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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> mark: 6:00 a.m. on the kron 4 morning news, all watching storm tracker for a waking up to some fog around the bay area. we'll have more on your forecast. >> reporter: another deadline today for pg&e will tell you what it needs to provide to the commission to avoid paying millions of dollars in fines. >> mark: people gathering to mark the 105th anniversary of the quake in san francisco. >> reporter: more on the stories in just a bit. first will turn it over to james who is tracking your much cooler forecast. >> james: that golden gate bridge shot illustrating the fog
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out there. we can even make up the southern tower. that gives human dictation of how thick this fog is. aside from the fog there is scattered showers. tonight we will have ledge will be clearing. tomorrow of blaka break. the rain is fallina lot later this morning. the bulk moving off to the east. interstate 80 has been dealing with rain all morning long. right now is light showers. it's damn out there. heavier near damp out there. getting
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what in the delta, as we slide the maps very light showers along eand880along 880. the ligw shows the bulk of the moisture well to the north. some of it to the east headed to the sierra. behind this system in looks like it is breaking up nicely, we will have the hearing tonight into tomorrow. low 50s 52 as their francisco, 53 in oakland, 56 in san jose. that's the way temperatures feel right now but this afternoon year low 60s. 62 napa, 59 in novato, 62 concord,
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62 san jose, 62 in the auk and livermore. we'll have your 7 day in just a bit. >> george: we are not checking any hot spots, if we were we would get you those right away. instead will pay you a bridge check. in terms of volume no back up, metering lights 15 minutes away from activation if you look the door quickly you have a good ride. the right to the san mateo bridge is also good one, lighter than it was an hour ago. the westbound ride which is a right hand side of your screen is a 13 minute drive. here's a look at the golden gate bridge, still foggy but no delays because of the fog for 1 01 south. still uneasy ride from marin and through marin. public transit still problem free. crosstown freeways
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and shows a good ride as well. here is a am bound central freeway and the james lick still light traffic. >> mark: pg&e must tell state investigators whether a record miller contributed to the explosion. utility company must provide the response to the state public utility commission as part of a broader investigation that began in they could have millions of dollars in fines if they fail to produce records. pg&e is computer records failed to mention there were welds in the natural gas pipeline that exploded last september. longtime giants fan is back in a medically induced, this morning 42 year-old paramedic father of two was beaten in the parking lot after the opener in l.a.. on friday he
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was off medication the captain minutes,, on saturday he had several seizures. they hope the, well, his brain activity. they removed his neck brace for the first time yesterday, the man who attacked him remain at large. >> reporter: 105 years since the earthquake and fire that of san francisco in ruins. will tran was on market street where an anniversary ceremony just >> will: unlike previous commemorations this morning's token on a somber field. this is video the we shot that took place at 5:11 a.m. exactly 105 years ago to the moment when near earthquake struck you can see there wreath being laid.
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before this morning's commemoration took place, there was a moment of silence for the japan earthquake. they use this moment to remind people as well as the bay area to be ready just in case an earthquake hits us, they believe it's the matter of when it will happen not if it will happen. >> reporter: today is the deadline to turn in your taxes. three days later than usual, that is because they took time off for emancipation day on friday, april 15th is when they are normally do. but they are due at midnight tonight. to help out last-minute filers bay area post offices are offering extended hours. redwood city the main post office, they'll open till 7:00 p.m., san francisco the and d.c. is open until a 30
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p.m., as apple airport station is open until midnight. north bay is open until 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> mark: coming up. >> the roof wind, their walls mind, there's nothing left. i don't know where my cats are. >> mark: violent storms in the south 40 people dead in three days of destructive weather. a live look in san jose right now we're 1 01 northbound traffic moving smoothly for the moment. ♪
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>> james: some cells moving through the bay we will push in and see where it's raining. we're seeing rain in south san francisco, all of that headed
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toward the east bay ultimately where there are having showers of around here ithere. the easty highway 4 dealing with light showers at the moment. 7 day shows showers will diminish today, wednesday is the next shot at rain. >> mark: of violent weather across the country. this deadly twister developing here you can see the spirit this is than wilson north carolina. the debris is flying, and several twister's killing 21 people in north carolina alone. hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed they have pledged support. some of the damage from north carolina have be winds knocked
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walls off of buildings, an elementary school suffering so much damage, they will have to find another place to have class is for the school year. a tornado in virginia, 70 mi. east of richmond. these used to be homes. in some cases whole homes were yanked from their foundations. >> reporter: coming up we want to get you updated on the weather forecast for today. the golden gate bridge it is rather foggy. james is up next with navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs.
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>> reporter: and double lovelock, the sun as starting
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trumpet is crawling along this monday morning. some people are waking up to rain this morning, let's check in with james. >> james: as expected light rain event, it is breaking up. pockets of light rain falling at the moment you can see it to our east, pushing into the sierra giving us snow on some of the route spirit reports of light rain in san francisco right now, it depends on where you are. some parts near south san francisco where we are seeing a light drizzle. along 101, or highway 1 you will have intermittent drizzle on your windshield. the blue colors indicate very light almost trace
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levels. more mystique than anything. every now and then you get a pocket of a light rain. in novato they had a downpour this morning. highway for into marks genus dealing with rain activity there. --martinez--. things are mellowing out on interstate 80, much better than an hour ago. the wider view shows not much headed our way. things will calm down for now but chance of scattered activity through the morning and early afternoon. the western slopes of the sierra to courts tahoe's snow is falling. highway 88 change control. a broad look at where we see showers right now, satellite shows we have clearing for tuesday. >> george: could morning james,
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a good writer on the bay area, we have no hot spots, smooth ride for highway for westbound. sluggish traffic 4580, at the bay bridge as you see here as we check to four bridge check no backup or delays. they could be close to activating the metering lights here. san mateo bridge ride, here looks good in the westbound direction. no problems, the commute looks good both ways. headlights headed towards a word in east balcony's appeared golden gate bridge still in the fog but still not delays reported off the wall below grade.. >> mark: waiting for the opening bell in 10 minutes stock futures are way off, dow was off 142
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points, investors expecting earnings coming out from companies this week. city group beat wall street expectations earlier this morning. it also ge and mcdonald's. so far the earnings have been disappointing. homebuilder said the men and it out today. sentiment--a survey from the association for business economics says the economy is gaining strength is paid unrest around >> reporter: love and jealousy is the motive behind the shooting in san leandro. >> reporter: i'm at they featheg happened here in the parking lot a man and his crew from reading side of the restaurant at 11:00
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p.m. saturday night, the ex- boyfriend showed up, the ex- boyfriend and the current boyfriend got into an argument outside in the parking lot. that's when things got heated. the ex-boyfriend took out the gun and shot the current boyfriend four times. the victim is in critical condition. the ex-boyfriend has been arrested. >> reporter: santa cruz police searching for two men suspected in attempting to kidnap a girl. milbury and grant street, the driver of the burnt orange color to cargill led a 16 year-old girl to get inside. she ignored them. when police arrived they could not locate the car or suspects. >> mark: a girl survives a fall from the golden gate bridge. she was rescued after jumping or
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falling from the bridge. the girl was conscious and responsive. she was pulled from the water 20 minutes later officials did not say if the girl was attempting to commit suicide. 17 year-old boy fell survive the fall from the bridge to months >> reporter: will tell you when officials plan to stabilize the japanese power plant. plus you don't want to miss the zazzle bay to breakers we have cameras all over the course capturing all of the fund, don't miss a moment of the sold-out event. 100 running of bay to breakers sunday, may 15th, starting at 100 running of bay to breakers sunday, may 15th, starting at 8:00 a.m...
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>> james: here in the kron 4 weather center we're tracking the temperatures in the low 50s in most places. 7 day forecast shows conditions slowly drying by the end of today. partly sunny today, another round of wet weather headed our way wednesday. >> mark: in libya and the united nations has reached an agreement with gadhafi's government providing humanitarian aid. they are providing aid in the city of been gauzy appeared 17 people are dead as they are trying to retake the western city in libya under rebel control appeared in eastern libya forces shelled the eastern edge. >> reporter: the latest in japan, officials say the damage
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power plant is not impossible for humans to work and. the measurements taken by to robots mean that workers trained to restore the systems will be able to stay for short intervals. that radiation will not delay the shut down at the plant. secretary of state is in tokyo, she is promising support for japan as they recover from the quake and tsunami, clinton and foreign minister amount announced up partnership to encourage investment in recovery efforts. >> mark: japan says they have restored all making in japan they're saying they are operating at half capacity because of done enough parts appeared the tsunami destroyed
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parts production plants. we will be back as the morning news continues, the latest on wall street the opening bell looks to be big drop today with dow futures off 142. storm trucker for you were seeing
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>> darya: 20 seconds away from the opening bell. the world's largest maker for agee chips just bringing in the opening bell. their shares are down 8%
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since the opening. we are expecting a drop today. concern about this earnings season as we see earnings that are below expectations for several, reviews last week including cooincluding google. nasdaq is f 13, we will bring you the numbers throughout the morning. we are watching bay area weather live look from san francisco on the left, on the right is walnut creek. >> james: really light stuff, mt. tam, all that low cloud cover and the fog in the north bay valleys. dealing with that this morning, light sprinkle and fog. temperatures will stay on the cool side, five degrees cooler than we have been
6:31 am
enjoying a the past week. tonight will be gradual clearing and more will be nice day. we have another storm coming in on wednesday that one expected to be light. we are seeing scattered activity over the heart of the bay, we will push and. south sam francisco maybe running into isolated light drizzle. summit called me and looked outside and said no rain. and they ask me what they're talking about. some places are seeing it and some places are not. oakland seeing possibly heavy rains coming in. still light on the grand scheme of things heavier than what they have been dealing with. along a 80 you may run into a drizzle shower. the east bay over highway 4 is pretty much gone.
6:32 am
we are looking for dry conditions headed towards the morning hours. interstate 80 has been dealing with showers off the non and now things are breaking up nicely. not seeing too much in the pacific are way so we are looking for things to mellow out as we head towards the heart of the morning commute. right now we will enjoy a dry morning commute. we are dealing with a chain requirements for 88, right now 80, 50 no chains. we'll let you know that changes. we are looking out for the next change of weather and the weekend. that coming up later. >> george: 680 southbound we have a stall there was struck by another vehicle. they're disabled on the roadway. it
6:33 am
turned into an injury accident blocking at least the right lane. in his backdrop the traffic. this slows traffic you will encounter on 680 in the southbound direction. the rest of 680 for some all looks good, 580 out of livermore as you can see no problems that's a good ride. lets the u.s. bridge check, westbound commute leading to the toll plaza on the meter lights have been activated but still only a minor back ups and a big problem. san mateo bridge is looking pretty well, no back up on the approach and light traffic on the stand. cooling gate bridge ride still in the fog but without delay. >> reporter: 6 states and washington d.c. have gasoline prices averaging more than $4 per gallon. aaa says new york
6:34 am
join the list yesterday and and includes connecticut, alaska, california. here are the gas prices around the bay. oakland $4.21, san jose $4.21, san francisco $4.26. the government announced new rules at stopping air traffic controllers from nodding off wilder and duty. changes announced give controllers nine all hours off between shifts and that is more than an hour than they have now. they will not be able to swap chefs unless they get nine hours between the end of one ship and the start of the other. >> mark: deadly storms killing 40 people in three days of cross the southeast. they're surveying the scene as the desk toll is
6:35 am
rising as they are finding more people in the debris. 100 twisters' spotted as governors are declaring states of emergency. >> reporter: there are now more than 40 people reported dead following a wave of storms their ravaged the south over the weekend. storms destroyed buildings, tossed cars, trucks, and killed people across six states. from oklahoma to virginia. the storm predictions said it reported 240 reports of tornadoes. north carolina was particularly hard hit. 22 people were killed there. yesterday the governor towards some of the counties. >> i've seen a lot of damage but this is the most catastrophic. the destruction is massive. i've been in six counties i will do
6:36 am
more tomorrow. we have 23 counties that were hurt badly. lots of property damage, schools lost. >> reporter: cleanup crews will have the work cut out for them today. estimates continue as they now try to put a financial number on the amount of damage scattered across six states. >> reporter: just crossing wires the last few moments a standard reform critter rating from stable to negative. break now this government that is triple a but the all look going for it taking that rating down to-. the dow was off 173 right now. all
6:37 am
three industries are down over 1 percent. any change to the credit rating would be more expensive to borrow money. it is staying at tripoli now, but they are revising the a lot. it is hitting stocks. >> reporter: today marks the benchmark 105 years since the 1906 earthquake that left san francisco in ruins. this is a ceremony that took place at 5:00 a.m. this morning that was when the quake hit. that's what the hell did at 5:00 a.m. city official >> mark: we will be back as the news continues. a very fog the golden gate bridge. more and
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>> james: rain falling over san francisco, maybe even oakland. very light stuff. it shouldn't last longer the later half of the day looks right. tomorrow partly sunny, and as a light rain headed our way. >> reporter: texas authorities expect wildfires to increasthe e home to increase. wild fires spread across 700,000 a., authorities believe a homeless man started the fire by lighting a fire to cook. no injuries have
6:42 am
been reported. the gulf of mexico looks healthy one year after the bp oil spill. the deeper you go of the concerns grow. three dozen scientists graded it to 71. what makes experts concerned is the mysterious death of turtles and dolphins, stirring lakstrangely colored crabs. >> mark: california woman files a lawsuit against matchbox, saying she was sexually assaulted by a man she'd met there. she says the attack could have been avoided by a background check. they say they have avoided doing that for years but they are going to start screening current and new subscribers. >> reporter: more big drop on
6:43 am
wall street, 15 minutes after the opening bell it is down 150. we will keep checking in on the big board this morning. a live in san francisco of the james lick freeway traffic is doing ok. we will be a it a hot
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>> mark: scattered rain showers around the bay area. more and your forecast coming up. all eyes on wall street right now, a big drop out of the gate. the dow was off 167 right now. news the standard reporting service lowered the out term forecasts of a sovereign that was downgraded. the negative concerns with u.s. 14 trillion dollars of natural disasters that if. >> reporter: neighbors and of
6:47 am
joseph and alsnaso. they believe targeted this woman 30 years ago. they found three pages of journal entries about how he planned to tormentor. they had been living next to him in an apartment building. they describe to us the tension. >> he zeroed in on her and tried to get close to her. the guy gave me the creeps. he kept telling who's making the noise. and i said i am. i said what is your problem is 12:30 p.m. and i said i would not stop. he shook
6:48 am
his fist at me and said he would kill me. i told him i had a slugger and i would have to his forehead. i was ready to do serious damage to him. in 1982 we were still there, i would notice things aren'in our are pf were not in the right place or the right angle. and i thought somebody was in my apartment. i could feel it. i said what's going on. >> reporter: he will be back in court later this month. he is yet to enter a plea. >> mark: on to bay area weather and traffic. >> james: it is starting to break up, fog more of a factor of the current hour. look at the forecast for we have fog, white
6:49 am
sprinkles, during the this afternoon, temperatures on the cool side, tonight we gradually dry things out, clear things out making way for an ice tuesday. storm tracker for showing a rain and light showers will to the east and south. not picking up all whole lot on the radar. it should be a dry one hears you make your way out the door. wider view shows showers now moving into the sierra. even those breaking up quite a bit. pockets of snow through north shore and 50 to south lake. helplessness see chain requirements is highway 88. the lighter view shows the front moving through, most of it breaking up as we head into the 7:00 a.m. our not much behind is a we are looking for things to come down. temperatures this
6:50 am
afternoon looking for upper '50's, low 60s for most of the day. 59 richmond, 62 napa, in oakland 61 degrees, we are right around 61, 62 degrees all over. that is your look at the highs today, your 70 forecast shows a break tuesday, and then today is going to be fine. not much left with the system that we had this morning. tomorrow break, was another round of wet weather coming through. that is we can disorganize much like today. thursday, friday not bad, another batch of rain coming in on sunday. 6:50 a.m. let's check our ride with george. >> george: this sig alert has been cancelled, the accident has
6:51 am
been cleared. the accident will be with us for a little while longer but should clear out fairly quickly now that all lanes are open. all the emergency vehicles are gone but the back up that had extended now reaches to crow canyon road. it will take awhile to clear this out but not too long. i wouldn't be surprised if by the next report its normal. westbound 580 ride, is lows up a bit now because there was an accident on the connecting ramp leading from westbound 580, southbound 680. let's get rid check bell, bay bridge toll plaza a good ride hardly any backed up headed towards the upper deck. your ride to the cemetery bridge also looks good. i think it's right here for you westbound, eastbound traffic moving without delay on highway 92. added to the golden gate bridge, you ride down to that
6:52 am
span take look excuse me here at the what a great. traffic coming down the hill no delays because of fog even though the ride leading up to this ban is fairly foggy re-minute span. because the waldegrave is relatively clear you won't find any delays because of the fog free golden gate bridge ride. >> mark: hearing from a landlord who was accused of throwing out for tenants out of their home. they were asked to leave the building they ran, one looked in the building for 45 years. the developer just wants to resell it. the owner said he has offered compensation to each tenant beyond what the law requires. he cannot afford to keep the apartment on the rental market. >> we given notice year ago, so for the past year and subsidizing these tenants for tenants running about $1,200 a
6:53 am
month. i'm mortgage $8,000 a month plus my property taxes. so i subsidize this process the whole year, the year is up. >> mark: the property owner saying he would lose $9,000 a month of the stage. >> reporter: it has gone from a hippie ride too cute chick car it is changing yet again we will show you the new beetle. a live look at san francisco foggy out there, we will get an update on forecast, a comeback. i'm a curious seeker.
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>> mark: the new volkswagen beetle unveiled today. it is an engineering design for the car, flatter a roof and narrow windows. the first overhaul of the bug since 1998 since it was
6:57 am
reintroduced 60 years after was first introduced spirit the changes will appeal to more buyers. especially men. an option is three in june choices and a sun roof. >> reporter: check on the box office real 40 million, screamed for came in at 19.3 million, half came in third place 11.2 million. >> mark: will be right back as the morning news continues, baxter watching right now is a big drop on wall street is down off 212 points after standard and poor's says the outlook for the credit rating is negative. they reaffirmed it is maintaining the aaa rating from now. but it is going from stable to negative concerned over u.s.
6:58 am
debt. with that out look changes to negative with the credit rating. is off to 09 right now. ♪
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