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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 11:00. >>vicki: the developing new is at of redwood city as crews are responding to has not situation. please were called in at 730 and apartment after a distraught mother feared her teenage son was attempting suicide. after discovering a strong odor authorities evacuated the building. speaker two officers and a sergeant came a forced entry in the bathroom they found the child had attempted suicide in some chemical mixture where he was overcome by the fumes of passed out. they initiated cpr but when fire arrive tippled everyone out because it is some type of cut toxic chemical mix. >>vicki: the first responders were taken to the hospital as a precaution. no word on the condition of the teenager.
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>>brian: turned out to be a pretty nice weekend, fog in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. tonight there is a weather system to the north of the bay producing rain in ukiah. the system is moving so slowly it's going to take awhile for the rain to get here and move into the bay area. all of the heavy stuff is on the north coast to run eureka, crescent city. slowly we will see that rain come into the bay area. look for the rain to began well left of midnight tonight as this is moving slowly. on and off light rain for the morning commute and it appears that rain will stick around through much of the day. it is that going to be heavy, just like an intermittent. rainfall totals only a few hundredths of an inch may be as much of the tents or quarter of an inch into the hills of sonoma county. there is more what was are on the way for this week. i will let you know more.
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>>vicki: police is love and jealousy seem to be the motive of a shooting inside chili's restaurant in san leandro. kron 4 has more on the shooting that left one man with critical injuries. >>reporter: i'm at the shopping center in san leandro, chili's restaurant is right there. the shooting happened in the parking lot. police say the man was eating with his girlfriend inside about 11:00 saturday night. the woman's ex- boyfriend showed up at the restaurant, police say the current boyfriend and the ex-boyfriend got into an argument out here at the parking lot. things got he did in police say the ex- boyfriend pulled out a gun and shot the current boyfriend. investigators came back to do some more measurements and collect information. >> we believe he was shot four times, it to in the center torso, one in the handed one in the leg. police >>reporter: say the victim is out of surgery and remains in critical condition. it they have not
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the least his name did say he is 20 years old. after the shooting police say the woman in the ex-boyfriend, the accused gunman, left the scene. >> to do have a child together, police >>reporter: found and then the east oakland. police arrested the ex-boyfriend, 32 year-old trade. he is a single count of assault with a deadly weapon. he could face additional charges, that is because police are trying to find out if the woman was kidnapped or decided to leave the scene with the suspected gunman. in san leandro, kron 4 news. >>vicki: up did on the condition of giants fan brian stoll was attacked at the dodgers game in the opening day. doctors have put him back into a medically induced coma. they say he had several seizures on saturday, they hope the call will help, is for an activity. some doctors will reduce the medication that keeps him in the call-up. the men who attacked him remain at large. a suspected
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serial killer joseph naso has yet to make a plea. as he sits behind bars more stories are surfacing about his past. kron 4 has to follow this story since his arrest. >>j.r. stone: we've heard many stories about joseph naso of the suspected serial killer that she could see in this picture. tonight were hearing from one of his former neighbors, in this picture next to his wife. he said in a detective told him that joseph naso had planned on tormenting his wife, even written about it in journals. i spoke with thaddeus on the phone this is what he had to say. >> he zeroed in on her and was trying to get close to her. the guy gave me the creeps, i've played double bass and he would say who is making all that noise, i can't sleep. i said, i am. what your problem? its 12:30
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p.m., i told him i wasn't going to stop. he said in going to kill you. i will kill you. i told him i have a louisville slugger, and put it into your forehead when he stops in stars begin talk about it. i need to do serious damage to him. later on in 1982 we were still there. i would notice the things in our apartment and were not entirely in the right place or at the rating go. somebody's been in our apartment i could feel lit. what's going on here. >>j.r. stone: is couple moved out back in the 1980's and move to ease. thaddeus wife said she doesn't know joseph naso and doesn't remember him. a report and additional, chairs don't kron 4 news. >>vicki: coverage of the story continues on line on our web site we posted the
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latest documents invidious connected to the joseph naso case. gas prices are $4 a gallon and six u.s. states. california has been above the $4 mark for several weeks now. san francisco today $4.27 a gallon. one year ago today the city average $3.18 a gallon. california's jobless rate is down, the an employe in the rate dropped 12% the rate for the same period a year ago was 12.4%. it the total number of payroll jobs dropped by 12,000 from set 3 to march with only four of 11 industry sectors adding jobs. the march never represented the third decline for the state's jobless rate. san francisco giants went into extra innings in arizona this afternoon. they could include a victory against the diamondbacks. earlier in the did the giants played fairies' the
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dough on a 15 day disabled list. the oakland a's are closing in on taxes for the division lead. the got another win. he held the detroit tigers to four hits in eight innings. the a's winning easily 5-1. pilots storms continue to strike parts of the country leaving behind devastation in several states. coming up look at the damage as the death toll continues to rise. while also show you a family from japan who left the country and relocated to the bay area. over the years of nuclear fallout. >>pam: don't miss kron 4 exclusive coverage of the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers on sunday may 15. we will have cameras all along the course capturing all of the fun, plus were doing something been done to bring you the you won't miss a minute of bay area tradition. the 100th running of the zazzle bay to breakers sunday morning may 15th starting at we'll be right back. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>>vicki: the cleanup has begun and north carolina after a hectic storms tore through the region saturday. it some residents including governor batt perdue have never seen a forceful system as powerful as this one. >> for beginning to recover from what we believe is the most widespread tornadoes we have seen since the mid-80s. we believe that there are perhaps as many as 62 tornado that have touched down across the state. >>reporter: storms that originated in arkansas on thursday, richter the southeast killing more than 40 in the last three days. the death toll stands across six states. north carolina was especially hard. particularly in birdie county were more than 10 people were killed. emergency crews are
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assessing the damage and residents are talking about a moment of impact. >> a told everybody to get down, cover up, getting to a tight space and get away from the windows. >>reporter: both north carolina and virginia have declared states of emergency. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>vicki: people flock to san francisco as annual cherry blossom festival. it will show you how the devastation in japan is on everyone's mind this year. we will visit a family from japan who moved here because of radiation concerns.
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today more than to madrid thousand people crowded downtown to see the annual cherry blossom festival parade. cherry blossom trees around the route, they symbolize nature and the changes of life. people of japan have seen massive changes to the life since the earthquake, tsunami in
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nuclear power plant crisis. many showed support it to the people of japan. >> i think when something bad happens it brings out the worst in people, the best in people unfortunately, rate now were experiencing the best of people. he could feel like. everybody is here and they're supporting the cause >> ditcher teriyaki burger is and donate to the earthquake and tsunami of relief. >> for reaching out to them and telling them were here for them >> we want to celebrate in support the japanese community. we ask the human race need to come together. >> the japanese festival is having fun and also shows are sold. >> i feel really connected with them, and i feel we in the bay area should feel
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connected with them to help them out as much as possible. >> our hearts go out to them, it's a terrible tragedy but we all pull together and they are always in our thoughts. today the operator of the nuclear plant in japan and lined a recovery plan. he hopes will stop radiation leaks and stabilize damage reactors. the plan would take six to nine months. it would allow families to return to evacuated areas. we found one family who is decided to relocate to the bay area because of their concerns over the fallout from this disaster. >> at the living in tokyo for 10 years, my children were both born there. my husband is japanese and i consider tokyo to be my home. it's been one of the difficult decisions of my life. it and feel it is the right thing to do because it is the safest option we have for the children. to keep children safe from the radiation and earthquake aftershocks. we decided for
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now that my husband is staying in japan. it's tufting separated especially having to young children. he is so involved in being part of their life. we are scraping every day. it's not the same as been to get there and being able to read bedtime stories together. it's been tough on my five year-old son being separated suddenly from his friends, neighborhood and father. it's been really stressful for him. he is the really great. dealing with all the stress and uncertainty. i feel at peace with the decision, it was the right thing for us to do. i don't know where we will be for the six months from now as i feel we've made the right decision. the family said they're basing their decision on when to return to japan on the progress of the crippled nuclear plants every stabilization. low clouds and drizzle into the
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day for tonight around san francisco, light mist falling. here's the golden gate bridge, there is fog on the san loring visibility. it tells the jurors in the '50s and a few '60s inland. oakland 54, san francisco 52 currently. we have what weather to the north of ukiah. there is of rain have been around your recap. the storm is having a tough time getting here into the bay area. it will slowly move and our direction. it is going to weaken substantially by the time it gets here. 6:00 a.m., spotty showers nothing heavy. the showers increase in intensity around 9:00 a.m.. that is the worst of what we will see. scattered enlightened and remains that way for the rest of the day. passing occasional showers with a chance for what what they're all the way into the
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evening commute to. everything wraping up of around 7:00 p.m., a few hundredths of an inch of the was partly to mostly cloudy skies with breaks of sun. tuesday, clouds in the morning, mostly sunny in the afternoon with high clouds. a chance for rain returns wednesday along with cooler temperatures and we will return to dry weather coming up for thursday. temperatures tomorrow, a lot cooler than what we've seen because of the weather system. the upper 50s and low 60's. 62 in antioch in santa rosa same for san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, a break tuesday, wednesday a light rain may be a quarter inch in the blood spots. cool temperatures in the upper 50s and low to mid '60's partly sunny thursday a slight chance for friday. easter sunday maybe yes, more rain. americans often
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give generously to struggle nations but don't always know if it's to the people who really need help. when will introduce you to a former marine who took matters into his own hands. when fighting a war, the other waging peace. it's a long way from north carolina to the slum of nairobi africa. >> all of us want to make a difference, all this can make a difference. he started the organization and work with kids who are in less than a dollar day but had talent. >> we use soccer to help break cycles of violence. this is of locris socle fall it is made of plastic pegs wrapped in twine. he wasn't just another college didn't come up before he is 21 he also joined the marines and saw war in iraq. teasing and me sometimes to were barely teenagers. at a certain point i became too
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numb to the circumstances, to see that 13 year-old as a kid. i saw him as part of this and me ask barabbas. tactically, and still wrestling with that. he wrote the book, it happened on the way to war. documents and success stories from his work in africa. >> the key is been run on the ground by the kennedy. people like tabitha the to $26, sold vegetables, craig to the medical clinic and the clinic now, treat 40,000 patients. he said anybody can do it it's about helping build a new generation of leaders from within. >> it's about cracking down boundaries in forming relationships with folks like a different venue, but their routed along new and fundamentally be rooted in trust. the first three scream of he's racked up 300 million at the box office,
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... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ >>vicki: nicolas cage is facing charges of abuse and public drunkenness. dan has more on today's hollywood minute. >>reporter: nicholas cage was arrested in new orleans after police say he argued with his wife and wrecker by the arm. shows cage have been tense words with his wife and a tattoo shop. shortly before his arrest. witnesses tell them he told shop employees he did know where he lived. please see that's what he and his wife for argued over just before kate was taken into custody. if the actor is facing charges of domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness is bond was posted by duane chapman. he
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said he was simply doing his job as a bail bondsman and it was not in connection with his skinny reality show. his lawyer and rep have not responded to requests for comment. rio, clear to an estimated $40 million in dollars. scream came in second place for the weekend. after spending two weeks the number one, the animation hot slipped to third place holding $11.2 million in ticket sales. for hollywood minute, stand. >>vicki: so it is my easter going to be soaked,? >>brian: fees to inside to be ok. you may want to stay in it before the outdoor activities. this is really far, seven days away things could change. right now looks like there might be some rain for easter and there will be some rain for
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tomorrow, light rain though carried a few showers. >>vicki: thank you for that, the night everybody. ow#
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