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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  February 25, 2011 4:00pm-4:28pm PST

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looks like it will likely stick up above 3,000 ft.. about two to 4 in. are expected. at this point we will see any snow fall of the north bay hills. if there's still a freeze warnings of the north a valley locations of temperatures expected in the '20s over night. if temperatures getting down to 23 on sunday. >>pam: our team coverage continues in the north bay. kron 4 trees the reports. >>rob: there was rain on friday a lots of it. this is christmas hill park to gilroy where are rain swollen creek inundated the crossing. floodwaters were 2 ft. deep forcing the closure of miller ave. >> hot car and start floating with less than a foot of water on the road.
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that's why we closed it is as it starts going over. people will go down and they will hydroplaned and they could end up in the creek. >>rob: there's no stopping people from getting a closer look at the scene. this man even ventured into the flood. despite warnings about the dangers of getting too close. >> we prefer that people stay out of the creek. if there are a lot of hazards in here. snakes and things like this that are under the water that people don't see. the agency's move flowing water and really there's a lot of hazards. we prefer people stay away from the water. >>rob: upstream, the reservoir is full and spilling over as the storm seemed to linger in the county prompting a small stream advisory. indeed there were streams where before there were none. there's widespread flooding and high we won 52 along the past. numerous surface streets across the greeter
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south bay. we're live here in the santa cruz mountains on the 1800's foot summit of highway 17. the temperatures falling it's about 45 degrees right now. no snow so far but assuming there's moisture left out there, drivers are going to see some snow in between tonight and some time tomorrow morning. the third is still snow here. this is 4,000 ft to blow law were you can see there's still a dusting of snow up there. not sure if that happened early this morning or and if that is snow that is left over from earlier this morning. in any case, cold out here and very cold across the bay area. here's a look at the weather early this morning in the north bay in the to abroad area. >>gary: here in the north bay, the ground as soggy and there's puddles of water all from the rain overnight. this is a shot of timber on
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this morning. you can see there is some blue sky, there is also a lot of clouds. in the distance he could see san francisco and you could see this city is pretty overcast. it's a very chilly morning normally on the bike path there are a lot of people. this morning just a few, all bundled up and walking their dogs. taking advantage of the blue sky and break in the weather before another storm pounds the area. in the north bay, kron 4 news. >>pam: the weather is making the trip to tahoe very difficult. the sections of 580 shutdown at this hour. tony is on the line with the seal was as the very latest. what can you tell us about i eat? >>caller: i have good news is we just open it about 10 minutes ago. we've been holding traffic throughout the day, with a number of cars we had spinning out this morning, the matter snowfall and then we got hit
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with a whole lot of wind. the visibility was down to absolutely nothing. the road were shut down, until we get caltrans caught up on the snow removal and the visibility up. >>pam: when he said the delay will pieces substantial how much every talking about? >>caller: it's hard to say i'm here in truckee. everything as been held up east of us. typically when you hold traffic for the amount of time we have you could be looking at several hours late. hopefully will be that way by you should be prepared for a long wait. and have your chains, there will be change control until the storm passes. make sure you have some food and warm blankets and be prepared to
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be sitting for awhile. >>pam: thank you officer toni we will talk with you again in the next hour to get an update. there is good news for those planning to travel to this hero i 80 is back open. even though looks pretty snowy, the road is now open after being closed for quite some time. tastings kron 4 for continuing coverage we will have constant updates on the updates on line and on there. we posted a few updates of how the weather is affecting everyone. take a look at we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments..
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>>pam: investigators are still trying to identify the intended the of the body found buried under a backyard patio. dan curman was on the scene today and spoke to police about where the investigation is leading them. >>dan: blizzard telling as the body that was buried underneath the patio, has been removed. friday
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afternoon city crews were in the backyard removing soil and refilling the hole where the body was discovered wednesday. >> investigators are going over the evidence that we've located in the house and with in the backyard. they will review that information. >>dan: an autopsy is scheduled for next week and that will determine if the person buried here, was the owner of the home's 74 year- old they'll smith. >> the last time anyone has seen or spoke to mr. smith was september august/year. police are saying smith's wife is not a suspect but a person of interest. >>dan: the real investigative work now begins to determine how the body got under that patio. police say they still have to determine the cause of death. that will determine whether this is a murder investigation or whether or not the only crime committed is improper disposal of the body. in novato, dan curman kron 4
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news. >>pam: concord police are looking for this man suspected of robbing a natural one credit union yesterday afternoon. please describe him as 25 to 30 years old, 5 ft. 10 in. tall. he's believed to be middle eastern or and hispanic. anyone with information is asked to call the concord police department. after a state report slammed a muni claiming it was negligent about safety problems. the transit agency is getting to work in commuters need to be aware. repair works at church, a plan for tomorrow and sunday. crews will be working from 7:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.. both the church read and will be affected. the j train will service stops at the ballpark to market street. a shuttle bus will replace. we'll be right back.
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>>louisa: the time right now is for 3:00 p.m., the golden gate range you almost never know there was a storm. but how much rainfall this morning over the past 24 hours we've had more than three-quarters of an inch of rain in santa rosa. if more than an inch in napa and in no valley we actually exceeded the 2 in. mark over the past 24 hours. close to an inch fell in sfo and oakland. right now storm tracker 4 big difference on your radar. mostly dry, still seeing a few isolated showers. in fact as we take that to the north bay were seeing reports of some florey's right now in the hills there. we've continued to see some snow showers there. if it looks it up the hills to the east of dallas dobro. elsewhere just trying to dry out and sing spotty
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showers to the livermore valley. all that will weather is now pushed up to the sierra. were seeing snow fall full down falling down. 23 mi. an hour winds at sfo 24 oakland into napa right on through the delta as well about 21 mi. an hour winds in through a word. if we still have an affect a winter advisory. now it's in effect for these bills in the diablo. looks like we could continue to see a chance of snow fall up above 3,000 ft. at about 4 in.. below 3,000 ft. and looks like will accumulate anywhere from 2 to 4 in. of snowfall. expect slick roadways up there if you're driving in the higher elevations of a thousand feet. for below thousand feet it doesn't look like the snow fall will stick. the level lot of cooler air rushing and so we have a freezer advisory in effect
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for the north a valley locations for tomorrow morning. the early morning hours temperatures dipping down into the 20s overnight. it's going to be a chilly night. it looks like will see a lot of this cool air of ushering in as we head on to the day. and looks like will see that kind of mixture of coal there and a little bit of that lingering moisture. your current temperatures, 47 san francisco, 58 in santa rosa, 48 in stammer fell. the temperature is continuing to drop. they will do so as we head into the next couple of nights. getting down to 27 degrees and some of the colder locations, 23 on your sunday as well. sunday will really be the cold light. >>pam: the dow jones up almost 62 points to end the week. but the nasdaq of more than 33 points the defense
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news because the stocks were down. if robbed most of this week struggle in libya. what made the stock a what? >>rob: it was a short wait, president's day off in libya was all over the news this weekend. oil went up 9 percent this week, tuesday the wet market went down, wednesday the market went down in on thursday. we did a little sideways action in the oil. >>pam: where is oil now? >>rob: 9788.97/98. getting rid f him, that might be a good thing for america and the oil that libya produces is heavily flow into europe. it's not u.s. situation. it should be dealt to the
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fundamentals next week if all things remain the same. >>pam: american confidence is improving? >>rob: consumer confidence it's a three-year high today. that means i have a job, and going to get car and a refrigerator and house. you do big ticket purchases if you're confident with your job. it's nice to see. some things are slowly adding up that are nice to see. one thing i wanted about oil real quick, every time dollars that oil moves up per barrel, it takes one- tenth of 1 percent of our gdp. we may go from 3.4 to 3.3 for $10. go back to two years ago when oil is cheap off about 77 tenths of 1%. it's really not the
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material. 33 years ago this would of been a disaster. now were services country. >>pam: lot economists say the oil goes up it affects our overall economy because everything has to be moved about in the country. all of our consumer goods have to be moved, and our food. it makes it were spending more per gallon, you know by as much. it does have an impact. >>rob: gasoline prices are nominal inflation rate now. the moment we of wage inflation, then you're going to go out and spend money on flights a drive that will inflation higher. it's not going to hit home, you feel it, see and hear about it. economically speaking it's not going to do much. >>pam: the gdp is up? >>rob: it got revised for the first quarter. what's important to know about that it is spending didn't get revised. it was still up
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seven percent in the fourth quarter. the headline was scary, it was downgraded. the spending is really good. >>pam: rob will come back and add your e-mail questions. it we have much more news ahead as well stay with us. are you trapped
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>>pam: the lawyer for a college student accused of plotting to blow up key u.s. targets, says his client will plead not guilty. he made his first court appearance today in texas. he was arrested wednesday and charged with attempted use of a math weapon of mass-destruction that 20 year-old had planned for years to launch a terrorist attack and its potential targets include the dallas home of former president george w. bush. the in wisconsin, the state assembly passed a bill which strips most public workers of collective bargaining rights. if that bill still
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has a long way to go. if no other states are taking up the fight over union rights for state workers. samantha hayes has the latest. >>reporter: the nextel is the state senate. a process that is expected to become more contentious as 14 democratic senators opposed to the legislation, republican gov. scott walker urged be a while lawmakers to return of the capital. >> i am asking is for 14 state senators to do with their colleagues and assemblies have done in the last several days and that's come back. >>reporter: state workers' protests and inside the capitol building shouting shame after the measure to pass the state assembly friday. the budget repair bill would require most government workers to cover more of their health-care premiums and pensions. in
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washington at the national governors' association meeting, the democratic governor criticized republicans in wisconsin. >> it's unfortunate with all the challenges we've come from this recession, that any state would be distracted from job creation and try to settle political scores or sharpen their ideological axe to go after unions. >> is picked up in other states for unions have been strong. an ohio it's similar to wisconsin limited collective bargaining is before the legislature. friday is the deadline, gov. scott walker said of the bill doesn't pass, that aid to local governments will be cut and layoffs are likely. washington, samantha hayes kron 4 news.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 4:30 p.m. >>pam: were still talking
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about the weather, the weather map showing the winds and they're pretty strong in certain places >>louisa: stain winds at sfo right now, we're getting stronger gusts with that too and it just seems kind of like scattered showers. a big difference from what we saw earlier. here's a look of your radar. you could see isolated cells working away right on through the bay. to take you up to the north bay, we actually have seen a little bit in the way of snow. it looks like the snow was coming down at about 100 snow. it looks like the snow was coming down at about 100 to 200 ft.. we're talking


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