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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  April 13, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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were known as the double initial murders because all of the victims had matching initials for the first and moss name. including one girl who at the same name as the bay area victim in port costa. you could see the similarities on this graphic. all of the victims from the bay area also have double initials. joining us on the phone, sherry she's the author of the book called alphabet killer. he researched this particular subject, what was your reaction upon hearing about the rest of the suspect in california was similar cases to the one in rochester? >> >>caller: to it was surprised, it's been so long zinsser's than anything like this. just the thought that there might be another double initial killer or this person is involved with the rochester one, it seems like it's too strong to be just a coincidence
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>>pam: research has focused on the new york case. if you been reading up on what's happening here, where the similarities you notice? >>caller: this is a double initials, or any other similarities is that to of the cases in california did occur in the 1970's and all three of ours were in the 1970's as well. there's a connection that he was in the rochester area back and forth between the late 1960's and 1970's. >>pam: strange coincidence that the victim and york and in california have the same name. >>caller: that is interesting. if it weren't for the age difference it would be really hard to ignore the california victims were young girl. the
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girls in rochester were 10 in 11 years old where as the victims in california for adults. >>pam: did you find similarities in terms of the way the victims were killed? >>caller: the three victims in rochester n.y. were raped and killed and strangulated. the two later victims that had the stronger similarities than the first. from what i have read it there's not enough details for me to make a comparison between those victims in california and the matter of death. i did read one of them was suffocated but i'm not sure. is not a lot of
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detail available yet to make that comparison. >>pam: certain law enforcement is looking at your research as they continue investigating on both coasts. these cases of murder in this particular suspect we understand the suspect, the prime suspect actually committed suicide. >>caller: of the prime suspects did. >>pam: thank you for your observations. it stay with kron 4 and for our continuing coverage of these calls his murders. coming up on kron 4 news this evening kron 4 caught up with the joseph naso ex- wife. the jury has reached a guilty verdict on one count in the very bonds perjury trial that counts of obstruction of justice. the jurors agreed that bonds misled a grand jury back in 2003 when he talked about personal steroids and growth hormone use. and three other counts the jury failed to reach any verdict. federal
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authorities will have to decide if they want to retry bonds on the three unresolved counts. the defense attorneys said they will. the news around the day, investigators are trying to determine how napa state hospital inmate died while being subdued by staff members. an inmate died while in a secure ward after attacking another inmate. the shares are interviewing witnesses and an autopsy was scheduled for today. if the second death at the facility in seven months. a teenage boy accused of murdering another teammate his court appearance today. he is accused of fatally shooting 16 year-old in easing in san francisco so far terrace neighborhood. in fact, fourteens were arrested in connection with the death but the district attorney's office only charged to. if the defendant is scheduled
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to be arraigned next week. cal state students and faculty members in san francisco state stage what they have are calling it a state wide protest and all 23 university campuses as part of a national day of action. their protesting budget cuts in what some are calling the dismantling of college education. >> were here today because the university is facing nearly $500 million in cuts. that's a huge portion of our budgetary and we may face larger cuts as well. >> or one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the money is there is a question of having the will to fund the university. the protests >>pam: last for several hours and university place did or no arrests. >>jacqueline: after rainy
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morning were seeing a sunny afternoon but cool temperatures as we expected in the '50s. a few low 60's of there. a 60 degrees on the dock. cooler closer to the coastline. 54 in half moon bay, 55 in san francisco skies would clear out this evening. forcing a few lingering cloud. all clearing skies but we're still seeing breezy conditions that will continue to this evening. temperatures will slide into the forties of the time the game ends. we will see to the temperatures tomorrow morning. mostly clear and cold conditions over night. upper 30's and low '40's bay area wide to start today. in the afternoon just a few clouds overhead and temperatures warm several decrees over what we saw today. and where from a couple degrees to 7 degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon. thursday we will see increasing cloud cover of a warm-up is in store as we
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head into the weekend. you will see how warm it will get coming up in a bit. half >>pam: details about the amount of money raised for the san francisco giants fan who was beaten. the giants have raised nearly $70,000 for a friend who was attacked last month the out side of the stadium. it includes silent auction proceeds in a $10,000 donation from the team. the 42 year-old paramedic remains in a medically induced coma. no arrests have been made in this case, there is a $150,000 reward. looking at traffic on this midweek wednesday, the top of your screen as traffic on 80 towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. moving quite well that this time. the lower part of your screen is highway won a one headed southbound toward the peninsula. if that is sluggish right now. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments.. the sound of spring...
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" >>catherine: some people forced new away from the homes are demanding cash compensation. angry residents gathered at the headquarters of the power plant. president of tokyo electric cal or apologize to and promised to do more and said cash payments will be sent out as soon as possible. baseball has been returned to japan, at least beginning to resume. the season opening dedicated to victims of the quake and tsunami. it the game is usually played at night, they did a daytime game to
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save electricity. if you'd like to help victims, april 16th and japan restart it is hosting a charity concert in san francisco at the sundance theaters. there'll be two shows and you can get more information on the website on the screen or go to kron 4 stock, or we have a link. or have >>jacqueline: did for a warm up over the next several days especially over the next few days. i will have details on the warm up coming up after the break. hey marcel, watch this!
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jose, 38 livermore officially morning into the afternoon. it temperatures are is struggling to warm up. if 62 fairfield, 60s out there tomorrow. i think will get a little bit more when. if let's take a look neighborhood by neighborhood. 66 santa rosa, 60 san rafael same thing in a bottle. 65 concord. bay shores in the low '60s. 57 along the coast and have one day. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, tomorrow is only going to be the start of four warm up. we will warm into friday but it looks like a chance for rain in the north bay. light rain, and will stay more to the golden gate. but over the weekend temperatures warming to the '70s and land. by sunday in the '70s but the bay shores but we will keep clouds in the forecast for the week as well when temperatures will start to cool later through the week. >>pam: art is looking at potentially having an extra $28 million in its budget.
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rather than giving bonuses the agency plans to help the customers. will tells us where our plans to spend the money. >>reporter: i spoke with the bart spokesman this morning and he said the top three priorities are replacing old worn out seats in the trains, improving the escalators and reducing the noise within the trains making far more comfortable ride. he said these graduates will happen regardless of the state gives them an extra $15 million this june. if that happens then they will pump that money into making more improvements. if not, at least able have tackled their top three parties. in berkeley, will kron 4 news. >>pam: cautionary tale for those filing their income taxes using the popular online program called turbo tax. tron of sausalito did just that and opted to get his refund in the form of a debit card issued through a company called the green dots. after spending $100 of
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his $2,300 refund, the money disappeared from his account. repeated attempts to: e-mail the company met with no response. >> i tried using it at a gas station could use it, went to an atm couldn't use it. the change a crucial piece of information, as of close, in numbers. i couldn't use it anywhere. i could check balance or do anything with a card. it was completely useless. kron 4 >>pam: contacted the company which in turn notified a green dog of the problem, shawn collins said he heard from a green dot customer service representative last night who promised to restore the funds. if it is time collins says he has demanded a check. it getting hit with unexpected fees from your bank is bad enough, some banks won't even tell you what they're charging you for. stephanie breaks down a surprising statistic. most >>reporter: of the fees the
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banks charges you have to be disclosed. a new study from the public interest research group shows that can be really hard to find out about the skis. the group went to banks to run the country asking for fee schedules and here's what they found out. nearly two- thirds did not disclose fees after first request, half and over the information after two or more requests, almost a quarter of the banks refused to disclose the fees at all. researchers for to the on line, come back tomorrow or they had to open an account to get the fee information. to be fair, some banks to post easy to find information on their website. what can consumers do to find out about fees? pay attention and keep asking us spend time to read butcher banks sent you via e-mail or snail mail. it likely contains information about fees or expenses. with new regulations going into effect, many banks are
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sending out information about the changes. if you're unhappy with your bank fees consider switching to a credit unit, they're not for profit intended with lesser charges. more than half of the banks and the studies to allow for free checking. having your pay check directly deposited almost always get 2 free checking. chick of the website, great, find a better bang, and money rates. in new york, stephanie. >>catherine: back with rob in the market is up a little bit. any surprises for you today? >>rob: j.p. morgan came out and hit a home run. some witnesses came after that and not going to raise their dividends any time soon. it was a great quarter for a bank. our recession happen because its banks collapsed. it was a great quarter-the dividend >>catherine: retail sales for march pretty good right? >>rob: not too hot not too
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cold. he can tell your higher gas prices are affecting the consumer, >>catherine: here's an interesting thing, insurance at a time of natural disasters what is happening in the world of insurance. it's obviously taking a hit. >>rob: typically in headline times like with japan, you can see billions of dollars. it it's a good time to pick up insurance companies because the headlines pushed all the stocks down whether their reinsurance companies, disaster areas or whether companies like traveler's, as, an exile group. they're well-positioned, more than just natural disaster companies. they are car, life insurance companies. i used the weakness in the media as an operative. >>catherine: how about investing in new technology
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really fast, >>rob: wanted to highlight investment. basically our computers have hard drives which have movable parts. this has a solid state drive in it, i pad does, computers and you could windows and 15 seconds vs 45 seconds. or move in that direction growth rate to over 40 percent. i think it looks like it a young one. the >>catherine: did with us more news after the break. [ male announcer ] for 5 bucks, you can get a sub. can get all this. kfc's $5 everyday meals. like two pieces of original recipe. your choice of sides, biscuit and a medium drink.
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>>kimberlee: jennifer lopez said has been ground people magazine's most beautiful woman in the world. did the 41 year-old new york city born singer and actress joined former winners holly berries, and fiancee to top the list. if the wedding planner actress who is married to market and the need to time off to take
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transfer fee and has enjoyed a revival in popularity since becoming a judge on american idol. despite reports that charlie sheen a return to the hit show to have men, tmz is reporting that their sources directly connected to production of that showed said charlie will never be invited back. if the future of the show is still shaky. no decisions as to whether will be canceled or continue on with a new star. look ron james being sued by a battery by a beach parking valet. a surveillance video shows the alleged altercation between the two. she'd reportedly claimed that chavis had no hit to hit him during the dispute. james was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault. stay with us to kron 4 news at 5:00 coming up next. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs...
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and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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>>pam: tonight at 5:00 we will hear from people who know joseph naso and show you where he lived in the bay area and find out what happened when he was in court today. barry bonds is guilty, the jury agreed that bonds obstructed justice in 2003. we will tell you what led to the guilty verdict and tell you what the next step is for bonds attorney. after four full days of deliberation of verdict is in. barry bonds is convicted of obstruction of justice today. if the jury failed to reach a verdict on three accounts involving whether the home run king replied to a grand jury. if he denied knowingly using steroids and homgrowth hormone. his legal team has the the guilty verdict be thrown out.


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