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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  February 25, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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but up pretty low snow level. still single little bit of snow fall at his current hour. and the livermore valley just a few sprinkles out there and as we widen it out you could see the bulk of the wet weather to situated over the sierra. mostly dry right now, just isolated showers. future cast for, giving you an idea of what to expect. we are looking at a lot of cold air moving in over night tonight. will we have those isolated cells working their way through, it's easier to get snow fall on the hills. in the early morning hours of looks like we will continue to see isolated cells working through bringing a few scattered showers and snow showers and to the higher elevations. we're talking about 3,000 ft. now, we could see it down to about this thousand foot level but it doesn't look like it's going to stick at that level anymore. in the morning,
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just isolated cells that will be hit or miss throughout the day. the cold temperatures we are keeping our eye on. it shows is getting down to the '20s on saturday, 23 degrees expected on sunday. there is a hard freeze morning in effect for your sunday. we'll have more coming up later in the show. >>pam: our team coverage continues now in the oakland hills with the drive in danger. >>haazig: the oakland hills, the stormy weather conditions are causing rock slides here. some stoves have come down we'll live and putting this story together like this big story here. it could really do damage if it made contact with your front tire. there's a twist to turn right there drivers have to kind of slow down because he may have to gradually move it to the other side is to get around those big stones so you won't damage to vehicles. skyline boulevard, kron 4 news. >>pam: if our team coverage
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moves to the santa cruz mountains and the conditions along high was 17. >>craig: are rough morning in the santa cruz mountains, at one point the rain was blowing sideways. caltrans is telling me they were really worried about down trees, rocks and mud slides. fortunately things were so bad. >> my biggest problem is is when we get the winds. that's when, the ground is saturated with water and the wind will topple over trees. >>craig: in the next 12 to 18 hours as snowfalls they say they will have crews out to push the snow in the middle of the road to keep lanes on either side going smoothly if they can. in santa cruz, greg kron 4 news. >>pam: reggie is live in san francisco along the great
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highway. how does a look there? >>marty: this is a common occurrence between lincoln. the lane southbound you could see are filled with water. this usually happens when we receive a lot of rain. i just talked to dtw, they tell me this will remain closed until all this rain that were supposed to get passes through. visit the water usually receives on its own or goes into the sewage system. at this point, until the mixed grains were supposed to get in the next few hours, as soon as that passes they're hoping the lanes will be ready to open. they say the water here, is just too deep for cars to pass through. take a look, northbound lanes are open and cars are passing through. you could see how deep some of the water is. as far as driving through this it's just to one save. in san francisco,
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kron 4 news. >>pam: there's wild weather across the country. in new york and albany and areas to the south, they're expected to get a few inches of snow. areas to the north are expected to get about a foot. albany police say they responded to a dozen accidents just this morning. all winter storm warning is in effect for much of that region and york. in missouri, a driver slipping on the streets and smashing right into one another. a kansas city area got between two and 7 in. of snow. forecasters say more flurries are expected there tonight. no snow here, a twister touched down in nashville tennessean. the storm knocked trees into homes and cars and peeled off large sections of the roofs of two churches. the storm also knocked out power in the region. at one point more than 33,000 homes and businesses were without electricity. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments..
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>>pam: hundreds of u.s. citizens and other evacuees from libya are safe tonight. you could see them are arriving here in malta. because of bad weather it had been stranded in tripoli. the libyan capital is the last on hold for khaddafi who made a surprise appearance in public today. on libya's state-run television, patriotic songs and celebrations from a pro khaddafi crowd in union square. their leader and c'mon. >> you have to sing and dance, sing and dance. >>pam: then he urged them to exterminate the enemies. >> we will repel them. >>pam: khaddafi son said his family will never leave. >> i will live and die and libya. plan b is to live and die and libya.
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>>pam: today the ambassador to the u.s. call for his overthrow. >> we want him to be out of our life. >>pam: libyas un and deceit displays the flag of the old the libyan monarchy the same flight as been adopted by the rebels who now control most of libya's major cities. good off the green flag is still flying in tripoli protected by a port of some 6000 loyalists. in many of them african mercenaries. >> this is we get there they start shooting there we can get to the streets. they start shooting. >>pam: amateur video posted on youtube reportedly showing protests under fire in the capital. >> the army was using heavy machine guns and automatic rifles. >>pam: the last voice was a
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passenger on the ferry taken americans and other foreign refugees from tripoli to malta. most of the 300 passengers have been living on board for days waiting for the seas to calm down for the 285 mi. voyage. as he could see from this to your roll video, the ferry is not set up for long voyages. an american teacher on board did appreciate the sendoff arranged by the crew as they left libya. >> they had the theme of star wars as the tug was coming up to the boat. we were very impressed. (music) >>pam: the u.s. has totally closed its embassy in libya, a white house spokesperson said gaddafi's legitimacy is now zero. the adf new zealand dramatic new video showing the moment that 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the city of christchurch. you could see in this cell phone
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video, the violent shaking from the quake. then the camera moves outside to reveal the devastation and the damage on the street. here are the latest details in the news elin quake. the death toll is now risen to 123 and still expected to go higher. more than two injured people are still missing tonight. about 780 portable toilets have been installed in the town of christchurch. utilities such as water, phones and electricity are still cut off to thousands. we will be back with you rob black and your questions when we come back.
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>>pam: this year to enter your e-mail questions. lee is asking what will happen to stocks it the government shuts down? >>rob: the last time this happened was under president clinton. nothing happened. people get their social security checks there will be a lot of fear, if it gets
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aggressive i will change my mind. as of now were going a model it like it's always happen. >>pam: as all the people wait for the social security checks and military tracks? >>rob: military checks arnaz for sure as social security. will anyone be in the social security office is working to deliver them? the assumption is yes. it was last time it will be this time. we will scare them but we will let them go without their checks. >>pam: that's hope you're right they're still discussing this in washington. what is your favorite sector to invest in. >>rob: the feds were an awful set tour. i like energy, technology and financials. those are the error energies that i put my stocks. >>rob: 3 energy is awful.
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people like president bush are finding subsidies. green energy has to make profits yet. they need government assistance. with the world recession and the economy, you're not going to see green energy rock-and- roll. we been on a sector but one company. >>pam: the effects of what they're on the economy?-- weather >>rob: you can go to a hurricane forecast, it's part of the future it's part of the insurance. if the hurricane hit the gulf of mexico verses the atlantic coast. the atlantic coast is better because it's to take some buildings. the gulf is bed worse because it takes down oil. world populations continue to grow, a percent of our cash and paycheck goes to food. in some developing its as much as 70%. >>pam: rob has a charity
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coming up that we want to tell you about. >>rob: it is tomorrow, teaching people had is save money in the morning, check it out at rob >>pam: thank you rob for that. >>louisa: were continuing to watch offshore showers. we may pick up a few sprinkles in the next hour. as we go down to santa cruz mountains, nursing a little bit of snow fall come down as well. it's starting to pick up, along 101 and for morgan hill. the winds right now strong about 20 mi. an hour winds at sfo, 21 for 0: 24 of fairfield. we are now
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just watching a lot of that cold air rushing into our area. you could see all these popcorn looking clouds. it that represents the cold air dropping down. if we do have a little bit of lingering moisture that will create snow fall overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. we still winter weather advisories am in effect for the east bay hills and diablo. expected a 4 in. below the 3,000 ft. snow levels could get down to a thousand feet. 4 in. above the 3,000 ft. level. we also have a freeze morning with these cold temperatures in place. this is for the north bay valley locations, temperatures in the mid-20s and low 30's. it will freeze for several hours as well. current temperatures, 47 san francisco, 50 degrees oakland, a word. sunday, that will bring is really
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cold temperatures. in fact, a hard freeze in effect for the delta and temperatures expected to drop down into the mid to low 20s below the 2005 level. we could see subfreezing temperatures for three to five hours at a time. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, it does show the temperature is continuing to drop off. tomorrow are afternoon hyatt in some of the warmest locations may not even break out of the upper '40's. we're going to stay with the cold temperatures, also continue was sort of the spotty showers throughout the night tonight into tomorrow morning. sunday, it will drive dowto write down. moy and tuesday that's when the rain will come back. the temperatures will come back up to the '60s. a little bit warmer and not the threat of snow were looking at now. >>pam: actor charlie sheen is making headlines for rent he gave on the radio. he
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lashed out at the producers of his producers of 2 1/2 men. >>reporter: backlash against what charlie sheen after harsh, as the actor made on the college jones arabia show about the producers of his own show to what have men. >> they laid down what there are wires and their ugly children and just look at them as allies in the new look at me and they say, i can't process said. will no, never will exclamation stop trying! >>reporter: in a statement the network said " based on the totality of charlie sheen statement, conduct in condition cbs and warner brothers television have decided to discontinue production of two and 1/2 meant for the remainder of the season. " gene seems on phasing in the radio interview that if the show was canceled he would " will
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make movies with superstars instead of working with idiots ". this is the latest bad boy beaver from the actor who in recent months made headlines for getting rush to the hospital after allegedly having a wild party with a porn actress. earlier in the week his father had this to say in an interview about his son's addiction is. >> the disease of addiction is a form of cancer. you have to have an equal measure of concern and love. >>reporter: in washington's sandra, kron 4 news. >>pam: janet jackson opens up about her brother's death. she was recently asked if she was singing this is dead. that's the movie that documents michael jackson's final concert. >> i can say that just yet. someday i know i will be able to. it was unhealthy not to. just to hear, just
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to hear his voice. a day doesn't go by where i don't think about him. not one single day. >>pam: michael jackson died in june of 2009, the late singer's dr. conrad murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of jackson. a hearing is scheduled for late next month. >>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: technology is being developed for cars that make driving safer there and cut down on accidents. high-tech windshields will someday be in our cards. it's more like a computer than a piece of glass. gm is developing what's called enhanced vision systems. tune in to kron 4, to fight with his high-tech windshields will do for you in the future. are you trapped
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>>pam: justin to the news
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room, a contra costa superior court judge has ordered a repeat sex offender to be sent back to state mental hospital after he repeatedly violated the terms of his conditional release. this is video from a few years back when he was in court. he had been convicted of four sex offenses in the late 1980's and early 1990's. he completed his prison sentences in 1998 and was sent to a state mental hospital. he wondereunderwent treatment there. in 2004 he was released under strict conditions. that included satellite monitoring and restrictions of week associated with and under what conditions. he was arrested for your love and laughter is their best found out he'd been having an illicit french about the man from his therapy group. this is a violation of the terms of his release. kron 4 news at 5:00 is coming up next.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:00. >>pam: snow and the sierra, major problems on i 80 and an avalanche warning. in the bay frigid temperatures and more wet weather on the way. we are tracking the storm today. we have your forecast and a look at whether the los snow will materialize tonight. you're looking at a live picture from our camera atop mount tam. sky. they don't tell the full story. liza is here and she found a few snow flurries. >>louisa: looking hard for those snowflakes. we found some in the santa cruz mountains. the just a few snow flurries they life. it also and if a double ranges lawfully have fifth off boats have the jurors are just going to keep dropping. were going to continue to see those snow levels dropping as well. right now you can see that area, and
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through some of those cells that area and blue that indicating some of the snow fall there. we will widen it out and show you through the diablo range there. since no flags are coming down. also looks like or sing along the peninsula just kind of watching a sell kind of the edging its way toward the peninsula. it looks like will pick a few rain drops as we head on through the next hour or so.


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