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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 21, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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to sweep the internet. and that is "inside edition" for today. i'm live, this is kron 4 news. >> president obama has been visiting events all day long. we have team coverage tonight of the visit to facebook, several other events plus a look that protesters. it has been a long and full day in the bay area for president obama. he just wrapped up his last event. our coverage begins with kron 4's dan kerman. he is where the president delivered a speech tonight. >> reporter: this is the second in a series of fundraisers. it was a kickoff to the
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president's 2012 election campaign. here in the bay area. he kicked off his list of accomplishments. without mentions republicans by name, president obama said there are some people who want to roll back many of these things before they could take hold. he said that is just not the way he does it. keeping him in office is protecting the changes he made and letting him finish up his unfinished business. in addition to that. he said they have two different visions of america. >> the only way to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthy is to ask seniors to pay more for healthcare or cut children from head start. or doing away with health
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insurance for people on medicaid or families that have an autistic child. that's not a trade off i am willing to make or most americans are willing to make. we are bert than that -- we are better than that. some of you felt frustrated because we haven't gotten everything done as fast as we wanted. we didn't get everything exactly the way we had planned. look, there are times when i felt the same way you do. it's a complicated, messy democracy. you know, change is not simple. everybody likes change in the abstract but change in the concrete is hard.
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it's tough. it requires work. >> reporter: and he asked his supporters he will need their work, it will be a closer election than thalist one and he will need their help to get this business done. and he said if they have any questions, remember, yes, we can. now, again, this was the second of three fundraisers. third one tomorrow morning, a breakfast fundraiser. it all began on the fund raising circuit at dinner time. and that's where kron 4's jonathan bloom was. hours before president obama's fundraiser, san francisco police circled the block with bomb sniffing dogs. >> i stood for 6-1/2 hours. >> reporter: it's not the first time for him. >> great to get a shot. doubt if i will.
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>> reporter: that's the only photo anyone got. as the president rolled into the neighborhood to cheering crowds. the two limoes pulled into a white tent covering the front of the home. 60 guests were greeted with a court yard performance by stevey wonder. including a song he wrote for the occasion. mark introduced the president who spoke for about 15 minutes. it was a brief soiree that costed $35,800. most of it to the democratic party and some to the reelection campaign. by 8:00, president obama said his good-byes and the two limoes pulled out and drove off touchers from the spectators.
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the motorcade headed off, escescorted by police. the president raised more than $2 million in campaign money. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >> president obama held a high tech town hall meeting at facebook headquarters. >> reporter: president obama has more than 19 million facebook fans but he always wants a few more. that's why he brought his message on wednesday. mark zuckerberg hosted the president, the theme shared responsibility and shared prosperity. >> what we are trying to do it put together a plan that doesn't slash spending so drastically we can't still make investments in education and infrastructure.
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when it comes to energy, immigration, when it comes to getting the deficit undercontrol in a smart way, improving math and science education, reinvesting in our infrastructure, we got more work to do. i know some of you who might have been involved in the campaign, you think, you are frustrated, gosh, it didn't get done fast enough. but if you are behind it, if you put the same energy and imagination that you put into facebook, the plateicate process, there is nothing we can't solve. all right. >> reporter: facebook employees made up most of the audience. president obama answered eight questions. reporting, grant lotus kron 4 news. >> rob fladeboe shows you the
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protesters. >> reporter: 100 protesters lined the road outside facebook headquarters. most carrying signs critical of president obama's foreign and economic policy. >> i made the mistake believing he wanted to change america. i am a dunce. >> protesting. >> reporter: disappointed when the president's motor cage dodged them. this woman walked on to the campus, and confronted and ordered to leave by police. a few blocks away, other protesters arrived by the bus load. the working class people stood before a large mock up of a facebook page and called on the president to friend them.
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instead of agreeing to cut taxes for the wealthiest americans. rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> we have president obama's facebook town hall meeting, the speech at the auditorium and your comments all on our website, well, we have be seeing a steady mist this evening. wet pavement and not a lot of rain. let's look at the totals. in the mountains, a quarter of an inch of rain. just a few hundredths of an inch of rain. not a lot. radar isn't picking up much at this hour because the clouds are below 4,000 feet. a lot of showers below the
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radar. tomorrow at a glance. 7:00, showers taper off and partial clearing by noon. slight warming tomorrow. and that continues into the rest
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tonight's headlines. one year ago today the deepwater horizon oil rig exploded, killing 11 workers and creating the worst oil spill in history. 206-gallons of oil spewed into the gulf. bp is suing the owner of the oil rig. tim hetherington was one of two killed today in libya where they were covering battles. chris hondros was also killed. two others were seriously injured. tim hetherington was nominated
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now a look at other big stories covered by our new crews today. >> reporter: former governor arnold schwarzenegger speaking out. ernie nestor plead guilty. his father is fabian nunez. he told news week he knew the kid well and that it was all right to help out a friend. the family tells us they are outraged. kron 4 news. >> reporter: an arrest made in
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tuesday's attempted sexual assault case. investigators say the next step is to see if there is a connection between the suspect and three other sexual assaults dating back to september of 2010. haaziq madyun, kron 4 news. >> reporter: the city made an offer to homeowners who houses are threatened by this landslide. they sent letters to six homes effected by the slide. the plan involves driving peers into the ground to stable lies a slide and it will remove the dirt that slid down. it will allow residents to come back into their home. before work can begin they would have to agree to the work and sign a waver. the work would take about 5 days. kron 4 news. >> reporter: new protections for airline passengers.
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the government announced new regulations for airlines. they include paying travelers if they are bumped from a flight and disclosing fees like checking bags on their website. international flights f delayed on the tarmac could face steep fines. caltrans work starting thursday will lead to a ramp closure. eastbound interstate 80 willow off ramp will be closed from 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. detours will be posted. this is part of the hov lane project that extends the carpool lane. we have been seeing a steady light rain tonight and it will continue to the overnight hours. more shower activity to the north and towards the sierra.
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just light drizzle over the bay area compared to the hard showers into the sierra. clear skies in the wake of it but another storm brewing off shore brings more rain by saturday. first, the rain tonight into the overnight hours. 2:00 a.m. still seeing areas of light rain in the north bay and ought of the golden gate. this continues into the 5:00 hour. but the rain sagging down to the south. largely it will not effect your morning commute. 7:00, lighter showers over san jose. most of the bay area dry. could see a lingering drizzle into the morning. bay the afternoon drier conditions in store. temperatures in the 60s throughout the bay area tomorrow. 67 in santa rosa. 60 san francisco. 60s for the delta. cooler long the coast, 56 in
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half moon bay. cool sea breeze winds in place so could see overcast conditions throughout the day tomorrow. south bay, mid-60s expected. a look at your extended forecast. warming up tomorrow. and friday. again, we have another storm off shore. increasing clouds on saturday. cooler temperatures as well. next week keel take a turn to the warmer side. >> major league baseball takes control of the los angeles dodgers. vern has the details and a tough day for the giants all around before and during their hey marcel, watch this!
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hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ]
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to triple-a fresno and activated cody ross and then they tried to sweep the rockies in denver. ross getting ready to play. sandoval injured tricep during warm ups couldn't go. huff went. tied 1-1. tie gone. a three run blast. 4-1. look at the back swing. hits posy on the hand. he stayed and played on. troy tulowitzki, nice defensive play there to get aaronroin. 7-2 rockies. three run jam. and the rockies win it 10-2. they will be back this saturday to host the atlanta braves. thies set to deliver a blow to
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the red sox but busten today said, no, not at the colosseum. looking for the first road win of the season. 1-0 a's. david, nice leaping catch. it would be tied 1-1 in the fourth. and kevin, he knew it was gone. a home run. to give the red sox a 2-1 lead. yeah. not going to get this one. it's a home run. red sox connect for three big flays and they win 5-2. a's 9-9 for the year. the dodgers are in such finance dire straits the league stepped in to take over. the fighting between owner
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frank mccourt and jamie mccourt. consumed the franchise so bud selig announced major league baseball will assume the day-to- day operations of the team. he said i have taken this actions because of my deep concerns and to protect the best interest of the club. man versus machine. not a good match-up for baseball. meet philly bot. wait till you see the arm on this machine. first pitch for the phillies and -- okay. that's -- well, it's give him another chance. here we go. no. that was the experiment for philly bot. they beat the brewers 4-3. nba playoffs. if you said kobe bryant made only three field goals and the lakers still won, would you
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believe me? it happened. game two with the hornets tonight at staples center. paul 20 points. cut the lakers lead to 7. kobe bryant, 11 points. three field goals. that one brought the house down. nailed it. this one really hurt. ron artest, two of his 15 points. lakers win 87-78. to tie that series 1-1. game three is friday in new orleans. two more scores. san antonio 93-87 over memphis, oklahoma city 106-89 on top of denver. we will tell you the pittsburgh penguins took a commanding 3 games to 1 league. taking care of the tampa
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