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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 28, 2011 6:00am-6:59am PST

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wind is still pretty cold inside. >> james: mid-30s to the low 40's. let's go over what we see for the headlines today as we look at the golden gate bridge. on tap for cold temperatures this morning not nearly as cold saturday morning but cold nonetheless. slight chance of rain in the north bay as well. and that is showers north of sonoma county. widespread rain on sunday. quick check gone more we see temperatures this afternoon. warming into the upper 50s low 60s. 56 expected high in san francisco, upper 60s for hayward, mid-50s for the coast, san jose 60 degrees right now. 58 in the delta. wednesday the four caskets interesting we
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see the satellite maps. over the next couple of days these clouds will go south. eventually it will drop low enough it will pipe moisture in rain into our area. late tuesday night, into early wednesday morning. that's when we expect the majority to fall. we could see 1 in., and out of the system for the north bay, and the santa cruz mountains. the dekaldifficult tg is the ground is already saturated. we have a possibility of down trees with their roots, softened up with all the witnesses and the winds. you put that together and we may have power outages. for thursday, friday it mellows out. i guess the phrase to take away is an
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on-again, off-again week. let's check with your commute. >> george: still quiet start for your commit this morning, 6:00 a.m. hour we are not tracking any hot spots. the bay bridge same conditions in has been for 30 minutes or so just a bit of a delay. maybe and 50 minutes we will see the meter lights kick off. --15--the golden gate bridge ride southbound is where the traffic is. but not this morning it is pretty light. no delays on 1 01 through the county. still a good start for public transit we have no delays or problems reported. although ace train #1 was 50 minutes behind schedule this morning. >> darya: we began with a
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warning to drivers before even hop in the car book construction on the new bay bridge power. it could cause a distraction. --bay bridge-- >> reporter: the tower will be added monday morning. take a look at this in the nation. you can see there are four pieces in this segment. workers will hoist those pieces up and put them into place. they should have done this week. after that workers will put in the fifth and final segment to complete that suspension tower appeared tower. >> darya: if that's not a problem for your commute. how about the price of gas? look at these prices. for all ninei seee
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supreme is $4.90. >> will: 399 for the middle $3.99 for the middle grade. the warning should be when you go to the palm peoplthe pomp bey are as high as they were 2000 n/a. wewere in 2008, it is up 25 in the last seven days. 405 in the last 40 days let's look at the upper gas prices san francisco, $3.82, oakland
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$3.77, san jose at $3.78. this all has to do with oil prices obviously gas and oil are married at the hip. as those prices go up gas prices will go up. over $100 a gallon at one point last week. some analysts said we have not gone up to those prices yet. there is a lighleg between the oil prices d the gas prices so we may see it rise even more. >> darya: normally you see it go a lot faster than it goes down. but 205 in the week is a major knee jerk reaction to the unrest. >> will: every time you drove by last week it would go up a penny, it was unbelievable how quickly. >> darya: we will monitor those
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presses for you. the united states is pressing europe for tough sanctions on the libyan government to turn up the heat, will mark the daffy u.s. officials say sank sharon'on gaf state is in geneva to make the administration's case for stronger action. she will be at talks with fourforeign people. one of the development power outage in berkeley because of a transformer explosion that we saw north of oakland. here's a look caryou hear over san
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>> darya: 6:10 a.m., the 7 day around the bay forecast we see showers up in the north bay this morning. for everybody it is chilly, 60 degrees, this morning and is a lot colder. tomorrow we gain a couple of degrees. then we get ready for rain and wind to move them. another system wednesday, thursday. even though we get a break on friday it is a tease, because there's another storm over the weekend. stock futures are down this morning as gas prices skyrocket. we just talked about gas prices in the bay area. investors shifting their look at job
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markets. markets were down must omost of last week. but friday t was up 61 points. new-home sales dropped last month congress department bel12.6%. that is dom december. that itis a dismal sign for that segment they say bad winter weather may have hampered sales. experts are still forecasting growth as far as the economy is concerned. they say they think the economy is growing moderately through 2012, according to a quarterly survey from the association of business economics. faster growth is driven by the demand
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by consumers that are ready to start spending again. jobless numbers will remain high. a look at what's going on in wisconsin and the organized labor battle. they are protesting today, in full force at the state house. yesterday please backed away from threats to close the building. they allow the demonstration is to continue. this started two weeks ago. 6:13 a.m., we will be back with more a couple of minutes. the approach to the bay bridge before you might notice the destruction of the work being done. traffic is nice and light. we will be right back.
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>> darya: welcome back a 15 year-old boy is missing. hernandez leftover he said his girlfriend text messages indicating he may be wanted to kill himself. he may be armed with his father's revolver. there's a lot of concern that this boy is found. he is 15 years old, 5 ft. 7 in., 130 lbs., brown hair and eyes, and scar on his left elbow. the man convicted of thtorturer and the tracy boy. he was convicted of torture and other charges for charges against keitel ramirez. he jumped from a home
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in to the gym. --kyle--his attorney filed additional paperwork concluding a motion for new trial. if that motion is denied, that court today will continue with the sentencing. a preliminary hearing is set for today for the jaycee dugard case of philip and nancy. they could be arraigned today. a judge said philip is mentally competent to stand trial for jaycee dugard subduction from tahoe. they are accused of kidnapping her when she was 11 years old. they held her captive for 18 years. send a clear is investigating the first homicide of the year. it happened around 730 yesterday morning, we are zooming in on the area. somebody walking by
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reported an unconscious person. police got there they found a 31 year-old man dead on the street. they say the woods are suspicious but they have nothing more at this time. >> james: as we follow the forecast we will say it is cold. what is called the saturday but still cold on the last. mostly cloudy this morning temperatures in the '40's and 30's, chance of bali frost. this afternoon slight chance of north bay showers extreme north bay. but there's a chance. lastly tonight the clouds roll back in but then tomorrow things look nice and warm in the afternoon. this is where we see rainfall right now. we have been tracking it in the north bay, off of eureka it is expected to come down to
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northern sonoma county and then back off again. this is where temperatures are right now, '40's, 30's right now. this afternoon upper '50's, low 60s. here are the maps and let's play out for you. 59 concord, 54 richmond, upper 50s for the east bay, then gets up to 60 in san jose and the far east bay. we are watching the satellite because we have a storm to the north. bringing whether to portland and northern california. as it dips down we will see increasing clouds, and rain by wednesday morning. heavy at times by the morning commute. changing to scattered showers by the afternoon. we keep the chance in the forecast but we will try and dry out thursday
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and friday, we reset for the weekend when more rain comes in. that's how the next seven days played out, we will refine the forecast as we get to the weekend. george house the traffic? >> george: looks good they have started the meter lights at the bay bridge. we are not tracking in the hot spots. the bay bridge as you can see looks good. the first glimmer of a backup for the west bound ride. san mateo bridge still problem free here. funny i don't know why it is darker there. the ride here is close to max for the west bound side of the bridge. even heavy for the counter float direction. north them commute to lanes are good to handle the traffic
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there. volume picking up but no problems on the james lejames lo 90 minutes out of downtown san francisco. darya? >> darya: yoli, a transformer explosion and it has knocked out power to thousands. yoli you are working on one story and you saw this? >> reporter: i saw a big flash on the day. use of three big flashes, one right after the other. it looked like a transformer blew up, sure enough that's what happened. 2100 customers are without power mostly in berkeley. i'm on the
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borderline of berkeley. you can see pg&e here, you have the fire department here. they're trying to repair this trends former as we speak. >> darya: to they have any estimate on how long it will take? >> reporter: still no time on when they can get power. i will show you this is more of an industrial area. even though the sun is out now, it was really dark when i arrived here. none of the lights were on on the street it was dark. i have a feeling a lot of people will wake up late in the late for work because the power is out also on some of the nearby apartment areas. >> darya: if you're watching this and you have a friend in the affected area in may be nice to give them a wake-up call. we will follow this. think yohear
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earthquake that hit christchurch last week could cause $50 billion of damage. they're still tallying up. the prime minister said he has a short-term measures to help. $90 million to pay for salaries for 50,000 people who are unable to work because the quake destroyed so much. 148 people were killed officials say they do expect that death toll to rise as they go through the rubble. we are learning more than a top prosecutor has bay and mubarak and his family from traveling abroad. they ordered funds impounded. that move today is the latest measure against mubarak. he step down at the end of 18 days of massive protests demanding his ouster. he is believed to be in seclusion with his family at a resort. 6:24
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a.m., we will be back with more of a couple this is your captain speaking,
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(train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. >> darya: everyone is clapping, colin firth, i hope you didn't miss the king's speech, it was a good movie. he won best actor. that movie won four oscars. it took home four oscars. he played king george, he didn't stammer in his speech at all they say it was one of the best of the the night. best actress, natalie portman. again tough competition there, her portrayal of the obsessed ballerina in the
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black swan. it is her first win in two nominations. we will continue to give you a look at the winners in different categories. also looking at the fashion. i think will do that with gary. we will be right back
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>> darya: opening bell just wrong. they believe stocks are headed for high open today. oil prices have stabilized, so we will see what it means to wall street. 6:31 a.m. we won a look at the weather and see if those numbers are headed up. >> james: they are especially when you compare over the weekend. it is cloudy and that will be the theme for today. the next three days and we will show you whawhere things are going. e
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are flirting with the freezing and some of the bay area parts today. tuesday sunny and warm, wednesday rain, wind. all in all a miserable morning commute. that's what the next three days look like here. first off where we are in the temperatures this morning 30's and low '40's. 34 fairfield, 35 napa, 33 and livermore. we expect temperatures to drop a degree or two as we hit sunrise. expect morning frost in the valley areas. the rain is off of your recap what we expected to dip below be enough we have possibility of sprinkles in
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sonoma county. this is where we looked to be at 3:00 p.m. 56 in san francisco, 56 also in vallejo, 59 for oakland, hayward, 55 in the coast, in the delta upper 50s this afternoon. all of this changes towards wednesday. this is the system here, it will slide down tuesday evening by wednesday we will see rain coming our way. let's break it down for you. midnight wednesday morning the bulk of the heavier rain to the north. by 4:00 a.m., much more yellow coverage that is moderate rain with heavier rain off coast. it begins to taper off in the afternoon, by 9:00 p.m. the bay
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area begins to dry out and then we replace it again saturday, sunday. seven day forecast, on again, off-again that is the forecast. let's see how things are doing with the commute. >> george: we are still hot spot free this morning no problems on the freeways. light traffic even at the bay bridge even though meter lights have been activated for a while. we are seeing the first of the back up here, the construction is not expected to start until 10:00 a.m., it should not have much impact westbound on the morning ride. san mateo bridge looks good to the volume peaked about half an hour ago now has settled for the west bound ride. now back up on the approach. golden gate bridge ride still clear note delays on
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1 01 southbound. 101 in the south bay as we track the commute on the bay shore, still very light as you head towards the guadalupe parkway. perhaps a bit breezy there as you see the camera being moved around. darya? >> darya: the problem may not be on the road but it is at the gas stations. nationally here in the bay area jackie with a look at the prices them why they are high. >> reporter: if you've driven by the palm of alaska to days, you have seen the prices go up by the day. they continued to rise. supreme is that $4.90, middle grade $3.99, the regular is that $3.89. we may see $4 for the regular grade before too
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long. you can see the school bus gassing up it's going to cost them a pretty penny. the national averages $3.36. no way in the bay area you are paying that. we are paying $3.76 as an average. that is up over 405 over last month. they continue to go up, pop, up. some of the bigger cities san francisco, 382 for the average, oakland at $3.77, san jose $3.78. this has to do with the oil prices and the gas prices. they are married at the hip. as instability continues in north africa and the middle east those prices continue to go up. it looks like it will become the normal number we will see for the next
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couple of weeks. >> darya: i'm curious about the bus driver. my guess to be cost a fortune. i'm going to leave you i want to know how long it took her to a lot of what the prices. i can't imagine how much the school bus cost of the lot. just for fun can you find out? >> reporter: if its diesel she's paying $4 a gallon. no wonder school is broke. >> darya: makes you feel all little better yields a look school bus. 6:37 a.m., federal investigators will hold a hearing this week on the gas explosion in san bruno. the hearing is starting tomorrow and washington d.c.. they will have testimony of cap 10 top employees of pg&e. they will release documents gathered since the blast. it was deadly killing
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eight people. they will hop documents that include lab tests on the pipe, also transcripts of interviews. 6:37 a.m. back with more the moment. the lookit the bay bridge suddenly you have a bit of all week because of the bay bridge suddenly you have a bit of all week because of the meter lights. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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>> darya: alive look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is not bad at all. san rafael is a chilly 39 degrees, we are looking at a partly cloudy skies and a high of 55. in the north we have a chance of rain today. you may want keep your jacket just in case. 20 homes have burned in wildfires in the panhandle and south plains of texas appeared to fires join together south of amarillo. they
6:41 am
destroyed or damaged two dozen homes. this is scene from last night. it has prompted the evacuation of one town south of amarillo. there was an interstate covered by smoke causing an eight car pileup. the child died in that accident. a national and natural gas leak caus fire in cleveland ohio. listen to that it is haile. it was in oklahoma no reports of major damage. just a lot of noise and
6:42 am
a big mess. severe storms through missouri as well. a lot of power was knocked it out. there is a power line toppled over. most of the power has probably already been restored. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. a shot of san mateo, it shows you the bridge is clear and traffic is moving at the limit. we will be right is clear and traffic is moving at the limit. we will be right back. we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent
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but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> darya: panhandling will be band at sfo. they will band all solicitors at the airport including inside and outside appeared the commission says travelers are fed up with being hassled well they are trying to catch a flight. loss angeles
6:46 am
has a similar band. david shute will announce his candidacy for mayor today. he represents district 3 which includes chinatown and north be adjacent towns. he has held positions as of prosecutor and a staff attorney for civil rights. developing news we are covering. add transformer explosion in oakland knocking out power in berkeley. we have been following this live with yoli. she was first to see the blast and the flames. she raced over here, it looks like you arthey are making progress. does everybody have power? >> reporter: almost. there are
6:47 am
almost 49 out of power is turned off with over 2000. the building next to me all the sudden i sought lights on. there are still a few people without power. i'm in the intersection of 67th and hollis to. i'm at the borderline of berkeley. it's more black industrial areaof anl area. they just opened up the street which is 67th, it was closed off for safety and now they are letting traffic through. they are trying to replace this one wire. there is no official reason why it exploded, but some people say in times past, they have had
6:48 am
birds get inside, that's what causes a short and an explosion. that's still under investigation there has been problems with the birds or rodents in there. >> darya: it makes you wonder why something like this happens but i guess that could be the cause. thank you for working so hard sir. i feel like he should wait at it is a cool morning in around the bay and in san francisco. al little bit of a blue sky james? >> james: it is almost freezing in some spots. a breakdown of the next 72 hours. mostly cloudy today with mild temperatures, tomorrow pretty good partly sunny and warmer. by wednesday the cloud is back and the rain
6:49 am
is back with us. we will also have 40 mi. an hour winds expected with this storm. it could lead to more power outages and downed trees. this is where temperatures are now 44 san rosa, 34 napa, 34 in fairfield just a few degrees away from freezing. everyone else the upper 30's. temperatures this morning will warm up a bit, the possibility of a north bay showers. the rain is off of eureka but it will slide down giving a sonoma county a chance of a sprinkle. everyone else will stay dry in joining temperatures into the 50s. 57 san rosa, 59 concord, cooler by the coast 55, 60 san jose, fairly mild in the delta mid-50s
6:50 am
there. changes for the middle of the week we have a storm system off of the pacific northwest. it will die down over the next couple of days. by wednesday that's what we will expect rain primarily being heavy in the morning. tapering off in the afternoon. thursday chance of a shower with us, friday we dryout, but by the weekend we have a chance of a sprinkle or two. that's the way the work we looks on-again, off-again. let's look at the ride with george. >> george: no hot spots yet but a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza it is a murdermeter and lt back light back up. it'sl
6:51 am
looks good on 880, the golden gate bridge ride is problem free on marin county. walnut creek 680, usually a hot spot but not yet. it is easy from 242, down to 24. 680 south into danville the right side of your screen the commute direction with no problem or delayed. ace train number one was behind schedule but three and five are on time. >> darya: the time now 6:52 a.m., back with more in a few minutes on the kron 4 morning news. a peek at san jose right now. now it's san francisco. we will be right back.
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>> darya: welcome back it is
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6:55 a.m. in hollywood a lot of people were just going to bed partying all night with the oscars. >> reporter: that glamour and glitz, and the stars. the academy awards were handed out in true hollywood style. >> you look so beautiful and hip. >> thank you james you look good to your demographic as well. (laughter) >> reporter: christian bale one for supporting actor. >> i look around and think what the hell am i doing here. >> reporter: natalie poor men turned her into best actress. in
6:56 am
the end it was the king's speech that ranks supreme. colin firth won best actor. >> i have a feeling my career has just peaked. (laughter) what an amazing year for film to be with other films is just absolutely incredible. >> darya: that was best picture as well. another one that took home a lot of awards was inception. the social network did not do so well aconsidering it was up for a oscars. we will be back in a couple of pennants.
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>> darya: 70 a.m., this hour morning commute could be a headache for the


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