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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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there are investigating the fatal shooting. police say that it happened in the recreation center near dekalb history of round 7:30 p.m.. the 26 year-old man was shot and killed inside the car. they believe he was the target of the shooting. the car has since been towed. the police are still at the scene. they're talking with neighbors to see if anybody has seen or heard anything suspicious. >> at the sound of winter in the bay area. it is not just peaks that are painted white. many cities saw snow >> vicki: we are here with the weather lady. is that it with this know? >> is done. it moved to l.a. if you can believe it. this is up picture of skyline
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boulevard. just above san mateo. seeing the dusting of snow around the 8:00 p.m. hour. this picture came in from chile. thank you so much for sending in this picture. following the snow around the bay area and we both think it happened quickly. here's a look if your preferred temperatures. fairfield is now at to one degree below freezing. 35 degrees in napa. 37 degrees in santa rosa. oakland, hayward, into fremont. not for long. we do have a freeze warnings in for the north and the east bay it bellay's. temperatures dipping into that both thirties. on top of that we have a hard freeze warning for the delta. temperatures are expected to get even cold in places like fairfield, vallejo, the nation. they're dropping into the mid-upper 20s. what this means is that we could
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see these temperatures below freezing. for anywhere between three-five hours. at the time. morning lows will come into the 20s. 27 degrees expected of santa rosa. 29 in fairfield. as we take it through the day, tomorrow it looks like we will get plenty of sunshine. clearing up conditions, the temperatures are poured to rebound back into the fifties. here's a look at were seven day of debate. i should get into the upper 50s. for tomorrow we bring back a slight chance of warm weather. better chance for coming in through midweek. the difference is the storms will be much warmer. >> vicki: dalian was in that area where snow made for funding. are playing this is
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something people have not seen in about 20 years. snow. quite a bit of it. >> we could not believe it was snowing. it is one of those things you will not leave until you see it. >> reporter: hard to believe it was snowing because the city is only 300 ft. above sea level. the snowfall lasted one hour. it started around 2:00 saturday afternoon in parts of this tiny town. in neighboring cities. >> it started coming down. there are little moments where it stopped. it came back. is pretty nice pretending that nuts in a while. >> reporter: the gun was cold enough that flex for sticking were at half an inch of snow. folks here do not plan to little. in fact some families came as far away from san as a to drive out here for their kids to play in to this note.
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>> it is fun. i like to hit people with that. them that he just hit me in the back. it stung a little bit. it was fun. >> reporter: forecasters say this is that they do not anticipate to see any more so this weekend. and least at a lower elevation treated joy it will last. since then martinez and dahlin. >> vicki: some places did not see this note and it had a nice sunny weather. it was a bit chilly but it did not stop hikers from hitting the trails. they were disappointed not to this note but reggie kumar tells us that many had to bundle up to take advantage of this sunny with to read their. >> reporter: kidney shut they had to wear it scarps gloves and hats. several days of stormy weather. the temperature outside felt like one of the coldest in recent memory. >> it was below 27 say. very
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cold. >> we got bored. i have 87 year-old daughter. she wants to do something with the senate is in. i figured, why not. it is cooled by the water. the market is cold. " within the shall yet. >> reporter: at this guy took the advantage of the priest. in vallejo ed was the same scene. people were bundled up. some people reminisced about the last time it snowed in the bay area, more than 30 years ago. these ladies remember that day. pamela all along the side of the road was snow. >> i do not want to secure. you cannot do anything in it. you have to go to lake tahoe or reno to actually see. i do not prefer to see snow. then i think it is
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colder. >> reporter: the reggie kumar kron4 news. >> vicki: we know you are shooting video and taking pictures so send them to us at the united nations estimates for the month of some people have been killed in the uprising in libya. much of it is of their control but the u.s. and u.n. governments are working to end the bloodshed. sheldon tells us how they took action today. >> reporter: hearing what is unfathomable tells us about protesters burning flags. their reasoning the old one that was changed decades ago. the forces were called
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to sanction to the regime. time is of the essence. >> we want to fix this as soon as possible. >> this is the issue in libya. >> reporter: they are also backing sanctions. >> it has to stop. those who are responsible are shedding the blood of innocents and they must be punished. >> reporter: president barack obama has ordered a freeze on assets. they make sure it is important that the penalties do not treat the libyan people. chill before kron4 news. >> they are ordered to leave power even though it is pressuring the rajiv and evoking use these as. supporters of around the world. these people in san francisco march with this kind of solidarity. they're saying it is not like egypt or teaches recent uprising because there is much more bloodshed and violence.
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still ahead, we find out how much the price of coffee is expected to go up. we should you have the be a battle in wisconsin is spreading across the nation. we also find out when the much-hyped zoom tablet will come out how much will cost.
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>> vicki: bad news for fans of the morning sepal. the price of your copy will cost you more. stephanie has more. how much can you expect to spend a new daily caffeine fix? >> reporter: at this might give you a jolt coffee lovers. the cost of that cup of joe might go up a little bit more. >> prices have been rising steadily. they have accelerated since may of last year. them of their passing some of the cost.
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coffee prices are hitting a record high. more hikes on the horizon. >> copy prices are high primarily because we have had three disappointing seasons in colombia. columbia is the biggest producer of fine quality coffee. >> reporter: prices are high and it is not the worst that we have seen. >> talking about adjusting for inflation, the prices are not as high as we have seen in the past. in nominal terms to be hard to the highest level since 1977. >> reporter: it is hard to pinpoint when the prices will go up but consumers should get ready. them that they may think it is bad now but it will be nothing compared to what will happen the next six-eight months. >> reporter: will the price hikes stop? them up if it
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keeps going up by will market copy every day. >>catherine: copy is important. >> vicki: budget laws are sprouting up in city. we will slave of the union battle is spreading to the bay area. >>louisa: take a fifth look. this is have cold temperatures are expected to get. 20s, freezing. more information coming up.
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the >> protest against anti- union laws are starting up. the largest in the country is in madison. everyone is joining the rally. the governor offered cut less.
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they're marching to offer support for wisconsin. >> governor walker overplayed his hand. he needs to back off. it's going on in columbus now and we're going to continue to fight this until the laws are withdrawn. >> vicki: up more than 1000 supporters showed up. from the bay area to the nation's capital there whether unions fighting for rights. " some and the hayes tells us what is next. >> reporter: the next step for wisconsin budget bill is the state senate. a process that is the more contentious than 14 democratic senators that are opposed to the legislation to remain at of state.
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republican gov. scott walker urged them to return to the capital. >> i am not asking people to agree with me. what i am asking for is for 14 state senators to do what their colleagues and assembly have done over the last several days. come back and have the vote. >> reporter: they continue to it showed " shame " we -- covering pension and collective bargaining by state employees. in washington at the national governors' association meeting verlaine's democratic governor criticized republicans in wisconsin. them up with all with the challenges we have gone through is crazy that any state would be distracted from job creation when we're trying to settle
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political scores. it is a logical. >> reporter: they are picking up in other states. in ohio a bill similar to wisconsin's collective bargaining is before the state legislature. friday is the deadline for them to balance their budget. scott walker says if the bill does not pass the and the agencies will be cut and layoffs are likely. and cement that for oakland. >>louisa: sheens of the ice on car why there's so wilwindowf a headache than what people in sacramento will up to. the dumping of snow. will this note last? neither. snow is a possibility and cool temperature is worth continuing. you can watch
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should stick around. here is what we have in terms of snow. in the sense that we have flakes. 300 ft. level. kilroy got down to about 300 ft. as well. then the mind got to 3,000 ft.. we have pictures from skyline boulevard. this is of the san mateo. center and from of your around 8:00 p.m. and you can see this no fault of their. a closer look good here. it stuck to the ground this morning. hurd temperatures. dipping down into the '30's. one degree above freezing. the delta is where we are going to seek the temperatures settlement overnight. we have a couple of warnings to tell you about. a freeze morning in
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the east and north bay. for the delta, a hard freeze morning in effect. this means that the coldest temperatures could get into the mid-upper 20s. we could see them stay below freezing. it will be at chilly night. morning lows are expected to be at 30 degrees in san our file. 27 degrees in santa rosa. saying in the '20s. livermore, at the freezing mark. into a word as well. we see all of the but whether push forth and we will stay dry for tomorrow. i'll let the sunshine into the afternoon. your temperatures are expected to get into the fifties. 57 degrees in san doors appeared 54 degrees in nevada. the wet weather is expected to return tuesday.
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midweek, a better chance of rain as well. but whether it returns but not as cold. vicki? >> vicki: newly released surveillance video shows the escalator it malfunctioned during the event at the national mall. people tumbled down and landed on top of each other. several people were heard. one of them seriously. the transit authority say the break failed. apple may be getting some serious competition on the i pad. will get a look at the newark public that will give it a run for the money.
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>> vicki: now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: the much hype about federal it zoom tablet as of price and the release date.
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$700. through verzion you can get $200 off. but keep in mind you will be paying $20 a month for the data planned -- plan. it is a pricey gadget. is it worth it? compared to the eye patch the assume it is priced closely to the 32 cake i pat 3 g. it costs $729. x o zero m has two cameras. i think it will
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alert people away from apple but they will be releasing new technology. gabe slate kron4 news. >> vicki: at no slow, will be cold. >>louisa: yes. be prepared. >> vicki: good night. see you in the morning. (music)
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