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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 11:00. >> at this thinking this could be >>vicki: one man account of the car derailment in the east bay today. it remains of lost all the tracks tonight. the delay on the happened around 9:20 a.m. in review will injured it though none seriously. clean action not affect the morning >>reporter: here at the fourth station in the busy time. you see that for an offense, fear in the process of taking the two train cars off the track. school is to get this clear. i have with the gentleman who was riding in one of those trains
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lead to real. >> this thing to do this via and i have >>reporter: tail is how who fell what happened and is after his train >> noticed this woman who jumped up and ran over to my feet and fell down and the screaming. >>reporter: 39 because to the 10 cars few real. >> car was sliding sideways across we were getting from around if >>reporter: letters from train car and car that he is pointing at in this video. >> it was sheer terror. >>reporter: he was slammed and heating sunday needless to say that >> delayed as a result left the line. >>reporter: in his thin film with him at the train is-we call
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it a crane. for more details on what happened, go to kron 4 moreen and 52 cars for five seventh and last car sit on the track but cars heat in 9 do real.the rail. he was of sizes station 1/2 and harry >> rain will live and it was legal monopoly theory that can to the train jumped at the air and ice at within crown him laugh track. >>reporter: all passengers were evacuated, through transform to hospital with back injuries. the defeat of italian if the fruit
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of our service in both directions between his serve and flattened tin station. she spokesperson confirmed that at the time of the ground and 3- switch contracts to avoid a work been done to the rails. >> this is the first tranche, when it was fastened over to go into this thing will travel that is when the slow speed drill 1/2. >>reporter: few weeks or months before investigators make in relation as to why the train's wheels fell off the track. >>reporting live, this is kron4 news. >>vicki: of a student of kron 4 news starting at 4:00 a.m.. new details in a healthy 8.9 lifts his 2-into pan. the death toll has now know we should be 200 people. another is expected to top has and and go beyond that
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the it declared a state of emergency at 24 if your if one had an explosion on saturday and another explosion to-if family after remains in half of those several people were injured in the last. to an coastline's hundred and at the tsunami warning faithful if for further aftershocks. rescue efforts continue. far has the hills for the search of life in japan. >>reporter: canisters and they are facing live lives decreases influence to and if the heart rate pheromone a fool. three elderly people who live from his car. the list that hundreds family fishing full of love 150 >>-my-and will fly his finale i hope he is to show for someone, i am struggling to locate head.
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>>reporter: agenda nuclear power plant if it are also worrying less thathree residents. authors say a partial the family tens of dozens of residents, officials say in danger of radiation remains low. the scope for the damage from his fifth win on if not clear, if indeed if he the most if the history of losses: $100 billion in half if the u.s. to his five video full enough support from the ground beloaround half filled world. >>vicki: video and you see here
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for a half the farmers continue the crackle and further. it's tough market dropped monday morning. if the central bank to have it in more than $185 million to fill a bulgarian a virchow financial institutions will continue along an to meet the this announced search coughlin and 17 million in damage as kleenex continue to the harper, no closer of being allowed to enter. >>reporter: that crane lifted the low of zero in a lot earth after the tsunami struck for harper days ago. larry looks of what is left of his vote. it is one of fee to the fan when the surge came.
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>> never crews are working fast to recover the lost flow and content fuel, will and harry f. from leaking into the harbor. >>reporter: each individual close as the phone thing for help is, how much fuel it's very this announcer urges left millions of dollars in damages of tofu fan before. a lot of the wreckage you can see it because most of it is under water. as for his fauces will need to recover the fishing here in the vote. >> if recovery, for that and move on >>reporter: crews have 14 more votes to follow. if as you can tell will be working well into the next few weeks.
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>>brian: and half of night when their lives for the bay area. if showers and thunderstorms specially into the north bay. the radar scanning the whether things fly in the day for the locations close to the bay. lot of things happening in the north bay, rain continues to come down and fun is happy. there is a half the shower of rounds if aline after his this will leave town in the next few minutes. if this is falling, moving off to the northeast at 035 m.p.h.. another is shall live close to downtown fill mall. this is producing moderate to heavy rain. having to now the film and if the storm is coming through
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and there is a weather front free in the bay area. things will improve from the morning commute. another system coming into tuesday and al green warm rain. >>vicki: still ahead and there can give this the first half how tough the last of japan. flint hill and government forces california whose team fell briefly sent wrathfully she and harry [ male announcer ] the network.
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shh >>vicki: it will be a while the four we've realized still set a to criteria dish half of the population of this coastal town remain missing. tisch resigned 500 people. tisch kron 4 spoke with the woman who just returned from japan terr. >>reporter: was a triple lifetime something she will never forget terry hacarried.
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>> the boss was rocking back and forth for the entire earthquake. >>reporter: said the surrounding buildings and trees were shaking violently >> it was a deep in quiet terrifying the motion of are we going to make it? >>reporter: said to minutes of jolting felt like an eternity she thought about her family and has spent and whether she would die. >> us didn't stumble over a period >>reporter: the aftershocks kept coming more than 200. she said after the quake traffic leaving tokyo was a mess. she missed her original flight because she couldn't get to the airport. she said it took six hours to drive 12 hours. she was part of a
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delegation of japanese american leaders invited to visit japan. a trip in strengthening relations between the two countries. this experience no doubt the interconnection with japan. >> heart goes out to the folks i left behind. >>reporter: >>reporting live, this is kron4 news. >>brian: the rain is coming down right now and i will let you know how long it will stick around. coming up. [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>>vicki: the brussels and libya are growing more serious as the forces appeared to be gaining momentum. the report the government is asking for and to export oil. the libyan government handlers took trips people on a tour of recaptured areas. >>reporter: evidence in favor of
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rebel retreat. but on it and at outsmarted by governments forces advancing. the first on this organized trip, this is a police station. it is unclear what happened to but is the first sign of any battle we have seen. it we have been driving on the highway coming from the best we've seen the occasional checkpoint manned by sometimes a dozen soldiers or policemen in the town we have seen most doors closed, some signs of lifting this police station is the first sign of that we have come across inside the smashed up, windows in the front of destroyed and blown out. shots being fired and wrote in celebration they are fired by soldiers, just coming back from the direction with some sort of impromptu celebration for the
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cameras. a few days ago this town was in rebel hands. he can get an idea of the battle. thnew house as heck, most by rockets fired from the west and advancing government forces. driving on another 40 mi., the sky fills with dense, black smoke. as we get closer unmistakably clear, an oil tanker from a refinery burning out of control. officials blaming it on rebels. exactly how far government forces had advanced. exactly where the front line is, remains unclear what is clear is the government is on a roll. the bengals are recoiling, of retreating almost
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as fast as they can. cnn, libya. >>brian: in san francisco what date and under the umbrella. i think that could fit about three or four people under there. the rain came down and it's been heavy this evening especially into the north bay. right now the golden gate bridge, things quiet. the rain not coming down right now. all of the rain is in the north bay. that is where storm tracker 4 showing right now. notice the south of richmond san rafael bridge things are dry, add to the north it's coming down. it is pretty heavy especially into the napa valley. the heaviest rain, currently into fairfield. notice
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the red color showing rain that is fairly heavy. just moving into the hills, also to the southeast of vacaville. this should be winding down as we get after midnight. but the time the commute gets going tomorrow, the shower should be over. and going into the 3:00, notice the showers are over. i think because of what's happening right now the showers may stick around a little bit later. perhaps a few rain drops all the way up until about 6:00. mostly cloudy skies, the clouds disappear in the mid to late morning hours. up partly sunny day monday, with increasing high clouds for the afternoon as the next system moves in. snow tonight in the sierra. 11:00 p.m. tomorrow, the white shows amounts of about six to 12 in. with more than a foot for the
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highest elevations. all winter weather in 53 in effect. the snow levels pretty high. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy and media left over shot for the east bay and south bay. temperatures in the '50s and cooler in the north bay. mid to upper 60s with partly sunny skies all the way up to 63 for santa rosa and san rafael. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, left storms running through. rain into wednesday morning, pretty nice wednesday afternoon and a week's storm comes through thursday with a 10th of an inch and best chance will be in the north bay. a more significant system arise friday and that could bring an inch or more around the bay. >>vicki: hockey team in the central valley is honoring actor charlie sheen. a winning strategy to put more fans in the stands.
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>>vicki: this week at the box office to movies make the top rate. top plays amanda stars in a dark version of the fairy tale. a red riding hood it polled and $14 million. if last week's top earner, rango pulled in more than $23 million. turning the top spot, battlefield los angeles de sci- fi epic costing under 500 million to make. it's about soldiers leading against alien invaders. it reeled and $36 million. a hockey team in california is jumping on the bandwagon the bakersfield, drummed upper bands of by having a theme saturday night. it seemed to be a winning strategy. >>reporter: not just a good
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crowd tonight, winning crowd. >> we have the kinds of tigers' blood in the car. >>reporter: the bakersfield condor's hosted charlie sheen night. >> i'm winning everybody's winning. the t one else for charlie sheen. have the clean drug test, get in free. dress up like charlie, get in for $2.50. >> have a nice bowling shirts and hats. >> that's the style i like. >>reporter: does that mean these fans are winning or with the trolls? >> ending. >> just winning. >>reporter: anything that we can do to actually promote the condor is it yes. if we love watching these guys they are so
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fond. >>vicki: have the winning night everybody. by.
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