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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  April 15, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>jeff: didn't say the fight said it posted on you to purchase the once documented. >> of their two that are caught on camera, but there is a lot more behind the camera. the it's basically people settling disputes. the thing is that it's one race towards another and it gets big once other people
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start bringing our folks in to fight. there is in these disputes on camera but it's not as bad as it seems. i don't think they can really be prevented, people just get out of hand sometimes. >>jeff: reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: seen as a woman suffered serious injuries after she was attacked by a pair of peoples and the also killed her dog. " the attack occurred in san jose park near the border of milpitas. that's where robert spoke with the victim. >> he was an old dog and really on his last legs. >>rob: don told me this fall were her beloved companion shadow was attacked and killed by a pair of stricken goals early thursday morning. >> i recall the dogs came from over there and they ran as hard as they could towards us. i was on my
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tricycle facing this way and my dog was just right there. they attacked the dog, it took him down awhile and then providing. >>rob: said she tried to fight the dogs off but was hit several times in the process. she now has ditches and unless, bruises on her face and cuts on our arms, face and legs. >> soon as i would call a dog off it would run away the of the other way. it was relentless and one on like that for 20 minutes to a half-hour. >>rob: said she battled the gulf with a bicycle chain to no avail before they finally killed shadow and disappeared leaving a trail from behind. >> i hope they find the dogs and the responsible owners of the dogs and prosecute them to the full extent of the law for this accident. i lost to finance
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a mall. it pains me so much the way he had to die. >>rob: san jose, rob kron 4 news. >>pam: animal control officers are searching for those two dogs and for the owners. they're warning residents that the animal should be considered dangerous. >> yes, because of what they did to the killing of another dog and based on the injuries of a woman. they are severe injuries. we do consider them dangerous at this point. >>pam: 0 control officers suspected dogs lived in the neighborhood for either let out to romp in the part coruscate in the backyard. officers campus the barriers of friday talking with others who may have information regarding the dogs whereabouts. by law, all dogs must remain on leash at all times on the park. new details this evening about court. for some time now people and
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asking the transit agency to extend hours on the weekend. as a man tells us, that may be about to happen at least on friday. >>dan: right now if you're out on friday night you have to watch your watched because the last bart train leaves at midnight. a member of the bart board is proposing a extending those hours on friday night by one hour. if this happens in but also start trains on saturday morning one hour later. >> would be a six month pilot program, it doesn't work and the writer should doesn't materialize we refer back. otherwise will continue on with it. >>dan: the change in schedule would cost 1.2 $5 million for the first six months, while they officially expected gain 26 new riders at night, they expect to lose 3000 riders on saturday morning, they said that could change over time. this is in the proposal stage, the bart board will discuss this april, then it will take public input and will have
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to improve it in june and the extended hours will run sometime in september. in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>pam: bart directors voted unanimously to appoint a mark of chicago as the transit agency's first independent police auditor. part officials wanted to create a police officer position and have a citizen review board following the shooting death of on armed passenger oscar grant. he was shot by former bart police officer johannes mehserle at the fruitvale station back in 2009. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter last year. while the streets of treasure island are potentially a problem for fire fighters. jonathan is here to tell us why. >>jonathan: these are streets that don't senatexactly exist yet. the streets are slanted instead of straight. when they developed treasure
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island with high rises in homes, they want to make it friendly for pedestrians. for two environmental forces, one landed in the other the sun. coming from different directions. the wind comes from the golden gate and the sun is where the northern hemisphere predominantly from the cells. by slanting the streets, designers say they hope to execrate streets that are filled the sun but not filled with winds make it more friendly for people for walking on the streets. the problem is the san francisco fire marshall said the tight corners greeted by the streets could be problematic for the fire truck tried to turn the corner is in the event of an emergency. we spoke to the designers about why the decision and the fire chief was said she's not convinced it's not an issue. >> at treasure island, the winds come from one direction because were in the bay. we have a unique opportunity to then ankle our streets and line them with tree is so that would block the wind from the one
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prevailing direction. the pedestrian get to enjoy great sound wall being sheltered from the wind. >> loose knot with the state people yesterday and i'm confident this street issues are not an issue. >>jonathan: after the meeting the fire chief said the streets will remain in the plan slanted as they are at least for now. it will be years before the plan comes to pass. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: storm tracker 4 radar, a steady climb of moisture into the northern part of california. you can see it as well to the north a bus. we're not seeing rain in the north get this hour. temperatures or warmer this afternoon, 5 to 10 degrees warmer and more picking up into the '70s and a number of places. 71 now up, 71 livermore, said the los gatos, 70 fairfield. we had the '70s in antioch in concord. 61 and san
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francisco right now, here's what we will see over the weekend. temperatures similar saturday and sunday but a mix of sun and clouds both tomorrow and on sunday. temperatures are going to stay on the mild side, but we will see some of the cloud cover rotate through. it doesn't like we will see rain next weekend but next week to rain is on the horizon. >>pam: 5:10 p.m. beach to vote of no washes ashore on ocean beach, a man under arrest. at 5:15 p.m. severe storms tore nedda's touchdown in the south the more on the way. at 5:30 p.m. fans attacks, new details about the condition of right and the giants and attacked it in los angeles. the latest on his recovery, coming off. [ jerry ] look at this!
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park rangers of a stolen. if this boat washed up on the ocean beach in san francisco this morning around dawn. officials say a man stolen earlier this morning from a dock and vallejo. the owner was there today as people on look to and took pictures. >> i have the keys didn't and somehow he went through the boat and found the keys. the neighbor called the set to wait them and said he heard the boats start up and roared out of the marina. i called the coast guard and the police department. he still had the cleat hooked up so he pulled it out of the dock, i thought it would take it to the delta or hide in the bush as. i wondered where he was headed for. i guess he's not saying much until his hangover is cured. adana where he is going.
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this morning was spotted on the beach, the cold of the search. we have beings and scratches i guess he didn't like some of the alarm so he called some of the alarms off. he drank a lot of beer. he left a shoes and socks on the boat. i guess he's barefoot did. i guess you don't get many ships up on ocean beach. it would be better said if it was someone else's boat. the problem is a think the wife loves the boat more than she loves me. this is stressful. i think we will have a happy ending by this afternoon. the sun is coming out looks at everything is great. >>pam: crews say they plan to hold the boat on a flatbed and return it to the owner. >>jacqueline: mild for the weekend but cooling down next week with a chance of rain on monday. we'll talk all about it coming up.
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what could weather moving across the southern plains.
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part of the storm hitting the united states. sandra has a look. or tornado tearing through san francisco. tossing them like rag dolls on to an area interstate. the roof fell on my head, i stayed in to look was over. i don't have anything left. >>reporter: far no reports of injuries in clinton, some residents are just happy to be alive. thank god for that. i'm not hurt, but it shook up. other than that i'm fine. in oklahoma a similar scenario but this time the weather turned deadly. about 125 mi. south of tulsa a tornado touched down thursday night killing two people and leaving this for residents to come
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through friday morning. a fatal storm also struck arkansas with might come the killing seven people in toppling trees. >> no one expected a tree to fall out of nowhere and had >>reporter: a house this harsh the weather isn't over yet, there's still the threat of thunderstorms and tornadoes in the southeast and midwest to saturday. in washington, sandra kron 4 news. >>pam: it wasn't as tornadoes, look at this as bring blizzard dumped up to 16 in. of snow in nebraska. stranding dozens of motorists and forcing the closure of the state's main highway from 170 mi.. if jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in several counties here. acclamation covers 19 counties across the state including alameda, monterey and santa cruz county. this was of california get federal money to cover the damage, those
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storms cause of rose and i wish to close. the cut off the road in santa cruz county. >>jacqueline: a live look aside from the golden gate bridge, still sing a few clouds streaming in but it is mostly sunny for most of the bay area. will continue to see the mix of some clouds especially through the north bay. sustaining the clear to the cells and not is until tomorrow morning when we will see mostly cloudy skies and mild temperatures. in the afternoon a mix of some clouds and temperatures will be similar to today. 70 santa rosa, 64 san francisco, '70s delta, 70 antioch, 72 livermore, 59 have monday, 60s and low '70s in the south bay. satellite and radar picture, a steady stream of moisture
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continues into northern california. it is doing to the north could dip down over night and clipped the north bay. you will notice the stream of moisture remains to the north, dipping slightly to the south. it does look like the north bay will stay dry into tomorrow morning. keep the umbrella handy, just in case. the next better chance for rain that will come sunday night into monday morning. sunday 10:00 light showers in the bay area, it will continue over night to buy two a m widespread light showers along the coast. the morning commute monday, rain scattered and tapering off. it's not heavy rain but as we move into monday. our weekend temperatures on the mild side, a mix of sun and clouds. chance of rain on
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monday, cooler temperatures will fill the next week but these will see more sunshine. >>pam: search is continuing firmness in nursing student in tennessee. holly is last seen being dragged from her home by a man and camel of camouflage clothing. police and kentucky have arrested a woman, she's been charged with kidnapping and murdering pregnant women. is a cap the murdered that woman for her baby. she showed up at a hospital with a child, claimed it was hers hospital workers were suspicious and called police. the baby to survive in is that a medical center tonight out. little boy, the only survivor when his suicidal mother drove into the river this week. the 10 year-old showing officers apparently what happened when his mother drove into the water with all four for
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children. she died and three of little boys siblings died. he managed to get out the window and survive. a woman boss his sentence for five to attend years in prison but for withholding cancer drugs from her autistic boy. the woman said she misses her son every-she denies trying to kill the child. sleep experts are buying it in on the prom with air traffic controllers nodding off on duty. if this thing a string of recent or incidents. experts argue that controllers on the overnight shift should be allowed to napa on break. that would be an easing of solution that something that's now forbidden. >>pam: californians jobless rate is down, the unemployment rate dropped to 12%, the rate for the same period a year ago was 12.4%.
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the total number of payroll jobs dropped by nearly 12,000 with only four at of 11 industry sector is adding jobs. the march number represented the third decline in a row for the state's jobless rate. traffic in walnut creek, it's been backed up all day there. this is a 680-24 exchange in its heavy in all directions. san jose with a different story north and southbound 101 looking really good right now. if the only backup is on the guadalupe overpass. we'll be right back. w# 3ç
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>>pam: our internet reporter kimberly is here with today's edition of take a look at this. >>kimberlee: take a look of this, keep an eye on the man on the left, he is next to the dark red card his handcuffs. it appears he is complying. they say the
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police officers slapped him three times, he reportedly suffered cuts, bruising and swelling you filed a lawsuit last month. the surgeon has been with the chicago pleas for 24 years. police say a woman used a young boy to steal personal would store. the surveillance video you can see the to casually walking around the store and work in the way to the back room where the employees keep their belongings carry it we see the little boys steal the cars, it had $300 and it, a little later you could see him handing it off to the woman. police said the matter is under investigation but there's still searching for the woman and child. click a look this, at their end of trade, caused an unusual traffic tieups on the new jersey turnpike today. wildlife experts used a tranquilizer gun does it take thto sedate the animal.
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>>pam: don't miss our exclusive coverage of the 100th running out of the is also bay to breakers on sunday may 15th. it will have cameras all along the course capturing all of the fund, plus were doing something new this year that has never been done to bring you the best coverage of the race. he will miss a minute of the sold-out event, the 101 running of the is dazzled bay to breakers, sunday may 15th starting at 8:00 a.m. to right here on kron 4 news carried will be right back.
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