
on stable. violence on our station agent on the rise they are demanding more police presence, and more protection like bulletproof glass. threats of hostilities against agents have gone up in the past six- seven months. one incidents they kicked in a booth because his clipper card did not work. they are taking the problem seriously. the police department suspended its helicopter program. it will phase out the department next month during the shutdown. the city will use this chp and sure helicopters as eyes in the sky. a college student charged with attempted use of the weapon of mass destruction and texas. he
9:22 am
appeared in federal court today he will remain in custody until a hearing next month. he planned to blow up dams, nonnuclear plants, or the home of george w. bush. this state were budget battle has really gotten a contentious. there was a move yesterday they passed a republican bill that strips most public workers of clout of bargaining rights. gov. scott walker will hold a conference in about an hour. there is a stall in the senate where the democrat thinks that senators have led to another state altogether. thousands of people protesting in front of the capital. more on thousands of people protesting in front of the capital. more on this to this is your captain speaking,
9:23 am
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9:25 am
>> james: the cold weather for the weekend has now caused the
9:26 am
issued of these advisories. freezing morning for north bay, hard freeze for the delta, and winter weather advisory in effect for bay area hills. 1 in. of snow may accumulate at 1,000 ft... seven day forecast conditions are changing over the next few days. temperatures overnight 27 for saturday, 23 for sunday, then we warming up the beginning of next week. that while the weather is being felt elsewhere in the country. this is memphis tennessee. this storm was intense. there was intense winds 80 mi. an hour, flash floods where reported. they
9:27 am
had tornado sirens blaring through the night as well. tracking snow in indiana, snow snarled roads for the commute. this is what it was like in indianapolis. forecasters say this snow should move at of that area this afternoon. snow whether for nebraska, several drivers tangled up here in this high rathighway. the national wr service says five more inches of snow will fall in that area surrounding lincoln. we will take a break at 9:27 a.m., storm tracker 4 shows you intense of rain that has moved off into the east. full breakdown of your
9:28 am
forecast coming up.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> james: 9:29 a.m., san francisco on the left, on the route mt. tam in the clouds. before too long snow will be the issue. but start off in the weather center. the showers have moves donna? >> louisa: absolutely. yours have send in pictures. you can see this snow dusting this mountain in clear lake. here's a look air radar, down along the peninsula in the south bay as well. really starting to dry up in the north bay and delta. picking up heavy showers, along highway 17 and 1 01. gilroy
9:31 am
getting heavy downpours. continuous throughout the morning. continuing to see quite a bit of wet weather there. livermore, continuing to see raindrops. that is how we will stay for the remainder of the day. hit or miss light showers. the heavy stuff has move through, moved into the central valley. right now if you're headed up to the sierra, there will be a lot of snowfall. we have seen over 2 ft. of snow in some parts already over the past 24 hours. snow levels be around 1,000 ft. level, could drop below that. saturday more snow expected, overnight temperatures 10 below zero. here in the bay we also have winter weather in advisory for the north and east bay hills. snow
9:32 am
levels getting down to about 1,000 ft.. we had a lot of cold arctic air moving into the picture. the cool temperatures will takeover for the weekend. snow levels could get down to 1,000 ft., accumulating 1 in. of snow falls. freezing weather warning into tomorrow morning, cool start for the day to more temperatures in the '20s. in the delta of very cold temperatures it could dip below 23 and lasts several hours. wet weather continues saturday, staying dry sunday, monday and then rain returns. george? >> george: late to get released from heavy traffic on a 80 word is still backed up out of san leandro and oakland. it will
9:33 am
break up a bit, but it will be sluggish and up to 980. through walnut creek the traffic has diminished but the traffic has not. enough moisture to pick up a spray for the southbound ride. this was jim up bin to danville but now it has improved. golden gate bridge, problem free here. this was bound ride looks good, and no delays coming in from marin county earlier this morning southbound at the civic center back up traffic for a while but it has cleared. >> james: continuing team coverage with craig up in the santa cruz mountains. >> craig: there is highway 17, things are much better than they were earlier when the rain was blowing sideways. the winds were
9:34 am
gale force. traffic is good. some pictures from earlier, it was less pleasant to say the least. the wind was blowing the trees around like crazy as well. folks at caltrans say they are very lucky. they are worried about trees falling. >> when we get the winds, that is when, the ground is saturated with water in the wind will topple the trees. i had rockslide that came from. so i have a few boulders coming down and i am concerned because the winds trains may come down. >> james: that was craig we lost his audio in the hills. he is monitoring the situation there. they are worried about the trees. it doesn't take much wind to knock them over. let's go to
9:35 am
gilroy robb is on the phone following the situation there. >> caller: good morning james, i'm hearing we have this small stream advisory out into line 40 5:00 a.m., take a look at the pictures i shot a while ago. classic example of why they call for these advisory spiri. this s where the creek should be underneath miller ave. you can see it is over the top. because of all this rain, the reservoir is full and spilling over. all this water cannot go under the bridge fast enough so we have some flooding. police have closed the road as a precaution because even a foot of water, up car could hydroplaned and end up in the creek. they have closed
9:36 am
that for now as a precaution. there are a lot of other street flooding around here. >> james: that is impressive. we have a cell over top of the right now has the rain been fairly steady? >> caller: all night as a matter fact. it's concentrated in the southern region, as we speak right now those raindrops and wind as well. >> james: think you for bringing us that video and that report. it is video like that we will get throughout the day. we will bring you the latest as it comes in and said mr. pictures to. if you see a street that is inundated with water take a shot of it. e-mail it to us at now, here is stanely roberts, with some people behaving badly. we
9:37 am
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9:40 am
>> james: 9:40 a.m., we have had strong winds out there with the rain. sfo 40 mi. an hour fast, and napa 32, a mill valley 42, novato 30, fairly strong winds in the north bay. we will continue to follow the weather throughout the morning. also the latest news around the country. debate over retirement benefits has exploded nationwide. it has taken root in our backyard. california watchdog agency calling on jerry brown to freeze
9:41 am
benefits first to workers, and overhaul the system. the commission recommends moving from a defined benefit plan to a model that closely resembles a 401k plan. speaking of governor brown a give-and-take on his part, he debated with lawmakers yesterday over how to address the $26 billion deficit. the governor said down in the chambers to talk with them. trying to sell a proposal for a special election in which the voters would be allowed to decide whether to continue a five-year extension of tax increases. that is still being debated. representatives of people still missing after that earthquake rocked christ church new zealand. there ride today hoping for any positive news. at this point the outlook is grim.
9:42 am
devastation is terrible. the death toll has climbed up to 113. rescue teams have been pulling bodies from the rubble for two days. english-language school was a harsh hardest hit buildings. students from asia were among those inside when it collapsed damaged here. this is how hard the roads were hit. this is a pickup truck in a sinkhole. we will let you know how the situation evolves. walnut creek we're dealing with a lingering showers. now we have possibility of snow in the forecast later on.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> louisa: 9:45 a.m., kron 4
9:46 am
morning news. mt. tam is still socked in, seeing rain fallout there. rainfall totals for you over the past 24 hours. .68 inches in san rafael, have an engine san francisco ended to redwood city.half an inch in oan francisco. stretching down to gilroy we see severe weather right now. potential thunderstorms there even about potentiaa potential for hilhaile
9:47 am
any rain it will be light showers along 280 as you head down to san mateo. also this san mateo bridge over in oakland as well. you can see the bulk is situated over the sierra. if you're headed to the sierra carry chains and drive the four will drive. snow will continue today. they will drostill levelw 1,000 ft. tomorrow. winter weather advisory from 4:00 p.m. friday until 4:00 p.m. saturday. snow levels look like they will get down to 500 ft., the potential for snow is there and you could actually get 1 in. of snow falls. we also have a
9:48 am
freeze warning in effect in the north bay belly. temperatures expected to get into the 20s, on your sunday your colder spot could get to 23 degrees. your ski report with all the latest. alpine meadows base that's 125 ft., piles of snow. new snow 13 in., 12 lifts are open, home wha14 sugar bowle depth 128 in., 9 lifts are open. much more snow expected. george? >> george: 101 northbound, we
9:49 am
had an accident out here that started to back up the ride out here. even now one lane is blocked. that is the last stretch of heavy traffic 41 01. for 101. slow in both directions approaching san antonio road in mountain view. toll plaza road hardly any back up for the west bound to be it, things have an live nicely for the 9:00 hour9:00 a.m. hour. ead held that applegate on highway 80, it is open for passenger vehicles. highway 50, and highway 88 chains are required. >> james: 9:49 a.m., alive look
9:50 am
at the golden gate bridge, we had a break in the storm for now we have been keeping an eye on whether there. >> reporter: in the north bay the ground is soggy, puddles of water off from the rain overnight. this is a shot of tim braun, this is a blue sky and clouds. over in the distance you can see san francisco, the city is overcast, it is chilly morning and normally here there are a lot of people, this morning just a few. all bundled up walking dogs. taking advantage in the break of the weather before another storm hits. >> james: on to other headlines this morning the home of a teen who died in a rafting accident in walnut creek was his home was
9:51 am
ransacked his family was away when the burglary occurred. we spoke with the family and they said they have more important things on their mind. >> in light of what happened its small. >> reporter: any message for the person who did this. >> no but i have a message for people who help us thank-you to everyone. we think everyone from the bottom of our hearts. >> james: matt miller and gavin died saturday as they tried to raft down the wall muckrake. our robbery add to a casino. the man grabbed chips and ran out. possibly leaving in a cab. it is worth more than $30,000. two months after $1.5 million in chips were stolen from a hotel
9:52 am
casino. the son of a judge was arrested in that robbery. space shuttle blasted off yesterday everything went well. today they will spend hours surveying the shuttle for launch damage. we had a report this several pieces of foam insulation broke off the discovery's fuel tank. it is not believed to be a safety concern. following that the 11 day mission it will be retired and said to a museum. we will take a break at 9:52 a.m., libya's capital where we have crowds in the street, the rallies continue. protesters on both sides of the spirit and the clashes have proven to be deadly.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> james: 9:55 a.m., cool
9:56 am
weather we expect this we can has caused issuing of some watches and warnings. temperatures were be so low, these advisories have been issued. a freeze morning in the north bay valley, at the delta are hard freeze watch, it means that it could stay below freezing in three-five hours. winter weather advisory for the hills. a look your 70 forecast unstable weather for the next day or two. by sunday not bad the sun comes back out, we just have to get past this to get to the sunshine. also making headlines federal prosecutors outline evidence they plan to submit during that barry bonds trial next month. this has been gone on for three years. this
9:57 am
gives us a lot of lives in the legal strategy. he pleaded not guilty to charges that he lied about steroid use. cbs and warner brothers say they are ending production on this season of two and half man appeared in the wake of is in very remarks by charlie sheen. they are basing their decision on the brutality of charlie sheen's conduct an statement. in a rambling interview he blasted the producer along with other targets. to an have men have been shut down for now. 9:57 a.m., much more straight ahead here. storm tracker 4 back with more live reports of a moment.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> will: top story we are following this morning, the weather. live with the current conditions in the sierra and a bit. most of us have a wet start for the weekend. rain coming down well into the morning. let's start with craig who is live in santa cruz at this summit. you can see it looks like rainfall. to be sure on that let's go to a crank.craig. >> craig: caltrans was worried about trees falling down,
10:01 am
rockslide, mudslides. things are much better than they were they are keeping a close eye. >> my biggest problem is, especially when we get wind. that's when the ground is saturated with water, the wind will topple of these trees. i had some rockslide that just came from. i have got a few boulders coming down, i'm concerned because of the wind some trees might come down. >> craig: they say that has come down since earlier this morning. the trees are still saturated, the wind is still fairly strong, caltrans now must worry about snow coming in the next few hours tonight or tomorrow. they have crews' out dealing with that. this unpleasant situation is dying down finally as you head towards midday.
10:02 am
>> will: think you very much, even though it doesn't look like it's raining it sure looks cold. >> louisa: starting you off with this picture from crockett, it looks like hail. we like to put pictures up like that. dry up along the peninsula, but getting heavy rain through gilroy, getting some heavy downpours continuing with that very heavy rainfall. up until he word, and livermore, light showers this morning. starting to taper off seeing even some blue sky of their this morning. we have a winter weather advisory still in effect.
10:03 am
lasting until about 4:00 p.m. saturday. snow levels could get low, cool the air rushing in the later part of your day. it could dip down to 500 ft., an inch of snow fall between 5000-1,000 ft.. we could get one-1-3 inches abovbetween one-3,000 ftt will stay cold through the weekend, here's 7 day around the bay, temperatures getting down to 27 degrees. 23 expected by sunday. rainy weather expected until saturday keeping an eye on those los snow levels.low snow e
10:04 am
continue to bring rain in the forefront tuesday. it will be a wet week next week as well. >> erica: it has been a busy morning in the traffic center. one more hot spot, this in the northbound 1 01. we had a multi vehicle accidents involving injuries that tied up a couple lanes for quite some time. the roadway now cleared, but that backup is stretching on to 2 to 37, slowing go conditions tracking speeds 70 mi. an hour. 37. the roadways are drying up lots of cars based, 680 continues on through the san ramon valley not tracking any slowdowns in the westbound direction of 24. san mateo
10:05 am
bridge westbound and eastbound 92, windy out there but no special traffic advisory for you. problem free throw the morning no more problems getting through the bridge. drive time 15 minutes from and to end.from >> will: the storm has passed, it is nice outside. now it is sunny, but don't be fooled it is cold yoli is in twin peaks. it looks like a postcard shot but are you shivering? >> reporter: i have my snow pants on. (laughter) i was taking off my dear, i saw the sun coming out. as soon as i stepped out of the then i went
10:06 am
back into pilot on. it is very cold out. it is in the high '40's, supposed to get more than that. twin peaks they are keeping an eye on the case it does no here in san francisco, in years past this has been a spot where this bill lands, sometimes they close the road. this is an area they will watch in case the snow happens. >> will: it looks really nice right now. this is why san francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. now national weather in more than a foot of snow could fall upstate new york this weekend. new video of driving out of albany new york. they have issued winter storm warnings for much of the region. 6-12 in. of snow through albany some areas getting as much as 16 in..
10:07 am
several drivers in here. temperatures were freezing overnight with those in the team'teens. coming up much more whether traffic and news. you can see how beautiful it is outside right now. but look at the rain drops on the lens. keep your umbrella handy throughout the day.
10:08 am
10:09 am
10:10 am
>> will: we want to thank you the viewers for responding and sending us these pictures this is taking and in california. the family is bundled up except for that that is one of my
10:11 am
pictures the family said. another lovely picture of them. sunday, clear, cold.sunday, cle- we could see this in downtown san francisco come this weekend. beautiful postcard shots, thousands of people will head to tahoe this weekend, if you do when you get there this is what you will see. if you love skiing you can be in this bill without doing snow angels.all ya
10:12 am
picture and send it to us at we will try to get those pictures on air for you. world news in the uprising in libya this is the latest video coming out of there. the opposition now controls. this is the first attempt by days told a mass protest in the country's capital of tripoli. witnesses say it's being met with gunfire. there's word of four deaths, meanwhile the un top human rights officials say the international community could step been vigorously to and the crackdown on protesters. coming up on the morning news will get a full check gone weather and traffic. speaking of traffic here is walnut creek, traffic is moving
10:13 am
along fine.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> will: there are some power outages happening right now through the bay area. crews' are hard at work trying to restore it. here are the latest numbers in san francisco 400, along the peninsula, at 2800, north bay 260, east bay 190, south bay430 . we are following the whether the rain stopped for now it is sunny but cold. >> janu: we are catching the drive break right now at the golden gate bridge you can see
10:17 am
sunshine, getting a break from the rain. snow flakes still a possibility in san francisco. a cold front later today. showers through the morning, temperatures cold overnight and lasting into the weekend appeared storm tracker 4 shows you the bulk of the rain trying out for the north bay now along the peninsula. south bay getting heavy rain here, from gilroy, morgan help getting rain. and then in the east bay getting rain through danville, livermore valley is wallace evergreen valley. there is a winter weather advisory in effect for mount diablo range and the east bay house.hills. snowfall leveld get down to 500 ft., you could get 1-3 inches of snow of of
10:18 am
1,000 ft.. there's a freezing morning and the effect 4 north bay valley from 1:00 a.m. saturday, until 8:00 a.m. saturday. temperatures into the 20s and even below freezing for several hours. really cold out there. for those of you headed to talk host node down to 1,000 ft., saturday overnight temperatures getting 10 below zero. it will be cold, rain, snow. bring chains and extra jackets. 7 day around the base shows no we weather. sunday and monday it will be dry, the rain moves back in on tuesday. checking on traffic with pariba. >> erica: read at centennial we
10:19 am
have a multi vehicle accident tying up lanes for severalong t. that has been cleared now. speeds right now are slow and go. that is stretching on to santa clara, slowing go conditions here you might want use 2 80 as an alternate route. standing water at the approach to the bay perjurbridge. we are looking at a good drive time of 9-10 minutes frominutes. where s rain in the bay you couldn't see we will have snow in the sierra. we have a chain requirements,
10:20 am
highway 80, 50 and 88. >> will: developing story out of novato, investigators will return to a backyard of all home later today. they will remove a body, this is yesterday's search. 74 year-old dale smith was reported missing by a neighbor who had not seen him for months. his body was found buried in the yard under a patio. they believe it is mr. smith. they will make the final determination until they pull the remains up, send it to the coroner's office and that office will make a positive identification. dale smith this wife evelyn is a person of interest, she has hired an attorney. they had to stop digging yesterday because the
10:21 am
soil was on stable. violence some are station is on our rice. those agents are demanding better protection like bulletproof glass. threats and hostilities again station agents have gone up the past six-seven months. one incident of our writer kicked in the booth because its clipper card did mark. another writer flashed a gun after he asked if the dog was a legitimate service animal. budget cuts are taking a hit on the police department said was a. the suspension of the helicopter program. the cuts will take effect july. next month it will face the death, during the shutdown. the city will be able to use this c h b, and senate clara sheriff's helicopter. nationalists wisconsin budget battle and took a step forward. the assembly
10:22 am
passed a republican bill that strips most public workers of the collective bargaining rights. listen to their reaction. >> (bo boo! >> will: the bill has to be passed but 14 democratic some others have gone to illinois to prevent a about youvote to. mosmore protest is expected. has made the initial appearance in texas. he appeared in federal court in texas today. he will remain in custody until a detention hearing next month. he
10:23 am
bought explosive chemicals on line, planned to block the ems, or the dallas home of former president george w. bush. coming up on the morning news, the weather this morning and it has stopped raining. it could be coming anytime soon make sure you have your umbrella. following wall street, the numbers are
10:24 am
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order now and also get this document shredder to keep your personal documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value, free! just mention life60. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> will: we want to show you some points to show you to bundle up. it will be so low advisory are posted around the bay. freeze warning in the north bay bally's means temperatures will drop into the 20s. in the delta, are hard freeze watch it could stay below 2843-5 hours.
10:27 am
winter weather in advisory has been posted for bay area health. hills. you can always send us your snow weather pictures will try again and on the show. wild weather across the country. this is memphis tennessee. a lightning storm, winds up to 80 mi. an ipower. hour. here's a look at conditions in indianapolis where an inch or less is expected before and spirit 6 in. of snow in other parts of the state. forecasters
10:28 am
say it should end by early this afternoon. alive look outside, you can see how wonderful things are. enjoy it now, rain could come back in a bit. we will be right back.
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> will: a couple of live shots here. it looks like a beautiful day after all the rain we saw early this morning. on the right side, twin peaks. we just lost the bottom right. it looks like puddles have cleared in the three middle lanes. let's talk about whether. >> janu: good morning well. it will have our wawe will have mot
10:31 am
now we see blue skies. san rafael half an inch, over half an inch through oakland and redwood city. storm tracker for showing us the north bay and the peninsula is clear. the south bay is really getting rained on right now. gilroy really getting heavy rain right now. the rain will move in later but that heavy rain that pass through the bay area, has made its way through into the sierra. all this blue indicates snowfall. i will show you the forecasted a few minutes. the bay area there's a winter weather advisory in fact from 4:00 p.m. today and tell 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. snow levels could get down to 500 ft., could get 1 in.
10:32 am
of snow between 500-1,000 ft.. roadways could be slippery so be careful there is also a freezing morning from 1:00 a.m. saturday until 80 am saturday. in tahoe we will get snow at 1,000 ft. today, and then saturday overnight lows getting down 10 below zero. cold and the roadways may see closures. bring your chains and extra layers of clothes. snow weather in for today and tomorrow we could get to drive break sunday, monday than the rain was backing tuesday. let's get a check on
10:33 am
traffic. >> erica: the rain may have cleared out on the bay shore freeway, we are still dealing with that slow spot on san antonio. this back up exist in this san clara, speeds and to that single digits. 7 mi. an hour, slowing go conditions, you may want to consider 2 80 as an alternate route. walnut creek, 680 nice and clear. overall at could commute although we did track is on hotspot at 8:00 a.m., said fell 101 no problems here, the drive for your ride out of marin county. 23 minutes out o novato into the city limits. if you at the latest call me on twitter >> will: continuing to track the
10:34 am
storm that has been replaced by sunny skies. don't be fooled is still cool the there. here is yoli who is live in twin peaks. how is the human thermometer feeling right now? >> reporter: very cold i can't feel my nose. there is a slight wind, when the wind hits it feels like icicles. i feel it's about as warm as it will get for the day. it is supposed to get colder. if you have left your house and leave it get a scarf to cover youare just leaving it get a scarf to cover year notes.your n twin peaks this is one of the
10:35 am
areas they are keeping a watch out, with the possibility of it's snowing, they said last time it snowed, they had to close down their road to twin peaks. preparations in case at the close it down, or how public works come out and put some kind of sand or gravel for the road. this is an area that i think a lot of people live here are going to be looking up when they look out their window and see snow peaks. it feels like it could easily snow if it was raining right now because it's so cold. >> will: uni are always in the you, and i are always in the elements but i would rather call then wet. here is a video
10:36 am
at fourth and oak, huge public in the far right lane it was a shot at 7:30 a.m., it looks like a pond. it grew deeper as the rain pounded oakland through parts of the morning. even with the umbrella that person is running for cover. wet weather means rock slides appeared huge stones have come onto the roadway as the hillside was saturated. some of the twists and turns reveal these rocks of late. be careful out there. team whether coverage continues with craig in the senate crews' mountains. >> craig: it has been a rough morning. rain was blown sideways, folks at caltrans told
10:37 am
me 4 while the lorry about down trees and rocks and mud slides. they are out in force keeping an eye on the situation >> when we get the winds, that's when the ground is saturated with water in the wind will topple of these trees. >> craig: traffic is moving fine right now but the next challenges ahead as no stars to fall. they'll have crews' in force pushing this note to the middle of the road to keep lanes going smoothly. >> will: coming up we will talk about the state budget. but before talk about that here is storm tracker 4 seeing rainfall in this area, yellow spots are gone for now. yellow means heavy
10:38 am
rain. if we will be right back.
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
>> will: continuing to attract this aura of his past us.track t passed test. these are some of the winds, sfo dusty at 40 mi. an hour, napa 32, mill valley 32. when it is cold, that wind kicks in, it is even colder on your skin. the is cold, we will continue to follow the wind. the debate over retirement benefits for public employees has exploded nationwide including in the bay area. california
10:42 am
watchdog agency is calling on governor brown and the legislature to freeze pension benefits dicker steelworkers and over all the existing system. here recommends it moved to a model that would include something similar to our 401 k plan. in net give-and-take governor brown debated yesterday over how to tackle california's $26 billion budget deficit. he tried to sell a proposal for a june special election, it would allow voters to decide on a five-year extension of tax increases still ahead we continue to follow the traffic. the weather is gone now, it will be a sunny day. but the traffic is moving well. we will be repaired
10:43 am
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>> will: welcome back, alive look from the golden gate bridge. this is why millions of people come, it is clear, look how beautiful this guy ithis thr the rain was coming down, earlier it was in the north bay. >> reporter: in the north bay their ground as soggy and there are puddles of water from the rain overnight. this is the shot up to braunthere is some blue se are also clouds, you concede there is san francisco ended is overcast. it is the chilly morning, normally there are lot of people here, but this morning just a few bundled up walking their dogs. taking advantage of
10:47 am
the blue skies before another storm pounded the area. >> will: when will another round hit hardesthis area? >> janu: 4 right now we are getting a dry break. clear dry conditions overcast, windy as well. snowflakes in san francisco? it is possible. we could see some slakes but it may bell before it hits the ground. the cold temperature will send an tonight and in to the weekend. storm tracker 4 show you a clear right now, a lot of rain has moved into the south bay. gilroy getting heavy rain pushing to the east. we are getting spotty trickles through livermore valley, evergreen valley also getting rain.
10:48 am
all that rain has mixed with the cool air in the sierra and seeing snow. all the blue indicates no fault. satellite radar shows you all the cold air, pop corn looking clouds. it is mixing it into a storm that is what is bringing snow levels low. in the bay area are we are having an advisory in effect from 4:00 p.m. today until 4:00 p.m. saturday. snow levels could get to 500 ft.. we get one-3 in. between 1000 and 3,000 ft.. temperatures dropping down 20 so we might stay below freezing for several hours. definitely will
10:49 am
be a cold weekend. 7 day around the bay shows us that cold rainy, whether for today, could catch a break sunday monday, and rain will come back tuesday. lets take a look that ski report. sugar bowl faced up to 186 in., 9 lifts or open. squaw valley 183 in., 24 lifts. heavenly, i think i lost heavily. let's head over to traffic. >> janu: much-needed improvement for hot spot down in the south bay. grade debt san antonio we saw a solid structure of red speeds down to 7 mi. an hour. certainly not the case right now. back up to 40 mi. an hour.
10:50 am
slowing go conditions if you're leaving your house so leave yourself extra time. to the bay bridge we go westbound 80 your approach of this san francisco looks good, meter lights are cycled off, no problem getting to the bridge drive time 10 minutes from the foot of the amazing to see remonstrates differences go. up in the sierra we have a chain requirements an affect on the 80, also 50, and highway 88. i will be on twitter all weekend long. >> will: state regulators say communities light rail is not as a visit should be. right now the agency is firing back at this scathing report. jonathan blum has a look at the accusations. >> reporter: state regulators
10:51 am
say the track securing new these trains were wires and the computers that tell them where to go are not being kept up to the safety standard that should be. the utility commissions is muni has been late and unresponsive in dealing with safety violations, is that a report saying it could be facing hefty fines. the announcement took me by surprise >>. we found out after the fact. after the media reported. it's extremely frustrating. >> reporter: many responded to the allegations thing most of the problems have been taken care of. the state's report complains the tracks are worn out, munis >> says 18 months starting a major construction program. >> reporter: the report claims problems with trolley wires. >> they are corrected. >> reporter: of faulty control
10:52 am
station caused the collision in october munis answer. >> the cause was not the control system. >> reporter: in the shop it trains are repaired they said they never require blue city lights. but this a if you go there now. >> you will see a sea of blue. >> reporter: executives say they are committed to working with regulators to smooth over what amounts to a difference of opinion. >> will: how terrible is this? the team that was killed in a rafting accident last week his house was ransacked yesterday. the family was away when it occurred. the family sisters more for things in mind. >> in light of what's happened is small potatoes. >> reporter: any message to the person that did this?
10:53 am
>> know. i do what i think everybody who helped us and all of the community that helped. >> will: matt miller, and dublin were killed last saturday when they tried to craft down the canal.raft down the canal. beaul san francisco the dark clouds are gone, it looks like a nice day for now. the rain
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
>> will: have the coolest new as out there wouldn't about this one-aho.and your spirit they ths even when they get to tahoe.
10:57 am
here is at coworker doing this snow angel in the snow. this could be you if you want head up there. things are so nice a family from elsa. the father has pressed the road in his veins because he is supporting it t-shirt. his kids are bundled up was snow on the ground. thank you to the viewers to send us the pictures. go to kron 4 dot com send to ses follows. this is the shuttle blasted off. nasa says several pieces of foam broke off the fuel tanks but the incident is not a safety concern. thank you so much for joining us we will
10:58 am
see you tomorrow morning. we will have team coverage of the weather.
10:59 am
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